FireBox Pro

Introducing the NEW
FireBox Pro
lectronics designer Stephen Kelly of
he completed several installations before launching
Adelaide based Tri-Spark is well regarded
FireBox Pro.
for his electronic ignition conversions for
The American import Honda came fitted with the
classic bikes. He has now added another
original contact breaker ignition - perfect for
product to his range suitable for Japanese classics like comparison. Before converting to electronic some key
the Honda CB 750. He was inspired to design a system measurements were made to assess the conventional
to suit new models of ignitions after requests from
contact breaker ignition and make some comparisons
Honda owners from all over the country for a system
with the Firebox Pro.
that would suit a wide range of engines and that had
Checking the spark timing of the points was step
additional features and high performance capabilities
one. The setting for cylinders 1and 4 was fine but 2
suited to racing, cruising and regular club runs. He has and 3 were retarded by 10 degrees. How long it was
now launched this new system on the Honda CB 750.
like that is anyone’s guess but this sort of problem
This latest product dubbed the FireBox Pro has all
robs the engine of performance and just makes it run
the features and
hotter. Even a well
ease of use that
cared for machine
Tri-Spark are
can have the
known for with the
ignition timing shift
added benefit of
out of whack
optional laptop
without the owner
adjustable settings.
Racers, or anyone
The second thing
just wanting to
noted about the
tune their
points ignition was
machine, will
the long dwell time
appreciate the
at low speeds –
simple advance
another problem
curve settings and
solved with the
Stephen pictured here with his Honda CB 750
rev limiter. The aim
FireBox Pro. This
was to make it easy to use and understand, versatile
saves battery power at low speeds to help with the
and a pleasure to work with.
charging and avoids heating the ignition coils
Getting the feel for how the new system works is an unnecessarily. The FireBox Pro system is estimated to
essential part of the process. Choosing the Honda CB
use about one third of the power at idle and low
750 for the test vehicle was an easy decision for
speeds compared with the original points.
Stephen because it is so typical of a wide range of
The third observation was the amount of timing
engines. Solving potential problems with the
jitter (about 5 degrees) with the points ignition – again
installation and being able to properly explain how it
completely solved with electronic.
all works is a key part of Tri-Spark’s success and why
The Firebox Pro also does away with the mechanical
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advance and retard
mechanism making it more
versatile and reliable than
other systems that retain this
function. Retaining the base of
the advance retard unit is an
essential part of the
conversion as this component
has some clever markings on it
that are required for setting
the valve clearance and strobe timing the ignition. The
advance retard unit must be disassembled for the
conversion but it is not altered in any permanent way.
It was rewarding to see the installation go without a
hitch and to fire up the Honda instantly. That rock
steady ignition timing settled the 750 four down to a
smooth idle ready for the road. It’s hard to put a
number on the performance improvement without
making wild claims but even just getting the timing
right on the middle 2 cylinders has no doubt gained us
some horsepower and smoothed out the ride. TriSpark have every confidence in FireBox Pro knowing
that the engine is spot on and staying that way.
As an added bonus the
installation of the FireBox Pro was
made without cutting into the
wiring harness allowing for the
bike to be returned to original
condition at any time in the
This new development can be
adapted for a number of
applications. High compression?
Double plugged heads? Need different tuning? No
problem! Now riders of all sorts of classics will be able
to get into electronic ignition with the FireBox Pro
using the wide range of settings available via the
laptop – for example 2 stroke or 4 stroke, cam or
crank trigger, kick or electric start, crank angle
variations and 1, 2 or 4 cylinder operation. Kits for
MotoGuzzi, BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Vincent
and Velocette are now in the works too.
To top it off, knowing FireBox Pro is made in
Australia and is backed by a three year warranty with
local support ensures customers have peace of mind
and can enjoy a locally made product!
Above: Before FireBox Pro was
installed. Right: After FireBox Pro
was installed.
Left: Photograph illustrates where
FireBox Pro is housed. In reality it
sits snuggly and level.
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