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March - April 2015
6th Annual Runway Event
“Random Acts of Giving”
Honoring Peter Rittenhouse
2015 Merrit & Penny Joslyn Award
6th Annual Runway Fashion Show!
Proceeds benefit the Joslyn Center
Thursday, March 26, 2015 11:00AM- 2:00PM
$75 General Ticket; $125 VIP Experience
Silent Auction & Raffle for Fabulous Gifts,
Luncheon and Fashion Show
Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa, Rancho Mirage
Bid on spa packages, adventures, great restaurants and more!
To make your reservation or hear about sponsorship
opportunities, contact Judi Olivas at 760-340-3220, Ext. 107
End Senior Hunger! It’s Solvable!
Healthy and nutritious meals are critical to the lives of seniors. By providing low
income seniors access to healthy and nutritious food on a consistent basis, seniors may be able to remain independent in their own homes longer, and, as a
result of an increase in their nutritional intake, may experience a lessening or
reduction of catastrophic health issues.
Deserves to
Go Hungry
You can be part of the solution! The Joslyn Center is committed to ensuring that
seniors have the nutrition and food that they need! Over 12,380 meals are
served each year to homebound, frail seniors unable to prepare their own
meals or even shop. In addition, Joslyn's Penny's Pantry provides nonperishable food items to approximately 174
low income seniors each month - groceries just to make ends meet!
How You Can Help? Make your donation to our End Senior Hunger Campaign! Your donation goes directly to support the Joslyn Center food programs. Volunteer– helping hands and caring hearts are needed to deliver meals
to homebound seniors and help distribute food through our pantry. Or, conduct a food drive of non-perishable
food products! To help end senior hunger today–
In this issue:
call 760-340-3220 ext. 107!
Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM– 1:00PM Sunday - Closed
Parties and Special Events - Page 12
Arthur Newman Theater - Page 9
Special Speaker Series (FREE!) - Page 5
Take a Look Inside!
Enriching Lives Every Day
On the Web at www.joslyncenter.org
Newsletter of The Joslyn Center — Members - free Non-Members - $2.00 per issue
73-750 Catalina Way, Palm Desert, CA 92260 760- 340-3220 Fax 760-568-9230 Email - [email protected]
Message from the Board President
Thanks to Our Generous
As I write this, we are all enjoying the beautiful weather that led
many of us to pick this place to live! Let’s not forget to pause and
celebrate this blessing, as our fellow citizens in other parts of the country dig out from under the snow. Another study on longevity that just
crossed my desk proclaims a message seen in prior studies as well—we
live longer and better when we fill our minds with thoughts about
cause for thanksgiving.
One of my primary causes for thanksgiving right now is the upcoming Joslyn Runway
Event. Many of you are doing your part to assure its success in some way: soliciting donations for the silent auction, volunteering to help set up, or saving the date on your
calendar to attend. Thank you! If you haven’t made plans yet for March 26th and are
able to be a part of this focal event for Joslyn, please save the date!
This year’s honoree, Peter Rittenhouse, is someone who easily inspires thanksgiving.
Peter continues to volunteer his time and expertise in extraordinary ways for the
Center. Beyond that, he perfectly models something the Joslyn Center strives to honor
and convey: Every human being has value! Just as our programs, activities and
offerings seek to honor the value of life at all stages and give tools to assure its
enrichment, so also do Peter’s daily actions lift up others and help them to thrive. We
thank Peter for his willingness to be a part of the Runway Event! I hope to see you all
Kathleen Kelly, Board President
Let’s Do Lunch- Collaborative Program
Message from the Executive Director
with Jewish Family Service of the Desert
Our theme for this year’s 6th annual Runway event is “Random Acts of Giving”. At the
Joslyn, we experience random acts of giving every day and we are
continually surprised and touched by the gifts received and show of
support. The continued generosity in support of our Mission and the
people we serve is evidenced by the extensive listings of donors in this
Joslyn Journal. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude and thanks as we
have met our Annual Appeal goal and are now kicking off the “End
Senior Hunger” drive, a new way to give to help others through the
Joslyn’s vital and highly needed food programs. Please consider joining
the Joslyn in this endeavor and give or volunteer today.
Volunteering at the Joslyn Center helps us better serve our members and guests in the
special Joslyn way. The Center has recently developed a new volunteer Joslyn “Team”
to participate in the “Read with Me” program. The team is now traveling to John Kelley
Elementary School in Thermal one day a week to work with teachers to help children
learn to read, comprehend and speak English. The excitement of the volunteers, school
staff and children is palpable and contagious. What a wonderful new way for the Joslyn
to reach out and help the community. There are still opportunities to join the Joslyn
Team and I encourage you to get involved.
Lee Vanderbeck, Executive Director
Call to Action
Whether it’s through a random gift, ongoing donation, or volunteer time, your
contribution is essential to the Joslyn’s success in helping others. Pay us a visit, in
person or on our website at www.joslyncenter.org and look over all the opportunities.
With sincere gratitude we thank you!
The Joslyn Journal
Special Thanks Operational Support
City of Indian Wells
City of Palm Desert
City of Rancho Mirage
Coachella Valley Wellness
Weingart Foundation
The Auen Foundation
Newman’s Own Foundation
Special Thanks–
Capital Improvement
The Coeta & Donald Barker
Desert Contractors Association
Special Programs & Projects
The Houston Family Foundation
Barbara Steffens Fund
Desert Arc
Desert Community Foundation–
Read with Me Program
Active Aging Expo & Annual Flu
Shot Clinic
Supervisor John J. Benoit, District 4
Walgreens, Inc.
Emergency Preparedness Event
Presenting Sponsor- Southern California Edison/Edison International
The Gas Company
Supervisor John J. Benoit, District 4
Re Think Your Drink Project
Regional Access Project Foundation
Santa’s Suit Fund Donors
Phil Edmunds
Patricia Hickey
Norm Metzger
Scott Ploetner
Barbara Steffens
Generations So Cal LLC
Courtesy Vending Services
The Joslyn Journal is published six times a year. Membership is $30 per year and includes newsletter mailings. Copies are available at the Center and free online from
our Homepage at www.joslyncenter.org. We reserve the right to decline or edit submissions. Joslyn Center does not endorse or warranty the products or services of paid
sponsors. Sponsor acknowledgements are offered on a first-come first-served basis. Display Acknowledgment: Circulation 2,500. Contact Louise Ross at 760-3403220, Ext.105 or Email to [email protected] (Monday-Thursday)
Special Thank You to Our Annual Giving & GIVE BIG Riverside County Campaign Donors!
We Have Reached Our Goal!
Aggson, Elaine E.
Alex, Lila
Amos, Shirley
Antia, Deirdre
Arellan0-Hawkins, J.
Beckett, Cheryl
Benson, Jean
Bidgood, Larry
Boatwright, Gail
Braverman, Dick
Bray, Linda
Carrus, Jean
Cheney, Nate
Cleary, Joe
Coan, William F.
Coachella Valley Woodcarvers
Coover, Daniel
Crouch, Joanne
Cunningham, Jack
Davis, Sandy
Eager, Marilyn
Fanning, John
Farrell, Mary D.
Flanders, Minnie
Flood, Raymond
Meals on Wheels
and Penny’s
Pantry Donors
Agua Caliente Band of
Cahuilla Indians
Albertson’s– RM
Banfield Charitable Trust
Bank of America
The Champions
Volunteer Foundation
Cove Communities Lawn
Bowling Club
Humana Challenge/
Desert Classic Charities
Matthew Dragicevich
Charitable Remainder
Ralph’s Charities
Sidney Stern Memorial
Stater Bros. Charities–
Harvesting Hope
The Community
Foundation– Tucker
WalMart Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Bain, Eleanor
Battisti, Olga
Forbes, Marilyn
Francis, Ilona
Frechette, Edward
Gayler, Roslyn
Gigon, Therese
Gutch, William J.
Hantke, Brigitte L.
Hern, Frances
Hvalsoe, Shirley M.
Kaufman, Barry
Koenig, Maria
LaMantia, Frances
Lamdin, Valentina
Linz, Ernest
Mack, Blaine & Helen
Martinez, Albert
Maxon, Les
McCutchen, Thomas W.
McDonald, Virginia
McIntyre, Phyllis
Melikian, Una
Miller, Janet
Modern Woodman– Randy Miller
Monell, Dr. Charles
Murray, Kathryn
Blueian, Sue
Brauntz, Michael
Chase, Val
Cramond, Elizabeth
Cumber, Ruthie
Cunningham, Jack
Dasey, Vernon
Dean, Fern
Donnelly, Jane
Eckert, Helen
Eddy, Cheryl
Faugno, Diana
Foreman, Maureen &
Friedman, Marilyn
Gay, Robert
Gomez, Marjorie
Guhin, Emily K.
Hickey, Patricia A.
Hochstadter, Marion
Hoyt, Pearl
Hudson, Barbara
Israelson, Janice
Jones, Nancy
Kardon, Jean
Kelfer, Larry
Kolderup, Kari
Korman, Joan
Kossoff, Leonard
MacFarlane, Eileen
Malinsky, Helaine
Manning, Rita
Maruszewski, Adolph
Mosso, Nancy J.
Nichols, Virginia
Nies, George
Oberman, Samuel
Olivas, Judi & Jay
O'Neill, Bob
Paradis, Hal & Bernadette
Paterson, Evelyn
Peckman-Abrams, Audrey
Pimm, Jack
Piscitelli, Lilo W.
Pollack, Nathaniel
Powers, Dave
Profera, Pat
Ramsay, David
Risnes, Shawna- Tarah Jade Boutique
Rittenhouse, Peter
Sagehorn, Mary
Schkud, Lorie
Schmidt, Norman
Schneider, Renee
Schneller, Mary
Schroeder, Jackie
Scripsma, Ken
Searts, Helen M.
Munter, Pam
Negrette, Nancy
Parker, William
Paterson, Evelyn
Piggott, Mary
Platt, Florine
Robinson, Sheldon
Rolfe, Donna
Rootness, Patty
Ross, Virginia
Schnieder, Clare
Schneller, Mary
Segal, Gloria A.
Sherman, Barbara
Slagle, Nancy A.
Smedstad, Rick
Smith, Betty J.
Smith, Larry A.
Smuland, Ken
Snyder, Geraldine
Stanley, Barbara
Steffensen, Don
The Barbara Steffens
The Brunch-Around
Tingle, Joan
Volk, Nancy
Weizer, Florence
Zutz, Dorothy
End Senior Hunger
WineWomen PSP
Selland, Janet
Semple, Laura
Sessler, Carl W
Shur, Stan & Loretta
Sisson, Marcy
Sonneborn, Sydney
Spicer, Richard L.
Stoddard, Jan
Sylvester, Diane
Sylvester, Rex
The American Legion– Owen
Coffman Post 519
Tuvell, Robert
Ullerich, Conrad
Urrutia, Terry
Valdez, Eleonora
Vanderbeck, Lee A.
Vear, Lowritta
Vetovitz, Sally
Vigdor, Betty
Walsh, Jim
Waterman, Jim
Werchick, Arne
Special Thanks to Our
Donors & Sponsors
Amos, Shirley
Anello, Peter
Bell, Margo
Benston, Gerald E.
Bidgood, Larry & Claudete
Block, Gary
Bowles, Jeri
Cancilla, Irene
Chase, Val
Chusid, Eugenia
Citarella, Andrean
Clish, Joan
Cole, Pat & Leonard
Crocker, Laurie
Cumber, Ruthie
Davis, Sandy
Day, George
Dean, Fern
Feldman, Maureen
Fluri, Katharina
Frank, Elmer
Fredricks, Howard
Gordon, John J.
Gross, Judy
Henning, Peter
Herbekian, Iris
Hershberg, Barbara
Hixon, Helene
Hollingworth, Florence
Howard, Karl G.
Howarth, Dolores
Hoyt, Pearl
James, David and Vicki
Jones, Nancy
Kelly, Kathleen
Kent, Bonnie
Korman, Joan
Krankel, Kathleen
Lihs, Inge
Matuska, Andrew
Milliam, Elaine
Monacelli, Ruth
Monroe, Ann
Parker, William
Peisakoff, Marlene
Pennycook, Francine
Ploetner, Scott
Riner, Bob
The Lakes Country Club
Tirschwell, Connie
Rowe, George
Sacred Art of Living
Salerno, Anne
Segal, Gloria A.
Senescu, Barbara
Sharpe, B.J.
Simcox, Dennis
Soisson, John
Spiegel, Robert
Suggs, Dawn
Teiger, Florence
Vanderbeck, Lee
Wayland, Jutta
Wire, Betty
Wong, Mennie
Yamamoto, Rosie
Thanks to Our Runway Event Sponsors & Contributors
Gold Sponsors
Wells Fargo Foundation
Desert Oasis Healthcare
Silver Star Sponsor
Dr. Timothy & Anne Michals
Event Sponsor
The Law Offices of Eric Rudolph
Table Sponsors
Barry Kaufman
Patty & Arthur Newman
A Celebration of Life, Loves, and
the Joslyn Center Mission
Commemorative Brick Program
The Joslyn Center invites you to join-in on the opportunity
to create a living tribute by purchasing a commemorative
Whether you choose to purchase a brick to honor a
loved one or celebrate the Joslyn Center Mission, your
purchase will make a lasting impact to The Joslyn Center.
2014-2015 Commemorative Brick Supporters
In Honor of
Ruth Olsen
Shirley Podolsky
Patty & Arthur Newman
Janice Israelson
Peter Rittenhouse
Patty & Arthur Newman
Mary Schneller
Mary Schneller
Leon & Lorraine Lauderbach
Jay Olivas
Sue Sherman
Betty Barker
Kent Kessler
Harold Podolsky
Hank Hendler
Lenny Israelson
Donovan Schallert
Kathy Wade
Kathy Wade
Dr. Percy Poliak
Richard Schneller
Leon Lauderbach
Richard Olivas
Irene Randall
Joslyn Center
Please consider your commemorative brick purchase as
an investment in the long-term support of The Joslyn
Center. For additional information. Please contact
Judi Olivas at 760-340-3220, #107.
Sarah and Leo Milmet
Tribute Book Supporters
Rittenhouse Family
(Through February 2015)
To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or place an
ad in our Tribute Program Booklet, contact Judi Olivas at
760-340-3220 Ext. 107 or [email protected]
Thank You to Runway Event In-Kind Donors
for Raffle and Silent Auction Items
Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa
All About Massage
Aveda El Paseo Experience Center
Back Street Bistro
Burgers and Beer
Cactus Flower Shoe Salon
Castelli’s Ristorante
Casuelas Café
Charles Townsend Collection
Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Inc.
City Lites
Classic Club
Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre
Coda Gallery
DeLuca Jewelers
Desert Adventures Jeep Eco ToursDesert TheatreWorks
Desert Willow Golf Resort
Don Diego’s
DOS Salon
El Paseo Grill
Eudora Speaks
Fit and Flex by Angie
Giancarlo Salon
Grill A Burger
It’s In the Bag
J. Russell The Salon
James Mark Antiques
Jason David Hair Salon
Jeffrey Alen Salon
Just Blow Drys
Kaiser Family Restaurants
La Quinta Med Spa Express
Lillian Lee: American Hairlines
Los Pepes Mexican Grill
Lulu California Bistro
Mary Piggot
McCallum Theatre
Michael’s Hair Design
Newman’s Own - Patty Newman
Oasis Pet Shop
Olive A’Sudden
Optical Shop of Aspen, Inc.
Pacifica Seafood Restaurant
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Palm Springs Air Museum
Palm Springs Art Museum
Piero’s Pizza Vino Gift Certificate
Plastic Surgery Institute
Dwight Polen - Fine Chinese Antiques
Rachel Siegel
Ralph’s Grocery Store
Rancho Mirage Florist
Reginald Pollack
Renaissance Indian Wells Resort &
Ricarda Blaske
Sam’s Club
Savory Spice Shop
Shadow Mountain Resort & Club
Shear Hair
Sherman’s Deli & Bakery
Sherry Mesa The Salon
Spectacular Shades
Tarah Jade Accessory
The Broken Yolk
The Pastry Swan
The Patio Café
The Petspaw
Todd Michaels Salon - Christina Story
Total Wine & More
Trader Joes Basket
V & G Heart Necklace
Veronica –Keller Penthouse 21 Salon
Wink Lash & Beauty Bar
World Gym
(As of February 2015)
Don’t miss these!
The Joslyn Center, along with Eisenhower
Medical Center and Vista Cove at Rancho Mirage,
presents a special Speaker Series.
Friday, March 20
How Health Care Fails People with Dementia
and What Can We Do
Soo Borson, MD
Friday, April 17
Resources in the Community
Panel Discussion followed by Q and A
9:30 - 11:00AM - Light refreshments served
Free to the Public! Limited Seating.
To make your reservation,
call 760-324-4604
Tax Service by AARP
Appointments are available on Thursday and Friday for tax
service provided by AARP. Please make your appointment at
the Front Desk - 760-340-3220 ext. 101.
Estate Planning with Attorney Eric Rudolph
Wednesday, March 25th at 10:00am. See page 11 for more
CTAP California Telephone Access
● Do you have difficulty hearing on a standard telephone?
● Do you have difficulty getting to the telephone before it
stops ringing?
● Do you have difficulty seeing the numbers on a standard
telephone, dialing telephone numbers, or remembering telephone numbers?
● Do people have difficulty hearing or understanding you
on the telephone?
Get a free phone you can use! CTAP Free Phone
Giveaway Day with Jennifer Dixion doing Free Hearing
Screenings on March 30, 2015 from 10am till Noon.
Brown Bag Discussion Group
Our Friends from Walgreens will be doing a “Brown Bag
Discussion Group” in the lobby from 10:00 to 11:00AM
the first Tuesday of every month. A Walgreens
representative will be here to discuss a myriad of
medication topics.
Active Aging Discussion Group
Robert A. McPeake, M.D. FAAFP
Thursdays, 10:00AM. MP-1 or Lobby Round Table.
Donuts & Discussion with
Jan Harnik and Chad Mayes
The first Tuesday of each month meet Palm Desert
Councilwoman Jan Harnik and Assemblyman Chad Mayes
and discuss Palm Desert issues. 9:30AM through July.
Senior Advocates of the Desert
Meet with our friends from Senior Advocates of the Desert
the first and third Wednesday of the month beginning at
10:00AM by appointment only. Please call the front desk
to make an appointment. We are fortunate to have Senior
Advocates of the Desert provide these services to
members of Joslyn Center: Assistance and Advocacy with
Social Security, Disability Benefits, Medicare, Medi-Cal,
Supplemental Security Income (SSI), In Home Support
Services (IHSS), as well as Veterans Benefits. Help is
available regarding subsidized senior housing,
transportation, utilities, and food stamps. If you or
someone you know is in need, Please feel free to call and
make an appointment. For more information Call Senior
Advocates of the Desert 760-202-1024 or visit
Canasta - If you play Canasta and would like to be part
of a group here at The Joslyn Center or you’d like to learn
the game or refresh your skills, please let Program Director
Daniel Coover know at 760-340-3220 Ext. 102 or use the
sign-up sheet in the Lobby.
Tap a New Way - "Reminiscent of a Bygone Era" of
Song & Dance. This "Tap-Ature” class for Intermediate
Tappers with Mary Archer emphasizes how involvement in
challenging programs has a positive effect on physical &
mental health regardless of age, fosters optimal brain
function and brings something new to life using our gifts
and talents. Classes Thursday at 1:00PM, fee is $7. Sign up
at the Front Desk or contact Daniel Coover at 760-340-3220
Ext. 102.
Horseshoes for Women and Men - Spring is here
along with outdoor weather. We have a horseshoe area in
our beautiful quadrangle and steel horseshoes available,
including lighter ones for women. For more information or
to be part of a new Horseshoe Club, please call Social
Services Director Bob Elias at 760-340-3220, Ext. 110.
A Message from Bob Elias, Director of Social Services
Well, we are well into the New Year, 2015. For
many of you the New Year resolutions are now being
tested. Making them is so easy, filled with hope and
perceived success. When I depended on those perceived successes of my resolutions, I often would end
up feeling very disappointed. Making promises to
yourself is a good thing to do. It’s like setting goals.
Resolutions and goals are pretty much the same. The
problem comes when those resolutions are set too
It is nice to have ideals, but we need to keep in
mind whether we can really fulfill those resolutions.
Otherwise, we set ourselves up for disappointment.
For the most part, we mean well in choosing our resolutions, but being disappointed is a damaging result.
Broken promises, goals, and resolutions can lead to
depression. “…shoulda, woulda, coulda’s…” will most
always lead to “…Why couldn’t I have done what I set
myself to do?...” The point is you just didn’t and that
is Ok. I’m sure all of you remember the saying, “The
road to hell is paved with good intensions.”
Perhaps if we were more honest with ourselves,
more realistic when we make those resolutions, there
would be a whole lot fewer disappointments. So if
you are one who made New Year’s resolutions, take a
moment, stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in
the face, and then restate your resolution. Then say
to yourself, “…is this resolution reasonable?...”. Think
about it awhile, and if the answer is no, smile and
laugh. After all you’re only human. Humans will never
be perfect.
For those who have made resolutions and kept
them, congratulations as you have many reasons to
celebrate, now just continue with the success of your
Remember, my office is always open to greet &
help you.
“…Because We Care…”
Adesso, Mary
Longo, Carmela
Alfaro, Maribel
Manis, Michael S.
Archer, Mary
Marshall, Faye
Bellerud, Glen & Ruth
McIntosh, Nancy
Bernstein, Ellie & Wally
McLean, Donna
Brazil, Bonnie
Miller, Sharon
Campbell, Colin & Margaret Monroe, Ann
Ceasar, Sharon
Montgomery, William
Cieslikowski, Mark
Moreno, Delores
Clymer, Marlee
Moss, Bob & Liz
Cochran, Karen
Murphy, Corinne
Cochrane, Terry & Leslee Nicholson, Tom & Helen
Cohen, Leslie & James
Nomura, Cherie
Cohn, SanDee
Pomerlean, Lorne &
Coppola, Cyndy
Cork, Carmen
Potts, Rose
Cowan, David
Rae, Paul & Rose
Diaz, Jose
Rider, Linda
Dillow, Alison
Roe, Tom
Doub, James & Carolyn
Roesle, Luisa
Drago, Margo
Romanoff, Gloria
Dykema, Diane
Schmitt, Mary ellen
Ebzery, James & Elizabeth Schweitzer, Alice
Eddy, Cheryl
Scinto, Ernest & Marie
Elliott, David
Scott, Sandra
Farrell, Kathleen
Sharpe, Barbara
Finestone, rita
Sherman, Francine
Giarrusso, Patricia & Wil- Simerly, Pamela
Snyder, Charles
Gillespie, Garth & Carol
Sohn, Sue
Gutierrez, Hermelinda
Stewart Frost, Nancy
Gutzmer, Mariella
Summer-Vinet, Ann
Haas, John
Terrian, Barbara
Halliday, Betty
Tishman, Lee
Hansen, Judy
Upton, Lynne
Hearn, Lola Darlene
Vala, Karlene
Hebebrand, Al
Wagner, Scotty
Heiden, Frances & Tim
Walker, Colleen
Hestad, Marjorie
Weiner-Goldstein, Irma
Hoodak, Phyllis
Werner, Evelyn
Hook, John
Zarada, Frank & Jane
Hopkins, Jean M.
Joseph, Daphne & Zvi
Kline, Frank
Lester, Linda
Lloyd, David
Lloyd, Deborah
Your efforts contribute to the success of the Joslyn Center and our ability to meet the needs of local seniors!
AGA–Applied General Agency
La Quinta Resort & Club– PGA West Staff
Albertson’s - Palm Desert
Loving All Animals
Al Miller & Sons Roofing
Mary Paciero
All Card Processing
National Charity League
Atria Palm Desert
Palm Desert Chamber
Classic Party Rentals
Palm Springs Life Magazine
Dan McGrath- EZ 103
Bianca Rae
Desert Contractors’ Association
R.R. Broadcasting - Gene Nichols
Denise Heller
Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce
Desert Lexus - Ed Atwood
Renate Bodden, NHD, E-RYT
Don Baker, Desert Home & Candle Gallery
Stella & Chewy’s
Emeritus Rancho Mirage
Stor America– Palm Desert
Eye on the Desert
The Brunch Around Group
The Desert Sun
KESQ News Channel 3
The Works Floor & Wall
Whitley’s Construction
Roberta and Clay Klein
Lunch Bunch Quilters (for their handcrafted gifts)
A sold-out crowed enjoyed our Valentine Heart Dance!
Our heartfelt thanks to sponsor SHARE Inc.
Our recycling event drew over 100 cars. It wouldn’t have
been possible without our friends at Desert Arc - Thank you!
Joslyn Members Enjoy Free Services!
A Joslyn annual membership is your key to these
services and other free and very low-cost programs:
Fitness classes, pickup card games, Scrabble, Table Tennis, Woodcarvers, Morning Aerobics, Fit After 50, Chess
Club, Strength and Stretch, Pinochle Club, Mah Jongg
and more! Membership is only $30 per person.
Call the Front Desk for Your Appointment:
Medicare Health Insurance Counseling
Legal Assistance
Tax Assistance (January through April)
Social Worker
Front Desk - 760-340-3220, Ext. 101
HICAP Counseling - now Thursdays
Make an appointment with The Front Desk.
Free Notary Service
Free forms include: Advance Healthcare Directive and
Power of Attorney. Notary Service at no charge.
Call Myleen Curtin at 760-567-3105.
Free Editorial Services
Annabelle Townson, author, educator and editor, offers
editing help to Joslyn members. Call for an appointment at Joslyn Center to review your writing goals,
including an initial discussion of your unpublished
manuscript. Editing will be arranged on a case-by-case
basis. Call: 760-360-0136
Free Blood Pressure Check:
Tues. 9-11:30 am, Walk in
Lending Library
Books, Magazines, Videos to borrow
Expo at Rancho Mirage Library
This year’s March 29, 2015 Emergency Preparedness
Expo, Town Hall Forum and 5K/1K Walk-Run, the Race to be
Ready, will be held at the Rancho Mirage Library, providing
indoor as well as outdoor educational experiences. First Aid,
CPR, and fire extinguisher safety and usage will also be
Simulators and live demonstrations will feature first
responding personnel in mock emergency situations.
The “Great Shaker” mimics the motion of an 8.0 earthquake and another vehicle replicates a structure fire,
both designed to teach prevention and escape strategies.
Vendors with supplies will be at the event to help
residents stock up for any emergency.
Town Hall Forum speakers will Include natural hazard
expert Professor Dennis Mileti, Ph.D., and noted
international cyber security authority Jim McFarlin.
For additional information, please contact Race Event
Director Dr. Paul Copeskey, DC at 310-471-7401 or
[email protected]
Joslyn Center Groups and Clubs
Learn new skills, revisit favorite pastimes, and meet
new friends at Joslyn Center. Check out our Daily
Activities Calendar for more information.
Joslyn Singers
Beginners Mah Jongg
Table Tennis
Knitting & Crocheting
Social Bridge
Chess Club
Lawn Bowling
Cribbage Club
Ukulele Strummers
Joslyn Singles Thursdays 3:30 PM
Desert Theatreworks at
The Arthur Newman Theatre
The MEGA Musical
March 6, 7, 13, 14 at 7PM
March 7, 8, 14, 15 at 2PM
Beach Party
April 10, 11, 17, 18 at 7PM
April 11, 12, 18, 19 at 2PM
Tickets available at the Joslyn Center front desk.
Please see the Arthur Newman Theatre page of The
Joslyn Center website for show details, go to
www.dtworks.org or call 760-980-1455.
Desert Theatreworks offers a
new program again in March!
Seniors on Stage
Don’t think about it -- come and see for yourself! You are
invited to a Joslyn Singles meeting Thursdays at 3:30 PM,
then out to dinner by 5:00 PM. For more information,
please call Ben Cusumano at 760-341-3008 or Bonnie
Paul at 760-568-6577. See you there!
Rancho Mirage
St. Pat’s Dinner/Dance Tri-Palms, 1000 Palms
Olive Garden
Palm Desert
Pueblo Viejo
Palm Desert, Vons Ctr. Hwy111
Canton Bistro
La Quinta
Rancho Mirage
Daily Grille
Palm Desert
Spaghetti Factory
Rancho Mirage
Manhattan of the Desert #2 Hwy 111 & El Paseo
ESTATE PLANNING – Living Trusts, Wills, POA
MEDI-CAL – Qualify & Keep Your Money
ELDER ABUSE – Physical & Financial
72-960 Fred Waring Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260
Have you ever imagined yourself on stage? Seniors
on Stage is a great opportunity to learn about the world
of acting, meet new friends, and step out of your shell!
Classes will be offered in a four week series
beginning on Friday, March 6 at the Arthur Newman
Class fee: $8/class, Members; $10/class Guests.
Registration is required – limited to 20
students per series. Drop-ins welcome based on space
AGA Health & Life
Health & Life Insurance
Aetna Medicare
Medical Insurance
Alternative Caregiving Solutions
Board & Care
Always Best Care Senior Services
Senior Care/Asst’d Living
Atria Hacienda
Retirement Living
Atria Palm Desert
Retirement Living
Bilhartz Desert Insurance Agency
Insurance Services
Burrtec Waste & Recycling Service
Trash removal/recycling
Caring Companions
Home Health Agency
Cambridge Hospice
Home Health & Palliative Care
Care More Home Care
Home Health Agency
Comfort Keepers
Home Health Agency
Confidere Home Care LLC
Home Health Agency
Custom Care Solutions
Home Health Agency
Desert Oasis Healthcare
Medical Insurance
Desert Valley Research
Clinical trials
Disaster Survival Skills LLC
Emergency Preparedness
Emeritus Senior Living
Retirement Living
Empire Physicians Med Group
Medical Insurance
Family Hospice Care
Hospice Care
Flooring Innovations
Forest Lawn
Fountains at the Carlotta
Retirement Living
Gadabout Tours
Travel Agency
Home Instead Senior Care
Home Health Agency
Humana Inc.
Medical Insurance
Inter Valley Health Plan
Medical Insurance
Kaiser Permanente Sr. Advantage
Medical Insurance
Maryanov, Madsen, Gordon & Cam pbell CPA’s
Mission Hills at Rancho Mirage
Retirement Living
Premier Senior Home Care
Home Health Agency
Home Health Agency
Professional Health Care Services, Inc. Home Health Agency
Progressive Care Partners
Home-Health Agency
Pro Watch Senior Care Services
Home Health Agency
Reverse Mortgage Works
Reverse Mortgages
Right at Home
Home Health Agency
Rotary District 5320
Rotary International
Eric A. Rudolph Law Offices
Attorney at Law
Medical Insurance
Serenity Hospice, LLC
Hospice Care
Senior Housing
Signature Resources
Financial Planning
Southern California Edison
Trader Joe’s Palm Desert
Grocery Store
Trident Society
Trident Society
Trinity Gardens on Portola
Retirement Living
United Healthcare
Medical Insurance
Vista Cove
Memory Care Community
Y.E.S. In Home Care Referral
In-Home Care Agency
Shanna Griego
Lisa Ammirato
Ula Carlos
Bonnie Zwack
Jennifer Fryer
Vicki Mariger
Brian Bilhartz
Dee Edwards
Fawn Burke
Megan Campbell
Raquel Lacuesta
David Sommerfeld
Lisa Marquez, RN
Dominick Calvano
Janice Fleming
Kristi McCune
Paula Bennett
Andrea Watson
Wayne Gerry
Abby Cohen
William Nicholson
Robert Strong
Vanessa Villalobos
Lois Anderson
Rob Costello
Gina Notrica
Ismael Robledo
Steven T. Erickson, CPA
Roland Gandy
Martin Meehan
Penny J. Byram
Ana Maria Controy
Victor Ide
David Bryce Stanton
Mark Anthony Erskine
Daniel Fox
Penny J. Byram
Eric A. Rudolph
Ann E. Whittlesey
Dan Ponce
Janet Underwood
Carl A. Fredricks, CMFC
Jennifer Cusack
Jason Aaronson
Sal Capobianco
Tom Anderson
Brooke Bigelow
Diane Caress
Jack Poyfair/Diane Dorman
Boaz Shaar/Jeanette Jacobson
760-674-3344 x1028
Business Partner Expo
Our thanks to the Gold and Silver Business Partners who participated in our Lobby Expo the last week of February:
Care More Home Care
Bilhartz Desert Insurance
Humana, Inc.
Always Best Senior Care
Mission Hills Senior Living
Y.E. S.
Forest Lawn
Desert Oasis Healthcare
Family Hospice
Vista Cove at Rancho Mirage
Progressive Care Partners
Mission Home Care
Pro Watch Senior Care Services
Alternative Caregiving Solutions
Inter Valley Health Plans
SCAN Health Plans
Serenity Hospice
Custom Care Solutions
Please Support Our Business Partners
The Business Partner program is part of the reason we are able to keep dues and activity fees low for our Members at large. They are also often sponsors of the parties and events you enjoy so much. Please use the list on
these pages and patronize these businesses when you need the goods and services they provide. Their websites
are available from the “Partners” page of our website. They help to keep us (and you!) here.
Attorney Eric Rudolph will hold an estate
planning presentation at the Joslyn Center on
Wednesday, March 25 at 10AM with information
on living trusts, basic wills, powers of attorney
and health care directives. He will provide helpful advice on planning your estate, preparing for
incapacity, protecting your assets, updating your
existing estate plan and avoiding probate. Call
the Law Offices of Eric A. Rudolph at
(760) 673-7600 for more information.
Jay Emery
Respite Care Available
[email protected]
Please be sure to RSVP for this event at
the Joslyn Center Front Desk
Cove Communities Senior
The Joslyn Center
73-750 Catalina Way
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Joslyn Journal
“Enriching Lives
Every Day”
Or Current Resident
Our Mission
Joslyn Center provides health, recreational, educational and social programs along with information,
referral, volunteer and support services for adults age 50+ in the communities of Palm Desert,
Rancho Mirage and Indian Wells.
Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars!
New Website Coming Soon!
Thursday, March 12
St. Pats Party
2:00 – 4:00PM $8
Entertainment by The Debonaires
You will soon find our completely
redesigned website at the familiar
address - www.joslyncenter.org.
Just a few improved features:
Thursday, April 2
Season Finale Dance
2:00 - 4:00PM $8
Entertainment by The Debonaires
Navigation around the website will be
easier and more user-friendly.
You will be able to:
Apply for membership
Renew your membership
Apply for Meals on Wheels
Peruse upcoming Meals on Wheels
Apply to be a Joslyn Center volunteer
Make a donation
Thursday, May 7 1:00PM-4:00PM
Mothers’ Day Tea
Entertainment by Harpist Christian Chalifour
Tickets $10 In Advance at the Front Desk
Get your tickets early - this event sells out quickly!
Regarding Our Members’ Privacy - To our Members, Business Members, Sponsors and Donors: Any personal information we may collect is not shared
with anyone under any circumstances. You can unsubscribe from our paper or email newsletter at any time.