Exhibitor Booking Form - Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo

Exhibitor Booking Form
Contact Details:
Company Name:
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Site Reservation:
I would like to book a
I would like my site(s) to be
m site at the 2015 Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo
Shell scheme booth
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Comments/Special Requests
I require insurance for an additional $100 (incl.gst)
I do not require insurance as I have insurance that covers this Expo
Payment Details:
50% deposit due on signing and submission of this booking form
50% due by 15th March 2015
Or 100% due on signing and submission of this Booking Form after 15th March 2015
(Note: All Credit Card payments will incur a 1.0% surcharge.)
Card Holders Name: Card Number :
Amount Payable : $
(Incl. GST & Credit Card fee)
Direct Deposit: Signature of Card Holder:
Account Name: Major League Corporate Marketing
BSB: 124 198 Account: 22266266
Please send remittance advice to [email protected]
Cheque Enclosed (payable to Major League Corporate Marketing)
Credit card details, direct deposit information or cheque must be included for Exhibitor application to be considered.
Please note payment will only be processed if your company/organisation secures an Expo site/s.
Indemnity Disclaimer:
I acknowledge that I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. (Please see over)
lease tick if you don’t want to receive information on additional promotional opportunities
or to be listed on the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo website.
Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo 07 3217 9347 or [email protected]
For more information contact:
Major League Corporate Marketing
PO Box 559
Terms & Conditions
The terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to. Amendments may be made by the
Organiser, in which case, the Exhibitor will be notified in writing.
2. Solely, the Exhibitor shall occupy the floor space allocated under this agreement. Such space
shall not be re-allocated or be occupied by any other product than that of the Exhibitor.
3. Payment schedules must be strictly adhered to. Should the Exhibitor fail to make timely
payments, the Exhibitor will automatically forfeit their floor space, together with any monies
already paid. The Exhibitor hereby agrees to be liable for any loss by the Organiser.
4. Sites may be held for a 14 day period but not reserved. The Organiser will allocate the floor space
at their discretion. The Organiser reserves the right to alter or amend site allocation and the floor
plan, if required. If an Exhibitor decides to cancel, the Exhibitor may do so by giving a written
notice to the Organiser. If cancellation occurs post 15th March 2015, the Exhibitor is liable for the
full amount of the site. If the cancellation occurs pre 15th March 2015, the Exhibitor will be liable
for 50% of the full amount of the site.
5. The Exhibitor shall be liable for any damages caused to the walls, boothing, floors or fittings of
the Expo venue. The trustees/owners of the building together with the Organiser shall be the sole
judges as to whether damage occurred.
6. The Organiser shall not be responsible or liable for any damage claimed by any person or persons
who may be injured whilst in the area allocated to the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify
the Organiser for any loss suffered in the event of any claim made against the Organiser.
7. The Organiser shall not be liable for damage to the exhibits or accessories by loss, damage, theft,
fire, water, storms, riots or other cause whatsoever.
8. The Organiser may determine this agreement and at its sole discretion return a part of payments
made by the Exhibitor, if the holding of the show or the supply of any services by the Organiser
is prevented, postponed or abandoned by reason of any cause not within the direct control of the
9. The Organiser responsible for this event is Major League Corporate Marketing.
10. The Exhibitor is the company assigned to this agreement on the Booking Form.
11. Insurance: As an Exhibitor at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo you must hold Public Liability
Insurance. Proof of this is required to be provided no later than one week before the event. The
Organiser bears no responsibility for your goods, for damage/theft of your stock/equipment, or
for your legal liability. Any goods are left on site at your own risk.