Lenten Message 2015 - Santuario de San Antonio Parish

March 8, 2015
3rd Sunday of Lent
2015 Year of the Poor - Mercy and Compassion
Forbes Park, Makati
Pope Francis’ Lenten Message 2015
As a way of overcoming indifference and our pretensions
to self-sufficiency, I would invite everyone to live this Lent
as an opportunity for engaging in what Benedict XVI
called a formation of the heart (cf. Deus Caritas Est, 31).
A merciful heart does not mean a weak heart. Anyone
3. “Make your hearts firm!” (James 5:8) – Individual who wishes to be merciful must have a strong and
steadfast heart, closed to the tempter but open to God.
A heart which lets itself be pierced by the Spirit so as to
As individuals too, we are tempted by indifference. bring love along the roads that lead to our brothers and
Flooded with news
sisters. And, ultimately,
reports and troubling
a poor heart, one
images of human
which realizes its own
suffering, we often
poverty and gives
feel our complete
itself freely for others.
inability to help. What
can we do to avoid
being caught up in this
then, brothers and
spiral of distress and
sisters, let us all ask
the Lord: “Fac cor
First, we can pray in
cor tuum:” Make our
communion with the
Church on earth and
(Litany of the Sacred
in heaven. Let us not
Heart of Jesus). In this
way we will receive
power of so many
a heart which is firm
voices united in prayer!
and merciful, attentive
The 24 Hours for the
and generous, a heart
Lord initiative, which I hope will be observed on 13-14 which is not closed, indifferent or prey to the globalization
March throughout the Church, also at the diocesan level, of indifference.
is meant to be a sign of this need for prayer. Second, we
can help by acts of charity, reaching out to both those It is my prayerful hope that this Lent will prove spiritually
near and far through the Church’s many charitable fruitful for each believer and every ecclesial community.
organizations. Lent is a favorable time for showing this I ask all of you to pray for me. May the Lord bless you
concern for others by small yet concrete signs of our and Our Lady keep you.
belonging to the one human family.
(Previously: Dear brothers and sisters, how greatly I desire
that all those places where the Church is present, especially
our parishes and our communities, may become islands of
mercy in the midst of the sea of indifference!)
From the Vatican, 4 October 2014
Third, the suffering of others is a call to conversion, since Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi
their need reminds me of the uncertainty of my own
life and my dependence on God and my brothers and
sisters. If we humbly implore God’s grace and accept our
own limitations, we will trust in the infinite possibilities
which God’s love holds out to us. We will also be able
to resist the diabolical temptation of thinking that by our
ON MARCH 21, 2015.
own efforts we can save the world and ourselves.
Parish Bulletin
3rd Sunday of Lent
By Fr. Serge Santos, OFM
In a mysterious language, Jesus
Christ revealed to them that he
would be put to death but would
rise again. Some of the leaders
seemingly remembered this saying
after he was put to death at Calvary;
they requested Pontius Pilate to post
a guard by his tomb lest his disciples
might remove his body and pretend
he had risen.
This event of Jesus Christ’s
RESURRECTION did not make the
majority believe he is the Son of God.
They had closed their minds and
thought he was supernaturally gifted
and believed he was just a miracle
worker. Whatever their reasons for
not believing in Jesus Christ as the
Son of God could be the same for the
millions of this present day and age
who refuse to believe and live the
Christian faith. Like those leaders in
the year 28, they are engrossed in
worldly affairs, ambitions, and desire
for wealth, fame, and power that they
neglect their own spiritual life. They
literally sold their souls to the devil.
Our Lord Jesus Christ in his public
ministry had spent time preaching in
Galilee and its neighborhood, as well
as Jerusalem. He gave the “leaders
of the people” in Jerusalem lots of
chances of hearing his message and
mission. He performed miracles in
The priests and the Pharisees were
and near the city.
hoping for a Messiah who could build
His miracles: The man crippled for 38 a world empire, including limitless
years (Jn 5); the man born blind (Jn wealth, fame and power.
19); the raising of his friend Lazarus wanted more than political freedom
from Rome. Worldly ambitions and
from the tomb for 4 days (Jn 9).
allurements are the priority in life,
The Gospel writer St. John thus forgetting the spiritual realm of
emphasized that the leaders (priests life.
and Pharisees) in Jerusalem were
given the opportunities to know who In our present day and age, there are
Jesus Christ is and to believe in him. many little or big events in life, things,
However, they did not listen to him nature, and people that should tell us
and therefore lost due to their fault. of the power and grandeur of God,
as well as the LOVE of God shown
In the Gospel scenario, it is clear that in his MERCY and COMPASSION.
he is extraordinarily unique; he is There are many beautiful temples
very intimate with God and the Son and churches in the whole world that
of God. This was the first time that could remind one of spiritual life.
Jesus Christ got angry with those in
the temple area selling oxen, sheep, In the Roman Catholic Church, the
and doves as well as with the money agnostics and the scientists of this
changers. He “spilled the coins of digital age would one day realize
the moneychangers” and overturned that Jesus Christ was sent by God
their tables. To those who sold doves the Father out of LOVE to save
he shouted, “Take these out of here humanity from sin and death. The
and stop making my Father’s house saving events of the INCARNATION
of Christ, PASSION, DEATH on
a market place.”
ASCENSION into heaven are the
fulfillment of our SALVATION. Jesus
Christ did not leave us orphans
because he made us the in-dwelling
of the Holy Spirit and thereby we
have GOD WITH US eternally. As
Roman Catholic Christians we admit
that Jesus Christ is the center of our
life and the CONTROLLER of the
world and the universe.
We are greatly blessed with our
spiritual heritage from the Old
Testament to the New Testament
down to the present digital generation.
If we could only be always thankful
and grateful to God by living our lives
according to his will, with expectant
HOPE for his grace of MERCY and
COMPASSION, so that on the Last
Day (Final Judgement), we would be
allowed to enjoy the dwelling place
reserved for each of God’s children
who are FAITHFUL to him. This is
the CHALLENGE for everyone. “Do
not be afraid” and GO FOR IT!
In last week’s issue, under CALENDAR
February 23 should have been March 7
Our apologies.
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March 8, 2015
Voices from yesterday and today…
By: Peachy Maramba
ST. MATILDA: Patroness of
895 – 968
March 14
As a queen she was revered by
the court for her many good works
which her husband concurred in and
supported. However all was not so well
on the home front. Since Matilda had
always favored her second son Henry
because he so closely resembled his
father, she tried to block the election
(which was elective) of Otto, her
oldest son and in line to succeed his
father. She failed. Otto became King
of Germany in 937.
When this happened three
years later Henry (known as the
Quarrelsome) tried to take the throne
by force. It was only through the
intervention and intense efforts to
make peace of Matilda that her two
warring sons reconciled and Henry
Matilda also known as Mechtildis was given the dukedom of Bavaria.
and Maud was the daughter of
Saxon Count Dietrich (Theodorick) of But Matilda’s fault in favoring
Westphalia and Reinhild of Denmark. Henry cost her dearly. While Matilda
She grew up to be very pious having had renounced all the worldly pomp
grown up even from an early age in and splendor accorded to royalty
a Benedictine convent at Herford in immediately after her husband died she
Central Germany. It was in this holy redoubled her prayers, mortifications,
place that Matilda learned her rare almsgiving and numerous charities
talent of needlework and developed building numerous hospitals and
the virtues of prayer, love of labor and founding several Benedictine abbeys.
spiritual reading. It was only when her
parents gave her in marriage that she Exasperated by her extravagant
charities the reconciled brothers
finally left the monastery.
turned on their mother and accused
Her husband-to-be was called her of bankrupting away the wealth of
Henry the Fowler because of his the kingdom on the worthless poor.
extraordinary love of hunting with
hawks. And this was exactly what So they not only deprived her of all
he was doing when he first espied her property but banished her from
Matilda. Immediately smitten with the the court. Matilda suffered a long and
young noblewoman this son of Duke cruel persecution at the hands of her
Otto of Saxony, Germany had his two sons.
marriage annulled so he could marry
Matilda who was then only 14 years When misfortune overtook them in
turn Otto’s wife Edith made him see
old. This he did in 909.
the light and brought him to his senses.
She became queen when her Begging her forgiveness in public the
husband first became Duke in 916 on two sons became reconciled with their
the death of his father and then three mother and she returned to the royal
years later became king of Germany court.
after being chosen to succeed King
When in 962 Otto had to go to Rome
where he was crowned Emperor of
Their 23-year marriage was a Rome he asked her to look after the
happy one in spite of its questionable affairs of state for him.
beginning. She was a good wife
wielding a good influence on her When she died in 968 Matilda
husband. It is no wonder that he left continuing her charity to the very end
her in charge of his vast estates and gave away everything leaving this
world with nothing. She died on March
their five children.
The ABC’s of Catholic
by Lianne Tiu
What does a priest see during
confession? (Let’s hear from the other
If we think that hearing our sins in
confession must be depressing for the
priests, Fr, Mike Schmitz, who speaks in
behalf of many priests, tells us that this
is not so. In fact, it is the exact opposite.
There is no greater place to be than
with someone who is coming back to
God. What depresses them is to watch
someone leaving God. The confessional
is a place where people let God’s love
win. It is the most joyful, humbling, and
inspiring place in the world.
What does a priest see during
First, he sees the mercy of God in
action. He gets to come face to face with
the overwhelming power of God’s love.
He gets to see God’s love up-close and
turn to page 4
14 at the monastery of Quedlinburg
and was buried there with Henry who
died in 955.
She left behind her other children:
eldest son Otto who became Otto the
Great, Emperor of Germany, another
son who became a saint – St. Bruno,
Archbishop of Cologne; a daughter
Gerberga who married Louis IV of
France and Hedwig who became the
mother of Hugh Capet who founded
the Capetian dynasty. Her great
grandson, Emperor Henry II and his
wife, Cunegunda also became saints.
SOURCES of REFERENCE: Butler’s Lives of the
Saint – Vol. I pp. 592 – 594; The Book of Saints
- p. 72; Pocket Dictionary of Saints – p. 346; and
Parish Bulletin
ABC’s...from page 3
it reminds him of how good God is.
The Luke 18 community needs the help
of generous parishoners for their meals
and sleep houses during the Weekend. If
you would like to open your home to 6- 8
Lukers to sleep in during their Weekend,
you may contact the following Adult
Leaders for more details:
Crissy Castillo- 0917 726 6100
Yen Chan- 0917 629 5464
Second, he sees us, penitents, as
saints in the making. It doesn’t matter if
it is our third confession that week; if we
are seeking the Sacrament of Penance,
it means that we are trying and we have
not given up on Jesus.
“What I learned from my Luke Weekend
was that you are always never alone, no
matter where you are in the world. Luke
18 taught me that you will always have a
faith family that loves and supports you
even when you’re going through problems
in life. I also learned that God is present
“and Jesus said to them: Let the children and that we can ask him anything”.
come to me and do not prevent them Natasha/ 14 years old/ 62nd Weekend
because the kingdom of God belongs
to such as these. Amen, I say to you, “When my sister had told me that it was
whoever does not accept the kingdom of a church group, I never thought I would
learn so much. I learned that you can
heaven like a child shall not enter it.”
be with your family but you can also
We will have our 64th Weekend on not really “be” with your family. I also
March 27-29, 2015. The Weekend is an learned that we should be thankful for
introduction and discovery into the faith our blessings because some people
family- the Church. It will be given by don’t have the things we have like a
members of the community under the loving family or supportive friends and
guidance of Adult Leaders and Bridge we should appreciate them, and the most
Builders. The Weekend is open to children, memorable thing I learned when I joined
ages 11- 15 years old. Application forms was that we are all ONE big FAMILY”.
are available with Ms. Bernadette at the Lizzie/ 13 years old/ 63rd Weekend
parish office.
Third, he sees his own soul when he
hears Confession. He is humbled when
we approach Jesus’ mercy through him.
He is not over-awed by our sins; rather Luke 18 is a parish based community
he is struck that we are able to recognize for children. Its name comes from the
our sins, when he is blinded to his own. passage of Luke 18: 16- 17 which reads,
Lastly, he sees our sins as a burden
that he will take up with Jesus and
offer them to the Father, while offering
us God’s mercy. He gives us small
penance while he embraces a severe
penance for our sins. He sacrifices his
life with Christ.
Does the priest remember our sins
from confession? No! He rarely, if ever,
remembers sins from the confessional.
That might seem impossible, but the
truth is, sins are not impressive, rather
they are like garbage.
Confession can be a scary place for
a priest because of the way in which
Jesus trusts him to be a living sign of
His mercy. Venerable Archbishop Fulton
Sheen once said that when a priest
extends his hands over our heads in
absolution, the very Blood of Christ is
dripping from his fingers onto our heads,
washing us clean.
YSA...from page 8
Everyone sang and danced to amazing
performances by a mix of some local
artists (Kysha’s Crew, The Cohens,
Bea Lorenzo and Edgar Tordesillas),
as well as by our very own Lukers
and Antiochers (Kevin Kramer, Jamie
Garcia, Emilio Tordesillas, and Michael
After this evening of generosity, may we
all be like God’s stars in the sky—
His instruments of love and light to the
Photos by Mykie Concepcion and Aljohn
Although it was like being in a room
full of stars, the YSA voted for a few
individuals who outshined the rest in the
festivities. In case you missed it, here
are the night’s brightest:
Prom King: Kevin Kramer
So what is Confession like for a Prom Queen: Mykie Concpecion
priest? The answer is: It’s awesome.
Best Dressed Male: Church Campos
Best Dressed Female: Mikee Atayde
(Source: My Side of the Confessional: What Is It Like Best Promposal: Santi Ongsiako and
for a Priest? By Fr. Mike Schmitz)
Issa Barte
Cutest Couple: Arianna Norton and
Radito Banzon
Every Confession is a victory for
Jesus. And the priest gets to be there.
He gets to sit and watch Jesus win His
children back.
This event was made possible by
the Antioch community (headed
by Aljohn Robles, Bea Limpo, and
Camila Carunungan) and the Luke
18 community (Bianca Macasaet and
Diego Ramirez).
See more pictures at
our website www.ssaparish.com
March 8, 2015
SYA Faith Journey”
Marie Eugenie of Jesus
Foundress of the Religious
of the Assumption
By Sandi Suplido
Feast Day: March 10
I come from what society would my new batchmates. They were friendly
describe as a close-knit, traditional and
conservative Filipino-Chinese family. As
practicing Catholics, my family regularly
attended Mass, simbang-gabi and
performed other Catholic obligations. I
was also an altar server in our parish and
I often prayed novenas. Yet, while most
of my batchmates, relatives and friends
had earned respected titles within their
companies, I felt lost despite having my
own Masters degree, an accreditation as
a Certified Professional Marketer, a radio
show host, writer and voice artist. I have
already accomplished a lot and yet I still
felt unfulfilled. I was at a point in my life
where I was at a crossroads, juggling
different things and trying to find my role
in life. I was having a quarter-life crisis
where I felt that things were not going
the way I expected them to - financially,
with my career and relationships. It was
all piling up.
and kind. All throughout the weekend,
after listening to the talks and interacting
with my batchmates, it gave me this one
of a kind feeling which was really so hard
to understand. I finally understood what
my journey was all about. Everyone
had his or her journey in life, a cross to
carry. Everyone accepted each other, no
judgments, no prejudice.
After the retreat, I realized that I was able
to find my Faith Family, my prayer warriors.
They accepted me wholeheartedly and I
know that they will always be there during
my moments of happiness and grief. The
biggest calling in my faith journey was
when I was given a chance to serve my
faith community as a team member and
facilitator for the 26th SYA Weekend.
Just like how the team inspired me and
changed my perspectives when I joined,
I am happy that I was able to meet thirty
strangers and somehow become a part of
Things all changed when one day some their lives and inspire them by sharing my
friends invited me to join a retreat for single own faith journey.
and young professionals in San Antonio.
My first reaction was that the participants The 29th Single Young Adults Weekend will
were probably all from rich and powerful be from March 13-15, 2015 (Friday evening
Sunday) at the 2nd floor of the Santuario
families, how they would accept me? to
de San Antonio Parish Center. Registration
I was the type of person who was often Fee is P1,500. Informational brochures and
found in the corner of the room afraid of sign-up sheets are available at the Parish
conversing with everyone. How would Office. You may also contact Jonathan at
I fit in? But I decided to take the chance 09178367374 or [email protected] or
and join anyway. Having just come from Helene at 09178038808 or [email protected]
work, I was warmly welcomed by the com for more information.
alumni of the community and also met
March 8
John of God, religious
St. John of God was born in Portugal in
1495. After a hazardous period in the military
service, he chose the better way of life and
devoted himself entirely to the care of the
sick. Founding a hospital in Granada, Spain,
he selected assistants who later formed the
Order of Hospitallers of St. John of God. He
was most distinguished for his charity to the
needy and the sick. St. John died in Granada
in 1550.
March 9
Frances of Rome, religious
St. Frances was born at Rome in 1384. While
still young she married and had three sons.
Though living at a calamitous time, she gave
her goods to the poor and looked after the
needs of the sick. She was remarkable in
this active work for the destitute and also in
cultivating the virtues of humility and patience.
In 1425 she founded the Congregation of
Oblates under the rule of St. Benedict. St.
Frances died in 1440.
Reference: Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours.
Published and distributed by Paulines Publishing
House, Daughters of St. Paul, 2650 F.B. Harrison St.,
1300 Pasay City, Phil. 13th printing 2010. ISBN 971590-357-6.
Munich, Prague (Sto Nino), Czestochowa (Black Madonna)
Wieliczka, Krakow (Divine Mercy), Wadowice, Budapest, Bled,
Vienna, Postjona, Ljubjana, Vienna, Salzburg (Sound of Music),
Lucerne, Alps, Zurich Optional extension: RUSSIA or ROME
Anne Eugenie was born in Metz in
northern France in 1817. Her family was
privileged, wealthy, politically involved,
and irreligious.
When she was thirteen a reversal
in family fortunes saw her father’s
bankruptcy, the separation of her
parents and her departure to Paris
with her mother. Two years later her
mother died of cholera and at the age
of fifteen Anne Eugenie was alone. She
was boarded out with different families
and although outwardly she was happy
enough, inwardly she was miserable.
Then God intervened. It was the
custom to attend special sermons
during Lent and she chose to go to the
cathedral of Notre Dame. She realised
that she must give her life to God. As
she said later, my vocation dates from
Notre Dame.
Marie Eugenie led the Assumption
for fifty-five years from its foundation
in 1839. She inspired others to strive
for the building of the Kingdom of God
through education. Her life is marked by
her three great loves – for Jesus Christ,
for Mary the Mother of Jesus and our
mother and for the Church.
What she said of the Assumption
Congregation, we can say of her: in her
all comes from Jesus Christ, all belongs
to Jesus Christ, all must be for Jesus
She died, surrounded by her sisters,
on the 10th March 1898. St Marie
Eugenie was canonized by Pope
Benedict XVI on 7th June 2007.
From assumptionreligious.org
Departure: MAY 11, 2015
Fr. Robert B. Manansala, OFM
Pilgrimage Chaplain
Pls call: Lina 0917-316-9988
Travel Agent: Adam’s Express Travel
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Wedding Anniversary
Joe & Carmina Mantecon
Boys and girls ages 6-12 years old are invited to join
as Angels for the traditional Easter Salubong rites on
Easter Sunday, April 5. Please register at the parish
March 8, 2015
TELS.: 8130875 – 8672227 CELL (0917)8109379
La Luna y Sol: YSA
Charity Ball a huge success
By Sandi Suplido
Last February 21, the Youth of San Antonio (YSA) celebrated
a night of love and generosity in their annual charity ball,
with the theme “La Luna y Sol.” Just imagine, stepping into
a hall decorated with little white lights, filled with a hundred
beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen who came in their
classiest outfits to have fun and raise funds as a community!
YSA raised thirty thousand pesos through the success of
the Charity Ball. As part of their efforts to grow closer as
a community and to spread God’s love, they worked on
this fundraiser to provide financial support to the JPIC
Scholarship Program. During the Charity Ball, former scholar
Ferdinand Basa shared his journey while in the program and
how he found hope for his and his family’s future.
Indeed, it was an evening of light and wonder. The parish
hall was beautifully decorated to look like a starry night,
thanks to the crafty skills of Pat Zulueta, Tara Singson, and
Mykie Concepcion
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Charity Ball Heads
- Bea Limpo, Aljohn
Robles, Camilla
Bea Lorenzo
performing at the ball
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