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and departure, and other government imposed fees up to $300 per person); 3) Gratuities of $55 for land
portion of the tour - including guide, local host, driver, local guides; gratuities on ferries and trains; 4) port fees
& cruise gratuities of $345; price based on outside cruise cabins category XF Outside Premium Stateroom; 5)
Optional Rome Extension: air taxes of $55, gratuities of $55 and Rome Tourist Tax.
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11-Day Biblical Journey Through Greece & Turkey
Including a 7-Night Greek Isles Cruise
(with optional Rome extension)
Including special visits to: Athens, Corinth, Thessaloniki, Veria, Philippi, Istanbul, Pergamum,
Ephesus, Patmos, Mars Hill and much more…
Hosted by: Rev. David & Fran Roseberry
Travel Dates: October 28 - November 7, 2015
$4797.00 from Dallas/Ft. Worth
(Price includes: airfare, hotel accommodations, XF-class outside premium stateroom, most meals, guide, bus,
$686 US & Intl. departure taxes/fuel & $400 port fees & gratuities)
Additional departure cities available upon request.
Register Online:
Tour Code: RoseberryG15
$80.00 $60.00 $50.00
EARLY BIRD savings with an $100.00
If payment If payment If payment If payment
initial deposit of $500.00 received by received by received by received by
DAY 1 - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28: DEPART U.S.A. FOR ATHENS, GREECE was the residence of the Ottoman sultans and the administrative heart
Tour members depart the U.S.A. for our flight to Athens, Greece. After of the Empire. Nowadays, it is one of the world’s greatest museums.
take-off, meals will be served according to flight schedule.
This morning, your ship is docked at the port Dikili in Turkey. You will
You arrive in Athens, Greece where you will be met by our guide and
enjoy an excursion to Bergama (ancient Pergamum), one of the besttransferred to your hotel for dinner and overnight.
preserved ancient cities in Turkey, where you will visit the majestic
Acropolis with the Altar of Zeus. Pergamum is mentioned in Revelation
2:12-13: “And to the angel of the church in Pergamum write: ‘The
words of him who has the sharp two-edged sword. I know where you
Your day starts with a trip to Ancient Corinth. This is the once glorious dwell, where Satan’s throne is.’” This reference may well be to the altar
city near the Isthmus, where Paul met Aquilla and Priscilla and spent a of Zeus in the citadel, but it more likely refers to the fact that the city
year and a half preaching the Gospel. You visit the Archaeological Mu- was the center of Roman authority and therefore, the place of persecuseum, the Forum, the Temples and the famous Bema, where Paul
tion for those who refused to worship Caesar. You will also see the
stood before Gallio, accused by the Jews of Corinth. You travel back to Asclepion, the earliest healing center.
Athens and drive to the port of Lavrion of Athens to embark on your
cruise ship CRISTAL of Louis Cruises, your floating hotel for the next
seven nights.
Today you arrive at Kusadasi
(Turkey) and enjoy your tour of
Today you arrive at Thessaloniki and start your tour by seeing the land- Seven Churches of Revelation.
mark of the city, the White Tower. You visit the House of Jason where In ancient days, Ephesus was a
Paul lived and the Agora where Paul preached. You also see the Walls
bustling port town of 250,000,
of the Byzantine Acropolis and drive to Veria, where you visit the Bema graced with wide, colonnade
of Paul.
bordered streets. Paul's first
visit to Ephesus was brief durDAY 5 - SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1: EXCURSIONS TO KAVALA (NEAPOLIS)
ing his second missionary tour.
His second visit lasted about
Your ship is docked at the port of Kavala (Neapolis), a picturesque port three years during his third
with a Byzantine Castle and a Roman Aqueduct. From there you drive
missionary tour. You walk the
to the site of Philippi and visit the Baptistery of Lydia near the river,
marble-paved street with
where Paul baptized Lydia. She was Paul’s first convert on European
grooves made by chariot
soil, followed by the jailer. You also, visit the ruins of the Forum of Phi- wheels. You see the Fountain of
lippi, the Christian Basilicas, "Prison of Paul" and the Theater before
Trojan, the Library of Celsus,
you return to your cruise ship.
and the Great Theatre. You visit
also the House of the Virgin
DAY 6 - MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2: ISTANBUL, BLUE MOSQUE, ST. SOPHIA Mary. After lunch (not included), you will have an optional demonstraCHURCH & TOPKAPI PALACE
tion at a Turkish rug factory and time permitting, a visit to the Basilica
When you wake up you’re in Istanbul (Constantinople) in Turkey, the
of St. John. You continue to Miletus; home of ancient philosopher Thacity which straddles two continents. Istanbul was the capital of the
les, one of the fathers of Greek geometry, astronomy, and philosophy.
Byzantine Empire for more than one thousand years and capital of the It was here, in the first Christian century, that Paul, on his third misOttoman Empire for more than five hundred years. Istanbul is famous sionary journey, called for the Ephesian elders and preached a powerfor many beautiful places and museums, which you will have the opful message to them. It was also here that Paul left his friend Trophiportunity to see today. The tour starts with the Blue Mosque, the most mus, who was too ill to continue.
splendid mosque in the city, which is distinguished by six slender minarets and an interior decorated with blue Iznik tile. Visit St. Sophia
(Divine Wisdom), one of the greatest churches in the world, built by
In the morning you will arrive at the island of Patmos, where you will
the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. After the conquest of the city in 1453, visit the Monastery of St. John, crowning the island. You drive to the
it was transformed into a mosque by Mehmet the Conqueror and into village of Chora, where the Monastery of St. John is built within the
a museum by Ataturk in 1934. You continue with a visit to the famous walls of a strong fortification. As you walk uphill towards the entrance
Topkapi Palace, where the rich collection of Ottoman Treasures can be
of the monastery, marvel at this magnificent structure, which was built
seen. This palace, with a base area of 700,000 sq. meters, is spread
900 years ago. Once inside the monastery, see the courtyard, the
over the promontory called the Seraglio Point. View the Bosporus, the monks’ dining room and the old bakery before you visit the main
Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara. This legendary maze of buildings church noted for its outstanding interior decoration and frescoes. Next,
visit the small museum where priceless ecclesiastical treasures, books,
manuscripts, mosaics, icons, splendid medieval textiles, vestments and
jewelery are housed. Return to your motor coach and continue to the
nearby Grotto of the Apocalypse and the Monastery of the Apocalypse
above it. Walk down the steps to the Grotto of the Apocalypse. Here
you will see the niches in the wall that mark the pillow and ledge used
as a desk by the author of the Book of the Revelation and the crack in
the rock made by the voice of God honoring the Holy Trinity. Afterwards, drive back to the port and your cruise ship will sail for the island
of Syros. It is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and you will have
free time at its main town called Ermoupolis, the capital of the island
and of the Cyclades complex of islands.
Your cruise ship CRISTAL will arrive at the port of Lavrion of Athens in
the morning, and you disembark. You admire the architectural miracles
of ancient Athens as you follow your guide to
the world-renowned Acropolis to see the
Propylea, the Erectheum and the Parthenon.
Visit Mars Hill where Paul, delivered his
speech on the "Unknown God." View the
Agora, the ancient center of the economic
and public life of the city, where Paul
preached to the skeptical Athenians. During
the bus tour, you see Constitution Square
with the House of Parliament and the Tomb
of the Unknown Soldier, the Temple of Zeus,
the Old Olympic Stadium and the Neoclassical buildings of Athens. The afternoon is your
own to explore the city. A special Farewell
Dinner and overnight will be at your hotel in
Optional Rome & Florence Extension
$1575.00 per person
Based on minimum group of 20+ passengers
(Price includes: air taxes, gratuities & Rome Tourist Tax)
We have sightseeing with the group as listed above on Day 10 and then we say
our good-byes and transfer to Athens Airport for our flight for Rome. We arrive
in Rome where we will be met by our agent and transferred to our hotel in
downtown Rome for our late evening welcome dinner and overnight.
After breakfast, our tour escort will take us to the train station for our one-hour
and twenty minute train ride to Florence. We will then meet our Florence city
guide who will take us on a walking tour of Florence, where we will include a
special visit to Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and Academy of Fine Arts, also
known as the Academia. The Accademia is home to Michelangelo’s David. It
has housed the David since 1873. We then return back to the train station for
our return to Rome. Dinner and overnight at our hotel in Rome.
Today we enjoy our sightseeing tour to include a special visit to the Catacombs,
where we will explore tunnels and see the carvings on the walls from early
Christians. From here we continue for a visit to St. John Lateran and visit the
“Sacred Steps”. As a monk, Martin Luther climbed these steps on his knees,
trying to merit forgiveness. Afterwards we make a special visit to St. Paul’s
Church where tradition believes the Apostle Paul is buried. We conclude our
day with a stop to see the Forum and St. Peter in Chains. Dinner and overnight
in Rome.
Our first visit will be to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, the celeDAY 11 - SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7: ATHENS, brated Chapel of the Popes and the venue of the Conclaves for Papal elections.
It is one of the most splendid masterpieces in the history of world art and is
well known around the world for its magnificent ceiling, beautifully decorated
You have a morning transfer to Athens Airport for your return flight
by Michelangelo. From here, your next visit will be to the Basilica of St. Peter,
back to the U.S.A., and you fly back home with a new insight into Paul's
the largest church in the world which overlooks the enormous Piazza San
life and teachings.
Pietro. We then start our sightseeing of the eternal city. Driving through the
main streets of Rome, you will marvel at the monuments of this great capital.
* Tour members who choose not to take the optional excursions can explore
Visit the Colosseum, which symbolizes the eternity of the Roman civilization.
the islands on their own.
Visit the Piazza Venezia, dominated by the imposing monument to Vittorio
Emanuel II. Before we return to our hotel, we stop near the Fontana di Trevi
*Breakfast & Dinners included daily while on land. Three meals will be provided and follow tradition by tossing a coin into the fountain, promising your return
daily on board cruise (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Drinks are not included with
to Rome. Dinner and overnight in Rome.
meals, except customary items served at the buffet.
* Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this brochure. While we Morning transfer to Rome Airport for return flight back to the U.S.A. Arrive
will do our utmost to include all the sites listed above, the order of the sites
home the same day.
and /or days and number of days may be altered to accommodate changes in
airlines, hotel schedules, time constraints, the cruise lines and local conditions.
Rotation of ports of call may vary for congestion reasons at certain ports, with
or without prior notice and changed by cruise lines without notice. LCL re-serves
the right to substitute vessel trading under the Louis Cruise Lines name, for the
scheduled vessel.