9.00am – 1.30pm
12.00pm – 1.30pm
8.45am – 9.30am
9.30am – 9.35am
9.35am – 9.40am
9.40am – 10.15am
10.15am – 10.35am
10.35am – 11.00am
11.00am – 11.20am
11.20am – 11.40am
11.40am – 12.00pm
12.00pm – 1.30pm
Technology Playground
Discover and leverage on A*STAR technologies and
innovative solutions to address your business needs and
1-to-1 Business Clinics
Pre-event matching of topics of interest and one-to-one
interaction with our experts on-site to address your business
needs with technology.
Opening Address by Guest-Of-Honour
MoU Signing Ceremony
A*STAR T-Up Excellence Awards and Send-off Ceremony
Presentation by Mr Francis Koh, Managing Director and
Group CEO, Koh Brothers Group Ltd
Tea Break
Presentation by Mr Sean Tan, Founder and Chief Operating
Officer, The GoodWater Company (TGWC)
Presentation by Mr Woo Sze Ming, Chief Executive Officer,
Gamurai Tech
Panel Discussion
How can local companies leverage on technology and
innovation to move up the value chain and to expand their
market footprint?
Networking Lunch & 1-to-1 Business Clinics
Nicoll 1 - 3
Summit 2
Nicoll 1 - 3
Summit 2
Nicoll 1 - 3
Tapping on technology to address business needs and enhance competitive edge
a. Manufacturing & Engineering
b. Construction
c. Logistics and Transportation
d. Services (e.g. retail, trading)
Understanding intellectual property (IP)
a. Understanding the basics of IP (patent protection, copyrights, etc.)
b. Managing IP in technology development
c. Understanding IP licensing
Collaborating with A*STAR
a. Understanding A*STAR’s various schemes for SMEs – Headstart, TAP, GET-Up, simplified
b. Areas in technology development and adoption that A*STAR can support you in
SME Day 2015
Updated as of 05/03/2015
Mr Francis Koh
Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer
Koh Brothers Group Ltd
Mr Koh Keng Siang, also known as Francis, has been the Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing
Director at Koh Brothers Group Ltd. since January 12, 2007. Mr. Koh is responsible for formulation
and implementation of strategic plans to achieve Koh Brothers Group's goal of establishing its brand
name in Singapore as a builder of quality homes. He served as a Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Koh
Brothers Group Ltd. from July 15, 2006 to January 12, 2007. He joined Koh Brothers Group in 1987
and served various positions in Administration, Finance and Project Management until 1991. He
served as the main driving force in implementing Koh Brothers Group's business expansion into real
estate and leisure & hospitality. He holds a Bachelor's of Engineering (Honours) degree from the
University of Birmingham. He holds a Master's of Business Administration degree from the National
University of Singapore.
Mr Sean Tan
Founder and Chief Operating Officer
The GoodWater Company (TGWC)
Mr Sean Tan is the Founder and COO of The GoodWater Company (TGWC), which is an integrator of
social and environmental solutions. In just three years, he has transformed TGWC into an enterprise
CSR, Social and Environmental Solutions Company with offices in four countries. Currently
headquartered in Singapore, at Biopolis, TGWC is also present in Shanghai/Beijing and has a second
center of excellence in Jakarta. The company has also been nominated as Top SME 500 company in
Mr Woo Sze Ming
Chief Executive Officer
Gamurai Tech
Mr Woo Sze Ming is the Co-founder and CEO of Gamurai Pte Ltd. He graduated from Singapore
Management University with a Bachelor in Business Management. Gamurai is a young fledgling
technology enabler company founded to encircle and impact people’s lives. He works closely with
research institutes, industry partners, governmental bodies and world class investors to help change
and make a difference to the industry. One of the flagship technology products is [email protected]
Experience, targeting the Hair Fashion Industry. [email protected] is a suite of visual tools,
specially crafted and designed to empower our Hairstylists and Hair salons in their business
SME Day 2015
Updated as of 05/03/2015