Cisco Mobility IQ Data Sheet

Data Sheet
Cisco Mobility IQ
Until now, collecting useful intelligence about network performance and subscriber
activity from Wi-Fi and cellular users and network elements has been a huge
challenge. Why? Because there are multiple sources of data, report types, and
formats from many different vendors. Combining and making sense of all this data for
business relevance has been complex, error-prone, and expensive. Now there’s a
much better, easier, more comprehensive way to harvest network, user, and business
intelligence - a cloud-based data-gathering service across your Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G
networks called Cisco® Mobility IQ solution.
Solution Overview
Cisco helps service providers become experience providers with Cisco Mobility IQ, the industry’s first and most
complete Cisco Cloud service that visualizes, unifies, and harnesses network knowledge for innovation. This
solution gives service providers and your business customers universal insight to understand your own networks
better, expand value, and increase revenue. Mobility IQ provides secure, real-time visibility into mobile network
intelligence for optimized, contextual experiences that increase customer satisfaction. Cisco’s industry-leading
architecture enables service providers to deliver value through rapid service innovation while capturing new
opportunities in the Internet of Everything.
Through a single, comprehensive dashboard with different views based on role, Cisco Mobility IQ displays a wealth
of network and subscriber data collected across Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks. With this intelligence at your
fingertips, you can troubleshoot and fix network problems faster for higher customer satisfaction. And you can help
your customers generate new revenue based on a detailed understanding of their customer’s movements in
venues such as stores and hotels, wait times at point-of-sale counters, and many other insights. Cisco Mobility IQ
lets you shift the gathering of key-performance-indicator (KPI) data to an operating expenses (OpEx) model that
can result in savings in total cost of ownership (TCO) because maintaining and upgrading your own data collection,
reporting, and analytics environment is no longer necessary.
Key Features
Monitor a comprehensive set of network, business, and user KPIs through an enterprise dashboard
(Figure 1) with role-based access privileges, and the ability to generate custom printable reports over
various time periods.
Search across deployments, access points, Mac IDs, and other elements based on user access privileges.
View access points on a map, import custom maps and floor plans, and generate heat maps.
Securely access network metrics through RESTful APIs based on your level of access privileges.
Provide end-to-end data security and compliance with local data privacy laws.
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Figure 1.
Mobility IQ Dashboard
Key Benefits
Single source of intelligence - Cisco Mobility IQ aggregates data from disparate sources such as
NetFlow, wireless LAN (WLAN) controller, and Cisco Prime™ Infrastructure for indoor and outdoor access
Single window for visualization - A single dashboard gives access to network, user, and business
intelligence based on predefined roles.
Single network view across the mobile network, including Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G.
Hierarchical and granular information - Hierarchical views display markets, deployments, access points,
and other specific user-level information.
Mobile - Dashboard can be viewed on any device (e.g., tablet, smartphone, laptop).
Table 1 gives specifications for Cisco Mobility IQ.
Table 1.
Cisco Mobility IQ Specifications
● REST JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) over HTTP(S) with the ability to pull data for key metrics
● Role-based access control for all to limit visibility in a hierarchical fashion
Business Intelligence dashboard
Runs on all popular web browsers that support HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript 1.8.5. The following KPIs
are supported:
Network Intelligence
● User experience1
● Throughput
● Access-point health2
● Tx data
● Top N:
◦ Access points by usage
◦ SSIDs by usage
● RF Stats - 2.4/5GHz
◦ Channel
◦ Tx power
◦ Status
● Average client throughput
● Number of access points
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● Connected clients
● Authentication rates
User Intelligence
● Probing vs. associated clients
● Deployments by usage
● Deployments by active clients
● Top-N Reports:
Destinations by usage
SSIDs by usage
Access points by active clients (detected, associated)
Markets by Active clients
Markets by usage
Clients by usage
◦ Client vendors by usage
◦ Applications by usage
● Location Analytics
Dwell time (associated, detected clients)
Transitions, moves in our out of a zone
Detected clients
Calculated rating from 0 - 10 (0: terrible, 10: excellent) measuring how the client perceives the service for the specified interval.
Utilizes multiple inputs including access-point health, poor coverage client count, throughput, and channel utilization
Calculated percentages measuring the health of the deployed access points for the specified interval. Utilizes reachability and
fault data.
Cisco Mobility IQ has been validated for the following sources of data:
Cisco IOS® NetFlow (v10 IPFIX)
Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0
Cisco MSE 7.6 for network usage, status, and location data
Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) 7.6
Ordering Information
Cisco Mobility IQ is offered as a prepaid subscription service. It uses the Cisco Cloud Services global footprint to
provide the reach and scale that Cisco MSE 7.6 for network is required for business expansion. Licenses include:
The Network Intelligence license is a term license with prepaid or monthly billing. Network intelligence KPIs
and related features, and APIs for role-based access to key metrics.
The User Intelligence license is a term license with prepaid or monthly billing. It includes user intelligence
KPIs and related features plus the Network Intelligence license.
The Business Intelligence license is a term license with prepaid or monthly billing. It includes an enterprise
dashboard plus the User intelligence license.
Cisco Mobility IQ provides technical support during Standard Office Hours (Pacific Time Zone)
Mon-Fri, 6:00 - 18:00 PST in English to our customers and their attendees.
For More Information
For more information about Cisco Mobility IQ, please visit
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