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English language Centre, Tabouk University Mobile (+962) 799763056 (JOR) (+966) 548901303( KSA) E­MAIL: [email protected] Dr. Mowaffaq M. Momani PERSONAL INFORMATION: ● Marital status: Married ● Nationality:
Jordanian ● Date of Birth:
23/3/1977 ● Place of Birth: Jordan ACADEMIC BACKGROUND BA​
. in English Language,
1999 Irbid National University Order of Merit: Good ​
. in Educational Technology,
2003 Thesis: ​
The impact of using computers in learning English Yarmouk University, Jordan Order of Merit: Very Good ​
in Curricula and Teaching Methods / English language
2007 Thesis: ​
The Relationship Between Jordanian Secondary Students' Attitudes Towards Learning English as A foreign Language and Their Achievement in Reading Comprehension Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Jordan Order of Merit: Very Good :Job description
I worked as a lecturer at Ajloun Univ. College , Al­ Balqa Applied University for
one year .Then I got my PhD and moved to teach at The Languages and Translation
Department ,The University of Tabuk for 6 years .After which ,I worked at the
Deanship of Development and Quality Assurance for one year . Starting from 1435
I am working as an Academic and Administrative coordinator at the English
Language Center. This year I was appointed by the president of The University of
.Tabuk as A supervisor to the Curriculum unit on top of my present occupation
1435 English language center, The University of Tabuk ❖ Co­ supervisor of Quality Assurance Unit at DDQA
1434 University of Tabuk . ❖ Supervisor of Media & General Relations at DDQA
1434 University of Tabuk ❖ Assistant Professor
1433\1434 English skills Department, University of Tabuk ❖ Lecturer
1430­ 1433 Department of Languages and Translation, The University of Tabuk ❖ Lecturer
1428– 1430 English Language Unit, University of Tabuk
❖ Lecturer
2006­ 2007 English Language Department, AL­Balqa Applied University, Jordan ❖ Secondary School English Language Teacher
1999 – 2006 Ministry of Education, Jordan Courses Taught 1 . Teaching English methods 2 . Attitudes towards learning English as a foreign language 3 . Psycholinguistics 4 . Sociolinguistics 5. English for Computer 6. Writing ( 1, 2 ,3) 7 . Advanced Writing 8. Language and Culture 9. Language Acquisition 10 .Learning English in KSA 11. Conversation 12. Advanced Grammar 13. English for science. 14 – Research methods. MA ­course. Workshops and Courses Attended o Benchmarking, NCAAA
2014 o How to prepare " SSR ", NCAAA
2014 o Describing Programs & Preparing Yearly Reports, NCAAA
2014 o KPIs, DDQA
2013 o Quality Assurance in higher education, DDQA
2013 o Creative Thinking, University of Tabuk
2011 o How to take right decisions, University of Tabuk
2010 o Writing Programs and Learning Outcomes and its role in enhancing the quality of Teaching and learning". Development & Quality Unit, University of Tabuk
2010 o Communicational Skills, University of Tabuk, KSA
2009 o E­Learning, University of Tabuk, KSA
2008 o Professionalism, King Abdullaziz University, Jeddah, KSA
2007 o Computer Skills, Jordan
1998 . Publications ● Promoting Awareness of Teaching Collocations Techniques To Beginners. – European scientific Journal .​
edition vol.10,No.10 ● Edutainment and Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners.
Journal of scientific method and behavior – Tanta University .​
2014 Vol.13 part:2 ● The Impact of Using the Internet on Preparatory Year Students' Achievement in Learning Vocabulary at the University of Tabuk, The Unit of Researches, 2012 ● Jordanian Secondary Stage Students' Achievement in Reading Comprehension According to Their Views Towards English as a Foreign Language (Published Research) Uluminsania, International Magazine, Holland
2009 ● The Impact of Native and Nonnative Teachers on the Student's Level of English Language at the University of Tabuk, The Unit of Researches, The University of Tabuk
2009 ● How to Improve Your English (Published Research), Uluminsania, International Magazine, Holland
2009 Books : ● Let's learn English (Published book), Jordan
2008 ­Dar Hamadah for committees : The standing Committee of the Academic Accreditation of the University of – 1
. Tabuk
.The Translation Standing Committee – 2
.A member of the establishing committee of the English Language Center – 3
.Conducted several Training Courses in Modern teaching methods in the ELC – 1
Conducted some workshops in Higher Education Quality Assurance for the – 2
ELC members
Academic and administrative Duties: 1. Academic and administrative coordinator for the English language center – Tabuk University. 1435 – up to now. 2. Supervisor of Curriculum Unit. 1436­ up to now. Conferences: 1. Tesol Arabia – Dubai – 2014.Participant. 2. KSAALT ­ KSA – 2014­ Paper Title : The impact of using SQ3R Strategy on teaching Reading at the University of Tabuk . Commendation Prince AL­Hassan's Award for Young People 2006 A Thank­You Letter from the President of Tabuk University for the researches and published books .
2009 A Thank­You Letter from the President of Tabuk University for the participation & the translation of the strategic plans of the university
2012 References: Dr.Abdullrahman Mohammad Alfahadi – ​
The Head of English Language Center Email: ​
[email protected] Mobile: 00966545021500