Based on the result above, it can be concluded that the highest error

Based on the result above, it can be concluded that the highest error made by the Sixth
Grade elementary school students of SD Negeri 068003 Medan is using demonstrative pronoun
23.58%, the most kinds or types of error is local errors, and the most causes of errors is caused
by mother tongue interference or first language interference.
5.2 Suggestion
Based on the discussion and conclusion of this research, the writer offers some
suggestions for students, teacher, and next researcher. The suggestions are presented as follows:
Firstly, I would like to recommend to the students that they should be more active in
practicing more about the usage of English pronouns and their functions. Secondly, Teachers
should be more creative in applying the effective and appropriate method and techniques (better
strategy) in teaching English pronouns and their functions to their students. Besides that, the
teachers should become interesting figure in teaching, so that the students are interested in his or
her lesson. Furthermore, the teachers should give and explain the material very detail. The last
but not least is researchers should make a more complete study of this case and use this study as
the literature in order to get science development of English pronouns and their function.
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