What is BizXpress? • BizXpress is SuccessFactors` accelerated

What is BizXpress?
Best Practices
• BizXpress is SuccessFactors' accelerated
deployment service for the Business Execution (BizX)
SAAS software products.
Utilizing SuccessFactors’ extensive experience in
business execution software, the BizXpress team has
developed pre-configured, best practice-based solutions
to create a clear and refined package of functionalities
and capabilities which will eliminate gray areas and
mitigate risk. The fixed solutions provide a solid
foundation for small and medium-sized businesses to
springboard to the next level of business execution with
incredible velocity. In as little as six weeks, customers
can begin to take advantage of an optimal solution that
will immediately bring value to and help streamline
their current HCM processes.
• One of SuccessFactors’ two primary implementation
service offerings – the other being SAP Methodology.
• Speed based approach that delivers a preconfigured, best practiced-based HCM foundation for
small business execution.
• Accelerated timelines, fixed scope, and fixed fees.
BizXpress’ approach to implementation accelerates
the process of HCM value execution. An 11 step
framework quickly identifies the best set of prepackaged capabilities and functionality and drives all
of our small business clients to a Go-Live state fast.
Customers no longer have to be hesitant to commit
to the possibility of a lengthy and costly
implementation process. We supply a strict 6-10
week timeline (module specific) to ensure that our
end users are in the best position to get up and
running quickly and efficiently. Because BizXpress is a
pre-configured solution, the implementation delivery
timeframe is 50-60% of a traditional implementation
Driving Velocity through Speed to Value
One of BizXpress’ biggest advantages is speed, and we
know how valuable this can be for dynamic businesses.
The combination of market leading methodologies and
best practice configurations enables the
implementation of solutions quickly, efficiently and
effectively. The BizXpress foundation drives speed to
value, speed to implementation, and speed to
integration. The ultimate result – a business running
with velocity positioned for bar raising or game
changing repeatability and scalability as a company
grows to the next level.
Levels of Sophistication
Best practice solutions are shrink-wrapped into
varying levels of sophistication (also known as levels
of maturity). Through a detailed assessment and
facilitated discussions, our customers are quickly
positioned into a level of maturity that will create
the optimum configuration environment for them at
Go-Live. No matter how advanced a customer’s
chosen level of maturity is, each level still embodies
the best practice foundation that is at the core of
Because BizXpress’ timelines are tight and the
solutions are fixed in scope, the scalability of
implementation has increased dramatically. When a
customer wants to add a module or upgrade to a
higher maturity level, the process is quick and easy.
BizXpress delivers a powerful solution that can be
repeated with a cost-effective and streamlined
process, making it much easier for a growing business
to implement additional levels of our solution.
SAP Methodology vs. BizXpress
BizXpress steps away from a labor-intensive implementation approach and delivers best practice value at speed
across a multitude of scenarios and environments. The team designed BizXpress configurations from a
customer outside-in perspective but with an absolute alignment to SuccessFactors’ market leading maturity
model and best practice thinking. This line of sight connection and discipline ensures that the core HCM
solution remains intact for small businesses to maximize their performance with incredible efficiency.
SAP Methodology
Service intensive
Best practice foundation
Higher risk--cost &time
Significantly lower TCI
Tailored to customer needs
Fixed time and scope
Wide range of functionality
Step by step delivery process
Highly scalable
Target Market
BizXpress is ideal for dynamic businesses because it
provides a proper foundation for customers that may
be using manual and inefficient processes for HCM.
Because BizXpress involves less cost and time than
traditional implementation processes, SMB customers
have less risk in deciding whether or not to install our
products. Further, as a customer’s business grows,
BizXpress is can be easily scaled to match their
operations due to its pre-configured solutions and
fixed implementation timeframes.
We have an extensive set of related materials and a
dedicated team of subject matter experts to help with
any questions that you might have or information that
you might need. You can find all materials via the
BizXpress MySP Sales Page, or you can contact the team
directly at [email protected]