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H E R E !
Green Valley Recreation, Inc., Arizona
Making Sense of Mr.
& Mrs. Potato Head™
Y O U ,
GVR Forms Partnership Gearing up for
with Realtors Association
the 2015
GVR and the Green Valley Sahuarita
Association of Realtors (GVSAR) have
signed a mutually beneficial agreement
designed to promote home sales in the
local community and familiarize prospective home buyers with GVR’s amenities.
The collaborative partnership was
announced jointly by GVR CEO Kent
Blumenthal and GVSAR President Annie
Barmore during the Jan. 22 Chamber of
Commerce Networking Mixer, which
was hosted by GVR at its Las Campanas
Recreation Center.
“This partnership presents a tremendous opportunity for GVR and GVSAR
to work together toward our shared goal
of attracting new residents to our community, and making the Green Valley
Kent J. Blumenthal, GVR CEO
area the premier destination in the U.S.
e all know that GVR’s facilifor mature, active adults,” said Blumenties, programs, and activities
offer innumerable ways in
Under the agreement, realtors will be
which members engage in social, recregiven GVR facility passes so that they can
ation, and leisure pursuits. Throughout the take prospective buyers on a tour of any
(cont. pg. 3)
Senior Games
GVR CEO Kent Blumenthal and GVSAR
President Annie Barmore signing the agreereement.
of GVR’s facilities to familiarize them
with the centers and benefits that comee
ewith purchasing a voluntary or deed-rep.
stricted home with a GVR membership.
Home buyers also can obtain a special
two-day pass to visit GVR centers before
-rethey decide to buy a voluntary or deed-restricted property. GVR also will make
available an informational brochure that
realtors will give to prospective buyers.
Health Fair Set for March 16
Do yourself – and your body – a favor
by attending this year’s Green Valley
Health Fair from 8 a.m.-Noon on Monday,
March 16 at the West Center. Health care
providers will be providing a variety of free
screenings for vision, pulmonary, diabetes,
cholesterol, foot care, hearing, bone density, cancer, Body Mass Index, and balance.
Last year we had 1,500 attendees participate in this free community event.
Check out the new 2015 Senior
Games participant t-shirt designed
by Jim Fitzgerald, which was the
winner in our design contest. Jim’s
bold and bright design features the
Arizona flag and a saguaro cactus,
which was voted the winner in our
t-shirt design contest that was held
after last year’s games.
Masthead photos courtesy of Armin Clobes
www.gvrec.org • March 2015 | Vol. 1, Num. 3
New GVR Foundation Gears Up
to Serve Green Valley
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
By Anne Waisman,
President, GVR Foundation
recreation programs for special
needs groups; underwriting costs
“[I’m] Working on a dream,
associated with a GVR-administhough it can feel so far away.”
tered college internship program;
— Bruce Springsteen, ‘Working and facilitating lecture series
on a Dream’
on cutting-edge topics, as well
as financially supporting skill
“Paying it forward” may be
development, educational and
the mantra for the new GVR
instructional programs.
Foundation, an IRS 501 (c)(3)
Different fundraising options
tax-exempt, nonprofit organiza- abound for the GVR Foundation designed for philanthropic
tion. Each option will be considand charitable purposes that
ered in great detail once initial
benefit the Greater Green Valley undertakings of the Foundation
community, and especially the
are determined. At a minimum,
public good that originates
a general endowment will be
through GVR. The GVR
formed. Criteria for restricted
Foundation was incorporated by endowment accounts will be
the State of Arizona in August,
defined before accepting such
2014. Internal Revenue Service
funds. All donations and contrisanctioning as an official federal- butions to the GVR Foundation,
ly-recognized nonprofit corpora- whether to the general endowtion was expected by the end of ment or to restricted funds, are
February 2015.
Several types of initiatives are
In creating the GVR Foundabeing considered by the Fountion, it was important to orgadation’s new Board of Direcnize to operate nimbly without
tors. These potential activities
a heavily burdensome bureaucover the spectrum of all things cratic structure. There are only
“Green Valley,” including supsix members on the Board of
port for activities that extend
Directors, which includes two
GVR’s “Good Neighbor Policy” members outside of GVR who
and partnerships with comare significant stakeholders in
munity service organizations;
the greater community. The
providing transportation for
Foundation’s bylaws explicitly
individuals with special needs
provide for “Action without
to attend local performing arts
Meeting” (e.g., unanimous
events; expanding GVR’s Mem- consent resolutions) that are
ber Assistance Program (MAP); allowed by the State of Arizona
enhancing GVR’s annual Green and is a smart way for the Board
Valley Senior Games; establishto move forward on consensus
ing restricted endowments on
items without the necessity of
behalf of local clubs and comconducting full-blown meetmunity groups to support proings. Through a nominating
grams; developing therapeutic
process, Board members will
(cont. pg. 5)
New Member Orientation March 12
You belong here!
The next monthly New Member Orientation will take place at 9
am Thursday, March 12 at the West Center, Room 2. To register in
advance, please call (520) 625-3440 ext. 7208 or stop by any GVR
Center with a coordinator. Please reference CR #32127.
How Can I Contact A Staff Member?
Website: www.gvrec.org
If you would like to contact any member of the GVR staff, please call (520) 625-3440 and enter the
appropriate extension number. You also may contact staff at the email address listed below. Any written
correspondence should be mailed to P.O. Box 587, Green Valley, AZ, 85622. Website address: www.gvrec.org
Executive Office:
Chief Executive Officer.......................... Ext. 7203 ......... Kent J. Blumenthal, Ph.D., CAE [email protected]
Administrative Assistant ...................... Ext. 7213 ......... Sue DeKoker ................................................ [email protected]
Executive Assistant to the CEO ............ Ext. 7204 .......... Jen Morningstar.................................................. [email protected]
Marketing Communications Manager ... Ext. 7228 .......... Sherri Cadeaux [email protected]
Board Hotline ...................................... Ext. 7500 .......... (For Board questions or comments)
Finance and Human Resources:
Controller .............................................. Ext. 7205 .......... Cheryl Moose ................................................ [email protected]
Human Resources Associate ................ Ext. 7218 .......... Nancy Mackel ................................................ [email protected]
Monthly Payment Plan &
Member Assistance Program (MAP) ..... Ext. 7221 ......... Gina Peters ....................................................... [email protected]
Facilities Director .................................. Ext. 7207 .......... Guy Sundvik....................................................... [email protected]
Supervisor ............................................. Ext. 7229 .......... Melanie Stephenson .................................. [email protected]
(Administrative & fitness equipment, other repair or maintenance requests)
Maintenance Supervisor ....................... Ext. 7212 .......... David Jund [email protected]c.org
Custodial Supervisor ............................. Ext. 7358 .......... Dan Freeman ................................................. [email protected]
Landscape & Pool Supervisor ............... Ext. 7234 .......... David Coy ..................................................... [email protected]
Administrative Assistant ....................... Ext. 7215 .......... Bob [email protected]rec.org
Information Technology Manager ......... Ext. 7223 .......... Randy Cheatham [email protected]
Recreation & Leisure Services:
Director Recreation & Leisure Services... Ext. 7209 .......... Jim Conroy........................................................ [email protected]
Customer Service Supervisor ............... Ext. 7208 .......... Rosita Studevan [email protected]
Senior Supervisor .................................. Ext. 7216 .......... Karen Rans [email protected].org
(Club liaison, lectures and community events)
Senior Supervisor .................................. Ext. 7226 .......... Carolyn Hupp............................................... [email protected]
(Classes and tours)
Senior Supervisor .................................. Ext. 7224 .......... Maureen McCarthy .................................. [email protected]
(Volunteer liaison, water aerobics, fitness center orientations, personal training, AED-CPR training)
Senior Supervisor .................................. Ext. 7225 .......... Julie Vance ...................................................... [email protected]
(Concerts, special events, movies & social center offices)
Facility Reservations ............................. Ext. 7202 .......... Jody Crawford .................................................. [email protected]
Lead Sound & Lighting Technician ........ Ext. 7219 .......... Shelly Freeman............................................. [email protected]
(Technical support for A/V and theater)
Member Services ..................................................................................................................................... 625-3440
Center Operations Assistant (COA)......................................................................................................................343-2440
(For help and immediate assistance anywhere in GVR from 5:30 am to 9 pm 365 days a year)
If you have an emergency and/or maintenance issue after normal business hours, please call (520) 547-5390.
GVR Social Center Office Hours:
Member Services Center ................................ 625-3440
1070 S. Calle de Las Casitas
Canoa Hills Social Center................................ 625-6200
3660 S. Camino del Sol
(Closed for lunch from 11:30am to 12:30pm)
East Social Center............................................ 625-4641
7 South Abrego Drive
(Closed for lunch from 12:30pm to 1:30pm)
West Center and Box Office ........................... 625-0288
1111 W Via Arcoiris
(Closed for lunch from 11:30am-12:30pm)
Open weekends and holidays from 10am-2pm
The following are open 8am to 4pm Mon. - Fri.
Las Campanas Recreation Center ................. 648-7669
565 W. Belltower Drive
(Closed for lunch from 11:30am to 12:30pm)
The following GVR Offices are closed (The Centers
remain OPEN for member use):
Desert Hills Social Center Office ................... 625-5221
2980 S. Camino del Sol
Office Closed
Santa Rita Springs Recreation Center Office ... 393-0360
921 W. Via Rio Fuerte
Office Closed
About GVR Now!: [email protected]
GVR Now! is owned by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. GVR Now! is published for Green Valley Recreation, Inc., by the Green Valley
News & Sun and is inserted into the 4th Wednesday of the month’s issue of the newspaper. Contact Green Valley Recreation at (520)
625-3440. For advertising information or questions about deadlines, please call the Green Valley News at (520) 625-5511 or by fax
at 625-8046. The Green Valley News & Sun does not produce and is not responsible for the content of GVR Now! The deadline for all
news items is the last Friday of each month. News items and articles will be published as space permits. GVR does not endorse
any of the products or services advertised in this newsletter.
history of GVR, our 13
centers (major and satellite)
were created primarily by a
“one-off ” approach to development. In other words,
within the diverse neighborhoods of Green Valley,
every boat was on its own
bottom (so to speak), and
through agreements with
residential developers who
knew what it took to sell
homes, recreation and
social centers were built in
collaboration with GVR
based on the needs and
interests of a neighborhood
at that time, with little or
no master planning based
upon needs and interests
over time.
As GVR’s Planning and
Evaluation Committee
(P&E) knows all too well,
we come face-to-face with
the reality of GVR’s constrained and aging facilities
each year when beset with
numerous requests for
additional space and amenities as part of our budget
development process.
Requests come from individual members as well as
from sport and craft clubs
that are assigned designated
space throughout our facilities infrastructure.
If the ‘every boat on its
own bottom’ analogy lacks
an integrated approach to
planning as well as creativity and imagination, then
let’s add some fun and a
little humor by trying to
make logical sense of Mr.
and Mrs. Potato Head™.
Either as a child, parent,
or grandparent, we have all
likely played with this toy
resulting in potato heads
well suited for a Stephen
King novel. Continuing
a Mr. and Mrs. Potato
Head™ approach to facility use and development
is not responsible. We
need to consider our GVR
community as a whole and
with the future in mind if
we hope to effectively care
for and maximize use of
our constrained and aging
facilities. So, what are we
doing about it? – Something wise, thoughtful, and
Sprung from advice from
the 2014 P&E Committee,
the GVR Board authorized
an ambitious project beginning in 2015 designed
to spread a strategic master
planning blanket around
all GVR facilities and
programs. This effort will
address current deficiencies and projected growth,
and result in options to
enhance, expand, develop,
and if need be, repurpose
facilities to meet members’
needs and interests for
today and in the future. To
move the project ahead, a
Facilities Assessment Work
Group (FAWG) was established, comprised of several
GVR members and staff
who have experience in
space and functional planning, engineering, facilities
management, program
management, and building
FAWG worked hard
to prepare a Request for
Proposal (RFP) to select a
professional architectural
/ engineering / planning /
firm to ultimately “develop
a comprehensive guiding
document that will serve as
a strategic master planning
tool for all GVR properties.” The strategic master
plan will help drive our
organization for the next
five to 10 years, with the
defined goal of creating a
vision for the Corporation
that will best meet the
needs and interests of our
23,450+ members.
A major component of
the RFP is to select a firm
that not only has the right
background and experience, timeline and budget, but also compelling
experience to effectively
engage GVR members in
Town Hall meetings to
solicit their input. This is
essential given the diverse
Kent’s Corner (cont. from page 1)
Members of the Facilities Assessment Work Group evaluate proposals from firms to develop a long range strategic master plan for GVR’s facilities.
stakeholders within the
membership of our GVR
community. Upon receipt
of the proposals, FAWG
will review and evaluate,
select the favored firm, and
recommend their selection
to the GVR Planning &
Evaluation Committee for
submission and approval
by GVR Board of Directors. Selection of the firm
to implement the project is
expected in March 2015.
The entire project may
take up to 18 months to
We will need everyone’s
input and participation
during this 18-month
strategic master planning
process. Let’s make sense
of Mr. and Mrs. Potato
Head™ by being together
in one very diverse boat
and help create a vision for
the future of GVR facilities
that best meets the needs
and interests of all of our
members, now and in the
Kent J. Blumenthal,
Ph.D., CAE
CEO Green Valley
Recreation, Inc.
Now Open!
Continental Spa
Join Us For our Grand Opening
All Day Saturday March 7th
Page Quigley
Intro Massage Special
Natural Elegance Studio, LLC
Rebecca Willer
Anti-Aging Facial Special
For more grand opening specials call
or visit our Web sites
Call 520-373-5888
to schedule your
210 Contintntal Rd. Ste. 130 r Continental Plaza
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
A special meeting of the Green Valley Recreation,
Inc. Board Of Directors was held at 1:30 pm Tuesday,
January 27, 2015 at Santa Rita Springs, Fiesta Room.
The President being in the chair and the Secretary
being present.
•Call to order / quorum/ approval of agenda
President Finkelstein called the meeting to order at
Roll call by Blumenthal Quorum established
Members Present:
Joyce Finkelstein (President), Blaine Nisson
(Vice-President), Ron Sills (Secretary), Joe Gunton (Treasurer), John Arnold, John Hadley, Barbara
Mauser, Gunnar Bonthron (Assistant Secretary), Jim
Burt, Jeff Harrell (Assistant Treasurer), Tom Kennel,
Kent Blumenthal (non-voting)
Richard Kidwell
Jim Conroy (Director – Recreation & Leisure
Services), Guy Sundvik (Facilities Director), Cheryl
Moose (Controller), Randy Cheatham (IT Director),
Sherri Cadeaux (Marketing Manager), Sue DeKoker
(Administrative Assistant), Jen Morningstar (Executive
Assistant to the CEO)
—MOTION: Nisson/Hadley. Approve agenda as
Passed unanimously.
•Consent Calendar
—MOTION: Nisson/Mauser. Approve agenda as
Passed unanimously.
Note: Arnold clarified that although it had not
been received, he had responded in the affirmative to
the ‘Action without Meeting’ request from President
Finkelstein of December 21, 2014.
•CEO Report
CEO Blumenthal updated the board on activities
that occurred since publication of the CEO report on
January 23:
Immediately prior to the Board meeting, Blumenthal
was informed that GVR lost the appeal of the denied
insurance claim for the North Abrego pool. Blumenthal suggested that the North Abrego pool issue be
forwarded to the Planning &Evaluation Committee
for their review and recommendation on how best to
Directors suggested that CEO Blumenthal review
insurance coverages/policies for GVR pools and present
a cost benefit analysis to the Board.
CEO Blumenthal was informed that a proposed
agreement containing terms negotiated with Verizon
wireless for a cell tower in West center parking lot
would be forthcoming within a few days.
An online survey of residents of six HOA’s that
would be affected by the proposed GVR boundary
modification that is under consideration was launched
on January 27. Expanded use of online surveying for
other GVR member purposes is expected.
The Directors commended Member Services Supervisor Maureen McCarthy for her efforts organizing the
second annual GVR Fit ‘N Fun Day held on Sunday,
January 25, 2015.
New GVR Marketing & Communications Manager
Sherri Cadeaux was introduced.
March 2015
Board of Directors Calendar
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
All GVR members are invited and encouraged to attend.
Dates and times are subject to change.
Tuesday, March 3 @ 1 pm
Planning & Evaluation Committee Meeting
MSC Annex, 1070 Calle de las Casitas
Tuesday, March 17 @ 1:30pm
Board of Directors Meeting
MSC Annex, 1070 Calle de las Casitas
Wednesday, March 11 @ 9:00am
Board Affairs Committee Meeting
MSC Annex, 1070 Calle de las Casitas
Tuesday, March 24 @ 9:00am
Annual Meeting of the Corporation
West Center Auditorium, 1111 Via Arcoiris
Thursday, March 12 @ 9:00am
Fiscal Affairs Committee Meeting
MSC Annex, 1070 Calle de las Casitas
Wednesday, March 25 @ 9:00am
Board Reorganization Meeting
MSC Annex, 1070 Calle de las Casitas
Check www.gvrec.org for the most current information.
•Unfinished Business
•New Business
—MOTION: Burt/Nisson. Remove from 2015
GVR Election Ballot proposed bylaws amendments
previously endorsed by the Board of Directors that
would allow option of future electronic balloting.
Passed: 10/yes; 1/no (Harrell)
•Member Comments
•Executive Session:
—MOTION: Nisson/Mauser. Adjourned board
meeting and convened in Executive Session to discuss
personnel item. Directors will not reconvene in regular
Passed unanimously. Board meeting was adjourned at
1:55 p.m. (MST).
Board of Directors
Joyce Finkelstein, Board President
Blaine Nisson, Vice President
Ron Sills, Board Secretary
Joseph Gunton, Board Treasurer
Gunnar Bonthron, Assistant Secretary
Jeff Harrell, Assistant Treasurer
John Arnold, Director
Jim Burt, Director
John Hadley, Director
Tom Kennel, Director
Richard Kidwell, Director
Barbara Mauser, Director
Board E-Mail address: [email protected]
Get to Know…
Blaine NIsson, Vice President GVR Board of Directors
Blaine Nisson, whose term on the board expires this month,
discovered Green Valley in 2000 almost by accident. While visiting
Tucson to plan a national conference for community colleges,
Blaine fell in love with Southern Arizona. So he and his wife, Beverly, searched for a retirement home in Tucson, but didn’t like all
the traffic. Their realtor suggested looking at Green Valley, with its
slower pace and recreational facilities to support their active lifestyles. A year later,
they purchased a home here.
“We absolutely love it here and all that GVR offers us,” says Blaine. “We belong
to the Hiking and Camera Clubs, and enjoy playing pickleball. We try to remain
active and give back to the community.”
Blaine retired in 2010 after 38 years of working as a community college administrator and serving as president of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg,
Ore. He and his wife now spend winters here, and summers at their Anderson
Island, Wash., residence.
consider and elect new Directors to the board, as well
as Board Officers.
The six GVR Foundation Directors met during the
summer and fall of 2014 to craft its Corporate Bylaws.
At the Board’s January 28, 2015 meeting, Directors
voted to approve initial terms and officers as follows:
President – Anne Waisman, Term: 3 years
(GVR Fiscal Affairs Committee)
Vice-President – Brad Stillahn, Term: 3 years
(GVR Planning & Evaluation Committee)
Director Rebecca Bradner, Term: 2 years
Dyson Dermatology, PLLC
We offer Green Valley's only non-surgical
treatment for basal and
squamous cell skin cancers.
Superficial Radiation Therapy
is FDA approved, safe,
painless and effective.
Treatment Field
J.R.’s Salon
of Green Valley
1451 S. LaCañada,Suite #9
Post Treatment
516 E. White House, Canyon Road, #100
Se Habla Español
Patricia Ferrer, PA-C
From left to right: Terry Whitmer, Geri DeBuhr,Jan Rimbey, Barbi Warden and Mary Ann Spagnoletti
t Expert Cuts
t Facial Waxing
t Sets and Blow Styles
t Perms t Color t Highlighting
t Whirlpool Spa Pedicures & Manicures
t Parrifin Dip t Reflexology
t Full Service for Natural Nails
t No Acrylic Chemicals
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Work accomplished thus far in setting-up the operating framework for the GVR Foundation could not have
been accomplished without the guidance and insight
of Michelle Phillips, Executive Director of the Greater
Green Valley Community Foundation and the fortitude
and patience of Sue Dekoker, GVR’s administrative
assistant. Our thanks to Michelle and Sue in recognition
of their efforts.
As we continue working on our dream, the GVR
Foundation’s Board of Directors hopes to recruit
volunteers from within GVR and the community to
serve on advisory committees and subcommittees of the
Board. If interested, please send an e-mail message to
[email protected] or telephone Sue Dekoker
on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays at (520) 625-3440
ext. 7213.
Call now for your appointment
Accepting most
insurance plans
and patients
of all ages.
Senait Dyson, MD
(Publisher, Green Valley News)
Director Douglas Jurgens, Term: 1 year
(GVR Member; Insurance Industry)
Director David Wanger, Term: 1 year
(CEO, Green Valley Hospital)
Designated Director – Kent J. Blumenthal, Secretary/
(Serves as GVR Foundation Secretary/Treasurer – no
term limit)
GVR Foundation (cont.)
Adopt-A-Highway Pickup March 7
When GVR member Gene VanDyken says business is picking up,
he means it. Since 2009, Gene and
his band of volunteers have cleared
trash from stretches of I-19 in Green
Valley, filling over 1,200 garbage
bags of litter.
Now, Gene and his litter patrol
buddies have joined forces with
GVR and the state Adopt-A-Highway program to “adopt” three sections along I-19 and a small stretch
along East Frontage Rd.
“We meet every Tuesday morning
at the Chevron Station to cover the
highway from Duval Mine Rd. to
the Canoa Ranch exit,” says Gene.
“Partnering with GVR on a quarGreen Valley volunteers (From left) Ken Faber, Gene VanDyken and Butch Sapterly basis allows us to clear lots of
letal have partnered up with the GVR Adopt-A-Highway Program.
other stuff we often miss.”
Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator
More volunteers are needed to
trash pickup at 8 a.m. Saturday,
Melanie Stephenson at [email protected]
sustain this volunteer effort! Please
March 7.
consider participating in the next
To participate, contact GVR
Green Valley News Presents
GVR with Plaque
Green Valley News & Sun Publisher Rebecca Bradner
presented GVR’s CEO Kent Blumenthal with a plaque
in thanks for GVR’s sponsorship of the historical book,
“Green Valley Business Through the Years,” a 68- page
book that chronicles the first half century of our community. The book was published by the newspaper in October.
Put Life Back in
Your Life!
Take Charge: 4 Ways to Protect Brain Health:
Get Moving, Stay Connected, Be Safe & Eat Right
Be Safe
A free 1 hour talk about why safety at home is so important,
how to reduce fall risks at home, and practical ways to
improve home health and
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Thurs, March 5, 10 a.m.
Canoa Hills
Social Center,
3660 S. Camino del Sol
Free and Open to the
Public. Seating is limited.
Brought to you by the area’s
leading resources on aging.
Speaker: Chris Kang,
Executive Director,
Valley Assistance Services
Details at www.pcoa.org
Reminder on Pool Hours and Use
Summer pool hours of 5:30 am-9 pm
will begin April 1. With Spring Break
approaching, please also be mindful of the
Children’s hours for swimming.
Children’s hours are 11 am-1 pm and
4-6 pm daily at all pools with the exception of the West Center pool. Children’s
hours at the West Center are Noon-9 pm
weekdays beginning April 1, and all day
on weekends and holidays.
Ted Hendrickson
38 years experience, Licensed in Arizona and California
Everything you need to feel at home.
t Wills & Trusts t Estate Planning t Family Law t Probate
t Conservatorship t Landlord/Tenant t Personal Injury
t Litigation t Social Security Disability
Silver Springs brings a comfortable, maintenance-
free retirement lifestyle to seniors in Arizona’s
scenic Green Valley. Available on an affordable
monthly fee basis, here you’ll enjoy the support
and peace of mind of Independent and licensed
Assisted Living programs and services designed
to meet your needs today and tomorrow.
Call today to schedule lunch and a personal tour!
(520) 829-3912
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
500 West Camino Encanto
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Annual Volunteer Appreciation
Luncheons March 3 and 19
Volunteers from pool
and fitness, water aerobics,
fitness orientation, administration, and those who serve
on the GVR Board and
Committees will be treated
to an appreciation luncheon
at 11:30 am Tuesday, March
3 (CR #32187) or 11:30
am Thursday, March 19
(CR #32188) in the West
Center Auditorium. It’s just
one small way that we at
GVR can show our appreciation to our group of over
500 GVR volunteers.
We will be serving
Chinese food (with meat
and vegetarian entrees.)
Beverages will include beer,
wine, soft drinks, coffee and
water. Of course there will
be something for the “sweet
tooth” and prizes!
Fitness Center orientation sessions are free and provide information on the value of
exercise and how to properly use equipment. To reserve a spot in a class, members must
pre-register at any open social center, at Member Services Center, or by calling 625-3440.
Seating is limited, so volunteers are asked to choose
CR #
one of the luncheon dates
and register at the MemEast Center
Tues. Mar. 3
2 pm
ber Services Center, East,
Canoa Ranch
Fri. Mar. 6
2 pm
West, Las Campanas or
Canoa Hills
Thurs. Mar. 12
2 pm
Desert Hills
Tues. Mar. 17
Room B
2 pm
Canoa Hills Social Centers.
Las Campanas
Wed. Mar. 18
2 pm
If you have any questions,
please contact the Volunteer
Supervisor, Maureen McCaSchedule is subject to change. You must register in advance to be assured a spot in the orientation.
rthy, at 625-3440 ext. 7224 Fitness orientations last approximately 1 ½ hours. Please proceed directly to the meeting room listed
above for the first part of the orientation. Fitness orientations are conducted by Certified Personal
or at [email protected]
Trainers. Orientations start with a “Fitness Assessment,” that demonstrates how your personal fitness
compares to the national average for people in your age group. Afterwards, you will go to the fitness
room where trainers will demonstrate how to use equipment. Please wear appropriate clothes and
shoes. If you are not interested in participating in the introduction and only want to learn how to use
also answer questions of volunteers on a flex
equipment, please arrive around 45 minutes after the beginning of the class. Fitness Centers are open
schedule and brief them on the latest informa- from 5:30 am to 9 pm year round.
Volunteer Staff Coordinators Meeting March 11
To help complete GVR’s busy season, why
not lend a hand by joining our group of
Volunteer Staff Coordinators (VSC)? We have
openings at a number of GVR pools. VSCs
act as a liaison between the volunteers at their
facilities and GVR’s Volunteer Supervisor.
It is lots of fun and not a lot of work! VSCs
tion to help keep members safe while enjoying
GVR facilities. Consider joining us at 9 am
Wednesday, March 11 in the East Center Auditorium or Maureen McCarthy, at 625-3440
x7224 or at [email protected]
New Volunteer Training Class March 9
Interested in making new friends and
having the satisfaction of “giving back”
to the community at the same time? Do
both by volunteering at GVR pools or
fitness centers – even if you are here for
only a few months. Because volunteers
are able to swim and work out while on
duty, volunteering is a great opportunity to serve while making a commitment to your own fitness routine!
Volunteers have three basic duties –
hospitality, identification and safety.
They greet members, ask if they need
assistance and ensure visitors swipe their
Live the way you want to live.
Prestige Assisted Living in Green Valley features spacious studio, one bedroom and
two bedroom apartments for Senior Living – Assisted Living and Memory Care.
Call today to set up your personal tour and complimentary lunch.
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Choice, Convenience and
cards at attendance readers. Lastly, they
look out for potential safety hazards and
notify GVR staff if issues arise.
If you are interested in being a pool or
fitness center volunteer, we invite you to
attend the new volunteer training class
scheduled for 1 pm Monday, March 9,
at West Social Center, Room 2. Please
register in advance at any open social
center or contact the Volunteer Supervisor Maureen McCarthy at 625-3440
x7224 or at [email protected] Please
reference CR #32166.
Prestige Assisted Living
at Green Valley
1175 S Abrego Dr
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Ph: (520) 648-5583
Water Aerobics!
Water Aerobics classes are FREE drop-in activities.
You need not register for the classes – just come and join in
on all the fun! Stop by and see what it’s all about!
Abrego South
Mon and Thurs
8:30 am
Mon and Thurs
9:40 am
Casa Paloma II
Mon through Sat
9:00 am
Canoa Ranch
Tues, Thurs and Sat
8:30 am
6:00 pm
Continental Vistas
Mon, Wed and Fri
9:00 am
Tues, Thurs and Sat
9:00 am
Desert Hills
Mon, Thurs & Sat
8:45 am
Mon and Thurs
10:00 am
East Center
Mon and Thurs
10:00 am
Las Campanas
Mon through Fri
9:00 am
Santa Rita Springs
Mon through Sat
9:00 am
Pools usually are closed during a scheduled water aerobics class.
You may use the spa during the class. Please plan your use of the
swimming pool to avoid conflicts with the start or conclusion of
water aerobics classes.
Water exercise courses are offered at several of our pools. Please
check this issue of GVR Now! for dates and times. The swimming
pool may be closed during those classes.
If you have any questions regarding the guidelines for swimming
pools and spas during water aerobics or other aquatics classes,
please call 625-3440, x7224.
Water Aerobics Instructors Workshop Saturday March 7
Water aerobics classes
are held at eight of GVR’s
thirteen pools, and members may participate in a
class every day of the week,
except Sunday, plus a class
at night at Canoa Ranch.
These classes are on a
“drop-in” basis, so no registration is required. Some
of these classes have over
40 participants at one time,
so our 45 volunteer water
aerobics instructors have
a huge job! They really
contribute to GVR!
A workshop and luncheon is scheduled for
Water Aerobics Instructors
at Canoa Ranch on Saturday, March 7, beginning
at 11:30 am. The lunch
will be followed by a
workshop. Instructors may
register at any social center
with a coordinator, or by
contacting the Volunteer Supervisor Maureen
McCarthy at 625-3440
ext. 7224 or at [email protected]
gvrec.org. Please reference
CR #32299.
Water aerobics instructors (from left) Bobbie Huckleberry,
Mary Wood, Lynne Connolly, Brenda chase and Kris Bean
participated in this year’s Fit & Fun Day Open House on
January 25 at Las Campanas.
Free AED CPR Training Monday, March 18
GVR conducts free
classes on CPR and use
of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
to help people suffering
from cardiac arrest. Doing
chest compressions and
using an AED machine
are easy and can save a
Our next training class
is at 2 pm Wednesday,
March 18 in Desert Hills
Room B. Please reference
CR#32162. For more
information, contact
Maureen McCarthy at
(520) 625-3440 ext. 7224
or email her at [email protected]
How to Have
The Worlds Happiest Cat
Part II: Nutrition
Join Dr. Andrea Hilden for her popular discussions on how to enjoy the best life possible with
your beloved cat. This second part of the three part series will focus on nutritional issues.
What is the best way to feed my cat? Leave food out all day or scheduled meals?
What about specialized diets for sick cats?
What is the best food to feed my cat? What about soy, corn and wheat?
What to do with multiple cats on different diets?
Dr. Hilden’s first cats, Bacchus & Bailey at 16.
We know cats can be very particular about their food choices, so come with questions!
(Please leave pets at home.)
Speaker: Andrea Hilden, DVM Time: 5-7 p.m.
Place: Animal Care Center of Green Valley, 555 White House Canyon Rd.
Register: To reserve your seat call or email us at:
[email protected] or 520-625-0433
Suggested Donation: $10 – 100% goes to The Animal League of Green Valley
Suki Hilden
Pretty Gorgeous Hilden
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
March 31, 2015 WORKSHOP – Open to ALL pet owners
-Page 34
Creating an Illustrated Journal - Date Change.
CR# 31907. Class listed as Saturday 3/14. Date
now Saturday, 3/7. Location and Time same at
LC-Cottonwood Room.
-Page 35
Lapidary Class. CR# 30733-30738. Classes listed
as Tuesday – Thursday. Now Monday – Wednesday.
Dates one day earlier, Location and Time same.
West Center - Lapidary.
Register at any of these locations: Canoa Hills;
East Center; West Center; Las Campanas; or the
Member Services Center, or online at www.gvrec.
org Non-members must register in person at a
Major Center office.
3:30-4:30PM Monday
Las Campanas Cypress Room
CR# 32278 Monday 3/16-4/13
Balance and Posture
Instructor: Serenity Pilates Instructors — Improve
Class Changes
your balance and posture as well as your gait
-Page 15
(walking pace). During the once weekly class, you’ll
Beyond the Basics Glazing - Time Change. CR#
practice specific exercises designed to challenge
31055 listed as 1-4 pm changed to 1-3:30 pm. Date
your balance and core postural alignment. Standand location the same; Saturdays, SRS-HandbuildNEW classes added!
ing taller and being stronger will greatly improve
your confidence with walking and moving. Balance
-Page 19
Mosaic Design II **NEW**
and gait assessment testing will be conducted
Line Dance II - Course now taught by Cindy Feist.
Instructor: Ann Catalanotto – Get stuck on mothe first and last meetings to track improvement.
CR# 31235 is now only 5 classes for $30 ending on saics while having fun! This class will focus on cre- Course Fee: Member $60 for 6 classes/Non-mem4/29. Course listed as 8-9 am changed to 9:30ating a mosaic design for a pot, jug, vase or other
ber $10 more
10:30 am. Date and location the same; Wednesround object using glass, tile, and other materials
10:10-11 am Friday
days, CH-Palo Verde.
and teach you grouting techniques. Students need
Las Campanas Juniper Room
-Page 31
glass nippers and items to create their design. InCR# 32294 Friday 3/13–4/14
French – Intermediate III. Incorrect book listed.
structor provides all materials needed for the $30
Correct book is Practice Makes Perfect: French
fee, payable at first class.
Mailing Catalogs
Verb Tenses (available at local bookstore).
Course Fee: Member $30 for 2 classes/Non
GVR will mail a catalog if a self-addressed and
-member $10 more
stamped (5 first class stamps) 9”x12” unpadded
1-5 pm Saturday
envelope is mailed to: GVR, Attn: Catalog, PO Box
1-2:30 pm Tuesday
586, Green Valley, AZ 85622. Note on the outside
East Center Art Room
of the envelope which catalog you would like
CR# 32174 Saturday & Tuesday 3/21 & 3/24
BOARD CERTIFIED Internal Medicine
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Dr. Rashmi Chhabra Welcomes
Hispanic Dynamic Dance **NEW**
Instructor: Zandra Pardi — Enjoy the music of
two spicy rhythms while learning the basic steps
of Rumba, Flamenca and Cumbia. This course is
especially designed for women. Appropriate foot
wear and apparel will be discussed at first class.
Course Fee: Member $65 for 5 classes/Non
-member $10 more
Dr. Naveen Kumar
Geriatric Medicine
Call for Instructors
Are you someone who wants to share your
expertise and instructional ability? GVR is
continually looking for new courses. If you are
interested in instructing a course or have a
great idea that you think would be of interest
to others, please call 520-625-3440 ext. 7226.
Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters....July 15-19; $TBA
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta....October 7-12; $1053 ppdo
Arizona Medicos
120 W Calle De Las Tiendas
Green Valley, AZ
Most insurances accepted
March Trips & Tours:
not intended for others. One is his most important
writings is now called the Codex Leicester covering
the nature of water and currents. The notebook was
purchased for $30 in 1994 by Bill Gates, and has been
digitized for the world to see. Fee for GVR members is $96 and bring a guest for $101. Fee includes
transportation, services of a tour director, lunch (tax
and tip), museum admission, bus refreshments and
driver tip. Bus departs from Desert Hills Social Center
upper parking lot at 8:30 am and returns at 5:30 pm.
Deadline to purchase tickets 4/2/15. No refunds after
4/2/15. CR# 32051
3/13 Friday
4/9 Thursday
Phoenix Art Museum
Featuring Da Vinci’s Codex Leicester Tour
Travel to downtown Phoenix’s marvelous Museum
of Art. Enjoy a delightful lunch at Palette Restaurant
before taking a guided tour of the special exhibition featuring The Codex Leicester, which is the last
publicly-owned Da Vinci notebook. Leonardo Da
Vinci (1452-1519) journaled daily in Italian, using
“mercantile script” mirror writing, from right to left,
Residential & Commercial
Package or Split AC
Kris Hanson
4 - Ton - $4,700.00
5 - Ton - $4,950.00
Featuring Sidewalk Sales, Juried Art Show/Sale,Entertainment,
Home Show, Mona’s Danish Bakery, Kettle Korn and
Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream. MARCH 4, 5, 6 & 7
210 W. Continental Ste 134
Green Valley, AZ 85622
Taxes are complicated. Getting your taxes done isn’t
enough - you need your taxes done right. That’s
where we come in. We hire and train the most
qualified tax professionals to ensure you claim every
credit and deduction you deserve so you get your
maximum refund. Guaranteed.¶
¶If you discover an H&R Block error on your return that entitles you to a larger refund (or
smaller tax liability), we’ll refund the tax prep fee for that return. Refund claims must be
made during the calendar year in which the return was prepared. OBTP#B13696
©2013 HRB Tax Group, Inc.
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Call today
to make your
Green Valley, Arizona
Complicated taxes? Bring it on.
Where Shopping is a Personal Experience
14 - Seer
INSTALLED PRICE 3 - Ton - $4,200.00
(520) 310-0660
1-19 & Continental Road
Heating & Cooling
Doug Wood Exhibit
Santa Rita Art League Exhibit
Artists 13 Exhibit
Desert Scraprats Club Exhibit
Diane West Exhibit
March 1st – 11th - Camera Club Exhibit
March 12th – 16th - Arts and Craft Show
March 17th - March 31 - Desert Painters Exhibit
Retirement Insurance
Services LLC
Canoa Ranch
Canoa Hills
Desert Hills
Las Campanas
East Center
West Center
Medicare Plans
March Exhibits:
Barleen’s Arizona Opry Show
For over 30 seasons the Barleen family has fed and
entertained folks at their 500-seat Apache Junction
dinner theatre. Enjoy a hearty lunch and then a Grand
Ole Opry style show. The Arizona Opry promises good,
clean family entertainment! Fee for GVR members is
$98 and guests are $103. Fee includes transportation,
services of a tour director, show ticket, lunch (tax & tip),
bus refreshments and driver tip. Bus departs from Desert
Hills Social Center upper parking lot at 9 am and returns
at 6:15 pm. Deadline to purchase tickets 2/26/15. No
refunds after 2/26/15. CR# 32050
($)30,3'#(/.) #.ʼn
Funded by Donations
Operated by Volunteers
33 Years of Improving
Green Valley Quality of Life
,oin us for an informational breakfast.
Please call 520-648-8131 for a reservation.
If you prefer a private tour, ask to speak with
a retirement counselor.
For information on becoming a
member or more about our services,
stop by our office M-F 8-4
601 N. La Cañada Dr.
Green Valley, AZ 85614
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
GVR Live! 2014/2015 Performing Arts Season
Tickets for all performances and events currently on sale
Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Masterworks Mendelssohn And
Thursday, March 5, West Center,
For his last concert in Green Valley as
TSO’s Music Director, George Hanson
comes full circle with Schumann’s uplifting Symphony No. 2 from the first TSO
program he conducted in 1995. Sean
Chen, an American Pianists Association
award winner, was also a prize winner at
the 2013 Cliburn Competition, the first
American to make the finals since 1997.
He will make his TSO debut performing Mendelssohn’s Italianate, technically
virtuosic First Piano Concerto with its
rapturous themes. CR#31539. Members
$36, Guests $39, General Public $42.
Stephen Foster to the Singing Cowboys
to Western Swing. Jason, along with 2011
Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame inductee Carolyn Martin, share great songs
such as “Home On The Range,” “Streets
Of Laredo,” “Don’t Fence Me In,” “Back
In The Saddle” and many more. It’s a
good, fun western-themed evening of
music, stories and humor for the entire
family. CR#31540. Members $28, Guests
$31, General Public $34.
The Swingin’ Cowboys
Tuesday, March 10, West Center,
Atlantic Steps
Tuesday, March 17, West Center,
Jason Petty’s newest production, The
Swingin’ Cowboys,
is a tribute to the
music of the Great
American West.
This trip down
memory lane consists of songs from
Atlantic Steps is the inspiring epic
story of Ireland’s oldest dance style, sean-nós. Centered on the vision of extraordinary Irish dancer Brian Cunningham
and leading US choreographer Kieran
Jordan, the show features an ancient
dance style, revitalizing steps originating
from Ireland’s West Coast on a journey
of intersection with new styles across
the Atlantic. The show comprises an
exceptional cast of dancers and musicians
from both sides of the Atlantic, with
specially-commissioned backdrop visuals
from leading Irish artist Vincent Crotty.
With more shows scheduled throughout
the country, Atlantic Steps will continue
to celebrate the tradition of Irish dance
and entertain audiences of all ages.
CR#31541. Members $34, Guests $37,
General Public $40.
Masters Of Soul
Tuesday, March 31, West Center,
Masters of Soul is a celebration of the
legendary songs and performers that defined Detroit’s Motown and soul music.
Masters of Soul captures the sights and
sound of the Motown era and celebrates
the music of a generation. The show
features the TFC Band performing hits
by The Temptations, Gladys Knight &
The Pips, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and
The Supremes, The Four Tops and more!
Audiences will take the ultimate stroll
down memory lane as they relive the
incredible harmonies and smooth moves
made famous by many of the greatest
recording acts of all time. CR#31542.
Members $32, Guests $35, General Public $38.
The Jan And Dean Beach Party
Starring Dean Torrence
Thursday, April 9, 2015, West Center,
The Jan and Dean Beach Party starring
Dean Torrence – From Jan and Dean,
the legendary top selling artists of the
60s, comes a Beach Party like no other.
Performances of top hits, including “Surf
City” and “The Little Old Lady From
Pasadena,” Dean Torrence brings to
the stage all of the music that made the
California beach scene famous throughout
Janis Gasch, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology
Founding Director
Yamaha Dealer
Locally Owned Since 1978
$1,000 OFF any
NEW Golf Cart
1971 N. Abrego Drive, Green Valley
512 E. Whitehouse Canyon Rd
Green Valley, AZ 85614
“Helping You Hear Your Best”
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
the world. The show includes many of
the Beach Boys songs that Jan and Dean
either co-wrote or performed with The
Beach Boys. This outstanding show has
audiences singing along to all of their
favorites in a fun-filled, high energy show
that takes you back to the 60’s with really
cool music, lots of dancing in the aisles
and a memory or two along the way.
CR#31543. Members $34, Guests $37,
General Public $40.
Special Events:
Dance With Rhythm Edition
Friday, March 20, 7-10pm
Since 1990, Rhythm Edition has performed for Arizona audiences in venues as
varied as its repertoire, performing classic
songs such as “Shout,” “All You Need Is
Love,” and “Mustang Sally.” Well-paced
and, above all, tons of fun, Rhythm
Edition reaches out with a contagious
The Judge
Wednesday, March 11, 2pm (Open
Captioning) and 7pm, West Center
love for the music of the 60s, ‘70s, ‘80s
and beyond. Set ups provided. CR#
32155. Members $10, Guests $12, General Public $14. Doors open at 6:45PM.
Advance ticket sales only. Tickets will not
be available at the door for purchase.
Valley Players The Goldman Girls
Of Green Valley By Cal Lambert
Thursday, March 26 & Friday, March
27, at 7pm and Sunday, March 29 at
Valley Players brings a wonderful new
The Green Valley Arts & Crafts
Association Presents ...
The Green Valley
Arts & Crafts Festival
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Hank Palmer is a
successful defense
attorney in Chicago,
who is getting a
divorce. When His
brother calls with
the news that their
mother has died,
theatrical production to GVR with The
Hank returns to his
Goldman Girls of Green Valley written
childhood home to atby local playwright Cal Lambert. This
tend the funeral. Despite the brittle bond
zany new comedy is an entertaining and
between Hank and the Judge, Hank must
hilarious look at three sisters who encoun- come to his father’s aid and defend him
ter laughable situations in their retirement in court. Here, Hank discovers the truth
community, La Tostada. Toss in some
behind the case, which binds together
loony neighbors, a gruff matron who
the dysfunctional family and reveals
works as the retirement home manager
the struggles and secrecy of the family.
and some mob money and a mobster
Starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert
goon out to get it, and the audience will
Duvall. Directed by David Dobkin. Rated
be rolling in the aisles. Director Lee Cur- R for language and some sexual refertis will lead the talented Valley Players cast ences. 141 minutes, Warner Bros., 2014.
to create a fantastic evening of live theatre CR# 32032/32033. Tickets are free for
for the Green Valley community. CR#
members and their guests. Concessions
31793, 31794, 31795. Members $12,
are available.
Guests $14, General Public $16.
Tickets are required for admission
to all movies. It is recommended
that tickets be reserved in advance.
Members can obtain tickets at all
major social center offices and
Member Services Center.
Get On Up
Monday March
30, 2pm (Open
Captioning) and
7pm, West Center
A biographical
drama following the
story of James Brown,
the Godfather of
Green Valley Recreation
March 13 & 14, 2015 � West Social Center
9 AM - 4 PM Friday
9 AM - 3 PM Saturday
Unique Gifts � Door Prizes � Refreshments
100+ tables of unique gifts. All items hand crafted by talented
local artisans. Catered breakfast and lunch available.
This Event is Free and Open to the Public
(520) 323-5811
Free Notary
to our Members
Please call
Member Services
Center at
(520) 625-3440
to make an
Soul. It shows how he rose from an impoverished childhood to become a world
famous and highly influential R&B star
and eventually one of the most influential musical figures of the 20th century.
Starring Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis,
and Dan Ackroyd. Directed by Tate Taylor. Rated PG-13 for sexual content, drug
use, some strong language, and violent situations. 139 minutes. Universal Pictures,
2014. CR# 32034/32035. Tickets are free
for members and their guests. Concessions are available.
Emily Blunt. Directed by Rob Marshall.
Rated PG for thematic elements. 109
Minutes. Walt Disney Pictures, 2014.
CR# 32036/32037. Tickets are free for
members and their guests. Concessions
are available.
•3/4 - Northwest Medical Center – “The Truth
West Center Box Office Hours
Ticket Purchases:
Individual single tickets currently
are on sale for the 2014-2015
GVR Live! Performing Arts
Season. We encourage you to
purchase your tickets in advance
at the West Center box office.
General public tickets purchases
must be made at the West
Service Center and Box Office.
Tickets to concerts and some
special events are available at
the door at the West Service
Center and Box Office, one hour
prior to the event. Ticket prices
increase $1 at the door. Tickets
are not available at the door for
sold out events. Members may
purchase up to four guest tickets
per household at the guest price.
There are no refunds for season,
individual member, guest or
general public tickets. All sales
are final. GVR offers season
ticket exchanges up to 24 hours
prior to an event. Season tickets
may be exchanged for any other
performance in the performing arts series. Tickets must
be present in order to process
exchange. Upgrade fees may
apply. Refunds will not be given
if exchanging ticket(s) for a less
expensive performance. Tickets
can be exchanged in person
at the West Center Box Office,
1111 Via Arcoiris Monday-Friday,
8am-4pm. Tickets can be mailed
to GVR Member Services Center,
Attn: Season Ticket Exchange,
P.O. Box 586, Green Valley, AZ
85622. Please see Class Catalog
for information regarding refunds
for classes, trips and tours. If you
have questions regarding refunds,
please call 520-625-3440 extension 7208.
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
About Aging” by Kathy Khalsa, Behavioral Health
Therapist. Hear about the realities and myths of
growing older. East Center, 9 am
The Drop
•3/5 - Green Valley Gardeners – “GVG Plant
Wednesday, April
Sale” by Alex Shipley, Civano Nursery. Desert Hills,
29, 2pm (Open
9:30 am
Captioning) and
•3/5 - Pima Council on Aging – “Be Safe: Pre7pm, West Center
venting Falls” by Tom Pylman, PCOA A Matter of
Balance Health Promotion Coordinator, and Valley
This crime drama
Assistance Services in Green. Free in-home fall prefollows lonely
Into The Woods
vention assessment offered at no cost. Canoa Hills,
bartender Bob
Wednesday, April 15, 2pm (Open
Saginowski through
Captioning) and 7pm, West Center
•3/6 - Parkinson’s Group – “Green Valley Hospital
a covert scheme of
As a result of the
funneling cash to local gangsters-”money Unveiled!” by Green Valley Hospital CEO David
Wanger, East Center, 1 pm
curse of a once beautidrops”-in the underworld of Brooklyn
•3/7 - Tucson Audubon Society – “Creating Backful witch, a baker and
bars. Under the heavy hand of his emhis wife are childless.
ployer and cousin Marv, Bob finds himself yard Oases” with Kendall Kroesen. As open space is
lost to urban sprawl, natural habits are decreasing.
In order to reverse the
at the center of a robbery gone awry
Learn about the Landscape Recognition Program that
curse, the couple must
and entwined in an investigation that
helps residents create bird-friendly and sustainable
venture into the forest
digs deep into the neighborhood’s past,
to find the ingredients
where friends, families, and foes all work homes and yards. Desert Hills, 10 am
that will reverse the
together to make a living-no matter what •3/12 - Green Valley Gardeners – “Protecting
your home from fire: Creating defensible space” by
spell and also restore
the cost. Starring Tom Hardy and James
the witch’s beauty: a milk white cow, hair Gandolfini. Directed by Michael Roskam. Mark Stonestreet, GVFD Deputy Marshall. Desert
as yellow as corn, a blood red cape, and a Rated R for strong violence and language. Hills, 9:30 am
•3/12 - Arizona Oncology – “Introduction to
slipper of gold. During this journey, they 106 minutes. Fox Entertainment, 2014.
Radiation Oncology Therapy” by Robert Gin, MD
meet Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, CR# 32038/32039. Tickets are free for
– Radiation Oncologist at Arizona Oncology. Canoa
Rapunzel and Jack, each one on a quest
members and their guests. Concessions
Hills, 10 am
to fulfill a wish. Starring Meryl Streep and are available.
•3/16 - Green Valley Health Fair – Free community event with health care vendors and free health
screenings. West Center, 8 am-Noon
•3/18 - Whipple Observatory – “Modern, Changing Views of the Magellanic Clouds” by Ed Olszewski, University of Arizona. West Center, 9 am
To better serve our mem•3/19 - Sarver Heart – “An Update on Options for
bers, West Service Center
List of the dates for upcoming events:
Treating Atrial Fibrillation” by Peter Ott, MD, of the
and Box Office is open
Peter Ott, MD Endowed Chair of Electrophysiology
on weekends and holidays MARCH 2015
at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center, and
Thursday, March 5 ...............................Concert
from 10am-2pm.
Ranjith Shetty, MD, assistant professor of medicine
On program days, the
Tuesday, March 10 ...............................Concert
at the UA Sarver Heart Center. Discussion on stroke
West Center Box Office is
Wednesday, March 11 .........................Movie
prevention and use of anti-coagulation medicine.
open for your convenience
Canoa Hills, 10 am
one hour prior to all per•3/25 - Whipple Observatory – “Galaxies Almost
Thursday, March 26 .............................Special Event Everywhere” by Emilio Falco, Whipple Observatory.
Friday, March 27 ..................................Special Event West Center, 9 am
•3/26 - Green Valley Gardeners – “Buzz, Buzz:
The box office is only open for Sunday, March 29 ................................Special Event
The Role of Bees in Your Garden” by Elizabeth
ticket sales during this time.
Monday, March 30 ...............................Movie
Willot, Butterfly Curator Tucson Botanical Garden.
All other services available
during regular business hours. Tuesday, March 31 ...............................Concert
Desert Hills, 9:30 am
Registration for classes, trips,
movies, concerts, special events
and dances is available to our
members in the following ways:
online at www.gvrec.org, in
person at any major social center
office during normal business
hours (see schedule on page
2); by calling any of the major
social centers. All tickets and
registrations are on a first come
first served basis. Members may
purchase items on their own
account only.
Club Member Profile
Computer Club’s Kathy Frey
Kathy Frey’s interest in computers dates back to the 1980s, when
IBM ruled as a blue chip stock and
an apple was a fruit that grew on
trees. As the first woman member
of the GVR Computer Club when
it formed in 1989, Kathy has seen
dramatic changes in personal computing over the past three decades,
and has helped keep members
abreast of new technology.
Self-taught in many ways, Kathy
says she did a lot of hand coding
for web pages in the early years,
and had to learn how to write HTML
code. After she figured it out, Kathy
put the Computer Club on the
“World Wide Web,” and served as
webmaster for 20 years along with
serving on every club committee.
As technology and operating systems evolved, so did Kathy’s skills.
She took classes and researched
new software and OS systems to
be able to assist club members and
students. She keeps abreast of the
latest technology, and has taught
classes on DOS, Windows 3.1
through Windows 8.1.1, how to use
the internet and e-mail, MS Works,
HTML and a joint class with Robby
Robinson on AOL. If she can’t assist
over the phone, Kathy is often
the “Geek Squad,” going out to a
member’s home to trouble-shoot a
computer problem.
Kathy recently was honored by
the Association of Technology &
Two lunch buffets for $10.99
at our Sahuarita location
Computer User Group for her volunteer efforts. She was the runner up
for the recipient of its 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award. Computer
Club members nominated Kathy
for the award to recognize her
contributions to the club. Congratulations, Kathy! The Computer Club
is very fortunate to have you as a
valuable, contributing member!
The Computer Club is one of
GVR’s largest with dedicated space
at the Santa Rita Springs Center.
The computer lab is furnished with
the latest PCs and Apple Macs for
club members to use. On a recent
visit, one member was busy using
the computer equipment to scan
historical family slides to digitize
them for preservation. What a great
resource at GVR!
Friends and Admirers of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Friday, April 10 2015
David Danzmayr, Conductor
Offer valid Tuesdays only. Must have a Rewards Card to participate. See the Rewards Center for details. Tax and gratuity not included.
Must be 21 to enter bars and gaming areas. Management reserves the right to change or alter offer at any time.
Please play responsibly. An Enterprise of the Tohono O’odham Nation.
Join FATSO for delightful evenings
of dinner and round-trip bus transportation
to Tucson Music Hall and performances
by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.
Haydn: Cello Concerto,
featuring cellist Josh Roman
Bruckner: Symphony No 4
For FATSO membership information
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Present your Rewards Card to the cashier.
Kathy Frey is congratulated by Computer Club President Jud Richardson and
fellow club member and APCUG Director
Lee Laughter for being awarded Second
Place in the annual International Association of Technology & Computer User
Groups’ “Don Singleton Volunteer of the
Year” contest.
Ceramics Club of Green Valley
Studio Phone: 399-2818
Jan Cockrum 305-4530
Provide and operate an equipped facility for
GVR members interested in working with
• Dedicated space club located at Desert
Hills on the upper level
Clay Studio of Green Valley
www.claystudiogvaz.com or 399-2755
Located at Santa Rita Springs
Hobby studio with extensive facilities to
enable and encourage people to create functional and artistic pieces in clay.
Green Valley Arts & Crafts
Constance O’Brien 625-1353
Yearly Craft Show held in March at West Ctr.
• Meet at Desert Hills first Wednesday of
each month at 1pm
GV Lapidary & Silversmith
For members interested in learning Lapidary,
Silversmithing, Casting, PMC (Precious Metal
Clay), Dichroic Glass, Wire Wrapping and
Chain Making.
• Dedicated Space – Desert Hills 399-2370,
East Center 399-1989, West Center 6481726
Desert Scraprats Quilting Club
Green Valley Rubber Stampers
Kay Beaudry (520)495-4733
Design and create unique greeting cards at
the Desert Hills Art Room. Workshops held on
new ideas and techniques the last Tuesday of
the month. Annual dues $5.
• Open: Tuesdays 9am to 4pm
• Workshops: last Tuesday of the month
GVR Fabric Painters Club
Cheryl Walters (419)204-9045
La Tienda Gift Shop
Carol Roskey 625-3141
A GVR member run gift shop located at West
• Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
• Saturday 10am-2pm
Santa Rita Art League of
Green Valley
Check www.srart.org
Welcome to artists using all two-dimensional
mediums, including beginners, intermediate
and advanced. SRAL offers a fully-equipped
professional studio, gallery and library for
member use. Upcoming events: General meeting 1 pm March 12, Santa Rita Springs, Anza
Room with demonstration by Karen Knutson,
“Acrylic Painting;” Judged Show, 6th Annual
Members Art Show March 2-30 with reception:
4-7 pm March 2 at Canoa Hills. Visit www.srart.
org or check the message monitors at GVR
• Permanent exhibits at Canoa Hills and
Desert Hills.
Woodworkers of Green Valley
Larry Kistler: 400-0172
Woodworking shop for the pleasure and convenience of its members
• Dedicated space located at West Center
• Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm
Abrego South Thursday
Ladies Bridge Club
Betty Nigg 625-6175
Ladies social bridge group
• Meets at Abrego South Thursday at
Desert Hills Ladies Bridge Club
Ladies social bridge group
• Meet at Desert Hills Thursdays at
East Center Monday Ladies
Social Bridge Group
Jody Davison 207-6267
• Meet at East Center Mondays at
Desert Hills Midweek
Progressive Bridge
Cathy Musacchia 648-1373
Co-ed social bridge group
• Meet at Desert Hills Thursdays at 6:30pm
Friday Social Bridge Club
Paul Garcia 648-1120
Co-ed social bridge group
• Meet at Desert Hills Fridays at 12:30pm
Green Valley Cribbage Club
Co-ed social Cribbage players
• Meet at East Center Mondays at 6pm
Green Valley Duplicate Bridge
John Ziegelbauer 399-0438
Co-ed duplicate bridge players
• Meet at Canoa Hills 1pm
• Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays
GVR Canasta Club
Candi Barrall (520) 883-3422
Co-ed social canasta players
• Meet at East Center
• Fridays and Sundays, sign-in at 12:30pm,
short business at 12:45pm and play
starts at 1pm
GVR Chess Club
Jim Clark 648-9988
Co-ed social chess players
• Meet at East Center Wednesdays at 1pm
GVR East Center Duplicate
Bridge Club
Ray Austin 400-5327
Non-Sanctioned co-ed bridge players
• Meet at East Center Tuesdays at 1pm
GVR Euchre Card Club
Max Elliot 393-7918
Co-Ed social euchre players
• Meet at Desert Hills Fridays at 6:30pm
GVR Hearts Club
Marty Allen 625-09279
Co-ed social heart players
• Meet at Las Campanas Wednesdays at
GVR Informal Duplicate Bridge
Bob Dahm 777-7827
Co-ed Bridge players
• Meet at Santa Rita Springs Mondays at
GVR Men’s Bridge Club
Jim Chisolm 625-1288
Social group of men bridge players
• Meet Tuesdays at Desert Hills at 12pm
GVR Men’s Poker Club
Bob Hyden 625-1355,
Bob Northrup 207-6745
Enjoy the game of Poker
• Meet at Desert Hills, Room C on the
lower level
• Monday-Friday, sign in at 12:30pm and
play at 12:55pm
GVR Pinochle Club
Dean Capes 647-9916
Social Group of Co-ed Pinochle Players. Play
Single Deck each night – and Double Deck on
Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
• Meet at East Center Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm
• Meet at Las Campanas Wednesdays at
GVR Sheepshead Card Club
Bill Worth 269-6844
The Sheepshead Club is looking for both men
and women to join us for friendly games of
• Meet at Las Campanas Tuesdays at 6pm
National Mah Jongg Club
Madelyn Weig 393-1255 or Barbara Tams
Social group of experienced National Mah
Jongg players. Must bring current Standard
Hands & Rules card.
• Meet at Santa Rita Springs, Fiesta room,
Wednesdays 12:55pm-4pm
Wright-Patterson Mah Jongg
Club of G.V.
Judy Cunnyngham 625-9671 or
Lois Wilhelm 818-1600
Year round social group of co-ed Wright Patterson mah jongg players
• Meet at Las Campanas, Tuesdays
• Observers welcome
Five Card Major Bridge
Ladies social bridge group
• Meet at East Center Tuesday at 12:30pm
Computer Club of Green Valley
Jud Richardson 625-4508
Members share computer interests and
• Classes and Open Lab
• Informative monthly meetings
• Club room at Santa Rita Springs
• M-F 8am-4pm (Nov-Apr)
Green Valley Camera Club
Classes, Lectures, field trips, and latest photo-editing hardware plus software. Visit www.
gvcameraclub.org or call (520) 648-1315. Located on upper level at Santa Rita Springs.
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
The Desert ScrapRats welcomes all quilters and
fiber artists to join Desert ScrapRats. The meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday
of each month at Las Campanas in the Juniper
Room starting at 1 p.m. There will be a demonstration at the Tuesday, March 11th meeting
on Creative Uses for Piping by Sally Sullivan.
Members are encouraged to bring something to
work on and their show/tell. All GVR members
are welcome and dues are only 5 dollars per
year. Please join us.
• Meetings at Las Campanas, on the 2 &
4th Tuesdays at 1pm
Fabric painting opens up endless opportunities for transforming not only your wardrobe
but also your home.
• Thursday 12:30pm-4:30pm and Friday 9
am-noon - January thru May
• M-F 9am-4pm, Sat. 9am-12pm
Green Valley Forum Club
Norm (520) 393-1412
Weekly presentations and programs that are
mind-expanding, informative, challenging
and quite often just plain entertaining.
• Meet at Desert Hills every Wednesday
at 9am
GVR Travel Club
LaVicie Runkle 648-2999 or Geneva Halliday
(313) 610-7892
Group of Green Valley residents who love to
travel or enjoy hearing about the adventures
of others.
• Meet at Las Campanas, 3rd Fridays 9am
Valley Players
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
www.greenvalleyplayers.com or
call (520) 829-2985
Open to GVR members interested in community theater--on stage, back stage, singers,
musicians, writers. Newcomers or experienced theater folks, join the fun!
Green Valley Line Dancers
Nancy Myers (520) 399-2457
Enjoy and encourage line dancing upon completion of Line Dance I and II
• Meet at Canoa Hills Tuesdays at 2pm
Green Valley Squares
Gary Hill at 393-0266, [email protected]
Local square and round dance club is active
year around.
• Club Dances every Monday night at
6:30pm at Canoa Hills
Green Valley Dance Club
Elaine Cederbaum (520) 305-4531
Fun social group. Music from 40’s, 50’s, 60’s.
Come dance with us at Canoa Hills
6:30pm - 9:30pm.
• Last Saturdays of the month Oct-Apr.
GVR Argentine Tango Club
Dale Gustafson 429-7794
Promote Argentine Tango dancing and culture
Mike Killian 648-3126
Round Dancing – ballroom dancing to cues
• Meet at Canoa Hills Tuesdays, November
– March, at 7pm
Green Valley Aquabelles
Joyce Finkelstein 393-0317
Promoting synchronized swimming.
Billiards Club of Green Valley
Marianne Bishop, Secretary, 625-4924
Promoting recreational and competitive
billiard playing, be it pool or snooker.
Billiards rooms located at East Center, West
Center, Desert Hills
Green Valley Shuffleboard Club
Ray Asbjornson 591-6557 or
John Tams 625-2226
Shuffleboard is a game of skill, strategy and
fun for all ages.
Green Valley Table Tennis Club
Horace Puglisi (802) 728-5287 or
Wes Minear - (520) 398-2722
The club has many levels of players and the
club provides all the equipment.
• Meet at West Center 8am
• Check website or call for dates
Green Valley Tennis Club
Promoting tennis for GVR members;
reservations, upcoming events on web site.
Membership and tournament forms available
at the West Center Tennis Hut.
• Clinics - Monday, Wednesday-2pm Desert Hills
• Potlucks 2nd Sunday-5pm Desert Hills
Green Valley Volleyball Club
Doug Bryan 312-0500
A social group of sand, water and wallyball
• Sand - East Center Thursdays and Saturdays 9am
• Water - Abrego South Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Nov-May 1pm
• Wallyball - Las Campanas Monday-Friday
GVR Bocce Club
Kathy Hornbeck 777-7267
A group of bocce players who host weekly
games and tournaments
• Meet at Canoa Hills Tuesday & Thursday
GVR Hiking Club
Weekly hikes throughout Southern Arizona,
orientation is required before 1st hike
• West Center Thursday mornings
GVR Pickleball Club
www.greenvalleypickleball.org for court locations and play schedules
Donna Coon 648-1007
A club dedicated to the promotion of recreational and competitive pickleball in the community. Assisted Play for beginners 3:30 pm
Tuesday and Thursday at East Center courts.
Visit www.greenvalleypickleball.org for court
locations and play schedules or contact
Donna Coon (520) 648-1007.
GVR Racquetball Club
Wayne Ferreira (520)260-1470 Jerry Lowe
Racquetball for fun and competition for all
ages and skill levels
• Las Campanas racquetball courts
• Monday-Saturday 9am-11am
Green Valley Swim Club
Coach Jan Miller 867-8812
Organized workouts for fitness and master’s
• West Center pool Monday – Friday 8am10:30am
Canadian Club of Green Valley
(520) 288-4930
Colorado Club
Shirley (719) 660-9361
Fun social group of current and past residents of Colorado.
• Meet 1st Saturday of each month
March 7 Irish Dishes Potluck
April 4 Hamburger cookout
Because if you’re not satisfied...Neither are we.
Serving The Green Valley Area Since 1968
Green Bay Packers Club
James Chisolm 777-8334
Social group of the Green Bay Packers football team who watch the games on the big
screen at Las Campanas
GVR Amigas Club
www.GVRamigas.org 334-7807
A wonderful way for women of Green Valley
to meet other women with similar interests,
make new friends and share community.
Iowa Club of Green Valley
Sandy Haegele 269-6740
Social group of current and past residents
Michigan Club
[email protected]
Share fun-filled get togethers with food and
entertainment with fellow Michiganians at 6
pm the first Wednesday of the month, Nov.-
Apr. at West Center. March dinner meeting
with entertainment by the Tucson Flute
Club; April dinner meeting featuring Mariachi
Minnesota Club of Green Valley
Tom & Mary Johnson, 207-8408
Social group of current and past residents of
Pacific Northwest Club
Fred Taylor 625-2308
Social group of current and past residents of
Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
Singles Club of GVR
Pat Ault (520) 300-4489
Social singles group of GVR members meet
weekly 9:30 am on Mondays at Desert Hills.
Monthly newsletter, social hours, weekend
breakfasts, and more!
New England Club
[email protected]
Joe Potter 625-5370
Membership is open to all GVR Members who
love the New England states.
March Happenings
3/6 The “Accordionaires”
will entertain us
3/03 Trader Joe’s/Food City
3/05 Park Place Mall
3/13 “Telecare” will share their
great, free program. They can
call you once per day to assure
that you are safe and sound
3/10 Trader Joe’s/Sprouts
3/12 Tucson Mall
3/14 San Xavier Del Bac Mission 9:30am/3:00pm
3/17 Trader Joe’s/Roma
3/20 Learn the importance of being
a “Life Donor”
3/19 Park Place Mall
3/20 4th Ave Street Fair
3/27 The Birthday Party for those
with March birthdays,
but all are welcome!
3/24 Trader Joe’s/Sprouts
3/26 Tucson Mall
3/31 Traders Joe’s/Sprouts
Dispatch open:.'".UP1.rMain Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM M-F
Blood Pressure Clinics: Tuesday and Friday 8:30 - 10:30 AM
301 W. Camino Casa Verde, Green Valley
Office: 520-625-1150
ROC# 046649, 077735 & 252049 • Licensed • Bonded • Insured
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Eastern States Club
Karen Curtis 625-2394
Social group of current and past residents
Excludes MI & New England States
101 S. La Cañada Dr. • 520-625-6551
I-19 & Esperanza Blvd, Green Valley AZ
W W W. G R E E N VA L L E Y V I L L A G E . N E T
Undertones Bra Shop
Specializing in group classes for all ages and abilities.
Green Valley Village Mall Ste. 36-1
MELT Method Workshop
Saturday, March 21st
From 1:00 – 2:30
The MELT® Method is a simple self-care technique that
you can use every day at home to help you look younger,
feel better and address chronic pain $25.00
WITH COUPON | EXP: 3/31/15
10AM - 3PM Tues thru Fri. OR by appt.
Please join us.
Call to Reserve a spot!
Green Valley Village
Across from Ragazzi’s Italian Restaurant)
101 S. La Canada, Suite 25
For Detailed Information On Each Tour:Contact
Joyce Sierra, (520)-404-2254, [email protected]
Merchant of thMe onth
San Carlos - Mar. 13th-16th & Apr. 10th-13th. $425. Included:
3 Breakfasts & 2 lunches.
Yucatan Mexico - Mar. 31-Apr. 7th. $650/double $900/single. Air fare
Women’s Retreat to Italy 6HSWWK2FWVW
**Green Valley home pick-up available.
www.gvrec.org • March 2015
Sahuarita Elks Lodge #2851
101 S. La Cañada Dr. #13-2, Green Valley, AZ 85614 • (520) 265-8655
Elks National Foundation:
The third largest provider of scholarships Behind
the Federal Government and the Bill and Linda
Gates Foundation
What do the Elks do?
The Elks is a fraternal organization focused on serving local communities. Our programs
support veterans, our youth, and meet needs specific to our area. For example, once
a month we assist the VA Hospital Blind Rehabilitation Center by escorting sight
challenged Veterans on various outings. And we always have fun. We’d love to have
your help. If you’re interested, give us a call or stop by the Lodge office.
Children’s Laughter is What We’re After
Benefactors of the Steele Children’s Research
Center, University of Arizona Medical Center
Supporting our