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March 2015
Quality Care in
Idyllic Surroundings
“I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the care you
Peacefully located near to Fordingbridge town
centre in 6 acres of mature gardens
A perfect location for comfortable living with
professional care
with your nursing of her.”
Nursing Care, Convalescent Care and
Respite Care all available
We have built an excellent reputation for providing
first class care in beautiful surroundings
Our aim is to provide a place that feels like ‘home’
but gives all the care, support and security
for comfortable day to day living
For further information please contact Ian Stott
gave my mother during her time with you. As a retired
(and old fashioned!) nurse, I have been so impressed
“Allenbrook was highly recommended to us by others we
spoke to including the GP. Our introductory visit with the
Manager was detailed and thorough, relaxed and friendly
and there was plenty of time to ask questions.”
“Just a short note to thank all the staff who helped look after
our mum whilst she was in your care. We really appreciated
everything you did for her. We feel lucky that mum was
placed in care at the best Nursing Home we know of!”
01425 656589
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Focus on... Welcome
Edition 83
March 2015
Published by
Jackie Howchin
Focus Magazines
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Copy deadline
for April 2015 issue:
5 March 2015
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Dear Readers,
Welcome to the March issue of the Fordingbridge Focus.
Well it’s certainly cold outside as I write this, but we’ve had
our flurry of snow, so let’s hope that’s the worst of our Winter
weather, and we can now look forward to the delights of
As usual, there are lots of interesting articles in this Month’s
magazine. Read about learning to swim on page 6 and how
to live a happy life on page 10; check out if you might be
addicted to sugar on page 14, and how to choose a puppy
on page 18.
This magazine provides you with details of lots of local
businesses, events and services. Please try to use local
businesses whenever you can, and do let them know that
you’ve found them in the Fordingbridge Focus, as this will
help them to know that their advert has been a success.
Let’s help to ‘keep it local’!
You can view the latest edition of the Ringwood Focus and
the Fordingbridge Focus magazines on-line at, as well as submit entries for the FREE
Community News and What’s On pages. The site also
contains full media pack information for advertisers and
details of my design services ‘FOCUS DESIGN’.
Wishing you all a very happy March.
Stay warm!
The Fordingbridge Focus is now a household name, and the
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the magazine, so that you can always be sure to get the latest
Fordingbridge Library
The White Horse Inn, Downton
Downton Library
Downton Sports & Leisure Club
The Village Stores, Woodgreen
Co-op, Downton
Timothys, Fordingbridge
Butlers Fish & Chips, Downton
Carl Hillwood, Fordingbridge
Co-op, Alderholt
Co-op, Fordingbridge
Sandy Balls Holiday Park
This edition of the magazine is being distributed
to the following areas:
Fordingbridge and Sandleheath
The next edition will be delivered to:
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Stuckton, Frogham, Hyde, Hungerford, North Gorley,
South Gorley and Ogdens
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Brian’s Kitchens
Bedrooms - Bathrooms - Studies
From design to installation a service you can depend on.
Creating the kitchen of your dreams
Choose from a wide range of styles contemporary, traditional or bespoke
A complete service including Plumbing, tiling, fitting or supply only
Work surfaces including Granite, Solid Wood, Encore, Laminate etc
Appliances Freestanding or Built in
Please call Brian Pugh on 07825 004258
Over 20 years of
great hairdressing
in Fordingbridge
High Street Fordingbridge
01425 652338
4 4 The Fordingbridge Focus
(Photography © Alex Catt)
Hair by Carl Hillwood Hair & Beauty
For your Free no pressure home consultation
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Country Garden
All aspects of Tree Surgery
Garden Maintenance
and Landscaping
Hedge Pruning
Stump Grinding & Tree Felling
All waste removed
Fully Insured
For a FREE estimate call
Jim on 07774 594325
or Dan on 07756 181096
(Based in the New Forest)
Commercial & Domestic Oven Cleaning
We also clean:
• BBQs
• Agas
• Microwaves
• Hobs
• Extractor Hoods
Don’t delay!
Give us a call today
We use eco friendly products
We are fully insured
Call us for a free quotation on
01722 500644 or 07554 971770
[email protected]
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Focus on... Learning to Swim
Sink or Swim ?
How did it happen? You’ve
reached and exceeded the
age at which you are legally
regarded as an adult. You
can drink, vote, drive, get
married, pay taxes and get
called to war. You have a
job, own a home and lead a
fulfilling life in lots of ways,
but there is just one blot on
the horizon – you still can’t
The inability to swim is a
cause of embarrassment for
many adults, and some are
reluctant and even ashamed
to admit to it. But though
you may feel that there is
a stigma attached, the first
thing to understand is that
you are not alone. There
are many others just like
you, and if you really want
to, there is no reason in the
world why you can’t master
the art!
People fail to learn to swim
for a number of reasons.
Some may have had a traumatic experience – almost
drowning for example, after
falling into deep water, or
being the victim of a prank
that got out of hand – whilst
others simply may not have
had the opportunity. Regardless of the cause, most
non-swimming adults are
afraid of water, and need to
acknowledge the psychological as well as the physical
Fear can keep us safe,
but it can also prevent us
6 6 The Fordingbridge Focus
from moving forward. Many
non-swimmers are afraid
of putting their face in the
water and are scared that
they won’t be able to float,
yet more or less everyone
floats. What sometimes gets
in the way is fear and tension that causes you to hold
yourself stiffly, hunch your
head and shoulders, and
push your feet towards the
bottom of the pool.
Most non-swimmers are
afraid to take their feet off
the bottom and become
panic-stricken if there is
nothing to hold onto, but
learning to trust that the
water will hold you up rather
than the reverse, is key to
mastering the art of swimming.
Though some people may
opt to enlist the help of a
friend or relative to teach
them to swim, the best
course is probably to turn to
a professional with the
correct training. But there
are things you can do
yourself to help boost
confidence: Walk around
in chest-deep water to get
used to how it feels and
maintain balance; Repeatedly dip your face and body
in and out of the water,
holding on to the side for
support; Practice floating on
your stomach with your face
in the water; With the help
of a float, lie on your back,
gradually introducing kicking
movements with your legs.
However you decide to
proceed, please remember
there is no shame in not
being able to swim!
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World NE2W015!
Join a warm and friendly
group near you today…
Power up
weight loss
Fordingbridge 5.30pm
and 7.30pm
Avonway Community Centre
Shaftesbury Street
Tel: Clare 01425 653144
visit the website to read Jess’s story
0844 897 8000
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A•er experiencing a huge emo•onal trauma, which le• me unable
to concentrate on day-to-day tasks, I had a beau•ful session with
Jackie which restored me back to a calm and balanced person,
which was nothing short of a miracle. Jackie is my life-line, and I
am able to call her for guidance and support in moments of crisis.
I value her so much that I travel from Switzerland to see her.
Elizabeth - Switzerland
Jackie Howchin
Relieve stress and anxiety
Ease physical and emo!onal pain
Release anger, fear and worry
‘helping you to heal yourself’
A gentle and natural approach
to balancing and healing your
physical, mental, spiritual and
emo!onal body.
Member of the
Reiki Guild
Reiki Master
and Teacher
Home Visits
Gi# Vouchers
Full details and
Tes!monials on
Jackie Howchin RGP - Reiki and Life Guidance
Phone: 07706 373 014
Email: [email protected]
8 8 The Fordingbridge Focus
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Instead of telling you about how Reiki works, I
thought it best to let my clients tell you about their
experiences and how it has helped them...
Jackie Howchin
Wow! Today I had my first ever Reiki session and I chose to use Jackie. As we all know, things happen
for a reason so maybe I was supposed to meet her ... and what a fabulous person she is. Everything
was explained to me in very clear and fine detail so that it could be easily understood. The actual
session itself was exhilarating. Jackie does not jump straight into the reiki part … she discusses everything and gets to the root of the issue. She is kind and sensitive and allows you to fully open up with
any concerns or issues you have. Jackie is more than a reiki practitioner. She is more of a life guide /
coach. Jackie is a pillar of strength and I am really looking forward to working with her to improve every
area of my life. Thank you Jackie … just for being you. xx
Sarah – Bournemouth
I was referred to Jackie by a relative who had also been suffering from anxiety and stress. I had already
seen the amazing effect that Jackie had on her, and I decided to try Reiki for myself. After just one
session I felt so much more positive and confident. Jackie has a wonderful ability to make you feel like
she has all the time in the world for you, and puts you at ease instantly. I’m so privileged to have met
her and would highly recommend Reiki with her to anyone.
Laurie – Bournemouth
I came to see Jackie a year on from a gruelling divorce and exhausted from the rigours of single parenting two daughters. I had survived, but I was incredibly weary and still very angry. As someone who is
a ‘coper’ and who usually gets through life with grim determination and a breezy ‘i’m fine’, I recognised
that I hadn’t processed many of my feelings and the tools I was used to using i.e. my head, just weren’t
working for me any more. Therefore I turned to Reiki as a means of bypassing my head and working
with myself at an energetic level. I was sceptical that it would make any kind of difference and half
expected it to be a nice relaxation but nothing more. After the first session however, I experienced a
profound shift in my feelings. I felt, lighter, freer, more full of love and gratitude for my life and my daughters, less stressed and considerably more open. Thank you Jackie for the very intuitive, loving gift that
you have. I will also be bringing my daughters to you soon.
Anna - Alderholt
My husband died of cancer and I was a lost soul with no direction. I saw Jackie's advert and thought
why not. With the correct presence of mind we are capable of doing anything and Jackie restored my
confidence and want to join the world again. From the first session I was relaxed and Jackie has the
capability to make you feel like your the only person who is important. She listens and cares for her
clients with a true passion. The power of positive thought is a wonderful state of mind and with Jackie's
help I have achieved not only direction but also a desire for life. I will never stop missing my husband
but with Reiki and Jackie I can now face the world with my head held high. The deep relaxation is an all
consuming therapy and very enjoyable. We should all have a Jackie in our lives.
Judith - Ringwood
Jackie is incredibly warm and genuine and made me feel comfortable and relaxed straight away (which
isn’t easy for me!). She is insightful and understanding and has really helped me make such quick progress in a really short time. Her passion for Reiki is infectious. I’m so pleased I’ve met her and benefited
from her positive influence!
Lauren - New Forest
“Thank you is not enough … but it’s the only words I have. Thank you for making me feel unbroken and
unblocked. Thank you for your fantastic words of encouragement. Thank you! You are a beautiful
soul, inside and out. I hope you see what I can see – and that you realise just how much you are worth.
I am so blessed to know you. THANK YOU!”
Fiona – Yeovil
The Fordingbridge Focus | E: [email protected] | To advertise call: 07706 373 014
Focus on... Well-Being
Don’t worry be happy !
Exercise - When we exercise
our brain releases feel-good
endorphins, making us happier.
Even a short 5 minute stroll
round the block can boost your
mood. Think how you might
add just a little more movement
into your daily life: Maybe a
few morning yoga poses, or an
evening walk.
ately and lightens our mood. Try
watching a DVD of your favourite comedian. Better still, visit a
comedy club and give yourself
permission to laugh-out-loud.
Meditate - Scientific studies
have proved that emotions, and
happiness in particular, can be
trained. Even a few minutes of
meditation per day have a
positive impact our brain and
sense of well-being.
Get Immersed - Mihaly
Csikszentmihalyi, renowned
psychologist found that immersing ourselves in an activity we
love, which also requires skill,
makes us happy. Try reading,
playing the guitar, writing a blog,
or cooking, immerse yourself
in a hobby and your mood will
Be part of a community Research shows that people
involved in their community are
happier. Communities foster
emotional support and a
connection with others, which
leads to a greater sense of wellbeing. The community could be
a group of like-minded people
such as a choir, or art-group.
Laugh - Laughter changes the
energy of a situation immedi-
Pub Meals save
Cycle Hire save
Save £££s all year!
jjustt £5!!
For full details of all offers visit
Beauty Treatments
save 10% Afternoon Tea 2 for 1
Member businesses in Fordingbridge & Ringwood
Bridges Coffee & Dining, Insight Activities,
New Forest Water Park, Roundhill Pilates
and Physiotherapy Centre, Sandy Balls
Holiday Centre
Alexander Technique Centre, Alice Lisle Inn,
B Beauti,Bluehaze Cattery, Dutchy Taxis,
Eye-See-Eye Opticians, Finesse Foods,
Forest Fit Club. Forest Sports & Leisure, Go
Ape, High Corner Inn, iFamily Web Design,
Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, Liberty’s Owl
Raptor & Reptile Centre, Lorraine Tarrant
Antiques, Ringwood Brewery, Ringwood
Health & Leisure Centre, Ringwood
Physiotherapy Centre, ROC Personal
Training, Seemore Graphics Ltd, Simply
Beauty, Solent Fire Safey Services, South
Pole Cleaning, Watson Electrical Services
Backing the local economy
See website for full terms and conditions
10 10The Fordingbridge Focus
Supported by
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Fully Qualified Electrician
Part P Registered 17th Edition
• All Types of Domestic
Electrics Undertaken
• Honest, Reliable &
Competitive Pricing
s Accountancy, computerised
accounts, Sage & Quickbooks
s Business start-ups, company formations & Profit
s Lettings accounts, capital gains & inheritance tax
s Tax returns, tax planning, HMRC enquiries
s Bookkeeping, VAT returns & Payroll
12 Millstream, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 3SE
e-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 01425 480814
Call Debbie in the
Office on:
01794 840008
[email protected]
RG Electrix
Your Success is our Business... Richard Goodridge
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Focus on... Kids
A. Can you find the missing words by changing just one
letter each time: Example: CAT, COT, DOT, DOG
OWE, ______ (bird), ______ (fuel) , ______ (nothing),
______ (pinch), ______ (short sleep), MAP
B. Look at the clues below and see if you can make new
words by changing just one letter in each of these
1. Change PAST into something quick.
2. Change MORE into a horse.
Oak trees do not produce
acorns until they are fifty
years of age or older.
The first product to have
a bar code was Wrigley’s
The king of hearts is the
only king in a pack of
playing cards without a
A Boeing 747s wingspan
is longer than the Wright
brother’s first flight.
3. Change KEEP into cry.
C. Put a different letter in front of ORE each time to make
words with the following meanings:
1. Extra.
2. Painful.
3. Part of an apple.
American Airlines saved
$40,000 in 1987 by
eliminating 1 olive from
each salad served in
Venus is the only planet
that rotates clockwise.
D. Can you rearrange the jumbled letters to spell out an
10-letter word for a flying machine?
Can you also use some of the letters above to find three
5-letter words with the following meanings:
Apples, not caffeine, are
more efficient at waking
you up in the morning.
The plastic things on the
end of shoelaces are called
Most dust particles in your
house are made from dead
1. Group of church singers.
2. Part of something.
3. A job to be done.
E. Can you find something FUNNY in the following words:
All US Presidents have
worn glasses. Some just
didn’t like being seen
wearing them in public.
Walt Disney was afraid of
Answers to puzzles on page 28
12 12The Fordingbridge Focus
Pearls melt in vinegar.
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Do you dream of a new kitchen?
Don’t replace it, reface it.
Transform your tired kitchen in just a few days from start to finish......
"Have you always wanted the kitchen of your dreams, but can't quite justify paying the
expensive price tag that comes with it"? Now you can by just changing the doors and worktops!
Less hassle, Less time, Less cost...
We’ll pay *
the VAT
• Trusted reputation
• 50% deposit balance on completion
• Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks and taps
Wilton Shopping Village, Salisbury - Free and easy parking!
Call now for your FREE
non obligation quote
on 01722 744 114
View our credentials at
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Focus on... Health
Oh Sugar ... Could you be Addicted ?
I remember a friend telling me
years ago that she couldn’t
walk past a sweet shop
without becoming shaky and
breaking into a cold, clammy
sweat. The only cure was to
enter the shop and buy a bar
cells. But it is the ready availability of refined sugar and its
use as a mood-booster to give
an instant ‘lift’ that is prompting some health experts to
consider sugar addiction. One
senior Dutch health official
pleasant sugar rush triggers
an increase in insulin as the
body strives to bring blood
glucose levels back to normal,
which has the knock-on effect
of causing a ‘sugar crash’ and
makes many crave yet more
sugar, leading to binge eating.
This cycle of ‘surge’
followed by ‘crash’ is even
more pronounced when the
sugar comes from foods rich
in simple sugars, like
chocolate, sweets and fizzy
drinks. They are absorbed
much more quickly into the
blood stream, causing a faster
and more frequent cycle.
Eating more complex sugars
or carbohydrates such as
whole wheat bread, cereal
and pasta, or simple carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables
and dairy products which
also contain fibre and protein,
slows down the process.
of chocolate which she would
gobble immediately.
My friend Sandy was displaying symptoms typical of a
sugar addict – a condition that
may not have been recognised twenty or thirty years
ago, but which is certainly
gaining more attention in today’s world of ever-increasing
convenience and sugary
Sugar is essential to the
proper function of the body.
Glucose in particular is important to the brain, as it provides
the only source of fuel to its
one hundred billion nerve
14 14The Fordingbridge Focus
has even described sugar as
“the most dangerous drug of
the times” and has called for
health warnings to be carried
on sweets and soft drinks
Research has shown that
sugar can affect the same
‘feel good’ brain hormones as
street drugs like cocaine, and
that sugar withdrawal may
create the same symptoms
as withdrawal from nicotine,
morphine and alcohol.
Eating sugar prompts the
body to release the ‘happy
hormone’ serotonin into the
blood stream. However, this
According to the NHS, addedsugars shouldn’t make up
more than 10% of the energy
we get from food and drink
each day, which is about 70g
for men and 50g for women.
By cutting down the amount of
sugar we consume each day,
we can reduce the risk of
becoming addicts like my
friend Sandy. Always
remember to check food
labels, and bear in mind that
food products containing more
than 15% sugar are
considered high in sugar and
low if they have less than 5g
per 100g.
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58 High Street, Fordingbridge
Tel: 01425 383821
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16 16The Fordingbridge Focus
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All veterinary surgeons undergo a broad based training in veterinary medicine and surgery for a
minimum of 5 years before qualifying. Recognised specialist veterinary surgeons must undergo
extensive addi•onal training for a minimum of 4 years and pass rigorous Diploma examina•ons
before they can become specialists. Veterinary specialists work in much the same way
as specialists or consultants in human medicine and only accept cases that are referred
to them by general prac••oners. Unfortunately in the UK the •tle of specialist is not
protected and any veterinary surgeon can claim exper•se in a par•cular field, adver•se that
they accept referrals and even call themselves a specialist.
In the UK the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) which is the governing
body for the veterinary profession has laid down strict criteria concerning training and
experience required to gain "recognised" specialist status. Recognised specialists must
have appropriate postgraduate qualifica•ons and demonstrate that they are ac•vely
involved with their discipline and up to date with recent advances. RCVS specialist status
must be re-accredited every 5 years and is not easily achieved. To view the veterinary
qualifica•ons needed to be included on the list of recognised specialists visit the Royal
College of Veterinary Surgeons website:
At SCVS all our clinicians have undergone extensive postgraduate training and are
either recognised RCVS or European specialists or are in the process of obtaining
advanced qualifica•ons that will lead to specialist status in the future.
Recognised specialists have much greater knowledge, experience and exper•se in their
discipline than general prac••oners or Cer•ficate holders. In addi•on clinicians working in referral centres have access to specialised diagnos•c and therapeu•c equipment and
facili•es that are not available in general prac•ce. As one of the few truly mul•disciplinary referral centres in the UK our pa•ents benefit from the wide spectrum of
exper•se offered by our team of specialists in different disciplines all under one roof.
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Focus on... Pets
Puppy Love !
Let’s face it, puppies are little
bundles of gorgeousness and
when choosing one it’s easy
to get carried away, but don’t.
It is important to think very
carefully about whether that
puppy (or indeed any puppy)
is a good choice. But let’s
assume for now that you’ve
decided you really do have
room in your life for a dog.
The first step is to research
which breed or type of
mongrel suits your circumstances, and also the dog’s
size and nature.
Have you got room for a
puppy that will grow into a
large dog? How much time
do you have to exercise a
dog? Do you have children, or
any other pets that it must be
compatible with? In addition to
the purchase cost, what
ongoing costs must you
consider e.g. food and vet
bills; a large dog will eat
much more than a small one,
and some breeds are prone
to medical problems which
may be expensive to treat.
Consider the dogs coat if
shedding hair might be an
issue. Would a dog or a bitch
be a better choice? Male dogs
can be more dominant and
headstrong; with females, you
will need to consider how you
will cope when she comes into
boisterous children. Hounds
need lots of exercise, and
breeds that have a working
history need plenty of mental
stimulation so that they don’t
get in to mischief. Border
Collies for instance, can
become stressed if they are
not active and given lots of
attention. Gun dogs are easy
to train and settle well into
most houses.
If you choose a pedigree
dog, you will know exactly
how large your pup will grow
and what it will look like. You
should buy from an experienced breeder who can give
you lots of information and
allow you to meet the parents.
As I mentioned earlier, some
breeds have potential
‘inherited diseases’ or known
health issues in later life, so
ask about this if you want to
avoid hefty vet bills. Crossbreeds can be cheaper to buy;
they can even be free, but if
you can’t see both parents
you may get a surprise when
it grows much larger than you
expected. There are currently
some very fashionable cross
breeds such as the
Labradoodle - a Labrador /
poodle cross, or a Cockerpoo
– a cocker spaniel / poodle
cross. These can combine the
best features of each breed.
Resist buying a puppy that is
left on its own and appears
withdrawn, as it may have or
develop personality issues.
You should choose a lively,
alert puppy in good health.
To give your puppy a good
start in its new home, try not
to have too many people
around when it arrives. Be
relaxed and allow your puppy
to sniff around. Offer it food
and water although you may
find it refuses for a while.
Try to establish a routine.
Once settled in, you can look
forward to your puppy being
a loving companion for many
Terriers are lively dogs that
need lots of exercise for their
size and can be tricky to train,
but they are generally good
with children. Toy dogs seem
particularly prone to becoming
snappy if they are anxious,
which they may be around
18 18The Fordingbridge Focus
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Jackie Howchin
“We contacted Jackie because our Yorkshire Terrier Milli was very hyperactive and sometimes showed signs of stress. After only three sessions she
has calmed down considerably and seems much happier – although she is still
a little excitable at times. This obviously makes us happier and more at ease.
Milli seems to really enjoy the treatment she receives and it is lovely to see her
more relaxed. Jackie has a real empathy with Milli, you only have to see her
working with Milli to realise this. We have already recommended Jackie to one
of our friends as we are so very pleased with the progress she has made with
Milli. Contacting Jackie was the best thing we could have done for all of us.”
Ron & Daphne – Ringwood
Reiki for Pets & Animals
A gentle and natural approach - Reiki ...
works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of animals.
deepens the bond between human and animal.
complements both conventional and holistic medicine.
can lessen the side effects of medicines and other procedures.
can help maintain health on all levels.
can help and support a dying animal and ease the transition at
the end of its life.
is very helpful for any animal that has
been in a shelter situation.
induces deep relaxation and
Over time, Reiki can reduce
Reiki Master
& Teacher
Home Visits
Member of the
Reiki Guild
Jackie Howchin RGP
Phone: 07706 373 014
Email: [email protected]
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Focus on... What’s On
Bridge Club
Friendly club. Gentle Duplicate
played each week
Every Tuesday
7pm - 10pm
£2 per session
(includes tea and biscuits)
Avonwway Community Centre
Sue Hughes on 01425 657795
Janet McDougall on 01722 341292
The New Forest Jazz Workshop
Every final Wednesday of the
month at 7.30pm
Cost: £4 per session
(includes tea & biscuits)
Godshill Village Hall, Godshill
Jazz workshops every month for
musicians who want to learn to
play jazz. Any level welcome.
Youth at Avonway
Our very popular
Youth Club Ages 8-13 years
Every Wednesday
6.30pm - 8.30pm
Entry £1
Avonway Annexe
Contact Helen 01425 652706
Churches together in
Fordingbridge & District
The first Wednesday
of the month
10.30am - 12.30pm
United Reformed Church
41 Salisbury Street
Fordingbridge SP6 1AB
Tel: 02380 28 63 42 (Vicky)
Flower Club
The first Monday of the month
Visitors £4
St Mary’s Church Hall
Contact Secretary for details:
Ann Brenchley 01425 652051
Avonway Community Centre
Many different activities and
groups for the community!
Every Day
See our online timetable and
clubs/groups contact list at
Avonway Community Centre
Shaftesbury Street
Damerham & District
Horticultural Society
Lovely displays of
Spring Flowers
Saturday 28th March
2.00pm - 4.00pm
Damerham Village Hall
Open to the Public
(Non Members £3)
Tel: 01725 518676
Alzheimers Society
Dementia Cafe
2nd Tuesday
of each month
10.30am - 12.00 noon
Victoria Rooms
26 Bridge Street
Fordingbridge SP6 1AH
Contact Derek Ayling on
01425 650770 or
[email protected]
[email protected]
4th Tuesday
of each month
10.30am - 12.00 noon
Alzheimers Society
with Music
Victoria Rooms
26 Bridge Street
Fordingbridge SP6 1AH
[email protected]
Fordingbridge Library
Easter Crafts
Tutor - Jane Fox
Booking Essential as places are
Monday 23rd March Monday 30th March
10.00am - 1.00pm
£25 (concessions apply)
Fordingbridge Library
Tots and Tinies
Songs and Rhymes for
0 to 4 year olds
Alternate Fridays
09.30am - 10.00am
FREE of charge
6th March and 20th March
2020The Fordingbridge Focus
Fordingbridge Library
Roundhill, SP6 1AQ
Call into the Library to book
your place!
Fordingbridge Library
Roundhill, SP6 1AQ
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At Woolley & Wallis we provide a professional
and individual service from the moment you
make contact with us. If you are thinking of
letting your property you can be sure we will
make the process as straightforward as possible.
Thinking of letting your property?
Talk to Woolley & Wallis
If you are thinking of letting your property,
please call us on 01425 655900 or email
[email protected]
The Complete Property
& Land Specialists
Fordingbridge Players announce their next production
By Richard James at Burgate School Drama Studio.
For their spring 2015 production the Fordingbridge Players are staging Richard
James’ HAPPY CAMPERS. Starring Annie Mitchell, Betty Price, Nicki Salmond,
Richard Holland, Laura Skelton, Adam Farr and Nigel Bonynge this promises to be a
hilarious production by this local drama group.
Performances will be held in the Drama Studio at Burgate School, Fordingbridge
over three consecutive nights starting Thursday 9th April at 7.30pm. Tickets will soon
be available from Jessica’s, High Street, Fordingbridge (Tel: 01425 652395) at a cost
of £8, and also via the website The Fordingbridge
Players, sponsored by Bassetts Estate Agents are very grateful for the support of
IN-EXCESS for the donation of set materials.
Directed by Andrew Ledger, this highly entertaining play centers around a family
sent on a camping trip to the Yorkshire countryside to scatter the ashes of a beloved
brother and father. There are revelations all round as the family of ‘townies’ try to
cope with life on the wild side, all ending in a surprising treasure hunt. A performance
not to be missed!
The Fordingbridge Players are always happy to welcome new members: you don’t have
to want to act as they need plenty of backstage and technical help too. Check out their
website on for details of how to join.
The Fordingbridge Focus | E: [email protected] | To advertise call: 07706 373 014
2222The Fordingbridge Focus
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fit 8m W
on m e a
to Qu lso
p o ar su
f y tz pp
ou wo ly
r e rk & f
xis top it
tin s
g w tha
or t
Less cost, mess & hassle compared to a complete replacement
We replace the doors, drawer
fronts, handles and worktops
‘The stone that fits on top’
& fit
corners /
Made to
415b Lymington Road, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 5EN.
Tel: 01425 275211 / 07713 114060
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5.00pm Sat: 9.30am - 2.00pm
[email protected]
The Fordingbridge Focus | E: [email protected] | To advertise call: 07706 373 014
Focus on... Puzzles
6 7 8
Place a number from
1 to 9 in each empty
cell so that each 3x3
block, column, and
full row includes each
of the numbers from 1
to 9 only once.
It’s as simple as that!
How to Play
2 3 4
1. Here are the names of four flowers with
the vowels removed. What are the four
2. What do the following words have in
You have two minutes to study the
following list of 20 words. Then give
yourself another two minutes to write
as many as you can recall on a
separate peice of paper:
3. What is the next number in this series?
5 25 61 113 181 ..
4. What do the following words have in
5. Arrange the following words into suitable pairs.
6. What is the next number in this series?
101 103 107 109 113 127 ..
Find the name of a famous person in
these jumbled up letters!
Answers to puzzles on page 28
2424The Fordingbridge Focus
I am a weakish speller!
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! "!
News from Fordingbridge Museum
Most readers will be familiar with the striking statue of the artist Augustus John near
the bridge in Fordingbridge. Many will not realise however that the statue is by the
celebrated Welsh-born sculptor Ivor Roberts-Jones RA (1913-1996) who also sculpted
the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square as well as that of Field Marshall
Viscount Slim in Parliament Street in London.
Augustus John was, and to a certain extent still is, a controversial figure in
Fordingbridge and when it was proposed that a statue of him should be erected in
Fordingbridge the subject of its location initiated a heated debate.
Professor Jonathan Black of Kingston University has been researching Ivor RobertsJones and the intriguing story of the Augustus John statue and will be giving a talk on
the subject in the Victoria Rooms at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 31st March. Tickets cost
£9 in advance from the Fordingbridge Bookshop or £10 on the door. The price includes
a glass of wine. A new exhibition on the turbulent story of the statue will be a major
attraction when Fordingbridge Museum opens for the summer season on 31st March.
A note for your dairy: The museum will be holding a Heritage Open Day on
Wednesday 11th March (10am-2pm) and Saturday 14th March (11am-3pm) when
visitors can see a host of fascinating objects not normally on display and have a
glimpse of life behind the scenes in the museum.
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