The Journey

The Journey
St. Mary of Mo’ili’ili
An Online Monthly Pictorial News Record
Marh 2015
Let us this day
Help the Homeless
Plan to attend Singspiration on the 2nd Friday
Call your parent or eldest
relative on the phone
Seek a clean heart
Give up a little
Super Bowl Sunday brings Blessing
and a Gift
On Super Bowl Sunday, Father David
Blanchett , St Mary’s photo journalist came dressed to catch all the
action during the Sunday morning service and
make a
few calls.
As we see, the calls
were easy. There was a
blessing and a presentation of a gift.
Inside this issue:
Blessing and Gift
Aloha Hour
Vows Renewal
Shrove Tuesday
Ash Wednesday
Birthdays / Anniversary
Upcoming Activities
Chad, Halaki and Ray Ancheta
Father Gregory Johnson lead a blessing of the Candles
after which everyone took one home.
A Gift, a copper plaque depicting the Lord’s
Supper, was given by Halaki Ancheta, her husband Ray
and their
Chad and
Left is Fr. Greg blessing the candles shown
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The Journey
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Over thirty years ago,
Halaki had received a
handmade copper plaque
as a gift from inmates
from Hawaii, who were
residents of a mainland
correctional facility in the Washington Federal Penitentiary
system close to Seattle. During visit to the correctional facility she danced the Hula and fellowshipped with the inmates
from 1977-1979. Because they truly appreciated Halaki’s
dancing and talk story sessions, she was presented with a
handmade gift of love which now hangs prominently within
our St. Mary’s sanctuary.
Thought this wonderful piece of art had been in Halaki’s
home since she first graciously received it, the family made a
decision to bless the church with its presence. They wanted
a “more fitting venue to be displayed”...“so more people
could enjoy it.”
Young Mi Cohen
Young Mi with Mary Mercier
The host for the February
8th Aloha Hour was Don
and Denise Hargarten.
Many remarked how tasty
the food and friendly the
host were.
The Hargarten’s are just one
of many host that weekly
blest us with the abundance
God has given them.
Don and Denise Hargarten
Aloha Hour is a time of refreshment and fellowship after Sunday Worship
The Journey
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Bible Study Every Wednesday 10:00—11:30am
“Do you here, in the presence of God and the community of St. Mary, renew
the promises you made to love and cherish your partner above all others?”
Class lead by Michael Kim in Gathering Room
We thank you, heavenly Father, for consecrating our relationships with your
loving presence. Lead us now into ever deeper bonds of companionship; that
we may enjoy the fruits of your kingdom with those we love; through Christ
our Lord. Amen!
The Journey
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Denise Hargarten
Tatjana Johnson
Gail Hirozama
Fr. Gregory Johnson
Thank You to Janice Motoshige for helping Fr.. Gregory set up
Fr. Dan Werning on Piano
Don Hargarten
Janice Motoshige
Young Mi and Murray Cohen
Photographer at event
Mary Mercier
The Journey
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Faith Blanchett
class at
St. Luke
Don & Denise
with kids
and grandkids
Lucy’s Sewing circle excursion
The Journey
Above: February 22nd Readers
Happy Anniversary Mother Teresa Bowden
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Faithful Acolytes
Fun in the Swamp Run!
Bill and Rachel_May and Shanu
The Community Service had its first Spirit filled service Wednesday February 25th, the same day the
carpeting was completed in Soldier’s Chapel. The Community Service is ecumenically coordinated by
Rev. Martha, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Hawaii and Fr. David, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.
Service are held every Wednesday 7-8pm in St Mary’s Soldier Chapel.
The Journey
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From Monday to Wednesday we see the progression.
New carpeting installed in Soldier Chapel by a
new tenant, Hawaii Vision Presbyterian
Once again, St. Mary of Mo’ili’ili will provide t-shirt bags filled will
items of need for the homeless in our community. We will give them out March
29th during the Sandwich Ministry that Murray Cohen and his wife Young Mi coordinates.
We are asking you, the St. Mary’s people in the pews, and our sister churches - Good
Samaritan and St Luke - to assist the St Mary’s acolytes in the effort by donating on
or before March 22, travel size, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, mouthwash, plus
combs, Capri sun drink, energy bars, pocket tissues, hand sanitizer, tooth brush and
pre-moistened wipes.
On any Sunday bring the items in and give to the greeters.
During the weekdays please give to the secretary Charlene Date. For an adult contact see: Fr David Blanchett, [email protected]
Saturday, March 28, 2015 * 8:30am - 2:00pm
St. Anthony Retreat Center - Fr. Damien House
3351 Kalihi Street, Honolulu, HI
Guest Spiritual Leader : Rev. Diane Martinson
$20 Registration fee includes lunch
Checks payable to: ECW Diocese of HI
P.O.Box 4590, Honolulu, HI 96812
Contact Laurie Lee 808 779-7968 for
registration form and information
Deadline March 15th
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