ELEA Update No 8

ELEA Update No 8
5th March 2015
As you are all aware, we sought your opinion regarding our claim for a 38 hour
working week as a change to the current Executive Level Enterprise Agreement
(ELEA) 2011. The result of this “survey” indicated that the majority of you are
reluctant for the AFPA to pursue this claim. As such, we will reconsider our
position to this claim and action accordingly.
The seventh bargaining meeting for a replacement of ELEA was held at AFP
Headquarters on 4 March 2015.
The AFPA’s lead negotiator Mr. Con Coutsolitis, Legal officer Ms An Li
represented the AFPA members in this meeting. In addition to the AFPA, eight
(8) individual bargaining representatives participated in this meeting.
The AFP’s representatives included NMHR Assistant Commissioner Shane
Connelly, Coordinator HRS Mr. Dave Turner and other members of AFP HR.
In this meeting, the AFP provided their response to the AFPA’s claims, including
the accessing of Long Service Leave after 7 years of service and the ‘cost of
living allowance’ proposal. The AFPA will examine the AFP’s response to these
claims and will respond to them accordingly.
The parties continued discussions in relation to clauses 12 to 23 (Remuneration
package and related benefits), clauses 9 to 11(Work patterns), clauses 24
to 33 (Leave provisions), and clauses 34 to 42 (Resignation, Retirement &
Termination of Employment and Miscellaneous) of the ELEA 2011. The parties
had canvassed these Clauses in previous meetings also. Only superficial
changes (tidying up) of these clauses have been made.
I would like to make you all aware that at no stage have the AFPA discussed the
erosion of current benefits in any of our negotiations.
On a foot note, I was advised by a member that he gleamed more information
from the AFP reporting. The AFPA bargaining team isn’t provided the AFP
reporting and would like to encourage our members to forward this on to assist
us in our endeavors.
If at any time you need clarity from any of our meetings please email here or call
the office on 62851677 opt 3 and either An or I will respond to you in a timely
The next bargaining meeting will be on 17 March 2015. We will continue our
news update after the next meeting.
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