OCR Level 2 Certificate for IT Users

OCR Level 2 Certificate for IT Users - (ITQ) 500/6743/6
What are the primary and other outcomes of this qualification?
This qualification enables you to gain a range of skills and knowledge in the use of IT
applications or use of IT equipment that can lead to you progressing to the next level of
vocational learning. It could also support you in overcoming barriers to entering work where
Level 2 IT skills and knowledge are required and also lead you to further learning either
within the workplace or training provider.
The skill, knowledge and understanding covered by this qualification are:
Word processing
Using email and the Internet
Personal information management
Using collaborative technology and mobile devices
IT communication fundamentals
IT software fundamentals
Setup an IT system
IT User fundamentals
Optimise system performance
Security for IT users
There is one mandatory unit Improving Productivity Using IT, which can be based around
one of the optional units. You can select from a range of optional units which will give you
the required skills and knowledge to make effective use of IT in a number of areas in the
This is a QCF qualification.
Who is the qualification for?
The OCR Level 2 Certificate for IT Users (ITQ) has been developed for those of you with
little experience with IT and software applications, but who wish to become effective users of
For personal use
Or for common office applications
Or to gain skills in specific areas of technology such as website software or the use
of mobile devices.
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No previous experience or qualifications in IT are required, although you can progress to this
qualification from:
OCR Level 1 Award for IT Users - (ITQ) 500/6684/5
OCR Level 1 Certificate for IT Users - (ITQ) 500/6683/3
OCR Level 1 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ) 500/6742/4
OCR Level 2 Award in IT User Skills (ITQ) 500/6685/7
What could this qualification lead to?
Over 4 million adults lack basic IT skills for the workplace. This qualification will enable you
to make use of IT within a number of job roles where the knowledge and skills to use digital
technology is required. IT user skills are now required in the vast majority of job roles.
This qualification will also provide you with the underpinning knowledge and skills to improve
your competency in further areas at the same level or to gain or improve your skills by
undertaking a larger sized or higher level qualification within the ITQ suite such as:
OCR Level 2 Extended Certificate for IT Users - (ITQ) 600/1062/9
OCR Level 2 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ) 500/6744/8
OCR Level 2 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ) 600/1955/4 (for use with Intermediate
Apprenticeship in IT Application Specialist)
OCR Level 3 Award in IT User Skills (ITQ) 500/658/9
OCR Level 3 Certificate for IT Users - (ITQ) 500/6758/8
OCR Level 3 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ) 500/6757/6
OCR Level 3 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ) 600/1958/X (for use with Advanced
Apprenticeship in IT Application Specialist)
You could also gain or improve your skills by undertaking another higher level qualification
such as:
OCR Level 3 ICT Professional Competence (PROCOM) Diploma 501/1124/3
OCR Level 3 ICT Systems and Principles for IT Professionals (PROCOM Technical) Certificate 600/1317/5
OCR Level 3 ICT Systems and Principles for IT Professionals (PROCOM) Award
501/0860/8, Certificate 600/0778/3, Diploma 501/0863/3, Diploma Extended
OCR Level 4 Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals Diploma
OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in IT Certificate 600/4228/X, Introductory
Diploma 600/4623/5, Diploma 600/4237/0, Subsidiary Diploma 600/4231/X,
/Extended Diploma 600/4234/5.
OCR Level 4 Cambridge Technicals in IT Diploma 601/1118/5
OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical in Media Certificate 600/6175/3,
Introductory Diploma 600/6176/5, Subsidiary Diploma 600/6100/5, Diploma
600/6197/2, Extended Diploma 600/6177/7
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OCR Creative and Digital Media Competence Diploma 500/8357/0
OCR Creative iMedia Level 3 Award 500/8413/6, Certificate 500/8389/2, Diploma
OCR Level 3 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Creative Media 500/8221/8
The skills and knowledge gained whilst undertaking this qualification will also prove useful to
developing evidence in a large number of subject specific areas such as Travel and Tourism,
Business Administration and Hair and Beauty programmes.
Why choose this size of qualification?
This qualification will enable you to undertake a learning programme to improve your
competency in IT skills, in order to be able to operate effectively in business or for personal
If you enjoy the qualification, as you will already have undertaken the mandatory unit you will
easily be able progress to the next size of qualification at this level by choosing additional
optional units. Or you could choose to progress to the next level in order to further build up
your knowledge and understanding of IT. You can carry credits from one size and level to
the next, so you will not have to re-do work you have already achieved.
You could also progress to the OCR Level 2 Diploma in IT User Skill (ITQ) 600/1955/4,
which will give you the combined competence and knowledge components to contribute to
the Level 2 IT Intermediate Application Specialist Apprenticeship. This would require you to
undertake an additional 2 mandatory units with a further 10 credits from optional units.
Who supports this qualification?
This qualification was developed in conjunction with the Tech Partnership who are the sector
skills council for IT and it is supported by the following centre providers:
Jamie Mortimer
Curriculum Manager – Computers and Technology
Realise Futures
John Hulse
iTQ Hub Skills Supervisor
Dudley College
Ingrid Parello
Centre Manager
Bedford Learning Centre
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