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The Greenbriar Wire
March 2015
In This Issue
Letter from the Admin……..…1
Associate of the Month ..……2
Employee of the Year……......5
WOW Employee…………….....7
Our Team
Alexandra Maliwacki
Director of Nursing
Kera Literal
Director of Rehab
Debbie Craft
Director of Admissions
Matt Cohen
Director of Social Services
Lakena Williams
Director of Dietary
Gloria White
Human Resources
Makissa Abner
Director of Recreation
Deborah Cornish
Lead Housekeeper
Amber Dumont
Director of Maintenance
Jeff Pook
Clinical Educator
Mary Jo Millward
MDS Coordinator
Tammy Goodwin
Business Office Manager
Angela South
Medical Records
Jodi Logan
Letter from the Administrator: Alexandra Maliwacki
We support a culture that promotes quality
care and goes above and beyond to provide
our guests with exceptional experiences. As
we focus on this initiative at Greenbriar, I
want to highlight some of the ways in which
we demonstrate our commitment.
Our care line phone number will continue to
have the ability to accept compliments for an
associate, but is primarily for grievances. There is also a new
website available to submit compliments as well as our
compliment box, still located at the receptionist desk. We have
notecards located at both entrances of the facility that can be
filed out by anyone and are given to the associate complimented
as well as posted in a visible area for all to see who has been
recognized for their noble work!
This program is focusing on recognizing each of us as individuals,
promoting a successful company culture, and contributing to the
happiness of our residents and the overall success of Greenbriar.
Member Birthdays
Harvey A. 3/1
Dorothea C. 3/13
George E. 3/28
Issac H. 3-5
Maureen L. 3/3
Julia M. 3/3
Associate Birthdays
Sherley Mathieu 3/5
Rheja Rucker 3/11
Priyanka Patel 3/12
Mary Little 3/14
Quiana Matthews 3/14
Events and Reminders
You Are Invited!
Family Council Dinner
Wed. March 18th, 6:00pm
Join us for a wonderful meal with
family and fun. Please RSVP with
our Receptionist.
Visitors & Associate Meal Prices:
Breakfast $5.00
Lunch $7.00
Dinner $7.00
Please RSVP by 10 AM for lunch & 3PM for dinner. You can
pay for and purchase your ticket with the receptionist.
Sarah Mathhews 3/17
Josefina Molina 3/18
Selma Castillo Dietrich 3/20
Judithe Sanon 3/25
Stacy Mays 3/31
Katrina Charles 3/28
Sandra Wagner 3/24
Stacy Goodale 3/2
Juby Uralil 3/15
Business Office Banking Hours:
Banking Hours are 9:00am4:00pm with the receptionist.
However, if you require funds
outside of the normal
business hours (i.e. on
weekends), you may see the
weekend receptionist for assistance.
Nicki Warner 3/1
Edith Legendre 3/24
Quiana Matthews 3/10
Stephanie Mcardell 3/24
Mary Millward 3/5
Shemeaka Walters 3/26
Odette Hill 3/17
Daniel Thornton 3/11
Ardell Thomas 3/25
Jeffrey Pook 3/22
Stacey Goodale 3/9
Juby Uralil 3/22
Yolanda Sirmans 3/9
Kathryn Pratt 3/24
Christopher Sy 3/10
Karina Vishnevsky 3/24
Our Departments
Member of the Month: Mary W.
By: Deborah Cornish
Matt Cohen
Makissa Abner,
Human Resources
Gloria White,
Director of Food &
Deborah Cornish,
Recreation Director
Mary was born in Chicago Ill. and lived
there for 23 years. Later she moved outside
of Chicago and continued to live in different
areas of Ill.
Mary graduated from Sienna High School, a girls Catholic
school . Mary married and had a daughter, Jennifer (who now
lives in Holmes Beach FL).
Currently Mary has 4 grandchildren and 2 great
grandchildren. When Jennifer was young, Mary ran a daycare
out of her home. Later, Mary worked for Animal Control.
Amber Dumont
Tammy Goodwin,
Housekeeping Director
MDS Coordinator
Jeff Pook
Malinda Greene,
Maintenance Director
Angela South,
Business Office
Debbie Craft,
Rehab Director
Mary Jo Millward,
Clinical Educator
Medical Records
Jodi Logan
Lakena Williams
Kera Literal
Social Services
Other work that Mary did through out the years was to work
as a Resident manager in Group Home for the mentally ill. It
was a very rewarding occupation. In Mary’s later years, she
provided home health care to include her father.
In 2010 Mary decided to move to Bradenton FL to be closer
to her family who had already relocated here.
Today, Mary enjoys reading, watching TV and spending time
with family. You will find her visiting outside, going out to eat
and occasionally playing Bingo.
Associate of the Year: Marjoni Jones
By: Debbie Craft
In January 2013 Greenbriar was very blessed to have Marjani Jones join us as a Speech
Therapist full time.
I am very excited to announce to you that she has been voted by her piers as Associate of
the Year! Marjani always greets everyone with a smile and a “good morning. She always
presents herself professionally and pleasantly, calm and genuine at all times. She is always
looking to better herself in her profession to give of herself to assist our residents in any way
she is able.
She enjoys being challenged and requested to accept student speech therapist to assist in
the training/education of future speech therapist. She is a team player with every
department in the building. Marjani is a wonderful asset to the rehab department and
Greenbriar. Marjani is truly desiring of this honor!
Please join me in congratulating her of the award of Associate of the Year 2014!
New Meal Times
RRU1st Cart 7:00
RRU 2nd Cart 7:10
Subacute 7:20
North Hall 7:40
Main Dining 7:50
RRU 1st 12:00
RRU 2nd Cart 12:10
Subacute 12:20
East Hall 12:30
North Hall 12:35
Main Dining 12:45
RRU 1st 5:00
RRU 2nd 5:10
Subacute 5:20
East Hall 5:30
North Hall 5:40
Main Dining 5:50
Solutions :
WOW Factor Winner: Annie Green C.N.A.
By: Kera Literal, DON
It is our pleasure to announce, that the WOW Factor Winner for
Greenbriar is Annie Green C.N.A.! Annie now has the opportunity to win
an all expenses paid cruise for herself and a guest. This is the second time
that Annie has won for our building, and last year she was the cruise
winner as well for our region. The cruise recipients will be announced at
an awards gala that will be held March 5th. Good luck, Annie!
The WOW Factor Winner is a way to acknowledge associates that have
received the most commendations throughout the year. Each winner has to have at least five
commendations/positive care line calls to be eligible. With her seventeen years of service to
Greenbriar, her compassionate nature, and commitment to excellence…it comes as no surprise that
Annie would be the one to beat.
“I hope I win the cruise again! I had so much fun last year!” Annie stated, after finding out she was
once again in the running. When asked why she believes she receives the performance praises from
her residents, Annie stated, “It’s because I keep my residents happy. I have always done that.” Annie
also states that she continues to strive to provide the highest quality of care, and it has little to do with
the chance to win an award. “It’s about the residents and their faces. When they tell you they missed
you after you’ve had a day off, and knowing that you make their day. That’s why we do this.”
Thank you, Annie for your dedication to our Culture of CARE!
From Gloria’s Kitchen
Submitted by : Gloria White
Corn and Potato Fritters
 2 large potatoes
 8oz can corn kernels, drained
 4 eggs, lightly beaten
 6 spring onions, chopped
 ½ cup dry bread crumbs
 1 teaspoon garam masala
 3 tablespoon oil
Dipping Sauce
 2/3 cup natural yogurt
 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint leaves
 2 teaspoon sweet chili sauce
1. Peel and coarsely grate the potatoes. Drain on
paper towel and squeeze out the excess moisture.
Combine in a bowl with the corn, eggs, spring onion,
breadcrumbs and garam masala. Mix well.
2. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a heavy based frying
pan. Cook heaped tablespoons of mixture over
medium heat for 2 minutes each side or until golden.
3. Drain on crumpled paper towel and keep warm.
4. Repeat until all the mixture is used, adding extra
oil to the pan if necessary. For dipping sauce,
combine all the ingredients in a bowl.
Wear Red Day & February Events
By Tori Couch
Greystone’s communities were decked out in red on American Heart Association’s Wear Red
Day, February 6th, recognizing the impact of heart disease and stroke on women and men. Our
staff pledged to ‘Go Red’ and watch their sodium intake, increase physical activity, eat more
fruits, vegetables, fiber and whole grains, and see their doctor to check cholesterol, blood
pressure and blood sugar.
We’re honored by the support and commitment our associates made by taking the pledge. All
our locations had exceptional participation,
with over 50 participants each from North
Pictured: (top) Stefanie R.
and Terry L. at Bayshore
Beach, Sunset Lake, Park Meadows, Lady
walk, (middle row) Men Go
Lake, Terrace and Village Place Health &
Red for Women event,
Rehabilitation Centers alone.
(bottom left) Park Meadows
staff with their Go Red
Events throughout February raised
Pledge table, (bottom right)
awareness and support for the cause as
The Club takes the pledge.
well, including a walk on Bayshore Blvd. in
Tampa, FL, and events featuring Tampa Bay’s
Men Go Red for Women council, including
three members from Greystone Healthcare
Management’s corporate office.
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