Winter 2015 syllabus - University of Waterloo

Winter 2015
MATH 128 Online
University of Waterloo
MATH 128 : Calculus 2 for the Sciences
Winter 2015 (Online Section)
Online Office Hours:
Barbara Forrest
[email protected]
Monday – Friday via email; on-campus office hours are not available
Course Description:
This section of Math 128 (Calculus 2 for the Sciences) is the online version of the core second course in
calculus offered to students at the University of Waterloo. It is intended as a continuation of the study of
calculus in a variety of applications in physics, chemistry and the life sciences. The course is conceptual in
nature with an emphasis on the role of approximation.
The course content consists primarily of 5 components:
1. The Course Web Site on Waterloo LEARN contains resources including the course syllabus, online
lecture notes, instructions to complete each module (daily/weekly tasks), assignments, solutions, sample
exams, and NEWS messages from the instructor. It is important that you check this site regularly. You
must know your UW userid and Quest password in order to access this site. See
for access information.
2. The Course Lectures contain lecture material (Flash format) that would normally be presented in a
regular classroom. The course lectures are available for online viewing or download from the course web
3. The Lecture Notes are designed to augment the lectures. They are available for FREE on the Course
Web Site. (You can download the notes each Monday under the Weekly Tasks link.)
4. Maple version 18 Student Edition (version 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, or 11 will also work) is a
mathematical software program that must be ordered from the UW Bookstore or, for students located oncampus, can be purchased through IST. Maple is also available for FREE use in some computer labs oncampus (see your faculty computing office). This software is required to complete the assignments.
5. Course Textbook: Calculus: Early Transcendentals 7th Edition by James Stewart. Visit the UW
Bookstore web site for more information.
Textbook Note:
If you can find a copy of an old textbook for the course, either Calculus: Early Transcendentals 5th Edition
or 6th Edition, or Calculus: Concepts and Contexts (Metric International Version), 3rd Edition by
James Stewart, you are welcome to use it since the weekly tasks also lists reference pages for both of these
texts. Usually these older versions of the texts can usually be found at the UW Campus Used Book Store in
the Student Life Center at a substantial discount.
Recommended Optional Text Materials (available through the UW Bookstore):
1. Student Solutions Manual (Single Variable)
2. Student Solutions Manual (Multi-Variable)***[strongly recommended]
NOTE: Most students find the solution manuals VERY helpful as an aid to completing their assignments and
recommended problems.
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Winter 2015
MATH 128 Online
University of Waterloo
A detailed summary of the course contents is available in the Weekly Tasks section on the course
web site. The general list of topics is:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Introductions and Differentiation/Integration Review
Integration continued…
Applications of Integration and Introduction to Differential Equations
More on Differential Equations and Review of Sequences
Sequences continued… and Introduction to Series
Series continued…
Power Series
Taylor Series
Curves continued…
Polar Coordinates and Polar Curves
Areas and Lengths of Polar Curves and Final Exam Review
Final Grade Determination:
Final Exam
Assignments are weighted at 35% of your final grade. There are three types of assignments that you
must complete: self check (ungraded), weekly online (weight 20%) and projects (weight 15%).
There are 12 weekly online assignments and 2 projects that are included in your final grade
calculation. Specific details about the assignments are available under the "Assignments" link of the
course web site.
In particular, no group work is permitted. Late assignments are not accepted. If you are unable to
complete your assignment by the due date, you should submit whatever portion you have completed.
Online assignments must be completed each week (usually Wednesdays) and sent to your
instructor for grading through LEARN (see the submission instructions on the first page of each online
assignment for more information). The online assignments are shorter in length and consist of
multiple choice, short answer, true and false, etc.
Projects are longer in length and include Maple labs. They must be received at the Centre for
Extended Learning office by the due date (see your course website or the project instructions for due
dates and details about where to mail/courier/drop-off these assignments).
Self check assignments are ungraded and should be completed every two weeks. The final exam
questions will be similar to the questions found on these assignments.
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Winter 2015
MATH 128 Online
University of Waterloo
Final Exam
The final exam is worth 65% of the final grade in this course and it is tentatively scheduled to be
written on April 10 or April 11, 2015. (The Centre for Extended Learning will confirm your date
and location during the term). It is your responsibility to make yourself available on these dates.
To receive a passing grade in the course, the student must achieve a grade of at least 50% on
the final examination AND receive enough credit on the assignments/projects to achieve a
final grade average of 50%. *Any student who achieves 50% or lower on their final exam will
receive the final exam grade as their final grade for the course. Since there is only one exam in
the course, the content that the final exam covers will be cumulative. Further information concerning
specific details of the final exam will be posted on the course web site in approximately the 10th week
of the course.
Communicating with your Instructor
This section of Math 128 is offered entirely online. All interactions in the course are intended to
be online and as such communication with your instructor is usually accomplished by email.
No on-campus office hours are available. If there is an emergency, please contact the UW Centre
for Extended Learning office (phone: 519-888-4050).
Using the Course Website (via the UW LEARN Course Management System):
The course web site and your email account should be checked daily. The course website includes
information such as lecture notes, a list of weekly tasks for course completion, NEWS
announcements from the instructor, and assignments. Information about access to the course
website is located at:
Login to the UW LEARN Course Management System ( using your Quest ID
and password. Click on the Math 128 Online course link and read the posted NEWS
announcements. To begin the course, click the COURSE MATERIALS tab, click on the CONTENT
link, and then choose the link for WEEKLY TASKS. The instructions detailing how to complete the
tasks for the first and subsequent weeks are available there...
Please see the Course at a Glance on the next page for specific assignment due dates.
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Winter 2015
MATH 128 Online
University of Waterloo
Course at a Glance
Math 128 (CEL - Online Section)
Course begins Monday, January 5, 2015
Course Requirements and Due Dates
Assignments and Online Assessments (35%)
Week 1
Module 1.1-2.8: Introductions and Review
Review: Trigonometry, Exponents, Logarithms,
Functions and their Graphs; Differentiation and
Integration Review
Online Assignment #1
(weight 1%)
January 9, 2015
Week 2
Module 2.9-2.12: Integration continued....
Inverse Trig Substitutions, Integration by Parts, partial
fractions, Improper Integrals
Online Assignment #2
(weight 1%)
January 14, 2015
Self Check #1 (not graded)
January 17, 2015
Week 3
Module 2.13-3.2: Applications of Integration and
Introduction to Differential Equations
Volumes of Revolution, Arc Length, Introduction to DEs,
Separable DEs
Online Assignment #3
(weight 1%)
January 21, 2015
Week 4
Module 3.3-4.1: Differential Equations
continued...and Review of Sequences
First Order Linear DEs, Initial Value Problems,
Qualitative Solutions for DEs, Exponential Growth and
Decay, Review of Sequences and their Limits
Online Assignment #4
(weight 2%)
January 28, 2015
Self Check #2 (not graded)
January 31, 2015
Week 5
Module 4.2-4.3: Sequences continued... and
Introduction to Series
Monotone Convergence Theorem, Introduction to
Series, Positive Series, Integral Test
Online Assignment #5
(weight 2%)
February 4, 2015
Week 6
Module 4.3: Series continued...
Alternating Series, Absolute vs. Conditional
Convergence, Ratio Test, Sample Midterm Exam
Online Assignment #6
(weight 2%)
February 11, 2015
Week 7
Module 4.4: Power Series
Introduction to Power Series, Finding the Radius of
Convergence, Functions Represented by Power Series,
Differentiation of Power Series, Integration of Power
Project 1 (weight 7%)
February 24, 2015
Online Assignment #7
(weight 2%)
February 25, 2015
Self Check #3 (not graded)
February 28, 2015
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Winter 2015
MATH 128 Online
University of Waterloo
Week 8
Module 4.5: Taylor Series
Introduction to Taylor Polynomials and Approximation,
Taylor's Theorem and Errors in Approximations,
Convergence of Taylor Series, Applications of Taylor
Online Assignment #8
(weight 2%)
March 4, 2015
Week 9
Module 5.1-5.2: Curves
Review of Vectors; Parametric Representations of
Curves; Introduction to Vector Valued Functions; Limits
and Continuity of Vector Valued Functions
Online Assignment #9
(weight 2%)
March 11, 2015
Self Check #4 (not graded)
March 14, 2015
Week 10
Module 5.3-5.6: Curves continued
Derivatives of Vector Valued Functions; Linear
Approximation for Vector Valued Functions; Arc Length
of a Curve
Online Assignment #10
(weight 1%)
March 18, 2015
Week 11
Module 5.7-5.9: Polar Coordinates and Polar Curves
Introduction to Polar Coordinates and Polar Curves
Online Assignment #11
(weight 2%)
March 25, 2015
Self Check #5 (not graded)
March 28, 2015
Project 2 (weight 8%)
March 31, 2015
Online Assignment #12
(weight 2%)
April 6, 2015
[MONDAY Last Day Term]
Week 12
Module 5.10: Areas and Lengths of Polar
Curves...and Final Exam Review
Areas between Polar Curves; Lengths of Polar Curves;
Final Exam Review.
Chapter 6 “Functions of Two Variables” is no longer in
the Math 128 curriculum. The lectures and course
notes for this module are optional and will not be
covered on the final exam.
Final Exam (65%)
Students writing outside of Waterloo - Saturday, April 11, 2015 [tentative]
Students writing on campus at UW will write at one of three sessions running on
April 10, 2015 or April 11, 2015 [tentative]; students do NOT choose which session
**All students taking online courses through the Centre for Extended Learning, including on-campus students,
must select an exam centre by the 3rd week of the term.**
Examination schedule details will be available on Quest approximately four weeks before the exam date.
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