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Opening Times
Monday & Tuesday 09:30 to 19:00
Total Beauty Spa
Wednesday Closed
Thursday & Friday 09:30 to 19:00
Saturday 09:30 to 16:00
Sunday Closed
Beauty & Wellness
and Professional Waxing for
Men and Women
German Na onal Holidays
U.S. Federal Holidays
We are OpenUnless they fall on a Wednesday
or a German Na onal Holiday
Bri sh/Irish Day Spa
English speaking is not a Problem
We accept VAT Forms
Don’t forget to bring a VAT Form to
ensure you obtain the ‘Tax-Free Sale’
VAT is deducted at the me of Sale.
Start from 10:00 a.m.
Appointment Time- Time your treatment Starts.
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to appointment.
Total Beauty Spa
Late Arrivals
We may not be able to a end to you, or have to
reduce the treatments and/or me allocated.
If a reduc on has to be applied, you will s ll be
charged for the treatment.
Don’t Forget! ... The next customer is wai ng.
Advance Booking
Normal working prac ce. Our Spa is popular,
book ahead to ensure you get a me that suits you.
Same-Day Appointments
Telephone first to check availability. We do get
Same-Day Cancella ons, if you are available- Call.
Same-Day Appointments- proven most successful,
especially if you have a busy work schedule.
'The Red House'
(Opposite Pizza Hut)
We do get No-Shows. If passing Spa - Please Try.
Kaiser Strasse 39, Einsiedlerhof
67661 Kaiserslautern
Cancella ons
24 hour no ce is required.
Tel: 0631 414 85 37
Same-Day Cancella ons & No-Shows
Are Strictly Monitored - Refer to Terms & Condi ons
Terms & Condi ons
A Luxury
Payments in € EUR only.
Cash / Debit & Credit Cards.
Strictly No Credit
We offer Best Price, and
restructured our pricing
by only offering those
treatments that over 75%
of our customers choose.
Tanning Perfection
Minimum Charges Apply
Minimum Cost of Treatment(s)
Our Price € 20.00
VAT Form € 16.81
Advance Payment Bookings
If you Cancel/Don’t show, the
full payment made is forfeited.
Spray Tan
Our Best Sellers!
Gift Vouchers
Valid 1 year unless otherwise
stated on the Gift Voucher.
Age Restriction
Minimum Age 11 years.
Aged to 16 - 25% Discount
Aged 16 - Full prices apply
Medical Conditions
Are you Pregnant?
Had surgery in past 6 months?
Suffer from medical condition?
Customer responsibility to
advise us at time of booking.
Compare the Marketplace
to Total Beauty Spa
Compare the price you will
actually pay, the quality and
dura on of the treatment.
Best Value for Money!
Personal Items
Don't bring large bags to Spa.
We don't accept liability for
loss/damage of personal items.
Cellphones- Strictly Prohibited
We have created a Spa
that is a warm and
nurturing sanctuary.
Prices/treatment times subject
to change without any notice.
Same-Day Cancellations
& No-Shows
Are Strictly Monitored
24 hour notice to Cancel
Cancellations Same-Day
are classified as No-Shows.
No Charges
Same-Day Cancellations/
No-Shows will not be charged.
However, if you miss
appointments, you may be
required to make an
Advance Payment for any
future appointment(s).
Advance Payments
Telephone with a Credit Card.
Visit the Spa if you are paying
with a Gift Voucher.
We provide and offer you
specialized professional care
together with a relaxing
Rockstar Tan
is an Irish multi awardwinning professional
Rockstar Tan
received rave reviews from
top beauty editors and press,
for its organic and natural
ingredients, realistic color,
and long lasting results.
Easy Checklist Before Tan
No deoderant & moisturizer
on the day of tan.
Have loose-fitting dark
clothes for after.
Protect finger & toe nails
with Varnish.
For Best Results
We recommend that you
exfoliate your entire Body.
Easy Checklist After Tan
Avoid showering for at
least 5 hours.
(For best results shower the
next morning and Pat Dry).
Avoid the rain, exercise and
excessive sweating.
Apply moisturizer on a daily
basis to retain the tan.
Spray Tanning
The easy way
to look good in a bikini!
Professional Airbrush
Tanning System
Not an automated cubicle
tanning system
Therapist uses an airbrush
manually, and customizes at
each stage of application to
ensure that the tan is evenly
applied, ensuring that creases
and folds in the skin are
fully covered.
A natural, deep, long lasting,
luxurious tan.
Faking itHas never been so Convincing
Safe and natural alternative
to sunbathing or solarium
tanning with no UV rays,
or risk of sunburn.
Fantastic treatment prior
to going on Vacation.
Full Body Spray Tan
Duration is Variable
Our Price € 30.00
So leave behind
the chaos and stress of
everyday life and let us
take care of you.
VAT Form € 25.21
Combination Package
45 minute Sea Salt Scrub
Full Body Exfoliation
(45 min Sea Salt Scrub only
available with this combination)
+ Plus
Full Body Spray Tan
Duration to 75 minutes
Our Price € 60.00
VAT Form € 50.42
Waxing for Men
Half Arms
(Above/Below Elbow)
Half Legs
(Above/Below Knee)
Enjoy Silky Smooth Skin and
Professional Treatment serving both
Men & Women's waxing needs.
Our Price € 20.00
VAT Form € 25.21
(Customized Styling)
Lip, Chin or Sides of Face
Our Price € 10.00
VAT Form € 8.40
VAT Form € 16.81
Full Arms or Full Legs
Our Price € 30.00
Waxing for Women
Waxing Services
Face Wax
(Lip, Chin & Sides of Face)
Organic &
Natural Wax
Half Legs
(Above/Below Knee)
Half Arms
(Above/Below Elbow)
Chest or Back
Our Price € 40.00
Bikini Zone
VAT Form € 33.61
The best waxing services within the
US Military Community in Europe.
Many of our clients visit from Belgium,
Italy, and most US locations from
within Germany.
(Around and to Bikini Line)
Our Price € 20.00
VAT Form € 16.81
Our clients come for first-time waxing and
for routine, follow-up waxing. We have set
the highest professional waxing standards.
No Double-Dipping!
Hollywood Styling
All Hair is Removed.
Front, Underneath, and Buttock Area
2 Therapists used for this procedure.
Our Price € 50.00
VAT Form € 42.02
Other Male WaxingWomen Prices Apply.
Please Note
Prices quoted for Men & Women
are ‘Fixed’ regardless of the volume
of hair removed.
Duration is Variable.
What is 'Double-Dipping'?
Double-Dipping is common practice with
many unethical salons. To cut costs, they dip
used sticks/spatulas repeatedly, and this
practice contaminates entire wax container.
Our sticks/spatulas are dipped into sterile
wax once, applied to the client once, and
discarded. During a single waxing session,
our professional therapists can use 20 sticks
/spatulas or even more as needed.
How long will it last?
In order to keep the hair coming in at a
reduced rate, you would come for an
appointment about every 4 weeks.
The discomfort would be about ½ of what
it originally was at the time of second visit,
improving each time.
Does waxing hurt?
It hurts more the first time than any other
time because you are pulling out 100% of
the hair, your nerves are on edge, and you
don't know what to expect. It is a quick,
temporary sting, stops hurting right away.
The next time is much easier!
If you follow our rules, and come on our
recommended schedule, you should be a
and that is what we want ...
A close to pain-free wax as possible!
Full Arms or Full Legs
Our Price € 30.00
VAT Form € 25.21
Brazilian Styling
Hair removed from Front,
Underneath, and Labia
(Design Strip Optional- included in Price)
Our Price € 30.00
VAT Form € 25.21
Hollywood Styling
All Hair is removed.
Front, Underneath, Labia and
Buttock Area
(Design Strip Optional- included in Price)
Our Price € 40.00
VAT Form € 33.61
Star Facial
Our Best Seller!
Eye Treatment
A treatment that focuses on
the Delicate Eye Area.
This treatment only offered
in combination with a Facial
Relieves tired eyes, reduces
puffiness and dryness.
Helps ease dark circles and
re-energizes the eyes to give
a burst of radiance.
Duration to 15 minutes
Our Price € 10.00
VAT Form € 8.40
Eyelash & Eyebrow
Tint is applied gently to each
hair to ensure consistent,
complete coverage, that lasts
approximately 2-3 weeks.
We don't use the common
'pouring' technique that
causes stress.
Our gentle method ensures
"No Tears"
Eyelash 'OR' Eyebrow
Duration is Variable
Our Price € 10.00
VAT Form € 8.40
45 minute
Oxygen Therapy
Facial Treatment
Ul mate Rejuvena on
for 'Ageing Skin'
More than 90% of our
customers who have a
facial treatmentChoose this Facial
As we age, oxygen levels
in the skin cells decrease,
and resul ng in a loss of
elas city and forma on
of lines and wrinkles.
Oxygen Therapy
Replenishes lost oxygen.
Results are immediate but
'Oxygen Therapy'
con nues to work a er
treatment, s mula ng
cell regenera on.
Why Oxygen?
Oxygen is one of the
5 elements needed to
sustain life, and provides
life and energy to living
cells in body.
When oxygen levels
become low, the immune
system is weakened.
The ageing process
is associated with a drop
in available oxygen in
the skin cells.
Helps rebuild the skin.
Smooths lines & wrinkles.
Increases skin firmness.
Ideal for the delicate
under-eye area and the
ageing skin on the neck.
Repairs and restructuressun-damaged skin.
Most advanced method of
replacing the skin's moisture,
and in providing oxygen to
all levels of the skin.
Star Facial
Combina on Treatment
This is the favorite facial
treatment with many
celebri es:
Madonna, Kate Moss, Dido,
Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz,
Victoria Beckham, Jude Law,
Gwyneth Paltrow,
to name but a few.
Beauty Treatment
to the Stars
Single Treatment
& Oxygen Therapy
Our Price € 40.00
VAT Form € 33.61
We recommend treatments
are taken regularly to ensure
long las ng results.
Special Offer
Perfect Treatment for
'Total Skin Resurfacing'
An in-depth treatment for
lines and wrinkles, skin
blemishes, acne scarring,
stretch marks, and many
pigmenta on problems.
Achieves an immediate
li ing effect on red
muscles and s mulates
the blood supply to the
skin's surface to help
promote new collagen
and elas n forma on.
Specific a en on is given
to many areas of concern:
Ageing Skin, Open Pores,
Pigmenta on, Blackheads,
Lines & Wrinkles, Blemished
Skin, and many more.
is suitable for all skin
as it delivers instant,
visible results.
Package 4 Star Facials
15% Discount
Our Price € 136.00
VAT Form € 114.29
Package 8 Star Facials
30% Discount
Our Price € 224.00
VAT Form € 188.24
45 minute
45 minute
Personalized Facial
A personalized facial using
natural and organic products
created just for you and your
skins' specific needs.
Cleanses and improves
the complexion of the face.
Helps firm, smooth, nourish,
regenerate and energizes
your skin.
Truly a hands on facial using
customized creams to suit
your skin needs. We cleanse,
exfoliate, and hydrate the face,
finishing with moisturizing
the skin by massage.
45 minute
Exfolia ng Facial
The best alterna ve facial to
Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment
A luxury alternative to
Microdermabrasion using
exfoliation and micropeeling
Our Price € 40.00
Effective facial that removes
dead skin cells, penetrates
deeply the skin pores,
detoxifies the skin, stimulates
collagen and elastin production,
reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
The product comprises of small
bamboo particles enriched with
a natural bi-product made from
bamboo and providing a smooth
even exfoliation, stimulating
cell renewal.
Facial Extrac ons
This treatment only offered
in combination with a Facial
Duration to 15 minutes
Our Price € 10.00
VAT Form € 8.40
Therapist massages the legs
with hot stones to s mulate
circula on and prepares the
feet for the relaxing and
healing therapy...Reflexology.
A relaxing foot massage,
followed by pressure being
applied to reflex points on the
feet, to release blockages, and
to enable a free flow of
energy to the body.
VAT Form € 33.61
VAT Form € 33.61
Feet are bathed in warm
Eucalyptus aroma and
exfoliated vigorously.
Our Price € 40.00
This effec ve facial
will energize and strengthen a
red complexion, leaving your
skin refreshed, more vibrant
and glowing.
Hand & Foot Massage
Reflexology on the feet ...
with a li le extra indulgence.
The facial treatment is finished
with the application of an Iris
enriched gel fluid concentrated
with Vitamins:
A, E, F, H, and B3
that moisturizes and seals the
epidermis, leaving the skin
looking radiant, smooth
and youthful.
How can Reflexology help?
By working specific reflex
points on the feet, this
improves circula on and
lymph flow, cleanses the body
of impuri es and revitalizes
energy, that will encourage
the body to naturally restore
its own healthy balance.
Our Price € 40.00
VAT Form € 33.61
Back Therapy
Back, Neck & Shoulder
Ideally suited for the business
client who spends most of
their day si ng at a desk.
Deep Massage strokes help
to access those areas of the
back, neck and shoulders
not being u lized daily.
The perfect treatment for
relieving work-related stress
Our Price € 40.00
VAT Form € 33.61
45 minute
Mother to Be
Pre-Natal Massage
Addi onally, Reflexology can
bring soothing stress relief
and relaxa on to the mind,
body and spirit.
A specialized Face & Body
massage that relieves tension
in the body, reducing water
reten on, and detoxifying
the body.
The treatment is pleasurable
and extremely relaxing to
receive, as well as
invigora ng and energizing
Hand & Foot Massage
45 minute
Reflexology is effec ve forHormonal imbalances,
Menopause, Back Pain, Sleep
disorders, Migraines and
Headaches, Arthri s, Diges ve
and Circulatory problems,
and Stress related disorders.
This treatment is designed to
target areas prone to stress
and tension during pregnancy.
Please ensure that 6 months
of pregnancy has elapsed.
Our Price € 40.00
VAT Form € 33.61
Treatments for Mother to Be
Classic Personalized Facial
Eye Treatments, Waxing
Manicures & Pedicures
75 minute
75 minute
Full Body Massage
Hot Stone
Full Body Massage
Relaxing Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
75 minute
'Head-to-Toe' full body massage
that relaxes, rejuvenates and
relieves stress and tension from
the body and mind.
75 minute
A Mind & Body Experience
Full Body Masssage
Deep Heat ... Asian Style
Personalized to Customer
Signature Facial
Most luxurious facial we offer
at incredible value!
We have designed this facial
by applying our extensive
knowledge and experience
gained over many years
working within the Beauty
and Wellness industry.
Inform us of particular areas of
the body that require attention.
We will allocate time to focus
on these specific areas.
Our Price € 60.00
This natural, holis c, lifestyle
treatment is the ul mate in
detoxifica on, re-balancing,
and relaxa on.
Treat yourself to
an Experience
VAT Form € 50.42
A powerful
technique incorpora ng the
use of 'Hot Stones' crea ng an
enhanced sense of balance,
relaxa on, and relief to red
and painful muscles.
75 minute
Sea Salt Scrub
& Body Polish
A Full Body Exfolia on
A deep cleanse of the face
followed by a peeling, a mild
cream peel with no irritation.
This removes dead skin cells
and the skin is tightened and
looks more radiant.
A lifting masque also applied
to face that includes natural
minerals from the earth that
help the anti-ageing process.
This Facial also Includes
Radiant Eye Treatment.
Exfoliation and Massage of
both your Hands & Feet.
You will be totally Pampered!
Our Price € 60.00
VAT Form € 50.42
Imagine relaxing, listening to
so music while the aches,
pains, and stresses from your
body gently massaged away.
The refreshing, fragrant
perfume of Asian herbs, plants
and fruits wa s over you,
clearing your mind of
jumbled thoughts.
Using natural and organic
products created just for you
and your skins’ specific needs.
Totally revitalizes, replenishing
your skin using the benefits of
Dead Sea Salt and a unique
marine condi oning oil.
Treatment detoxifies, condi ons
and so ens your en re body, by
opening and cleaning the pores
so that the skin can breathe.
The body is totally exfoliated.
An algae and mineral body
masque containing calcium,
magnesium and Vitamins B + C
is applied to detox the body.
Hot steamed towels are used
to remove the product, and the
en re body is moisturized.
Our Price € 60.00
VAT Form € 50.42
A 'Head-to-Toe' full body
massage- for a completely
relaxing massage.
Feel the relief as heated herbal
pouches iron out the tension
in your muscles and joints,
making you feel good as new.
Toxins and fluids that make us
sluggish and lethargic are
given a 'kick start' as this
powerful spa treatment
rejuvenates and s mulates
your body and mind.
Our Price € 60.00
VAT Form € 50.42
Muscles liquefy under the
heat of the stones.
Mind and body connect as
you float in and out of
different levels of awareness,
while the body‘s metabolism
rate is increased.
The stones are combined
with tradi onal massage
techniques, and enables the
therapist to work at deeper
levels than regular massage.
Our Price € 60.00
VAT Form € 50.42
Our Best Seller!
More than 90% of customers
who have a body treatmentChoose the Chakra Massage
Combina on Packages
Gi Vouchers
Spa Manicure or Pedicure
Our Price € 30.00
VAT Form € 25.21
Combina on
Body Massage
Any 45 min Face or Body
Our Price € 40.00
Classic Personalized
Facial Treatment
+ Plus
Classic 60 minute
Two's Company
Full Body Massage
Same description as
75 minute massage
(60 minute massage only
available in this combination)
A traditional Ayurvedic
Combines different massage
techniques and focusing on
the 7 Chakra energy spots
throughout the body.
Duration 1 hour 45 minutes
Value € 90.00
Our Price € 80.00
VAT Form € 67.23
Focus given to clearing
knots and blockagesBringing the body
Totally into Balance.
A Unique Spa Experience
For 2 Persons
Reserve our Luxurious
Double Treatment Room
Bring your spouse, partner,
colleague or friend.
Choose a Face and/or a Body
treatment or a combina on
package that have the same
me dura on.
Due to the high volume of
Same-Day Cancella ons
& No-Shows
Payment in Advance Only
To Reserve our Double Room
Energy technique is used
on the Chakras, Deep tissue
massage on Back, Neck, and
Shoulder muscles.
Schedule your appointment
and make your payment by
telephone, please have
your Credit Card available.
Hot stones are applied to
the legs to increase
the circulation.
Reflexology completes this
unique body massage.
You really do need toexperience this Treatment!
Four Seasons
Combina on
Alterna vely, come to the
Spa to schedule and make
payment, par cularly if you
are planning to pay using a
Gi Voucher, or need to
bring a VAT Form.
VAT Form € 33.61
Any Treatment(s)
Our Price € 50.00
VAT Form € 42.02
Any 75 min Face or Body
(Excludes Chakra Massage)
Our Price € 60.00
VAT Form € 50.42
A Chakra Massage
Our Price € 70.00
VAT Form € 58.82
Classic Combina on
Our Price € 80.00
VAT Form € 67.23
Four Seasons Combina on
Our Price € 90.00
VAT Form € 75.63
Any Treatment(s)
Our Price € 100.00
VAT Form € 84.03
Any Treatment(s)
Our Price € 125.00
VAT Form € 105.04
Classic Personalized
Facial Treatment
Duration 75 minutes
+ Plus
Back Therapy
Our Price € 70.00
(Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage)
VAT Form € 58.82
Pre-Natal Massage
+ Plus
Classic Pedicure
Duration 2 hour 15 minutes
Value € 105.00
Our Price € 90.00
VAT Form € 75.63
Please Note
Advance Payments
If you cancel Same-Day or do
not show for your scheduled
appointment, the full payment
made will be forfeited.
Gi Voucher
Valid for 1 year from date
purchased, unless otherwise
stated on the Gi Voucher.
Can only be surrendered for
treatment(s) specified (if any).
Voucher cannot be exchanged.
No refunds. If voucher is lost,
it will not be replaced or
compensated ... Keep it Safe.
Please Note
VAT can only be deducted on
the day of purchase. When a
Gi Voucher is surrendered
the VAT cannot be deducted.
Manicure & Pedicure
The Industry Game Changer
Fantas c Value for Money!
Classic Manicure
Hands are treated iden cally as
per the descrip on outlined for
SPA Manicure.
Hot Paraffin Wax Not Included
Duration to 45 minutes
Our Price € 20.00
VAT Form € 16.81
Classic Pedicure
Feet are treated identically as
per the description outlined for
SPA Pedicure.
Hot Paraffin Wax Not Included
Duration to 45 minutes
Our Price € 25.00
VAT Form € 21.01
Recommendation 'Nail Care'
It is common practice for salons to use
mechanical devices for the cutting and
shaping of the nails. We recommend not
to undertake this treatment method, as
the nails are thinned over time and
become brittle, causing lasting damage.
Total Beauty Spa Treat Nails Manually
Please Note
Included with all Manicures & Pedicures
is your choice from OPI Color Range or
French Styling Applied. No price reduction
if either of these are not required.
Color Changes in isolation- NOT Available.
Choosing nature's finest ac ve
ingredients to formulate a facialquality skin rejuvena on.
Formulated with natural, soothing,
effec ve botanicals.
Results are nothing short of
sensa onal- so er, smoother,
younger-looking Hands & Feet,
and the results improve with
con nued treatments.
Hands are treated with sea salt
and cleansing and moisturizing
ingredients that revitalizes,
condi ons, and lightens the nails.
The hands are massaged in a
'protec ve' finishing to protect
against ageing skin, UV rays,
and dryness.
Includes Hot Paraffin Wax
Feet are treated with sea salt
and cleansing and moisturizing
ingredients to reduce discolora on.
A foot scrub is applied using natural
ingredients to so en the skin.
The feet are massaged using unique
massage cream consis ng
of botanical extracts.
Includes Hot Paraffin Wax
Hands & Feet
Therapist works manually on cu cles
and finished with the nails being
manually filed, shaped and buffed.
Finally, a protec ve base is applied
to the nails, then your choice fromOPI Color Range
French Styling Applied
Finally, a 'top-coat' of clear Varnish
Paraffin Wax Treatment
Hands or Feet are dipped a few times into
hot paraffin wax, and are then placed into
a cellophane pouch when they are left for
a period of time to allow the paraffin to
work on the skin and cuticles.
Treatment provides Optimal Results
Duration to 55 minutes
Our Price € 30.00
VAT Form € 25.21
A color success story...
GelColor by OPI delivers on
long las ng services boas ng the
glossiest, longest las ng shine
in the industry.
Unlike other gel polishes, GelColor's
superior adhesion doesn't require
any rough filing on natural nails.
French Styling Not Included
Dura on to 55 minutes
Hands 'OR' Feet
Our Price € 40.00
VAT Form € 33.61
When you are ready for a color
change, OPI's Expert Touch Removal
system ensures nails stay in pris ne
condi on. In approximately
15 minutes the old is removed with
no nail damage, dryness or
dreaded bri leness!
Hands 'OR' Feet
Our Price € 10.00
VAT Form € 8.40
Color Removal in isola onNOT Available