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Article/Text All submissions are expected to comply with AGU’s ethics policies. Single PDF preferred, with the following: € Title page (Title, authors, affiliations) € Abstract (250 word limit, 150 for GRL) € Continuous line numbers throughout text € Equations, tables, and appendices are correctly formatted (see Text requirements) € Larger tables are in .csv format € Footnotes used ONLY for affiliations, tables and supporting information € Acknowledgments must contain data policy and full funding information for all authors for this work (see AGU data policy) € References and in-­‐text citations formatted according to AGU style (see Text Requirements/References). *Note: Response to Reviewer file(s) and
publication-ready file formats are not required
for initial submissions.
Supporting Information € Use AGU’s template for all supporting information (see Supporting Information Guidelines). Manuscript Information (GEMS submission form) € Title and running title € All authors entered in same order as main article € Abstract (250 word limit, 150 for GRL) € Contact details for suggested reviewers € Indicate compliance with data policy (see AGU data policy) € Cover Letter field includes data statement, if applicable. € Indicate if submission includes supporting Information (Yes or No) € Key Points (must be complete thoughts, under 80 characters, and in ASCII format). REVISED SUBMISSIONS
Response To Reviewer File(S) € Point-­‐by-­‐point response to reviewers’ comments € Tracked changes version of article file that shows edits made. Article/Text € Article file (text only) must be publication-­‐ready. Word or LaTeX file formats are required. € Figures are uploaded separately (see Figures section below). LaTeX (if submitted) € Use AGU’s LaTeX template. One file in draft format; no style files or packages needed. For more info please read our LaTeX Guidelines € Do not use macros or newcommands € Bibliography included in article file € Tables fit in one page € Figure captions after bibliography € Continuous line numbers without breaks around equations € Source .tex file must run without errors. Figures € Individual files required and without captions or labels € Acceptable formats: .pdf, .tif, .jpg, .eps, or .png € Only one file for each figure (avoid uploading subfigures). See also Graphics Requirements Supporting Information € Use AGU’s template for all supporting information template (see Supporting Information Guidelines). Is your paper paper newsworthy? Learn how AGU can work with you for publicity.