Network Newsletter

March 2015
Newsletter of the Town of Amherst Department of Senior Services
Pamela M. Krawczyk
Gayle Thornton,
Assistant Director
370 John James Audubon Pkwy * Amherst, NY *14228
(716) 636-3050
Barry A. Weinstein, M.D.
From our Director
security, and when the mind
is secure it is in decay.”
~Jiddu Krishnamurti
This month is filled with
Many times we
seem to take things for
granted, and lose sight of their
origin. I must admit that I
have questioned many of my
own family’s traditions. Each
of us possesses a bit of
inquisitive energy and if we
apply it properly it can create
some very useful as well as
important revelations. As part
of my spring cleaning routine I
decided to de-clutter not only
the rooms in my home, but
also my life. We hold onto
“stuff” and become attached to
mental and emotional items as
There is a legend about a
Russian Czar who observed a
sentry guarding a patch of
weeds. The Czar approached
this guard and inquired the
reason for such an unusual
shrugged his shoulders and
said he was just following
commanding officer, who gave
the order, was questioned, he did
not know either.
It was
something that had always been
done for as long as anyone could
Determined to learn the origin,
all the staff researched the
archives. Finally, the mystery
was solved. Apparently, at one
time, Catherine the Great had
planted a rose bush where the
patch of weeds now stood. Her
orders were to guard the bush
from animals and careless feet.
Eventually, Catherine the Great
passed away, and the rose bush
died, yet no one ever thought to
cancel the order. A tradition was established.
This is the same with our own lives, both personal and
professional. Routines can become traditions and customs that we
adamantly uphold. Today, why not try applying some inquisitive
energy and reflect why you do what you do. Knowing the origin of
something can help us put things in perspective. Are these traditions
worth the passion you give them? Is your rosebush flourishing or are
you standing guard over a plot of weeds?
Amherst Center for Senior Services
Open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 4:15 p.m.
Special Evening Hours on Wednesdays
depending on scheduled activities
UPCOMING EVENTS – Make Reservations at Information & Assistance Desk
636-3055 ext. 3108
Monday, March 9 Cozy up to the fireplace with our EVENING CULTURAL SERIES
FIRESIDE CHAT in the Lounge at 10:30 a.m.
CRAFTS WITH JEN- Thursday, March 12, at 12:45
p.m. We will be making a wreath out of Easter Peeps. The
craft involves cutting and hot gluing. Fee is
$3.00. Reservations at the I&A Desk or call 636-3055, ext.
Sponsored by
WE SHALL OVERCOME – Wednesday, March 25, at 6:00
p.m. A "musical theatre" performance commemorating the 50th
anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
African-American History in Slave songs & spirituals,
Abolitionist songs and speeches, and 1960's folk-era Civil
Rights songs, performed with visuals and commentary, in
period costuming. This program was first performed as part of
'Buffalo Infringement Festival 2014'. Members of Hutchinson
Family Revival are: Shirley Bycsynski, Elynn Strzelec,
Michael Harris, Andy Newbert, and Richard Price.
FINAL WISHES presented by Acacia Park and Resthaven
Memorial Gardens Monday, March 16 at 10:45 a.m. By
pre arranging, people greatly reduce the burden that falls to
surviving loved ones. Stress levels are also reduced on
families. Whether you prefer traditional burial or cremation
this talk will be of interest. Reservations at 636-3055 ext. ART IN FLORENCE – Wednesday, April 15, at 6:00 p.m.
Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance and is bursting
with examples of Renaissance painting, architecture and
IT’S THE LUCK OF THE IRISH…join us Tuesday, sculptures. We’ll examine all these on the streets of Florence
March 17 for a Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration beginning and in the Uffizi, Bargello and Academia museums. Presented
in the Lounge with our very own Amherst Senior Singers at by Larry Cheeley.
11:00 a.m.
"ET TU, SHAKESPEARE?" - Wednesday, May 27, at
BOOK REVIEW AND SIGNING Wednesday, March 18 6:00 p.m. "Et Tu, Shakespeare?" is an original family show
at 10:45 a.m. Presented by Sylvia Stachura author of A created by Shakespeare In Delaware Park where four actors
Precious Commodity. MacGregor Stone, a powerful take the audience on a journey through Shakespeare's time,
magnate in the pharmaceutical industry, now lies helpless in theater, and plays by performing excerpts from a wide range
a hospital bed at the mercy of an incurable disease. Despite of the Bard's works. "Et Tu, Shakespeare?" can't help being
his life slipping away from him, Mac still has in his grasp a both informative and entertaining for the whole audience.
means to preserve the lives of many, including his own.. An
astounding new discovery is made at Stone Labs, a Please make your reservations at the I&A Desk or call 636discovery that could change the face of the industry and of 3055, ext. 3108. No fee.
the world forever. Reservations at 636-3055 ext. 3108.
Presented by University at Buffalo Libraries,
Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection.
COLLECTION. Tuesday, April 21, at 1:00 p.m. This collection includes
works by and about Florence Nightingale, American nursing leaders, and
nursing texts published before 1900.
& PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES. Wednesday, May 20, at 1:00 p.m.
Pharmacy instruments, show globes, ornate bottles, mortars and pestles, scales
and a wide assortment of medicine and other artifacts are featured in this
sizeable collection.
MEDICAL NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS, 1901-1906. Friday, June 26, at
1:00 p.m. – This database contains articles from local newspapers including the
News, the Courier, the Enquirer, the Times, the Review and the Express. Topics
include public health issues such as local disease outbreaks, sewage, water, food
and milk purity, tenements and animal control as well as local area politics.
Co-Sponsored by
Book Club ........................................... 5
Camera Club ..................................... 10
Class Information ................................ 6
Director’s Article ......................... 1 & 2
Club Information........................... 8-10
Games We Play ................................... 5
Health Related News........................... 4
In Memoriam ...................................... 7
Lunch Information ............................. 3
Movies ................................................ 5
New Members ................................... 10
Social Discussion Groups ................... 5
Social Worker News
& Support Groups ........................... 7
Special Activities ............................. 2-6
Volunteer News .................................. 9
Travel Club Trips ....................... 11-146
The Amherst Center for Senior
Thursday, March 12 at 10:00 a.m.
All new members are invited; current
members are welcome to attend also. Meet
some of the staff and learn about the
programs, clubs, classes, services and
volunteer opportunities available. Make
reservations at 636-3055 ext. 3108 for both
orientation and lunch.
March 30 at 11:15 a.m. in the Lounge. The
second grade class from Jewish Heritage Day
School will share the traditions of Passover
through songs and stories. Please join this
festive holiday celebration with the children.
HOUSING FAIR Saturday, March 14, 9:00
a.m. – noon. Exhibitors will provide Information
on senior housing options, construction,
landscaping, In-Home-Care, Finance, smart
housing technology, improving accessibility, and
9:30 a.m.—The IDeA Center: A Global Leader in Inclusive Design
by Jordana Maisel, University at Buffalo, School of Architecture
10:30 a.m.—Town Square for Aging by Kelly Lincoln
11:00 a.m.—Embrace New Thresholds by Karen Ziegler, Presbyterian
Senior Care
Additional Presentations TBA
The fair is free and open to all residents of the community.
For Information, call 636-3055, ext.3106.
Sponsored by
636-3059 for Reservations & Cancellations— Call 24 Hours in Advance
Wednesday, March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day Lunch
Friday, March 20—St. Joseph’s Table
Traditional food and music will be part of the celebration
for both. Make reservations early and remember to cancel if
you are unable to attend.
BIRTHDAY LUNCH—members are entitled to a
free lunch the month of their birthday. For your
free coupon, please see Joanne Cole-Marshall in the
Program Office.
Chicken Breast
Seasoned Spinach
Spanish Rice
Chef Salad
Oatmeal Peach Crisp
Roast Beef
Roasted Red Potatoes
Seasoned Spinach
Carrot Muffin
Cranberry Chutney
Mashed Sweet Potato
Creamed Dill Cabbage
Spice Cake
Chicken Breast w Gravy
Seasoned Squash
Fruit Compote
Rotini w Meatballs
and Tomato Sauce
Cauliflower, Chef Salad
Fruited Tapioca
3 Roast Pork Loin
Ham Steak
Red Cabbage
Sweet Potatoes
Lorna Doones
Alternate Salad
3 Scoop Salad
Corned Beef
& Cabbage
Parsley Potatoes
Carrots, Rye Bread
St. Patrick Dessert
Beef Stew
Brussels Sprouts
Strawberry Bavarian
LUNCHES ARE SERVED at noon each weekday the Center is
open. All residents age 60 or older are eligible to participate in
the Nutrition Lunch program.
Unless you make a reservation for lunch at least 24 hours in
advance we cannot guarantee that a lunch will be available.
To enable our Nutrition Staff to plan it is just as important to
cancel if you have a reservation and are unable to attend.
LUNCH COST - A confidential, voluntary donation of $3.00
per person is suggested by the Erie County Department of
Senior Services, not the Amherst Senior Center.
THE SALAD OPTION replaces the regular
entre. When your make your reservation, please
specify that you would like the salad option.
Turkey Burger
Diced Potatoes
Broccoli au gratin
Choc chip Cookies
Alternate Salad
Tuna Salad
Beef Patty
Mushroom Gravy
Mashed Potato
Butterscotch Pudding
Cabbage Roll
w Meat Sauce
Ranch Mashed Potatoes
Italian Green Beans
Chocolate Bavarian
Mushroom Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Peas, Corn, Red Pepper
Cherry Cobbler
Baked Rigatoni
Italian Sausage
Tomato Sauce
Cauliflower w Parlsey
Chef Salad
Peach Bavarian
Breaded Pork Chop
Lazy Pierogi
Glazed Carrots
Spiced Apples
Sliced Turkey
With Gravy
Sweet Potatoes
Scalloped Apples
Gelatin w Pineapple
Sliced Turkey
Stuffing, Gravy
Green Bean Casserole
Orange Glazed Carrots
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vegetable Quiche
Cheese Sauce
Diced Potatoes
Cinnamon Streusel
Macaroni & Cheese
Stewed Tomatoes
Mixed Vegetables
Fruited Gelatin
20 St.Joseph Day Lunch
Lentil Soup, Veg.Omelet
Fish Filet, Pasta con Sarde
St. Joseph’s Bread
Pasta Marinara, Veg, Lasagna
Romaine Salad w Orange
Assorted Desserts
Stuffed Shells
Chef Salad
Mandarin Oranges
Make reservations at the Information & Assistance Desk, 636-3055 ext. 3108
HEALTHY TIDBITS in the Dining Room
Wednesday, March 4 at 11:30 a.m.
Monday, March 23 at 11:30 a.m.
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Tuesday, March 3, 10:00 am – noon
Wednesday, March 25, 5:00 -7:00 p.m.
United Health Care
Friday, March 20, 10:00 a.m.
Reservations are needed for the following.
Make them at the I&A Desk
or call 636-3055 ext. 3108
Drop in. You do not need a reservation to attend
REWIND YOUR AGING CLOCK Tuesday, March 24 at
10:45 a.m. Discover the cause of accelerated aging and the
all-natural steps to slowing down the process. Steve Harber,
fitness coach, and Jean Little , a certified nutritionist, will
provide important information about your level of health and
how our bodies age. Make a reservation.
Stay Healthy. Stay Active- Life is a journey and it’s more
enjoyable if you are healthy, active and fit. That’s what
Journey to Health 2015 is all about at the Amherst Center for
Senior Services. Journey to Health helps you stay healthy and
keeps you on track. Incentives will be awarded on a quarterly
basis to the members who have the highest points. To get
started… Sign up in the Program Office.
25 at 12:45 p.m. This seminar provides guidelines to help
you to cleanse your body of the toxins that may be
preventing you from enjoying a vibrant healthy lifestyle.
Learn about some of the befits such as losing weight, end
food addictions, increase energy and vitality and more.
Presented by Dr. Christina Padilla Bravo DC from Pain
Relief Institute. Make a reservation
Amherst Police were alerted to
a scam that someone acting as
National Fuel Gas threatened to
disconnect a customers’ utilities
on the precept that they are
delinquent with their bills.
Customers are asked to pay the
scammers using a Green Dot
money card and are often asked to provide social security
numbers and banking information. Never give out such
information. No National Fuel Gas bill should ever be paid
in that manner. If you question whether something is
legitimate, call National Fuel Gas Customer Service with the
phone number located on a recent bill.
If you get a call from someone threatening to shut off
your utilities
• Make sure you’re dealing with your utility company
before you pay any amount. Call the company using a
number you’ve looked up. Or go to their website to
determine the status of your account. Confirm where
and how to pay your bill. Don’t give out your account
information on the phone unless you place or expect the
• Never wire money to someone you don’t know —
regardless of the situation. Once you wire money, you
cannot get it back.
• Do not click links or call numbers that appear in
unexpected emails or texts — especially those asking
for your account information. If you click on a link,
your computer could become infected with malware,
including viruses that can steal your information and
ruin your computer.
• If you are falling behind on your utility bill, contact the
utility company and see if they can work with you to
come up with a payment plan and a way to keep your
service on.
• If you think a fake utility bill collector or any other
scammer has contacted you, file a complaint with the
FTC and your state consumer protection agency.
March 26 at 10:30 a.m. Join us for a discussion on nutrition
education led by Syd Fish. Make a reservation .
How much do you know about PNEUMONIA AND
SHINGLES? Friday, March 27 at 10:00 a.m. There have
been recent changes in adult pneumonia vaccine guidelines.
Join us for an informational seminar presented by Frank
Pietrantoni, a Pharmacist from Wegman’s Pharmacy. He will
discuss the importance of pneumonia and shingles vaccines.
The pneumonia vaccine will be available for those who are
interested so bring your insurance card. Make a reservation .
Please go to the Main Reception Desk immediately and report any
problems. Our staff is trained to handle emergency situations and keep
the person comfortable until further help arrives.
Health Resource Room for your convenience.
programs in the Lunch Room and Activity Rooms A and B upon
request with a $25 deposit or your driver’s license.
(ASTS) In addition to providing van service to the Amherst
Senior Center and all your medical appointment needs,
Amherst Senior Transportation Services now offers van
service from your home to your local grocery store. For
information and to inquire what services you are eligible
for, please contact Amherst Senior Transportation, 6363075.
Thursday, March 12 , & Thursday, March 26 , from
11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Betty Crockski’s Food Truck will be
in the parking lot serving up fancy pierogi and homemade
sausage. Buffalo’s First and Only Polish Food truck.
Saturday, July 18
Amherst Senior Center Flea Market
More information to follow.
MOVIE MATINEES - at 12:30 p.m.
Seating is limited; so please make reservations for movies at the I &A Desk, 636-3055, ext. 3108 up until 11:00 a.m. the day
the movie is scheduled to be shown. All movies are shown on the projector screen in Activity Room A. Closed captions are
displayed when available. Hearing devices are available with prior notification. Popcorn is 50 cents per bag prior to the show.
12:30 p.m. Friday, March 6 The Judge starring Robert
Downing Jr., Leighton Meester, and Vincent
D’Onofrio. A big city lawyer ,Hank Palmer, returns to
his childhood home where his estranged father, the
town’s judge, is suspected of murder. He sets out to
discover the truth and along the way reconnects with
the family he walked away from years before. Drama,
Rated R, 141 minutes.
Monday, March 23 The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay
starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam
Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth
Banks. Katniss Everdeen is in the District 13 after
having destroyed the Hunger Games forever. Drama,
Rated PG13, 123 minutes.
Sundance Film Festival movie: Thursday, March 26
at 12:30 p.m. How to Die in Oregon In 1994
Oregon became the first state to legalize physician
assisted suicide.
At the time, only Belgium,
Switzerland, and the Netherlands had legalized the
practice. How to Die in Oregon tell the stories of
those most intimately involved with the practice
today. Winner of Sundance film Award
2011. Documentary, 107 minutes
12:30 p.m. & 6:00 p.m Wednesday, March 18 Gone
Girl starring Ben Affleck, Rosemund Pike, Neil
Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry and Carrie Coon. Former
NY writer Nick & his wife Amy now trying to make
ends meet in the mid-recession Midwest appear to be
the picture of contemporary marital bliss. But on the
occasion of their 5th wedding anniversary, Amy goes
missing. Based on a novel by Gillian Flynn. Drama,
Rated R, 140 minutes.*6:00 p.m. Encore showing
Movies are free and everyone is welcome to attend, but people’s tastes vary.
Please review the ratings before attending. If a movie is not what you
expected, offends you, or makes you uncomfortable, you can certainly leave.
BOOK LOVERS CLUB —Thursday, March 19 at 10:00
a.m. The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt. This Pulitzer Prize
Reservations not required for the following games.
winning novel tells the story of Theo Decker, a 13 year old New
Yorker who miraculously survives an accident that kills his
mother. Abandoned by his father, Theo is taken in by the family
of a wealthy friend. Bewildered by his strange new home on
Park Avenue, disturbed by schoolmates who don't know how to
talk to him, and tormented above all by his longing for his
mother, he clings to the one thing that reminds him of her, a
small mysteriously captivating painting that ultimately draws
Theo into the underworld of art. There is no fee to attend, but
MIND TEASERS will help boost your brain and engage
your mind! Stop in, give your brain a dose of exercise!
Friday, March 27, at 12:45 p.m.
Tuesday, March 3, at 12:45 p.m. Word Snag
Friday, March 13, at 12:45 p.m. Scattergories
members are encouraged to read books prior to attending
ADVANCED GAME This new series is open to the more
advanced, experienced game player.
Tuesday, March 24, at 12:45 p.m. Trivial Pursuit
Tuesday, March 10 at 11:00
Thursday, March 19 at 11:00
Join us in the Dining Room to share what’s going on within the
Center, topics in the news, and more. Get to know the Center
better. Meet new people. Feel free to drop in for this informal
In Classroom 2
Tuesday, March 3 at 12:30 p.m.
Tuesday, March 10 at 12:30 p.m.
Tuesday, March 17 at 12:30 p.m.
Tuesday, March 24 at 12:30 p.m.
Tuesday, March 31 at 12:30 p.m.
Wednesday, March 4 at 12:45 p.m.
Monday, March 9 at 12:45 p.m.
Thursday, March 19 at 12:45 p.m.
Wednesday, March 25 at 10:30 a.m.
ASTRONOMY – Wednesday, March 11, at 6:00
p.m. Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See
Tonight – Join us for an Astronomy program
presented by Naturalist Mary Hughes. Please
make your reservations at the I&A Desk or call
636-3055, ext. 3108.
Instructor Frank Chi will teach all
levels of Tai-Chi, Fridays at 1:30
p.m. Any questions contact Frank at
Spring/Summer Registration 2015 Update
RESIDENT MEMBERS begins Monday, March 9.
Registration may be mailed in or dropped of beginning
March 2. A drop-off drum will be placed in the front
lobby for your convenience. All Registration received the
week of March 2 will be considered the first day’s mail.
Please remember, it is impossible to guarantee members
will get into every class they register for. Make checks
payable to the Amherst Center for Senior Services and
write a separate check for each class you register for. We
will accept one check per class from a married couple,
when both are registering for the very same class.
REGISTRATION for Non-Amherst Members and
Non-Members begins Monday, March 30. These
applications will not be processed prior to March 30.
Please have your registration envelope marked clearly with
“SPRING/SUMMER 2015 Registration.” If you would
like Confirmation, please include a self-addressed,
stamped business envelope with your registration form.
Members are responsible for checking with their carrier to
see if a portion of their Physical Fitness, Health and SelfImprovement fees can be reimbursed. If you plan to submit
for reimbursement, please check the box on the registration
form and submit a stamped, self-addressed envelope so a
receipt can be mailed to you.
FEE WAIVERS: Are available for members having
difficulty meeting class costs. Applications are available in
the Social Work Office. Current fee waiver members that
have not already verified 2015 program eligibility, need to
do so before registering for Spring/Summer trimester
classes. Contact Deborah Zimmerman or Angela Jones at
636-3050. All information is kept confidential.
FREE Lifelong Learning for Adults Age
55+ The Amherst Center for Senior
Services has joined in an exciting
partnership with Erie County Department
of Senior Services. We are now one of the
many participating sites to house
stimulating academic classes, free of
charge, to older adults. Individual topics in
the field of History, Science, Current
Affairs, Humanities, Life Enrichment and
Wellness will be offered. Please check The
Network to see what classes will be
presented throughout the Trimester.
PROGRAM: For Senior Center members that belong to
AARP, the fee is $20. You must include your AARP
membership number on your check and registration
form. If you are not an AARP member, the fee is $25.
CLASS REFUNDS: Prior to the first session of class,
all course withdrawals and/or transfers will be subject to a
$5 processing fee. After the session begins, no refunds
are granted except for medical reasons or at the advice of
the instructor. We encourage you to audit the class, prior
to registering, if you are uncertain that a particular course
is for you,
AUDITING A CLASS: Center Members may audit a
class of their choice on a space available basis to observe
only, but not physically participate in the class. Please stop
at the I & A Desk and ask for a guest pass.
WINTER 2015 CLASSES: For all Snowbirds planning
to return prior to the end of winter, there are a variety of
classes beginning in mid-February and March. Including:
Creating Hand-made Greeting Cards, Computer Skills
Beginning and Intermediate, Old Time Radio, ClutterClearing/Feng Shui, Conversational Italian, Upholstery
Session II, and Knitting/Crochet Session II. Also check if
there are any spaces available for a March or April
Massage. Stop in or call to see if there are spaces available.
does not reach its minimum numbers may not be
held. Waiting until the last minute to register
may mean your class has already been
cancelled, due to what we believed was lack of interest.
Therefore, please take the time to read your Spring 2015
class directions, complete the registration form and send it
in ASAP.
The current Amherst Center for Senior Services COURSE CATALOG
Spring/Summer 2015Catalog February 10, 2015
Fall 2015 Catalog
June 9, 2015
To have future Course Catalogs mailed to you, fill out a catalog request
form available at the Welcome Desk and the Information & Assistance Desk.
Completed forms may be mailed to the Center, dropped off with your
Registration, or given to your class instructor. If a catalog is already being
mailed to you, don’t fill out another form. You are already on the list.
IS THAT YOUR COAT – OR MINE? Have you ever noticed how
many other coats or jackets look like yours? Consider putting your
name and phone number, or some kind of identification in or on your
coat to prevent mix-ups.
Amherst Center for Senior Services Telephone Numbers
Center for Senior Services Offices ............................. 636-3050
Amherst Adult Day Services ...................................... 689-1403
Amherst Senior Transportation
Services Reservations ......................................... 636-3075
Amherst Meals on Wheels ......................................... 636-3065
Amherst Senior Citizens
Foundation, Inc. ............................. 636-3055, ext. 3125
Nutrition Lunch ......................................................... 636-3059
Senior Outreach Services ............................................ 636-3070
Special Event Reservations ....................... 636-3055, ext. 3108
Support Groups (information)..................................... 636-3050
We extend our sincere sympathy to the
families and friends of these members who recently
passed away: John Balthasar, Evelyn A.
DeStefano, Shib P. Dutta, William J. Giesler,
Mary K. Girdlestone, Mary Jane Hensen,
Catherine M. Intrabartolo, Charles R. MacVittie
Sr, Spencer H. Patterson, Raymond J. Porter,
Lauren A. Robison, George J. Rossi, and
Elizabeth W. Russell.
Hands, a not-for-profit organization which pairs screened,
trained volunteers with older and physically challenged
adults, offers help with non-medical needs, transportation
for medical appointments, routine errands and social
activities. Those interested in receiving this care. Must call
and schedule an intake meeting. All requests require one
week’s notice to allow sufficient time for the volunteer to
be scheduled. This helps our care receivers have peace of
mind, knowing that they will still be able to get their
medical needs and minor chores taken care of, without
having to leave the home and community they love. Phone
pal and wellness visits, routine housekeeping and yard
work, and minor home repairs can also be arranged.
Based on volunteer availability, we fill as many requests as
If you’re an older or physically challenged adult in the
Amherst community, and have a need, Hearts and Hands
will try to match an available volunteer to assist you with
that need. Call 716-406-8311 for more information,
whether you would like to receive services from Hearts and
Hands, or would like to become a volunteer.
SOCIAL WORKER NEWS—call Deborah 636-3055, ext. 3130 or Angela ext. 3129
The Center has two Social Workers available to assist members with personal or
family concerns, or to provide information and referral to community services.
Deborah Zimmerman, our Full-time Social Worker, can be reached at 636-3055,
ext. 3130. Angela Jones is available from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Monday through
Friday at 636-3055, ext. 3129. Social Workers can meet with anyone who has a
need on a one-to-one basis.
Some of the services provided include:
♦Counseling Services—Discuss any concerns or problems you may face. Confidentiality is
strictly maintained.
♦An Employment Board for Seniors filled with opportunities for full and part-time employment is located outside of the Social Workers office, across from the Dining Room. Opportunities currently available are posted.
♦Health Insurance Information Counseling—HIICAP—A Health Insurance Information
Volunteer is available by appointment only.
♦Ιnformation and applications for HEAP and EPIC are available.
♦Get Well/Thinking of You—Let staff know if members are sick or hospitalized so we can
send a card to remind them they are cared about and missed.
♦Support Groups are organized to assist our members through difficult times.
HIGH ELECTRIC BILLS? You may be eligible for the Empower Program from
NYSERDA. If you receive HEAP, or your household income is below 60% of the state
median income ($56,951), you live in a building with less than 100 units, and have
moderate to high energy bills, call Senior Outreach Services, 636-3070 or Social Work,
636-3055 ext. 3130 or ext. 3129 for assistance with the application process.
CAREGIVERS—Wednesday, March 18, at 1:00 p.m. Call Deborah Zimmerman, 636-3055, ext. 3130 for information.
WIDOW/WIDOWERS—Tuesday, March 10 at 11:00 a.m.
CANCER SUPPORT GROUP—Will no longer be meeting. Deborah Zimmerman at 636-3055 ext.3130 or Angela Jones ext. 3129 are available for counseling
or information as the need arises.
AADS provides services to
people who need assistance with
daily activities like eating, walking,
and personal care, or who need
Our clients engage in stimulating
and entertaining activities and are
provided with meals and medication
We will provide
loving care for your family member
in our clean, secure environment
while you run errands, attend to
medical appointments, or just take a
break from providing care.
Hours of operation are Monday
through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
For information, call Karen
Mitchell, Director, at 689-1403. Ask
about our free trial visit.
(SNAP) is the name for the Food Stamp
Program. that helps low-income people
buy nutritious food. Apply on line at or you can call
Senior Outreach Services, 636-3070.
AMHERST LADIES GOLF LEAGUE- There will be an informational meeting on Friday, March 27, at 9:30 a.m. All
levels are welcome! Beginners too! The Opening Lunch is
scheduled for April 24 at the Buffalo Yacht Club. For more
information contact club leader Mary Ann Young at 639-1169.
AMHERST RECORDER CONSORT - Fridays, 9 a.m. - Call
Fern Smith, 633-6325.
Marcille, 634-3669 for questions.
AMHERST SENIOR SINGERS - Wednesdays, 12:45 p.m.
Call Carol Mayo, 632-3929.
AMHERST TUNE-UPS- Mondays, 1 p.m. Singing songs from
the 50’s, 60’s, &70’s. Call Dan Brown, 692-3660.
BIKERS CLUB– Club will resume in the Spring. Thanks to leader
Pat Pendrak for a great first season.
BILLIARD ROOM Center members play pool in the billiard room
anytime except during scheduled Men’s Pool Tournaments or
on Wednesday mornings on the 2 designated Women’s Pool
BRIDGE CLUB - Fridays, 1 p.m. – Terry Florek, 839-3628.
BOCCE CLUB - Call Nancy Haug, 632-2765.
BOOK CLUB - 3rd Thursday at 10:00 a.m. Call Janice Dunne,
CAMERA CLUB 2nd Tues, 1 p.m. & 4th Wed. at 6:30 p.m. Call
Ron Storfer, 633-5203.
CANASTA CLUB - Mondays, at 12:30 p.m., - Kay Ullman,
CHESS - Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m. –Call Bill Rich, 634-6884.
CREATIVE WRITERS GROUP 1st and 3rd Monday at 10:00
a.m. to noon. Contact Paula at 464-3985.
CRIBBAGE - Thursdays, 1 p.m. - Call Al Benz at 688-8786.
DOMINOES - Mondays, 12:30 p.m. Jean Hallac, 688-6895.
DUPLICATE BRIDGE - Thursdays, 9 a.m. No Partner needed.
Not ACBL sanctioned. We play for fun. Dave Stroud, 633-9338.
EUCHRE CLUB - Tuesdays, 1:00 p.m. Dorothy, 639-0430
or Dolores, 636-6147
GENEALOGY CLUB– Meets Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m.
Questions, contact Ken Blackwell, 634-9651.
KNITTING CLUB Tuesdays, 9 a.m.– Library
MAH-JONGG CLUB Tuesdays, 1 p.m. Kay, 634-7580.
MUSIC COMBO Fridays, 12 Noon. Carol, 688-7679.
OPEN CARDS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday afternoons &
Friday mornings. Card Room.
PING PONG/TABLE TENNIS 12:45-4:00 Tuesdays &
9:30 a.m. to noon Wednesdays & Fridays in the Health
Resource Room. Contact Joanne Cole-Marshall 636-3055
ext. 3107. Safe, comfortable footwear is required to play.
PINOCHLE CLUB Wednesdays, 12:45 p.m.- Nancy
Haug, 632-2765. Pinochle Lessons on Tuesdays at
12:30 p.m. If you want to refresh or learn how to play
Pinochle, call AnnMarie 626-5022 or Linda 626-4904
QUILTING CLUB Mondays, 12:30 p.m. - Classroom 4.
READER’S THEATER Fridays, 1 p.m. - Members perform various skits. Call Carol Ennis, 688-7679.
RUMMIKUB CLUB Fridays at 1:00 p.m. Any questions,
contact Mary Migliore at 240-1101. Experience not
needed. Beginners welcome.
SCRABBLE CLUB Thursdays, 12:30 p.m. Carol Hensel,
STAINED GLASS Thursdays- 9 a.m. Call Tom Richards,
SENIOR TENNIS LEAGUE—at Miller Tennis Center
needs players, full-time or substitute– Call Rod Duran,
WOODCARVING Tuesdays, 9 a.m. - Jean Pierre Aubertin,
WALKERS GROUP Returns in the Spring. Any questions
contact Bill Albrecht at 565-0634.
Your Dinner Club membership number is required to receive the member price. Guest price applies to anyone who is not a paid
member for the current year. Membership fees must be renewed each year. Call Myra Horowitz, 634-9223.
Dinner choices:
Cut out this coupon and MAIL with your check payable to: Amherst Seniors Dinner
1. Corned Beef & Cabbage with
Club to: Bill Cherry, 90 Hilton Boulevard Amherst, NY 14226
Parsley Buttered Potatoes
2. Chicken Cordon Bleu with Penne
Monday March 16, 2015
Pasta & Red Sauce
Sean Patrick’s Emerald Isle
3. Grilled Salmon with Parsley
3480 Millersport Hwy. Getzville
Buttered Potatoes
Members $25.00
Guests $27.00
Dinners include: Chef Salad, Green Beans
Almandine, Rolls, Ice Cream w Mint Sauce
Circle Dinner Choice and Category
Coffee/Tea .
Name ____________________________
Member Guest
Tax & Gratuity is included. Cash Bar.
2015 Dinner Club Member ID#______________
Only reservations received by mail by
March 9 will be accepted. The Senior
Center does not forward/process Dinner
Club reservations. Make checks payable
Amherst Seniors Dinner Club.
Name _____________________________
2015 Dinner Club Member ID#_____________
Member Guest
Total Amount Enclosed ________
Travel Club meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1
p.m. at the Center. Membership Forms, Information and
flyers are also available on the Travel Club Bulletin Board at
the Center (across from the Billiard Room) and in the website
issue of our newsletter at the Town of Amherst Internet site:
Completed Trip flyers can be mailed to Audrey Cherry,
90 Hilton Boulevard, Amherst, NY 14226
Annual Membership fees are $7 for single membership,
$10 for a husband and wife. The fee covers mailing costs,
operational expenses and The Network newsletter mailed to
your home. Make all checks payable to Amherst Senior
Travel Club. Mail Completed membership forms to: Carol
Hughes (Membership Chairman), 66 Layton Avenue,
Amherst, NY 14226
members and their guests are invited to enjoy great pictures
and to learn more about taking digital photographs.
March 20- 22, CAN-AM Photo Expo 2015,at the
Buffalo Niagara Marriott, 1340 Millersport Highway, Info
Tuesday, March 10, at 1:00 p.m.: How to Photograph
Waterfalls and Needed Gear by Mike Carney Involved in
photography since he was twelve studied photography at
the NY Institute of Photography, certified by CAPPA he
owns M.R.C Photography and is the Photography Editor
for Livingston County News and NPPA.He has won
numerous awards and ribbons in shows around the world.
He has been featured in HDR ONE, Digital Photography
and Shutter Bug magazines Submit up to 4 digital images
for critiquing.
Wednesday, March 25, at 6:30 PM: “P is not for
Professional ” by Chris Empey and Scott Simons, long
time members of the Niagara Falls Camera Club, Niagara
Falls, Canada. Both have won numerous awards including
the Kodak Award for Photographic Excellence and are
active in NFRCC and hold offices the Niagara Falls Club.
The program will provide insight into non-program modes:
aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual and
explain why, as photographers, we want to get away from
using program modes and take control of our camera and,
in turn, our photography. The Club is honored to welcome
Chris Empey and Scott Simons for this most informative
Submit up to 4 digital images for critiquing.
Travel Club is planning a trip to the Canadian International
Military Tattoo in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on Sunday,
May 31 for $99 per person. Includes brunch at the
Casablanca Winery Inn in Grimsby, Ontario. Payment and
registration form due Friday, May 8. A Passport, Passport
Card or Enhanced Drivers License is required for Customs.
First priority for all trips is reserved for paid Travel Club
RESERVATION unless otherwise specified on the flyer.
A phone reservation requires full payment within 14 days.
Call Audrey Cherry at 688-7059 for more information and
check out the bulletin board for flyers and applications.
Call Jodi Kwarta at 636-3055, ext. 3126
ST. JOSEPH’S DAY TABLE is Friday, March 20 and we may still
have volunteer openings. Please check in with Volunteer Department
Staff to see which positions may still be available. We rely on our
volunteers to ensure the success of this magnificent event.
Monday and Wednesday COMMUNITY SERVICE groups are
looking for new members. These groups handcraft lap robes and shirt
protectors. Basic hand sewing skills are necessary. To learn more about
these groups, please contact the Volunteer Department.
CLUB SALE on Friday & Saturday, March 13 & 14 features hand
knitted and crocheted scarves, hats, mittens, afghans, sweaters, and more!
Take advantage to purchase gifts for use throughout the year. These one
-of-a-kind items will impress you.
Do you have heavier weight or UPHOLSTERY WEIGHT FABRIC
you could donate?
Helen, our amazing volunteer sews “caddy
bags” (walker/wheelchair bags) but has just about run out of fabric. We
provide them free-of-charge to our members, Amherst Adult Day
Services clients, as well as to residents of local nursing homes and
similar facilities. Please drop off donated fabric (no scraps, please) in the
Volunteer Office or at the Volunteer Welcome Desk.
Baker’s Rack Sale on Tuesday, March 17. Stop by and see the sweet
treats our leprechaun bakers have come up with for St. Patty’s Day.
Any members interested in
scrapbooking with others,
can call Joanne 636-3055,
ext . 3107. Club members
would work on individual
items and need to bring their
own supplies
parking spaces in the Center lot are for individuals
with an accessible license plate or hang tag.
It is
illegal to use someone else’s permit or park with an
expired permit. There is a minimum fine of $50-$75
plus a $30 surcharge for a first offense. When you see
the symbol of access on a parking space, be
considerate of others’ special needs and park in the
regular parking spaces. This law is enforced.
Amherst Town Clerk staff will be at the Center on
Friday, March 27 from 10:00
a.m.-– noon to provide Accessible
Parking Permits. Applications are
available at the Welcome Desk and
must be signed by a doctor.
recently joined the Senior Center: Nancy Amato, Kathleen Anderson, Brigitte Bachman, Della
Baxter, Gail Chapman, Kathleen Coe, Barbara & Stephen
Conklin, Helen Dingboom, Prudence DiPiazza, Susan
Eluard, Sandra Friedfertig, Paul Gentile, Mary & James Halliday, Theresa Hariharan, Rita & Leonard Hillman, Katherine Hodge, Jill Joyce, Geraldine Kroth, Maryann Kruk, Peter Luce, Catherine Manzella, Gregg Malburg, Janet & Jerry
McGlone, Mary Jo Muse, Barbara Myers, Eileen & Francis
O’Neil, Patricia Panko, Janis Perlmutter, Marion & Roger
Pfohl, Judy Pierson, Eva Posener, Kenneth Rose, Donat
Sadkowski, Cherie St. Pierre, Stephen Striegel, Sara Walkowiak, Laura Wright, Akiko Yamamoto and Verna Yu
Donated books are for sale in the Center’s Library.
Magazines for members' use are available in the Library
through the generosity of the Amherst Senior Citizens
Foundation, Inc. Current issues of The New Yorker and
Smithsonian are available at the Welcome Desk and
need to be signed for and returned to the Welcome
♦ Do not bring in old magazines—we prefer that you
♦ “Heart Beats In Our Time” An Anthology of the
Creative Writers group is available. Please inquire at the
I & A Desk.
CENTER CLOSING: Please conclude your activities
by 4 p.m. and be prepared to leave so that preparations for
locking the Center by 4:15 p.m. can be made.
present when a member becomes ill, or falls, please notify a
staff member and leave the area so that staff can help the
EMERGENCY, let us know if you have a new address,
contact information, or health condition. Information is
kept confidential, and may be given in person or by
telephone to a staff member who knows you.
PROCEDURES: Diagrams that show evacuation routes are
posted in each room. For the safety of all, please be
prepared to act quickly when the alarm sounds. Your
cooperation will help insure everyone's safety.
The LOST AND FOUND AREA is located at the
Welcome Desk. Items are held for 30 days.
The Center is equipped with SECURITY CAMERAS
which provide 24 hour video recording both inside the
premises and outside. The Amherst Center for Senior
Services has been designed to serve senior citizens. For
everyone’s safety and for liability reasons, we cannot
accommodate children in the building, except for
specifically designated events or by pre-arrangement.
and be informed of monthly
events at the Amherst Center
for Senior Services. The
Monthly issue is available to
be picked up—FREE—at the Center, at
Town Libraries and Adult Living Facilities.
The Town of Amherst also posts the
newsletter, calendar and menu on the
This notice does not apply to members of the
Travel Club and Senior Supper Club, since a
portion of their dues covers receiving a copy
of The Network in the mail.
STORM CLOSINGS: To learn if activities at the Senior Center
or Amherst Meals on Wheels will be cancelled, listen for
weather closing announcements on Radio Stations WBEN (AM
930), WNED (AM 970), WGR, WKSE and WTSS; and on TV
Channels WGRZ-TV, WIVB-TV and WKBW-TV.
The Amherst Center for Senior Services and Amherst Meals
on Wheels, DO NOT come under the jurisdiction of Buffalo and
Erie County announcements. The Amherst Center for Senior
Services/Senior Center can only be officially closed by the
Town of Amherst Supervisor.
During stormy weather, think of your own safety and
don’t risk traveling if it is not urgent. Keep your personal
food pantry stocked up in preparation for illness or bad weather.
Plan ahead to refill prescriptions and medical supplies before
they are depleted, and replace old batteries in remote controls,
radios, flash lights, and smoke alarms.
The Amherst Center for Senior Services
values your health and well-being and is a
Smoke Free Zone. Smoking is not permitted
within 25 feet of outside entrances, operable
windows, and ventilation systems of
enclosed areas.
For more information on smoking cessation programs,
contact your health insurer or American Cancer Society 101
John James Audubon Pkwy., Amherst, NY 14228 (716) 6896981.
MAILING SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR 2015– You can have The Network delivered to your
home for $6.00 a year. Subscriptions run from January through December. Mail or bring
the form below, along with a $6 check payable to Amherst Center for Senior Services, to:
Heidi Kunz, Amherst Center for Senior Services,
370 John James Audubon Parkway, Amherst, NY 14228.
Zip Code ______________________
Telephone # _____________________