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MARCH 2015
Solid Gold
Musik-Stadt Region
Porsche Club of America
Regional Officers
Mike Moody
[email protected]
Next Club Meeting
The next meeting of the Musik-Stadt Region PCA will be held on
Tuesday, March 10 at:
Vice President
Rick Arnemann
[email protected]
Greg Morken
[email protected]
Logan’s Roadhouse
7087 Baker’s Bridge Ave
Franklin, TN 37064
See the menu
Randy Lynch
[email protected]
Membership Director
Melissa Schmittou
[email protected]
Meeting time is 6:30 PM
Dealer Liaison
Mike Gillespie
[email protected]
Next Club Event
Events Coordinator
Joe Questel
[email protected]
The next Musik-Stadt Region PCA event is:
Kent Kersten
[email protected]
Club Breakfast at the Puffy Muffin on March 14
See you there!
Newsletter Editor
Ken Maurer
[email protected]
MARCH 2015
A Message From The President
Welcome new members and those who
have moved to Middle TN recently! You
have joined an active region with plenty of
events, so please join us when you can. If
you are new and like our great Panorama
magazine, I have back issues so email me
and I will bring to our next event for you.
We had 102 attendees at our January
Member’s Banquet and pictures are now
posted on our website under Gallery.
Check out pictures from past events, and
under Resources you will find local
mechanics and more.
This year is PCA’s 60th Parade and it is so
close at French Lick, IN so please register
on March 17 and plan to join us for a
caravan up and good times. I usually stay
3 or 4 nights to see the Concours and
enter the TSD rally and then head back,
but you can stay as long as you wish.
Don’t forget also the PCA Escape in
September to Mt Rushmore and the
Badlands, which I plan to attend.
Please note our club dinner meetings are
most always 2nd Tuesday of each month
and breakfast meetings are 2nd Saturday.
We try to move dinner around town, but the
number of restaurants with a private room
to hold 35-40 people is slim. Cozymel’s
has closed and the new Cheddar’s coming
in doesn’t have a back room to my
knowledge. We are trying out Carabba’s
in Green Hills in April with Santa Fe Cattle
Co in May so not everything is in Franklin/
Brentwood area. If you know of any other
spots with a private (or semi-private) room,
let me know.
There are lots of events on our calendar
and this is only first half of year, so more
planned for late summer and fall. If you
know of a good twisty road or route, or
want to help lead a Saturday tour, let us
know. We welcome your help and
Bourbon tasting has been rescheduled to
March 19. Let Joe Questel know if you
plan to attend the 5:30pm dinner at
Blackstone’s, otherwise we will see you at
Bell Meade Bourbon at 7pm for a tour and
Plan to attend our 3d annual Concours in
the Park at Edwin Warner Park. We had
over 50 cars next year so hope for more
this year. We always need help with
registration, set-up/tear-down, judging, etc
so please let us know if you can help out.
Hope to see you there and at our next
Mike Moody
MARCH 2015
Monthly Membership Update
Melissa Schmittou, Membership Director
Primary Members
Affiliate Members
Total Members
Member Anniversaries
Welcome New Members!
Craig Lewis - 15 years
Reed Arvin - Hermitage
2012 Panamera
Wayne Darrow - 20 years
Edward Duffy - 25 years
Elliott Himmelfarb - 30 years
Matthew Barnes - Fort Campbell, KY
2001 Boxster S
David Gulliver - Ardmore
1999 911 Carrera
Jim Hibbler - Murfreesboro
2006 Boxster
Transfer In
Darryl Gilbert - Brandon, MS
2014 Cayman S
Chris Koehner - Nashville
1981 911 SC
Dany Shamoun - Brentwood
2014 911 Turbo GT
David Thomas - Brentwood
2014 Boxster
MARCH 2015
Upcoming Events and Activities
Musik-Stadt Events:
March 10, 2015
March 14, 2015
June 21-27, 2015
Club Dinner Meting, Logan’s Roadhouse in Cool Springs
Club Breakfast Meeting, Puffy Muffin
Franklin Road in Brentwood 8AM
Registration opens 11am CST for French Lick Parade
Bell Meade Bourbon Tour/Tasting
Mini-Dragon Driving Tour
Trissl Uber Fest Multi-Region Event, Florence AL
Club Dinner Meeting, Carabba’s in Green Hills
Kars4Kids, Brentwood
Open House at tim Marino’s Vintage Carcraft, Lebanon
Club Dinner Meeting, Sante Fe Cattle Co, Music Valley Drive
Concours in the Park
Club Dinner Meeting (location TBD)
Club Breakfast Meeting, Puffy Muffin
Franklin Road in Brentwood 8AM
PCA Parade in French Lick, IN - 60th Anniversary
Other PCA And Gear Head Events:
March 7-8, 2015
March 13-15, 2015
April 24-26, 2015
April 24-26, 2015
May 9, 2015
May 15-17, 2015
July 17-18, 2015
September 25-27, 2015
Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2015
October 3, 2015
AL Region Spring Fling HPDE - see flier
Amelia Island Concours/Auction
Spring Thing Multi-Regional Event, Greenville, TN
Indy Car & More Racing, Barber Motorsports Park
TARF Poker Run sponsored by Porsche of Nashville
Historic Car Racing, Barber Motorsports Park
Keeneland Concours de Elegance
Rennsport Reunion V, Laguna Seca, CA
PCA Escape to Mt Rushmore/Badlands
AACA Car Show and Petit LeMans
March 17, 2015
March 19, 2015
March 22, 2015
April 10-12, 2015
April 14, 2015
April 18, 2015
May 2, 2015
May 12, 2015
June 6, 2015
June 9, 2015
June 13, 2015
Don’t Forget!
Cars & Coffee happens every Saturday, weather permitting, at Carmike Theater parking lot
on Frazier Drive (behind McDonald’s on Cool Springs Blvd). Cars typically begin to show
around 8AM.
MARCH 2015
Of Interest To Club Members
By: Mike Moody
Got Sticky or Crumbling Radio or
Temp Control Knobs?
Yes, it happens to aging Porsche’s, Benz,
Ferrari’s and so on. Don’t remember the
technical term, but it happens to the best of cars
including my 2006 Cayman S. You can Google
the problem and several high-end car brands
have Forum’s where it is discussed.
If your radio knobs get sticky, just pull one off
and take to Porsche of Nashville for 2
replacements. There are 2 styles so best to pull
a knob and make sure you buy the right version,
which are around $20 – 30.
If your heater control buttons (Temp and Fan)
are crumbling away like mine were, you can
visit the dealer but all they can do is sell you a
complete unit which will not be cheap.
Thankfully, a call to Matt Shaw proved to be the
best solution to my problem. Matt had already
dealt with this problem with another club
member’s car and found a company who can
recoat and repaint the buttons like new…and
Matt had figured out how to carefully remove
the heater control panel AND remove the
controls without damage. I can attest to his
work and the cost was well worth the effort.
You can reach Matt Shaw at Track One at
Got A Club NameTag?
These members have name tags to pick up at
our next event or when they can.
KING (2)
MANN (2)
If you want to order a club name tag, drop Mike
Moody an email on how you want it printed and
a check for $10 made out to MSK PCA and mail
to Mike at 207 Sontag Dr, Franklin TN 37064 or
see him at next event with a check or cash.
Cayman Owners – Rear Sunscreen
on Your Car?
Did you know that Porsche Tech Equipment has
a snap-on sunscreen for your rear window that
will block sun/UV rays and protect your carpet
and keep car cooler inside? I bought one for
my 2006 Cayman S in Houston and it worked
wonders. I assume they are still available and
will fit all models, but check it out. Protect your
car and keep it cool!
MARCH 2015
Porsche Ramblings
By: Jim Cambron
Porsche drivers learn the feel of their cars on
the road, in the curves, and sometimes on the
track. They become accustomed to rates of
acceleration, the feel of their cars gaining
speed when they pass traffic on a two lane
road, the feel when accelerating to blow-thedoors-off a G-37, a BMW, or a Mustang at a red
light. They know what it feels like to take a
twisty mountain road curve just a little too fast,
or to enter a track curve just a little too fast-they learn to expect that when this happens,
they just carefully steer the line and feel the
Porsche turn-in, tuck-in, and follow through the
curve; maybe on the limit of traction, or maybe
on what the driver feels is approaching the limit. Most of us Porsche drivers have felt these
inputs. I remember my first incident in my '02
Boxster S. Heading north on Research
Parkway at a very high rate of speed (maybe
two sigma) with a co-worker to demonstrate the
capability of my new Porsche. I kept the
accelerator pedal on the floor, further, deeper,
a little bit more until he was sure we would bypass the west on University exit ramp; then
threshold braking and turn-in at the ramp. The
rear end came around as I unloaded the rear
tires and we drifted toward the outside railing
along ramp. Back on the gas, ever so much, I
modulated the rear end with the throttle as I
traveled down the ramp nearing 360 degrees
until we had slowed sufficiently for the tires to
hook-up to the road and I was able to downshift
and floor the throttle again on the straight
heading west. The Porsche sure saved my
bacon that day and it probably took the
remainder of the day for my heart to come
down out of my throat and return to a normal
pulse rate. So you know that Porsche handling
feeling? The Macan has it, in spades. Whether
you are pushing it or just cruising, you get the
Porsche feel! In the curves, under
acceleration, during braking, it just feels like a
The MACAN 340bhp 3L engine NEEDS MORE
POWER Understanding what the Porsche
dynamic inputs feel like, I am here to tell you
that each and every one of these inputs are
there in the new Macan. Suki and I drove the
"S" on its first outing Saturday. We drove 409
miles round trip for the Peachstate Region's
55th Anniversary at the Delta Airlines Museum
in Atlanta. We traveled cross-country about
3/4s of the trip on US72 to Scottsboro, then on
AL 35 through Ft. Payne and into Georgia,
through Rome and then on I-75 to the airfield. Several times we passed traffic traveling
50-55mph and wanting to maintain 60-55 mph, I
stomped the throttle with the PDK instantly
downshifting to a lower gear and the 3.0L
engine using all of its 340bhp to accelerate the
3800lb vehicle. It was NOT GT3-like, or 993
Turbo-like, but it was adequate acceleration
with the passes accomplished safely. In fact in
both cases I had to ease-up on the throttle
while out in the passing lane to keep the speed
below 80mph in those 55mph speed zones. But, it could have used more power--hence I
called club member Tino Bethig to get the
European flash which increases the turbo boost
about 20% to a little over 400bhp.
So, the thing about turbo engines is that you
can add boost and an appropriate amount of
additional fuel to turn-up the combustion
pressure, which increases the torque (in a
somewhat linear amount) which is the key
component of increased power. DME flashes
of this type cost about a thousand dollars. Even with Porsche's latest Siemen DME, which
guards against turning-off the rear O2 sensors,
at this time, you are still able to adjust the boost
level. PAGE 6
Of course one consideration is how much
additional boost the engine can tolerate before
it comes apart. There has been a lot of work in
this area and the general guideline is that the
Porsche engine internals are good for an
additional 15-20% boost without a problem. There are a lot of 996 and 997 turbos running
500-550bhp with no internal engine
modifications--but at some point you have to
add stronger engine components and of
course the stock turbos can only flow so much
air, so at some point the tuners have to
increase the size of the turbos. In the case of
the 993 twin-turbo: the stock turbos produce
408bhp in U.S. trim and 424-450bhp as the
turbo S with only an increase in boost pressure. With the Turbo S Club Sport they went to the
next larger size KKK turbocharger plus more
boost to get 500bhp.
So how much boost will the Macan 3.0L engine
tolerate? I don't know for sure, but I do know
that the same engine in the Panamera is rated
at 410bhp; so I am pretty confident that I can
increase the boost to that amount without an
Every real car-guy (or gal) likes to personalize
their car; to make it individually theirs. No one
wants to meet their automative clone at a stop
sign. You spent a lot of money on your Porsche
and you are appropriately proud of it, so now
you need to make it distinctively unique. Have
you added a wing, sport muffler, stripes, a new
set of wheels, or graphics down the side? All
you have to do is look at my Yellow GT4 with it's
MARCH 2015
GT3 RS graphics down the side and its carbon
fiber tail; the White GT3 RS with its red graphics
and checkered flags on the hood and now on
its roof and tail; or the silver Turbo S with the
side graphics; or the blue Boxster with side
sills, front lip, and carbon inlets, mirrors, and
wing; club member Ted Sendak has a black
997 with the distinctive aerokit--beautiful car
Ted; Mary Schrenk added PORSCHE graphics
to her blue Boxster--way to go Mary; Have you
seen David Sentil's red Turbo with the wheels
and splitter? The list goes on and on--the point
is, make your car fit your version of a "hot rod"
Porsche; the one you have always wanted. If
you like wings--then add one; you need more
sound then add a sport muffler. If you like
flashy wheels then get you a set. So, tying to personalize the Macan, I procured
a set of 1971 PORSCHE reverse type lettering
side stripes, had them copied and lengthened
and will apply them to my MACAN. I think
those stripes plus the Sport Design package on
the car will make it individually mine and I won't
see another one matching it. How about you? You ready to upgrade that Porsche, make it
yours, and then keep it for as long as you are
driving? I've met hundreds of car people who
said they wish they had never sold some
previous car--but I have never met anyone who
talked about how glad they were for getting rid
of a special car that meant so much to them! Hold-on to that special Porsche, don't sell it
and then later wish you hadn't!
Have a story you’d like to tell?? We would
love to hear from you! Drop us a line at
[email protected] today!
MARCH 2015
March 19 at 7pm
Nelson’s Green Briar Distillery
& Belle Meade Bourbon Tasting
[email protected]/615!714D6662.!
March 22 (Sunday) 2nd Annual
“Mini-Dragon” Tour on the
Cumberland Plateau
9:15am departure from Cracker Barrel in
Lebanon just north of I-40 at exit 238 on
Cumberland Ave. Meet in back to sign
waivers and then we are off to Cookeville,
Livingston and the “Mini-Dragon” followed
by lunch at a near-by restaurant and return
to Nashville on your own after lunch. Last
year was a blast and no traffic on Sunday to
interfere with the twisty roads so join us.
MARCH 2015
2nd Annual Uber Region Fest, Florence AL, April 11
Join us for another great day with a drive down to Florence AL on Saturday, April 11 th to visit
Trissl Sports Cars and see 100-200 Porsche’s in Trissl’s stable inside or parked outside. This
year, they will have events starting at the Marriott Hotel on Friday night through Saturday,
including driving tours, auto-crossing and of course People’s Choice Award. Lunch and music
will help fill in our day there. We will depart from the Drury Hotel/Granite City Restaurant
parking lot on McEwen Drive at 8:30m sharp, so plan to arrive by 8:15am and with a full tank.
There is a First Watch Restaurant next door if anyone wants to grab breakfast before heading
out. If you plan to attend, please register so they will know how many to plan for lunch and
such. Go to for more information and
MARCH 2015
Spring will be on us soon and on April 18,
2015, KARS4KIDS is hosting our Annual
Car Show at the TN Baptist Children’s
Home, Brentwood, TN Campus to benefit
the children at the home. Last year’s event
featured vehicles from places such as
Middle TN, Kentucky, Georgia and
Alabama. Your past sponsorship and
support of this special event benefiting TN
Baptist Children’s Home has been greatly
appreciated and we look forward to having
you join us again on April 18th.
With your help we can once again provide
assistance to the children, more
specifically the summer activities fund, as
well as a day they will remember forever. As you are aware all net proceeds from this
event go to the summer activities program
and not the general operating fund. This
allows for the children at the Brentwood
Campus to participate in activities that
would otherwise not be possible because
of a lack of funding. Since our funds are
not part of the general operation budget it
allows for these children to participate in
extra activities, which may be a church trip,
a special birthday party, a trip to the
movies with friends, simple things all
children want to do but at times funding is
just not available. Your generosity and
support over the years have made these
events and memories possible.
The event takes place on the beautiful
TBCH Campus, 1310 Franklin Road,
Brentwood, TN.
Thanks for your support and we look
forward to seeing you in April.
Editor’s note: The picture below is from a
past KARS4KIDS event. Please consider
attending this very worthwhile event.
MARCH 2015
MARCH 2015
Vintage Autocraft
Dedicated to the restoration and preservation of fine motor cars
First Annual Cars and Coffee Open House,
Saturday, May 2, 9 a.m. to noon.
We will be introducing our detailing service by giving away two
$500 exterior detail certificates. Tim will also give a brief
explanation of the new nano ceramic paint protection coating
technology. (Detail drawing at 11 a.m.).
We have parking for over 60 cars – let’s fill the parking lot!
A few current projects:
1955 Alfa Romeo 1900CSS Zagato
1973 Ferrari 365 GTS Daytona Spyder
1973 Porsche Carrera RS Lightweight
1956 Porsche 356 early A coupe
Gourmet Coffee provide by Level Ground Coffee Shop
Please RSVP to Tim Marinos at:
[email protected] or
925 Carthage Hwy, Lebanon, TN
MARCH 2015
MARCH 2015
Porsche Parade 2015
The Porsche Club of America cordially invites
you to attend our 60th Annual Porsche Parade
Celebration in French Lick Indiana from June
21-27, 2015. Our 60th Parade coincides with
the Club’s 60th Anniversary Celebration, and
we’re planning a series of special events at
French Lick that will pay tribute to the cars and
people who have made us the greatest single
marque sports car club in the world. The 60th
Parade will rightfully pay homage to the
members and events of our past, but will also
celebrate the Club’s newest enthusiasts who
will shape our future. Parade Registration will open to PCA members
on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 12 Noon EDT.
The best place to read about Parade activities
For the first time in recent memory, we have not
one, but TWO resort properties awaiting your
visit, both listed in the National Register of
Historic Places. The 3,000 acre compound also
features three golf courses and a world class
spa at each facility.
The French Lick Springs Hotel, established in
1832 and the larger of the two resorts, will be
host to many of our familiar Parade activities.
This city and the resort were named for an
early French fur trading outpost and nearby
salt lick. They recently completed a 600 million
dollar restoration, bringing many comfortable
present day amenities to surroundings that are
authentic to the mid-19th century when the
current facility was built. It is perhaps most
known for their medicinal springs – “Pluto
Mineral Water”. The actual spring is still part of
their landscape, and the Gardens nearby will
host our Welcome Party as well as various
activities throughout the week.
breathtaking Atrium will host our Concours and
Victory banquets.
Our Concours will be held a few steps through
the covered bridge from the north end of the
French Lick property. Rallies will depart from
the grounds of the West Baden, and banquets
will be held on both properties. The Parade
60th year museum, Hospitality, Goodie Store,
seminars and many meetings will be at French
Lick. Both resorts have lots of parking and car
wash stations.
For those of you who are new to Parade, you
need to register for Parade on the PCA or
Parade website before getting access to the
codes necessary to hold your room. Therefore,
we recommend browsing all necessary
information prior to opening day so you’re
ready to go. You’ll need to know what events
you want to enter, as well as which hotel is your
preference. The registration guide will be on
the Parade website by March 1st.
We will have our full complement of competitive
events: Concours, TSD Rally, Autocross (at the
nearby French Lick airport), and Tech Quiz.
Add to that the Tours, Gimmick Rally, Golf
Tournament, Art Show, Michelin Drive and
Compare, Kids’ events, Tech Academy,
cooking school, 5K run/walk, Parade of
Porsches and more – you’ll be kept busy!
Known as the 8th wonder of the world, and just
down the street, you’ll find the West Baden
Springs Hotel. This resort is home to the most
breathtaking feature of our combined facilities
this year; a free-span dome, the largest in the
world until the Houston Astrodome was built in
the 1960’s. An architectural marvel, this
MARCH 2015
MARCH 2015
2015 Banquet Highlights
See More Banquet Photos Under Gallery At
MARCH 2015
MARCH 2015
For Sale
2012 Porsche Cayenne
• 17,250 mi, Special order from JPAN March 2012
• Black with Sport Design Package, side skirts, front/rear spoiler, painted trim, 3m Clear Bra, mirrors and
rear deck.
• 8 speed Tiptronic “Sport Mode”, inclusive Auto Start Stop Function, Servotronic
• Espresso/Cognac interior, two-tone natural full leather option
• Premium Pkg, Bose Audio Pkg, Trailer Pkg, Moon roof, 14 way seats, heated
• Porsche Entry & Drive, Park Assist F/R
• TWO sets of wheels and tires, 18 S lll and 20” Turbo with Porsche Totes
• Walnut Interior Pkg, Porsche Crest embossed on all 4 headrests
• Heated Steering Wheel in Walnut, multi-function
• Audio/Communications Voice Control (PCM)
• Base Price MSRP $48,200 + Options $29,600 + Delivery $975 = $78,775
• Asking $52,500
Please call Stan @ 615-714-8810 or email me at [email protected]
MARCH 2015
• 25,000 MILES
• $45,000
CALL (615) 426-8188
MARCH 2015
Bruce Sweetman Photography
Prints · Canvases · dye-infused Aluminum
✈ shipped Worldwide ✈ 615-579-4508
To all Musik-Stadt PCA members that
renew year after year, thank you!
MARCH 2015
Many members have paid for name tags, but have not
been to a meeting lately to pick it up. Please come
and pick up your name tags
Club T-Shirts
Club T-Shirts are available at
meetings and events. Shirts are
$10 each. Pick yours up at the
next club function!
Also, name tags are available
upon request and are $5 each.
Tags are typically requested at
a club meeting and are usually
available for pick up at the
following club meeting. Please
if you order one, be sure to
show up at the following
meeting to pick it up.
Advertising Space Available
Advertise With Us!
Put your business on the
road to success with
1/8 Page
1/4 Page
1/2 Page
$120 Per Year $240 Per Year $600 Per Year
Ads are pro-rated for partial year. As always, member ads for
Porsches and related parts are run free of charge for up to 3
Solid Gold
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Ken Maurer
Newsletter Editor
[email protected]
MARCH 2015
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