Financial Management

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for Entrepreneurs/CEOs
October 22-24,2014
African Royal Beach Hotel
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Today’s entrepreneurs/CEOs
need to be more
financially learned more so than ever before. Even if
they do not have to manage budgets or finances
themselves as part of their role, they still need to
understand the financials of their company, what it all
means and the impact of their actions on the bottom
Cash and liquidity are different concepts to profit. It is
possible for a highly profitable entity to have liquidity
problems if it does not manage the flow of cash within
its business effectively. Cash is about the liquidity of a
business, and hence cash flows concern the change in
that liquidity. Cash management is not just about
surviving; it is about the process of utilising cash
resources to their optimal effect.
At this three-day workshop, you’ll receive a thorough
grounding that explains what working capital, cash flow
management and all of the financial statements of a
company means from a “non financial expert ” point of
view, explained in easy to understand financial language.
Course Fee
use them to make sound business decisions
N150,000= or $1,000=(Payable on or before event
•Learn to manage your cash flow effectively
Fee covers tuition, training materials, tea break and •Understand and apply the concept of working capital
Doyin Kasumu.BSc,MSc,MBA,ACA,CFC.
A Deloitte trained chartered accountant,certified
financial consultant and international financial
reporting expert.
•How to identify and mitigate against the various risks that
could cripple your business
•Entrepreneurs would also be guided through the
rudiments of business and financial planning, budgeting,
tax planning and risk management.
Course Objectives:
•You will understand financial statements and how to •You will meet with other entrepreneurs/CEOs
Day 2
•Managing your organisation’s cashflow
Day 1
•Understanding finance basics
•Financial information every organisation needs
•The elements of financial statements
and working
-How to prepare, read, understand and interpret
-Getting the appropriate pricing for your product or
Business Case Study
Day 3
•Understanding and interpreting financial statements,
what does the figures mean?
-The Balance Sheet(Statement of Financial Position)
-Profit or Loss Account and Statement of
Comprehensive Income)
-Cash Flow Statement
• Fundamentals of ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)
•Rudiments of business, financial planning and budgeting
•Tax management basics
Business Case Study
Business Case Study
Bank,Lagos,Nigeria, a/c no. 0008062391.)
Ways to register/reserve a seat(You should register
at least 5 days to the event,whilst payment could
be made on or before event day)
Email: [email protected]
Payment Methodology: Via cheque or cash
transfer/deposit in favour of Deeno Consulting(Sterling
For cash transfers, please send details of your payment to
[email protected]
Note:10% discount is available for registration/seat reservation at
least two weeks to commencement of event.