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Saint Andrew
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The Heartbeat
March 2015
2608 Browns Lane • Louisville, Kentucky 40220 •Website: • Phone: (502) 452-1777
Sunday School for all ages 9:15 AM; Sanctuary Worship 10:30 AM
Benevolence for March: One Great Hour of Sharing
One Great Hour of Sharing, as part of Our Churches Wider
Mission, is the special mission offering of the United
Church of Christ that carries God’s message of love and
hope to people in 138 countries. The UCC works with
international partners to provide sources of clean water and
food, education and health care, small business microcredit, emergency relief, and advocacy and resettlement
for refugees and displaced persons. OGHS also supports
domestic and international ministries for disaster preparedness and response.
The United Church of Christ responds to development,
disaster, and refugee needs in 138 countries, and provides
disaster relief and immigration assistance in the United
States. Funding decisions are made by asking our worldwide mission partners, "What would you have us do with
you?" The United Church of Christ responds as a member
of organizations such as Church World Service and the
ACT Alliance. We also support the direct mission efforts
of churches and church-based organizations that the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of
Christ) have direct partnerships with through Global Ministries. Nearly one-third of the UCC's offering is shared
through Church World Service to support refugee, disaster,
development, and advocacy programs.
In 2012, the OGHS offering received just over $2.5 million. Nearly seventy percent of UCC congregations participate annually. St. Andrew was one of the top 100 giving
congregations in the country to this offering last year.
On average, of every dollar given to One Great Hour of
Sharing, 91 cents is used directly for mission programming; 5 cents for interpretation materials and 4 cents for
administrative costs which include program monitoring
and evaluation (for accountability). Most administrative
costs are paid by gifts to Our Church's Wider Mission National Basic Support and endowment funds.
From the Pastor…
A Frigid start, but . . .
The very special season of Lent got off to a frigid
start, didn’t it? Our church, as were so many others in
Louisville, was closed for Ash Wednesday. But on the
First Sunday in Lent you were introduced to our interactive Lenten "passport" pictured here.
I do hope that you keep it handy as we make our way
through the Lenten “Journey to a New Covenant” (our
theme for Lenten worship). Each week in worship the passport will help you enter into
the spirit of self-examination, contrition and confession. I am also offering a series of
transitional sermons meant to help to guide the congregation toward the new covenant of
the next congregational chapter of your life together.
Our two Lenten reflection groups got off to the same frigid start as did Lent itself. But
they are up and running now. On Thursday mornings at 10:30 AM we have our “Soulful
Conversations,” where we start with scripture, share our concerns with each other, and
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From the Pastor...
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Thursdays in Lent
offer what has been helpful to us as we seek, spiritually, to
cope and contend with what life throws at us. We close in
meditative prayer together. On Thursday evenings at 7:00
PM a class is reviewing the “Big Picture” of our faith, including a very pictorial overview of both the Bible and
Church History. Come join us!
I mentioned last month that I would outline what will occur
during the upcoming
10:30 AM -- noon
Soulful Conversations
Facilitated by the Rev. Tom Nordberg
Beginning with scripture and closing in
meditative prayer, these gatherings are designed to be
thoughtful, contemplative times when we share the
struggles within our souls and suggest to each other the
sacred means to cope with all that life throws at us.
(To engage with the group will require entering
into a signed covenant of confidentiality.)
7:00 PM
Palm/Passion Sunday will be obser ved on Mar ch 29th
Getting the “Big Picture” of our Faith
this year during our 10:30 AM worship service. That will
Offered by Tom Nordberg, Ph.D.
be the culmination of our advancing “Time for Confession”
which will have, by then, moved throughout our Order of
Using big screen PowerPoints personally developed over
Worship from Sunday-to-Sunday. It will also be an excelthe past 15 years, Tom will vividly skip the group across
lent opportunity for you to make your contribution to the
the surface of the history of our faith
“Journey to New Covenant” bulletin board just outside the
a stone can be skipped across the waters.
sanctuary doors that lead to the Gathering Area. That is the
These highly visual presentations will cover the waterplace where you can post what you are willing to do to
front of both the biblical scriptures
make the future Saint Andrew UCC a true community of
and the twenty centuries of Christian history.
New Covenant.
On Maundy Thursday, April 2nd, at 7:00 PM, our Youth
will lead us in a portrayal of the twelve disciples as they
commune with Jesus at the Last Supper. Holy Communion
will be served at table, with our youth assisting.
On Good Friday, April 3rd, at 7:00 PM, the Sanctuary Choir
will lead us through the Order of Tenebrae, which will be
enhanced by poetry and prose readings regarding the passion of Christ.
The Easter Sunrise service, April 5th, at 7:00 AM, will be
hosted by our Youth in the Memorial Garden, weather permitting. Breakfast will follow in lieu of our Sunday School
Finally, Easter with Holy Communion will take place during our customary 10:30 AM morning service in the Saint
Andrew Sanctuary. Special music will lift our spirits in a
celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, our Christ.
Do join us for Lent, Holy Week and Easter – and remember
to invite family, neighbors and friends.
God bless!
Thomas G. Nordberg
Best telephone: 573-355-0388 (cell)
A minimum of ten participants are required each week
for these groups.
Remember to invite a friend!
Renee Combs Lage - President
John Wicker - Vice President
Drew Duncan - Secretary
Teresa Aikens
Rose Mills
Bob Rosenbaum
Jennifer Kilpatrick
Sharmille Sawyer
David Sickbert
Page 3
Our church secretary, Mary Rose Linker, will be
taking a temporary leave of absence for the period of
March, April, and May.
From the Parish Nurse
Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in
older adults. About 60 percent of Americans over
The Staff Relations Team has secured the services of age 60 have them in either eye, and more than half
Jackie Burchfield as our temporary secretary during of all Americans age 75 and older have cataracts or
this period.
have had surgery for them. Cataracts cause our vision to become blurred over time. The change is so
Please welcome Jackie to our church and support her
gradual we often aren’t aware it’s happening.
in this transition period!
News from the Library…
Greetings from the Library.
Age, family history of cataracts, previous eye injury
and/or previous eye surgery put you at increased
risk of cataracts, as do diabetes, excessive exposure to sunlight and smoking. Some medications
are also linked with cataracts. Exposure to the sun’s
ultraviolet-B rays has been shown to be associated
with cataracts, and some medications have been
shown to increase sensitivity to the sun.
In preparation for Lent, there are books on the Library
Cart ready to be borrowed. More Lenten books are on
Diets high in fruits and vegetables and lower in fats
the large table in front of the large window inside the Li- lower the risk of cataracts.
brary. If you cannot find exactly what you want, there
In older adults cataracts typically are caused by norare still Lenten books on the shelves.
mal age-related changes in the eye. The lens of the
eye, which focuses light on the retina (an area of
light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye) is made
of protein and as protein ages, it becomes yellowed
and opaque. Because the lens is no longer clear,
the image registered by the visual cortex of the
brain isn’t either, and as the cataract becomes
denser the blurred effect worsens. The clouded lens
also causes a gradual diminution in color perception, and a perceived need for “more light” to see
To the surprise of everyone, Harper Lee, author of “To
Kill a Mocking Bird”, may be publishing her book she
wrote before writing “To Kill a Mocking Bird”. That
Schedule an annual eye exam with an ophthalmolobook is still available in the library. The library will pur- gist or optometrist who can check your eyes for catchase the new book when published.
aracts and monitor the extent to which they are afAmong the current books on the Library Cart is a very
fecting your vision.
interesting book – a history of Charcoal. It will surprise
A special note for the Andrew Class – A folder with a
collection of articles about Thomas Merton, which can be
borrowed, is on the large table in front of the windows in
the library.
Page 4
Ladies’ Day Out &
Women of St. Andrew
Monday, March 16, 2015
10 AM –11:30 AM & Noon-2:30pm
Conference Room
All Women Are Welcome
Bring a Sandwich,
Drinks Are Provided
Special Requests:
Calendar & Greeting Card Pictures
No Religious Pictures May Be Used
Pictures May Be Placed
in Women’s Mail Box or
Conference Room shelf
(5th grade and under)
(6th grade and up)
Meet on
Sunday afternoons at 4 pm
for food, fellowship,
music, games, and
a little bit of learning.
New children, youth, and adult volunteers
always welcome!
(Adults must become Safe Child Policy certified.)
Every 4th Sunday, a group of movie enthusiasts gather
to discuss a popular movie playing locally. Most of
these are or become award-winning films. The question is: What does this movie have to say about the
faith? Here’s how it works: A movie is chosen by our
coordinator, Diane Snowa. Mid-month, she announces the film’s title. Interested folks see the film on
their own. Then, we gather together for a lively and
stimulating discussion. Please come and invite others.
Page 5
3rd Doris Harrison
Laura Caldwell
Kyle Caldwell
5th Isabel Boyer
Jacob Duncan
Dylan Thomas
6th Bob Rosenbaum
8th Mark Schwarz
11th Colin Barth
12th Betty Boeschel
Allen Montgomery
Lauren Leong
13th Madelyn Walsh
16th Joann Cox
Ben Irving
22nd Mary Wilson
Cade Whitehead
Aric Whitehead
24th Mary Bundy
25th Charlotte James
26th Mary Lou Bischof
A note from Mark Schwarz:
Dear Church Family:
Hey! I am writing to let y’all know that I
am doing very good and I will be out soon
and thank y’all for all the birthday gifts
and goodies. I thank y’all for all the cards
and letters.
29th Cindy Kasten
30th John Block
Love always,
Your brother in Christ,
25th Jack & Charlotte James
26th Bruce and Barbara Harrison
29th Art and Madelyn Raderer
31st Howard and Judy Hardin
If we have inadvertently left you off this list, please
contact the office so we may update our records.
Address for Mark Schwarz:
Mark Schwarz #214263
KSR Dorm 8/C-14
3001 W. Highway 146
LaGrange, KY 40032
Parish Life Team
An Invitation
Our Lenten Charity: Waterstep
St. Andrew UCC is helping to provide safe water to people around the world by hosting a shoe drive from February 18, Ash Wednesday, through Easter Sunday, April 5.
Did you know that 1 out of 10 people in the world today
has no access to safe, clean water? That’s roughly 748
million people on several continents; a child dies every
30 seconds from waterborne illness. Waterstep collects
new or gently-used shoes, sells them, and then uses that
money to fund water projects around the world. Since
1995, Waterstep has been building or repairing wells, in- Church Women United invites you to an annual
World Day of Prayer Service for 2015. Since
stalling water purifiers, providing water transportation
1941 Christian women and men in over 170
tools, using training and technology to create long-lasting
water solutions for developing countries. So how can we countries have met together in prayer and worship to promote justice, equality, and partnership,
help? Clean out those closets and bring shoes to the
with other Christians in countries around the
Waterstep collection boxes in the Gathering Area!
world. Please demonstrate your prayer for peace
by attending this service.
Laptop Coffee Shop
Come to the Laptop Coffee Shop on Saturdays from 9:30
-12 for coffee and fellowship. The coffee is fair trade/
organic, and the treats are tasty! Bring your computer to
do some work and surf the internet using our free Wi-Fi,
or kick back and relax with a puzzle or board game. Then
again, just come for the conversation. Be invitational:
ask a guest to come along! Hope to see you there!
World Day of Prayer
Friday, March 6, 2015
Written by Women of the Bahamas
Theme: “Do You Understand What
I Have Done For You?”
Buechel United Methodist Church
2817 Hikes Lane
Registration: 10 AM
Worship: 10:30 AM
Everyone Invited—Worship
Light Lunch Provided
Please bring canned goods for SEAM
Joe & Joyce Louden
Mark & Renee Lage
Don & Penny Wilding
Gerry Riffe & ONeil Hare
Would you like to learn something new but
don’t want to pay to take a class? There’s a
web site for that! is a free web
site that offers classes in a wide range of
subjects. Classes are taught by universities
from across the country and around the
world. I recently took classes offered by the
University of London and the Curtis Institute
of Music. Using the web site is very
easy. Just create an account and you’re
ready to start learning! If you’re interested
in signing up, come see me and I’ll help you
get started. Come to the Laptop Coffee
Shop and we’ll introduce you to Coursera.
Harlan & Ann Beckemeyer
JB & Elaine Hitt
Barbara Voll & Debbie Clover
Donna Block
Sharmille Sawyer
Bob & Judy Webb
Rick & Mary Wehr
Harvey & Judy Johnson
—Laura Mills
Rose &,Laura Mills, Terry Burden
Jack & Betty Boeschel
Alice Vaughn
Donna Wenzel & Cindy
Anyone wishing to dine with these groups,
contact any member of the group.
Next Pot Luck - Saturday, July 18, 2015
In memory of Joyce Volk’s sisters,
a donation was made to the Current Fund by
JB and Elaine Hitt
In memory of Grant Sickbert,
a donation was made to the current fund by
Carmen Hayes
In memory of
Robert Hinkebein and Mary Halsal,
a donation was made to the Roof Fund
By Joe and Joyce Louden
From the Patchwork Lady…
A message from the archives.
Page 8
Daily Lectionary
March 2014
Page 9
March 2015 Heartbeat
Issue 56, No. 3
2608 Browns Lane
Louisville, KY 40220
No matter who you are, you are welcome here!
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Church Staff
Rev. Tom Nordberg, Ph.D. Interim Pastor
J.R. Cannaday
Minister of Music
Mary Rose Linker
Church Secretary/Editor
Joe Louden
Donna Wenzel
Parish Nurse
Monday, March 16th