Yout MiSSion HaS Begun at The VVOfld,S End

Your Mission Has Bcgun
at The World′ s End
Lecture by Taiki Watanabe
Hiroshi Hayashi
l12 Allston St.′ Allston
Massachusetts 02134
Translator's Note
May this translation guidc lne to cOmplete my karma and
devOte lnyself tO awaken wanderers and save humanity.
I thank Barbara Sustick for editing this bOoklet.
Iiroshi IIayashi
November′ 1984
◎ COpyright by HirOshi Hayashi
This b00klet is a repOrt of the Oガ kayuiWθ ι
θぬ lectures
held in Osaka lFebruary 24′ 1980}′ Tokyo lMay ll′ 19801′
and sapporO INIIay 25′ 1980)It iS pubhshed at the request
Of thOse whO had attended the lecttlres and othcrs whO
wanted to lcarn abOut them.It is lny sincere wish that thc
Ten Thousand wanderers who wOuld read this accOunt
will awaken tO truc lneaning。
Thc pubhcatiOn ofthis report has the f0110wing purpose:
to alert the wanderer to his truc mission.This bOok will
hght the sacred f廿 e Ofthe Ten ThOusand wanderers.It will
make them more attuned tO the factthat the final knellfOr
the present earth has cOme and′ truly′ the廿 Inission has
Lecture Was Designed by Hcaven
As the rnaster Of ceremonies had intrOduced′ I am Taiki
Watanabe.BefOre l begin′ I wOuld like tO state that l am
not a psychic′ nOr a teacher′ nOr a membe■ of the clergy.
ヽ4y occupatiOn is a business lnan who tends his shop to
support his falnily but′ my life′ I have devOted tO a rnission
assigned to me by Hcaven.The headquarters of my rnis―
sion is lodged at the desk in my Office.There is no organi―
Zati9n tO support my activities fOr I― Icaven has infO....ed
me of the negative effects Of bureaucracy.Hcaven has enl―
phasized the ilnpOrtance of c00peratiOn through love
Hcaven forct01d that there will be nO teacher on carth for
the wanderers′ the rnissiOnaries descended from heaven.
Their rchance will be only on God′ and that is the path I
have chOsen to f0110w.
A year and a half ago′ I was frequently insp士 ed with the
f0110wing revelatiOn: a tilne will come when you will
travel to reveal truth and light the divine f士 e ofthe Ten
Thousand wanderers and thus will they come to under―
stalld theセ rnission.Shortly thereafter′ a member of our
group envisioned my lectllring to many people.I had no
inkling where the lccture would take place or how it
would be Organized.Since nO association of wanderers
exists′ our reliance is only upOn God to prOvide the oppor―
tunities.The tilnc l speak of has come,the carth will face
lts end.
In December Of 1979′ wanderers had cOmpleted the Cer―
emony ofthe WOrld′ s End.Atthe same time′ 0ガ女イ
acLi′ missionaries frOm anOther planet who have helped
save the earth and humanity′ started to plan the lectures
in TOkyo and Osaka.In the beginning of 1980′ the talks
werc held′ but they were promoted by an incidcnt that
happened in the l」 nited States.
In April of 1979′ Dr.Scki′ head of theチ apanese socicty
Of Psychic Science′ visited the United States.While he
was in the States′ he met a cOntactec of space beings′
ETW′ who lived in Denver.ETW revealed inforlnation
abOut Venus to lDr.Seki and alsO a stOry about cOntacts
with space beings.After he retttmed to lapan′
Dr.Seki re―
y O/
leased this hfOrmatiOn to theゎ IIm″ ο/山 θSOC」 ιι
Psychic Sdω lsts.After"ard′ ETW wrote a letter to Dr.
Sekirecommendhg the bOok Of O,kaガ watactt
to him′
telling him that′ `the bOok will help him understand what
ETW has said and dOne.''lDr.Sekiread the bOok′ and s00n
I reccived a pohte but serious letter frOnl hiln.In the
he expresscd his appreciation for the bOok.He had
written how he had spent days trying to understand its
contents and how ilnprcsscd he was with the story and its
meaning.Furthe....ore′ he asked if l would give a lecture
on it.
Due to these events′ another Oylikα ガWα
CLi lecture
space masters tO save this carth.
Now′ let lne turn tO the stOry of NIIr.ETW.I have never
鮮 壽難群
響選l鷺 聾
躍摯ふぼ漁 ぶl輩 肝
Sixtecn ycars agO′ I was imparting the tr■ lth of the uni―
朧 1,こ:It」 翼
:I露 ι
:閉 盟
Fli灘 鮒[:
澄‖1品留銃f霊 盤ぶ軍11胤 ∬品奪吼盤
hu憂 り
b“ y宙 ぬ
Is獄 胤Ⅷ淵鶴隠謂
I wish that all wanderers will awaken tO truth as soon as
possible so an earth paradise can be establishedo with rev―
善 職
盤灘r薦1器 蹴 鳳比fyttSs胤 謝 l鰹
wise in our case′ rnany Of Our c01lcagues have succumbed
s bКeお mthy“
#e Sataゴ
MI.ETW's letter had mentioned salt― pickled η p′ ιs,
spacc beings described them as fol10ws.
`There is a word in an old prophecy among us space be―
ings′ salt― pickled″ plθ s.You
may not know the meaning
of this strange expression′ but a day will come when you
will.We travel to thOse″ pル s which have been salt―
Now′ the meaning of this strange expression has be―
comc clear.The pllrposc of this lcctllre was that l would
scarch for the salt‐ pickled ttppfι s who happened to bc the
Ten Thousand wanderers′ reveal divine truth to then■ ′and
assist theln in their awakening.Ⅳ lr.ETW had stated that
he wished all wanderers would awaken to the truth so an
earth paradise could be established.Today′ I an■ standing
in frOnt of you hoping for that same goal.I belicve that all
Of yOu whO are assembled here are wanderer trainees.
None of you has come to scek lnaterial gain or the gratifi―
cation of your own desires.I believe that this gathering is a
heartfelt request fron■
all of you tO serve humanity in the
coming New Age.I am here today to speak the truth tO
thosc assembled in that quest.
The fhst part ofthis lecture is about the book of Oガ kα ‐
y.ilヽ 石
θ」1ゴ .It is a twenty― ycar history of the Oガ kayJiWata―
歯 missionaries.It is a record of their spirit in the Crusade
of God― world's end and the construction of the World of
God in the invisible reallns.It is a chronological record of
thelr achievements.
I anl afraid that some readers will have difficulty under―
standing this bOok.There is an ovcrlapping of some of the
storics.Furthennore′ all of the events occurred in the in―
more trallscendent reallns of the carth.In addi―
I have no knowledge of spiritual telllls tO describe the
events clearly.
The book of Oガ 女θy.iWata“ ゴrecords the truth spoken
through inspiration, thcrefOre′ its contcnt is harder tO
divine Readers shOuld try tO distill its meaning through
thcir Own divinatiOn and telepathic capabilities.Somc
becorning trapped by the litcral meaning of the
story rather than the essence of its contents′ have found
some sections mystifying.Howcver′ if they read、 vith
spiratiOn′ the truth will be apparent tO them.
I hope thatthis lecture willinchne yOu tOward the behef
that God in I― Icaven and the spacc lnasters have Offered sal―
vation to mankind On this earth′ and that this salvatiOn
has been effected in the invisible wOrld.
The secOnd part OftOday's lecture is to an■
ounce the f01-
lowing theme.At the dawn of 1980′ the wOrld's end had
occurred′ and thc estabhshment Of a new carth and a new
world has begun in the katachi wOrld.
You wanderers whO have gathered here willfight in this
h01y crusade.
Path of Eternal Ev01utiOn
Cod created all life:the mOuntains′
rivcrs′ plants′ trees′
and man.Their lives all cv01ve a10ng a path Of
etemal evolution.SOmetimes,along the stages of develop‐
mcnt′ a life may retrogress.The regression may manifest
itsclf in nlien or physical form.Hcaven refers to this as a
slumbering soul′ unawakened tO its real self.A fallen soul
will have to travel through the regression as a stepping
stonc to a higher ev01utiOn.
God creates life′ and tO cach life IIc gives the possibili―
ties of progrcssivc ev01ution.For exalnple′
differcnt stages
are lodged in the numerOus plancts and stars in this uni_
living bodies untO themselves.In this universe′
there is a prOper planet fOr each ev01ved life―
life― forrn
and each
resides there until ready for advancemCnt.
Humans also travel through this evolutionary process.
After many long coslnic years′
Inan has finally attained the
stage of human life and received the gift Of the human
soul.Thc earth is rnerely the cxercise grounds upon which
thc sOul strivcs fOr eternal improvement.
In this universe′ there are degrees of relativity as with all
things.There are less advanced planets and lnore advanced
plallets.HOwever′ within this s01ar systenl′
ollr earth is at
the nadir′ the 10west globe of all.The carth is a sad and
hellish placc which cannOt even align itsclf with the other
planets in the system.
In order fOr the prOcess of etemal cvolution and creation
to continue′ God bestows upon lnan′ s soul a trial period.
From the polar fOrces of yui12 1negatiVel and y鰐 lpositiVel′
Hc sirnultaneously offers man a trial stage and a period of
s01ution.Therefore′ man should be patient enough tO
await the stage of s01utiono Often′ when a soul is imlna―
turc and weak′ it fOrgets to wait and loses faith in God.
Distrust in God yields a frustratcd and irritated lnind.
Such a statc of thinking leads to the creation of a negative
self′ and unhappiness will befall this negative soul.Ncga―
a′ and negative
la by its effect breeds more ka.1■ ■
tive ka■ ■
karma cnables the rise of evil beings who destroy love.
Tantes lor Enito in the tilne Of Lcmurial gave us an ex―
amplc of such an occurrencc.Hc lived on the Lemurian
continent lalSO Called Mul whiCh Sank 10′ 528 ycars ago.
Then he rnoved to Venus.Hc explained that the sinking of
thc Lemurian continent was duc to negative ka■ ■
told that first it was a place filled with love′
evil fOrces destroyed that amity.Its fall was also caused by
the negativc karma of the earth′ s people at that time.
In the flow of evolution′ the planct earth has entered the
grcat cycle of cvolution.Thc timc has come for earth tO
takc the next stcp in its progression.In thc past′ carth and
mankind havc been sidctrackcd from this path of eternal
improvcment as they have been swerved by evil forces
Orion and Lucifer had deflected the inspiration and tele―
pathy sent to then■ ′and the proper path was not lnain―
tained.Thc conscquence wasthe p■ lrsuit
of a rnatcrialistic
Nowadays′ humans do not only neglect their rninds and
but their rcliance on material will cdge then■ to―
ward the destruction of lnankind.Such a state of affairs is
defined as a planet facing the great cycle or a planet facing
its、vorld's end′ a planet dottmed′
Space Servants′
covered with negative
WandereFS and Apples
it and all humanity
who reside there and all other living things rnust be saved
When a planet faces its world′
s end′
and changed into the World Of God.This task is given to a
group of space beings who travel from planct to planet′
frOm s01ar systeⅡ l to solar system They are called the
street cleaners of thc universe and are called wanderers be―
cause they travel fronl planet tO planet′ universc to uni―
verse′ to fulfill this lnission assigned by God.
As a result′ the birth of a wanderer is a significant event.
A being only attains the status of a wanderer after lnany
cosrnic years spent in the clevation of itself and its spirit.
Its rolc is as God′ s seⅣ ant and for that rcason is some―
times called an angel.
Wanderers can be distinguished from one another by
their mission.The book of Oガ
kay」 iwata〔 左ゴlists
frOΠ I A tO Z.This does nOt mean that there are twenty―
kinds Of wanderers as there are letters Of the alphabet,it
only lncans there are rnany kinds of angels.Though their
missions are different′ they sharc the same goal.
The head of all wanderers is called A― Z.At present′
is the Spacc Master of Venus′
Sananda.Two thousand
ycars ago′ Sananda descended as the figllre of leSus Christ′
the Savior of humanity.
Roles of Wanderers
ll Wanderers in rolc of God.This wandcrer dissolves
the r00t of karma in the highest reaches of the carth and
establishes the fOundation for the reb廿 th of a new earth.
The dissolution made it possible for Oァ ikay.L7θ ι
θch」 wan―
..their duties.To ensllre success′ God has
dererS tO perfo■ ■
employed a``special strategy′ ′this time′ the wanderer in
rolc of God.
21 Wanderer as spiritual lcadcr.
310ガkα ガWataCLi
Wanderers act市 e in the Crusades Of
God.These are lapallese wanderers who dispel the nega―
tive ka■ ■
■a ofearth and mankind.The book of O脚 晨″ w″
tacLi is a record of their deeds.
41 Ten ThOusand wanderers.Previously called salt― pick―
led c″ fι s lpreserved or salt― pickled so as nOtto be spoiledl′
as wan―
they have been taken out of the brinc and rebon■
derers.They total ten lnilhon and are scattered throughout
the earth.They will estabhsh the katachi wOrld On the im―
mortal fOundatiOn Of the new earth fOrmed by the Oガ
acLi wanderers.when the Oガ kay・ iWθ ι
αcLi wander―
ers finished the fOundatiOn Of the WOrld Of God in the in―
inner wOrld′ their sacred f廿 e will be handed tO
the newbOm Ten ThOusand wanderers.God's sacred
fire then will be lit by the Ten ThOusand wanderers,and
the last crusade or ceremOny will begin in the katachi
51 Wanderers bom on this carth tO infOrln earth peOple
of flying saucers′ space bcings,and the truc world.
61 SpacC Wanderers nOt bOm On this earth.
アI God's wanderers who perfOrm the salvation of the
carth in heaven.
There lnay be Other kinds Of rnissiOnaries′ but wc only
knOw Of these servants called wandcrers and ttIフ lθ s.
True Account of Flying Saucers
and the Visit Of space Beings
As l have rnentiOned before′
this earth is facing the great
cycle Of its wOrld's end.Space servants have been born On
this earth to flllfill the great lnission Of God.Their task is
to execute the plan tO render earth newbOrll and announce
the New Age.Flying saucers and space beings are revealing
their presencc to announce to the space servants that the
tilnc has come for their lnission to be fulfilled.This is the
same purpose behind cOmmunication between space be―
ings and earth people.
Visions of flying saucers against a night sky are nOt
beautiful displays simply for en,oyment.Thcir aim is tO
facilitate the alerting of space seⅣ
ants tO their mission.
However′ the sight of a flying saucer or an encounter with
a space being dOes nOtiuStify truc awakening in a wander―
er′ for there are many lnissiOnaries without such experi―
ences that are perfOrming their tasks with true spiritual
guidance.Awakening lies in understanding truth.
In 1960′ 0ァ ikay2れ 7θ ι
acLゴ wanderers were taught many
lessOns in truc awakening by spacc beings and space mas¨
ters.At that tilne′
we who cOuld nOt cOmprehend asked
this question.Why did space beings relate such important
events as the wOrld's end to such powerless and insignifi―
cant people as ourselves7 We thOught it futile for spacc be―
ings to even talk to us.
They,On their part′ rephcd′ ``Children Of Light′ dO not
underestilnate yollrselves There is a reason that wc have
chosen to con■ lnunicate with yOu.Though you look like
human beings′ in reality you are angels who bear a more
significant role than we dO.Therefore′ awaken to your
true spirit.′
The reason for this declaration lics in the space beings'
past.In the history of their own planetary cvolution′ crew
members Of their flying crafts had reccived the aid of wan―
derers.Wanderers had helped to raise their planet where
love and truth survive and where no war′ selfishness′ or
deception could exist.Their planet relnains thus to this
Receiving this encollragement′ we f0110wed gradually
many higher teachings.Around 1960′ Inany space beings
had sent wamings to carth.
Space Forecast about Earth
ln reality,Inankind and earth have entered the great cy―
cle、 vhich is part of the evolutiOnary pattern or process.
During this great cyclc′ unusual weather such as carth―
quakes,volcanic eruptions′ floods′ high tides′ tornadoes′
hurricanes′ and droughts as well as unexpected′ freak acci―
dents will occur everywhere on the carth.A radical change
of the carth's axis will take place to signify the radical
changes within the earth.This phenOmenon will come to
The wOrld's end ttvill come to pass′
so space beings cx―
plaincd.``If the world's end occurs after the Battle of
Wakutama and the CelebratiOn of the Changing Planct′
carth and humanity will shine in glory and follow a new
path to a bright′ new world.This is the perfect world's
A space being fOrt01d.``The H01y Wars ICruSadesl or
Ceremonies of God will save all′ rnankind and humanity.
If they are accolnplished′ the perfect wOrld's end will be a
one blessed by God.
`rThere is anOther path′ thOugh.It is the road that leads
to human wickcdness′ war′ and nuclear dcvastatiOn.
There is also evil intervention from Outer space′
Orion and Lucifer.These forces cOmbhed can conquerthe
univcrse′ and a world's end will have Occurred withOut
God's ceremonies.As a consequence′ the carth will ex―
plode into slnithereens′ its axis will shift′ and all human―
ity will revert tO the initial stage of cvolutiOn.The carth is
facing a turning point nOw′ where thc Obliteration of hu―
manity′ the dernisc Of sOul′ and the path tO etcmal dark―
ness are definite pOssibilitics
Space beings wil1 0ffer salvation to carth.Whether
earthlings will accept this assistance depends upon their
frec will.There will be nO cOercion from these good_
Ininded space creaturcs to force man to accept the cstab―
lishment of a new world filled with love and truth in pref―
erence to an earth destroyed by evil forces.′ ′
These were the lnessages that space beings sent to us in
1960.They cncouraged carth and lnankind to unite for the
Crusades of God and to c00perate with His assistants tO
establish the World Of God.
Accuracy Of Nostradamus'sP■ Ophecy
The prOphecy Of Nostradamus is an interesting examplc
l havc never read the bOok about Nostradarnus's prophecy′
but l have seen the televisiOn prograln concerning it.Ac―
cording to the documentary′
the prophecy′ written 400
years ago′ foretold that lnankind will be annihilatcd in the
scventh month of 1999.I[is prophecy is an accuratc dc―
scriptiOn of the present social State.
The carth has encOuntered the grcat cycle ofthc wOrld's
end befOre′ but always it was an imperfect wOrld′ s end.
The carth has cycled through this event six tilnes.As al―
ways′ each world's end carries the accumulated negative
karma Of the past′ nOw grown so thick it has covered the
carth.The earth is now in the lnidst of its seventh cycle.
In refcrence tO the karma of earth′ One space being rnade
the following comments.``The carth has become so wick―
ed and materialistic l have spoken to people again and
again′ but it is impossible to make them understand.In
few believed that s00n all will cOme to an end.I al―
most despaired in lny attempts to reach theln′ butthe be‐
ings in the flying saucers are persisting though many even
on earth have deserted their duties.′ ′
The carth bcing so d00med with negative karma′
scemed obviOus that it was heading toward another fail¨
ure.The prophecy of Nostradamus On the destruction of
humanity no longer seemcd a false prediction but a
colning reality.But the prophecy has been altered.
At the battle of this wOrld′ s end′ God employed ar`spe―
cial means.′
′The strategy was the descent of a wanderer of
God to remove the root of karma in thc mu world′
highest realm of the carth.This removal will establish thc
rebirth for earth.The perfect world's end blessed by God
will have been bestowed′ and the destruction of rnankind
as prophesied by Nostradamus will not occur lnstead′ it
will be replaced by the iOyful rebirth of humanity.
Participation of Wanderers
in the Ceremonies of God
A pcrfect wOrld's end relies on the participation of wan_
derers in the Ceremonies of God or「 [is holy wars.Partici―
pation in these crusades rcquires lnuch duress.It necessi―
tates the awakening of their sOuls.Howcver′
the awak―
ening is often hindcred by Orion′ Lucifer′ and the discln―
bodied beings whO hclp them.The cvil forces try to de―
stroy earth by distOrting and manipulating the inspiration
and telepathy sent tO guide wanderers in God's crusades
Such stratagems enslave wanderers to their selfish desires′
and they are lost tO God's cause.They will become the
slecping wanderers whO can■ ot fulfill their lnission.
Some tilne agO in 1960′ God's lnessenger from Venus′
Atone′ told Earth.′ ′
Force can■ ot conquer Orion′ s power,
his wickcd powcrs are awcsorne.Fighting force with force
will only strengthen his stand.Only a rnind filled with
love can defeat him'′
Sananda alsO advised us that trtlth can defeat Orion Hc
said that OriOn and Lucifer cannot unde■ ■
ine truth.The
earth has cycled thrOugh lnany an imperfect wOrld′ s end.
This repetition is duc tO the wanderers'failure to engage in
God′ s crusades′ and their participatiOn in thesc holy wars
is cOntingent upOn their Own awakening Their slumber
has becn attributable tO the wiles of(Drion and Lucifer.
Finally′ in the battles at this world′ s end′
the wandcrers
will be able to participate as space beings repeatedly en―
co■ lraged them.`′ Awake′ arise tO your true selves′ and
fight in the War of God.′ ′
In 1960′ we often asked space beings how to awaken to
the truth.Although they have guided us t0 0ur awakening′
they have neverrevealed what truth is.After twenty years′
experience′ wc have come to realize that this qucstion
must be answered through ollrselves.In our responses lie
our awakening′ and our sOuls will have been elevated.
Thc source of telepathy and inspiration will pave the
road tOward truth and God's crusades.It is generally be―
lieved that telepathic lnessages are a lneans of communi―
cation.It is considered as a substitute for thc telephone
through which thc spoken word is heard.HOwever′
this is
one type of telepathy but not thc only Onc
Sananda taught us about anOther form of telepathy.In
his wOrds′ telepathy is arising froln the personal self and
any associated selfishness to an awareness of one's true in―
ner reality.For the truth to be heard thrOugh tclcpathy′
must bc spoken by the soul of the grcat spacc lnastcrs Or
space beings to One's spirit.Mcssages communicated in
this way will be quickly understOod by one's mmd and
``Seldonl dOes onc hear telepathic rnessages through the
car because of the negative karlna in which we are envel―
opcd.It is the soul awakened tO truth that can hear truc
telcpathy A lowcr sOul with Only a glilnmer of truth is
Oftcn cnticed by Satan as he appcals to it in the rnidst of ac―
cumulated karma.To lnistake Satan's voicc as truc tele―
pathy is a frightful prospect fOr this budding soul.′
From Sananda′ s explanation′ telepathy is soul―
communication′ accentuated with a watchful mind and
alcrtcd senses.IntcgratiOn of this definition will enable
one's faith tO withstand temptation,thereby it can lead to
a disciphne in lnind that can truly lnaster the cOntent of
the telepathic messages.
Inspiration is lnore subtle than telepathy.E)ivine inspi―
ration is not likc an elcctric shOck but a gentle thOught
likened tO the tip Of an iceberg.If One pursues the gentle
wind Of inspiration′ another thOught will be received.
That thOught can lcad tO the revelation ofthe rneaning be―
hind the inspiratiOn′ and One can take action.
Sadly′ Inany people have ignored this means of cOrn―
munication and space beings have cited lack Of discipline
as thc reasOn l cannOt stress enough the impOrtance ofthe
charactcristics Of restraint′ patience′ and respect′ qualities
that can discipline the lnind.
With the rneanings of telepathy and inspiration defincd′
I want to talk about the subiect Of participation in God's
holy wars.You may wonder why is participation in the
crusades so crucial.Participation is certainly an important
matter for the new wanderers assembled herc.The answer
frOnl space beings lies in this explanation.`′ As each wan―
derer queries as tO thcir cOurse of actiOn′ we space beings
will tell you through telepathy your future deeds.To you′
the heavenly servants′ wanderers and q2pfι s will speak
To you′ space beings whO are invisible but very close by
will infOrln you of your rnissions.Consider the rnessages
sent with awakened mind and alerted senses′ and act On
what yOu think is necessary or right.
``When you act′ we will lead you with the guidance of
God the Creator.We space beings also believe in thc lnax―
iln frOIn earth′
that actiOns speak louder than words.We
cannot coerce yOu to act′ but rnan must settle earth's af―
fa士 s.use your free will and take actiOn.′ ′
In recollectiOn′ my experience for the past twenty years
is similar tO the situatiOn described by space beings.In the
beginning′ nOt Only space beings but heaven and earth′ the
skics and c10uds′ thc ln00n and the sun′ and God offer us
guidance.They communed with us′ and we were con―
vinced that hcavcn and carth and all that exists are united
as onc.With this guidance′ wc werc ablc to participate in
the Crusades Of God.
P■ ocess
of Battle′
Advancement of Oyikayiwatachi
When a planet in the universe enters the great evolu―
tionary cycle and encOunters its world's end′
it is a signifi―
cant event.At the same tilne′ a new earth as a World Of
God will be bom.This birth occtlrs not only for all human―
ity but for the entire universc as well.This world's end is
more sublime than allything lnan can imagine.It is usu―
ally described as a great change of the phenomenal world
only Beyond the phenomenal world lie various invisible
wOrlds.At the highest level is the n■ u world followed by
the rei world′ the tamashii world′ and the katachi world.
Rei kai and yu kai are invisible′ material worlds in the
katachi realm.So the world's cnd docs not happen at one
In each ofthesc higher worlds′ the Crusades of God lthe
Battle of Wakutama or the Battle of the World′ s Endl and
the Celebration Ceremony lbirth Of the new earth′
of God)haVe Occurred.Wanderers have fought in these
h01y wars and by their participation have dissolved the
root of karma.Now the carth can have a perfect world's
yα .The earth
end′ blessed by God and I‐ Iis love′ Lι t`Iη θ
will be saved as God wished′ and all humanity′ all crea―
and every living thing will be rebOrn.By this′ Nos―
tradan■ us's prophecy will definitely be altered.
Nostradamus's prophecy recounted an event that rnight
avert the holocaust.This was God′ s``great strategy′ His
that enabled the wanderers to participate in the Cele―
bration Cerelnony.On lanuary ll,1981,the CelebratiOn
Ceremony of the Changing Planet was perforlned to signi―
fy the retum of the old earth to God and the bestowal of
the new earth.This ceremony made possible the final
phase of thc holy war in the lnaterial world.
The next phase will be the establishment of an earth
paradise in the katachi world.The newbom Ten Thousand
wandercrs along with readers ofthis book who have under―
stood its lneaning will construct this new world.On the
ilnmortalfoundation ofthe new earth that had been estab―
hshed in the higher invisible wOrlds will the Ⅵ「orld of God
be built.The task of cOnstruction has becn handed to the
Ten Thousand wanderers.
Birth of the Ten Thousand Wanderers
There are two classifications for the Ten Thousand wan―
derers′ salt― pickled ttppfι
s lunbOrn wanderersl and beings
Of Maruwaku and A¨ yo― o-lu.The Creat Elder of Vcnus′
ho in
Sananda′ referred tO saltttpickled ttprttθ S as beings、 ∼
their dedicatiOn to carth offcred tO be bom on this land.
Bcings ofヽ 4aruwaku and A― yo― o-lu are beings who stay at
a higher invisible realln of earth′
rei kai.Some of them
have completed their training on earth and have gained the
higher consciousness necessary for their ascension to a
higher planet.However′ as thcse beings realized the imlni―
nent danger confrOnting the carth′
thcy postponed their
departure.Rcborn again on this earth′ they took the sol―
emn oath ofserving earth and mankhd Thesc highcr be―
ings lnaintained pristine thought and lnind′ unsclfish and
nonmaterialistic.Pledging themselves to establish a per―
fect world fOr humanity′ they are in the nlidst of today's
The souls of`pplι s and beings of Maruwaku and A― yo‐ o―
lu were assigned the rnissiOn to estabhsh the ncw earth.
Thcy were reborn as wanderers of heaven and are′ in fact′
the Ten Thousand wanderers.Th■ ough the efforts of God
of Hcavcn and the great rnasters of heaven and carth′ they
have been awakened.The event of their awakening was
the Celebration Ofthe Birth Ofthe Ten ThOusand Wander―
ers held on November 26′ 1977.
During the prayers offered at this ceremOny′ a vision
arosc.A shower of cherubims lwanderersl rained from
heaven.As wanderer____mu stretched her arlns toward
One of thenl′ he vanished.This vision symbolized the
b士 th of the Ten ThOusand wanderers.
The Orientation ceremony for the Ten Thousalld wan―
derers was held on May 3′ 1978.Never having lnet these
newbOrn wanderers′ we did not expcct their arrival.Unex―
pectedly′ wanderer K brought with hin■
fifteen members
the new group.(Dverwhellned and surpriscd by this
coincidcncc′ I cOmlnented′ ``A great effort at unificatiOn
has been lnade by God and the great masters of heaven and
earth for the descent of these wanderers' souls to earth.
Their bOdily senses and lnind appear as those of the old
but their inner selves have bccn newly bom as
wanderers.So attuned are their inncr senses′
they are ele―
vated to the stage at which they can easily awaken in the
katachi wOrld.I await eagerly fOr the hastening of their
movement thrOughout the country.′ ′
TwO ycars have passed since rny comment.The wander―
ers have lnatllred well and have begun their activities all
over the world Thesc lectures are an indication of the
commenccment of their activities.I believe that their cn―
dcavOrs will be triumphant as space masters and space bc―
ings guide thcn■ through their missions.At the dawn Of
the year 1980′ the mOst critical stage for these assistants of
God has begun
Great Change of World's End
in the Physical World
Finally′ the wOrld's end in thc physical wOrld Ofthe ka―
tachi wOrld will takc place.Because in thc higher realll■
of the carth′ thc battlc of thcir worlds′ ends has been victo―
all karlna has been uprooted and dissolved.The kar―
ma of carth being rootless′ it will ertlpt in the katachi
world and the phenOmcnOn of this karlna will bc lnanifest
in a pcrfcct wOrld's end in the physical world.Naturally′
Satan and his f0110wcrs will try to prevent this fronl hap―
pening.They may even resort to the destruction of the
carth Their attacks will be strOng′
but they will be foiled.
Thc of earth having been dissolved′
any occur―
rencc froln that point is Only the phcnOmenon ofthe great
change′ a perfect wOrld′ s end. Wanderers n■ ust be awarc
had negative kaI■ ■
a not been vanquished′ the crusades
would not have been held nor the great change effected.In
the lattcr case′ thc karlna ofthe physical world would have
moved to an imperfect new world′ and there ka...■ a would
generate more bad ka....a′ and earth would have cycled
through anOther turn of these same events.
Not one iota of negative karlna will exist in a perfect
world's end.A perfect wOrld's cnd entails the successful
completion ofthe Crusades of God′ since it is through the
action of these crusades that karlna has been dissolved.
The phenOmenon that will be manifest from nOw is iust
the last vestiges of karma disappearing′ vanquishcd by
As the earth embarks On its perfect wOrld's end′
with the old earth should be severed.In this ideal world′
there will bc no lies or deception or chcating or secrccy.
Earth and humanity will undergo a rebirth.Sananda′
Great Elder of Venus′ had predicted′ `′ If all humanity
Now is the
cleanses all of its karma′ it will be rebom.′
time to obliterate all karma frOlln lnan and anilnals for re―
birth since that is the great change of a perfect world's end.
The fading of ka■ ■
..a is actually a period to help lnankind
change and awaken.This change will transpire in individ―
uals and in all aspects of their livcs′
the work place′
and natllrc.Although all will be saved in this
world′ s end′ this salvation is an individual salvation.
Every individual lnust be accOuntable for the effё cts of his
negative ka....a and try to cOunteract it.In the cleansing of
his own karma will lic his awakening′
and then he can
assist others in their awakenings.
In thc dcflection of karma′ there will be great confusiOn
on a global scale.Natural disasters and social decline will
arise in cvery country on earth.The sky will burn and the
carth will be ravaged and there will even be days when the
sun does nOt shine.As karrna slays karrna′ gushing blood
in its mutilation′ becoming pus′ it will finally be
For earth′ its ka■ ■
a will bc brOught forth as abnormal
weathcr′ volcanic eruptions′ earthquakes′ drought′ the
rising Of the Ocean floor′ etc.For man′ his karma will
emcrge as arguments against onc another and wars be―
tween countries that will result in social disorder.Suffer―
ing and confusiOn will be part of every individual′
s karma′
and all past karma will be revealed at the world′ s end.
These events will be inexplicable. However they may
they are the remnants ofthe f10ating karma of earth.
They are the rneans ofridding the old ka....a′
and the inci―
dents will be rcpeated until karlna is no l■
the confusiOn and suffering′ one awakens tO truth and real―
izes he is within thc regiOns Of the higher、 νorlds― mu
world′ rei world′ tamash五 world′ and the rei kai and yu
kai of the katachi world.Hc is reborn within thc oneness
Of that higher world.
When lnan arrives at his awakening′ the axis and equa―
tor Of thc Old earth lLay・ imttθ ι
θ― suffering and confusion)
will shift to the axis and equator ofthc new carth′
thc Ryu―
kyu KingdOm lpositiOn of Laι θcartθ -love of Godl.God in
Hcaven will lnake known this change.The change of the
perfect wOrld′ s end′ or the[「 eat cleansing′ is the Love of
God of Hcaven to awaken humankind to the vision of
truth.The bestowal ofthis great cleansing was based upon
a divine decisiOn: the new carth will be reborn in the
katachi wOrld and all will be saved.
No lnatter how scvcre the suffcring imposed′ onc should
attempt ttt understand the conccption of a perfect world′ s
end.It can be visualized as a bright path to a new world′
the World of God′ or the,oyful establishment of an earth
paradisc A superficial evaluation of this great change in
and tO
the katachi world will alarnl and befuddle lnany′
allay their cOnscquent fcars and panic is the lnission of the
Ten Thousand wanderers.
This cOnfusiOn is evident all over the world.The morc
chaotic thc world becomes′ thc lnorc forceful will be
Satan's last attack.Quacks Will appear and proclailn
themselves the Savior or a space being.They may deliver
messages that secm truthful.Inforlnation lnay be proffered
that scems to confirll■ the grcat changc.Space beings had
wamed us: ``Evil beings in the rci kai of the carth know
that the end ofthe carth is close at hand′ and they arc frus―
trated bccause of thcir short so,ollrn On earth.If thcre is a
chance′ they will try to inveiglc carthlings into ncgative
incidents′ c.g.false prOphets obsessed with evil spirits and
Satan's seductiOn.These lnany mediums will be a hOax
alleging they are rclaying the wOrd Of space beings.′ ′
As a remindcr′ there are good― Ininded space beings and
cvil― Ininded Ones. From now On′
good― Ininded space be―
ings will increase their cOntact On earth′ and likewise evil―
minded space beings will increase their interference.Trust
is not tO be placed On all lnessages frOIn space′
fOrthe mes―
sages from OriOn and his cOhOrts lnay be rnistaken fOr the
good intcntion of g00d space beings.This is the rcason thc
battle at the end Of the wOrld is called the Battlc Of Arma―
There is a story abOut contact with space that has be―
come world famous.A member of earth′ knOwn to be a
contactee′ was aboard a flying saucer. He was subse―
quently ensnared by OriOn's trap′ an example that the
chOsen can be swcⅣ ed and 10seludgment of what is right
frOnl what is wrOng Under great cOnfusiOn′ the rneans to
ludge truth from falsity is knOwn as truth.
Therc are some who cannotiudge truth and need tO rely
on aleader HOwever′ in the event that the leader lnay fall
the same end will befall his f01lowers.I
learned about a well― knOwn cOntactec of the 1950's that
had lost the truth in his lnessages.I asked Sananda abOut
hiln′ and Sananda related the f0110wing
victiln to Satan′
``IIe fell victim tO the evil force.Even the chosen can be
swayed if they cannOt distinguish between the good intent
or the wicked wiles Of messages from spacc.The law of
karma govems them Good karma cannot be established
in one day.The ka■ ュ.a of the past can undermine the
wishes of One tO dO good′ and it is sad fOr sOmeone with
good intentions to stray.′ ′
Everyone′ includhg cOntactees′ the chOsen′ and wan―
derers, are subieCt tO Satan's ruthless attacks, and they
may lose their perspectives under this strain.However′
truth can clarify the visiOn of their cOnfusion′
but a mis_
juttent of truth can lead to straying fron■ the rightful
Good-lninded space beings did nOt come frorn afar tO
threaten earth with its end.They have cometo assist man―
kind and tO maintain its progression along the path of
truth.For example, suppose someone were informed Of
the incOming great change and fled.Supposc his physical
bOdy werc saved but he had no inkhng of his inner truth.
Iis rebirth will not be possible for the dissolution of his
personal karma has not been brought to pass.
In 1960,there was a religious leader in ltaly who knew
Of thc colning wOrld's end and hid hilnself with his seven
thousand fol10wers on the lnountahsidc ofヽ 4ont Blanc.
There were others who heard Of another Noah's Ark some¨
apan Or sOuth America.They thoughtif
where in Nagano′ チ
they were to move to that place′ they would be saved.
Such stories will be more prevalent as the world be―
comes more chaotic.Many who sought to escape will
bOast of thcir stlrvival alld their founding of a nc、 v earth
and a pcrfect world. IIowever′ thc egoism of their state―
ment will belie their words.Selfishness underlies their at―
tempt to escape′ and what results is a lnultiplicity of in―
bred karlna.Their perfect world will be One that is tar―
■lshed by past ka.■ ■
Actually′ there will be no refuge for anyone at the tilne
Of the great change.Despite all attempts′
the physical
body will nOt be saved.There is Only one route to the re―
b廿 th
of the ncw earth and the estabhshment of the new
wOrld′ alld that lies in the obliteration of karlna in the ka―
tachi wOrld.
New Earth一 Establishnlent of the New World
Whatis in the new world7 There willthe illumination Of
truth reside′ the truth of humanity will shine as well as all
things.In this new world′ thc hicrarchy will no longer be
One of the rich′ the authoritative′ the powerful′ or the
pedantic.The hierarchy will be One based on the prcclni―
nence of the soul.The exteriOr of things will be relegated
to lninor importance as this idea belonged to the path of
anirnal evolution.Then o■ lr physical appearance was made
to look dignified and glamorous′ and naturally the consc―
quencc was a materiahstic society.Now′ the ncw world
will be built upon the elevation Of sOul tO truth.
In the phcnomenal wOrld Of the new earth′ its physical
manifestation will be Of a finer and thinner dcnsity′ duc tO
the diss01utiOn of karina.The new world will10ok shabby
through the eyes Of rnaterialisnl′ but in terlns of spiritual
abundance it will be refulgent.
The new wOrld envisiOned by lnany is a land Of physical
beauty′ exquisite and splendid.Whatever rnaterial desires
wishcd fOr by Onc will bc his′
all else will disappear.The
physical bOdy will bc cOvcred with down′ soft and swcct
and warm.But this phenOmenOn is not an earth paradise′
although many who have believed in this visiOn have pro―
claimed it sO.
In the rarefied density Of the new world′ rnatter weighs
less.The lightness Of lnatter is a descriptiOn and expres―
sion of the new rcalm.For humans′ this lightness of the
spiritual rcalln is difficult tO understand as Our senses are
gratified by materialistic factOrs.
As an example′ let me tell yOu a story frorll my experi―
ence.In 1961′ there was a typh00n in centralチ apano wan―
derer Y′
sfence was blown away.Other wanderers andヽ
Y spent three days repairing the fencc.Thcy raised the fall―
en timbers′ gathered thc b10wn pieces of w00d′ and with
nails and scrap wood and metal rnanaged to fix the fence.
However′ the repaired fence looked so ugly and rnisshapen
that it proved an embanassment to the workers.Later
they received word froln Sananda that the fence shines
At that tilne l did nOt understand the rneaning of Sanan―
dals wOrds.Twenty ycars later′ with thc awakening ofrny
spirit′ his lneaning became clear ln physical reality′
fcnce was an ugly sight′ but becausc it was repaired in the
spirit of their best effort′
shines beautiful.′ ′
the fence `′
This narrative is akin tO the futtlre of the new world′
where the spirit Of the truth and the glory Of the soul gOv_
ems according to its natllral order.As Sananda once ex―
plained that on Venus)a spiritually― ev01ved and lnanlike
being exists.
Constnlction of New World
ln the construction of thc new world′
many have
thoughtthat ofthe old world which is good will be left and
that will not
that which is bad will be purified.However′
be thc casc.The new world will begin out of nothingness.
When the new earth was created in the mu world′ rei
wOrld′ and the tamash五 world′ earth inherited nothing
fron■ the 01d world.Therefore′ in the katachi world′ once
again′ earth will be created anew′ and the Ten Thousand
wanderers will establish this new earth in the katachi
world.The construction will be laid by the`rtruc awak―
′the awakening ofthe soul and the realself′ and the
rebirth of the Ten Thousand wanderers
wanderer E of the United States and his fellow wander―
ers in communication with space beings have assisted the
awakcning of the Ten Thousand wanderers.Their efforts
have spread throughout the world.The awakening of wan―
derers is the enhghtenment of humanity.
to enlighten
and l hope
the Ten ThOusand and to light their sacred fire′
that lny lnessage will rcverberate in the souls of newly―
God in I― Icaven has given ine this lnission′
awakened wanderers.Once cnhghtened in lnind′ thought′
and physical senses′ thcir sacred fire will burn and will
forge the road to communication with invisible space bc―
ings.The voiceless lnessages of these beings will guide the
wanderers ln thelr task.
Oncc the sacred fire is lit′ a dcep awareness arises in the
heart of the wanderer.Hc in turll should try to light the
sacred fire of anOther wanderer On the same qucst,the cre―
ation of an earth paradise.One seed sown then will yield a
thousand grains.
The teachings of space beings emphasized the impor―
tance of deterlnination on the wanderer's part.As assis―
tants of God′ they should lay down their egoisn■ and a....ed
with faith in God fight in I[is crusade.Only thus can
Hcaven send inspiration and telepathy to help them.
As they related′ in the new world there will bc no dccep―
tion′ trickery′
or falschood.Howcver′ if a wanderer uscs
these means in the peformance of his lnission′
he will be
lost.Hc can avail hilnself of God's help though.When all
the wanderers complete their truc awakcning′ thc world′ s
end Of ILθ ι
蔵ηαyα lHcaven's great lovel will have been be―
There are two kinds Of awakening。 (Dne is enhghten―
ment as wanderers experience the severe change of the
coming world′ s end.The otheris an immediate realization
duc to understanding of truth.The slower a wanderer
awakcns,the slowcr humanity will awaken.As a conse―
quence′ humallity will suffcr thc trials at the world's end
fOr a longer period.Heaven awaits the awakening of wan―
derers and hopes that it will occur as soon as possiblC.I
urge now is the tilne for wanderers to awaken,a later tilne
will be harrnful to man.They can decide between the ac―
complishment of their missions or a delay of the world's
end.Thc cholcc ls thClrs.
Meaning of Salvation
All humanity will bc saved at this change of the world's
end.No lnatter where will be one's refuge′ there will be no
place of physical escape.The once― sunken Lemurian con―
tinent and the continent of Atlantis will arise at the dawn
ofthe New Age′ once the dissolution of all karma is effected.
In addition′ the axis will change into a ncw position of
Lattcarι θ 110Ve Of Godl.On thiS earth whcre this great
changc will happen′ no onc can hold on to the old karma.
How will this salvation comc to pass7「 rhere are two
one via the soul and the other through
the physical body.At this world′ s end′ all humanity can
routes to salvation′
be saved in one ofthcse two ways.Now is the time for all
humans to realize that they are not lnerely physical bc―
ings.Those who are gathered here today do not need an ex―
planation of this.This is a gathering who knows this well.
In 1960′ the Venusian Tantcs told thc following story.
`When the Lcmurian continent sank′ space beings did nOt
Offer any aid.It was a situation which lnan had to solve for
earth.There wcre survivors However′
at this world′ s end′
all physical bodies will perish except for those individuals
whose bOdies are transferred to other planets.Those whO
are transferred will recOnstruct the carth.′ ′Those
who are
transfcrred will have their bOdies carried via spaceships
and physically transported tO anOther planet.
That samc year′ another spacc being relaycd thc f01_
lowing mcssagc.“「Fhc plans fOr carth's salvation havc
been perfcctly dcsigned l will accorllplish lny rnission to
reccive carthlings On Venus at that tilne At dawn of April
3′ 1975′ 、
vanderer s visited Venus、 vith several carth peo―
ple in the廿 cOnscious bodics and approved the newly‐ built
lodging and environment for the rcccption of earthlings
The pr010guc Of`′ Al■ Arrow Shot From Hcaven′ ′dcpicts
hO、 v
the inhabitants Of carth will be saved by space beings.
Numerous spaceships and flying saucers will appcar tO
cover the carth.The people on earth need not be afraid Or
frightened of space beings′ fOr space bcings have nOt come
to attack the carth.They arc hcrc tO offer their scrvices in
thc salvatiOn of lnankind.They come not only froln this
solar system but from Other solar systems to offer thcir
lovc.They havc cttmc to announcc thc cOmmencement of
thc Ncw Agc of10ve and truth and offerthe rebirth of earth
to mankind This is the 10ng― awaitcd tilnc that Cod had
promiscd.′ ′
There is a purposc in thc transfercnce of the physical
body to another planet′ i.c the rctention of thc carth elc_
ment to cOnstruct the new carth Other bcings will dOff
their physical bodics and move tO thc rci kai of the new
carth′ thc Ryukyu Kingdonl′ via spaccship.Thcre they
will residc until thcir rcbirth by the unity of yOung couples
in thc new world.
Whethcr salvation be one Of the sOul or a physical salva_
ncither transcends thc Other in valuc.Many peoplc′
however′ are、νOrried by death when thcir bodies are nO
morc.This is an unnecessary fear At the tilne of a、 rak_
ening and rebirth′ ]Ieavcn、 vill reveal that dcath′ thc rc―
birth of the ncw self′ will bc associated with neither suf―
fering or pam Should filth/karlna remain on the body′
filth will change tO weight.This weight accounts for the
amount of suffering rcndered′ and the wcight can increase
the suffering.However′ once the filth/karma is removed′
the new self will be reborll in a feather-light atmosphere.
Thcn the new self can sec everything around hiln trans―
cend in the same atinosphere and reahzc that this is his
original self without the original sin.Though the body has
nOt changed′ his being has changed′ and this lnetamorpho―
sis is the death of the physical body lalso Called the inspi―
ration of deathl.ThiS Inetalnorphosis will be repeated un―
til everyonc has encountered this experience′ which is the
salvation of the sOul.
Salvation of the physical body is silnilar to the expcri―
la is upro6ted′ an the experi―
ence of saving the soul Ka■ ■
ence of change within the body occurs.However′ at this
those whosc lnission requ■ es the presence of their
bodies will be saved Their bodies freed of all karma will
be lnaintained as the pure element in an carthhng's physi―
cal body.「rheir bodies will bc transferred via spaccships
In the near future′ thc axis of the old carth lpositiOn of
dそ atθ ― suffering and chaosl will mOve to the axis of
the new earth position lpOSition of Latacar"-love of
Godl.ThiS great change will cleanse the old earth′ and the
new earth will be born.When the great change has scttled′
L′ ガ
beings saved through physical salvation will descend to
the carth and becomc rebOrn with the help of space beings
froln other planets.Thus will the construction of the new
earth begin′ a new world of a higher dilnension and vibra―
the carth paradise and World of God.
Whether salvation be through the physical body or the
soul′ the dissolutiOn of karma has to be complete.Space―
ships cannot transport bodies stained with karlna.The
new earth will not inherit anything impure froln the old
carth.I assume that the Ten Thousand wanderers undcr―
stand this,Success in their lnission lies in their reahzation
of self and a pure rebirth to truth.
An Ever‐ Attuned
ln thc lnidst of these colossal happenings′
must lnaintain thcir faith in God.Herein lies the impor―
tancc of their discipline.Thcy must enlighten thOse whO
are confuscd.They rnust not dcspair or bc frightened ofthe
coming world′ s
knowing thesc actions will increasc
negative karlna and human suffering.As they awaken′
they must speak the truth to thOse around thenl′ and in
their daily lives try to be respectful of life by living simply
in accord with nature.
A rnind attuned is nOt a lnind at ease,a lnind disciphncd
is ful1 0f paticnce′ restraint′ and respect′ a nlind that can
receive inspiratiOn frOIn God To be attuncd and disci―
plined′ the bOdy shOuld be still as the mind considers the
movements ofthe wOrld.There are varying degrees within
the disciplined or balanced mind′ gradations from the
shallow tO the profOund.Each gradatiOn is important as
perspectives change at each dcgrec.The highest gradatiOn
involves perfect faith in God.
Even as l speak thcsc wOrds,I am in no way superior to
you.I am travcling along the same path to an ever rnore at―
tuned lnind′ and in my pcrsistencc l hope to accomplish
my rllissiOn in relation tO you new wanderers.No lnatter
ho、 v arduous′ I will try tO dissolve ka■ ■
a by truth′ and in
this endeavor′ I will persist until the final lnoment.
As the EaFth Evolves′ the UniveFSe Evolves
The carth will be blcssed with the wOrld′ s end of Lι ι
mayθ ′God's greatlove frOm heaven.Its evolution will not
only bring,Oy to carth but tO the universc as well′ for the
layered ka■ ■
a which covers the earth is the karma of the
whole s01ar system.Therefore′ when earth evolves and
transcends′ the entire solar systcn■ evolves and transcends
and likewise the cOnstellatiOns and galaxies.This ev01u―
tion is the iOy of the great universe and the Supreme Cod
of Hcaven.At this wOrld's end′ the earth's higher evolu―
tion has a profound universal lneaning.This transcend―
ence is contingent upOn the wanderers and their execution
of the rnission in the final battle at the world's end Ofthe
physical world.
Now wc have arrived at the mOment of the physical
world′ s end′ the final battle.At the samc tilnc′ the con―
struction of the new earth′
the WOrld of God′ will begin
ln this crusade′ the Ten ThOusand wandcrers will■
ot fight
with fOrce but with truth.with this ultilnate wcapOn′ the
war will be wOn.The thrust Ofthe b■ lrden will be upon the
Ten Thousand wanderers′ and it is my lnission to an―
nounce this fact tO you.This ceremOny lleCttlrel is tO light
the sacred fire in yOu wanderers.
In closing′ I will cOnfi.1.l that what l have spoken will
come to pass.Thank you fOr your attention during the lec―
t■ lre.
Mcaning of the Book″ An AFrow Shot From Hcaven
A12 ArrOW S■ Oι FrOm Hcavι コ is the condensed forln of
the original b00k of Oy」
ikθ yuiwatα (左 f
lfiVe v01umes in the
Tapanese editionl lts purpOSe is the awakening of wander―
ers.The bOok scarches fOr the Ten irhOusand wanderers′
alerts theln tO their missiOn′ and guidcs thelln in their
eventual task.The awakened wanderers should in turn
search for other wanderers sO their rnission can be acconl―
LectuFe 01 0離 ay・ iwaι αカゴ
The lecture frOm which this bOoklet was written was
held in Osaka′ Tokyo′ Sapporo′ and other parts of lapan
from February to May Of 1980.The lectures were success―
ful in their purpose′
to light the sacred fire of thc Ten
Thousand wanderers′ and so was the lecture to■ lr.
I never requested to give these lectures.The Oガ kaガ α‐
acLi readers in their devotion and unity guaranteed their
successful reception.In Sapporo′ thFee times the expected
audience came to hear′ and though the places where the
lcctllres wcre held had different characteristics′
thc audi―
ences were always enthusiastic.
I want to acknowledge the organizcls of these lectllres
and tO convey to them my deepest thanks.
Hcaven ordained these lect■ lres a year and a half ago′ and
with the assistancc of spacc masters and space wanderers′
they have been successful.I record them here with my
deepest thanks at last.
Talki Watanabe
lune 18′
つ窃 ﹁
嘔0 00︼〇﹄
や‘やの0︺﹁口“ ︼^
. 0月︼〇調 一日 .
H”0引∽︵コ 餞 .
... 罵 ︼ ””
罵︼ oコの口o0
”︼ 引
﹁ ︼ちく
言“口 〇︼一〇口︼口 [”ゃ口 ①︼と .
・︱ ・・・o﹁oヽ
.. ●[︼Oを ′ ● Σ
... づ[︼ρたr●”
・・・︱ ・・・・ o﹁pSLo“
︱ コ ︼o津 引
翼 鍵 日配・
目 口 〇疇 0口 ” ︼o一一”でくT
・・・・・・・・・・・・ ● 〇 .
・・・・・・・・ ・・
や﹁︼引Q∽ .
・・・・⋮ o
当 〓 ooO o月 卜 .
∽0﹁ oゝ” ︼o目目H ∽澤0■ ■>