QUINOA Great Tasting Nutritious & Versatile Superfood

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Great Tasting
Nutritious & Versatile
Easy to Prepare!
Highly prized as a nutritious food
by nutritionists & doctors, quinoa
is a favourite because of its great
taste, nutritional value, ease of
preparation & can be used in place
of rice in all your favorite meals.
Benefits of Quinoa:
• Complete Protein
• Contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids
• One of the best sources of vegetable
protein, containing more protein than
brown rice, potatoes, barley & millet
• Great source of protein for vegetarians
• Whole Grain
• Gluten Free
• High in Dietary Fibre
• Abundant in Vitamins & Minerals
• A good source of Calcium
• Great for people with lactose intolerance
• Contains Iron, Magnesium, Potassium,
Phosphorus, Copper, Zinc & B Vitamins
• Cholesterol Free and Low Fat
• Low GI Rating, Easy to Digest
• Fast and Easy to Prepare
Basic Cooking Recipe:
Always rinse quinoa in fresh,
clean water and thoroughly drain
before cooking.
Use 1 cup quinoa to 2 cups water
to make 3 cups of cooked quinoa
(always follow this proportion
of 1:2).
Place quinoa and water in a
saucepan, add ½ tsp salt if desired. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat
to simmer; cover and cook until
all of the water is absorbed (12 to
15 minutes).
Unlike rice, you can stir quinoa a
few times to prevent burning. The
quinoa is done when it turns from
white to transparent and the
germ has spiraled out of the grain.
Great Tasting Recipe Ideas:
In addition to being valued for its
rich nutrient content, quinoa is
also known for its versatility.
Cooked quinoa can be added to
salads, soups, stews, breakfast
cereals, vegetable cutlets, meat
dishes and can be served
as a flavoured
side dish.
Hot Quinoa
Breakfast Cereal:
Bring 2 cups water to boil. Add 1
cup washed quinoa, reduce heat,
simmer for 5 minutes. Add 1½
cups thinly sliced apple, 2 tbsp
raisins, ½ tsp cinnamon powder
and simmer until water is absorbed. Serve with milk or cream
and sweeten with honey, brown
sugar or jaggery powder.
A Mid Eastern Salad with a new twist
2 cups cooked quinoa, 1 cup
chopped parsley, ½ cup chopped
spring onions, 2 tbsp chopped
fresh mint or 1 tbsp dried mint, 1
clove pressed garlic, ¼ cup sliced
olives, 1 medium lettuce head,
washed, dried and refrigerated.
½ tsp basil, ½ cup lemon juice, ¼
cup virgin olive oil, salt and
pepper to taste.
Place all
ingredients, except
lettuce and olives, in a mixing
bowl and toss lightly. Chill for an
hour or longer to allow flavours to
blend. Line a salad bowl with the
chilled lettuce leaves. Fill with
salad and garnish with olives.
Quinoa Pilaf:
½ cup carrot,
diced into
½ cup
onions, finely
sliced, ¼ cup celery finely sliced, ¼
cup green capsicum diced into
small pieces, ¼ cup sweet red
pepper diced into small pieces, 6
cups cooked quinoa (kept warm in
a covered pan), ¼ cup olive oil or
cooking oil, 2 cloves crushed
garlic, ½ cup dry roasted, skinned,
sliced almonds & ¼ tsp oregano.
Sauté garlic in olive oil. Add all of
the vegetables & stir fry quickly for
2-3 minutes. Vegetables should be
crisp. Sprinkle in oregano and add
cooked quinoa, mixing well. Add
salt to taste. Mix in almonds. For
added flavour, cook quinoa with
vegetable or chicken stock in
place of water.
Quinoa Stir Fry:
2 cups cooked quinoa, 2-3 florets
chopped broccoli, 1 cup snow peas
or tender green peas, 3 chopped
spring onions, 2 cloves chopped
garlic, 1 tbsp grated ginger, 2-3
tbsp cooking oil (sesame oil preferred), approximately 360g
cooked and chopped chicken, meat,
or shrimp, 1 tbsp honey or
brown sugar, 1 tbsp or
more soya sauce,
salt & pepper
to taste,
2-3 diced
red thai
Stir fry veggies
in oil until tender
but not soft. Add honey,
followed by meat, chicken
or shrimp and red chillies; mix
well. Add soya sauce & serve hot.
Quinoa, Lemon, Sesame
and Beetroot Salad:
200 gms cooked quinoa, 1 ½ tbsp
olive oil, 1 sliced red onion, 3 tsp
finely grated fresh ginger, 2 tsp
each cumin, mustard & sesame
seeds, 1 tbsp soft preserved lemon
or non-spicy lemon pickle, 50 ml
wine vinegar, juice of 1 lemon, 1
beetroot finely cut
into thin strips,
3 handfuls
salad greens,
salt & pepper
to taste.
Heat oil and fry onion until golden;
remove from pan. To the same pan
add ginger, cumin, sesame and
mustard seeds and stir. When
seeds pop, remove from heat. Add
onions & mix. Stir in lemon, pickle,
vinegar & lemon juice. Add extra
oil (1 tbsp or less) if desired for the
dressing. Add seasonings. Toss
greens into dressing. Arrange layers
of beetroot, dressed greens and
quinoa. Top with dressed greens.
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