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March 4, 2015
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Netanyahu: ‘Israel will
not be passive’ with Iran
GAO Warns: Air Traffic
Control Systems Vulnerable
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Grand Plan
F.C.C. Takes Over
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Ted Cruz spills secret of GOP
amnesty sabotage
Let’s Destroy
‘The cake was baked from the start’
On October 25, 2014, I published a column titled, “Barack
Obama: Grand Caliph of Islam,” in which I conjectured that
Obama’s long term career goal,
after completing his second term
in the Oval Office, may be to return to the land of his forefathers
and, within a few short years, run
for president of Kenya. Although
most Americans would expect
Obama to do almost anything
to establish his place in history,
many readers scoffed at the suggestion, saying that it was illogical
to even suggest that anyone would
want to become president of a
small East African country after
serving two terms as president of
the richest, most powerful nation
on Earth. But was that really so
farfetched? And what led me to
arrive at that conclusion? Let’s
connect a few dots.
First, if we can take Obama
at his word regarding his parentage, he was born on August 4,
1961, to an American mother,
Stanley Ann Dunham, and Barack
Obama, Sr., a citizen of British
East Africa (Kenya), a British
colony. Thus, if Obama is to be
believed, it is indisputable that he
was born with dual US-Kenyan
citizenship. However, after Kenya won its independence from
Great Britain on December 12,
1963, the newly-adopted constitution failed to recognize permanent
dual citizenship, requiring all
those of dual nationality to decide
by date-certain which country
they wished to affiliate with. And
since there is no evidence that
Obama has ever renounced the
American portion of his dual citizenship, under Chapter VI, Section 97 of the 1963 constitution
he automatically lost the Kenyan
portion of his dual citizenship on
August 4, 1984.
Understanding that Obama
is a man motivated primarily by
delusions of grandeur, it leads one
to ask: how could such a man ever
find happiness in any position in
which he was not the center of
attention, worshipped and adored
by people around the world? And
what could he possibly do that
would allow him to carve out a
niche for himself in world history greater than the presidency
of the United States? Allow me
to speculate once again that, after
spending eight years in the White
House attempting to “fundamentally transform” the greatest,
most powerful nation on Earth,
doing irreparable damage to our
country in the process and earning
the well-deserved title of “Worst
President in American History,”
it is entirely conceivable that he
might wish to live out his years
in Kenya where he is universally
worshiped and adored.
Impossible you say? Perhaps. But I would argue that what
I suggest is no more far-fetched
than the notion that an inexperienced, pot-smoking, cocaine
sniffing, red-diapered, black
agitator from Chicago… a man
whose only discernible talent is
the ability to read someone else’s
words from a teleprompter and
See Hollrah, pg. 11
by Garth Kant
NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, RTexas, strongly suggested the
fix was in from the beginning
by GOP leaders to sabotage
the fight against
Obama’s amnesty, saying, “The
cake was baked
from the start.”
The senator said
that was evident
to him immediately when GOP
leaders chose a
bill funding the Department of
Homeland Security, or DHS,
as the vehicle to try to stop
the amnesty President Obama
granted to five-million illegal
immigrants by executive order
in November.
Cruz made the observations
while speaking to a small group
of reporters across the street
from the annual Conservative
Political Action Conference, or
CPAC, on Thursday.
WND kicked off the conversation by asking: Why won’t GOP
leaders fight amnesty?
What do YOU think? Where
do GOP leaders really stand on
amnesty for illegals? Sound off
in the WND Poll.
If the GOP leadership had really
Cruz insisted
GOP leaders
knew all along
that rank-andfile Republicans
would never
vote to defund
the DHS during a time of increasing terror
threats at home
wanted to stop amnesty, Cruz
explained, they would not have
attached the provision defunding Obama’s amnesty to the
DHS funding bill.
and abroad.
They would have attached it to a
bill defunding the Environmental Protection Agency, “or some
other non-essential agency.”
Cruz said he is optimistic in the
long run but pessimistic in the
short term about stemming the
flow of illegal immigrants.
He described such agencies as
“hostages the GOP could afford
to hold.”
He is pessimistic because “GOP
Instead, he said, they chose a
strategy that was clearly designed to fail.
See Sabotage, pg. 9
Report: Obama threatened to shoot
down Israeli jets
Kuwaiti paper says Netanyahu aborted 2014 attack on Iran nukes
President Barack Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack
against Iran’s nuclear facilities
in 2014 by threatening to shoot
down Israeli jets before they
could reach
their targets
in Iran, according to a
Kuwaiti newspaper cited
by the Bethlehem-based
news agency
In the wake of
Obama’s purported threat,
Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was said to be forced to
abort the strike on Iran.
Israel National News published
an account of the report from
Al-Jarida. It said the Netanyahu
government decided to attack
Iran “some time in 2014 soon
after Israel had discovered the
United States and Iran had been
involved in secret talks over
Iran’s nuclear program and
were about to sign an agreement
in that regard behind Israel’s
The report claimed an unnamed
Israeli minister who has good
ties with the Obama administration disclosed details of the
attack plan to U.S. Secretary
of State John Kerry, and that
“Obama then threatened to shoot
down the Israeli jets before
they could reach their targets
in Iran.”
The Kuwaiti paper quoted
By Kurt Schlichter
It’s time to give current university system the Old Yeller treatment, except normal Americans
will giggle when this rabid
mongrel gets put down.
“well-placed” sources saying
Netanyahu, Minister of Defense
Moshe Yaalon, and then-Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, chose to hit Iran’s nuclear
niew Brzezinski, and ardent
campaigner for Obama in 2008,
called on the president to shoot
down Israeli planes if they attack Iran.
“They have
to fly over
our airspace
in Iraq. Are
we just going
to sit there
and watch?”
said the former national
security advisor to former President
Jimmy Carter
in an interview with the
Daily Beast.
facilities after discussions with
top security commanders.
According to the report, “Netanyahu and his commanders
agreed after four nights of deliberations to task the Israeli
army’s chief of staff, Benny
Gantz, to prepare a qualitative
operation against Iran’s nuclear
program. In addition, Netanyahu
and his ministers decided to do
whatever they could do to thwart
a possible agreement between
Iran and the White House because such an agreement is,
allegedly, a threat to Israel’s
Israeli fighter jets trained are
said to have trained for several
weeks in order to ensure the
plan’s success, even carrying
out experimental flights in Iran’s
airspace after they managed to
penetrate Iranian radar.
Former U.S. diplomat Zbig-
“We have to be serious about denying them that right,” he said.
“If they fly over, you go up and
confront them. They have the
choice of turning back or not. No
one wishes for this but it could
be a ‘Liberty’ in reverse.”
Sure, the legions of administrative timeservers, otherwise
unemployable tenure ticks,
and loan-loaded future baristas
who infest our colleges will be
plenty sad. After all, their free
ride will come to an end when
we derail their gravy train.
And it shall be glorious, for the
tears they shed when forced
into a world that demands
achievement, effort and accountability, will be a powerful
tonic for productive citizens
like us who have carried these
obnoxious parasites for the last
few decades. We won’t mourn
modern academia’s passing.
Once a college education was
an aspiration. Now it’s a punchline.
This is where I must help out
the liberal readers operating
under the delusion that their
self-designed dual major in
Otherkin Activism and PostModern Self-Actualization
gave them the ability to understand simple concepts. The enemy is academia, not education.
But except for a few bastions
of true learning, like Hillsdale
College, the rare instances
where modern academia overlaps with actual education are
the result of sheer chance.
Understand that the purpose of
modern American “education”
is not to educate students. It is
primarily to provide cushy, subsidized sinecures for liberal administrators and faculty while,
secondarily, providing a forum
to indoctrinate soft young minds
in the liberal fetishes du jour.
Actually educating students is
hard, and a meaningful education is anathema to liberalism.
In the liberals’ ideal world, the
universities would simply fester
with leftist nonsense and not
even bother with trying to teach
their charges anything at all.
And today, it’s pretty close to
being the liberals’ ideal world.
See Academia, pg.
Daylight Savings Time
begins this weekend. If you
go to bed at 9PM Saturday
night, set your clocks for
10PM, or you will be too
early for church.
During the Six-Day War in
1967, Israel mistakenly attacked
the American ship Liberty.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Governor Mary Fallin’s “Oklahoma Now”
Governor Mary Fallin Named Chair of the Republican
Governors Public Policy Committee
By Neil Carson (CKA Bob McDowell)
Republican Governors Public
Policy Committee (RGPPC)
announced today that Governor
Mary Fallin will serve as its
Chair for 2015.
in Oklahoma, and I am proud of
what Republican governors are
doing all across this country: taking action, enacting reforms and
achieving results to move their
states forward,” said Governor
Fallin. “When Washington is
faced with a problem, it shuts
down. But when states are faced
with problems, Republican governors step up, putting in place
the creative, innovative solutions
required to ensure government
works for the taxpayers, just the
way it should. I am honored to
serve as RGPPC Chair and work
to give states the flexibility and
independence they need to successfully solve problems and
deliver results.”
“Governor Fallin is a natural
choice for this leadership position. On energy, jobs, the budget,
and more, she is putting sound,
conservative policy to work in
Oklahoma,” said RGA Chairman
Bill Haslam. “Oklahoma turned
a corner since she was elected;
it is growing and thriving, and
its future is more secure because
of her commitment to good
governance. Governor Fallin’s
leadership has made a hugely
positive impact on her state, and
her insight will be a tremendous The Republican Governors Pubasset to the RGA’s policy efforts lic Policy Committee (RGPPC) is
the policy arm of the Republican
in the coming year.”
Governors Association (RGA)
“I am proud of what we are doing and the official policy organiza-
tion of the nation’s Republican
governors. With a strong majority of 31 governors, the RGPPC
works to impact public policy
on both the state and national
Since taking office in
2011, Governor Fallin
has worked
to revive
Gov. Mary Fallin
growth and vitality in Oklahoma.
Today, Oklahoma has one of
the lowest unemployment rates
in the country. During her first
term in office, the state’s median
household income grew at twice
the national average and in 2013
Oklahoma had the fourth fastest
growing domestic product in the
Gov. Mary Fallin: Looking for a great place to work or
raise a family? Check out Green Country
Tulsa World
Twenty years ago, they used Oklahoma is a destination for
to call Oklahoma a “fly-over” tourism, whether it’s people
coming to enjoy Oklahoma’s
state. Not anymore.
beautiful lakes, our sports events
Today, Oklahoma is “fly-to” or our music.
country. We are a destination
for business, with booming Of course, we’re also a destinaaerospace, energy, agriculture tion for families, who come here
and bioscience sectors. We’re for jobs, low cost of living and
home to internationally known high quality of life.
companies like American Airlines, Boeing and Google, as One of the fastest growing,
well as local powerhouses like most prosperous and certainly
ONE Gas, BOK Financial, most beautiful parts of the state
is northeastern Oklahoma, or
NORDAM and Williams.
as we like to call it: “Green
In 2014 alone, more than 2,500
new business locations opened
in Green Country, employing
25,000 people.
Those businesses are part of our
community, which means they
have a lot of Oklahomans working to help them succeed.
To boost commerce in the
region, our state and local govSee Fallin, pg. 3
Poor Bills From Committee
It seems to me that some of
the Legislators in the 2015 Session
are attempting to sneak some rather
C/S (Communist/Socialist) bills
under the radar of public scrutiny.
One such of note to me surfaced in
the daily paper of February 5 well
buried, but in upper right corner,
on page 11 of the second part of
the first section.
The headline of the story,
which carried the by-line of ‘Randy
Krehbiel of the World Staff’, was:
“Nonpartisan sheriff ballot bill
advances”. It also carried a subheadline of “Tulsa County’s sheriff
says current system isn’t broken”.
The gist of the story is that House
Bill 1097, authored by Rep. Donnie
Condit, D-McAlester, was passed
out of the Committee on Elections
and Ethics, despite Sheriff Glanz,
awarded ‘Nations Best Sheriff’ by
the National Sheriffs Association in
recent years, presenting an objection by Undersheriff Tim Albin at
the hearing.
It has long been my firm
belief that the use of so-called ‘nonpartisan’ elections is contrary to the
principles of the “Representative
Republic” we were given by the
authors of the US Constitution. It
is my opinion that far too many office holders around the Nation are
elected in such ‘ignore the party’
These include School Boards,
City and Town Councils, and in
Oklahoma, District Judges. It
seems to me that these have been
dreamed up as schemes of those of
the C/S persuasion to obtain offices
for their followers that would not
otherwise happen, simply because
the voters were unaware of the
real political principles of the
It was a surprise to me to
see the party of the bill author
mentioned, since it has been the
observed practice of the national
and major local media to not mention the party of someone if the
subject is controversial if it happens
to begin with a “D”.
It also is disturbing that the
reported Committee vote was 5-2 in
a strong majority Republican member committee. The names of those
voting ‘Yea’ were surprisingly
reported as: David Perryman, D-
Chickasha, David Dank, R-OKC,
Charlie Joyner, R-Midwest City,
and Gary Banz, R-Midwest City.
Voting “Nay” were reported to be
Paul Wesselhoft, R-OKC, and Michael Rogers, Broken Arrow.
seemingly afterthought,
the story also
mentioned that
the Committee passed a
measure that
‘would move
school elections to odd-numbered years and
on the same dates as municipal
elections’. This is in my opinion a
much needed move as there are far
too many of these ‘other’ elections
scattered through the year, ostensibly to reduce the voter turn-out
and thus assure the results desired
by those ‘running the show’, to the
detriment of the citizens paying the
bill and the result that many possible voters just do not even know
about them.
Another bill passed out of
the Committee it stated was one
that would allow those with physical limitations to automatically
receive absentee ballots. This
seems unnecessary since it is so
easy to obtain absentee ballots at
this time. It also raises the possibility of even more fraudulent votes
being cast than now occur, and
they do already in major numbers,
from personal experience. It has
been my practice for years to use
the absentee ballots, not because
of physical limitations, but because my professional schedule
involved being out of town often,
and not necessarily with much
prior notice. An advantage to me
that has surfaced in their use is that
the ballots arrive five to six weeks
in advance of the election, which
allows me time to research the
candidates or questions on the ballot and thus arrive at a much more
informed position from which to
cast my vote.
Thus it appears that only the
bill moving and consolidating elections is the only one that receives
my personal approval and recommendation.
The Conservative View
Congressman Mullin Continues Fight to Reverse
President’s Immigration Plan
national security to be taken hostage by a minority of senators,”
said Mullin. “Our Constitution
requires identical bills to be
passed by the House and Senate
before going to the president.
By moving this negotiation
to conference committee, the
House is taking yet another step
Funding for the department towards reversing the president’s
would be extended for one week executive power grab on immiunder a separate vote in order to gration.”
give the chambers time to go to
In January, the House passed
conference committee.
H.R. 240, the Department of
“The House has done its job Homeland Security Appropria-- twice. We cannot allow our tions Act of 2015 by a vote of
WASHINGTON – Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK02) today voted for a bill that
would allow the U.S. House of
Representatives and U.S. Senate
to resolve differences over funding for the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security (DHS).
Toll Free Capitol Switchboard 1-877-762-8762
Sen. James M. Inhofe
E-mail: [email protected]
Washington Phone 1-202-224-4721 FAX 202-228-0380
Tulsa Phone: 1-918-748-5111 • Oklahoma City 1-405-608-4381
Sen. Tom Coburn
Washington 1-202-224-5754 FAX 202-224-6008
Tulsa Phone: 1-918-581-7651 Okla. City 1-405-231-4941
U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Dist. 1)
216 Cannon House Office Bldg. Washington DC 20515
1-202-225-2211 FAX (202) 225-9187, Tulsa, 2448 E. 81st. St.,
#5150, Tulsa, OK 74137, 1-918) 935-3222 FAX (918) 935-2716
236-191. This bill defunds the
president’s executive action on
immigration. While this bill has
received majority support in the
Senate, it does not have the 60
votes required to clear a procedural hurdle.
A conference committee would
allow appointees from both the
House and Senate to negotiate
differences over the bill. If both
chambers of Congress can agree
upon a final bill, it would then
advance to the president.
Mullin, who has voted twice to
reverse the president’s unilateral action on immigration, says
he will work to ensure that the
intent of the original House bill
to defund the president’s action
is not lost.
“Americans are fed up with these
abuses of power and want to see
our nation’s laws enforced,” continued Mullin. “I’m supportive
of measures that get us closer to
holding the president accountable to American people.”
By Russell Turner
Speeding Cars and Politics
Anyone who has ever had an
out of control teenager can empathize
with the scenario in this column.
Many parents have tried to find a way
to keep their child from driving too
fast and putting their life in danger.
When you get down to it, it can be
a hard thing to do when the child is
stubborn and intent on doing what he
wants to. Have you ever tried to catch
up with a speeding car going down
the street? The driver that obeys the
speed limit will have a hard time ever
catching up with the jerk that runs
every stoplight and disregards all of
the speed limits. Sooner or later that
reckless behavior will catch up with
him, usually resulting in a serious
crash. One sure way to stop the speeding is to stop buying the gasoline and
the speeding will stop. On a national
level we are witnessing our elected
leaders showing the same disregard
for the laws of the land.
We Americans have a bad
habit of passing more laws with
the misguided belief that if we pass
enough of them all of our problems
will be solved. Some elected officials
do try to obey the laws while others
simply ignore them and do what they
want. When we have politicians who
spend all of their time looking for
loopholes to avoid following the law
we will continue to have problems.
Our president is acting in much the
same way; the sad thing is all of us
Rep. Markwayne Mullin, (R-Dist. 2)
Washington 1-202-225-2701
Claremore 1-918-341-9336
Muskogee 1-918-687-2533
Rep. Frank Lucas 1-202-225-5565/Stillwater 1-405-624-6407
Rep. Tom Cole 1-202-6165/Norman 1-405-329-6500
Oklahoma State Offices
Governor Mary Fallin
OK State Capitol, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105 • Phone 1-405-521-2342 Fax 405-521-3353
Tulsa Office: 440 S. Huston Ave. , Suite 304, Tulsa, OK 74127
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will be hurt by his lack of respect for
our system.
Over the past week there has
been much discussion on talk radio
about the potential shutdown of the
Homeland Security Agency due to
the impasse over the federal budget. Presently the bill is hung up in
the US Senate with the Democrats
it. The main
point of contention is the
US House of
Representative bill that
denied funding for President Obama’s
executive acRussell Turner
tion over the
immigration issue. The bill would
fund all other functions except immigration. Even in the light of a federal
judge in Texas putting a hold on the
implementation of the president’s immigration action, the Senate Democrats seem intent on shielding our
president from his illegal action.
I have noticed that the mainstream media doesn’t say anything
about the Democrats’ actions. In
2013 during another budget dispute
the mainstream media was continually blasting the Republicans for shutting down the government. My question is why aren’t they screaming to
the high heavens when the liberals are
the clear obstructionists? The funding
bill has already passed the House and
it cannot get a hearing in the Senate.
I know that the Republicans are terrified of the mainstream media because
it will only be a matter of time until
they are blamed for any shutdown.
The Republicans need to remember
that we voters entrusted them with
both houses of Congress. Like the
parent with an out of control child,
the only option to stop bad behavior
is to deny the cash and the rebellious
attitude will stop. Congress has the
power of the purse. My advice to
the Republicans, don’t worry about
becoming the news media darlings.
Just stay firm in your conservative
principles and don’t back down.
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
From My Pointless Ruth Bivens
Fallin, from pg. 2_________
Hot Water
ernments have invested heavily
in the region’s highway, rail,
pipeline and water transportation infrastructure. At the State
Capitol, Oklahoma’s pro-business Legislature has passed
sweeping workers compensation reform, lawsuit reform and
tax cuts to make Oklahoma a
more economically competitive
What is the weather like in
your neck of the woods? My sister
sent me a message about ten this
morning and told me that Oklahoma
was shut down by several inches of
snow and frozen rain on top of that.
I told her to please keep the cold
weather up north.
As I write it is nearly 10 p.m.
Sunday night, March 1st. The thermometer on the tree just outside our
front door shows that the current
temperature is 52 degrees. Today
has been some warmer than the past
three or four days. In fact, we have
had three cold fronts move through
in the past two weeks since we
came back to Coahuila from Pharr.
For days the temperature has been
around 40, and that is COLD here.
We are blessed that all of the houses
here at the Getsemani Children’s
Home have good gas heaters. And,
Hubby and I are proud of our electric
blanket with dual controls!
One of the things we would
enjoy in this cold weather is a good
hot water heater. There is a little
heater for the duplex here where
we live. It probably holds about 10
gallons, and is a system that is supposed to heat the water as it passes
through to be used. However, there
is something about it that does not
seem to work just exactly right.
There is a family of three, a
mother and her two sons, who live on
the other side of the duplex and we
share the little tank. We are always
trying to figure out when they take
their baths. I would prefer to wash
my dishes with hot water, but that
does not happen often, unless I wash
them late at night. All I can figure out
is that they use a lot of hot water and
I get the cold water that replaced it.
It is rare to get into our shower
and have hot water. Late last night
I felt sure they were all in bed and I
could get a go
od hot bath. I got shampoo in
my hair and was about half soaped
up when the hot water suddenly
turned cold! Now, I never enjoyed a
cold shower in my life, not even in
mid summer-and even less when the
temperature outside is 40 or below.
Believe me, the rest of that shower
was quick.
I suggested to Hubby that it
might be a good idea to invest in
a little electric heater for the bathroom. He is not convinced yet. I also
wondered what it would cost to just
install a standard water heater, you
know the type, a big tank that heats
50 gallons or so.
Back at our little house in
Pharr we had been having some
problems with the hot water for a
good while, but we were never there
long enough to do anything about
it. Over time the hot water stream
from the faucets had just become
a trickle.
Back in January, right before
we left for Alabama, a cousin of
mine visited us. He recently retired
from a job in Tulsa where he was
involved in all kinds of plumbing
and electrical installations. When
we mentioned the problem to him
he went out and checked our hot
water heater. It was an electric tank
that we had installed soon after we
bought the house in ‘94. He took
off one of the pipes that delivered
hot water to the kitchen and showed
us. It was so blocked by mineral
accumulation that I could not even
see light through the straight, six
inch section of pipe. He said that
the tank probably looked the same
way, recommended that Hubby
buy another hot water heater and he
would install it for us.
Hubby made a run to the
Lowe’s store and came back with
a big, electric hot water heater. My
cousin went right to work, and in
no time, had it hooked up. It took
a while for it to fill, but, shortly we
had a good stream of hot water that
reached all the way to our bathroom,
all the way across the house. We
enjoyed the luxury of nice, hot water
that day. The next day we loaded up
and left for a month.
When we got back we were
anticipating that we would have
plenty of hot water as we pulled into
the drive from the long road trip. It
was going to be so nice to get a good
hot bath and crawl into bed. But, no!
There was no hot water!
Hubby checked with several
electricians, and when he found one
who could come before we had to
leave again, arranged for him to
come that afternoon. He checked out
the new hot water heater and concluded that the heating element was
burned out. He said that my cousin
had not hooked it up correctly and
the wrong placement of the wires
had caused an arch that burned out
the element.
That surprised us both, since
my cousin considers himself some-
what of an expert in these matters.
Nevertheless, Hubby went right
straight to the store and bought
another heating element. The man
installed it then sat in the living room
and visited with us while we waited
to see if it was going to work. Soon
we had hot water. Before he left that
afternoon the gentleman presented
us with a list
of things he
was sure
needed to
be replaced,
and re-wiring that
needed to
be done.
He said he
could do
the work for
Ruth Bivens
like $2965.
We were not at all prepared for that!
He wanted to replace the breaker
box and a lot of wiring in that side
of the house. We had never had
any electrical problems before, so
we both doubted that it was really
We enjoyed hot water that
evening, then the next morning, there
was none! Hubby had me call the
electrician. He came back with his
two sons. He removed a panel on
the front of the heater and worked
for a few minutes and proclaimed
that it was repaired. He insisted that
the problem had something to do
with all of the wiring that needed to
be done. We told him that we could
just could not afford it right now
and had to leave soon, so he bid us
“farewell” and left. Did you guess
what happened next? We had no
hot water.
We have a dear friend in
Bixby, Brother Don Allen, who had
his own electrical business for many
years. He has done some work on
our little house in years past. So,
Hubby just sat down and gave him
a call. He explained the list of wiring the man insisted was needed and
asked Brother Don what he thought.
He agreed with us that the man
just wanted a job. He was familiar
enough with our house to know the
condition of all of the wiring and said
there was no need at all to replace the
breaker box.
Hubby concluded that he did
not want to see that same electrician
again. So, we did not call the man
back and report to him that there was
no hot water in the new tank. We just
did without hot water until we had to
leave and head this direction.
When we came back to Coahuila on the eleventh it was a relief
to at least have a little tank and
occasional hot water. We both
wondered when we would be home
again long enough to have a “real”
electrician come out and check over
the situation.
One of the problems we have
when we are away from the house for
a month at a time is that the mail piles
up. The folks at the post office in
Pharr are so good about taking care
of it. When we come in from a trip
they will greet us warmly and hand
us a huge tub of mail. It is mostly just
junk, and a lot of little catalogs, since
that is how I do my shopping. But it
all has to be examined and receipts
sent out for donations to the work in
Mexico, and those funds distributed
to their designated destinations. It is
a major job to tend to a month’s mail,
so I get little else done when we are
there for two or three days.
Hubby decided he would just
run down last week and pick up two
weeks’ mail. We had mentioned
our hot water heater problem to our
neighbors here, the house parents
in house #2. Shon is an electrician
and offered to make the run down
and back with Hubby and check
on the new hot water heater. So
he did. They left early Wednesday
As soon as they got to Pharr
Shon went out and took a little panel
off the front of the tank. He reached
in and flipped a switch and the hot
water heater came on! It turns out
there is a re-set switch and it had
switched itself off. He said the water temperature was set really high
and that is probably what caused
it to keep shutting off. He changed
the temperature, and while the fellows were at the house they had hot
Before they left Hubby went
out and turned off the breaker to
the hot water heater. Why waste
money heating water if we are not
even there? Why didn’t we think of
that before? The fellows came back
on Thursday with a big tub of mail,
and smiling all the way. So, now the
little house in Pharr will have plenty
of hot water, and Shon didn’t charge
us a cent.
Businesses in Green Country
benefit from a constantly improving workforce, bolstered
by great universities and one of
the strongest career technology
systems in the nation.
Local employers also have a
strong voice in the State Chamber and Tulsa Metro Chamber,
which work together to help
guide lawmakers as they produce legislation to support
economic growth and business
Northeastern Oklahoma is on
the rise, but you don’t have to
take my word for it. Here are
some of the things that have
been written in recent years
about Tulsa, Green Country’s
biggest city:
The Fiscal Times called Oklahoma the No. 2 state in the
country for young people to
find a job.
Zillow ranked it No. 3 for home
value growth.
The Brookings Institute ranked
Tulsa No. 6 for growth in exports.
Page 3
In this Liberal State,
Democrats Can Make You
Pay Child Support for
Someone Else’s Child
Imagine being forced to pay motion long ago to dispute his
$30,000 in child support for parentage of the child.
another man’s child.
“That motion must be filed
within 3 years after the child’s
That’s exactly what’s happening birth, or within one year after the
to Carnell Alexander.
order of filiation is entered,” said
McCarthy. “The defendant has
Alexander, a resident of Detroit, failed to to timely file this motion
is being forced to pay child sup- setting aside the acknowledgport for a child that paternity tests ment of parentage.” It is here the
have proven isn’t his.
court ruled Alexander must pay
the $30,000 in child support for
If you need any more proof the the child, who is now an adult.
welfare system is destroyAccording
ing the counto CBS Detry, as well as
troit, Alexpeople’s lives,
ander took a
this story will
paternity test
leave you
in 2013 after
he had tried
to find the
Ben Swann
mother of the
provides us
child for many
with the deyears. The test
proved he was
not father of the child, but even
In the early 1990s, Carnell Alex- though this evidence was proander was pulled over by a police vided to the courts in the past,
officer and this officer informed they held to their decision to
Alexander he was under arrest make Alexander pay for the
for being a deadbeat father. Alex- child support. The court also said
ander, however, was taken aback it would not help his case if he
when he heard he was a deadbeat presented the mother of the child
father, according to WXYZ.
for the case.
What had happened was an exgirlfriend of Alexander gave
birth to a child in the late eighties, and in order to qualify for
welfare assistance to raise the
child, she needed to name a
father on the appropriate paperwork. Even though the woman
was aware Alexander was not the
father, according to KFOR, she
decided to put his name down
The Bureau of Labor Statistics
found it to be the No. 10 city
for job growth and business
Usually, when a man is named
the father of a child on such paAnd Forbes ranked it in the top perwork, the state sends a notice
25 cities for both affordability to the person via mail. However,
and friendliness to retirees.
Alexander was incarcerated, according to the Michigan DepartIf statistics and rankings don’t ment of Corrections, so he would
convince you, take a walk not have received the notice.
through Tulsa’s booming Brady
District, and see the progress for On Tuesday, Alexander went in
front of the Third Judicial Circuit
yourself; or, get out of the city
Court where Judge Kathleen
and see the countryside. Grand McCarthy said she was outraged
Lake has some of the most Alexander had failed to take
beautiful sights in the state, this matter seriously. According
and small cities like Claremore to FOX 2 Now, McCarthy said
offer some of the best quality Alexander should have filed a
of life and small-town living in
the country.
Alexander acknowledges he
may owe the money according
to the fine print of the law, but
he will not believe the fine print
of the law is right. “The law is
not going to fit into everybody’s
situation,” said Alexander. “Why
don’t they use common sense?”
You might wonder, how is this
It really shouldn’t be. But in a
progressive nation where the the
state has the ultimate say over
an individual’s freedom, it is
This is what happens when generations of politicians continue
to grow lax in working to protect
the constitutional rights of the
With a myriad of complex laws
working to bolster the strength
of the state, and to weaken the
rights of the individual, we’ll see
more and more of this.
Action To Ban Bullets
If you’re looking for a place
with a bright future where
businesses thrive and families
can feel safe and enjoy a high
quality of life, look no further. Wash Ex: “As promised, Presi- bacco, Firearms and Explosives
There’s no better place than dent Obama is using executive this month revealed that it is
Green Country.
actions to impose gun control proposing to put the ban on 5.56
on the nation, targeting the top- mm ammo on a fast track, imAcademia, from pg. 1____ selling rifle in the country, the mediately driving up the price
AR-15 style semi-automatic, of the bullets and prompting
You liberal readers are with a ban on one of the most- retailers, including the huge
foaming at the mouth right used AR bullets by sportsmen outdoors company Cabela’s,
about now, furious not because and target shooters.
to urge sportsmen to urge ConI’m wrong but because I’m
gress to stop the president.”
undeniably, absolutely, incon- The Bureau of Alcohol, Totrovertibly right. So your next
move – see, I’ve done this before, my Marxist Ceramics-majoring friend – is now to attack
me personally since you never
learned from your goateed TA
how to argue like an adult. Your
first gambit will be to impugn
my own academic career. Try
again – I have the academic credentials you prize so highly and
with so little reason. Been there,
done that, built a company, marMember
ried an ex-model, and no, I don’t
want to see your resume.
Check out
Phone: 918-785-2446
Fax: 918-628-5170
P.O. Box 199 • Adair, OK 74330
Page 4 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
F.C.C. Takes Over The We’re Being Cooked!!
This is the 46th article in the BANNER NEWSPAPER, March 4th, documenting the problems
with Oklahoma utilitiesʼ (GAS/WATER/ELECTRIC) “Spy” Smart Meters (a microwave radiation
... by Joe Esposito
By Attorney Jonathan Emord
At the behest of President
Barack Obama, the Federal
Communications Commission voted this past Thursday,
3-2, on party lines, to impose
FCC control over access to
and charges by internet service
providers. This is the beginning
of the end of freedom over the
internet. So-called net neutrality is not neutral at all, but is a
regulatory schema that imposes
federal oversight and control
over what was but a moment
ago the last remaining example
of largely unfettered freedom
and free enterprise left in the
Longing for the power to force
internet service providers to
bend to the will of government
masters, the Obama Administration aimed to get the proverbial
camel’s nose into the tent, anticipating that its whole body
would come next. Using the
pretext of ensuring consumers
had more rapid internet connections, the new regulations
promise to do much more, essentially rendering all internet
service providers common carriers subject to the same kind
of innovation and competition
stultifying regulations that made
the old Bell system such an
archaic, byzantine bureaucratic
On the road to a better internet,
now architects of systems and
markets will have to stop at a
government toll booth. There
they must satisfy the subjective
dictates of FCC commissioners
or else they will not be allowed
to proceed. One of the greatest,
most powerful and far reaching
technological achievements
of the Twentieth and TwentyFirst Centuries is now to be
but another utility where rates,
service plans, and technological
advances will not be allowed
unless first approved by the
politicians who populate the
Federal Communications Commission.
The FCC has just denied liberty
and free enterprise its essential
place in that medium which
holds out more promise for
the advancement of mankind
than any other. The FCC has
learned through broadcast,
cable, and telephone regulation
that structural controls beget in
time near total control over a
medium. By lording it over on
the internet service providers
in the years to come, the FCC
will coerce and cajole them
into implementing the political
dictates of FCC Commissioners
in a manner akin to FCC’s long
and sordid history of control
over the broadcast media.
Displeasing a regulator who
has subjective power over the
structure of media invites retaliation. What former FCC Chairman Newton Norman Minow
referred to as “regulation by
raised eyebrow” in broadcast
regulation is now applicable in
the internet context. The mere
hint of an FCC Commissioner’s
dissatisfaction with the operations of an Internet Service Provider will cause that provider to
appreciate all too well that the
regulator’s displeasure makes
essential approvals far more
difficult to obtain. Instead, most
will alter their business plans
to avoid regulatory payback,
even if that means constricting
access to some in favor of others, thereby affecting who may
speak and what may be said.
R.O.C.K. Meeting Report
Trinity Baptist’s R.O.C.K.
Program, a support group for
caregivers raising someone
else’s child, held its monthly
meeting February 10 with keynote speaker Mark Morris,
Grove’s Police Chief.
Chief Morris described
issues he and his department
see firsthand facing these caregivers, whether they be grandparents , family members, or
neighbors. “Children who come
from a broken family sometimes
act out. These kids have a lot of
hurt and anger as they see other
children in what seems to them
to be ‘normal families’ with
moms and dads intact,” Chief
Morris explained.
He encouraged caregivers
to be supportive and involved in
their children’s lives. Morris
also encouraged anyone who is
facing problems with the children they are raising to use the
police as a resource. “If you are
concerned that the situation will
become violent, do not hesitate
to call,” he added. “Do not be
afraid to bring the child into
the station. I will be more than
happy to talk with the child.”
R.O.C.K. meets monthly
on the second Tuesday at Trinity
Baptist Church, 206 South Elk,
Grove, 6:30 p.m., according to
Robert Carter, Pastor of Trinity
Baptist Church. “R.O.C.K.’s
mission is to help caregivers
strengthen their families and to
support and encourage their efforts,” Pastor Carter explained.
He added, “The message
for the March 10 meeting of
R.O.C.K. will be a tribute from
a grandson to his grandparents,
and will serve as an encouragement to other caregivers who,
I’m sure, feel overwhelmed at
Child care for all ages is
available, and no reservations
are required.
More Ice on Great Lakes Now Than
During 2014 Polar Vortex
( – The total
ice cover of the Great Lakes is
currently 88.3 percent, or 2.3
percentage points more than it
was at the same time during last
year’s polar vortex, when 86 percent of the lakes’ surfaces were
frozen solid, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA).
The ice accumulation is also
much higher than the 51.4 percent long-term average since
1973. However, it is still short of
the record of 94.7 percent, which
was set on Feb. 19, 1979.
data mining device) being placed on your property through stealth and forced implementation in
Oklahoma. When Federal Legislation was passed concerning the implementation of Smart Meters
the law stated they (Smart Meters) were to be an Opt-In by the ratepayers, however the Utilities
have made them MANDATORY. There is no law that says you have to accept a Smart Utility
Meter to destroy your health.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Press Release Tulsa World -BA legislator’s bill allowing people to refuse ‘smart meters’
clears House committee
Posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 11:09 am | Updated: 11:19 am, Wed Feb 25, 2015.
From the Oklahoma House of Representatives Media Division
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By Joe Esposito 3/4/15 918-274-8111
I believe that Rep. David Brumbaugh may be the first public elected official to alert and
inform Oklahomans about the problems with Smart Meters.
The Oklahoma utilities are very powerful and have almost NO END to their supply of
OUR money.
This press release by Rep. David Brumbaugh sounds good on the surface but it is not
what HB 1454 was codifying.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Critique of the Tulsa World Press Release of House Bill 1454 and
Rep. David Brumbaugh comments.
There were two Bills put forth by Rep. David Brumbaugh
1) The original Bill HB 1454 (TITLE -- AS INTRODUCED)
2) The amended Bill HB 1454 (TITLE -- FLOOR VERSION)
Quote #1:
(Tulsa World) - OKLAHOMA CITY —” A bill that would give property owners the right to refuse
installation of a “smart meter” by utility companies cleared a House committee this week.”
~Amended HB 1454 Floor Version page 2 line 4 & 5: “A property owner shall have the option
to refuse the installation ...” This quote is a misrepresentation of the Federal “Energy Policy Act
of 2005”.
~The installation of a data mining device without the expressed request or consent of the customer, violates the Fourth Amendment and the “Energy Policy Act of 2005”, U.S. Code Title
16 Chapter 46 Subchapter II Sec. 2621 (14) which states: each electric utility shall offer each
of its customer classes and provide individual customers upon customer request, a time- based
rate schedule under which the rate charged by the electric utility varies during different time
periods....[Emphasis added] A further mandate is set forth in U.S. Code Sec. 2621 (d)14(c) which
states: Each electric utility subject to subparagraph (A) shall provide each customer requesting
a time-based rate with a time-based meter capable of enabling the utility and customer to offer
and receive such rates respectively. [Emphasis added]
Quote #2:
(Tulsa World) “House Bill 1454, by State Rep. David Brumbaugh, would prohibit electric utilities or cooperatives from installing an advanced metering infrastructure system unless requested
by the customer.”
~Amended HB 1454 states “option to refuse”
~Original Bill required a product disclosure with a signature of informed consent for any installation. The product discloser right was also extended to those who had an existing meter.
~Amended HB 1454 refusal of installation is not extended to those who already have a meter
~ Amended HB 1454 the right to refuse for cooperatives states that they “may” have the right
to refuse, The original Bill used the word “shall” have the right to refuse.
Quote #3:
(Rep. David Brumbaugh) “There have been various concerns and potential health issues raised
by citizens across the country about these meters,” said Rep. Brumbaugh, R-Broken Arrow. “At
the end of the day, this is about property owners having the right to determine what is installed on
their own property.” “One of our primary jobs in the Legislature is to protect the property rights
of citizens and provide disclosure and transparency.”
~Original Bill pg. 2 line 15 -- #3. A copy of the report by the Naval Medical Research Institute
documenting the health side effects attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation; ...
~Amended HB 1454 diminishes the transparency requirements set forth in the original Bill
requiring specific disclosure of data sharing, documented possible health side effects associated
with the technology used and safety related to the over heating and fires of the meters. The safety
was removed altogether.
Quote #4:
(Tulsa World) “The bill also requires the utility to verify and inform the Oklahoma Corporation
Commission of any additional charges to customers upon installation of the meter.”
~Original Bill HB 1454 pg. 3 line 1 No customer of an electric service utility provider shall be
subject to any economic coercion or additional fine or penalty for not installing or utilizing an
AMI meter.
(Tulsa World) “House Bill 1454 passed out of the House Utilities Committee by a vote of 8-0
are almost completely frozen and now heads to the House floor for consideration.” (Voted on 2/18/15)
over, according to NOAA’s
Great Lakes Surface Environ- Update: As of 2/26/15 HB 1454 was withdrawn by Rep. David Brumbaugh on the morning
mental Analysis (GLSEA). Three the Bill was to be heard and voted on in the House.
quarters of Lakes Michigan and
Ontario are also covered in ice. An OCC Commissioner recently stated that if the OCC provides an Opt-Out, it will resemble the
AEP Texas Trade publication. The SNL Financial waded through several filings with the Commission and hereʼs what they found: If youʼre under American Electric Power in Central Texas,
it could cost you more than $200 to stick with an old analog meter if a smart meter hasnʼt already
been installed at your house. To come and replace a smart meter with an analog one will cost
you even more, more than $300, plus $18 a month. If youʼre an AEP customer in North Texas,
it could cost you $356 to replace your smart meter with an old analog one, plus a recurring $35
monthly fee.
The Canadian Coast Guard ice
cutter Griffon frees the 767-foot icebound freighter Arthur M. Anderson, which got stuck for five days on
Lake Erie in late February. (Photo:
Lakes Erie, Huron and Superior Canadian Coast Guard)
The above penalty resembles extortion, that the poor, disabled and those on fixed incomes
cannot afford.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Questions call: Joe Esposito 918-274-8111
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Page 5
Accepting the Unexplainable Franklin Graham: New Obama danger
By Walt Thrun
Some things just don’t
seem logical. For example,
many can’t/don’t understand
why the president won’t accept that ISIS is who they say
they are. In this case it is best
to simply take them at their
Let’s review several Biblical facts which will shed light
on some seemingly unexplainable events.
Firstly our president was
divinely appointed to his position just as sure as Israel’s
King Saul.
“For there is no authority except from God, and the
authorities that exist are appointed by God.” Romans
God revealed that truth
to the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar nearly 700 years
before Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome.
Recall Nebuchadnezzar
had attributed his position and
power to his own effort and
greatness. God was about to
humble him and bring him
down to reality.
“They shall drive you
from men, your dwelling shall
be with the beasts of the field,
and they shall make you eat
grass like oxen…and seven
times (years) shall pass over
you…” Daniel 4:25
The reason for this humbling experience had just been
explained to Nebuchadnezzar
in a dream.
“…in order that the living may know that the Most
High rules in the kingdom of
men, gives it to whomever He
will, and sets over it the lowest (basest) of men.” Daniel
Now approximately
2,500 years later the end of
the ‘church’ age is at hand and
many events are beginning to
take place that defy human
For example, it defies
reason that Iran, a nation that
openly declares that their goal
is to destroy Israel, would be
pursued as a coalition partner
by our president.
The Bible reveals that
Iran (Persia), along with cohorts from Turkey and North
Africa, will attack Israel near
the end of the tribulation. But
it needs to be understood that
God Himself is in complete
control of the entire situation.
“I will turn you (armies
from Turkey) around, put
hooks into your jaws, and
lead you out, with all your
army…all of them handling
swords. Persia, Ethiopia, and
Libya are with them…” Ezekiel 38:4-5
God’s sovereignty over
the nations will also be revealed during the future battle
against Jerusalem.
“Behold, the day of the
LORD is coming…for I will
gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem…then
the LORD will go forth and
fight against those nations...”
Zechariah 14:1-3
At the mid point of the
God will do
things that
will once
again defy
logic for
those who
would try to
Walt Thrun
‘reason’ His
The following describes
God’s sovereignty over the
satanically empowered antiChrist. It is clear that any
power exercised by any of
God’s creations is granted
“And he (anti-Christ)
was given a mouth speaking
great things and blasphemies,
and he was given authority to continue for forty-two
months.” Revelation 13:5
God will ‘give’ power to
the enemy to perform His will
predetermined before the foundation of the world. Notice the
exact time limit of this granted
power, i.e. exactly three and
one-half years.
John continues:
“It was granted to him to
make war with the saints and to
overcome them. And authority
was given him over every tribe,
tongue, and nation. All who
dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have
not been written in the Book
of Life of the Lamb slain from
the foundation of the world.”
Revelation 13:7-8
The power to make war
against God’s own people and
to temporarily win that war is
totally by the permissiveness
of God Almighty.
During the tribulation
the two distinct categories of
mankind are once again delineated, i.e. those who will accept the mark of the beast and
worship him and those whose
names are in the Lamb’s Book
of Life.
However, just because
one’s name is in the Lamb’s
Book of Life doesn’t mean
they won’t be martyred.
“Then I saw the souls of
those who had been beheaded
for their witness to Jesus and
for the word of God, who had
not worshiped the beast… And
they lived and reigned with
Christ for a thousand years.”
Revelation 20:4
“If anyone has an ear, let
him hear.” Revelation 13:9
Perhaps it’s time to read
the leaves on the fig tree.
Share your thoughts walt.
[email protected]
for Christians
‘The storm is coming, I believe’
by Cheryl Chumley
Globally known evangelist
Franklin Graham says President
Obama is so sympathetic to
those of the Muslim faith, he’s
actually endangering Jews and
Christians, opening the doors
for them to be persecuted inside
the United
a lot of influence now, from
Muslims. We see the prime minister of Israel being snubbed by
the president and by the White
House and by the Democrats
and it’s because of the influence
of Islam. They hate Israel and
targeted several villages known
for their Christian populations
in Syria last week, abducting a
reported 300 men, women and
“What is very disconcerting
is that they
rounded up
all of these
“We’re gopeople and
ing to see
we know
from expein this counrience that
try because
they usualour presily kill their
dent is very
captives on
film and in
to Islam and
the most
the reason
brutal fashI say that … is because his fa- they hate Christians, and so the ion,” the officials said, the New
ther was a Muslim, gave him a storm is coming, I believe.”
York Post reported.
Muslim name, Barack Hussein
Obama,” Graham said, during His statements come as at least “Remember, they’ve already
an interview on “The 700 Club” one top unnamed U.S. official gone from beheading one peron CBN.
told the New York Post that son on camera to, most recently,
American intelligence and mili- beheading 21 people on camera.
“His mother married another tary authorities are worried ISIS This could very well turn into an
Muslim man, they moved to is prepping for a mass killing of on-camera slaughter of major
Indonesia, he went to Indone- Christians. The terrorist group proportion
sian schools. So, growing up,
his frame of reference and his
influence as a young man, was
Islam. It wasn’t Christianity, it
was Islam.”
Graham’s remarks aren’t much
of a surprise to those who listen
to him frequently. He’s been
an outspoken critic of Obama’s
presidential policies in the
past and has decried what he’s
characterized as a curious White
House reach-out to Muslim
groups, such as the Muslim
1st St.
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Pryor, OK 74361
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“There are Muslims that have
access to him in the White
House,” he went on, CBN reported. “Our foreign policy has
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Page 6 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Footprints in History
Jay and Mae Stutzman
Thought for the Day by
Corbett Mason
By Bill Chupp
Jay Stutzman and Clara
Mae Miller were married on
May 18, 1950 at the Zion Mennonite Church in Pryor, Oklahoma. The first years they lived in
the southwest corner of Mayes
County, then made the move
and established their home in
the Adair community near the
raised five
sons and
two daughters on that
Bill Chupp
farm life and held on to the
traditions of planting a large
garden, raising and butchering
their own chickens, hogs and
beef and running a modern
dairy farm. The work ethic
that they had grown up in was
passed on to their children.
They also were very involved in the church. Jay
taught Sunday School classes;
Mae was on the kitchen committee, Women’s Fellowship
and kept busy cooking, quilting and sewing. Both of them
helped make apple butter that
the church made for the Mennonite Relief sale. Jay helped
stir the applesauce in the copper
kettles outside while she helped
inside washing jars and filling
them with the applebutter. She
encouraged Jay when he traveled to other countries on work
crews. He went to Venezuela,
Guatemala and Kenya, Africa
to do construction. He was an
accomplished carpenter and
craftsman. He would buy and
supply a tool belt with the tools
he would need, then when they
came back home, he would gift
the belt to the nationals.
For years they were youth
sponsors and often invited the
youth to their home for a vol-
leyball game and refreshments
after church. The youth group
had taffy pulls, Valentine parties, went on hay rides and
Christmas caroling. They had
the first place Christmas float
in the Pryor Christmas parade
for several years.
Jay made a guest room
attached to their shop building
for people who were traveling
through and for representatives
for out of state missions and
charities. The door was never
locked and no reservation or donation was required. They had
a guest book for visitors to sign
when they stayed there.
My sisters told me to sit
near to Jay in church to hear
how he sings. He had a clear
voice and sang in quartets and
the Men’s Chorus. Sometimes
he would play a guitar or banjo.
One of the songs he sang at
MYF parties was my favorite
– “There’s A Hole in the Middle
of the Sea”.
Jay and Mae were involved with the Oklahoma
Mennonite Relief Sale from
the start. He served on the first
committee. For several years,
he made large doll houses, a
favorite auction craft item. One
is still in the neighborhood and
has provided hours of entertainment over the years.
Mae was known for her
love of beautiful flowers and
butterflies. She had a collection of butterflies items. I don’t
know if she ever knew one of
her “secret sisters” who gave
her butterfly pins and other butterfly items for her birthday and
Christmas was my wife, Edith.
Any time Edith is with someone
from Amish background that
can speak Pennsylvania Dutch,
she has a bond with them even
though not all their conversations are in Dutch.
As they reached retirement age, Jay and Mae began
to travel with their camper to
south Texas along the Mexican
border for the winter. They
had many pleasant memories
and enjoyed those excursions.
Jay got sick during their stay in
1997 and was transferred to a
Tulsa hospital where God called
him home on March 6th.
For years Mae lived by
herself in the farmhouse, keeping up with her flowerbeds and
housekeeping. On Christmas
our Torchbearer boys club
stopped there when they went
caroling to the widows of our
Once several years ago we
rang the doorbell in the middle
of a Saturday afternoon to sing
carols for her. We almost gave
up that she was home when she
opened the door with a towel
wrapped around her head. She
had been shampooing her hair.
She insisted that we step inside
the warmth of her living room to
sing carols. When we finished
singing, she produced a bowl of
candy and wished us a Merry
May passed away this year
on February 9th, 2015. One of
the daughters said, “Mae never
forgot Jay”. We who had the
privilege of knowing them will
never forget them, either. They
lived their lives dedicated to
show God’s love.
“By this shall all men
know that ye are my disciples,
if you have love one to another.”
John 13:35
Jay and Mae Stutzman left
“Footprints in History”.
Have a good week. God
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the blades on the neighbouring discs, thereby eliminating the risk of damaging these as well.
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Our fate is decided by each
and every move. When a Christian
turns the other cheek to a Muslim
extremist, he finds his head rolling
off of his shoulders. The terrorists
always say it’s the victims fault,
self righteousness at its best.’
One’s faith or political belief
creates the feeling or belief of what
one does in his endeavors for his
personal belief are justified, whatever they are.
I knew a preacher many
years ago that helped many as he
tried to walk in the footsteps of
his faith. But he fell to the allure
of self-righteousness to protect his
inner sanctum of belief. He was
working on a house with a friend
of his that was listening to rock
and roll music on his radio. The
preacher said it was making him
think sinful thoughts, therefore he
intentionally dropped his hammer
on his friend’s radio, destroying it.
This is how self-justification starts,
his friend was the victim, but it was
justified in the preacher’s eyes.
The self-righteous decide
what is offensive in their eyes and
act accordingly, by placing the
blame on the victim, they can justifying killing, slanderous words or
lying to their followers “to protect
them.” This is true of all governments and all parties affiliated
with government control or world
reaching organizations.
When torture and death is
applied in front of the masses, it
acts as a deterrent to others, helping to keep them in line with the
prevailing line of thought at that
place in time.
Knowledge and understanding are on two different planes.
Mankind’s knowledge will always
change, but a man’s understanding is limited to what he has been
taught or has learned through his
own personal experiences, and a
closed mind will learn or understand little. A true believer in any
organization closes his eyes and
ears to anything that brings questions to his personal belief, much
like the ancient priests hated anything dealing with facts or logic.
Governing bodies use any means
at their disposal to keep the masses
obedient or rather suppressed and
As ancient authoritarian hierarchies convinced a large number
of the masses to follow their rule,
the herd mentality or predisposition
for conformity took over and others wanted to belong to the larger
group. If they didn’t join, they were
ostracized to fend for themselves,
which at that time was paramount
to a death sentence. Today it’s
called, “being excommunicated.”
An instrument with which many of
the early churches threatened their
congregations with, along with
being burned at the stake, banishment was used in cultures all over
the world, if one’s thinking didn’t
coincide with that of the leaders.
They played the odds of deceiving a large number of people,
simply because as a group, the
masses will never consider the
consequences of a governing body
slowly taking their rights and
freedoms in the name of being
Any religious institution
or governing body supporting
violence or threats of death against
others is trying to prevent the
spread of new ideals being brought
to their followers. These new ideals or thoughts threaten to bring
diversity among their followers,
which will destroy their yoke of
obedience and their leadership.
This is the same reason “heretics”
were burned at the stake by the
early church.
Mankind has a blind trust in
its governing bodies, thinking the
storm clouds will blow away and
just law will prevail. But governments or organizations in crisis
have a habit of changing the laws
to fulfill its
needs, not
the needs of
the common
political correctness causes
mankind or
Corbett Mason
to turn a blind
eye to this heresy of mayhem by
not dealing with it or calling it what
it is, for fear of retaliation, they’re
adding fuel to the fire. The teaching
of hate creates the “cause” and the
“blame” for whatever problem to
be placed on others, giving these
groups a “feeling” of superiority
and self-justification, a tool used
by the “Elite” for generations the
world over. Hatred begets hate,
revenge begets revenge, making
a man or a nation shallow and
hollow within. Such leadership
will self-destruct over time, as the
people will eventually turn on each
other, no matter the culture or the
The ole Rancher says, “History has proven time and time again
that many government institutions,
faiths and organizations can take a
pile of horse droppings and convince John Q. Public that what they
smell is the “nectar of the Gods.”
One looks over the horizon
and can see many who are putting
their ideology above the desires of
the majority of American public.
The powers that be want to control
and micromanage the lives and
habits of the American people. A
sleeping public or one that stays
high on pills, prescribed or otherwise, drinks themselves into a
stupor or smokes pot lose the ability to reason. When reason is lost,
the ability to think and analyze the
poking and prodding by our various
leaders is accepted as reasonable by
the unwashed masses.
Nothing is done by the powers that be that doesn’t fill their
pockets with your hard earned
money. In a free enterprise system,
people that furnish what the people
want, make money, in a socialized
system, government favored lackeys are picked as winners. What
they produce is delivered to the
people at large by persuasion and
Ranchers use cattle prods to
move cattle through the chutes and
onto trucks. Government uses the
ole song and dance routine, repeating in every other line, it’s for your
good. The Affordable Care Act is a
good example, it was designed to
force young people to pay for the
benefits of older and in many cases
wealthier citizens. People that don’t
have a government policy will have
to pay a fine, that my friend is
coercion. If the Affordable Care
Act had been a bad deal for health
insurance companies, their cries of
anguish could have been heard to
the uppermost heavens. Never fear,
these insurance companies will
not lose money, if a loss
shows up on their books, the taxpayers will be held accountable.
See Corbett, pg. 8
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Page 7
Sunrise – Sunset
Netanyahu: ‘Israel will not be passive’
with Iran
by Sue Gage Wilcox
‘U.S. worries about security, Israel worries about survival’
By Leo Hohmann
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a primer to
his major speech before Congress Tuesday, sought to assure
Americans who support Israel
that the alliance between the two
nations remains strong despite
“differences” that have strained
the relationship recently over
Iran’s nuclear program.
visit — Iran and its nuclear
program. Therein lies the “differences” between the U.S and
Israel and the crux of the current strain in relations with the
Obama administration.
He said the relationship between Israel and the U.S. has
transcended partisan politics in
the past and he believes it will
Netanyahu addressed the Ameri- continue to do so.
can Israel Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC Monday in “An important reason why our
Washington, D.C.
alliance has grown stronger in
decade after decade is that it has
Leading up to his much an- been championed by both parties
ticipated address to Congress, he and so it must remain,” Netansought to downplay the contro- yahu said. “Both Democratic
versy that has been brewing for and Republican presidents have
weeks about the way in which he worked together with friends
was invited to speak. The invita- from both sides of the aisle in
tion came from House Speaker Congress to strengthen Israel
John Boehner without prior and our alliance between our two
notification of the White House, countries. And working together
which has led to more than 30 they have made Israel generous
Democrats vowing to boycott the military assistance and missile
Tuesday speech.
defense spending. We saw how
important that was just last sum“I also bring you news that you mer.”
may not have heard, you see I’ll
be speaking at Congress tomor- “That’s why the last thing that
row,” Netanyahu said. “You anyone who cares about Israel,
know. Never has so much been that I would want, is to see Israel
written about a speech that hasn’t become a partisan issue. And
been given.”
I regret that some people have
misperceived my visit here this
He said he wanted to clarify week as doing that. Israel has
the purpose of the speech to always been a bipartisan issue
and Israel should always remain
a bipartisan issue,” he said.
“It is not to show any disrespect
for President Obama or the The issue of Iran, however,
esteemed office that he holds. seems to be challenging that
I have great respect for both,” bipartisan principle upon which
he said. “I greatly appreciate all
that president Obama has done
for Israel.”
the alliance has relied.
“Ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of my address to Congress
tomorrow is to speak up about
a potential deal with Iran that
could threaten the survival of
Israel,” Netanyahu said. “Iran
is the foremost state sponsor of
terrorism in the world. Look at
that graph, look at that map on
the wall. It shows Iran training,
arming, dispatching terrorists on
five continents.”
Iran envelops the entire world
with its “tentacles of terror,” he
“This is what Iran does now
without nuke weapons. Imagine
what it would do with nuclear
weapons. And this same Iran
vows to annihilate Israel. If it
develops nuclear weapons it
would have the means to achieve
that goal. We must not let that
The prime minister said he has
a “moral obligation to speak
up in the face of these dangers
while there is still time to avert
“For 2,000 years my people, the
Jewish people, were stateless,
defenseless, voiceless,” he said.
“We were utterly powerless
against our enemies, who swore
to destroy us. We suffered relentless persecution and horrific
See Israel, pg. 8
I cannot remember a time in
my life that I wasn’t fascinated by
the sky. I can almost smell the
springtime when I remember lying in the grass of the little terrace
behind our farm house. I was probably about 4 years old. The clouds
were fluffy. I imagined that they
were faces or puppies or ships or
angels or any number of creatures.
That was one of my favorite “by
myself” things to do when Mother
would let me go outside alone for
a few minutes.
As I grew I looked forward
to being up to see a sunrise with its
brilliant colors – or to being in a position to see a beautiful sunset at the
end of the day. It was like my soul
was just drinking sweet nectar – a
reminder that my God was painting
with a brush that had NO limits.
To realize that He knew my name
and was painting my life too was
sometimes overwhelming!
When God brought my Allen into my life, he would talk of
vacations that his family took to
Clearwater Beach, Florida. He
said that the sunsets there on the
Gulf were just awesome. I wanted
to go – not just for the sunsets, but
because it was a place that was special to him. We started saving for
a family vacation so that we could
share the sights of Clearwater with
our Susan and Lance. They were
6 and 4 the first time we went, and
OH! the sights were amazing.
Meanwhile, back in Oklahoma, the skies just kept touching
my heart! I would find my children
playing and have them to come and
share the beauty of the sky paintings. One of my favorite memories
of Lance’s baseball life was back
in his T-ball days. He was about
5 years old at the time. The game
was in full swing. He was playing
in the outfield, but ran to his coach
and told him that he needed to call
a time out. The coach stopped
the game; Lance ran to the fence
where I was sitting and yelled,
“Mom, have you seen the sunset?”
I assured him that I had and that it
truly was SO beautiful. The game
I cannot tell you how many
times I have received calls from
Susan or Lance telling me to look
at the sky! And with technology
now, sometimes I get a text that
just reads, “sunrise” or “sunset.”
We always talk later to compare
what it looked like in the part of our
worlds at the time. And we all have
shared our love of the beauty with
their children – our grands.
Just a few nights ago, Lance
(now in his 40’s) called. He said,
“It will probably peak in about 10
minutes. I didn’t want you to miss
it.” I don’t want to miss it! At this
point in my life, I have wondered
what the sky will look like when I
am looking down from where I am
living in Heaven in the future. As
beautiful as it is here, I can only
Psalm 113:3
From the rising of the
sun unto the going down of the
same the LORD’s name is to be
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He thanked Obama for the security cooperation, intelligence
sharing, support at the United
Nations, “and some things I can’t
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“My intent is also not to inject
Israel into the American partisan
debate,” the prime minister told
the 16,000 AIPAC delegates.
Then he cut to the point of his
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Page 8 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Israel, from pg. 7_______________________________________________________________
attacks,” he continued. “We
could never speak on our behalf and we could not defend
ourselves. Well, no more. No
more! The days when the Jewish people are passive in the
face of threats to annihilate us,
those days are over.”
of Israel for nine years. There
has not been a single day, not
one day, that I didn’t think about
the survival of my country, and
the actions that I take to ensure
that survival, not one day!”
This is not the first time the U.S.
and Israel have had serious difThe friendly crowd broke into ferences. Those differences go
thunderous applause as Netan- all the way back to the inception
yahu pronounced “No more!” of the state of Israel, Netanyahu
reminded his audience.
“Today in our sovereign state of
Israel, we defend ourselves,” he In 1948, Secretary of State
said. “And being able to defend George Marshal opposed Daourselves we ally with others, vid Ben Gurion’s intention to
most important of those being declare statehood.
the United States of America, to
defend our common civilization “In 1967, as an Arab noose was
against common threats.”
tightening around Israel’s neck,
the U.S. warned if Israel acted
Netanyahu said Israel would alone, it would be alone. But
defend itself and in so doing Israel did act. Acted alone to
seek to form the basis of a defend itself,” Netanyahu said.
broader alliance of nations with
the resolve to fight state-spon- In 1981, under Prime Minister
sored terrorism.
Menachem Began, Israel destroyed the Osirak nuclear reac“So today we are no longer tor in Iraq and the U.S. reacted
silent. We have a voice. And by suspending arm sales for
tomorrow, as the prime minis- three months. When Ariel Shater of the one and only Jewish ron launched Operation Defenstate, I plan to use that voice,” sive Shield against Palestinian
he said.
terrorists in the West Bank, the
U.S. demanded that Israel with“I plan to speak about an Ira- draw its troops immediately, but
nian regime that is threatening Israel continued until the operato destroy Israel, that’s devour- tion was completed.
ing country after country in the
Middle East,” a clear reference “There is a reason I mention all
to Iraq and Syria. “That’s ex- these. I mention them to make
porting terror throughout the a point. Despite occasional
world, and that is developing as disagreements, the friendship
we speak nuclear weapons, lots between America and Israel
of them. Ladies and gentlemen, grew stronger and stronger, deIsrael and the United States cade after decade,” Netanyahu
agree Iran should not have nuke said. “And our friendship will
weapons but we disagree on weather the current disagreehow best to prevent Iran from ment as well, and grow even
developing those weapons.”
stronger in the future. I’ll tell
you why, because we share
He said differences between the same dreams, because we
even the closest of allies are pray and hope and aspire to the
natural and to be expected.
same better world. The values
that unite us are much stronger
“The United States of America than the differences that divide
is a large country, one of the us. Liberty, equality, justice,
largest. Israel is a small coun- tolerance, compassion. As our
try, one of smallest,” he said. region descends into medieval
“America lives in one of safest barbarism, Israel is the one that
neighborhoods, Israel lives in upholds these values.
one of the most dangerous.
America is the strongest power “As (Syrian President Bashar)
in the world. Israel is strong, but Assad drops bombs on his own
it’s much more vulnerable.
people, they are treated in Israel
hospitals right across the fence
“U.S. leaders worries about the in the Golan Heights.
security of their country, Israeli
leaders worry about the survival “As Christians in the Middle
of their country. I think that East are beheaded and their
encapsulates the difference,” he ancient communities are decisaid. “I’ve been prime minister
mated, Israel’s Christian community is growing and thriving.
The only one such community
in the Middle East!”
“As women in the region are
repressed, enslaved and raped,
women in Israel serve as chief
justices, CEOs, fighter pilots. In
a dark and savage and desperate
middle east Israel is a beacon
of humanity, of light and of
“Ladies and gentlemen, Israel
and the U..S will continue to
stand together, because American and Israel are more than
friends. We’re like a family.
We’re practically mishpocha
(Yiddish for an entire family
network). Now disagreements
in the family are always uncomfortable. But we must always
remember that we are family,
rooted in common heritage,
upholding common values,
sharing a common destiny. And
that’s the message I came to
tell you today. Our alliance is
strong, our friendship is strong
and with your efforts in the
years to come it will get even
stronger. Thank you America.
Thank you AIPAC, and may
God bless you all.”
Corbett, from pg. 7______
Money rules the roost
and any farmer or rancher will
tell you chickens have a pecking order. Lobbyists spread the
chicken feed and politicians
spread the barnyard manure.
Our leaders react like wind-up
toys, put a dollar in their pocket
and watch them go.
A study of 43 firms, including Goldman Sacs shows
they’ve spent a total of 116 million on state politicians, which
is in direct violation of the SEC
rule. No worry, our government
leaders turned a blind eye once
again, as they took the money
and no-one was prosecuted.
Under no circumstance
will government be required to
confront monetary situations
like the man on the street, as
none are held accountable.
Many fail to realize when
all is said and done, both political parties have one main interest. That interest has nothing to
with the mass of humanity beneath them, that interest is about
power, influence and money.
Their interest and steadfast
loyalty is bought by the powerful elite’s money that puts them
in office.
Enough money oils the
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hinges to all doors.
The London Business
School (LBS) examined 7,300
instances when U.S. corporations issued changes in their
financial statements between
1996 and 2006.
LBS cross-referenced
these statements with campaign donations and lobbying
expenditures by the different
firms and executives. It found
“politically connected firms
are on the average less likely
to be involved in Security and
Exchange Commission (SEC)
enforcement action, and face
lower penalties if they are prosecuted by the SEC.” They also
found if these firms increased
their political donations by 1
million over 5 years, it cut their
chances of being prosecuted in
As the ruts in the “Lobbyists Trail” to Capitol Hill
become deeper than the ruts of
the ole Santa Fe Trail, which are
still visible today, politicians’
profit motives are brought to
light. Regardless of which side
of the aisle they stand on, their
motives and methods are influenced by the color “green,”
and I don’t mean environmental
The New York Times ran
an article late last year showing
the growing influence from the
Middle East on both sides of our
political aisles: “... major think
tanks, including the Brookings Institute and the Atlantic
Council, have allowed foreign
donors to call the shots on their
policy prescriptions. Major
trade groups that can now play
an unlimited role in influencing
elections, thanks to the Citizens
United ruling, receive direct
funds from corporations headquartered in foreign lands. The
American Petroleum Institute,
for instance, is run by a board of
directors that includes an executive from ARAMCO, the Saudi
state-owned oil company that
takes its orders from the Saudi
ruling family.”
Money oils the hinges of
our leaders’ pocketbooks, when
looking to see who is paying
or buying former members of
Congress, the Middle East is
the fastest horse in the race.
The Republic of Turkey is
one of the largest sources for
foreign contracts, and third in
furnishing congressional junkets. The banging saloon door,
also known as the revolving
door opens wide for money.
The Middle East has paid for
over 50% of the latest hires
springing forth from our former
Even Hillary Clinton has
accepted millions of dollars for
the Clinton Foundation from
foreign countries with interests
playing out before our U.S.
Government. The donations
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from foreign nations have increased since Hillary left the
State Department. The Clinton
Foundation has raised $2 billion
since it was
created in 2001. The foundation has given donors a way
for foreign governments and
officials to gain favor with the
Clintons. Foreign individuals
and governments are prohibited from giving money to U.S.
political candidates. Many of
the countries allowing funds to
flow to ISIS were padding the
coffers of the Clinton Foundation, while Hillary Clinton was
Secretary of State. When the
foundation released a list of its
donors due to an agreement with
the Obama administration, it
disclosed Saudi Arabia had donated between $10 million and
$25 million. Saudi Arabia has
been one of the biggest sponsors
for worldwide terrorism.
Those purchasing lawmakers turned lobbyists range
from Saudi Arabia, Turkey,
Qatar, Kuwait, the Kurdistan Regional Government and
Azerbaijan, etc. Kuwait and
Qatar are known as a financial
watershed for ISIS. The Clinton
foundation has received money
from Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.
They want our money and support for more weapons, they
also want us to turn a blind
eye to all perceived opponents
that speak out against atrocities
within the different borders of
these countries that are imprisoned or worse. As countries like
Saudi Arabia increases its support for extremists around the
world, our leaders say little to
discourage their steady income
stream. As the money flows into
these prostitutes’ pockets, one
thing becomes crystal clear any
idea of them speaking out to try
to protect human rights has been
Our former lawmakers
from both political parties have
become professional prostitutes
jumping in bed with all that can
afford them. The more connections a former lawmaker has,
the more desirable his “wares”
are. With total disregard for
the consequences that will be
heaped upon the citizens of this
The ole Rancher says,
“If it comes to the lives of the
American people or a profit, be
it business or government, prepare the coffins. Those paying
these prostitutes are also funding terrorists. A cardinal rule of
life, people support those who
are supporting them, unless it’s
the forgotten taxpayer. Small
wonder our prolific leaders
can’t utter the words, “Islamic
Terrorists.” These enslaved
individuals have sold their souls
for thirty pieces of silver as they
turn their bed sheets down for
their new lovers. “
Support Your
Local Tea Party Group
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Page 9
Emails prove Hillary ‘terror’ We Have Ourselves to Blame for the Mess We’re In
lie in Benghazi
Untrue, that statement was made in Ministers of the Gospel perform
Clinton claimed ‘response to inflammatory material
posted on the Internet’
By Jerome R. Corsi
WASHINGTON – State Department
emails released through a lawsuit by
Judicial Watch show then-Secretary
of State Hillary Clinton knew while
the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S.
compound in Benghazi was under
“The Obama gang’s cover-up continues to unravel, despite its unlawful
secrecy and continued slow-rolling
of information,” Fitton said. “Congress, if it ever decides to do its job,
cannot act soon enough to put Hillary
Clinton, Cheryl Mills and every other
official in these emails under oath.”
Nearly seven hours later, at 12:04
a.m. on Sept. 12, Randolph sent an
email with the subject line “FW:
Update 3: Benghazi Shelter Location
“Also Under Attack,” to Mills, Sullivan and McManus that had several
updates about the Benghazi attack:
I just called Ops and they said the
DS command center is reporting that
the compound is under attack again.
I am about to reach out to the DS
Command Center.
The email also contains a chain of
earlier email updates:
Sept. 11, 2012, at 11:57 p.m. EST.
Email: “(SBU) DS Command reports
the current shelter location for COM
personnel in Benghazi is under morFitton criticized the current House tar fire. There are reports of injuries
Select Committee investigation to COM staff.”
on Benghazi headed by Rep. Trey
Sept. 11, 2012, 6:06 p.m. EST.
Gowdy, R- S.C.
(Subject: “Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia
“Never once has Gowdy or the House Claims Responsibility for Benghazi
Select Committee asked Judicial Attack (SBU): “(SBU) Embassy
Watch to turn over the many bomb- Tripoli reports the group claimed
shell documents Judicial Watch has responsibility on Facebook and Twitobtained from the Obama admin- ter and call for an attack on Embassy
istration by FOIA request, “ Fitton Tripoli”
told WND.
Sept. 11, 2012, 4:54 p.m. EST: “Em“I would have thought a serious bassy Tripoli reports the firing at the
congressional investigation into U.S. Diplomatic Mission in BengBenghazi would have started with hazi has stopped and the compound
the documents we had, since Judicial has been cleared. A response team is
Watch has led in exposing the White on site to locate COM personnel.”
House cover-up,” he said.
The State Department emails reOn Sept. 11, 2012, at 4:07 p.m. EST, leased Thursday by Judicial Watch
as the Benghazi attack was going on, reveal the first official confirmaMaria Sand, then a special assistant tion of the death of Ambassador
to Clinton, forwarded an email from Stevens.
the State Department’s Operations
Center titled, “U.S. Diplomatic Mis- On Sept. 12, 2012, at 3:22 a.m.
sion in Benghazi is Under Attack,” EST, Senior Watch Officer Andrew
to Cheryl Mills, then chief-of staff to Veprek forwarded an email to nuSecretary Clinton, as well as Jacob merous State Department officials,
Sullivan, then-deputy chief-of-staff which was later forwarded to Mills
for policy, Joseph McManus, then- and McManus, with the subject line
Hillary Clinton’s executive assis- “Death of Ambassador Stevens in
tant, and other special assistants in Benghazi.”
Clinton’s office.
It read:
The email read:
Embassy Tripoli confirms the death
The Regional Security Officer re- of Ambassador John C. (Chris)
ports the diplomatic mission is Stevens in Benghazi. His body has
under attack. Tripoli reports ap- been recovered and is at the airport
proximately 20 armed people fired in Benghazi.
shots; explosions have been heard
as well. Ambassador Stevens, who Two hours later, McManus foris currently in Benghazi, and four warded the news of Ambassador
COM [Chief of Mission] personnel Stevens’ death to officials in the State
are in the compound safe haven. The Department Legislative Affairs of17th of February militia is providing fice with instructions not to “forward
security support.
to anyone at this point.”
Then, at 4:38 p.m. Eastern, State
Department Foreign Service Officer Lawrence Randolph forwarded
Mills, Sullivan and McManus an
email from Scott Bultrowicz, the
former director of the Diplomatic
Security Service, one of four senior
State Department officials who was
a private letter written by Thomas
Jefferson and was never an inference that the church should have
no part in the governance of this
same-sex marriages and twist the
Gospel, ignoring the passages that
don’t suit their purposes.
to the Constitution simply states slavery take place right here in
that “Congress shall make no law this country; drug lords rule whole
respecting an establishment of neighborhoods; supposed civil
religion, or prohibiting the free rights leaders fan the flames of
exercise thereof,” which actually racial division; our government
protects the church from govern- spends us into a black hole; and
We would like to blame our pan- ment, not the other way around. America turns over and goes back
to sleep.
demic of troubles on the men and
women who hold political office, This nation was discovered,
and goodness knows, much of founded, fought for and estab- Too long well-intentioned people
the fault can be placed directly on lished by men and women of the of all faiths have shied away from
Christian faith and the Declaration the political process and refused to
their shoulders.
of Independence, the Constitu- be part of the national dialogue.
But when you think rationally tion, the Bill of Rights and all our Too long we have sat in the pews
about our politicians you have to meaningful federal papers were of our churches, synagogues and
admit that they are nothing more written, signed and executed by temples, willing to leave the fate
of our nation to those whose goals
than a representation of the col- God0-fearing men.
we don’t approve but are too comlective needs, wants, greed, sloth,
fear and morality of the nation Our president recently told the placent to openly oppose.
world that America is no longer
who put them in office.
a Christian nation, which, speak- And now push has come to shove.
The vacuum of leadership in the ing in terms of the overwhelming What kind of country do we want
White House, the malaise and majority of the religious people in to leave to our children and grandchildren?
childishness of Congress, the America, is an out-and-out lie.
backbreaking entitlement programs, the loss of manufacturing We are a secular society. That is A nation smothered in impossible
to other nations, America’s lack true. People are free to practice debt?
of prestige and respect, the deep whatever religion they choose
racial and financial divisions in openly and unmolested in Amer- A nation whose military has been
our society and the lions share of ica. That is also true, but the fact cut to the bone, dispirited and illthe other numerous problems our remains that America was founded equipped?
nation has accumulated are not on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Our
directly the fault of the elected federal papers, statuary and na- A nation that is morally and
politicians but of the electorate tional protocol reflect it.Obama fiscally bankrupted, reduced to
likes it or not, the majority of near Third world status by our
which empowered them.
religious people in the nation he excess?
Our politicians are nothing more presides over are Christians. But
than a reflection of the self-cen- you’d never know it by taking a I believe that it is not too late to
stop this slide in America, but only
tered, fragmented, uninformed, look at what is going on.
if responsible people will come
naive and apathetic people we
have allowed ourselves to be- Our Judeo-Christian majority forth and be heard and felt, in both
have sat on the sidelines for de- the voting booth and in the arena
cades while our politicians have of public opinion.
When this nation was formed, passed law after law that directly
the forefathers who framed our violates the word of God, and now And it must be a consistent effort,
constitution and other historical the chickens of our carelessness year after year, and election after
federal papers that chart the course are coming home to roost as we election, ignoring the mainstream
for America made it very clear approach the tipping point, the media and following the dictates
that they feared any monolithic nonproductive takers threaten- of our hearts.
form of government and went to ing to overtake the productive
Dig a little deeper. Know the truth,
great pains to create a separation producers.
and the truth shall set you free.
of powers, each being a counterweight to the others, each having The Bible says that if a man
the power to block any legislation doesn’t work, he will not eat, and Watch and pray.
they felt would be harmful to the if only that one line of scripture
would be obeyed in today’s so- What do you think?
people they represented.
ciety what a difference it would
Pray for our troops and the peace
Executive fiat was meant to be make.
of Jerusalem.
nothing more than a convenience,
a courtesy to the president, allow- A woman’s choice has taken place
ing him to exercise it in minor of the will of the Almighty God God Bless America
things like pardons and small who said, “Before I formed you in
allocations. The founders never the womb I knew you, before you Charlie Daniels
meant it to be used to establish were born I set you apart.”
major policy or pass laws without
the approval of the Congress and
Sabotage, from pg. 1________________________________
United States of America parallel
its national debt—huge, growing
With the subject line “Attack on
and accumulating the kind of
interest this nation can ill afford
to pay.
way that it was being carried out by Benghazi,” it read:
DSCC [Diplomatic Security ComClinton blamed the attack on “rage mand Center] received a phone
and violence over an awful Internet call from [REDACTED] in Bengvideo” when she spoke at a ceremony hazi, Libya initially stating that 15
at Andrews Air Force Base on Sept. armed individuals were attacking
14, 2014, as the remains of the four the compound and trying to gain
Americans, including Ambassador entrance. The Ambassador is presChristopher Stevens, were returned ent in Benghazi and currently is
to the United States.
barricaded within the compound.
There are no injuries at this time
The emails were made public Thurs- and it is unknown what the intent
day by the Washington, D.C., legal of the attackers is. At approximatewatchdog group.
ly 1600 DSCC received word from
Benghazi that individuals had en“These emails leave no doubt that tered the compound. At 1614 RSO
Hillary Clinton’s closest advisers advised the Libyans had set fire
knew the truth about the Benghazi to various buildings in the area,
attack from almost the moment it possibly the building that houses
happened,” said Judicial Watch the Ambassador [REDACTED] is
President Tom Fitton.
responding and taking fire.
He said the “contempt for the public’s right to know is evidenced not
only in these documents, but also in
the fact that we had to file a lawsuit
in federal court to obtain them.”
ousted in December 2012 after the
Hardcore pornography inundates
publication of the State Department’s
our theaters and TV movie chanAdvisor Review Board final report of The pressing problems of the Instead, the First Amendment nels; child prostitution and sex
the Benghazi attack.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
“And it is inescapable that Secretary
of State Hillary Clinton knowingly
lied when she planted the false story
about ‘inflammatory’ material being posted on the Internet,’” Fitton
leadership joined with (Senate
Minority Leader) Harry Reid, DNev., to pass amnesty.” Cruz was
referring to the move this week by
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to offer a “clean”
bill funding the DHS, which meant
dropping the provision in the bill
that would have defunded impleYet, the America of today tacitly mentation of Obama’s amnesty.
accepts this fallacy, many uninformed to the point of having no Instead, McConnell offered a
idea of what the ramifications separate bill to defund amnesty,
will be.
which is headed to near-certain
defeat because Republicans will
The public school system in not be able to muster the 60 Senate
America is the most brilliantly votes needed to avoid a Democratic
conceived, best financed and most filibuster.
comprehensive in the world, at
least on paper. In actuality, our But Cruz said he is optimistic about
educational system is an inef- the issue in the long run because
ficient, inadequate political foot- of the ever-increasing public supball, controlled not by quality of port behind the need to secure the
education but the insatiable thirst Southern border.
for power and control.
The senator insisted, if lawmakers
It allows incompetence and me- were to focus on areas of bipartisan
agreement, immigration reform
legislation would “sail through
And America yawns and goes Congress.”
Unmonitored executive privilege
is tantamount to monarchy – unchecked monolithic power that
violates the very spirit of a constitution authored by men who had
just escaped from under the tyrannical thumb of King George.
process for legal immigration.
But instead of looking for genuine
progress on the issue, Cruz said,
Obama and his fellow Democrats
have used immigration as a “partisan cudgel,” purely for political
The senator implied Obama is not
serious about immigration reform
and doesn’t really care about the
plight of immigrants, but would
rather use them and the issue as
a political weapon to increase his
As proof of that, the senator noted
how the president had a “supermajority” of Democrats in Congress
during his first two years in office
and could have passed any immigration reform legislation he
wanted, and Republicans would
have been powerless to stop him.
Instead, Obama “did zero. Nothing.”
Cruz flatly accused Obama of using the Hispanic community for
He identified the top two areas of political purposes, saying simply,
In 1963, when the Supreme Court bipartisan agreement as securing “It’s wrong.”
ruling came down about school the border and “streamlining” the
prayer, I, along with the majority
adopted a “what a shame, but I
can’t do anything about it” attitude
and moved on, never realizing the
implications of what was happening that day or the far-reaching
ramifications of the length this
ruling would be stretched to.
Despite her three top staff members
being informed that a terrorist group
had claimed credit for the attack,
Clinton, issued an official statement,
also produced to Judicial Watch,
claiming the attack may have been Many people will tell you that the
“a response to inflammatory material U.S. Constitution mentions sepaposted on the Internet.”
ration of church and state.
Page 10 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Major Events Next Weekend Support
SCI Banquet, NatureWorks Art Show Help
Sportsmen, Wildlife
Major conservation-related events are set the weekend of March 7-8
in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The Oklahoma Station Chapter Safari Club
International will hold its 30th annual Convention Banquet and Charity
Fundraiser on March 7 at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage
Museum in Oklahoma City. And the NatureWorks Wildlife Art Show and
Sale will be held March 7-8 at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel and Convention Center.
Some of the funds raised from sales at both of these events are used
by these organizations to support conservation-related activities in partnerships with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.
SCI Convention Banquet and Fundraiser
Featured speaker will be Todd Craighead, host of the “Outdoor
Oklahoma” television program produced by the Wildlife Department. Jon
and Stacy Sissney from “His and Her’s Outdoors” also will be there along
with many more friends to meet and greet.
This annual event will feature live and silent auctions offering bidders
the chance to buy guided hunts in Oklahoma, the United States and around
the world. Other items up for bids will include firearms, outdoor artwork
and hunting gear. There also will be raffles and door prizes.
Doors will open at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, and the banquet will begin at
6:30 p.m. at the National Cowboy Museum, 1700 N.E. 63rd St. Tickets will
be sold at the door for $95, but they are $45 if purchased before the event.
The cost of SCI national membership has been lowered to $25 if bought
at an event, with OSCSCI matching that amount. Nonmembers wishing
to bid in the auctions will need a $10 bid card as well.
Oklahoma Station Chapter of SCI supports and funds local conservation efforts that benefit the sportsmen and wildlife of Oklahoma.
The chapter supports Wildlife Department projects such as the Hunters
Against Hunger program, which coordinates the annual distribution of over
30,000 of pounds of venison to needy families. The chapter also sponsors
the Wildlife Department’s Oklahoma Wildlife Expo, which educates tens
of thousands of Oklahomans each year on the value of wildlife and the
outdoors to quality of life in Oklahoma.
The organization also has helped fund the purchase of several trailers
for use in the Wildlife Department’s Shotgun Training Education Program,
and recently donated funds to buy night-vision goggles for the Department’s
Law Enforcement Division. The Oklahoma Station Chapter also works
with the Wildlife Department to conduct an annual youth essay contest
that provides youths a chance to share their feelings about Oklahoma’s
outdoors and to win great prizes such as guided pronghorn antelope hunts
in Texas or New Mexico.
For more information, go online to
NatureWorks Wildlife Art Show and Sale
A large collection of artwork and sculpture relating to wildlife and
the outdoors will be on view at this year’s show, which is a fundraiser for
the Tulsa-based nonprofit group’s conservation projects.
Show hours will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel, U.S. 169 at South 71st Street.
Tickets are $5, which allow admission both days.
This year’s featured artist is Lyn St. Clair, a painter from Livingston,
Mont. More than 40 other artists will have their works for show and sale.
NatureWorks has partnered with the Wildlife Department in several
projects benefiting Oklahoma wildlife and sportsmen. Past projects have
included habitat and renovation work on Spavinaw Wildlife Management
Area in northeastern Oklahoma and a telemetry project on Grand Lake to
monitor the impact of catch-and-release paddlefish snagging on the fish’s
spawning success and mortality. NatureWorks also has supported the Wildlife Department’s duck stamp design program and has been an important
supporter of the Hunters Against Hunger program, in which hunters can
donate their legally harvested deer to feed hungry Oklahomans. For more
information, go online to
NE Oklahoma Fishing Report by The Oklahoma
Wildlife Department
Ft. Gibson: Elevation normal,
water 40 and clear. Crappie fair on
minnows and tube jigs at 20-25 ft.
around docks and brush structure.
Blue, channel and flathead catfish
fair on cut bait and shad at 20-30
ft. along channels, the main lake
and the river channel.
Hudson: Elevation normal, water
38. Crappie fair on minnows and
jigs at 14-20 ft. around standing
timber and brush structure. Blue
catfish fair on cut bait at 12-18 ft.
along channels.
Kaw: Elevation 2 ft. above normal,
water 45 and clear. Blue catfish
slow. Crappie fair on minnows
and jigs.
Keystone: Elevation below normal, water 39. Crappie good on
jigs around brush structure and
docks. Blue catfish good on cut
bait along channels and the river
Lower Illinois: Elevation normal,
water 45 and clear. Trout good on
Power Bait and in-line spinnerbaits
below the dam, the river channel,
Watts area and deep holes.
Paddlefish Research Center Opened Sunday
The state’s Paddlefish Research Center in northeastern Oklahoma opened for the spring fishing
season last Sunday, March 1.
“The Paddlefish Research
Center is a great resource for all
the paddlefish anglers in the area,”
said Brandon Brown, paddlefish research supervisor for the Oklahoma
Department of Wildlife Conservation. “Anglers who bring their
paddlefish to the center don’t have
to bother with cleaning their fish;
we do that for them. All they have
to do is take home the processed
fillets from their fish and enjoy it
on their dinner tables.
“But what makes this a winwin for both the anglers and the
Department is that we are able
to collect data on the paddlefish
harvest to help us make the best
management decisions for the resource and to help improve angler
access. Plus, we are able to salvage
the eggs from the female paddlefish
to process and sell as caviar, which
adds funding for the Department’s
fish and wildlife management, research and conservation activities
statewide,” Brown said.
Anglers who participate will
have their paddlefish cleaned for
Are you looking for a fun
activity for your outdoor-oriented
family? Install a nest box today and
enjoy hours of wildlife-watching
while learning about your backyard
birds! Nest boxes enhance your
property’s wildlife habitat and have
played an important role in conserving our cavity-nesting birds. Nest
box programs across the breeding
range of the eastern bluebird have
helped stabilize, and in some cases,
increase this favored backyard visitor. Maintaining these programs is
especially important as habitat loss
and invasive species still limit the
availability of natural cavities.
Melynda Hickman, wildlife
diversity biologist for the Oklahoma
Department of Wildlife Conservation, offers the following tips to
enhance your experience:
• Customize the nest box size
and entrance hole to cater to your
favorite cavity-nesting species.
• Build nest boxes with roughtextured wood. This helps the nest
box blend into the natural habitat
and aids young birds in climbing
out of the nest.
• Remove perches from your
nest box. Perches attract the invasive
house sparrow and aren’t needed by
our native birds.
• Avoid plastic and metal nest
boxes as they may get too hot in the
• Check boxes weekly to
monitor nest success and remove
intruding house sparrows and star-
ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20
You impress everyone with your
creativity this week, Aries. Allow this
creativity to be the inspiration behind
projects you have been putting off of
LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23
Leo, avoid the temptation to get started
on another new project. You already
have plenty of other things on your
plate. Finish those tasks before moving
on to something new.
SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21
You can probably talk your way out
of trouble, Sagittarius, but this time
it’s better to let things play out. Keep
conversations light and free from
TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21
Keep your goals relatively simple for
the next few days, Taurus. You can
benefit from the positive reinforcement of completing tasks and getting
things done.
VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22
It is sometimes easy to miss the forest
for the trees, Virgo. Try taking a step
back so you can look at a puzzling
project from a new perspective.
CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20
Capricorn, find balance between your
personal ambitions and things you have
to accomplish at work and at home.
Finding a middle ground is the best
CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22
Cancer, you have a lot to get done, but
resist the urge to micromanage every
detail, as this could be a surefire path
to burnout. You need to take a few
LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23
Libra, you may be searching for a new
adventure, but try to appreciate the here
and now as well. It’s easy to get swept
up in fantasies, but don’t let them carry
you too far away.
SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22
Scorpio, you suspect that someone is
hiding something, and that very well
may be the case. Perhaps a welcome
surprise is coming your way. Resist the
urge to dig too deep.
Paddlefish anglers must have
a state fishing license (unless
exempt) and a paddlefish permit
(available free at There is a daily harvest
limit of one paddlefish, and an
annual harvest limit of two paddlefish. If a paddlefish is not immediately released, it is considered
kept for harvest. Upon harvesting
a paddlefish, anglers must tag the
fish immediately with their permit
number, and harvest information
must be completed on the printed
permit. Also, anglers who are not
having their paddlefish processed
at the PRC must report the harvest
within 24 hours using the online
E-Check system at
Snagging for paddlefish is
catch-and-release only on Mondays
and Fridays. On all other days of
the week, anglers must stop snagging for the day once a paddlefish
is kept for harvest.
Complete paddlefish regulations are published in the “Oklahoma Fishing” regulations guide
available online at or in print where fishing
and hunting licenses are sold.
Nest Boxes Offer Family Fun All Season
GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21
Gemini, you have been immersed in
work and are starting to show the ill
effects of keeping long hours. Now is
a great time to take a few days off or
enjoy a mini-vacation.
free by seasonal employees trained
in the proper handling and processing of fish products. The PRC’s
specialized processing equipment
minimizes waste while removing
undesirable red meat. Fillets are
then packaged in heat-sealed plastic bags and stored at 34 degrees
until they are picked up by the
angler within 24 hours.
Also, anglers who have their
paddlefish processed at the PRC
can rely on Wildlife Department
staff to handle the online reporting
using the E-Check system.
Since first opening in 2008,
the PRC has processed and gathered data on more than 30,000
paddlefish. In the preceding 30
years, the Department had only
managed to collect biological data
from just 240 paddlefish.
Brown reminds anglers that
paddlefish must be alive when
brought to the center or when
picked up by PRC employees. Anglers fishing from the bank or from
a boat on Grand Lake or at Miami’s
Riverview City Park may call the
PRC and have their fish picked up.
Anglers will receive a bar-coded
key tag to present at the PRC when
they retrieve their fillets.
AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18
Aquarius, you need a few extra people
to contribute to a special task, but you
do not know who to ask. If you think
hard enough, you will know who you
can depend on.
PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20
Your demeanor makes it easy for others
to enjoy your company, and that will
come in handy as your social schedule
fills up in the days ahead.
Crossword Answers
ling nests.
As nesting season progresses,
be sure to track the species use and
nesting attempts in each box. At the
end of the season, report the total
number of eggs and fledglings to the
Wildlife Department’s “Oklahoma
Nest Box Trails” citizen science
project. Over the course of the 29year project, outdoor enthusiasts
have reported more than 68,000
eastern bluebird fledglings! More
information about the project, including an online reporting form,
can be found at wildlifedepartment.
Want to learn more about
Oklahoma’s cavity-nesting birds?
Check out the March/April issue of
“Outdoor Oklahoma” magazine to
learn about this nesting strategy and
the nest box requirements of northern flickers, Carolina chickadees and
great crested flycatchers!
1. Printing speed measurement
4. Fed
7. A domed or vaulted
11. Macaws
12. Neck garment
14. A billionth of an ohm
15. Local area network
16. Cleve. basketball hero
18. Wounded & disfigured
20. Civil Rights group
21. Master of ceremonies
22. Smallest artery branches
26. Ref
27. Exist
28. Diagram of earth’s
29. SE Asian sarsaparilla
soft drink
31. Fire remains
35. 3rd tone
36. Before
37. It breaks down lactose
39. A waterproof raincoat
40. Atomic #18
41. NW Canadian territory
42. Hindquarters
44. Follows sigma
46. Rural delivery
47. Point that is one point N
of due E
48. Excels
53. Berkus and Silver
56. Famous for fables
57. Philippine capital
58. Meg Ryan’s ex-husband
62. Doleful
63. Arugula genus
64. Nursery verse
65. The 7th Greek letter
66. Container for shipping
67. Charge for services
68. Immature onion plant
3. Fingernail treatment
4. Breezed through
5. Check
6. Stray
7. Ancient computing devices
8. Something cheerleaders
9. The woman
10. Ambulance rescue
12. In a drowsy manner
13. A set of type of one
14. Not completely closed
17. No (Scottish)
19. Microelectromechanical
22. Having the wind against
the forward side
23. Reestablish
24. Khloe K’s former husband
25.Verse forms
29. Places to sit
30. Chilean pianist Claudio
32. Rounds of poker
33. Spanish be
34. Sing and play for somebody
38. Chemical symbol for
39. Praying insects
43. Israeli politician Abba
45. 7th planet from the sun
49. Br. plural of a penny
50. Largest continent
51. Distress signal
52. Senate and People of
54. Fill with high spirits
55. Egyptian statesman
57. Non-verbal entertainer
58. 12th calendar month
59. A major division of geological time
60. Ultrahigh frequency
61. Yes vote
1. Swedish statesman Olaf
2. Baltic flat-bottomed boat
(alt. sp.)
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Hollrah, from pg. 1_______________________________________________
Classified Ads
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GAO: Air Traffic Control
Vulnerable to Hackers
America’s air traffic control systems are in serious
danger of computer hacker
attacks, and the Government Accountability Office
(GAO) warns that unless
steps are taken to correct
the problems, all a terrorist
might need to do to destroy
one, or many, airplanes is
flip open his laptop.
In a 42-page report titled,
“Information Security:
FAA Needs to Address
Weaknesses in Air Traffic
Control Systems,” the GAO
has listed 17 public steps
and 168 classified steps the
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
must make in
order to ensure
the safety of air
travel systems,
CNN reports.
The GAO commented that
problems with
FAA’s cybersecurity are
“threatening the agency’s
ability to ensure the safe
and uninterrupted operation of the national airspace
The GAO, while noting
that FAA has taken steps
to tighten up security in its
computer systems, states
that the efforts have not
been enough, and problems
still exist.
“These include weaknesses
in controls intended to
prevent, limit, and detect
unauthorized access to
computer resources, such
as controls for protecting
system boundaries, identifying and authenticating
Page 11
users, authorizing users to
access systems, encrypting
sensitive data and auditing
and monitoring activity on
FAA’s systems,” the GAO
report states.
The New York Post, noting that the Department of
Transportation has admitted that hackers wormed
their way into records
of 48,000 FAA workers,
“interfered with domestic
air-traffic control and installed fake codes on their
networks,” and that the
agency is “ill-equipped to
fight back,” commented,
GAO found, “FAA’s implementation of its security
program was incomplete.
For example, it did not
always sufficiently test security controls to determine
that they were operating as
intended; resolve identified
security weaknesses in a
timely fashion or complete
or adequately test plans for
restoring system operations
in the event of a disruption
or disaster.”
While the FAA has established a Cyber Security Steering Committee,
the GAO reports, “The
weaknesses in
FAA’s security
controls and
implementation of its security program
existed, in part,
because FAA
had not fully
an integrated,
organizationwide approach to managing information security
risk that is aligned with its
“The next attempt to bring
down an airliner probably
won’t involve a suicide
bomber. Why bother when
terrorists can bring one or
more planes down with a This, the GAO notes, rekeystroke?
sults in “placing the safe
and uninterrupted operaThe GAO report warns, tion of the nation’s air
“These shortcomings put traffic control system at
[airspace] systems at in- increased and unnecessary
creased and unnecessary risk.”
risk of unauthorized access,
use, or modification that Keith Washington, the
could disrupt air traffic FAA’s acting assistant seccontrol operations.”
retary for administration,
told CNN, “The agency is
Under the Federal Infor- fully cognizant of the vital
mation Security Manage- requirement to secure the
ment Act of 2002, federal National Airspace System
agencies are required to cyber environment as part
establish a computer secu- of the nation’s critical inrity program. However, the frastructure.”
make them sound convincing… could plan and implement a career path that would
transport him from the leadership of a racially-oriented
“community organizer” scam
in Chicago to the presidency
of the United States in just 12
short years.
When Obama leaves
office in January 2017,
he will be just 55 years, 6
months, and 16 days old, a
relatively young man, but a
man burdened by an acute
case of narcissistic personality disorder. The psychiatric
division of the Mayo Clinic
defines narcissistic personality disorder as “a mental disorder in which people have
an inflated sense of their
own importance and a deep
need for admiration. Those
with narcissistic personality
disorder believe that they are
superior to others and have
little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind
this mask of ultra-confidence
lies a fragile self-esteem,
vulnerable to the slightest
Some have argued that
the presidency of Kenya is
far too humble a position for
Obama, a man who thinks
only in the most grandiose
terms. In response, I would
venture a guess that, given
his popularity among black
Africans and with Muslims
around the world, his long
term agenda would have
him emigrating to Kenya,
running for president, and
then proceeding to unite all
of sub-Saharan Africa and
all of Muslim North Africa,
into a single Islamic confederation… a massive Islamic
caliphate with himself as
Grand Caliph.
A man who hates the
U.S, military as much as
Obama does, yet finds no
contradiction in thinking of
himself as commander in
chief of the largest and most
lethal military force on Earth,
would have no problem seeing himself as the Grand
Caliph of the entire Islamic
world. So what steps has
he taken to turn his outsized
ambition into reality?
In spite of having lost
his Kenyan citizenship in
August 1984, Obama spent
some $24 million in U.S.
foreign aid funds during
fiscal year 2010 in support
of a “yes” vote on a revised
Kenyan constitution. So,
one might ask, what possible interest could a U.S.
president possibly have in
rewriting the constitution
of a small country in east
Africa, unless it was a revision that would reinstate his
dual US-Kenyan citizenship
and make it possible for him
to run for president of that
The people of Kenya
approved their new constitution on Obama’s 49th birthday, August 4, 2010 (don’t
you just hate it when that
happens?). Chapter 3, Section 14 of the revised constitution provides that, “A
person is a citizen by birth
if on the day of the person’s
birth, whether or not the person is born in Kenya, either
the mother or father of the
person is a citizen (of Kenya).” On that day, Barack
Obama became a “citizen by
birth,” of Kenya. So, other
than his successful effort to
assist the people of Kenya
in the adoption of a new
constitution, what additional
steps has he taken to turn his
great ambition into a realistic
According to a February 21, 2015, article in
WorldNetDaily (WND),
Obama is spending an additional $250 million…
courtesy of the American
taxpayer… sending advisors
to Kenya for the purpose of
assisting in the “simultaneous expansion of healthcare
services and the ongoing
decentralization of the national government.” WND
quotes a document seeking to
recruit the right bureaucrat
to implement this foreign aid
boondoggle… the largest in
sub-Saharan Africa and the
seventh largest in the world...
by repeating Obama’s longtime goal of establishing “a
social healthcare system to
enable equitable provision
of health care to all Kenyan
With the raging “success” of the Affordable Care
Act, otherwise known as
“Obamacare,” it is only logical to assume that he would
want to do for the people of
Kenya exactly what he has
done for (to?) the American
people. Where better to inflict the same sort of bureaucratic health care disaster
than in an African country
where he just happens to
hold lifetime citizenship?
According to the plan,
the successful candidate,
working out of USAID’s
Office of Population and
Health in Nairobi, “will
advise USAID/Kenya on all
aspects of family planning
U.S. taxpayer dollars in
support of abortion), maternal and child health, nutrition
(an obvious ploy to introduce
Kenyans to their future First
Lady), tuberculosis, malaria,
and HIV/AIDS.”
WND reports that,
“The advisor will be tasked
with finding solutions to
obstacles Kenyans face in
receiving health care, particularly ‘public sector maternity and primary health
care services,’ which became
free for Kenyans in June
2013.” One can only assume that it is Obama’s way
of using Kenya as a social
laboratory… experimenting
with a single-payer system
and avoiding the need for
health care “exchanges” that
have made Obamacare such
a nightmare for Americans.
According to the recruiting document, “An estimated 30 percent of people
now receiving care in public
facilities could afford to use
private services if they had
insurance. Shifting them
would allow the government to focus public sector
resources on the poorest and
most vulnerable citizens”…
coincidentally, the very same
poor, needy, and uneducated
people whose allegiance
Obama would need in his
campaign for the presidency
of Kenya.
But that only insures
Obama’s election in Kenya.
Beyond that, what could he
possibly have in mind that
would insure his place in
history? Looking at a map of
Africa, with some forty-six
countries having significant
Muslim populations, the total
Muslim population of Africa
in 2010 was estimated to
be 435.24 million… thirtysix percent more people
than the entire population
of the United States… and
is expected to grow to an
unsustainable 539.08 million
people by 2020 when Obama
will have been out of office
for just four years.
A February 17, 2015
report by Liberty Voice reminds us that, since 2009,
the Nigerian terror group,
Boko Haram, has murdered
more than 5,000 Nigerians
and has abducted more than
500 others: men, women, and
children. Included among
those abducted are 276 teenage girls, aged 16-18, who
were abducted from the town
of Chibok in April 2014.
Of the 276 girls kidnapped,
some 57 have escaped. The
remaining 219 remain captives of Boko Haram where
they are raped, tortured, used
as sexual barter, and sold into
Given the ability of
terror groups such as ISIS
and Boko Haram to spread
terror among peace-loving
peoples, it is easy to see
how an entire continent,
with well over a half billion
Muslims, would be ripe for
conquest and radicalization.
The only thing they lack is
a charismatic leader, a man
worshiped and adored by
Muslims around the globe.
These are people who
have no qualms whatsoever
about raping, murdering, or
burying children alive; depriving women of all human
rights; beheading Christians,
Jews, and apostate Muslims;
or burning captive enemy
fighters alive. Nevertheless,
it appears that no atrocity, no
matter how unspeakable, is
sufficient to cause Obama to
identify the enemy for who
he is. Is it any wonder, then,
that he steadfastly refuses
to offend even the vilest of
the vile, refusing to use the
terms “Islamic terrorists” or
“radical jihadists?”
Either his narcissistic
personality disorder is so
acute that he is simply indifferent to human suffering,
or he is looking to the future
when he will need the goodwill of every Muslim in Africa to insure his place as the
single most powerful black
man in recorded history? So
think about it. It’s time to
start connecting the dots.
NYC mayor goes bonkers over
‘gays’ on parade
De Blasio marching in marquee St. Patrick’s Day event, spurns another
by Cheryl Chumley
New York City Mayor Bill That is what pride is all
de Blasio said he won’t about – pride in the fact that “I’m not ready to commit
march in the annual St. Pat- in New York City, you can to marching, because all
we’ve heard is that one
rick’s Day parade through be whoever you are.”
delegation related to NBC
the streets of Manhattan
so long as “gays” aren’t The city’s main St. Paddy’s will be allowed to have
parade attraction, decades members of the LGBT
in running, is set for March community in it,” de Blasio
De Blasio made the an- 17 – but it will likely go said, to various members of
nouncement while partici- forth absent the mayor so the media. “Even though it
pating in a specially created long as LGBT groups aren’t is a statement of some progparade for lesbians, gays, allowed to officially join ress that this NBC delegabisexuals and transgenders the procession and wave tion has been included, we
need something more for
held in Sunnyside, Queens, their banners.
it to really feel like we’ve
over the weekend.
The news blog Gothamist. turned the corner here.”
“You are a hardy troupe,” com reported that one
he told the hundreds that LGBT-tied group, [email protected] De Blasio did boycott the
braved the snowfall for the NBCUniversal, would be Manhattan St. Patrick’s
Sunday gay pride event, allowed to march. But de Day parade last year – the
The Associated Press re- Blasio said one wasn’t first mayor in 20 years
ported. “You are here to enough to guarantee his to skip participation, Gocelebrate no matter what. participation. reported
Page 12 The BANNER
Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Do You Love Your
Microchips, collars with ID tags
and Social Media. They work
miracles when you are looking
for your beloved pet. What’s
frustrating is the number of beloved pets who are “lost” every
day and, when the owner posts
a picture and information on
a social media site - they start
with “no tags, no collar, not microchipped”. SERIOUSLY!!!
A collar costs a couple of dollars
- likewise an id tag. A microchip is less than $20.00 - - and
your beloved pet had none of
these. Hmmmmmmmm.
When children are lost - they
can usually tell someone where
they live and/or their telephone
number. When a pet is lost they do not speak any language
and are completely reliant on
someone working magic to
help them get back home. I do
not understand - -and many of
my colleagues share the same
If you love your pet - - show
it. Get a collar, an id tag - and best of all - - - have them
micro-chipped!!! All scanners
read all the different micro-chip
manufacturers tags - - so there
is no excuse. You love your pet
- - show it - - on a collar, on a
tag - - with a micro-chip.
Okay - - I’m off my soapbox for
this week,
Kay Stout - - Executive Director
PAAS Vinita 918-256-7227
Foster a Homeless Pet from Second Chance Pet
Rescue - Receive a Tax Deduction
Meet Pippi or Pipsqueak as she
is called by her foster family.
She came to Second Chance Pet
Rescue of Grand Lake from the
Grove animal shelter. She had
been injured prior to coming to
Second Chance animal rescue.
The injury has healed but she is
now on a special diet. Her foster
mom knows that she would make
an ideal four-legged family member as she is good with everyone.
However, she will need a fetch
partner and a backyard.
Are you interested in becoming
a foster home for special needs
homeless pets? Love the idea of
fostering but fear the potential
costs? How about a tax deduction as another reason to foster
homeless pets?
track of and notate any expense
that is not obvious. For expenses
over $250, Second Chance Pet
Rescue will provide you with a
written acknowledgement that
contains a description and good
faith estimate of the value of the
services you provided. Of course,
it is probably best to talk to your
accountant to see exactly which
of your foster expenses are tax
Everyone that fosters a homeless pet says what you give out
to a foster pet is returned to you
two-fold. Now you can get some
cash back, too. So when you
open your heart, and your wallet,
as a volunteer foster with Second
Chance Pet Rescue, remember
that it could help you during tax
You read that correctly. Some of
the expenses of fostering a pet for
an adoption organization such as
Second Chance Pet Rescue can be
deducted as services rendered to a
qualified 501(c)(3) organization.
Things like pet food and supplies,
veterinary bills, and even the paper towels you may need to clean
up after your foster-furball can
qualify as expenses for fostering
a pet. If your foster operation is
large enough, you may be able to
claim a portion of your home utilities as well. You can even deduct
14 cents per mile for trips made
solely for the organization.
Second Chance Pet Rescue of
Grand Lake is a 501(c)(3) animal
rescue organization located two
miles east of downtown Grove on
Highway 10. Contact the shelter
at 918-786-7630 if you may be
interested in learning more about
adopting Pippi or read about
fostering on its website at www. And please
follow the animal rescue on Facebook to learn about the Capital
Campaign to raise money for its
shelter expansion project now
underway. You can also make a
tax-deductible donation my mailing a check to P.O. Box 451205,
There is a little bit of work in- Grove, OK 74345 or donate
volved but it is not complicated. electronically via its website.
Just like any other deduction, you
just need documents to support the Carol Rice
expenses. So keep your receipts Volunteer
and canceled checks. Also, keep
Get your ad in
The Banner
We carry breast prothesis, mastectomy
bras, wigs, turbans, camisoles, hats
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can also handle insurance billing for you.
Come in and see our unusual gift ideas.Cards for all occasions
Delicious Candies for your loved ones
including diabetic candy
Beggs Pharmacy
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Woodshed of Buffalo Ranch
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