TECHNICAL PROGRAM - World Heavy Oil Congress

8:00 AM
8:30 AM
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Artificial Lift and Production Optimization
Session Chairs: Josefina Salazar, PDVSA Intevep
and Alex Damnjanovic, KUDU Industries
EOR Technologies
Session Chairs: Frans G.A. van den Berg, Shell
Global Solutions and Jian-Yang Yuan, Osum Oil
Reservoir Characterization
Session Chairs: Nestor Hernandez, Bankers
Petroleum and Javier Hinojosa Puebla, PEMEX
SAGD Technologies I
Session Chairs: Hart Golbeck, Alberta Innovates
and Eric Delamaide, The EOR Alliance
Session Chairs: Wim Tuegals, Nynas
Case Story: All Metal Progressing Cavity
Pumps (AMPCP) Deployed in Canadian
SAGD Field
Chris Sooinn Jang, Shell Canada
Performance of Enhanced Heavy Oil
Recovery in Alberta
Patrick Zhang, Alberta Energy Regulator
Use of Multifunctional LWD technology for
Well Placement and Advanced Formation
Evaluation in Temblador Group of
Dobokubi Field, Orinoco Oil Belt,
Luis Javier Castañeda, Schlumberger
SAGD Producer Wellbore Optimization –
Concept to Completion
Devin Smith, Devon Canada Corporation
A Pioneering Study on the Selective Water
Oxidation of Asphaltenes
Maryam Ashtari, University of Calgary
Assessing the Accuracy of Heavy Oil Flow
Chris Mills, NEL
Chemicals Aided Enhanced Oil Recovery
from Conventional Heavy Oil Reservoirs
of Canada
Dr. Ashok Kumar Singhal & Martin Mader,
Premier Reservoir Engineering Services Ltd
A Field Case Study Of Interference Testing
Using Multiple Horizontal Wells
Tirtharenu Sanyal, Kuwait Oil Company
Connectivity Between Very Closely
Spaced Wells in McMurray Fm Oil Sands
Russell Stancliffe, Suncor Energy
Metals Recovery Scheme from Refinery
Residues and Extra-Heavy Oil Upgrading
Juan Guillermo Ramirez Garcia, PDVSA
Treatment Reconstitution of the Matrix in
the Vicinity of the Well, to Remedy the
Channeling Between Production and
Injection Wells in Unconsolidated
Gustavo Federico Kruse, Halliburton
Innovative Solution for Optimization of Oil Preliminary Investigation into the
Production, and Diluent Injection in Heavy Application of IPC Technology for Oil
Oil Conditions
Recovery Using Chemical-Assisted
Waterflooding Process
Bruno Pinguet, Schlumberger
Omidreza Mohammadzadeh, DBR
Technology Centre - Schlumberger
Experimental Investigations of Reservoir
Thermal Properties for Heavy Oil Field in
Oman With New Methods and Equipment
Eugene Popov, Schlumberger
Study of Emulsion Dynamics in SAGD
Process Using Microfluidics
Pushan Lele, University of Toronto
Bitumen Upgrading and Refining Residue
Conversion to Incremental Synthetic Fuel
Steve Kresynak & Jan Wagner, Expander
Energy Inc.
Core Extraction Process for Saturated Oil
A Multidisciplinary Approach for
Collision Enhanced Upgrading Results
Optimization of Steam Chamber Pressure (WHOC14-274)
for SAGD in Reservoirs with Bottom Water Charles Parker, FluidOil
Shahbaz Masih, Statoil Canada
Horizontal Well Length Analysis in Heavy
Oil Reservoirs Using Risked Based IPR
Dr. Suat Bagci, Baker Hughes
Study of Water and N2 Foam Slug Drive
Technology in Deep Common Heavy Oil
Changfeng Xi, RIPED PetroChina
Lower McMurray Formation (Aptian)
Braidplain Syndeposition and Origin of
Compartmentalized Bitumen Deposits by
Salt Dissolution Collapse-Subsidence
Structuring of the Northern Athabasca Oil
Sands, Northeastern Alberta
Paul Broughton, Chevron Canada
Application of SAGD in Reservoirs with
Overlaying Lean Bitumen
Dr. Hussein Sheikha, Suncor Energy
Experience with Insert PCP Technology in
Cuban Heavy Oil Fields
James Bartlette, KUDU Industries
Improved Heavy Oil Recovery and In Situ
Upgrading by Liquid CO2 Injection
Seyed Amir Farzaneh, Herriott-Watt
Optimization of Subcool in SAGD Bitumen
Terry Stone, Schlumberger
Experimental Study of Static Downhole
Gas Separators Used in the Orinoco Oil
Belt – Venezuela
Javier Ibarra, PDVSA-Intervep
Effect of the Surfactant Mixture of Fatty
Acids and their Salts on the Enhanced
Recovery Process of a Venezuelan Heavy
Crude Oil
Alsis J. Espina B., PDVSA
Non-Thermal Heavy Oil Production: A
Pore-to-Core Approach to Investigate the
Impact of Wettability During Cold Water
Injection into Heavy Oils
Mohamed Regaieg, Heriot Watt University
Direct Evaluation of Hydrocarbon
Saturation Using Pulsed-Neutron
Spectroscopy and NMR Measurements
Faisal Shanat, Kuwait Oil Company
Productivity Improvement in Horizontal
Wells in Petrocedeño Field, Through
Surfactant Injection Programs
Omar Toledo Hernandez, Petrocedeño
10:00 AM
10:45 AM
11:15 AM
11:45 AM
Recovery (CESPSat ™)
Mathilde Rousselle, ALS Petrophysics
A New Warm Mix Asphalt Technology and
its Application
Mona Xu, CNOOC
Heavy Oil Processing in Refinery, Impacts
and Consideration for a Suitable
Juan Carlos Latasa Lopez, Idom Engineering
& Consultancy
Using High Temperature Swellable
Study on Pyrolysis Characteristics and
Packers to Direct Steam Injection in SAGD Gasification Kinetics of Deoiled Asphalt
Dr. Linxian Zhang & Chunyu Li, Institute of
Tim Davis, Tam International Inc
Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science
12:15 PM
Drilling and Completion
Session Chairs: Amnon Vadasz, C.A. Tecnología
Aplicada Venezolana
2:00 PM
2:30 PM
3:00 PM
Achieving Full Returns with Lighter-thanWater Cement When Drilling with Total
Losses in the Grosmont Formation
Sarah Whitton, Cenovus Energy
Session Chairs: Isam Al Zubaidi, American
University of Sharjah
4:45 PM
5:15 PM
SAGD Technologies II
Session Chairs: Joe Kuhach, Ivanhoe Energy
Transportation and Upgrading
Session Chairs: Louis Nordrum, Chevron and Eloy
Flores III, Southwest Research Institute
Mitigating Vapour Induced Water Hammer
in Production Headers Using Custom
Designed Mixers
Ashutosh Nischal, Worley Parsons Canada
Behavior of Silica in Aqueous Systems
Generated During Heavy Oil Production
Process at High Temperature and High pH
Pierre Pedenaud, Total
Field Qualifications of Multiphase Flow
Meter in SAGD Gas Lift and ESP
Hernan Beltran, Agar Corporation Inc & Chris
Caso-Rohland, Mica Controls
An Analytical Model to Predict Chamber
Pressure Changes in the SAGD Process
Robert Glover, Suncor Energy
Flow Assurance For Ayatsil-Tekel Heavy
Oil Development
Erika Patricia Mulato Enriquez & Rafael
Corona Tapia, Pemex
Improving Operational Awareness and
Efficiency Through an Automated
Advisory System
Brendon Mah & Andreas Al-Kinani, Suncor
Getting Extra Heavy Oil to Market: Tight
Oil and Gas Synergy and Impact on
Blending, Transportation and Upgrading
Stephen Pavel, Full Spectrum Consulting LLC
Analytical Modeling of Cement Behavior in
Thermal Wells
Dr. Jueren Xie, C-FER Technologies
Reducing the CO2 Footprint of Thermal
Heavy Oil Recovery Projects by
Maximising Energy Efficiency
Mike Welch, Siemens Industrial
Turbomachinery Ltd.
Development and Field Applications of a
Evaluation of Multiphase Flow Models to
Novel Surfactant System as AntiPredict Pressure Gradient and Holdup in
Accretion and Friction Reducer Additive
Vertical Pipes with Gas and Highly
for Well Drilling Operations at the Orinoco Viscous Liquids
Oil Belt
Adriana Brito, PDVSA Intevep
Jesús Arellano, PDVSA Intevep
Experimental Simulation of a Hot Fluid
Injection Process for In-Reservoir
Luis Alejandro Coy, University of Calgary
Challenges of Formation Pressure
Measurement While Drilling in Heavy Oil
Reservoirs, Peregrino Field, Brazil
Carmen Vieitez, Baker Hughes
How to Separate Sand in Heavy and Extra
Heavy Oil Fields Surface Facilities
José Márquez, PDVSA Intevep
Optimization of the THAI-CAPRI Process;
Effect of Hydrogen Donor Solvents on the
Catalytic Bed
Joe Wood, University of Birmigham
Bottom Water Pressure Rise in SAGD
With Disposal and Retention and its
Shahbaz Masih, Statoil Canada
Oil-in-Water Emulsions for Heavy Oil
Sebastiano Giardinella & Alberto Baumeister,
Ecotek Investments Inc
A Successful Gravel Packing Technique in
Vertical and Deviated Wells with Enlarged
Open Hole in Cased Completions: A Case
Study - Rubiales and Quifa Fields
Maria Angélica Osorio T., Pacific Rubiales
Management Options of Sour Gas With
High Concentrations of H2S and CO2
Associated to Offshore Heavy Oil
Erika Patricia Mulato Enriquez & Rafael
Corona Tapia, Pemex
Aquathermolytic Treatment Proposal with
Additives for Downhole Upgrading of
Heavy Oils Under Low Severity Condition:
Laboratory Tests
Carla Birbal, PDVSA Intevep
Physical Experimental Study on
Dual-well SAGD in Heterogeneous
Xiuluan Li, PetroChina
Economic and Operational Drivers of PostProduction Heavy Oil Upgrading
Taher Lokhandwala, Halliburton
New Completion Design for Existing Cold
Production Wells in Order to Apply Cyclic
Steam Stimulation (CSS) in an Extra
Heavy Oil Field, Steam Injection Pilot
Project, Petrocedeño, Venezuela
Ana Pastran & Andreina Ojeda, Petrocedeño
Meeting the Challenges of Power
Generation on Offshore Heavy Oilfields
Mike Welch, Siemens Industrial
Turbomachinery Ltd.
In Situ Bitumen Recovery Without Heat
Laureen Little, Vantage Energy Consultants
Numerical Simulation and Optimization of
Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage in Long
Lake Field, Alberta, Canada
Jinze Xu, University of Calgary
An Investigation of the Applicability of
Kinetic Models for In Situ Combustion
Processes with Different Types of Oils
Na Jenna Jia, Schlumberger
Optimizing the Transportation of Heavy
Crudes Using Drag Reducing Agent (DRA)
Dr.Yung Lee, Phillips Speciality Product
3:30 PM
4:15 PM
In Situ Combustion & New Technologies
Session Chairs: Craig Boodoo, Petroleum Engineer
at Ministry of Energy & Energy Industries, Trinidad
& Tobago and Denis Pinto, Caledonian Flow
Systems Limited
Carbonates and Cold Production
Session Chairs: Tom Boone, ExxonMobil Upstream Research
and Catherine Laureshen, Statoil
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
11:15 AM
11:45 AM
12:15 PM
Offshore Heavy Oil Technologies
Session Chairs: Dr. Pedro Silva-Lopez, Pemex and Félix
Alvarado Arellano, Pemex
Mapping Initiatives for Wormholes in Canadian
Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Erik Nickel, Petroleum Technology Research Centre
CCEMC ESEIEH Mineface Test Results Comparing
Predicted RF Heating Performance with Measured
Mark Trautman, Harris Corporation
Multi-Thermal Fluids Stimulation Production
Characteristics: A Case Study of the First Thermal
Recovery Pilot Test for Offshore Heavy Oil in China
Dong Liu, CNOOC
The Mississippian Battle Creek Field in Southwest
Saskatchewan: A Model for Carbonate-Hosted Heavy
Oil Exploration in the Western Canada Sedimentary
Erik Nickel, Petroleum Technology Research Centre
Measurement of Sand, Oil, and Gas Flow Rates with
a Multiphase Meter in CHOPS
Tyndall Ellis, Schlumberger
An Approach to Frequency Selection for the
Operation of In Situ Hydrocarbon RF Heating
Ronald E Jackson Jr., Harris Corporation
The Practice of Chemical Treatments for Heavy Oil
Reservoirs of China Offshore Oil Field
Yanlai Li, CNOOC
Monobore Architecture of an In Situ Hydrocarbon RF
Heating System
Keith Nugent & Mark Blue, Harris Corporation
Cold Production Pilot of Heavy Oil from NonConventional Wells in Kuwait
Hisham Al-Reshied, Kuwait Oil Company
Modeling In-Situ Upgrading of Heavy Oils by
Subsurface Pyrolysis
Marelys Mujica, CHLOE
Laboratory Study and Filed Practice of the
Displacement Effect of the Associative Polymer on
Heavy Oil in Bohai Bay
Dr. Yongjun Guo, Southwest Petroleum
University/Sichuan Guangya Polymer Chemical Limited
Study on Efficient Injection Allocation Technology
for Polymer Flooding on Offshore Platform
Jian Zhang, CNOOC Research Institute
Geochemistry Interaction of Fluids in Carbonate
Reservoirs at High Temperatures: Simulation Study
Ahmed Shehata, Texas A&M University
A New Microwave-Stimulated Water Flooding Method
for Heavy Oil Recovery
Pacelli Zitha, Delft University of Technology
Reservoir Development
& Monitoring
Session Chairs: Swapan Das, Marathon Oil and Richard Tøndel,
New Methodology for History Matching Integrating
Fluid Flow-Subsidence in Heavy Oil Simulation
Modeling. Case Study Bachaquero Field, Bolivar
Coast of Venezuela
Isabel Prieto, PDVSA
Ground Motion Monitoring Using Radar Satellite
Technology (InSAR Technology): Case Studies of
SAGD Operations in Alberta, Canada
Alain Arnaud, Altamira Information
Reservoir Monitoring with a Cosmic Ray Density
Tomography Technique
Dr. Tancredi Botto, Schlumberger
The Quest for Innovative Solutions For In-Situ
Development of Challenging Oil Sands Reservoirs in
David Garner, Statoil Canada
10:00 AM
10:45 AM
Electric Heating
& Emerging Technologies
Session Chairs: Barry Blacklock, HotRoxx Energy Corp. and
David Law, Schlumberger
An Integrated Approach to Achieving High Oil Rate
for Extra-Heavy Oil Cold Production
Dr. Shangqi Liu, Research Institute of Petroleum,
Appraisal of Electrical Resistive Heating Results by
Different Modeling Tools
Igor Bogdanov, CHLOE
Extended Well Tests for Heavy and Extra-heavy Oil
Naturally Fractured Offshore Reservoirs
Carlos Alberto Hernández Niño, Pemex
Integrated Delivery of Shell’s In-Situ Development in
Peace River Oil Sands Asset
Benjamin Howell, Shell
Research on Development Technology of Offshore
Thick Massive Extra-Heavy Oil Reservoir
Wan-kun Xu, CNOOC
Tilted Oil Water Contact: Definition and Numerical
Modeling in a Heavy Oil Field
Jaime Piedrahita Rodriguez, Ecopetrol
Research and Practice on the Mechanism of
Enhanced Oil Recovery of Multiple-Thermal Fluid
Yanchun Su, CNOOC
Advantages of Temperature Logging (Survey)
Tommy Kirk & Jay Bradshaw, Petrospec Engineering
Mining, Extraction & Tailings
Session Chairs: Randy Mikula, Kalium Research
1:45 PM
2:15 PM
2:45 PM
4:15 PM
4:45 PM
Steam, Solvent & Additives
Session Chairs: Hong Zhu, Suncor Energy Inc.
Thermal Production Technologies
Session Chairs: Denis Pinto, Caledonian Flow Systems Limited
Enhanced Flotation Recovery of Bitumen From Oil
Sands Tailings Streams by Cavitation
Abu Junaid, Total E&P Canada
Thermal Water Chemical Analysis – What to Measure
and When to Measure
Phil Heaton, Maxxam Analytics
Results from a Successful Multi-Year Solvent
Assisted SAGD Pilot at Cold Lake
Rahman Khaledi, Imperial Oil Limited
Cold Lake Optimization of Well Spacing and
Reservoir Depletion Strategy
Dustin Bespalko, Imperial Oil Limited
Novel Dual Polymer Flocculants Systems for the
Treatment of Oil Sands Tailings
Morgan Tizzotti, SNF SAS
Heavy Oil Separation by use of Electro Coalescence
Morad Amarzguioui, Wartsila Oil and Gas Systems
Case Study: Field Pilot Application of a Chemical
Additive to Enhance Bitumen Production in SAGD
Uriel Guerrero Aconcha, Suncor Energy
A Comparative Study of Wire Wrapped Screens vs.
Slotted Liners for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage
Uliana Romanaova, Weatherford
Scaling Physical Simulation Research on Different
Types of Horizontal Well Pattern on Steam Flooding
of Heavy Oil
Haitao Wang, Sinopec
Improved Dehydration and Desalting of Heavy Crude Optimization of the SAGD & TM Technology
Oil and DilBit
Edmund Lau, Connacher Oil and Gas
Erik Sellman, Cameron Process and Compression
Surface Engineering for the Processing Equipment
Improvement in Heavy Oil Production
Sandy Cleland & Eugene Medvedovski, Endurance
Technologies Inc.
3:15 PM
3:45 PM
Oil and Water
Treatment & Management
Session Chairs: Joe Kuhach, Ivanhoe Energy & Barry Lappin,
Aker Solutions
Demulsification of Water-in-Naphtha Diluted Bitumen
Emulsion with a High Clay Content
Xianhua Feng, Baker Hughes
Optimization and Risk Assessment of Steam
Generation: Erosional Velocity Factor
Henry Hau, Statoil Canada Ltd.
Mechanistic Model Development for Transport and
Fate of Oil Sands Process-Affected Water
Dr. Mike Wang & Dr. Andrews Takyi, Total E&P Canada
Interfacial Films and Stability of SAGD Emulsions:
Effect of Reverse Emulsion Breakers
Duy Nguyen, Nalco Champion
Sewage Water in an EOR HO Field
Rachid Ghouti, Kuwait Oil Company
Optimization of Thermal Water Plant Operations Can
Be Improved by Forensic Analysis of Once Through
Steam Generator (OTSG) Deposits
Glenn Weagle, Nalco Champion
Recovery Improvement by Solvent Co-injection in a
Vertical Well Steam Drive
Ralf Hedden, Shell Canada
Increasing the Profitability of Extra-Heavy Oil Wells
with Cyclic Steam Injection in the Samaria Neogeno
Field by using Injection Profiles Logged Under
Extreme Temperature
Ezequiel Arturo Isidro Torres, Halliburton
Significant Superiorities of Superheated Steam
Stimulation in Recovery Marginal Heavy Oil
Reservoirs – A Case Study
Anzhu Xu, Petrochina Research Institute of Petroleum
Completion Challenges and Practice in the First
Offshore Thermal Pilot Project in China
Hailong Zhang, China Oilfield Services, Ltd.