Charles Pateman Sound Designer/Dialogue Editor/Dialogue

Charles Pateman
Sound Designer/Dialogue Editor/Dialogue Supervisor
104 Crosslet Vale, London, SE10 8DL, United Kingdom
mobile: +44 (0) 7748154540 / email: [email protected] / skype: charles.pateman
Nationality: Dual British/American
Age: 28
Driving Licence: Full, Clean
I am a Sound Designer based in London who specialises in dialogue for feature film and video games.
While I am capable and comfortable in a variety of audio engineering roles, my passion is crafting
vibrant, engaging dialogue recordings that support the story and enrich its characters. Professional,
high fidelity dialogue requires a great deal of patience, love and attention to detail, and I take
immense pride in my work.
I have my own project studio running Pro Tools 10 & 11, RX4 Advanced, ReVoice Pro, Sound Miner
HD+, Sound Forge 11, FMOD, and Wwise. I carry dual British and American citizenship, and am
legally allowed to work in both countries.
Dialogue Editing
Sound Design
Studio Recording
Voice Direction
Project Management
Other Skills:
ADR Recording
Pre-Mixing & Mixing
Sound Effects Editing
Field Recording
Video Editing
Pro Tools 11, Wwise, FMOD,
Sound Forge, Sound Miner,
iZotope RX4 Advanced,
ReVoice Pro 3, Zynaptiq
Unveil, Melodyne, Altiverb 7,
Final Cut Pro, Adobe
Premiere, Perforce, Microsoft
Apr 2012 – Present
Freelance Sound Designer & Dialogue Editor
Freelance Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, and other Sound Editing work on 8 Feature Films, 16 Short
Films and a number of trailers, promos, animations, and other media projects, including Rob
Paulsen’s “Talkin’ Toons” Podcast.
Dialogue Editorial, ADR Lists & Cue Sheet Assembly
ADR Recording & Direction
Voice Over Recording & Direction
Various Sound Effects Editing, Music Editing, Mixing, and Audio Restoration
Jul 2014 – Present
Freelance Dialogue Supervisor @ Royal Hand Studios
End-to-end production and implementation of dialogue assets for a story driven 2D platform/puzzle
Script Analysis & Dialogue Asset List Assembly
Casting & Auditioning Voice Actors
Engineering & Directing Recording Sessions
Dialogue Editing & Mastering
Implementation of Dialogue Assets using FMOD
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Charles Pateman
Sound Designer/Dialogue Editor/Dialogue Supervisor
Feb 2014 – Present
Freelance Sound Designer @ Warp Drive Media Ltd
End-to-end production and implementation of audio assets for a mobile strategy game and a physics
based mobile puzzler.
Sound Design for two mobile games (1 strategy, 1 physics based)
Casting, Engineering & Directing VO Recording Sessions
Location FX Recording, Sound Editing & Mastering
Implementation of Dialogue, SFX, & Music Assets using Wwise
Apr 2012 – Present
Producer, Passenger Announcements @ Global Eagle Entertainment
End-to-end production and localization of pre-recorded public announcements and video
announcements for the airline industry.
Project management
Casting voice-over talent for multiple language productions with language directors and clients
Script preparation and arranging translation and proof reading
Voice Over direction and recording
Sound editing, mastering, encoding, and implementation for onboard systems
Aug 2010 – Apr 2012 Audio Dubbing Supervisor @ Inflight Productions Ltd
Supervising Inflight Productions’ Audio Dubbing operation and studio facilities, ensuring effective
delivery of cycle based and ad-hoc content to clients using legacy reproducer systems.
Nov 2004 – Aug 2012 Audio Engineer @ Inflight Productions Ltd
Audio engineer mastering and encoding content for use with legacy reproducer systems onboard
aircraft for in-flight entertainment and public address, and running voice over studio sessions.
Godalming College (2002-2004) - Music Technology (B), Business Studies (C), Media Studies (D)
Royal Grammar School Guildford (1997-2002) - Mathematics (A), Religious Studies (A), French (B),
English Language (B), Double Science (B x2), History (B), English Literature (C), Geography (C)
Gaming, Film, Animation, Music, Double Bass, Rugby, Linguistics, Science & Technology
Oliver Murray
Passenger Announcements Manager @ Global Eagle Entertainment
[email protected]
Anthony Woodley
Creative Director @ Megatopia Films (Outpost 11/Artificial Horizon)
[email protected]
Maxim Mildenberg
Producer @ Royal Hand Studios
[email protected]
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