Weekly Bulletin

for He is our strength;
He makes our feet like the feet of the deer
and He makes us reach the Heights.
Hab. 3:19, Jer. 31:12
Join us this Wednesday, March 11 at 6:15pm for
pizza by Sharon and the Worship Team!
The programs for kids begin at 6:45
(The Heights Kids are leaving at 6:15 for the Aquatic Center
dinner available for them at 5:45)
with the adult programs beginning at 7:00
Adult Classes offered:
-Women in the Word
-Book Club
- “The Path To The Cross” Video Lessons
with Pastor George (Worship Center)
-Prayer Group
-Men’s Life
Holland Heights Church
836 E 8th Street Holland, MI 49423
616-396-5988, [email protected]
Pine Rest Church Assistance-1-800-442-0809
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Jack & Beth Timmer
Coffee Servers:
Wayne & Sharon Van Dyke, Ken & Chris Raber
Tech Crew:
Dan Hellenthal, Rog Nyhuis, Dave Poll, Brent Wabeke
Roving Greeters:
Dean & Norine Kasten
Children’s Worship:
Kayla Fylstra, Andee Grabinski, Becca Fylstra, Tol, Mercedes Overbey,
Kasten (Ady’s helper)
Nursery Registration and Coordinator:
Lori Slenk, Amy Brouwer
Sleepers & Creepers:
Kate Klamer, Emily Slenk
Walkers & Talkers:
Wendi Los, Jean De Wall, Jon Los, Nate Brinks
Prayer Servants:
Kathy Roseberry, Ron Dykstra
Ushers/Hall Monitor:
Ron Buursma, Larry & Carol Brinks, Mark Van Dyke/hall monitor
We will rejoice in the bounty of the LORD
heights helpers next week:
heights helpers today:
Chris & Sarah Timmer
Coffee Servers:
Dave & Sandy Poll, Wayne & Sharon Van Dyke
Tech Crew:
Erik Salisbury, Gary Sprick, Don Hicks, Brian Brinks
Roving Greeters:
Dean & Norine Kasten
Children’s Worship:
Tom Dykhuis, Robin Diepenhorst, Becca Fylstra, Tubergan, Jessica
Timmer, Kathy Fylstra (Ady’s helper)
Nursery Registration and Coordinator:
Kim Mulder, Sarah Timmer
Sleepers & Creepers:
Wilma Elsinga, Lindsey Mulder
Walkers & Talkers:
Rhonda Hoogenraad, Haley Hoogenraad, Sheldon Brouwer
Prayer Servants:
Wendi Los, Barry Walburg
Ushers/Hall Monitor:
Ron Buursma, Larry & Carol Brinks, Jim Hulst/hall monitor
Sunday, March 8, 2015
Please pray for Evelyn Timmer as she fell and broke her hip. She had
surgery on Wednesday. Please pray that she would recover quickly.
Please continue to pray for: Jaci Eding, Nydia McHugh, Nick Leep,
Haaks, Ken DeWeerdt, Kaye Walburg and Don Steeby as they are
in various stages of recovery of treatment.
We want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Elaine Draisma— March
13, Paul Arens—March 15, Lee Bouws—March 16, Paul Wolters—
March 24. (Be sure to get your birthday cards in the box 2 weeks before hand.)
Pray for those who are unable to worship with us. This week we
remember: Ruth Staat, Ruth Ver Beek and Helen Borr.
Welcome to Worship this Sunday morning! Pastor George will be
leading us in the study of God’s Word. We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper
this morning! A trained Prayer Servant will be honored to pray with you by
the church organ after the service. Tonight Pastor George will lead our
evening teaching time.
Wednesday Night Heights Nights - please join us this Wednesday
Night, March 11 for pizza by Sharon and the Worship Team!
Golden Heighters: Don’t miss the chance to hear the life story of our own
Dean & Norine Kasten this coming Wednesday morning as the Golden
Heighters present them as our speakers! Today is the last day to sign up!
Jubilee announces our volunteer work group is getting ready to go to
Guatemala on April 25. They will help install water filters in homes so that
the people there can have clean drinking water. To help financing flights
and lodging, we will be serving a Sunday morning breakfast on March 8 as
well as selling Butter Braids! Orders need to be placed by March 15th with
delivery by March 24th. Check your mailbox for more information.
Hey kids! Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 29th when all the 1st-5th
graders will be singing a special song during our Palm Sunday Service. We
will practice during Carpenter’s Workshop on March 15th and 22nd.
Why Not Experience the Bible for Yourself? Join Pastor George
during this 5 week video series “The Path To The Cross” by Ray Vander
Laan as he guides you through the land of the Bible. This series will
transform your understanding of God and challenge you to be a true
follower of Jesus. Meet in the Worship Center Wednesdays at 7:00pm.
Are you interested in filling your freezer AND the congregational care
freezer with meals for those in need? Please visit the kiosk or see
Beth Timmer for information. Deadline to sign up is March 8th.
SAVE THE DATE: The EDGE Fundraising Dinner will be April 25th!
You won’t want to miss this event!
We praise God that the ceiling in our Worship Center is getting
repaired! We celebrate the fact that the cost is significantly lower than
originally quoted and that funds are available in the Long-Term needs
account. Contractor, Dan Voss Construction, will be repairing the ceiling
beginning Monday, March 9th. Please be aware that parts of the
building may be inaccessible during this time.
Sunday, March 8
10:00 am: Sunday Celebration: & Communion
Rev. George De Jong
11:15 am: Children & Youth Sunday School
4:30 pm Choir Rehearsal
5:30 pm: Evening Teaching Time: Rev. George De Jong
6:30 pm: EDGE meets
Monday, March 9
7:00 pm: Jubilee Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 10
8:15 am: Women in the Word Leaders Meeting
9:30 am: Women in the Word (Wk 8, Days 4, 5)
2:15 pm: Bible Club teachers meet
3:00 pm: Bible Club starts
7:00 pm: Congregational Care Committee Meeting
Wednesday, March 11
The Heights of Hope Fest is scheduled for Saturday, April 18 from 2-5
pm at Holland Heights CRC! The Fest is a beautiful opportunity
celebrate all of the unique talents in Holland Heights! Heights of Hope is
looking for people to share their talents of art, performance, cooking, or
volunteering. Art entries can be entered into our own mini version of Art
Prize with prizes for the entries that receive the top votes in different age
groups. For more info visit: www.heightsofhope.com or email
[email protected]
7:30 am:
Barnabas Prayer Group
9:00 am:
Golden Heighters breakfast
5:45 pm:
Dinner available for Heights Kids-leave at 6:15
6:15 pm: Heights Nights: PIZZA
8:15 pm:
Rehearsal for Sunday Musicians
Thursday, March 12
9:00 am: Prayer Group
Sunday, March 15
10:00 am:
Sunday Celebration & Communion: Rev. Mark Kamper
11:15 am:
Children & Youth Sunday School
Life Groups: Times TBD
Offering Schedule:
March 8: Benevolence
March 11: Holland Deacon’s Conference
looking ahead:
Heights Fest: April 18
EDGE Dinner: April 25