Mar. 8, 2015 - St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception

Archdiocese of Galveston Houston
St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception
Catholic Church
816 Park Dr. La Porte, Texas 77571
281-471-2000 Fax:281-471-9365
E-mail: [email protected]
Parish Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00 am-12:00 Noon
1:00 pm-4:00 pm
CCE Office Hours:
Sunday 8:30 am-12:00 pm
Third Sunday of Lent
March 8, 2015
Sacrament of Baptism
Baptisms are celebrated on the 1st Sunday of the
month. Classes are held on
the 2nd & 3rd
Tuesday of each month. Please come by the Parish
Office to register or call for more information.
The Sacrament of Penance is offered on Saturdays,
from 4:30p.m. to 5:30p.m. or by appointment.
Sacrament of Marriage
Please contact the Parish Office at least (6) six months
prior to your desired wedding date to arrange a
meeting with Father Tony or one of the Deacons. If
you want a Mass, you must call Father Tony.
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Are you a non-Catholic who is interested in joining the
Catholic faith? Are you a baptized Catholic who has
never received the sacraments of 1st Communion and
Confirmation? If your answer is yes to either of
these questions, call the Parish Office.
Sacrament of First Communion
First Communion candidates must be baptized, at least
in the second grade, and have been attending CCE
classes for two full years previous to their receiving
the Sacrament. Adults needing First Communion
should refer to the rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.
Sacrament of Confirmation
Confirmation candidates must have previously
received the Sacraments of Baptism and First
Communion. They must have faithfully attended Life
Teen for at least one full year prior to beginning preparation for the Sacrament (more than three
absences without a valid excuse can alter the process). A
signed form stating that the parent/guardian and the
candidate understand all requirements is also
necessary before the preparation begins. Adults
needing confirmation should refer to the Rite of
Christian initiation of adults.
Eucharistic Celebrations
Saturday: 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 7:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m.,
12:30 p.m. (Spanish)
4:00 p.m. Life Teen Mass
Weekday Masses in St. Joseph’s Chapel
Monday (No Mass)
Tuesday – 12:00 noon
Wednesday – 8:30 a.m. &
(1st Wednesday Only 6:30 p.m.)
Thursday, & Friday – 8:30 a.m.
Parish Staff
Rev. Tony A. Castro, Pastor
Deacon Hector Cantu
Deacon Julio Matallana
Deacon Stan Avallone
Parish Secretary-Debbie Heasty
C.C.E. Director-Jessica Jaramilllo
EDGE Director-Renee Cortez
Life Teen Director-Shari Davis
Vision Statement
St. Mary of the Immaculate
Conception is a Catholic Community
of Believers called to serve Christ by
gathering together at the Lord’s
Table in worship and praise, by
serving our brothers and sisters in
Christ, and by being a welcoming
beacon of light to all. We are many
parts, yet one body in Christ.
MARCH 8, 2015
“God is at Work Here”
Loan Balance
Principle Balance
Monthly Payment
Donations this Week
Tues. March 10:
Special Intention Dan & Margaret Ellis
Wed. March 11:
For the Unborn, Elderly & Disabled
By: Knights of Columbus
Thurs. March 12:
Gonzalo R. Lopez Jr.†
By: Lopez Family
Fri. March 13:
In Honor of the Blessed Mother
Sat. March 14:
Gerhardt† & Elva† Weynand
By: Family
Sun. March 15:
Mary Jane Avallone†
By: Vincent & Susan Gagliardi
Peter M. Griffiths†
By: Richard & Barbara Florance
Santos Hernandez†
By: De la Cerda Family
People of the Parish
February 28 & March 1, 2015
Weekly Goal $12,000.00
Sunday Collection
Friday’s in Lent
Stations of the Cross
March 13th
March 20th
March 27th
7:15PM (Spanish)
Deacon Hector Cantu
Fr. Tony Castro
Deacon Hector Cantu
7:15PM (Spanish) Deacon Julio
March 27th Children’s Stations
Chapel 6:30pm
Every Friday KC Fish Fry
5:30-7:30pm ~ $8.00 Plate
$ 251,768.93
$ 8,000.00
$ 2,299.00
God’s blessings to each of you for your continual support
in helping to reduce our parish debt.
Parish Goal $50,000.00
Total Amount Pledged $ 12,960.00
Total Amount Paid
$ 9,162.50 ( 18.33%)
Total # of Participants 51
“Be Rich in Good Works, Ready to Share”
The Diocesan Services Fund offers all of us an opportunity to
let others experience the teachings and the grace of the Lord.
More than 60 programs are under the DSF umbrella of
ministries serving hundreds of thousands of people in the
Archdiocese. Please support DSF with your gift today.
Envelopes are located at the back of the church, or you can go
online to make your donation @
God’s Blessings to each of you for your generosity.
Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat...
for Women Who Suffer After An Abortion
Private & Confidential
Retreat, Sat. March 14th @ 9:30am and will conclude
with Mass at 5:30pm. Location to be announced to
participants only. The retreat will be given by Fr. Paul G.
Felix. For more information, please contact Dr. Marcella
Colbert @ 713-741-8728.
~ Proyecto Raquel ~
Privado Y Confidencial
Retiro de un Dia Sabado, 14 de marzo del 2015, 9:30amconcluyendo con misa a las 5:30pm. El lugar se anunciará
únicamente a los participantes. Informes: Dr. Marcella Colbert
@ 713-741-8728.
St. Mary’s
Tues., March 24th @ 7pm
Area Lenten Services
St. Luke the Evangelist (Houston) 281-481-6816
Wed., March 11th @ 7pm
St. Helen (Pearland) 281-485-2421
Thurs., March 12th @ 7pm
St. Bernadette (Houston) 281-486-0337
Mon., March 16th @ 7pm
Mary Queen (Friendswood)281-482-1391
Tues., March 17th @ 7pm
St. Mary (League City) 281-332-3031
Wed., March 18th @ 7pm
Dear parish family,
3rd Sunday Lent B
False gods that cannot save have many forms and faces. Money, power, pleasures and vainglory, etc..many worship
them instead of bowing to the true God that gives us life and bring us to salvation. But I think the most prevalent false
god that is dominating in many lives, which many are not even being aware of, is the idol called “self”. When "self"
puts above God and His purposes somehow it replaces throne of the true God. One sign of this is when one begins
to ignore completely the laws of God with only their selfish interest as the law. Then ironic tragedy occurs, one wants
freedom only to be enslaved to the perversion of self that leads oneself to self destruct.
The first reading this Sunday reminds us of the “exodus event.” Our God is a God who has liberated the people from slavery and led them to freedom. Each of the Ten Commandments is an invitation to the renewal of our social relationships and not just our personal life. Each can be seen as a call to liberation for all. They call us to look at
social sin and not just personal sin. When used well they can lead us to liberation for our whole community.
Many today think that the laws of God are obsolete, restrictive, and burdensome, they are negating the liberty
of man. But on the contrary, the commandments of God are the most liberating as well as the most loving directives
to our moral life. The Ten Commandments are actually the ten core human values that show us how to really love –
to love God and neighbor. The Ten Commandments are actually ten statements of true liberty – that is liberty from
the slavery of wrong behaviors and attitudes that undermine loving relationships and good life. God loves us so much
that he gave us laws to assure our liberty from the enslavement and destruction of false values. God doesn’t want us
to be lost to false gods and false values that cannot save.
Isn’t it that our world is turning upside down because we bluntly ignore God and His laws? Could there be
troubles in our relationship with one another if only we follow God’s laws?
Jesus in the gospel was angry because the people were turning the Temple into a marketplace. People were
simply turning the temple in favor of their self-interests and not to the interest of God. By virtue of our baptism, our
bodies become a temple of God. But look how we turn our own bodies and our own lives simply for our own selves
and our own interests but not for the interest of God and His glory! Jesus in the gospel cleansed the Temple by driving away those who desecrate the sacred place. And in the way let us also cleanse the very temple of our body by
letting go our habits that alienate us from God.
This is now the third Sunday of Lent. Time for cleansing our spiritual life, time to get rid ourselves of the false
gods of the world and allow the real God be really alive in our life always.
Blessings to all and have a good week!
Fr. Tony
Querida familia parroquial,
Los dioses falsos que no nos pueden salvar tienen muchas formas y rostros. Dinero, poder, placer y vanagloria,
etc...Muchos los adoran en lugar de inclinarse ante el Dios verdadero que nos da vida y nos lleve a la salvación. Pero creo
que el dios que está dominando en muchas vidas, del cual muchos no estamos siquiera conscientes, es el ídolo llamado
"yo mismo". Cuando el "yo" pone por encima a Dios y sus propósitos, de alguna manera reemplazan el trono del Dios
verdadero. Una muestra de esto es cuando uno empieza a ignorar por completo las leyes de Dios y crea sus propias con
un interés egoísta. Irónicamente la tragedia ocurre, uno quiere la libertad sólo para ser esclavos de la perversión de uno
mismo, la cual nos lleva a la autodestrucción.
La primera lectura de este domingo nos recuerda el "evento éxodo." Nuestro Dios es un Dios que ha liberado al
pueblo de la esclavitud y los llevó a la libertad. Cada uno de los Diez Mandamientos es una invitación a la renovación de
nuestras relaciones sociales así como en nuestra vida personal. Cada uno es un llamado a la liberación para todos. Nos
llama a mirar el pecado social, y no solo enfocarnos en el pecado personal. Cuando se usan bien, nos pueden llevar a la
liberación para toda nuestra comunidad.
Hoy en día muchos piensan que las leyes de Dios son obsoletas, restrictivas e impositivas, y que nos están negando la libertad al hombre. Pero por el contrario, los mandamientos de Dios son los más liberadores, y son las instrucciones
más amorosas a nuestra vida moral. Los Diez Mandamientos son en realidad los diez valores humanos fundamentales que
nos muestran cómo realmente amar - amar a Dios y al prójimo. Los Diez Mandamientos son en realidad diez afirmaciones
de verdadera libertad - que es la libertad de la esclavitud de los comportamientos y actitudes que mutilan las relaciones de
amor y la buena vida. Dios nos ama tanto que nos dio leyes para asegurar nuestra libertad de la esclavitud y la destrucción
de los valores falsos. Dios no quiere que nos perdamos a los dioses y valores falsos que no nos pueden salvar.
Nos preguntamos: Nuestro mundo está girando al revés, ya que no estamos del lado de Dios y sus leyes?
¿Tendríamos problemas en nuestra relación con nuestro prójimo si sólo seguimos las leyes de Dios?
Jesús en el evangelio estaba enojado porque las personas estaban convirtiendo el templo en un mercado. La
gente había transformado todo el templo a favor de sus propios intereses y no a los mandatos de Dios. En virtud de nuestro
bautismo, nuestros cuerpos se convierten en un templo de Dios. Pero mira cómo convertimos nuestros cuerpos y nuestras
propias vidas simplemente por nuestros egoísmos y nuestros propios intereses, pero no para el agrado de Dios y darle su
gloria! Jesús en el evangelio limpió el templo ahuyentando a aquellos que profanan el lugar sagrado. Y en el camino
también nosotros limpiamos el templo de nuestro cuerpo desechando nuestros hábitos que nos alejan de Dios.
Este es ahora el tercer domingo de Cuaresma. Tiempo para la limpieza de nuestra vida espiritual, es momento de
librarnos de los falsos dioses del mundo y permitir que el verdadero Dios sea realmente vivo en nuestra vida para siempre.
Bendiciones a todos y tengan una buena semana!
Padre Tony
Funeral Telephone Tree
Often when someone passes away during the
week it is very difficult to get the word out to
fellow parishioners about funeral arrangements.
If you would like to be contacted through our Telephone
Tree, please contact Jane @ 281-471-0509.
Reception Volunteers Needed…
Would you be interested in donating food for our funeral
receptions? We have three funeral teams that do the
receptions on a rotating basis. You do not have to attend
the reception, but can drop off your donations anytime
before the service. Also, we are in need of volunteers to
help with the receptions following funerals. This ministry
is a true blessing to our parish. If you would like to
donate food or join one of our teams, please contact the
office. Every volunteer does make a difference!!!
Month of March: Lent (No Flowers)
Altar Flower Dates Available
April 11/12, 25/26, May 2/3, 9/10, 16/17, 30/31
If you would like to place flowers on the altar for a special
occasion or in memory of a loved one please contact the Church
office or Carolyn O’Neal @ 832-465-4689 to reserve your date.
Church Candle
In Loving Memory of Maria Rodriguez
By: Rinche Family
Chapel Candle
Special Intention Karen Bounds
MARCH 8, 2015
Participating in Lent, we are engaging in patterns
that have endured across the centuries. From very early
times, we have the sense of accompanying the elect on
their journey to the font. From as long ago as the fourth
century, we receive Lent as forty days to shake the dust
from our spirituality and reorder our conduct. Then,
fasting was not seen as a strict duty, yet it seems it was
widely observed. Think of the rules of politeness and
courtesy that everyone agrees on. Fasting was also seen
as a social duty, since food was in short supply as winter
wore on, and the weak and the sick had the first claim on
what remained on hand.
As a boost to the fasting of the body, the church
developed a richer spiritual fare, including celebration of
the Eucharist every day. This practice began in Rome by
the sixth century. Weekday Mass was only at designated
“stations.” The pope would arrive on horseback at the
stational church. In those days, although the
catechumenate was already in eclipse, there were
pre baptismal activities at the stational Masses: the
giving of the Lord’s Prayer, prayers for the godparents,
and constant references to baptism.
—Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
St. Joseph’s Women’s ACTS Retreat
March 19th ~ 22nd
Spiritual Director Fr. Dwight
This retreat has been a life changing experience for many
of our parishioners in the past. All are welcome.
Please contact Tammie Hoffeld @ 713-906-5446 or office.
Retiro Nueva Vida~Rosary Hall
Viernes 13 de Marzo, 2015 de 7:00 PM a 9:30 PM
Sábado 14 de Marzo, 2015 de 8:00 AM a 8:00 PM
Habrá Cuidado de Niños!
Si necesita mas información, favor de llamar a
Alma Brinkley (281) 658-2315
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store
Mon.-Wed., Fri., Sat. 9:00-11:00am
Store Closed Thurs. & Sun.
In today’s Gospel Jesus is asked “What sign can you show us?”
Everyday we can see signs of how God has visited us in the
blessings of our lives. Let us be a sign of God’s love by being a
blessing to others.
Is there a family you know who needs assistance? Please
have them call the office to make an appointment, so that
together we can be a sign of God’s love to the suffering and
Our Resale Shop here at St. Mary’s is in desperate need of
volunteers. Several of our regular volunteers have had to be
taken off of the schedule due to medical issues. The store hours
are 9-11am, and the store is open every day but Thurs. & Sun.
You can pick any day you are able to work. If you are available
to help out, please contact the church office.
Knights of Columbus Upcoming…
All Parishioners Welcome
March 9th-Please join us in praying the Holy Rosary
asking for our Blessed Mother’s intercession for the
unborn, elderly, disabled, sick and all special
intentions every 2nd Monday of the month in St.
Joseph’s Chapel @ 6:30pm.
40 Churches for 40 Days Campaign
St. Mary’s is participating in the Houston Coalition for
Life’s 40 Churches for 40 Days campaign. St. Mary’s
day to peacefully pray at the Planned Parenthood
abortion facility, 4600 Gulf Freeway, is Friday,
March 13th from 6:30am-6:30pm. We need your
prayers and your help in being a visible sign of God’s
love and mercy. Sign up this weekend after Masses.
If you have any questions about any of the above
information, please contact Jaime Vasquez @ 832-3398849 or [email protected]
~ Giving to Give ~
If you have a rosary in need of repair, or if you would
like to have one made, please contact Rena
Hellstein @ 281-889-8043. ***New Rosaries ~
$20.00 & up (Available in the office) Repairs ~$5.00
& up. All proceeds are donated to the building fund.
2 Kgs 5:1-15b; Ps 42:2, 3; 43:3, 4; Lk 4:24-30
Dn 3:25, 34-43; Ps 25:4-5ab, 6-7bc, 8-9;
Mt. 18:21-35
Wednesday:Dt 4:1, 5-9; Ps 147:12-13, 15-16, 19-20;
Mt 5:17-19
Thursday:Jer 7:23-28; Ps 95:1-2, 6-9; Lk 11:14-23
Friday:Hos 14:2-10; Ps 81:6c-11ab, 14, 17;
Mk 12:28-34
Saturday:Hos 6:1-6; Ps 51:3-4, 18-21ab; Lk 18:9-14
Sunday:2 Chr 36:14-16, 19-23; Ps 137:1-6;
Eph 2:4-10; Jn 3:14-21
Alternate readings (Year A):
1 Sm 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a; Ps 23:1-6;
Eph 5:8-14; Jn 9:1-41[1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-38]
Please Pray For
Our Troops and …
Candalaria Ortiz, Jennifer Wade, Craig Wade, Gilson
Family, Harry Roland, Carlos Rodriguez, Benjamin
Barragan, James Hagler, Jeremy George, Danny Miguel
Saul, Cody Caits, Lois Johnson, Ada Ellis, Mark LeClair
Sr., Gloria LeClair, Mary Lee Leake, Phil Leake, Ralph
Garza, Bill Bianchini, Israil & Tina Espinoza, Chad Burke,
Michelle Burke, Merci Burke, Mary & Wayne Boatman,
David Candelaria, Karen Bounds, Leo Villarreal, Sharon
Baby Adeline,
Baby Hope Frobenius,
Gwendolyn Rigsby, Lisa Zepeda, Holly & Mike Dennis,
Gracie Juarez, Teen Grigory, Gary & Debbie McFadden
Continue to Pray for Kay Gold, Red Cornejo, Nancy Isla
Castro, Irlinda, Beatriz Gamboa, Kathryn Coleman,
Norman & Joanne Hartman, Marita Hooper, Linda
Jaramillo, Janie Cavazos, Janet Lodge, Rose Moreno,
Johnston, Joe Funda, Ray Rozelle, Minnie Lopez,
Baby Gavin Binkley, Deacon Merce Leal, Charlotte
Boudreaux, Marcos Vasquez, Margarita Klock, John &
Sue Crockett, Joanne Jarrell, Joanie O’Neal, Ben
Munoz, Nell Turk, Diana Ortiz, Ophelia Pinard, Bob
Davis, Dot Ryan, Janet Hoffpauir, Nick Martin, Geraldine
Christensen, Teresa Eidt, Barry Armstrong and those
requesting prayer via our web site.
Remember Our Shut-Ins Emil Schaider, Ann Blair,
Soledad Hernandez, Elida Peterson, those battling
terminal illness and the residents of La Porte Care
Center and Parson’s House.
Repose of the Soul of Onie Rodrigues and Lloyd Cyr
Our Sympathy to Noreen Cyr and family on the loss of
her husband, Lloyd, and James Rodrigues and family on
the loss of his wife, Onie
Please Note: Names on our “Please Pray For” list are left on for
four weeks. If someone needs to be put back on the prayer list
or added please call the Church Office during regular office
A very special thank you to our St. Mary’s parish family
for all of the prayers, donations, and expressions of
sympathy to our family during the recent loss of our son,
God’s Blessings, Hector & Lisa Raymundo & Family
MARCH 8, 2015
St. Mary’s Dinner &
Auction Extravaganza
April 18th @ 6pm
The funds raised at the auction will be
used to offset the expenses for St.
Mary’s Bazaar 2015. Our auction will
Brothers as our auctioneers. Tickets will
be available in March. Currently we are
accepting monetary donations as well as
items for the Live Auction in the church
office at any time.
All donations are greatly appreciated!!!
For information or questions, please contact
Cindy Bremer 281-605-2945 or the Church Office.
Alan Ames Healing Service
Tues. March 17th St. Simon & Jude, Spring, TX
Wed. March 18th Prince of Peace, Houston, TX
Thurs. March 19th St. Augustine, Houston, TX
Alan Ames is an internationally known Catholic lay
evangelist who has been graced with the gift of
healing and a close union with Jesus in His passion.
There have been 1,000’s of documented spiritual and
physical healings. Alan’s life has changed from a
violent, alcoholic man to a man of complete devotion to
God. For over 20 years, Alan has travelled worldwide
sharing his healing ministry and the testimony of
God’s merciful love in 50 countries and 6
continents. Everyone is welcome. Please invite
family and friends. Info.
Maintenance Coordinator Needed…
St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church seeks a
part-time maintenance coordinator on parish
and grounds effective on April 1. Must be pro-active in
preventive maintenance. A working knowledge of carpentry, HVAC, minor electrical and plumbing skills required. Oversee cleaning service and able to maintain
and /or repair various items on the property. Able to deal
with other vendors for major work. Adequate knowledge
of computers is required. Must be of good moral character and preferably a parishioner. The schedule will take
20 hrs. per week. On the job training for this position will
be provided. Details of job description subject for agreement and discussion upon interview. Please submit resume to: c/o SEARCH COMMITTEE ST. MARY’S
Rite of Christian
Initiation of Adults
Are you a non-Catholic who is interested
in joining the Catholic faith? Are you a baptized Catholic who
has never received the sacraments of 1st Communion and
Confirmation and are over the age of eighteen? If your answer
is yes to either of these questions you may be interested in
joining our RCIA
program. Students are welcome to begin
classes at any time during the year. Classes are Wednesday
@ 6:45pm in the Parish Hall Conference Rm. For additional
information, please call the office or email
Tracy @
[email protected]
Join Us…
Sunday Morning Bible Study with Deacon Stan & Tracy
Avallone. The program we are using is called “Bringing Faith
Home”. (CCE
Schedule @ 8:45am & 11). Everyone is
welcome. If you need any additional information please
contact Deacon Stan @ 281-507-2253.
Bible Study ~ It still is not too late...if you want a better
understanding of our faith and a deeper relationship with God;
then, you are invited to join us for a Bible Study called The
Bible Timeline on Sunday evenings in the Rosary Hall
conference room. If that time does not work for you can
come Wednesday mornings @ 9:15 in the conference room
next to the church office.
This Bible study will go deep into each period of
Salvation history and you will learn the major people, places,
and events of the Bible and see how together they form the
foundation of our Catholic faith.
We are requesting $40. per person fee to cover the cost of
materials. Scholarships are available. Please email
[email protected] so that materials can be ordered
for you.
St. Mary’s Music Ministry Needs You...
Sat. 6pm Mass– Rehearsals before Mass at 5:15
Contact Kathy McBride 713-628-8387
Sun. 7:30am Mass - Rehearsals before Mass at 7am
Contact Yvonne Fisher 832-581-5974
Sun. 10:00am Mass - Annelise Lagasse 281-459-6453
Sun. 12:30pm Spanish MassContact Jose Vazquez 832-868-4081
Sun. 4pm Life Teen Mass- Rehearsals-Sunday 2pm
Contact Alex @ 281-543-7794 or
[email protected]
Would you like to join the 10 am Choir???
We meet every Wednesday @ 7pm over in Rosary Hall. Everyone is welcome. During Lent we will be having a Lenten Soup
Supper @ 6pm before practice. Please Join Us!!!
For information please call Annelise Lagasse @ 281-459-6453.
Adult Confirmation Class
Starting Sunday, April 12th
If you have been baptized, received your first communion
but need to be confirmed, we will be having Adult
Confirmation Classes on Sundays @ 2pm in the Rosary
Hall Conference Room. Due to the limited sessions, you
will not be able to sign up late. The deadline will be
Friday, April 10th @ 4pm. Please contact Deacon Hector
@ 281-382-8672 or come by the office to register.
MARCH 8, 2015
Activities of the Week
Sun. March 8:
CCE, EDGE, Life Teen, Bible Study 5pm
Mon. March 9:
Clases de Crecimiento 7pm
Tues. March 10:
Baptism Class (English) 7pm
Altar Society Mtg. 7pm
Wed. March 11:
Bible Study 9:15am Conf. Rm
10 AM Choir practice 6pm Rosary Hall
St. Monica’s Mtg. 7pm
RCIA 6:45pm
Thurs. March 12:
Spanish Choir Practice 7pm
Fri. March 13: 40 Churches for 40 Days 6:30am-6:30pm
Fish Fry 5:30—7:30pm
Stations of the Cross Eng. 6:30pm Spn. 7:15pm
March 14 & 15, 2015
SATURDAY – 6:00pm
Altar Servers
D. Vasquez, R. Vasquez
F. Novak
I. Salas
Extraordinary Ministers
P. Holland, K. Strader,
of the Eucharist
G. Rodriguez
Altar Server
E. Kappil, N. Molina
S. Burgess
S. Lewis
Extraordinary Ministers
L. Davis, J. Shipp, K. Shipp
of the Eucharist
Altar Server
N. Avallone, D. Colburn
T. Avallone
D. Parrish
Extraordinary Ministers
W. Christensen, R. Florance
of the Eucharist
C. O’Neal,
Altar Servers
N. Gallegos, X. Gallegos
V. Bermudez, J. Velasquez
Extraordinary Ministers
C. Cirnigliario, G. Cirnigliario
of the Eucharist
Altar Servers
A. Brinkley, D. Rowan
N. Barrera
Extraordinary Ministers
H. Novosad, M. Novosad,
of the Eucharist
M. Reyes
“Together in Holiness”
Inspiring Event for Couples ~ May 2, 2015 9am
You don’t want to miss this...the first Together in Holiness
marriage conference offered in the Archdiocese of GalvestonHouston! As an initiative of the John Paul II Foundation for
Life & Family, this one-day event includes insightful
presentations, Mass, Eucharistic adoration, and conversation
with the one you love. It will help your marriage and family
-not just to service – but thrive in holiness! Learn about
encountering God in your spouse and children, receive
practical guidance for living your faith in the home, and
discover how Catholic spiritual traditions can benefit your
family. Cost:$45./couple, $25/individual. Free childcare!
Register @
Classes Today
8:45am & 11:15am
Spring Break March 15th & 22nd
CCE questions contact Jessica @ 281-515-5429 or
[email protected]
Life Teen Mass 4pm
Class Today @ 5pm
“The Wedding Feast”
Spring Break
March 15th & 22nd
Confirmation Class March 11th, 6-7pm
Class Tonight 5:15pm
Confirmation Sept. 20th @ St. Mary’s
Spring Break March 15th & 22nd
If you think your child is eligible and you haven’t been
notified via mail, please call the office and speak with
Sacrament Class 2PM
Contact Shari Davis @ 281-471-6066 if you have
any questions about our Life Teen Program.
Contact Renee Cortez @ 832-283-8758
Info. Contact Deacon Stan Avallone 281-507-2253