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Joint Parish Office Located at:
15 E. Church St., Susquehanna, Pa. 18847
Phone Number 853-4634
Office Email: [email protected]
JOINT Website:
Emergency Phone Number at St. Lawrence Rectory: 570-267-1366
March 8, 2015
Third Sunday of Lent
I, the LORD, am your God...You shall not have other gods besides me.
BAPTISM: The Church, as a norm, celebrates baptism on Sunday, the Lord’s Day. Please contact the parish office to make
PARISH MEMBERSHIP: Parish membership is based on regular
attendance at Sunday Eucharist and participation in parish activities. Active parishioners are involved in stewardship of time,
talent and treasure.
MARRIAGE: Couples contemplating marriage should contact the
parish office at least six months before the anticipated date. This
allows for pro per preparation for this sacrament of commitment.
PENANCE: The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on
Saturday at St. John’s after Mass, St Lawrence at 4:15PM, and
at 3:15 to 3:45PM at St. Martin’s. Individual Confessions can
also be arranged at another time by calling the parish office for
an appointment.
SICK: Please notify the parish office of anyone in the hospital,
nursing home or seriously ill anticipating an operation or advanced in age. Members of the parish are available to bring
communion to the sick and the homebound each Sunday.
MASS INTENTIONS: You can honor a deceased relative or
friend by remembering them with a Mass intention. Please call
the rectory if you would like to have a Mass said for someone.
The stipend is $10.00 per Mass.
our weekly bulletin, inserts, and church announcements should be submitted to the parish
office by TUESDAY 11:00 AM. If you or your
organization has an announcement or prayer request to be read by the lector at mass, please have
it to the parish office by our Tuesday deadline as
Joint Mission Statement
We, the Roman Catholic Parishes of St. John the Evangelist, St. Lawrence and St. Martin of Tours, are committed to enriching our faith in Jesus Christ and our Catholic
heritage through prayer, the celebration of the Sacraments, and devotion to the Eucharist. We joyfully proclaim the Gospel to all through word and deed and encourage our faith community to share God’s gifts by serving others in works of hospitality and love.
Most of us, if we were
asked “Does the phrase ‘the Ten Commandments’ appear in the Bible?” “The Ten Commandments” is a postbiblical, phrase that developed along with an image of
God as police officer that is not found in today’s passage
from Exodus. The first phrase is the key: God is the one
who brings us out of slavery; following God’s law or commands is our path to freedom. The moneychangers
whom Jesus drove from the temple were not explicitly
breaking any of the commandments, but neither were
they helping people to find God’s path to freedom as
they came to worship at the temple. This is an important
Lenten lesion for us. We need to stop asking ourselves
whether or not we are breaking specific rules or regulations and instead examine our lives to see if we are truly
following a path to God’s freedom through Christ.
in Lent, we are engaging in patterns that have endured
across the centuries. From very early times, we have the
sense of accompanying the elect on their journey to the
font. From as long ago as the fourth century, we receive
Lent as forty days to shake the dust from our spirituality
and reorder our conduct. Then, fasting was not seen as
a strict duty, yet it seems it was widely observed. Think
of the rules of politeness and courtesy that everyone
agrees on. Fasting was also seen as a social duty, since
food was in short supply as winter wore on, and the
weak and the sick had the first claim on what remained
on hand.
As a boost to the fasting of the body, the church developed a richer spiritual fare, including celebrations of the
Eucharist every day. This practice began in Rome by the
sixth century. Weekly Mass was only at designated
“stations.” The pope would arrive on horseback at the
stational church. In those days, although the catechumenate was already in eclipse, there were pre-baptismal
activities at the stational Masses; the giving of the Lord’s
Prayer, prayers for the godparents, and constant references to baptism.
Rev. David Cramer, Pastor
Mrs. Judi Salinkas, Joint Secretary
Mrs. Vickie Mulligan, DRE
Eucharistic Devotions: Are held at St. John’s on
Sunday evenings at 6:00PM. All are welcomed.
St. John’s Woman’s Club: will meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM.
We are still collection rosaries for our troops. Please
place them in the back of church.
Need a lift to Church? St. John’s now has a transportation Committee to help out parishioners who need
a ride to church. Call JoAnn Barnes at 570-647-0833.
15 E. Church St.
Susquehanna, PA 18847
Stewardship—St. John’s
2/28 & 3/1, 2015
Offering Env:
$ 1,357.00
Holy Day:
E. Flowers:
Care & Edu:
$ 1,979.00
$ 32.00
Ministries—St. John
St. John’s Pro-Life Scholarship Award:
Pro-Life will be offering our annual $1,000.00 scholarship award to one eligible graduating high school senior who is an active member of St. John’s and attends
Mass weekly. Student must have received all sacraments. You are required to write an essay stating your
beliefs on Pro-Life. This award must be used for continuing education. Essay forms are available for pick up
in the church office. Entry deadline is March 31st.
Stations of the Cross will be held
every Friday evening at 7:00PM
during Lent.
Confession at St. John’s will be Wednesday, March 11th from 6:00PM-6:30PM
Saint Patrick’s Party
Friday, March 13th 7:30PM –10:30PM
$ 15.00 per person (bev. included) bring your own
snacks. Music by: Shambles, a 5 piece Irish band that
is very popular in the Binghamton, Tri Cities area. It will
be worth coming out in the cold to hear!!!!!! Tickets are
available from any Men’s Club member and will be held
in St. John’s parish hall.
The St. John’s Woman’s Club will have their next
meeting on March 10th .
K. Snyder, R. Armitage
C. Barnes, C. Walker, J. Schell
(Euch. Min.)
M. Stanford (lector) Barb & Carolyn (cantor)
Greeters: Gow & Kane families
G. Miller, A. Mulligan, P. Cowperthwait (servers)
C. Bushong, V. Mulligan, L. Norris (Euch. Min.)
C. Weaver (Lector)
J. Keyes (cantor)
Pro-Life: meet on the 2nd Friday of the month after morning mass.
Pro-Life Collections is taken up after Mass on
the 1st weekend of the month.
St. John’s Pro-Life Gifts to Purchase: Pro-Life
only has a few Comfort Crosses left, either for
purchase or for giving to a sick/elderly parishioner. Also, don’t
forget our Angel Medals for car seats. They make great baptismal and shower gifts. Get them before they run out. All items
are $ 10.00.
Also, Pro-Life has Candlemas Candles for sale. The can-
dles are used as a sacramental, calling on the Light of
Christ, during hardships, travel, danger, safe delivery,
divine guidance, religious celebrations, sickness and the
dying, or any reason that is of importance. They are
$ 5.00/box, 2 in a box, 51% beeswax. They also make
great gifts. Please see Judi in the office or any member
for purchase. (Don’t forget to have a priest bless them
after purchase.)
Lost & Found: Our box is filling up!!! If you feel
you may have left something behind, call or stop
into the parish office, hats, scarves, umbrellas.
St. Lawrence Revitalization Fund: PLEASE make your
checks out separately from your weekly offering.
Weekly Divine Mercy: We are postponing our Wed.
Divine Mercy until the Spring.
Novena at St. Lawrence: Every Monday evening at
St. Lawrence there will be a Novena and Adoration after the 7:00PM Mass, followed by social hour in the trinity Center. All are welcomed.
We at St. Lawrence ask you to PLEASE
pray for those who have been placed on
our prayer chain:
Starting on March 6th (St. Lawrence only) Stations of the Cross
will be held at 6:30PM each Friday
evening during Lent. Due to the
Bible Study at 7:00PM in the Trinity Center.
Divine Mercy Sunday: (The Sunday after
Easter) There will be a Divine Mercy Sunday
Service at St. Lawrence. More information to
Stewardship– St. Lawrence
2/28 & 3/1, 2015
Offering Env: $ 1,389.00
Easter Flowers: 140.00
Holy Day:
Care & Edu:
$ 2,040.00
“A Disciple's Response of Time and Talent”
Sat., March 13, 2015
M. & E. Mangel
P. Vinosmka
R. & K. Ragard
(Euch. Min.)
Sun., March 14, 2015
W. Rudick, L. Andusko (servers)
M. Maholick
A. Maholick
(Euch. Min.)
Greeters: 3/14:D. Vogel 3/15: Riecke’s
3/21: B. Vaseleck 3/22:M.L. Rood 3/ 28:
A. Maholick 3/29: J. Bower.
Bible Study: First class is
Friday, March 6th with Sister Brigid. at the St.
Lawrence Trinity Center at 7:00PM. For more
information call Marcy Maholick at 570-879-4965.
Starting on March 6th Stations of the Cross will be held
at 6:30PM each Friday evening during Lent. Due to the
Bible Study at 7:00PM in the Trinity Center
It’s a March Madness Breakfast
St. Lawrence Trinity Center
on Sunday, March 22nd,
2015 8:30AM-Noon
Pancakes, sausage, eggs, ham,
sweet breads, bev., and most of
all FELLOWSHIP! All for $ 7.00.
Knights of Columbus Spaghetti Dinner
Spaghetti & Homemade Meatball Dinner includes;
salad, bread, homemade desserts and beverage.
Saturday, March 14, 2015 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm K of
C Hall - Main & Kilrow Sts. Great Bend, PA
Adults: $8.00 Children (12): $4.00 Children 5 and
under: Free
St. Lawrence Mission Statement
We are a family of faith in union with Christ and His
Church to grow in holiness through the celebration of
the inspired Word of God and the reception of the Sacrament. We are called through our Baptism to share in
the ministry of Jesus Christ and glorify God through
proclaiming the Gospel in our community.
St. Martin of Tour Mission Statement
United with the Holy Father, our Bishop, and our Pastor, we, the parish community of St. Martin of Tours,
bring the Word of God alive through our Eucharistic
celebrations and Works of Charity.
Pierogi Time
It is time to roll, stuff and pinch! The next Pierogi
making will be March 14, and March 28, beginning at 9 AM. We need everyone's help to make
our number one fundraiser another success. Come
be part of our parish history! All are welcome. You may place orders by using the insert in
this week's bulletin or by call Mary Lake 570-7562983.
Big Screen TV
Anyone interested in a 64" Plasma Screen TV, please contact
Chris Lake (570-442-1084). It is free of charge.
A New Look
We are preparing to install new flooring at St. Martin's. If
you would like to make a donation towards this beautification, please make envelope or check "Carpeting." Thank you
for the continued support towards our parish.
“Spreading Easter Joy” For the month of March we will
be collecting small plush Easter bunnies, ducks, distribute to the Barnes Kasson SNF. It was such a gift to see
the excitement in the actions and words of the folks who received then last year, we thought we would blessed the folks
who are there this year as well. If anyone would be interested
in joining us as we visit the SNF and distribute the plush animals please contact Beatrice Place at 570-727-2407 or
[email protected]
Stations of the Cross will be held
each Friday evening at 7:00PM
during Lent
Donate-a-Dozen is back!
It’s pierogi season here at St. Martin’s! Support
both your church and our cluster Youth Group trip
to Steubenville Ohio by Donating a Dozen! How it
works… Simply indicate on your pierogi order form
the number of dozen you wish to donate for the
kids to serve at their March 20th fundraiser dinner. Then, come join the kids for dinner on March
20th 5:30PM at St. John’s! Our target is 50 dozen
for a fabulous dinner! If you have any questions,
please contact Chris Lake or Amy Dalickas.
Thank you for your support!!!
State Rts. 92 & 492
Jackson, Pa. 18825
February 28th & March 1, 2015
Offering Env:
$ 699.00
E. Flowers.:
Care & Edu::
$ 1,164.00
Saturday, March 14, 2015 4:00PM
R. Gilleran
M. Czachor, M. Lake
(Euch. Min.)
Sunday,March 15, 2015 11:00AM
E. Frye, G. Whitehead (altar server)
B. Corrigan
C. Lake, B. Kwader, K. Kempa (Euch. Min.)
St. Martin of Tours has an Emergency Prayer Request
team that is ready to pray for the needs of her parishioners. Prayer requests can be made to Annette Corrigan at [email protected] - 570 280-2264 or Betsy
Supancik at [email protected] - 570 756-2586
Holy Hour: will be held after the Thursday morning
Mass. The hour will include the Mass and 30 minutes
of private adoration. At 8:45 the Chaplet of Divine
Mercy will be recited.
Special Novena: On Thursday mornings at the 8:00 AM
Mass at St. Martin of Tours there is a special novena after
Mass to St. Peregrine, patron saint of cancer victims and
those suffering from serious illness. There is a prayer box by
St. Peregrine's statue where you can enter the name of a suffering loved one or yourself to be remembered. The box is
emptied the 1st of July, October, January and April. You are
welcome to reenter names for those still suffering. Anyone in
need of the Sacrament of anointing can receive the anointing
that evening by calling the rectory at 570 853-4634.
Bishop Joseph Bambera will be celebrating Mass on
Sunday, Nov. 8th 2015 at St. Martin of Tour.
During the Season of Lent, we will use the Gregorian
settings and the Lenten Gospel Acclamation as follows:
Kyrie 169, Psalm # 65 Be with Me, Lenten Gospel
Acclamation 195,
Sanctus 308 B, Memorial Acclamation 309 B, Amen,
310, Agnus Dei 313 B
Food Bank Collections:3-10-16: boxed potatoes, canned
veggies. 3/17-23: boxed pie crusts, pie fruit, canned fruit.
3/24-30: rice, noodles. 3.31-4/6: pasta, sauce.
If you don’t want to bring food to the church, you can
put an env. into collection marked “food bank” and the ladies
will purchase the food. Cash only please, so all donations
stay in the Susquehanna Food Bank.
Mission in India: The collection will take place the third
weekend of each month.
Eucharistic Devotions: will be held at St. John’s on Sunday evenings at 6:00PM. All are welcomed.
Weekly Divine Mercy Devotion: Is held at St. Lawrence
Church every Wednesday at 3:00PM during the Exposition
of the Blessed Sacrament to include Hymns, Chaplet, Praises to the Divine Mercy, Rosary, Silent Meditation, Divine
Praises and Veneration of the relic of St. Faustina. Please
join us.
Hospitals: Whenever a family member is in the
hospital for more than three days and has not been
visited by your priest, please be sure to call the office,
570-853-4634, to alert us that they are a patient.
Ecumenical Lenten Service
Wednesday’s at Noon, the following participating congregations are: Lakeview Mennonite Church, North Jackson United Methodist, United Methodist (Thompson) East Ararat
United Methodist, Christ Episcopal, St. John’s, St. Lawrence, St. Martin’s. Soup & Sandwiches to follow.
March 11: St. John’s, Susq.
March 18: Thompson United Methodist Church
March 25: Lanesboro Community Church
**If Blue Ridge or Susq. Community Schools are closed,
there will be NO service.
What are the Precepts of the Church?? The precepts
of the Church are intended to assist Catholic Christians in living a moral life nourished by the sacramental
worship of the Church. The precepts represent the
minimum that Catholics should do if they wish to truly
walk closer with Christ and discern His call in their
“You shall confess your sins at least once a year.”
Every baptized Catholic is required to receive the sacrament of reconciliation-which continues the work of
Baptism-at least once a year, in order to more worthily
receive Jesus in the Eucharist.
Sat. March 7
St. Martin’s
St. Martin’s
St. Lawrence
St. John’s
Mary Wiatrowski req. by Maureen
Mary Quirk req. by Marilyn and Tim
William Jenkins req. by Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Romanofski
Lorenzo DeLarco req. by Mr. and Mrs.
Michael Kosko
Sun. March 8
St. John’s
St. Lawrence
St. Martin’s
Col. & Mrs. William Cooper req. by
Barbara McKetta
9:30AM Dec’d members of the Steigert family
req. by Shirley Silipo
11:00AM Regina Corrigan McArthur req. by
Laurie and John Frye
Mon.March 9
St. Lawrence 7:00PM
Thomas Maholick req. by Al and
Marcy Maholick
Tue. March 10
St. John’s
Ronald Testa req. by Hattie Testa &
St. Lawrence
St. John’s
Cecil and Olive Whiting req. by
Barbara McKetta
Confession at St. John’s
Wed. March 11
Thur March 12
St. Martin’s
Helen and Almon Stonier req. by
Barbara McKetta
Arthur Schell req. by the Herbert family
St. Martin’s
St. Lawrence
St. John’s
For our parish community
Deceased members of the Connor,
Russell & Howland families req. by
John and Dixie Russell
Eric Bixby req. by Mr. and Mrs. Mike
Fri. March 13
St. John’s
Sat. March 14
Sun. March 15
St. John’s
St. Lawrence
St. Martin’s
Viola Facarro req. by Mr. and Mrs. Joe
9:30AM Judy Franks req. by Carol Pitcher
11:00AM Michele Tabaka-Lempka req. by
Lance Tabaka
St. John’s:
Saturday’s after Mass.
St. Lawrence: Saturday’s 4:15-4:45PM
St. Martin’s: Saturday’s 3:15-3:35PM
Winter Weather Reminder: If the schools are
closed, there will be no weekday morning mass. If
delayed, weekday morning mass is delayed.