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NZ ASI Newsletter March 2015 Time to renew your ASI membership – go online: Are you going to FIMSA (June 30-­‐July 1)? I have a favour to ask you on behalf of IUIS – please contact me: [email protected] ASI Visiting Speakers ALEX SHALEK – 15 March – Auckland (contact Rochelle Ramsay – [email protected]) 18 March – Wellington (contact Lindsay Ancelet – [email protected]) ERIC VIVIER – 24 April – Wellington (contact Lindsay Ancelet – [email protected]) NZASI funds are available to support travel for ASI student members to either of these talks. Please contact Ros if you are interested – [email protected] Australasian Cytometry Society 38th Annual Conference, Workshop and AGM October 11-­‐14, Perth Contact Kylie Price: [email protected] The Australasian Society for Immunology
2015 New Zealand Branch Meeting
1 July
2 July
2-3 July
BD Flow Cytometry Workshop
Welcome drinks in Old Government House
Conference dinner at the Hilton
NZASI 2015. The Library, the University of Auckland
Research Profile Farah Al Barwani Completed PhD Student University of Otago ASI student rep 2013 Enhancing the Functionality of RHDV VLP Supervisors: Vernon Ward, Sarah Young, Margaret Baird, David Larsen, Jo Kirman My Ph.D. focused on modifying the rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) virus like particles (VLP), to enhance their ability to deliver tumour-­‐associated antigens to the immune system, and augment the resultant anti-­‐tumour immunity. As mannosylation of antigens has been demonstrated to enhance antigen uptake through mannose receptors, leading to improved immune responses, I tested the effect of surface mannosylation of RHDV VLP on the functionality. VLP conjugated to the monomannoside or dimannoside exhibited significantly enhanced binding and internalization by murine and human APC, as well as enhanced anti-­‐tumour efficacy. This project allowed me to learn methodologies from a number of fields, including organic chemistry (mannoside synthesis), biochemistry (VLP synthesis and modification) and immunology (testing the different VLP in vivo and in vitro). I am looking for a postdoctoral fellowship, with the eventual goal of becoming an academic in my home country (Sultanate of Oman). Immunology Seminars Website and registration details coming soon
Invited International Speakers
Peng Li
South China Institute of Stem Cell & Regenerative
Medicine. Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine
and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Pre-clinical cancer immunotherapy
Kathy McCoy
Department of Clinical Research.
The University of Bern, Switzerland
Gut microbiota and mucosal Immunology
Wolfgang Weninger
Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine & Cell Biology.
The University of Sydney, Australia
Visualisation of immune responses in vivo
BD Bioscience
Miltenyi Biotec Aus
In Vitro Technologies
Abacus ALS
Life Technologies
Norrie Biotech
StemCell Technologies
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Plant and Food
Contact [email protected] for more details
OTAGO 17 March – Logan Walker (UOC) Genetic variants and breast-­‐cancer risk: targeted prevention and next generation challenges 20 March – Roslyn Kemp (Otago) Immunoscore to predict colorectal cancer patient outcome CHRISTCHURCH 11 March – Steve Chambers (UOC) Ebola: 12 months on, what have we learned? PALMERSTON NORTH 6 March –Eddy Rubin (USA) Microbial Dark