JMB Angus Rains Simmental N Bar Cattle Co.

JMB Angus Rains Simmental N Bar Cattle Co.
Bull Sale
Thursday, March 5, 2015
12:30 MST
JMB Angus Ranch ~ 9 miles southeast of Sharon Springs, Kansas
Selling 144 Lots
•50 Angus Bulls • 14 Angus Heifers
•25 Simmental/SimAngus Bulls
•20 Simmental/SimAngus Heifers
•30 Red Angus Bulls 18-20 months of age
• 5 Registered Red Angus Bred Heifers
Sitz Top Game
Ranks second in the breed
for $W, $F, $G and $B. His
carcass traits are right
where they need to be. His
legs and feet structure are
excellent. Top Game will add
performance and end product
values along with excellent
growth. Top Game daughters
are proving to be moderate,
easy-fleshing with excellent
udders and boast an average
WWR of 103. Top Game son
was third high-selling bull at Stevenson Angus 2014 Fall Production Sale.
Owned with Express Ranches and Sitz Angus. Semen available.
NLC Upgrade
The Simmental breed’s
number one registration sire
for 2013! Upgrade is “right
for the times” to sire added
muscle, body and performance
without increasing frame.
Progeny are extremely
marketable when mated
to Simmental, Angus
or other breeds.
Homozygous Black,
Homozygous Polled.
JMB Angus
Joel & Mary Bunker • Sharon Springs, KS
785/852-4229 •
Rains Simmental
Mike & Celeste Rains • Oakley, KS
N Bar Cattle Co.
Nolind & Zane Ward • Russell Springs, KS
JMB Traction • The outcross performance breeders have
been searching for in the Angus population. Top 1% $W
and $B with a cowman’s phenotype that good stockmen
demand. The only bull in the breed with his combination
of $W, $F, $G and $B. His Predominant dam records
[email protected] for WW against strong contemporaries. A wide
bodied tank. Use to add volume and capacity, depth and
base width. More Top Game sons like him sell in 2015!
Owned with Trowbridge Farms, Deer Valley, and Bob
Tiedeman. Semen Available through Select Sires.
Angus Sires: Sitz Top Game, JMB Traction,
CCA Emblazon, AAR Ten Fold, Boyd Forward,
Connealy Final Solution, E&B Cahoots
Simmental Sires: NLC Upgrade, Manifest,
Longevity, SFI In Command, TNT Eveready
Red Angus Sires: NBar Hamley,
Mulberry, N Bar Ike, Lightning McQueen
NBar Hamley • Red Angus • NBAR Hamley is a phenotypically flawless son
of the now deceased PIE Billings. With a 791 lb. Adj. WW at a ratio of 120, use
Hamley to add pounds and muscle dimension in a sound and attractive package.
Hamley’s pedigree provides a unique outcross mating opportunity to many of the
breed’s more heavily used bloodlines. In addition with his super look, hip shape,
and bone structure, Hamley is an excellent choice for Durham Red programs.