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Swine Flu
Week sees city’s brush with two
positive H1N1 cases
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MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
People daubed
in colours and
Govt intervention
must to resolve
property TUSSLE
The property tussle between the Cotton College Union Society and Cotton
College State University requires immediate attention from the state
government so that the students do not feel neglected and the university
turns out to be one of the best in the region.
Builders hoodwink
of apartment buildings
Doul Utsav
at Doul Govinda
Continued on PG 02
rapes in 2014 07
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G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Lead Story
Govt intervention must to resolve
Cotton College
property TUSSLE
rowing rift between Cotton College Union Society
(CCUS) and Cotton College
State University (CCSU) authorities
is creating an unpleasent situation in
day to day administration of the university, with neither willing to give in
to the other.
The situation is escalating because of the conflicting nature of the
Cotton College State University Act
2011, which states that the Cotton
College should have been upgraded
to an university but in the act itself
it was stated that Cotton College
shall remain as a constituent college of Cotton College State University (CCSU) without its own land and
building, creating a conflicting situation.
Recently, there were many media
reports stating that the CCUS will
not allow any construction work by
CCSU authorities inside the Cotton
College campus, because of which
there is a rift between CCSU authorities and CCUS. G Plus talks to both
the parties to explore what can be the
solution to the conflict.
Students’ woes
Cotton College Union Society
(CCUS) general Secretary (GS) Deepjyoti Das said, “According to the act,
Cotton College is under CCSU and
all property belongs to CCSU and the
university till now did not establish
even a single department on its own.”
He further added that the CCSU had
appealed to the state government to
allot a different campus to the university and there should not be any
construction inside the college cam-
pus by the university authorities.
He also said that recently, they
had a meeting with the officials of
state government and Principal Secretary to the chief minister, MGVK
Bhanu had assured the students that
some land has been already provided
to the university at the outskirts of
Guwahati, but the government is not
being able to allot any funds for construction as the university authorities
did not submit any plan or estimated
budget to the state government.
The students’ union also submitted a memorandum to the chief
minister in which the union demanded that by 31st March, 2015
Cotton College should get back its
solid assets (land and buildings) and
the state university should be shifted
to another location. The memorandum also demanded the revival and
up-gradation of the Cotton College
hospital which may include availability of proper medical facilities and a
regular doctor. According to CCUS,
at present the students do not get any
medical facilities in the hospital.
The union also demanded that
the fund provided by the 12th Finance Commission should be speedily utilised for the construction of
the proposed RCC boys hostel, keeping in mind the heritage look of the
earlier structure. The students had
submitted the memorandum on 11th
November 2014, whereas on 11th December, the CCUS along with some
students had demolished the construction of administration building
of the university near the Kola Guru
Vishnu Prasad Rabha auditorium.
“The university
will comprise
the Pan Bazaar
campus, the
campus and any
other land to be
given in future.
It’s not that the
university and
college gets
separated and
university goes
somewhere else.”
Prof. Dilip Kumar Patgiri.
Registrar, CCSU
According to students’ union, because of the construction, the boundary wall of the heritage principal’s
residence was broken and some old
trees were also cut. The CCUS GS
said, “UGC has a scheme of giving
heritage status to colleges and universities which are over 100 years old.
Cotton College has submitted a proposal to the UGC, and most likely the
funds will be sanctioned soon. The
proposal consists of renovation and
preservation of principal’s residence,
chemistry block which was the first
administrative building of the Cotton College, KKH boys hostel and
Shahid Ranjit Borpujari boys hostel.”
The union claims that the university authorities say that there is a
master plan for developing the uni-
versity and they started constructing
the administrative building according to that plan. The CCUS had asked
the university authorities for the
master plan which would be further
discussed in an open meeting with
past and present Cottonians but the
university authorities have failed to
provide any plan. So, the CCUS is in
talks with the state government and
want the government to amend the
university act and provide another
campus for the university. The students also want 70 per cent reservation for Cotton College students in
the university whereas there is zero
reservation at present.
University authorities
“As per as the present act, it states
that Cotton College is upgraded to a
university but the Cotton College was
kept as a constituent college. So, if a
college is upgraded to an university,
the entire land and building goes to
the university. The college can very
well function. So, we thought that the
land and property is there and all the
building has very old construction
so we require a master plan and accordingly we sought for expression
of interest (EOI) to be followed with
a DPR. So, many people showed their
interest and very soon we will finalise that”, said CCSU Registrar Prof.
Dilip Kumar Patgiri.
He further added that so far the
university did not receive any order
from the government regarding allotment of any land to the university
in the outskirts of Guwahati. Patgiri
said, “We require more land and uni-
versity has multiple campuses. Even
if we get more land somewhere else,
that area will be used for the expansion of the university but it’s not that
the university will go there, it will an
additional campus. The university
will comprise the Pan Bazaar campus, the Rupnagar Campus and any
other land to be given in future. It’s
not that the university and college
gets separated and university goes
somewhere else.”
He also said that if the university
goes somewhere else than the basic
principle in the act that the Cotton
College should be upgraded to an
university will be nullified. Patgiri
said, “Recently we had a meeting of
the executive committee and the
committee took note of this problem
and informed the government that
Cotton College should not remain
a constituent college and should be
upgraded to an university and it can
be done if the university and college
is merged and made one university.” According to him the executive
council has recommended this to the
So, the CCUS wants a different
campus for the university, and the
university feels both the college and
university should be merged. Both
the parties are in talks with the government and it is only the government which can resolve the issue by
amending the CCSU act 2011 and
resolving the ongoing conflict between college students and university
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G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
In The News
ollowing the nascent Geeta
Mandir Bachao Samiti’s appeal
to the Guwahati Metropolitan
Development Authority (GMDA) to
extend its support to the struggle to
save the verdant Geeta Mandir hillock from indiscriminate anthropogenic activities on the plea of shifting the Geeta Nagar police station to
the Government land adjacent to the
Geeta Mandir, founder and general
secretary, Geeta Mandir Trust Committee (Geeta Samaj), Radha Bora has
dismissed any kind of loss to biodiversity of the area or the move being
Mentioning that the Geeta Mandir in Mother Teresa Road, Geeta
Nagar is run by a trust committee,
General Secretary, Geeta Samaj,
Radha Bora said that although the
members of the committee are not in
possession of the right to sell any part
of the land but at the same time the
land can be entrusted on lease with
the consent and approval of all the
trust members.
“Former ADC, Kamrup, C K
Bhuyan made an appeal to the committee for allotment of land on lease
for the purpose of shifting the Geeta
Nagar Police Station but due to the
disruptions created by some of the locals, the process had to be discontinued and meanwhile, C K Bhuyan was
transferred”, said Rahda Bora.
Radha Bora has also alleged that
people who objected and pleaded
against the proposal to shift the
Proposed land still in conflict
Geeta Nagar PS ROW
Geeta Nagar police station has no
knowledge of the functioning of the
committee or any kind of contribution towards the temple.
“Dwijen Bhattacharyya, who has
been demanding revocation of the
proposed police station in the hillock
has no idea about the functioning of
the Mandir committee and no contribution towards the temple either.
The measure was taken after several
cases of encroachment in the temple
premises came into notice of the Geeta Samaj. The decision was taken after coming into a settlement that the
shifting of the police station in the
proposed land would help to tackle
the problem of the encroached land
for which Additional DGP, Assam
has formally solicited for allotment
of land within the temple premises”,
Bora informed.
The statement was made in context to Geeta Mandir Bachao Samiti’s
worrisome proposal to GMDA on
immediate revocation of the decision
of the Geeta Mandir Trust to hand
over a ‘part’ of the Geeta Mandir land
to make room for the Geeta Nagar
police station and demanded that the
entire Geeta Mandir hillock should
be declared as a protected area. According to the Samiti, one of the main
causes of water-logging in the entire
RG Baruah Road and Zoo-Narengi
Road areas is earth-cutting induced
landslide in the adjacent hills. The removal of a major chunk of the green
cover from the Geeta Mandir hillock
will aggravate this situation and the
concerned authorities should instead
opt for developing the entire hillock
into a botanical garden and set up a
modern library. Also many of valuable teak and Sal trees on the hillock
will have to be toppled to make room
for the police station, which will do
more damage to the environment and
ecology of the hillock. It has also been
alleged by the Samiti that the part of
the Geeta Mandir land belongs to the
forest area of the enviously verdant
Geeta Mandir hillock and the general
secretary of the Geeta Mandir Trust
has described this part of the hillock
as a part of the Geeta Mandir area
only to deceive the people and the
administration for his personal gain.
The foundation stone for the police station was laid by former SSP,
Guwahati, Anand Prakash Tiwari
on the month of November, 2014 in
the premises of the Geeta Mandir
hillock, which is considered to have
tremendous tourist potential. A total
area of one bigha has been allotted for
the construction of the police station
in the area. It also needs mention here
that the Geeta Mandir has a campus
of 25 bighas of land, while the hillock
has another 51 bighas of land and almost the entire area of the hillock is
covered by luxuriant green trees. The
Geeta Mandir was set up in the 1970s
at the initiative of former Chief Minister Mahendra Mohan Choudhury
with the noble aim of imbibing good
social and ethical values among the
people, particularly among the members of the young generations of the
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G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
In The News
ith two positive cases of
H1N1 influenza A virus
(Category A) emerging
from the city, a section of the denizens
here are leaving no stone unturned in
staying out of harm’s way so as to not
get infected. The present death toll pan
India due to the present swine flu infections crossed the 1000 mark with
over 2,2000 positive cases reported
across various cities and towns.
The city is more the vulnerable
because it serves as a transit point
for thousands of people arriving here
from different parts of the country and
travelling to every nook and corner of
the Northeast region.
As of now there hasn’t been
screening facilities set up in the railway stations, bus stations and airports.
With the city mostly known by its
sobriquet as the gateway to the north
east, it is all the clear that a single case
of Category (C) infections could result
in a wildfire. Category (C) infections
results in respiratory problems accompanied by diarrhea.
From buying cloth masks and
surgical masks to hand sanitizers, the
worried lot includes parents, office employees who have to depend on public
transportation, students appearing for
the HSLCE and Higher Secondary examinations, business travelers and few
Of the two cases, one was a 50
year old businessman, a denizen of
the city who last week had arrived in
the city from Allahabad. After show-
Week sees city’s brush with two
positive H1N1 cases
ing symptoms he underwent a test and
was found to be positive for H1N1.
He was ordered home isolation with
the health department monitoring his
health conditions. He was specifically
instructed to avoid any forms of social
The second patient, an inhabitant
of Dimapur, arrived here few days ago
from New Delhi. After showing signs
of being infected, he too was found
positive and was instructed home isolation and avoidance of social interactions.
“It is a worrying trend. I have two
children. One is a school going daughter and the other is just two and a half
years old. H1N1 mostly affects people
with weak immunity. Children under
five years of age are also vulnerable. My
daughter has her exams going on and I
am worried as most of the population
is not aware of the factors,” said Tapashi Das Khatanair, a housewife and
a mother.
The state health department on
last Monday ordered for a special 102
ambulance to be put into reserve to
cater specifically to H1N1 patients in
all the 27 districts. The state health department on Monday called on a special review meeting on Monday to assess the situation and in strengthening
the district level health administration
set up in view of two H1N1 influenza
A virus (Category A) confirmed cases
reported on Saturday.
The focus was also laid on precautionary measures for health workers
who will be working in the ground
level with infected patients if there is
any rise in positive cases.
Procurement order for the trivalent influenza vaccine Vaxigrip for
health workers was also placed in the
meeting. A new consignment of the
life saving Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) arrived here sometime last week. Special
swine flu facilities have been set up
at Gauhati Medical College Hospital
(GMCH), Assam Medical College in
Dibrugarh and at Silchar Medical College.
Sanjeeva Kumar, principal secretary (health) called a review meeting
to discuss and assess the present situation and to increase the alertness level
in each and every district. He urged the
public not to panic and asked them to
stay calm.
“The onus was laid on strengthening the district level set up and creating
more awareness across all the districts
through the district level information
cell and to report about any new positive H1N1 cases. Overall, the meeting
was about on what needs to be done if
there are more positive cases from the
state,” said Kumar.
A 27 year old female employee at
the Regional Medical Research Centre
in Dibrugarh district and a 50 year old
man from the city reported positive of
the H1N1 influenza A virus (Category
A) on Saturday. The confirmed cases
earmarked the state’s first brush with
the HIN1 epidemic that has claimed
over 1000 lives so far pan India.
“As of now there is no need to
panic. Stockpiles of medicines are in
place and it is in sufficient number. We
are monitoring the situation,” added
As on Monday, the 27 year old female employee was reportedly stable
and recuperating. As per a source, as
of now Assam is a non endemic state.
“The health workers who will be
dealing with the infected patients are
quite prone to infections. Assam as of
now has been declared as a non endemic state. The district level health
administration needs to be geared up
so to meet up new cases. General public should also be made aware about
the signs and symptoms of H1N1,” said
BC Bhagawati, chief of the Integrated
Disease Surveillance Programme.
The life saving drugs is only available in government hospitals and outlets, and private drug dealers haven’t
been given the permission to sell it
over the counter. But if there is any
surge in the number of confirmed positive cases, and if the situation spirals
out of control, the local drug dealers
may be given authorization in selling
the drug over counter.
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
In The News
Anxiety, depression related
suicide incidents
juthika baruah
uicide has become the most heinous crime amongst the young
generation and 90 per cent of the
suicides are related to psychiatric disorder out of which 65 per cent commits suicide due to depression.
Incidents of suicide is increasing as anxiety related disorder and
depression is increasing among the
youths. “It seems that family structure
is changing day by day and as both
parents are working, they remain in
stress and can’t spend time with their
children for which they feel lonely and
suffer from depression and sometime
even commit suicide. The social connectness also becomes less important
and children are pressurized to pursue
a good career and when they can not
meet the demands of the parents, they
commit suicide,” said Psychiatrist Dr.
Jayanta Das.
The doctor said that the society’s
value system has also changed. Adolescents become vulnerable to mental
health disease. The mid-adolescents
also have low tolerance capacity and
sometimes the only way out of a tough
situation is to commit suicide. Social
factor is also one of the causes for
which children commits suicide. “Earlier there was a gap in communicating
with one another but now relationship
develops easily and as teenagers are
mostly immature and if any untoward
incident happens in life or they can’t
tolerate any conflict then they take the
path of committing suicide,” said Dr.
increasing in city
Many students come to Guwahati
for higher studies and their parents
have many expectations for them and
when they can’t fulfil the dreams they
choose the path of suicide without
thinking of others and therefore suicide cases have seemingly increased in
the city.
The doctor also said that school
mental health programme need to be
introduced in the academic institutions.
Principal of T.C. Girls Govt.
Higher Secondary School, Himani
Devi Bordoloi said that due to the
easy availability of things, suicide has
increased. Mobile, internet and computer are the reason for which suicide
is more among the youths. She said
that fast food is also very harmful for
the youths as in today’s generation
fast food is very popular which leads
to mental imbalance. Divorce among
parents is also one of the reasons
that children take the path of suicide.
When they can’t express their feelings
they commit suicide.
The recent suicide case that took
place in the city of Arpita Kashyap, a
BA Economics 6th semester student,
who was found hanging inside her
hostel room was suspected of having an affair with a boy and a conflict
between them compelled her to take
such step.
Another incident of suicide was
of Former Assam Director General of
LIC launches new schemes
he Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) for
the first time has launched
two new single premium schemes
which are tax compliant too, ’Jeevan Sangam’ and ‘Children’s Money
Back Plan’. These are non-linked
with profits insurance plans which
offer guaranteed returns at maturity.
‘Jeevan Sangam’ plan is available for
sale from 4th March, 2015 for a limited period.
Jeevan Sangam is named so as
it offers an attractive and rare conjunction of returns, risk cover and liquidity. Ten times the tabular single
premium is being offered as the risk
cover, along with loyalty addition.
There is no upper limit on investment for this scheme. Policy loan
can be availed after three months of
the policy issuance. The plan is available from the age of 6 years to 50
years. There is no upper limit in the
investment amount. The minimum
sum assured is Rs. 75,000 while there
is no upper limit. The term of the plan
is 12 years but the policy can be surrendered any time during the policy term.
Children’s Money Back Plan is designed to meet the educational, marriage and other needs of growing children through survival benefits, money
back, and maturity benefits. It provides
risk cover on the life of child during
the policy term and number of survival
benefits money back to meet the various
financial needs of children, with provision for bonuses. There is no upper limit
on investment. The plan is available for
the age of 0 to 12 years. There is no upper limit in the investment amount. The
minimum Basic Sum Assured is Rs.
1,00,000 while there is no upper limit.
The term of the plan is till the age of 25
years of life assured. Survival benefits
that this plan provides 20% of the basic
sum assured on completion of ages 18,
20 & 22 years provided the policy is in
full force.
The recent suicide case
that took place in the
city of Arpita Kashyap,
a BA Economics 6th
semester student, who
was found hanging
inside her hostel
room was suspected
of having an affair
with a boy and a
conflict between them
compelled her to take
such step.
Police (DGP) Shankar Baruah whose
house was raided in connection with
the multi-crore Saradha chit fund
scam and it has been speculated that
he felt ashamed of the incident and
committed suicide.
In the year 2014, about 3-4 student of IIT committed suicide as they
could not take the pressure of studies
and they chose the path of suicide.
On the other hand, unemployment and poverty are also the reasons
that many people committed suicide.
It is observed that social and economic
causes have led most men to commit
suicide whereas emotional and personal causes have mainly driven females to end their lives. Youths (15-29
Workshop on film
making to be organized
he Mumbai based Institute of Moving Images
(IMI) is going to organize a workshop on different
techniques and aspects of film
making at the State Art Gallery, Rabindra Bhawan on 15th
of March. Director IMI, Pankaj Roy said, “The participants
would be given opportunity to
write, shoot and edit films and
assist others as crew members
during the workshop. It is a
great opportunity for students
and others to acquire knowledge
in different aspects of film making
like script writing, production designing, cinematography, direction
and post production”.
The participants will have to
edit four short films and assist in
student film projects as crew members during the programme. The
workshop is going to give an ample of opportunity for the student
of the region to apply and acquire
knowledge in aspects and technicalities of film making.
years) and lower middle-aged people
(30-44 years) were the prime groups
taking recourse to the path of suicides.
Around 35.4 per cent suicide victims were youths in the age group of
15-29 years and 33.3 per cent were
middle aged persons in the age group
30-44 years. The means adopted for
committing suicide varied from the
easily available means such as consumption of poison, jumping into
the well etc. to more painful means
such as self inflicted injuries, hanging,
shooting etc.
Police officials also informed that
most of the suicide cases are not registered as the family members don’t
want to disclose such incidents.
Meet on
government land
ore than 30 proposals were
discussed regarding allotment
of government land to various educational institutions, government
schools and water supply schemes in a
meeting of the Sub Divisional Land Advisory Committee held at the office of the
Kamrup Metro DC here.
Chaired by Dr. M Angamuthu, Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup Metro, the
meeting was also attended by representative of various political parties, Additional DC, BB Dev Choudhury and Circle
Officers of all five revenue circles of the
Hiren Bora’s film ‘Khobh’ selected to Cairo festival for Children
ssamese Film Khobh (Anguish) has been selected for screening at the 22nd Cairo International Cinema and
Arts Festival for Children will be held at Cairo, Egypt from March 20 to 27.
National Award-winning director of ‘Basundhara – The Earth’ in 2009, Hiren Bora’s film was earlier
screened at the prestigious Kolkata International Film Festival and Karnataka International Children Film Festival,
providing a much-needed breather to the Assamese film industry.
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Child labour
still rampant in city
Juthika Baruah
hile authorities continue
making tall claims of making long strides in making Guwahati free from child labour,
the reality remains far from ideal.
In a shocking revelation, 80 per cent
of the children rescued during the
year April, 2014 to December 2014 in
Guwahati were child labourers who
were working in domestic households, hotels, restaurants etc.
During April to December 2014,
6,986 children were rescued by Childline and children from the slum areas are the most vulnerable, with girl
children being reportedly physically
abused. According to a survey conducted by Assam State Commission
for Protection of Child Rights on individuals who have ever raised their
voice when witnessing a child being
harassed or physically abused found
that 77.18 per cent of respondents
have witnessed such situations but
didn’t react to the situation for which
crime against children continues unabated.
Chief Justice of Gauhati High
Court, K. Shreedhar Rao is of the
opinion that youth should come together to form cluster groups and
voice their opinions against child
labour, access to education and basic facilities. In fact, people are still
unaware that there are child friendly
policies which have been taken up
by the Government of India to provide education to children. Child
develops from within and thus none
should miss the opportunities to get
educated. “Education is very important in moulding the character of a
child. Education is right to all and
the youths can help in achieving the
right. School drop-out is also a serious concern and sensitization on the
importance of education is critical,”
said Rao.
Youth in the age group of 15-29
xpressing serious concern
at the paltry allocation in
budget for children and its
poor utilisation in Assam, with the
budget session underway, Guwahati based NGO -- North Eastern Social Research Centre (NESRC) has
appealed to the state government to
focus on the upliftment of the children which constitute 39 per cent of
the total population of the state.
A study report by NESRC and
HAQ, Centre for Child Rights,
New Delhi, revealed that the budget allocation was reduced to mere
3.17 per cent in 2014-15 than the
previous year.
NESRC’s founder director
years comprise 27.5 per cent of the
population. At present 34 per cent
of India’s Gross National Income is
contributed by the youth aged 1529 years. Awareness was generated
through the Red Signal Campaign
clearly reflect an urgency to increase
awareness on various levels and calls
for a greater commitment from all
stakeholders to eradicate child labour
from the city. As Guwahati is the hub
of North East, children are brought to
engage in various works as they don’t
have much demand for money.
Chairperson of Assam State
Commission for Protection of Child
Rights said that a clause to be included in the agreement of flats buyer
and seller that no child labour should
be employed in their business in any
form and in the apartment. A “No
Child Labour” notice board/hoarding
written should be placed in front of all
the private flats and colonies. While
issuing trade license to any party, they
Walter Fernandes lamented the gross
negligence shown towards children
by the authorities as indicated by figures for Assam Budget for Children
(BfC). He urged the various departments of the state government dealing
with child related issues to work for a
more meaningful budgetary allocation of funds for children.
The report revealed that children
in the age group of 0-18 years constitute 39 per cent of the population of
Assam. But only 3.17 per cent of the
Assam Budget for 2014-2015 was allocated for children under various
It further said that education received the maximum allocation of
The slum areas
children are being
engaged in tea stalls,
garage etc. and the
children with their
earning buy drugs
and become addicted
to such habits and
lead an unhealthy
life. Work ranges
from taking care of
animals, planting
and harvesting food
to many kind of
small manufacturing
work from bricks
to cement, auto
repair and making of
footwear and textiles.
must give an undertaking that they
will not entertain child labour of
any form in their trade or business.
Child Protection Day is being
celebrated every year but are children really safe and secured is the
question as the city has become a
hub for crime and the girl child is
being abused easily. Ranjan Das
initiated to take up responsibility to
make Ward 26 and the Dispur Supermarket area a child labour free
zone. To create a Women Vigilant
Cell to monitor such cases, members of Rupalim Mahila Chora and
Dispur Progotisil Mahila Samiti
showed encouragement in the
initiative and offered to go around
apartments to speak about the child
The recommendations for care
givers as parents who send their
children for to work should be penalized which was agreed by 29 per
cent of students which reflects that
the students feel that the parents
and care givers are responsible for the
holistic development and safety and
security of their wards and if the children become vulnerable to adverse
situations, the care givers are to be
held responsible.
The slum areas children are being
engaged in tea stalls, garage etc. and
the children with their earning buy
drugs and become addicted to such
habits and lead an unhealthy life.
Work ranges from taking care of animals, planting and harvesting food to
many kind of small manufacturing
work from bricks to cement, auto repair and making of footwear and textiles. More boys than girls work outside their homes but most girls work
in jobs which are not easily noticed
as domestic maids. Being a maid in
someone’s house can be risky. Maids
are cut off from friends and family
and can easily be physically or sexually exploited by their employers.
[email protected]
Paltry allocation in Assam
budget for children decried
95.26 per cent of the BfC. While development sector received 4 per cent,
health sector received only 0.39 per cent
and child protection had an abysmally
low share of 0.35 per cent.
“This is happening at a time when
Assam is witnessing the phenomena of
missing children and the growing menace of child trafficking. So, we seriously
appeal the government to look after the
children issues,” said NESRC director
Melvil Pereira.
The state budget has seen as
increase of nearly 28 per cent in
the year 2014-15, as compared to
2013-14, but the share of budget for
children within the state budget has
reduced considerably to the extent
of 3.17 percent in 2014-15 from 3.49
percent in 2013-14.
The NESRC together with
HAQ, has been involved in the analysis of Assam BfC, that is, the share
of children in the Assam budget
since 2004-05.
HAQ researcher Anisha from
New Delhi, said that one of the important factors for decreasing share
of children in the BfC is the underutilisation of allocated funds by
various departments. “If a department does not spend the money allocated to it for a year, why would
any government increase the funds
for it during the next year?” she
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
rapes in 2014
fter the rape law was reworked in the aftermath of
the infamous Delhi gangrape
case and the entire country came
out against crimes against women,
people in general assumed that such
crime will see a gradual decrease.
But, in spite of stringient laws or
strategies the authorities may come
up with, women still continue to be
harassed and looked down upon as
objects by some.
The situation is not too different
in Guwahati as well, which has seen
many heinous incidents of crime and
have become nationally known for
wrong reasons. Not just rape, crimes
like molestation, eve teasing and
many other outrageous crimes mostly goes unreported in the city. City
based Advocate Pallavi Baruah said,
“Today even when women in our city
are so aware and conscious of their
rights, even then most crimes go
unreported due to societal pressures
and age old norms. I believe society as a whole should become open
minded and should give space and
confidence to women to fight every
form of injustice they are inflicted
According to the data available
with the Crime Investigating Department (CID), in 2014 the number
of total crime against women might
have come down, but the city still
witnessed heinous crimes against
women quite often. 99 women were
raped, 10 cases of dowry deaths were
registered, 197 molestation cases
were registered and most of the reported molestation cases were of
incidents taking place at the work
place. Kidnapping cases reported in
the city which was 432 in 2013, went
up to 448 in 2014. The data clearly
reveals that Guwahati is not safe for
women, although there are people
who still believe that the city is safer
than other metros in the country.
Safe Guwahati
Writer Tinat Atifa Masood said,
“Guwahati is very safe compared to
other cities of India. There might be
stray incidents by perverts, which
could again be the result of urbanisation. However, I being a media
professional, have to work late in the
night and can return home sometimes only by 5 am. I have never
faced any problems till date.”
State Child Right Commission
Chairperson Runumi Gogoi said,
Crime against women in Guwahati
Kidnapping - 432
Kidnapping – 448
Rape – 103
Rape – 99
Dowry death – 15
Dowry death – 10
Molestation – 207
Molestation – 197
Cruelty by husband – 561
Cruelty by husband – 471
IT (P) Act – 3
IT (P) Act – 15
Total – 1321
Total – 1240
“Assam and Guwahati in particular
is safer for women then other cities
in the country and these days crime
against women also get reported
which was not there earlier. But overall the city is safer for women than
other cities.” She further said that
girls below the age of 18 are vulnerable to abuse as according to various
cases it is noticed that many times,
minor girls are sexually abused by
someone in their own family which
again do not get reported. Adolescent girls in the city are vulnerable
to molestation and sex abuse.
According to police officials,
cases of molestation are mostly re-
Most of the kidnapping
cases registered
in the city relates
to elopement for
marriages. According
to police, couple elopes
for marriage and the
parents file kidnapping
case. Most of the time
the couple returns
after getting married,
they get accepted by
the family too, but the
registered case does not
get withdrawn as the
parents do not inform
about it to the police.
ported in buses, dark places and also
offices and work places. Eve teasing
is also a major problem which may
somehow turn into a crime like molestation or even rape. Eve teasing
cases mostly goes unreported but
law makers believe that if reported,
crimes like molestation and rape can
be better handled as small crimes
like eve teasing, if goes unreported
altogether, boosts the confidence of
the offenders which gives them opportunity to commit more heinous
According to sources in police,
not all such cases are genuine as
when the investigation proceeds, it
is sometimes found that many false
cases gets reported only to defame
the alleged accused. Most of the
molestation cases reported at workplaces has to be thoroughly examined as many a times, the case gets
registered because the complainent
cooks up a story just to defame the
accused. It is noticed that these days
people also misuse the law as law for
crime against women has become
more stringient and the complainent
has the upper hand. It also becomes
difficult for the police to come to a
definite conclusion as most of the office molestation cases takes place in
closed rooms.
There may be many reasons
which lead to kidnapping, but such
an increase in the number of cases in
the city hints towards some special
reason. According to policing experts, Guwahati as a growing city has
a large number of immigrants, who
come here with aspirations to make
it big in life. Afraid of losing to the
competition, they choose a shortcut
to earn money and may indulge in
kidnapping people for money. Interestingly, this is not the only reason,
there are some other reasons too,
which results in crimes like kidnapping.
Most of the kidnapping cases
registered in the city relates to elopement for marriages. According to police, couple elopes for marriage and
the parents file kidnapping case. Most
of the time the couple returns after
getting married, they get accepted by
the family too, but the registered case
does not get withdrawn as the parents
do not inform about it to the police.
“My daughter was kidnapped
and taken to Rajasthan where she
was married to an old man. She then
contacted us after a year and now she
is happy there with her family,” said a
56-year-old lady based in Guwahati.
According to reports, trafficking is
another reason which leads to kidnapping. There are many gangs inside
and outside the city which work overtime kidnapping men/women for human trafficking. There are also extremists who indulge in kidnapping
and recently, it has been noticed that
surrendered extremists are increasingly indulging in such crimes. Interestingly, there are also cases registered in police stations where friends
have kidnapped and even killed the
victim for ransom, with even school
going children indulging in kidnapping. There has also been instances,
where sometimes, people dramatise
their own kidnapping to extort money from their family members.
But whatever may be the strategy,
what with new services and provisos
like the new women bus service and
women police wings, the fact remains
that women in the city are still not
completely safe and the law should be
reworked in such a manner that the
guilty could be punished in a speedy
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G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Instances of
Commuters decry
authority’s claims sexual violence
cleanliness at Guwahati
Railway Station
told through
a prism of
Inspite of purported attempts by
the North East Frontier Railway Authority taking up cleanliness project
for the Guwahati railway station, it
seems that passengers have many allegations regarding the unhygienic
and unhealthy environment of the
The passengers who travels daily
by train from one place to another in
connection with their job and other
purposes, alleged that no change have
been seen at the station although the
Modi government had launched the
cleanliness drive ‘Swaccha Bharat
Swacch Rail’.
“Other than Platform 1 and 2,
the other platforms are not at all
clean and no specific change has been
seen regarding cleanliness and security. There is no proper security at
the entrance and exit points and anybody can enter the platform as they
don’t check the passengers. Even the
scanning machines do not work and
therefore the miscreants could easily carry drugs, bullets and other illegal things which are being supplied
to other cities,” said Rajkesh Dutta,
a passenger who usually travels to
his working place from Guwahati by
Sugato Lahiri, Chief Public Relation Officer of NF Railway, while
speaking to G Plus, said that a comprehensive cleaning project for
Guwahati station has been undertaken and agencies have been contracted
for cleaning the platforms, tracks and
toilets but the passengers alleged that
the tracks are very dirty.
“We can’t wait at the platform
as it stinks so much. The tracks are
not being cleaned although cleaning
staffs are being deployed,” said one of
the passengers. Lahiri said that ‘clean
train station system’ for cleaning of
“Other than Platform
1 and 2, the other
platforms are not at all
clean and no specific
change has been seen
regarding cleanliness
and security. There is
no proper security at
the entrance and exit
points and anybody
can enter the platform
as they don’t check the
passengers. Even the
scanning machines do
not work and therefore
the miscreants could
easily carry drugs,
bullets and other illegal
things which are being
supplied to other cities.”
Rajkesh Dutta,
a passenger
the originating and the passing trains
has also been put in place but the real
scenario seems to be different.
In order to mark Mahatma
Gandhi’s dream of Clean India, a
Swacch Clean Mission drive was also
launched in 2014 but the authority
has shown its limitation soon after
the launch and the station remain as
usual. The station has drinking water
tanks, but water is not available all
the time. Najia Khatun, one of the
commuters said “Whenever we have
to travel, we travel by train. Sometimes we have to wait for a long time
at the station if the train is late and
we cannot quench our thirst due to
non-availability of drinking water in
the station.”
The station earns revenue of Rs.
32 lakh per day on an average but still
the railway authority cannot provide
the basic facilities to the people. Lahiri
informed that separate toilets for gents
and ladies are provided at platform No
1 and six ladies toilets are also provided
at the new waiting hall at the KYO end
of platform No 1 near the RPF office
and 40 departmental staff are being
deployed for the purpose of cleaning
the toilets. Yet the ladies passengers
refuse to use the toilets because of its
unhealthy environment.
“I don’t know whether there is any
staff for cleaning the toilets but the toilets are in a deplorable condition and
can’t be used as it is very dirty. Even the
toilets in the trains do not have water
and is very dirty,” said Khatun.
Lahiri also said that maintenance
of cleanliness in a large station like
Guwahati is a very challenging job and
the railway authorities are leaving no
stone unturned for ensuring satisfaction of the passengers. He said that they
are also committed to the safety and
security of the passengers besides providing punctual services but according
to the people, the railway authority has
failed to maintain the assurances made
for the safety, security and proper facilities for the people.
The CPRO said that security is
maintained by Railway Protection
Force (RPF) as well as Government
Railway Police (GRP) at Guwahati station and 22 CCTVs have been installed
in station along with equal numbers of
The female passengers also demanded that the railway authority of
northeast should also emphasize on
the safety and security of women and
install CCTVs in local trains. It needs
mention that the union railway minister had also announced to install
CCTVs in selected trains in the budget.
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urreal, disturbing, visceral
and thought provoking are
few words that can describe
‘Lightning Testimonies’, a multimedia installation based on
sexual violence against women
presently underway at the Assam State Museum here in the
Narrating uncounted tales
surrounding sexual and gender
violence against women committed throughout the decades
in India and South Asia, the
multimedia installation has
been crafted by Amar Kanwar, a
filmmaker and master installer.
The stories of pain cover the
onslaught of Army atrocities on
women in the Northeast when
insurgency was at its peak and
women were used as methods
for committing acts of hatred by
men during partition, the rape
of Dhaka under Pakistani Army
in East Pakistan, caste violence
and usage of rape as a measure against women from lower
castes, the 2004 nude protests by
middle aged women in Manipur
and others.
The incidents are told
through eight screens inside
a dark room with each screen
narrating a different incident,
a viewer at the installation has
to constantly sift through each
of the screens. The portrayal is
both in Black and White and
colour in a synchronised manner and reflects the different eras
across different spots in the sub
“It is about violence against
women. We seriously need to
retrospect and think about what
can be done in putting an end to
violence against women. This 32
minute installation is for young
adults who need to reflect and
understand about what has happened and is happening in our society,” said Monisha Behal, executive director North East Network,
a women’s rights organsiations
working in the region.
Inaugurated on Saturday, the
32 minute installation is being
shown for the first time in Assam
with the support of Assam State
Museum, Kiran Nadar Museum
of Art and North East Network.
‘Lightning Testimonies’ has been
shown in different parts of the
world at prestigious venues like
Art Institute of Chicago, Marian
Goodman Gallery in New York,
Stedelijik Museum in Amsterdam; Fotomuseum, Winterthur,
Switzerland and others.
The city’s cultural scope mostly dominated by theatre and the
cinema hardly gets to view a multi
media installation of this kind.
And for the culture aficionados,
the event is an opportune time for
retrospection and rethinking once
again on the issue.
“I am speechless after viewing
the installation. Women throughout the ages and decades have
been subjected to so much of trials and tribulations that it is unimaginable. The installation will
send a positive message,” said a
Teachers’ Association plea
over release of salary
he Guwahati District ME Teachers’ Association has urged the
authorities concerned to ensure release of salary and pension of
a number of teachers and employees of Dimoria block who have
been denied of their dues because of the failure of the authorities to hand
over financial power to the Dimoria block elementary education officer
who has also been entrusted with the responsibility of school sub inspector.
In a statement, the association said that if the stalemate continues, it
would be compelled to launch an agitation.
Seminar on ‘Neo-Vedantism of
Radhakrishnan: An Appraisal’
he Department of Philosophy, Gauhati University is organising a
national seminar on ‘Neo-Vedantism of Radhakrishnan: An Appraisal’ from March 12 to 14 at the Phanidhar Dutta Seminar Hall,
GU, following its inauguration at 10 am on March 12 by GU Vice-Chancellor, a release stated.
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Builders hoodwink
Juthika Baruah
of apartment buildings
uwahatians beware! The next
time you decide to go ahead
about buying that dream
apartment, think several times before buying one from the builders,
many of who are cheating customers
in the name of providing them the
best flats in centre places of the city.
According to Sanjib Saikia, Advocate of Guwahati High Court, any
customer who buys a flat from a
builder should verify the plot of land
from the land owner whether it has
any dispute. Building permissions
are valid for four years and after that
the documents have to be submitted
again with the Guwahati Municipal
Corporation and Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority so
that permission can be extended for
another term and if it is not done,
the builders might ask the customers to vacant the flat. The Supreme
Court of India has given an order in
the Suraj Lamp Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Vs State of Haryana Special Leaving
Petition bearing no 13917 of 2009
that a transfer of immovable property by way of scale can only be done
by a deed of conveyance (sale deed).
In the absence of a deed of conveyance (duly stamped and registered as
required by law), no right, title or interest in an immovable property can
be transferred.
Saikia told G Plus that builders
even ask for extra rate for parking,
transformer, lift etc. while these
should be included within the rate of
the flat. There are 523 illegal apartments or ‘deviation buildings’ under
GMC and GMDA. He said that the
builder should provide occupancy
and sustainability certificate but 90
per cent of the buildings do not have
occupancy certificate. While asked
about occupancy certificate, GMC
officials said that it is provided by
them but they couldn’t provide the
specific data.
It has come to the notice of authorities that builders even sell a
single flat to two-three customers at
different rates and do not repay the
first customer who already paid for
the flat. The Circle Officer, the bank
and the income tax officers are often
allegedly involved with the builders
in such conspiracies. The builders
are even least bothered about the
customers regarding the facilities
that they should get while buying
the flats.
“The customers are not at all
aware what type of problems they
are facing or will face in the future
in the conspiracy of the builders as
they convince customers to buy a flat
by showing the brochure but in reality it is seen that none of the facilities
shown in the brochure are available
in the apartments,” said Saikia.
The rates of the apartments also
vary from place to place. In Spanish Garden, Zoo Road, the rate is
Rs. 4000 per square feet while in
Bhetapara, the rate is Rs. 3000 per
square feet. Most of the flats also remain vacant as the owner who buys
the flat at a particular rate again sell
the same property at higher rates to
some other customers.
Utpal Goswami, a resident of
Gyan Ashram in Uzanbazar, while
relating his experience, said that in
2004 he booked a flat in a building
and in August 2012, they entered the
flat. But in 2012, he came to know
that the builder Pranjal Bharali has
given the land in mortgage and taken
a loan from a bank and till date the
loan has not been repayed nor has
Bharali given the interest accrued.
In 2012, Bharali had given a written statement to the owners of the
building that he will repay the loan
which he has not paid yet. Goswami
said that if Bharali does not pay the
loan then the owners who have their
flats in the building will have to pay
as according to bank, the flats were
sold to particular individuals which
they were unaware of while buying
the flats.
[email protected]
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Guwahati Food Awards
all set to change city’s cuisine business
uwahati will witness its first
ever Food Awards on 14th
March 2015 which seems like
it will change the city food industry
scenario with people giving more
importance to the quality. According
to a banker, competition is the key to
quality product in any sector and with
the food awards being organised in
the city, all the food joints are craving
to become one of the best in its own
genre. The food joints are also excited
and are putting their best efforts to
earn the fame.
“I returned to Guwahati after
one year to visit my parents as I stay
in Delhi now, and it is amazing to see
that whichever food joint I visit in
this city, the serving behaviour of almost all the restaurants and bars has
changed drastically and the quality
of food served also looks better. Also,
there is a new buzz about some food
awards which the food joint owners
are getting crazy about and in some
joints they even made me fill up a
voting form were I had the option to
choose my best restaurants for various
categories like best hangout place, best
vegetarian food, best non-veg food
and so on. No matter who ever came
up with such idea, it is working positively and the customers will benefit in
the long run as they will know which
is the best and also get many options
to choose from,” said Subhajeet Bhattacharjee who is in town after one year
and is also a die heart foodie.
The joints
Shaikh Brothers partner Shaikh
Soyeb Hossain said, “Our restaurant
is 130 years old. It was established in
1885 and for the first time we have
participated in the any kind of food
awards. We like the concept very
much and even with the new food
joints coming up in the city, we still
are confident that we will win.”
Red Hot Chilli Pepper manager
Rituraj Kaushik said, “We have participated in the food awards and this
kind of event will certainly help the
restaurant owners and also the customers as because of the competition,
the quality will be more consistent
and customers can get the value of the
money they spend. We have completed three years in Guwahati and after
the food awards it will be proven that
we are the best.”
Momo Ghar owner Tapan Kumar
Baruah said, “This kind of event is
a must for the city like Guwahati as
it will help people to know where to
get what and the food joints also will
get a lot of attention and promotion.
Because of the competition, people
will certainly want to provide the best
service and better quality product.”
According to the
organisers, it
was not easy to
organise such
an event for the
first time in
Guwahati. The
process started
with entry
calling for the
competition in
the month of
February and
the last date
to submit the
application was
February 14th.
Ozone general manager Mayank
Sikaria said, “Because of such award
function, all the food joints will be
motivated to serve good food and people will know about the speciality of
the various food joints and hangout
places. For example, Ozone is nominated in the best hangout place category and after we win, people will
know that Ozone is the best hangout
Similarly, various food joint owners, managers and employees have
their own views and perception about
the food awards, and people are somehow positive about such a pioneer endeavour in the metro turning city.
The process
According to the organisers, it
was not easy to organise such an event
for the first time in Guwahati. The
process started with entry calling for
the competition in the month of February and the last date to submit the
application was February 14th. Some
joints missed the last date and requested the organisers to extend the last
date which was extended to February
18th. Finally 150 contestants participated in the awards and out of which
65 participants were selected for various categories. According to sources,
there are approximately 20 categories
in various genres. The voting process
started from 24th February and people voted till 5th March which was the
last date. Over 16,000 people voted
for their favourite food joints through
social networking sites like Facebook,
mobile applications, food award website etc. There are also jury members
who made physical visits to all outlets
to judge the quality of the food and
services provided by the participants.
The awards will be announced and
conferred on March 14th. The organisers promoted the event through Facebook, website, mobile applications,
posters and hoardings. Also, after being selected for the completion, many
food joints also promoted themselves
by asking votes from the public by offering various discounts and many
The public visiting any food outlet received a form till 5th March to
vote for the best food outlet and they
were also given special care according to some voters. A voter said, “This
kind of award competition should not
die down as we get special treatment
whenever we visit any food joint.” The
award competition looks like is wooing city foodies.
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
People daubed
in colours As
midst much enthusiasm and
usual religious fervour, the
city celebrated Holi, the festival of colours, with various functions
that came to a close on March 6. People across the city celebrated Holi by
smearing each other with colour on
Thursday, which extended well into
Friday. People of all age group could be
seen on the streets, dancing and singing Holi songs, and covered each other
with colour. Traditional rituals and
joyous celebrations marked the Holi
Holi - the Festival of Colors, falls on
the full moon day of the Phagun month
and is also the first festival in the Hindu
calendar and commemorates fertility
and good harvest. Holi is also regarded
as one of the most ancient festival of
the Aryans, who have been honorably
mentioned in our old Sanskrit texts like
Garud Puran and Dashakumar Charit.
Fancy Bazar’s rain dance party
over the years has gained significance
among the people of the city. The under
the sky celebration was first initiated by
‘Friends’ Club’ in order to witness fusion of traditional and contemporary.
A group of businessmen of the area has
been organising the event since the past
fifteen years and the same has gradually
gained popularity among the people of
the city.
Friends’ Club, a prominent club at
Fancy Bazar filled the air with celebrations on Friday. The Holi extravaganza
witnessed a fusion of hundreds of revelers that celebrated Holi here on Friday as they grooved to pulsating dance
numbers by a DJ, hired by the organizers.
The streets were decorated in several nooks and corners and part of the
stretch of Fancy Bazar had been decorated with pillars at both sides, transforming the usually congested street
and infusing a sense of gaiety among
the revelers. A few meters away from
the colourful decoration, a stage was
set up where the DJ kept the tempo
up for the hundreds of revelers who
converged for the much-awaited rain
dance that has been a regular feature
for the past 15 years.
“During the celebration, several
people along with their family members irrespective of age, gender, etc
joined in the rain dance. Though the
open air celebration was conducted in
full swing, the safety and security of
the visitors was also taken into account
since the main motive was to celebrate
the festival rather than creating any
kind of chaos. Police officials remained
present in the area till the gathering
went away”, said a member of Friends
“Previously known as Holi Toli,
the celebration has been going on for
the past 30 years. Earlier, there were
performances by Rajasthani groups
which also showcased folk dances such
as Ghinder. Then it was a lot like Dandiya, but over the years the celebration
has transformed ,” said the member of
the Fancy Bazaar Friends’ Club.
Similarly, the city got into Holi
mode a day
ahead of the festival with the “young
at heart” spraying
colours at each other.
The festival of colours
though slated for Thursday, the younger generation couldn’t resist the temptation to begin the revelry
Students of educational institutions over the city have their
own way to mark the beginning of
the festival of colours. A day prior to
the festival when the holidays were
announced, students showered colours
and wished each other for the festival
before parting ways. As several hostellers left for their hometowns, in order to
mark the celebration of the festival with their
friends and classmates, several students were
seen smeared with colours in their uniforms on
The city had been geared up to welcome the festival of colours a week prior to the festival. People
and vendors could be seen buying and selling different colours, water guns, specially made masks and
hats on the foregoing weekend.
“I have been selling organic colours for the last
nine years which are ordered especially from Mumbai and Kolkata. These are made of natural products
like flower petals and herbs. They also have a natural fragrance. We get them in many colours,” said
Jagan Sharma, a city-based vendor.
“The demand for colours gradually increase as
the day of celebration closes in. Prior to a day or two
of the festival is when the business takes a boost depending upon ones luck”, Sharma added.
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G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Doul Utsav
at Doul Govinda
he colourful programme at
Doul Govinda Temple that attract a large number of devotees every year during Holi unfolds as
a five-day event, which starts with fireworks. According to the Sattriya tradition, Holi is a festival of the heavens
and during this festival, a huge pandal
is raised within the temple premise
that could accommodate a large number of visitors witnessing the cultural
shows performed every evening since
March 4, often performing to a full
house comprising of both devotees
and spectators.
On the first day of celebration
known as Meshadaha, a part of fur of
a he-goat is burnt in a fire lit in front
of the Sattra. This is considered a symbolic ritual to mark the killing of the
demon Meshasur.
Over 3000 pilgrims visit the temple during the five day celebrations
and several devotees visit the place
and even stay there throughout the
celebration of the Doul Utsav. Bhog is
distributed to all the devotees during
the celebration and several holy and
cultural programmes are carried out.
Festivities in the following days
revolve around the story of Krishna
and his two wives, Lakshmi and Ghunusha. A mahapuja is performed on
the second day of the Doul Utsav, as
has been the tradition for over past
two hundred years and continues for
five consecutive days.
As the legend goes, Krishna was
already married to Lakshmi when he
also promised to marry Ghunusha,
the daughter of Indradinna. His secret
visit to Ghunusha was discovered by
Lakshmi, who in her anger wrecked
the kingdom of Indradinna and reprimanded Krishna when he returned
home after his dalliance with Ghunusha.
During the festival, as a symbolic
marriage of Krishna, the idol of Doul
Govinda is taken out in decorated
palanquins to Ghunusha. People sing
and dance to the tune of cymbals and
drums while everyone is smeared in
colours, throwing Faku (coloured
powder), in the air.
The celebrations continue through
the days and nights with singing of devotional songs and dance. On the final
day, when Krishna returns to Lakshmi,
the celebrations are at its peak. From
early morning, people converge at the
Sattra complex dancing and singing.
When the palanquins carrying
Dol Govinda returns at the gate of the
temple, the devotees form two groups,
one each, representing the brigades
of Lakshmi and Krishna. The people
representing Lakshmi bar the entry of
Krishna who try to force their way in
since Lakshmi is furious at Krishna’s
re-marriage. Krishna seeks forgiveness and after conveying explanations
on his behalf and offering a tray full of
coins and currency, the brigades give
way. The procession then proceeds to
take seven rounds of the temple, with
people aesthetically dancing and rejoicing behind. The Lord is then ceremonially placed on his throne at the
History of Doul
Situated in on the northern banks,
on the foothills of Chandrabharti hill,
North Guwahati the history of Doul
Govinda temple goes all the way back
to 1821 when the temple was initially
established as a Namgharh by Ganga
Ram Baruah. Father to the Sanskrit
scholar and first ICS from Assam,
Ananda Ram Baruah, Ganga Ram
Baruah, along with few like-minded
people of the region established the
Namgharh following which, an idol
of Lord Krishna carved out of stone,
was presented by Shyam Rai of Dihing
Sattra. It was in the year 1827 when
the temple was constructed amidst the
scenic beauty and the lord’s idol was
The Myth
The temple is dedicated to Lord
Krishna and has is known to have a
myth behind the name Doul Govinda. It is said that in the year 1827 the
Brahmin who took care of the temple
owned a cow, who everyday late at
night used to unleash itself from all
the knots and roam about. It came to
the Brahmin’s notice that the cow was
unable to milk its calves the following
morning. The suspicious Brahmin,
thinking that someone was milking
the cow when everyone was unaware
thus decided to keep an eye on the occurrences that takes place.
It left the Brahmin amazed on
finding that every night the knots
that tied the cow to its shed untied
themselves and the cow used to walk
to a place named Sandhayajar where
it milked a certain piece of land. On
discussing the matter with Ganga
Ram Baruah, it was decided to dig
out the place. To their amazement,
they found an idol of Lord Krishna at
the spot where the cow milked every
night. The chain of events lead to a
dilemma, since an idol presented by
Shyam Rai was already instated in the
Namgharh. The matter was discussed
publically and with everyone’s consent
it was decided to keep the idol in the
Following the instructions, it
became tougher for the Brahmin to
spend time in the Namgharh as for
several nights he had dreadful dreams.
The same led the Brahmin to seek for a
solution from the lord for which he got
the answer the following night. Since
two idols cannot be instated in one
temple so it was instructed to him that
the following morning whichever idol
stand 2 inches ahead of the other is to
be instated in the temple. The restless
Brahmin very early on the following
morning rushed to the Namgharh and
found that the idol found in Sandhyajar was standing ahead of the other
idol. The idol of Lord Krishna was
bathed with traditional rituals and
practices followed by archana and instated the idol in the temple. The same
is being carried out in the same way
till date since the year 1827.
The Doul Govinda temple is managed by a committee (Mahaprabhu
Shri Shri Doul Govinda Mandir
Parichalana Committee) which consists of 27 members including President, vice-president, secretaries, advisors and executive members. After
being renovated in the year 1966, the
temple has been upgraded with several facilities for the thousands of devotees that visit the temple every year.
A tourist shelter built at an estimated
cost of Rs 50 lakh has been installed
out of which Rs 20 lakh was funded
by the state government. The temple
also comprises of a guest house which
was funded by former Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh. The budget of the
Doul Utsav held this year is approximately Rs10 lakh which is collected
through donations from throughout
the city and the members of the committee.
Janmashtami is another festival
celebrated with equal enthusiasm
in the Doul Govinda mandir which
draws a huge number of devotees to
the temple. Throughout the night,
puja and hom-jagya is performed
during Jansmatami. The temple also
celebrates the Maghi Purnima festival
in the occasions of which Bhog is prepared and distributed to the devotees.
[email protected]
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Vox Pop
he BBC film, ‘India’s Daughter’, a documentary based on the fatal 2012 Delhi gang rape
of 23-year-old Jyoti Singh aboard a moving bus has come into limelight for all the wrong
reasons. One of the convicted rapists, while being questioned by filmmaker Leslee Udwin, shows no remorse and says the victim would have lived if she hadn’t fought back.
The government of India has banned the documentary in which a convicted rapist interviewed in prison blames his victim. It has set off a firestorm of controversy exposing a complex
and splintered reaction over what significance the ban holds for gender equality.
Srutimala Duara
Associate Professor
Saidul Khan
Hrishikesh Kalita
Research Assistant
If this documentary is shown,
people will get to know the inside story that has been hidden. For instance,
what the defense lawyer said, what the
men who took the side of the rapists
said, what was the lapse in security
etc. And when these aspects come out
once and for all in the open, it might
help in tightening the security and
denouncing men with such absurd
ideas. But it took a British filmmaker
to recount a case that put the nation of
India to shame!!!!
The documentary does not glorify
any rapist. It only depicts the mindset
of such perverted people, who can’t
respect a woman. I feel that the film
should be aired across TV channels
and other platform. The film has dealt
with a sensitive issue and shows how
India came together to register protest
against the hideous act. The ban will
portray India in a wrong light.
Imposing a ban or stay does not
change the public opinion. The need
to educate society regarding the status of women, daughters and sisters
must be initiated within a short time.
The scenes of outrage against women
are getting bigger and larger everyday.
It has become a necessity to make the
society realize what do evil elements
think about the woman in our families.
PranabJyoti Das
Shayanika Das
Client Service Executive
I think the ban should
not be put into place since
we, as a democratic country practice free will, and
all the voices (be it the
victim or the perpetrator)
should be heard. My outrage lies mostly with the
‘leaders’ of our nation who
echo similar sentiments as
a rapist.
Rupshikha Dutta
HR professional
The documentary is a brilliant piece
and has touched my soul. There is no use
breaking the mirror if it shows the ugly
truth. It should not have been banned
according to me, because majority of the
rapes don’t even get reported. It should
reach every woman in every nook and
corner of the world including India so
that every woman start asking those
questions that has always remained unanswered. By banning this documentary,
the government is actually proving their
stinking mindset because they failed to
answer the questions that dragged them
out of their comfort zone.
The lynching of a 35-years old
man on Thursday, accused of raping a
young woman in Nagaland’s Dimapur
by an irate mob has drawn condemnation from all quarters with the Central Government intervening into the
matter and asking the Nagaland government to furnish a detailed report
regarding the case. Nagaland Chief
Minister TR Zeilang, in a telephonic
conversation with Assam CM Tarun
Gogoi said that a probe into the incident has already been initiated and anyone found guilty would be punished
accordingly. People have bombarded
social networking sites with various
views and are participating in debates
asking was the move by the mob justified. G Plus talks to few Guwahatians
knowing their views on the incident.
Nibir Bhuyan
Musician (Guitarist – Work In Progress)
I support the idea behind the documentary and such initiatives should
be taken but delicate matters such as
the identity of the victim should not
be revealed. The way it is depicted
matters the most.
Rajiv Kumar Jha
Social Activist
The documentary was not made
to build an image but made efforts to
showcase woman empowerment. Starting from a lady doctor, a lady chief justice, a lady chief minister and more importantly it showed wary people fighting
for a cause. It also showed why those
convicts did the unspeakable, which is
not a moment’s act and has manifested
itself from ideologies, which a significant of the society holds to. The government owes an explanation on the ban of
the documentary. It is unfortunate that
people like us (the educated) however,
will get a hold of the documentary but
will fail to touch the millions where it
would have been an instrument for educating the masses.
Is the
Paromita Dey
Corporate executive
The ban issue has two points; one is the
subject matter and the other issue being
the permission taken from the government
while making the documentary. It is said
that the permission was only taken to talk
to the inmates and not to make a documentary on the rape victim. If the ban is imposed on that matter, then it is justified for
the government but every information has
to be released to the public. Several books
and films are released and the message that
the documentary carries should be in the
victim’s perspective. Several people lose focus on the subject matter and concentrate
on one point, which can affect society.
I am not in support of the ban on
the documentary. Everyone should
know about the perspective of the girl
and what she went through that night.
The next generation will not know
the depiction if the ban is imposed
and the same will be repeated against
women in the times to come.
Bhaskar Dev Konwar
Senior Advocate CUM Social Activist
Portraying the mind set of a criminal
on a death row by media is not a new phenomenon. The ban makes no sense and
people can easily watch it on the internet.
No law has been violated by the makers of
the documentary and the ban gave them
the publicity it required.
The documentary reflects the mind set
of a criminal who has no remorse for his
actions and the statements of his lawyers
make no sense. Let’s accept the fact that
our society is far from being gender sensitive and it requires a major transformation.
India now have laws to effectively deal with
all forms of sexual offenses. The need of the
hour is to withdraw the ban and let India
watch it and show the world that we are
mature enough as a democracyand would
not shy away from the truth.
Vikram Ekka
Bedatrayee Nath Mitra
Social activist
Rabi Sharma
“Rape is a heinous act and must be
condemned but lunching an accused
without giving him a fair trial and not
ascertaining the crime is unthinkable
in a civilised society.”
“It is a matter of shame that the incidences of crime against women are
on rise and yes meaningful actions,
awareness and strong voices are the
need of the hour. However, the heinous act of the mob against that youth
is equally condemnable.”
“It is shameful that inspite of government being there, the public had to take
such a step and in fact punishment for
rape should be made tougher than what
has happened in Nagaland, but, it was
incorrect that the punishment was given
to just an accused. If he would have been
convicted for the crime than it was a different matter as if the court trials proves
that the accused was not guilty then the
man cannot be brought back to life.”
HN Das
Former Chief Secretary, Government of Assam
“It was really horrible for the man to be lynched by the city public who did not understand that it
is a crime to enter a jail forcefully. The accused should have been tried by proper legal process and if
punishment was required should have been only given by the court.
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
AGP and
parties meet
to fight against
Congress and BJP
ven as the budget session of the
Assam assembly witnessed heated scenes inside, Asom Gana
Parishad (AGP) recently stormed the
city roads with anti-government slogans. Determined AGP leadership
also talked of bringing a change at the
helm for addressing the real issues of
the state.
Former Assam chief minister
Prafulla Kumar Mahanta said that the
current railway and union budgets
by the National Democratic Alliance
(NDA) government have revealed the
real character of the central government towards the region.
“Though the BJP had promised a
lot before the elections, they have done
nothing. On the other hand, the state
government has been deceiving the
people of the region for more than a
decade. It is also a serious concern that
the state government has failed to give
utilization certificate of several thousand crores rupees,” said Mahanta.
He said that the only a regional
party can solve the problems of the
AGP president Atul Bora highlighted all the ‘anti-people’ policies
n a shocking incident at Assam police’s 4th battalion
(4APBN) on Monday last,
one AK 47 rifle along with 120
live rounds of bullets went missing mysteriously. However, later
it was confirmed that someone
has stolen it, leaving the battalion
campus in a tricky position.
The weapon, which belonged
to one personnel named Sirajuddin Ahmed, a personal security
officer of one Deputy Superintendent rank official of the battalion,
was kept inside a barrack where
Ahmed uses to stay. On Monday
morning he found that the firearm and the bullets were not at
the place where he kept them.
A case at Dispur police station followed and investigation
Some 24 hours later, Goreswar police station in Baksa dis-
trict arrested one Assam police personnel, Zinku Borah, who was also
a resident of 4th APBN.
“Police could recover only 90
rounds of ammunition. Borah took
the weapon and left the city. Zinku
has previous records of irregularity on part of his duty and suffers
from alcohol problem too,” police
in Goreswar said.
However, Zinku said that he
had stolen the weapon only to sell it
at a decent amount so that he could
buy a motor bike. “It may be a lie
too,” police added.
Sources said that Zinku was
on sick leave too. Though the arrestee denied the charges of selling
the weapon to some militant outfit,
police are still checking the matter
“It’s a matter of great concern
when one police personnel is involved,” police said.
Jail inmates to cheer
for World Cup soon
Earlier on
as many as
seven political
parties of the
state met to
unite under a
joint platform
to fight against
the Congress
and the BJP.
of the government. “The 'Aachche
Din' never arrived for the people of
the state and the region though the
BJP has gained votes by emotionally
blackmailing the simple people. Our
problems remained unaddressed ever
since. On the contrary, the government has adopted several measures
which will harm us,” said Bora.
Most of the senior leaders of the
party besides the workers from different parts of the state joined the rally.
Earlier on Monday, as many as
seven political parties of the state met
to unite under a joint platform to fight
against the Congress and the BJP.
The CPI, CPI (M), CPI (ML), NCP,
Samajwadi Party, Hills State Democratic
Party (HSDP) and Ganasakti party met
with AGP leaders to decide the next
course of action.
The meeting chaired by AGP president Atul Bora decided to carry out a
number of activities to mobilize the
people of the state against the Congress
and the BJP.
“First of all, we will form a common
coordination committee having the representation from all the parties to carry
out our action plan. Jointly we will have
to fight against all the misdeeds done by
the Congress and the BJP,” Bora said after the meeting.
In the first phase, all the parties will
stage a protest on March 11 in front of
the state assembly hall against all the
‘anti-people’ policy adopted by the Congress and the BJP governments.
“After that we will organize a mass
convention against the anti-Assam and
anti-region union and railway budget of
the NDA government,” Bora added.
Sahabur’s wife got bail
he Burdwan blast case key
accused Sahanur Alom’s
wife, Sujana Begum who is
also a suspected trained member
of Jammat-ul- Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) was freed on bail
following the Assam police’s Special operation wing (SOU) failing
to file charge sheet against her in
the estimated 90 days’ time frame.
AK47 goes missing
from APBn, found
in Baksa
Sujana’s husband
and the blast
prime accused
Sahanur Alom is
currently in a jail
in West Bengal.
A lower court granted her bail
recently. Assam police have not
objected to her bail plea and even
did not prayed for an extension of
her custody.
Sujana was in the Guwahati
Central Jail after she was arrested
in November last year from the
Inter-state bus terminus at Gorchuk here. She was arrested un-
he Gauhati High Court has
directed the state government to provide cable TV
connections in the television sets
in the common area of the prison
so that they can view the ongoing
ICC Cricket World Cup matches.
The directives came following former chief-executive member of NC Hills and key accused
in the Rs 1000 crore scam in the
district, Mohit Hojai along with
six other prisoners moving the
High Court praying for the cable
TV connection in the jail TV to
view cricket world cup and other
recreational channels.
They pled the High Court to
order a directive to facilitate them
to view news, cricket, devotional
channels inside the jail campus.
They said that depriving them of
such basic needs was an violation of
their basic rights.
“The High Court directed the
authorities to do so within next five
days,” Advocate Amit Goyal, a petitioner’s counsel said
Goyal added, “The prisoners
moved the High Court after the jail
authority rejected their plea before.
They sought the court’s intervention
to enable the under trial prisoners
to have the benefit of recreation to
boost up and heighten their mental
condition and make their empty and
frail minds cheerful.”
The counsel argued that providing the measures for recreation
is a must to keep the minds of the
prisoners healthy and occupied and
as such providing various channels
would help the prisoners from every
der several sections of IPC and even
Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act
The sources added that the state
police team have failed to gather concrete evidence against her.
However, the court rejected Sahanur’s bail plea as police sought for
extension of his judicial custody.
The National Investigation Agency (NIA) that is investigating the
Burdwan blast incident had revealed
that Sujana was a key accused in the
NIA sources had said, “She received Jihadi training at a Madrassa
in West Bengal and was recruiting
Jihadi elements in the lower Assam
Sujana’s husband and the blast
prime accused Sahanur Alom is
currently in a jail in West Bengal.
He was taken to the neighbouring
state after NIA sought him for a
transit remand.
However, another key accused
in the case and JMB cadre Zakaria
Ali was also granted bail in the case.
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Ward number 31
Ward Watch
Population 45,000 (approx) | Voters 33,000 (approx)
Areas to be
developed according
to priority basis
“Difference in government at state and centre
a major cause of underdevelopment”
Sub-division 31(c)
Swapan Das
Phone number 9864067152
Area Sabha Member
Poonam Haloi
Phone number 9706571123
Population of Aryabhatta
Voters 200(approx)
Poor roads, drainage system
djacent to the Panjabari road, Aryabhatta Path in Botahguli is one
of the many roads in the area that
suffer from the usual problems of poor
road conditions and lack of proper drainage system. The area is based at the foothill of Panjabari and has been facing the
problems of flood every monsoon since the
settlement of residents in the area. As it is
established on a foothill, during monsoon,
the water that comes running down the hill
pass through the road, which is one of the
major reasons for the poor road condition.
“The flood mostly occurs due to the
rain water that runs down the Panjabari
hill and due to poor drainage system,
though the rain water does not remains
logged on the streets, it damages the condition of the road every year”, said Prahlad
Saloi, a resident of Aryabhatta Path.
“The condition of the road has been
similar since the settlement of residents in
the area as no work has been carried out
since then in the area. Although a project
for the construction of the drainage system
was carried out in 2009-10 by MLA Akon
Bora, the water running downhill causes
soil erosion in areas. Beside the drains, the
condition has worsened over the years,” Saloi added.
The water that runs down the hill passes through the road and the road being unconstructed, the same causes damage to the
road and results in the uneven roads. Usually, the rainwater does not remain logged
on the streets but it still takes around an
hour to clear out, even after it has stopped
raining. Also, as alleged by some residents,
lack of proper drainage causes the rain water to pass though the drains within the
resident’s premises. Meanwhile, in order
to deal with the problem of streetlights, the
residents came forward in a collective effort to install streetlights in several nooks
and corners of the street.
“The people of the area came forward
in order to install several CFL lights in
some corners of the street which has helped
in reducing the inconveniences to the passersby”, Saloi asserted.
The area consists of two adjacent by
lanes within the street and also houses
the residences of former Kalaigaon MLA,
Nathuram Boro and several IPS officials,
which is also a reason that the residents
have expressed surprise for the area still being underdeveloped. The Botahguli area in
Panjabari houses the residences of a large
number of people that have been residing
in the area for decades and still allege to
be deprived of the basic necessities such as
proper road and drainage system.
Councilor speak:
Talking to GPlus, councilor, ward number 31, Swapan Das said that post GMC election, a list of five roads
was urged by the GMC commissioner and accordingly, a
priority list of most muddled areas was submitted.
“In the last councilor fund sanctioned by the GMC,
two roads were constructed according to priority basis.
The Daranda area near 6th Mile was one of the most
underdeveloped in the area and required immediate
consent of the authority. The area was provided with
proper drainage system and well-constructed road which
earlier suffered severely poor conditions. The area was
constructed with a total budget of Rs 25 lakh”, councilor
Swapan Das said.
“Among other areas, the Satgaon road was developed
by the previously sanctioned fund.Also there are several
other areas in the ward that are yet to be developed which
will be carried out on the priority basis”, the councilor
Alleging that the FDR (Flood Disaster Relief) fund
that is issued by the central government has not been received by any of the city councilors, the councilor said
though a list of flood hit areas of every individual ward
has been submitted, no fund has been sanctioned till
date. It has been alleged that the biased nature is due to
the difference in government in the central and state.
“In past years, the flood situation severely affected
several areas but no fund was sanctioned to any of the
wards of the city by the government at the centre. The difference in government at the centre and the state stand as
a major reason for the same to happen, which is one of the
major reasons for the city suffering from flood like situation”, the councilor asserted.
[email protected]
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Presenting 7 R G Baruah
Love, Life Memorial
Festival 2015
and Dreams
Subhrajit Roy
he recently held 7th Annual
Singhapurush Radha Govinda
Baruah Memorial Full Length
Drama Festival, organized by SocioCultural organization Jyotirupa (February 23-27, 2015, Rabindra Bhawan),
presented a package of stories depicting love, human lives and dreams.
In the play ‘Koi Baat Chale’ by
Theatrewala, Delhi, 35 years old
school drama teacher Kanhai Lal
Bansi Prasad (KNBP) searches for
his soul mate. At times he ruminates
of his childhood crush Rasili, until he
meets Supriya, elder sister of one his
students, while on his way to the marriage bureau office. A man full of low
self confidence, he could not gather
courage to propose any one till date.
Although he falls in love with Supriya
at the first sight, his inner instinct restricts him to proceed. On the other
hand, Supriya reaches out to the bureau owner Pyare Lal with the same issue of finding a perfect match. Finding
Supriya heading towards the bureau,
Kanhai gets confident about his decision and describes the unique feature
of Supriya to Pyare Lal, which is a
beautiful black mole on the left cheek
right below the ear. With the touch of
humour Kanhai terms this feature as
ISI mark.
Accordingly, Pyare Lal arranges
Kanhai’s meeting with a model as well
as a call centre executive having the
so called ISI mark. Both of them are
too loud to handle and thus rejected.
But in these meetings two important
issues are focused, namely, the importance of Hindi and originality of Indian ethos and the violence in the name
of marriage in rural India. After prolonged hesitation, finally, in a very indirect manner both Supriya and Kanhai express their feelings. Acted and
directed by Ramji Bali, the romantic
comedy enthralled the theatre lovers
of Guwahati on February 25, 2015.
Celebrated theatre personality Yashpal Sharma played the role of Kanhai
while Ritu Sharma played all the four
female characters. The romance and
humour blended with messages, have
The directorial
presentation of noted
director Sanjeev
Hazarika, ‘Satya Bodhan’
is an adaptation of
Manorama Das Medhi’s
story by noted critic
Chandan Sarma.
Presented by Yuvajyoti
Sangha, Kharghuli,
the play focuses on the
current burning issue,
such as the communal
riots in Assam.
gripped the minds of the audiences
with the unique flavor of unexpressed
Among the plays pertaining the
stories of human lives, ‘Dahan’ by
Naatghar, Nityananda, Bajali and directed by Kishore Tahbildar, depicts
the psycho tantrum faced by a raped
sister and a rapist brother. The ill feted
youth mentality and the atrocities on
women today are the prime focus of
the play. Similarly, the lives of comedians may not be as humorous as they
make others happy. Directed by Mrinal Kumar Bora, ‘Haahir Aaror Baahi’
by Rangalaya, Puranigudam presents
the lives of two struggling youth comedians and the challenges faced by
them both socially and financially. It
is to be mentioned that ‘ Dahan’ and
‘Haahir Aaror Baahi’ were awarded as
the best and second best play at the
35th Jyotirupa One Act Play Competition in 2014. The interference of
media in personal life in the name of
gaining TRP is presented in Rituparna
Das’ play ‘Kakhyapath’ directed by
Upakul Bordoloi.
The directorial presentation of
noted director Sanjeev Hazarika,
‘Satya Bodhan’ is an adaptation of
Manorama Das Medhi’s story by noted
critic Chandan Sarma. Presented by
Yuvajyoti Sangha, Kharghuli, the play
focuses on the current burning issue,
such as the communal riots in Assam.
The story revolves around an uniden-
tified dead body in a rural village of
Kokrajhar, of which a Bodo mother
and an Adivasi mother claim to be
their son Satya and Bodhan respectively. Similarly, director Sukracharya
Rabha, in his play ‘Rhythm of the Valley’, brought the story of a boy whose
parents dreamt of a bright future of
him through education and government job. But his parents are killed
by the villagers by terming them as
witches. With the passage of distressing times, the administrative machinery brands him as an extremist, while
the extremist group tortures him as a
spy of Indian Army. Within all these
distrust and distress, the boy dreams
of a better tomorrow. Exceptional
acting by Uddhab Rabha and team
Badungduppa of Dudhnoi, the play
proves the importance of tremendous rehearsal as their act includes
many physical activities and rhythmic
movements. Above all, both the mothers and the boy, though they are from
different stories, but dream of a peaceful society.
Weather report for the week
07 March
08 March
09 March
10 March
11 March
12 March
13 March
High level clouds.
Morning clouds.
High level clouds.
High level clouds.
12 / 30 °C
12 / 31 °C
13 / 32 °C
17 / 33 °C
13 / 34 °C
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G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Preventing Pessimism
Nita Jackson
Have an attitude of gratitude
Being thankful and concentrating on things that a person is
grateful for helps to circumvent
the pessimistic mind set. No matter where you’re at, one can always
find at least one thing to be thankful for. Try using a gratitude journal and listing at least one thing
a day that is a blessing to you.
Watch your language
We can affect our own feelings
simply by what we say. The old proverb “Out of the abundance of the
heart, the mouth speaks” always the
rings true. It seems that poor talk
created in the mind works its way out
of the mind, out the mouth, into the
ears and finally to the soul. Be mindful of how powerful words can be.
Hang out with non-pessimists
The atmosphere you choose
to maintain affects your thinking
process. Find a bird of a different feather to flock together with. Strive to create an environment
that squelches negativity and promotes a less gloomy outlook on life. Watch for over-commitment
The fear of saying no or the fear
of asking for help often perpetuates
a feeling of dread. Saying “No” will
cause few fatalities, and asking for
help is a sign of strength not weakness. No one knows your limits better than you, so don’t let others define
them for you. Too much on one’s
plate can bring an anxiety that leads
to a pessimistic distress.
Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep can color a person’s
viewpoint. Making decisions on an
empty sleep reservoir can prove to be
folly. It can affect our good sense of
judgment. Toddlers aren’t the only
ones that get cranky without sufficient
Don’t squelch creativity
Boredom from repetition can
bring frustration. Few things bring
more sighs and groans to a committee meeting than the saying “We’ve
never done it this way before.” A simple change like driving a new route to
work, can make a bigger difference
than we think. Think out of the box
so that the proverbial rut does not get a
stranglehold on you and color the way
you think about life.
We sometimes overlook the most vital
part of our lives- Prayer.
om used to make me say my
prayers every night since I
was a kid and one of my late
uncle’s used to tell me to pray in bed,
the first thing in the morning, even
before I put my feet on the ground.
And it really felt very good! Just a little prayer to thank God for a beautifully brand new day; that I am alive
and breathing!
Prayers can move mountains. I
found this secret when I was a little
girl of 4 years and now at this age,
when I know I cannot talk to anyone
but God when in trouble, I realise
that prayers are a very important part
of everyone’s life!
While counselling a class of 200
students, only five would have put up
their hands to a question about praying. The rest would just give a sheepish look and expectantly wait for me
to change the subject!
I make it a point to speak on this
most vital factor- Prayer and God
at every counselling session, which
might be at the beginning or the end.
We commonly tend to overlook this
subject. The children and elders alike
tend to fidget in their seats and start
murmuring when I ask them this
most vital question, “How many of
you here pray the first thing in the
morning even before you get off the
bed?” There would be 5-6 hands,
maximum 10. And then, I would ask
the next question, “How many of you
here pray for the whole world, the 7
billion people; people you don’t even
know?” There would probably just
be 2 hands. But I am glad that these
children are honest and true to themselves. I am glad they don’t raise their
hands just to impress me.
All human beings are born angels. It’s the circumstances which lure
them to change.
So, if we wish for a future where
only wonderful and humane people
exist, then we will have to mould
our children from the time they are
with us. And apart from teaching
them how to be more modern in their
thoughts, prayer is one gift we can
give to them for life.
From the time they wake up to
the time they go to bed, prayer should
be something they should learn to
keep close to their hearts.
I somehow feel that when I wake
up, pray and thank God for everything that he has given me and also
thank Him for the things he will give
me, the day will be at its best.
As a young girl when I used to
hear the term God, I used to wonder
if there was anything called God at
all. However, over the years, I have
realised that there is omnipresence,
a power so intense that the human
mind finds it difficult to decipher.
And at the most crucial juncture,
when everything else fails, then we
literally get down on our knees and
fold our hands in deep prayer, to
someone or something who never
fails us at any instance.
Prayer is a form of meditation
that every person should take up to
actually “defragment” the mind. To
become more focussed in life, prayer
can be taken up just like one would
take up meditation.
Apart from praying for your own
self, we can also pray for the world;
for people we don’t know.
The whole idea is to create a
broader perspective in your mind;
a mind so broad that you can fit the
entire Earth into it. It is difficult in
the beginning but as we start folding
our hands and pray for love, peace
and fraternity amongst the billions
of people of the world, it becomes
a habit. After a point of time, as we
pray for our family and friends, we
start praying also for the people we
don’t know, for the teeming billions,
who are homeless, who have never
been loved or cared for, who don’t
have good food or drinking water
and millions who have been rendered
I am thankful to the Almighty
for blessing me with so much; my
parents, a loving family, good food, a
place to come home to, angelic children and so much more that I am not
aware of. I feel blessed and my heart
goes out to the people who are suffering in pain.
When I look at the lives of people around me, the only thing I can
think of at that moment is fold my
hands together in prayer and say,
“God, please lessen the pain of these
people. Please shower your blessings
on these people.” And tears would
stream down my cheeks. As a girl of 21 and even now, I
would question God, “Why didn’t
you create a world where everyone
is equal, everyone is happy, everyone
knows only love! “ And I got back only
one answer, “There will be inequalities and that is why there are some
people who will fold their hands in
prayer for the lesser privileged.”
And that is what I do and have
been doing since I was a little girl.
I just start praying every morning
and night for people I know and for
people I will never know. It’s such a
beautiful feeling, to pray for people who are totally unaware of my
prayers for them. Wouldn’t it be an
extraordinary transformation if all
the 7 billion people of the world just
prayed for each other. The world will
be relieved to have found some peace. Early morning is a good time to
connect with yourself, whether it’s
prayer or meditation. A little bit of
prayer couldn’t possibly harm anyone. Rather, I would say it enhances
the brightness of the aura around
you and can further help to enhance
your creativity. Prayer and meditation practiced with faith and dedication can work wonders for your entire
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Nargis Fakhri
working towards abs
he abs bug has now bitten Bollywood actress
Nargis Fakhri, who is
combining healthy eating habits and workout sessions to get
“Need abs, so logging in
everything I eat! I’ve lost 3 kg
in 5wks. Healthy food &1 intense workout every other day,”
Nargis posted on Twitter along
with a snapshot of a log, describing her food intake.
According to the log, she
has been consuming just above
300 calories each during breakfast and lunch. Her food includes Yellowfin Tuna Steak in
Springwater, organic beetroot,
raw onions, boiled egg and
honey mustard mayonnaise.
‘Go Goa Gone’ heads to Japan
apan’s growing “appetite” for Indian
movies has prompted Eros International to release its zombie comedy “Go Goa Gone” in the country on
March 21.
The decision has come following
the release of the banner’s “Ferrari Ki
Sawari”, a statement said.
Co-directed by Raj Nidimoru and
Krishna D.K. and produced by Saif Ali
Khan, “Go Goa Gone” features Saif
along with Kunal Kemmu, Vir Das and
Puja Gupta.
Eros has previously released films like
“Robot”, “Om Shanti Om” and “English
Vinglish” in Japan.
“The Japanese market has shown a
fair appetite for Indian films. After the
successful outings of our previous movies
in Japan, we hope the demand for Indian
films there continues and these new releases enjoy a successful run too,” Kumar
Ahuja, president, business development,
Eros International said in a statement.
“Go Goa Gone” released in India in
May 2013.
Patna High Court bans ‘Dirty
Politics’ release
he Patna High Court on
Tuesday banned the release
of Bollywood film “Dirty
Politics” over some objectionable
scenes, a government lawyer said.
After hearing a petition seeking a ban on the release of “Dirty
Politics”, a division bench of the
court ordered the concerned authorities not to release the film till
the objectionable scenes were removed.
The court has also issued a notice to the Central Board of Film
Certification in this connection.
The petitioner has informed
the court that the film’s lead actress
Mallika Sherawat has draped India’s tional flag.
Directed by K.C. Bokadia, the
national flag on her body, thereby
insulting and dishonouring the na- film was released on March 6.
Tendulkar asks fans to
suggest movie title
aster blaster Sachin Tendulkar has invited his
fans to suggest the title
of a “docu-feature” based on his life.
“Proud to announce the ‘DocuFeature’, which would be based on
my life. This is in association with
@ravi0404 and @200NOTOUTFIILMS. Would love to involve you
all.. Suggest what should be the
name for this movie. Send me your
thoughts here: http://Bit.ly/NameMyMovie,” Tendulkar tweeted on
He has also promised a treat for
those who suggest the best names.
“There is something very special in store for the ones who come
up with the most ideal title for my
movie. I am waiting to hear from
you,” he added.
Tendulkar too will star as
himself in the biopic, conceived by
Mumbai-based production company 200 Not Out in co-ordination
with World Sports Group, the firm
that manages Brand Sachin.
The movie, to be directed by
London-based writer-filmmaker
James Erskine, promises `never
seen before facets and footage` on
the cricket legend,
Apart from his presence in
the movie, Tendulkar is said to be
making a lot of contribution to the
project, which will capture his phenomenal rise in the world of cricket.
In his career spanning 24 years,
the cricketer scored 15,921 runs
from 200 matches at an average of
53.78. He also has most batting records under his belt in Tests as also
in the 50-over format.
Having started as a 16-yearold, the ‘Little Master’, at five feet
five inch, holds the record for the
maximum number of appearances
and is the highest run-getter and
century maker in both versions test
and ODI.
tarlet Urvashi Rautela celebrated her birthday with her close
friends and younger brother,
Yashraj, at a Chinese restaurant in
The actress who is busy with her
upcoming film with Yami Gautam and
Pulkit Samrat was happy to have the
company of her younger brother, who
has come down from her hometown,
Dehradun for a few days.
She cut a chocolate cake and spent
quality time chilling with her friends.
Statement aboutForm-ownership
and other particulars about paper
IV (Rule 8, The Registration of Newspapers (Central) Rules, 1956)
Place of publication
Editor’s Name
Mr. Koushik Hazarika
Periodicity of publication
Whether citizen of India?
Printer’s Name
Arkashish Publications (P) Ltd.
If foreigner, state the country of origin
Does not arise
#34, K C Choudhury Road, Chatribari (Opposite Nichols High School),
Guwahati 781008, Assam, India
Name and address of individuals
who own the newspaper and
partners or shareholders holding
more than 1 per cent of the total
Insight Brandcom Private Limited, #34, K C Choudhury Road, Chatribari
(Opposite Nichols High School), Guwahati 781008, Assam, India
Whether citizen of India?
If foreigner, state the country of origin
Does not arise
Katahbari, Garchuk, Guwahati
Publisher’s name
Mr. Sunit Jain
Whether citizen of India?
If foreigner, state the country of origin
Does not arise
#34, K C Choudhury Road, Chatribari (Opposite Nichols High School),
Guwahati 781008, Assam, India
I, Mr. Sunit Jain, hereby declare that the particulars given above
are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Dated: 08. 03. 2015
Mr. Sunit Jain
Signature of publisher.
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Album: Another Eternity
Artist: Purity Ring
Monster Hunter 4
Revi vie
Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Sanjay Mishra,
Bhumi Pednekar, Vidushi Mehra
Director: K. C. Bokadia
here was really no earthly reason for me to drag myself off
to see `Dirty Politics’, espcially
on Holi, because the last time K C
Bokadia did something worth looking at was more years back than I can
But then I whizzed past all my
pals splashing `gulal’, dodging several
enthusiastic kids and their coloured
water filled balloons, to see just how
many shades Mallika Sherawat has
left. This was the actor who sizzled her
way up the Bollywood ladder, left to
hang out with Jackie Chan, and then
headed out to potential Hollywood
blockbusters. Last seen, the hot Indian
export was being a sorry serpent. And
then the lady vanished.
She’s re-appeared as Anokhi Devi
from Rajasthan. A not-very educated
dancing girl whose lush charms take
her from the stage where she dances,
twirling her `ghagra’, to the political
arena where she makes men swing to
her tune.
There was a time Ms Sherawat
showed she had the potential to move
past bimbette-dom. ‘Dirty Politics’,
however, is not the film where she
fulfills it. She flounces about in her
`ghagras’, letting the camera peep up.
More flesh is on display, when Om
Puri, playing the Dirty Old Man to the
hilt, has many chances to have at her.
We see ankles, legs, bosom, back,
all bare. Puri hams it up and makes the
most of his lecher, pawing away happily. The spectators include a clueless
Naseer. Ditto Anupam Kher. Ostensibly this is a film which is supposed to
put the spotlight on how politics is the
preserve of perverts and goons , and
how men in power prey upon women.
No such luck. What we get is the
kind of film which should have been
deep-sixed before it was thought of.
And dialogues that had me guffawing
helplessly because there was nothing
else I could do. Puri, bending over
Sherwat : you know how a tiger attacks. Sherawat, biting his ear : ‘kaat
And then Sherawat is made to
pull out the ‘ch…’ word from her arsenal and yell it out, when she is not
crossing her legs, seated on a throne,
Sharon Stone-style. And here I
thought ‘gaalis’ were being excised left,
right and centre.
onster Hunter is best described as a greatest-hits collection of boss encounters.
Each beast has a unique fighting style,
and uses animated tells (instead of ugly
health bars or icons) to allow you to stay
out of harm’s way and counter attack if
you react quickly. The new lemur-like
Kecha Wacha, for example, uses long
arms to swing around stages and pop
out to surprise unaware hunters. That
fight is completely different from going
up against the returning gorilla monster
Congalala, which uses brute-strength
attacks and can cut farts that prevent
you from healing.
Beating those monsters rewards
you with resources, which are then used
to construct cool new weapons and
armor to slay more monsters. It’s a fun
loop that’s kept fresh by smoothly increasing challenge, and a huge variety of
opposition and weapon and gear types.
The only times that threaten to break
the cycle are a few dull missions that
send you to collect eggs, mushrooms,
or other raw materials. Those aren’t the
monsters I’m interested in hunting.
Once you get the hang of them,
urity Ring is a guy-girl duo
from Edmonton, Alberta,
whose 2012 debut, Shrines,
caused a stir among the hip kids with
its lithe synthesis of trap beats, EDM
theatrics and the keening vocals of
Megan James. It was a fun record, like
listening to Madonna at half speed
with your face in a strobe light.
The allure of Purity Ring’s latest
is hearing James and her bandmate
Corrin Roddick construct new pop
songs with 2014’s music trends. Her
phrasing of “I wasn’t thinkin’ ‘bout
you” on “Stranger Than Earth” is unabashedly Drake-ian, and the staccato
beats throughout aren’t dramatically
different from those of Katy Perry’s
“Dark Horse.” When this works -- and
it does, often -- the result is delightful, a fancy outfit put together with
hand-me-downs, the elegance deriving from the duo’s ear for patternmatching. The best examples are the
throbbing grandiosity of “Flood on
the Floor” and the amniotic pulse of
“Push Pull,” the title of which could
easily describe the relationship between Purity Ring and its many sonic
cousins on the charts.
these weapons deliver the same amazing variety and depth they have in previous Monster Hunter games. Each of
the 14 weapons has layers of depth and
nuance to wrap your head around. The
Insect Glaive is one of my new favorites.
It has the speed and reach of a nimble
Long Sword, but is also home to a bug
assistant that can be sent out to steal
enemies’ essences and provide buffs for
speed, attack, and defense.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s diverse locations show improvement over
the prior game. The bustling town of Val
Habar looks and feels significantly different to the ashy Harth. Each place and
the subsequent areas that open up feel
much more connected than in previous Monster Hunter games, and I was
impressed to see the world change to
reflect my actions in the solo campaign
as my caravan of adventurers completed
quests. The village of Harth came back
to life by the end of my time there,
with revived color, lava pathways, and
animated villagers that looked much
happier than when I first arrived. The
campaign nails a satisfying feeling of
accomplishment as the journey unfolds.
Book: Mightier than the Sword
Author: Jeffrey Archer
ightier than the Sword opens
with an IRA bomb exploding
during the MV Buckingham’s
maiden voyage across the Atlantic - but
how many passengers lose their lives?
When Harry Clifton visits his publisher
in New York, he learns that he has been
elected as the new president of English
PEN, and immediately launches a campaign for the release of a fellow author,
Anatoly Babakov, who’s imprisoned in
Siberia. Babakov’s crime? Writing a book
called Uncle Joe, a devastating insight
into what it was like to work for Stalin.
SH You
So determined is Harry to see Babakov
released and the book published, that
he puts his own life in danger. His wife
Emma, chairman of Barrington Shipping, is facing the repercussions of the
IRA attack on the Buckingham. Some
board members feel she should resign,
and Lady Virginia Fenwick will stop at
nothing to cause Emma’s downfall. With
all the trademark twists and turns that
have made him one of the world’s most
popular authors, the spellbinding story
of the Clifton and the Barrington families continues.
Dirty Politics
Apsara Cinema
Hey Bro
87th Oscar Week
Kingsman The
Secret Service
Dum Laga Ke
Daily at 10.00 AM
Daily at 2.25 &
6.30 PM
Daily at 11.00 AM,
2.00, 5.00 & 8.00 PM
Daily at 11.00 AM,
2.00, 5.00 & 8.00 PM
Anuradha Cineplex
Daily at 12.30 &
4.35 PM
Fun Cinemas
Daily at 8.45 PM
Gold Cinema
(Fancy Bazar)
Daily at 11.00 AM &
5.00 PM
Daily at 5.30 PM
Daily at 2.00 & 8.00 PM
Daily at 2.30
Daily at 11.30
AM & 8.30 PM
Gold Cinema
(Paltan Bazaar)
Daily at 2.00 & 8.00 PM
Daily at 11.30
Daily at 11.00 AM & 5.00
Daily at 5.30
Daily at 8.30
Gold Cinema
Daily at 2.00 & 8.00 PM
Daily at 11.00 AM & 5.00
Telebooking numbers: Anuradha Cineplex; 03612656968, 9954544738, Fun Cinemas: 9864800100, 9864800200, Gold Cinema (Fancy Bazaar): 03612735367, 9854077177, Gold Cinema (Paltan
Bazaar): 9854066166, Gold Cinema (Narengi): 8811001898
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Tech Watch
Google plans to launch
new wireless service
BlackBerry Leap, 5-inch quad-core
smartphone unveiled
oogle has confirmed plans to launch a new wireless
service of its own in the coming months. The service
would be small-scale and not intended to compete with
the four big U.S. national carriers, stated Google’s Sundar Pichai.
Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of products for Google,
confirmed that the company was in talks with various wireless
carriers and will be revealed “in the coming months.”
It has emerged earlier that Google has struck deals with
Sprint and T-Mobile to resell service on their networks. The
wireless service would sift through cellular connections from
Sprint and T-Mobile and Wi-Fi “hot spots,” picking up the best
signal for routing calls, texts and data, sources close to the project revealed. Google stated that the service aims for seamless
handoffs between Wi-Fi and cell networks to prevent dropped
calls and automatically re-connect them.
Google’s wireless service, could potentially shake up the
US wireless industry. The internet giant’s Google Fiber project
had forced traditional telecom and cable companies to increase
speeds and cut costs.
lackBerry has launched a new smartphone called Leap. The new BlackBerry smartphone has a full touch display
and is reportedly priced at $275, which is
roughly Rs. 17025.37.
The BlackBerry Leap features a 5-inch
HD display. It runs the latest BlackBerry OS
10.3.1 and is powered by Qualcomm’s MSM
8960 (aka Snapdragon S4) 1.5GHz processor along with 2GB of RAM. It sports 8MP
rear camera and 2MP front facing camera.
It has 16GB internal storage, comes with a
microSD card slot that supports additional
The phone measures 144 x 72.8 x 9.5mm
and weighs 170 grams. It is powered by a
2,800 mAh non removable battery.
“BlackBerry Leap is for those who propel themselves forward in order to build a
legacy. Not bound by the traditional 9 to 5
lifestyle, BlackBerry Leap users need a battery that can outlast them so they don’t have
to make excuses or miss a step. They need a
device that powers them through their busy
day, giving them the peace of mind coming
Micromax Canvas Fire 4, quadcore smartphone launched
icromax has launched a
new smartphone called –
Canvas Fire 4. Priced at Rs.
6,999, the smartphone features dual
front firing speakers and Cirrus Logic
Wolfsan Stereo DAC (WM8918) digital analogue converter aimed to woo
youth and value conscious customers.
The smartphone is available online
and offline starting from March 2.
The Canvas Fire 4 has a 4.5-inch
FWVGA display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It runs Android Lolipop 5.0 and is powered by
1.3 GHz quad-core processor coupled
with 1GB of RAM. The smartphone
comes with 32GB expandable memory.
Connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.0, USB and Wi-Fi.
Micromax recently launched dualSIM Canvas Pep smartphone for Rs.
5,999. The smartphone has a 4.5-inch
display with 480 x 854 pixels resolution. It has a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM. The smartphone runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It has
microSD expandable memory up to 32
GB. The smartphone has a 5 MP rear
camera with LED flash and a 1.3 MP
front camera.
from trusted security,” says the company in a
blog post.
BlackBerry, which has been making several efforts to survive the competition, had
recently launched a QWERTY phone called
Passport. BlackBerry received positive response for the square phone with critics appreciating the specifications, build quality
and battery life.
Hike launches the
‘Great Indian Sticker Challenge’
ike messenger has launched
a ‘Great Indian Sticker Challenge’ (GISC); inviting designers from all over the country to
participate in creating stickers for the
The design challenge offers a setup similar to a design studio, virtually,
wherein illustrators, graphic designers, animators, caricaturist, cartoonist can come together to showcase
their talent to over 35 Million+ users
and also win cash prizes of up to Rs.
20 Lacs. In addition, every shortlisted
entry will be rewarded Rs. 10,000 and
will be given artist credit on hike messenger for their respective sticker pack.
Furthermore, they will be empanelled
for future work of Hike Limited.
The Great Indian Sticker Chal-
First make a backup of
your chat
1. Uninstall the WhatsApp+
2. Install the original version
of WhatsApp
lenge is a platform open to everyone
who can design graphic illustrations,
irrespective of their age or academic
and professional credentials. The registration and submission is open until
March 31, 2015 at gisc.hike.in. The
winners can grab prizes up to Rs. 20
Lacs and the results will be announced
on April 15, 2015.
3. Then wait until you get
4. Now after you are unbanned, Install the “AntiBan” version of WhatsApp+ Plus
5. Done.
Facebook, Google working on
drones to achieve greater Internet
ferentiated mobile user experiences’
in the market.
Jolla and Snapdeal will jointly promote Sailfish OS for Indian mobile device vendors and internet companies.
The two have previously collaborated
to launch the Jolla smartphone in India.
he truth is that, You
cannot bypass your
temporary ban from
WhatsApp even after using
the “XMod” tutorial or any
other tricks available on the
So this trick is for those
users who want to use WhatsApp+ Plus even after getting
banned from WhatsApp :
Steps :
Jolla, Snapdeal tie up to
develop mobile ecosystem in
-commerce site Snapdeal has
tied up with Jolla to develop
mobile ecosystem in India
for Sailfish OS. Under the “Sailfish
OS Alliance”, the two companies
will work together to address to an
‘increasing demand for creating dif-
How to get
t seems Facebook and Google are
both really interested in drones.
While Google SVP Sunder Pichai
told an MWC audience that the company is getting closer to launching
Project Titan, it’s solar-powered drone
program, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also took to the stage, saying
Facebook is still building drones, lasers
and satellites to bring more people online.
In fact, the goal of both these companies’ drone projects is to provide
greater Internet connectivity to people.
Google had last year acquired a firm
called Titan Aerospace, a drone maker,
that was apparently also being pursued by Facebook. That said, Facebook
is leading the Internet.org initiative,
which aims to bring greater Internet
connectivity to some African countries,
Colombia and India.
Google had a little more to say
about its drone initiative than Facebook though. According to Pichai, Project Titan is currently at the same place
that Project Loon was, two years ago.
Why is this significant? Because Project
Loon has now been tested in Australia
and South America and Google has
also announced that it’s almost ready to
actually roll out this service.
Users who are searching
for methods that can bypass
your ban from WhatsApp,
Please don’t waste your time
on searching these methods
because these methods are
not working anymore. Just
wait for the time until you
get unbanned and then install the “Anti-Ban” version
of WhatsApp+ Plus.
Indrajeet Bhuyan is
a 16 year old tech
blogger and security researcher. He
is passionate about
computers and believes in sharing knowledge and
information . He uses his spare
time helping people and companies secure themselves. fb.me/
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Your weekly dose of
Get ready! Fun and fortune could be yours this week. A sassy alignment
reveals that you’ll be eager to enjoy yourself and move outside your comfort
zone, too. Your desire for something different could entice you to move
in new circles midweek. The chance to meet with folks who are truly on
your wavelength could be positively heartwarming. Later, the Virgo Full
Moon might be a diet breaker. Don’t worry too much, though, and don’t
let it put you off.
Feelings of positivity can give you a boost this week, particularly when
it comes to romance and leisure options. A spark of inspiration could
ignite passions between you and another, and this meeting could have a
quality that marks it as special. Even so, you’ll need your freedom and a
chance to do your own thing even if it means someone’s temporarily put
out as a result. You’ll be in the spotlight on Thursday, so make the most
of it to showcase your abilities.
Expect the unexpected, especially if you’ve been quietly hoping for a minor
miracle. This week’s alignment may bring just that. In addition, your intuition and dreams could play an important part in making that happen. Pay
attention to any vivid nighttime reveries, especially those that seem to have
a haunting quality come morning. These may have special guidance for
you. Later, the Full Moon in Virgo could be an invitation to enjoy a little
romance or a chance for some fun.
The more you’re willing try new things, the more doors will open for you.
If you have a strong desire to travel or study, this is the time to do it. Your
enthusiasm will help you succeed. A fortunate blend of energies on Tuesday
could bring positive news that gives you the confidence to go for it. Even so,
you’ll need to balance an urge for adventure with the willingness to tackle
everyday responsibilities. Thursday’s Full Moon might entice you to splurge.
Your social scene has plenty of snap, crackle, and pop. Key influences encourage you to be proactive about networking and exploring new social
options. One encounter on Tuesday could bring news or information that
makes a difference to your day. Don’t be tempted to jump too quickly
into a sizzling romance on Wednesday, as it may not be what you think.
Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo can be great for a party or get-together at
your place, especially if you need to chill.
There could be good news concerning jobs and money, especially earlier
in the week. A positive blend of energies hints that there’s an opportunity
for a new contract, promotion, or perhaps small windfall. Grab it quickly
whatever it is, as it may not be around for long. You’ll find you can’t please
everyone, especially on Wednesday. Bearing this in mind, it might be best
to focus on your agenda rather than someone else’s. Thursday’s Virgo Full
Moon may bring a heartfelt message your way.
If you’re willing to act on an intuitive hunch, it could pay off financially. Where
joint finances are concerned, you may need to make one or two big payments
and keep things running smoothly. The temptation to spend impulsively could
throw a wrench in the works, so think carefully before you do. Later, you’ll
benefit by making a decision rather than hoping for the best. Thursday’s Full
Moon in your sign may encourage you to share your feelings with a special
Relationships sizzle whether you’re looking for new love or already involved.
This week you may connect with someone a little bit special and know that
there’s potential mileage here. If this is the case, it’s up to you to work your
magic. At the same time, your emotional equilibrium could be upset by someone with a disruptive influence. Stand your ground and refuse to be upset,
especially if it’s a minor incident. Later, watch your dreams because they could
be instructive.
You’re in a prime position to make the most of a job opportunity or chance for
greater exposure for your business. A delightful aspect early on could be the
catalyst that sees you forging ahead, but grab it while you can. A midweek communication snafu at work might temporarily derail a project, needing patience to
see things through. Avoid doing or saying anything on impulse in this situation.
Thursday’s Virgo Full Moon equals party time if you’re ready to enjoy yourself.
The temptation to splurge is apparent, so go easy if you notice an urge
to spend impulsively. There’s plenty of activity at home as stirring energies encourage you to remove clutter, redecorate, or do some serious
DIY. This can be a good time to invest in your place or a family project
that will bring a return in cash or memories. Later, don’t put off taking
action on a key idea. Thursday’s Virgo Full Moon encourages you to fly
free and have fun.
This could be a very conversational week. Shared information and opportunities could enhance your luck and that of others. Bright ideas sparkle
with potential, so you might find yourself drawn to collaborate with a
likeminded someone. There’s room for romance, too, as a special alignment can bring an upbeat encounter your way. Thursday’s Full Moon in
Virgo could encourage a desire to splurge big time. Opt for one or two
small luxuries instead if you can.
Money matters continue to be of interest. A positive alignment on Tuesday hints that you could get a small windfall, the chance of a pay raise,
or even a lucrative contract. If you’re changing jobs, there’s a chance
your income will go up as a result. Money could come in and go out
just as quickly, so put the brakes on your spending. Thursday may be
perfect for romance. The Full Moon in Virgo promises a date night that
sizzles with chemistry.
Useful Life hacks
Use A Rubber Band As
a Paintbrush Scraper
The next time you need to tackle a major painting project, a simple rubber
band could save you from a huge mess.
After dipping a brush into paint
can, it’s natural to scrape off some of
the excess paint on the inside edge of
the can. This works in the short term,
but all that paint will splatter once you
pound the lid back into place. Instead,
stretch a thick rubber band across the
length of the can, and use it to wipe
down your dripping brush. Once you’re
done, just throw out the rubber band,
or rinse it off to use again. It’s a simple
hack to avoid a big headache.
Boy messages text his
Girl “Honey, I can’t live
without you! When will
you come to me?”Here
is the KILLING Reply”
Who is dying! I lost my
saved numbers, kindly
tell me your name?”
The doctor comes out
into the waiting room
for the next patient. He’s
shocked to see a man
sitting there with a frog
growing out of his head.
The doctor’s cries, “Oh
my god, how did that
The frog answered “I
don’t know; it began as a
pimple on my butt.”
Dr: Your one kidney has
Man: First cried a
lot than stopped and
asked.... failed.....from
how many numbers???
Solution (Last Issue)
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Required Sr.
Sales Executives,
Showroom Sales,
Executives (F) ,
Office Executive.
Hair Styler required
in an Unisex salon
For details contact
97076 35294
Peon Required
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Salary: 5,000-10,000/Contact-98646-08375
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Delivery Boy
On a famous Courier
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Executive Required
Delivery boy
For Online shoppingSalary-up to -9,000/Contact-98646-08375
Hotel Industry
Front Office
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Marketing Executive
Back Office
Executive Required
On A well known
Salary-Up to-10,000/Contact-90859-90528
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Qly-B.Com with
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Want pure cowdung agarbatti?
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Jayanagar, Rent14,000
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House At Jonali,
2Bathroom , Parking,
& Kitchen, Rent10,000
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Flat With Bathroom
, Parking, Balcony
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Discover 2014 Model
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Manufacturing04/20111, Colour
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Wardrobe And Lift.
Rent- 15,000 Ph No.98644-31944
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Bathroom, 3rd Floor
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Lift in Beltola
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720sqft showroom
with toilet in athgaon
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computer classes etc.
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5 Room Flat In
Maskhowa For Rent.
3BHK New Flat
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Parking , Balcony ,
Lift At Dispur, 2nd ,
3rd , 4th Floor, Rent16,000
400 sqft Rcc godown
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Vento (D)
Top Model 2011
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Scorpio For Sale
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Scorpio Model: SLX
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Wagon R For Sale
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Hundai i20 Sportz
Price – 5.20 Lacs
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Bagri Contact No.98641-59713
Mahindra Duro
2013 Model
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Mahindra Duro
2011 Model
Colour : Maroon
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Pulsar 150 2012
Model, Colour Black
Arya Hospital, Ulubari 2606888, 2606665
Ganga Blood Bank 2454742, 2455029
Lion’s Club of Ghy Central 2546611
Marwari Yuva Manch 2546470, 2547251
Saharia’s Path Lab (24 hours) 2458594
Arya Hospital, Ulubari
(2606888, 2606665)
B Baruah Cancer Institute
Brahmaputra Hospital Ltd
Chatribari Christian
0361-2600051, 9207044374
Downtown Hospital
2331003, 9864079366,
Guwahati Medical College
(2529457, 2529561)
Guwahati Medical College
Emergency (2263444)
International Hospital
Mahendra Mohan
Choudhury Hospital
(2541477, 2543998)
Marwari Hospital & Research Centre
Marwari Maternity Hospital 0361-2541202/01
Nemcare Hospital
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Pratiksha Hospital
Basistha Military Hospital
Railway Central Hospital
Casuality (2671025)
Redcross Hospital
Sri Sankardeva Netralaya
0361-2233444, 2228879,
TB Hospital
Wintrobe Hospital
IHR-Institute of Human
GNRC Hospital 0361
GNRC Life First Ambulance
Arya Hospital, Ulubari (2606888, 2606665)
GLP Social Circle 2737373, 9435047046
Marowari Yuva Manch 2542074, 2547251
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Fire Emergency 101
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My Taxi
Cherry Cabs
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police station
SP, Kamrup District: Ph- 2540278
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SB Control Room: Ph-2261511
Police Control Room: Ph-2540138,
Azara PS: Ph2840287
Basista PS: Ph-2302158
Bharalumukh PS: Ph- 2540137,
Borjhar PS: Ph-2840351
Chandmari PS: Ph- 2660204
Chandrapur PS: Ph-2788237,
Dispur PS: Ph-2261510
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Geetanagar PS: Ph-2417323
Hatigaon: Ph-2562383
Jalukbari PS: Ph-2570587
Jalukbari Out Post: Ph-2570522
Jorabat: Ph-2896853
Khanapara: Ph- 2281501
Khetri PS: Ph-2787699, 2787220
Latasil PS: Ph-2540136
Noonmati PS: Ph- 2550281
North Guwahati PS: Ph-2690255
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Panbazar PS: Ph-2540106
Pragjyotishpur Ps: Ph-2785237
Women PS Panbazar: Ph-2524627
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
Catching Up
Lily Cole
expecting first child
odel-actress Lily Cole says she’s
expecting her first child with
boyfriend Kwame Ferreira.
The 27-year-old used her own site,
Impossible.com on Saturday, to share the
news with a simple message written on a
note along with a toy dinosaur.
`The first known impossible baby
is being born,` she wrote alongside the
`I met Kwame when I was in the
process of developing Impossible and
he offered the most profound gift, to
help build the platform.
`After working together for a long
time Kwame and I fell in love, and I am
very happy to share our news that we
are expecting our first child together`,
she added.
Cole was seen covering up her
baby bump earlier this week at the Elle
Style Awards, where she donned a billowing pink dress.
Whiteley’s ‘Privileged Bubble’
‘Fast and Furious 7’
to release in India on April 2nd
ast and Furious 7, the much
awaited seventh instalment of
the “Fast and Furious” franchise,
is set for an India release in English,
Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on April 2.
The news was confirmed in a
statement from Universal Pictures
Joining the star studded cast of
Vin Diesel, late Paul Walker, Dwayne
Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez, will
model has confessed she occasionally has to remind
herself how lucky she is to
be in a successful career
after spending 12 years
trying to make a name
for herself in the fashion
She said: “The first
eight years of my career
were a grind. Sometimes
I almost forget. I moan
about having to get on
a 12-hour flight and I
catch myself and go, ‘Shut
the f**k up, Rosie. Who
thought you would be sitting in First Class on British Airways sipping a cup
of tea, everyone asking if
there’s anything else they
can bring you?’
“It’s a very privileged
bubble I rotate in and it’s
important for me to remember that.”
be Jason Statham and Indian actor
Ali Fazal in a special appearance for
the seventh movie of the franchise.
As for Walker’s fans, this will be
a bittersweet occasion as they get to
see the actor reprise his role as Brian
O’Conner for one last time.
Directed by James Wan, the
film also features Jordana Brewster,
Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris and Lucas
Thinking of God makes people bigger
eminders of God can make people
more likely to seek out and take
risks, according to new research.
The findings suggest that people are
willing to take these risks because they
view God as providing security against
potential negative outcomes.
“References to God pervade daily life.
In fact, the word ‘God’ is one of the most
common nouns in the English language.
“The fact that reminders of God are
so ubiquitous suggests that this effect may
Rosie Huntington
impact a large number of people,” said lead
researcher Daniella Kupor of the Stanford
University Graduate School of Business.
Many previous studies had indicated
that religiosity and participation in religious activities are associated with decreases in people’s engagement in risky
behaviours like substance abuse and
gambling, but Kupor and her colleagues
noticed that the risks examined in these
studies tended to share a negative moral
‘Duang’! Check out the word that
broke the Chinese Internet
uang,` the word which is
taking China by storm,
has been searched more
than 600,000 times on China`s
main search engine Baidu, but
none knows what does it mean.
The word and its written character, which are so new that they
do not yet exist in the Chinese
dictionary, have already been used
more than eight million times
on Chinese social media website
Weibo user Weileiweito said
that everyone`s “duang-ing” and
he still doesn`t know what it
means, adding that looks like it`s
back to school for him.
As per reports, some said it
originated with film star Jackie
Chan, who in 2004 was featured in
a shampoo commercial where he
defended his sleek, black hair using
the rhythmical-sounding “duang.”
Apparently the word, which
was onomatopoeia, a word that
phonetically imitates a sound, resurfaced recently when Chan posted it on his Weibo page.
It can have many meanings,
but people seem to be mainly using
it as an adjective to give emphasis
to the word that follows it.
G PLUS MAR 07 - MAR 14, 2015
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