May Ranch Horsemanship Clinic

t h e R a n c h at R o c k C r e e k
Philipsburg, Montana
ranch horsemanship clinic
4-nights | May 13-17
a l l - i n c lu s i v e
Our lodgings at The Ranch
Daily breakfast, lunch, hors
Extensive variety of daily
Silver Dollar Saloon entertain-
are as distinctive as they
d’oeuvres and dinner. Unlimit-
on-property activities includ-
ment includes billiards, shuffle-
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ed premium beer, wine, spirits,
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Includes access to fitness center
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F O R R E S E RVAT I O N S : 8 7 7 . 7 8 6 . 1 5 4 5
7 9 C A R R I A G E H O U S E L A N E | P H I L I P S B U RG , M O N TA N A 5 9 8 5 8
W E L C O M E @ T H E R A N C H AT RO C KC R E E K . C O M
the equestrian | 4-nights
ranch horsemanship clinic
Limited Availability: M AY 1 3 - 1 7 , 2 0 1 5
c l i n i c o v e rv i e w
This spring, The Ranch will host an intensive
natural horsemanship clinic led by NRCHA
competitors and trainers, Scott Whinfrey and
Lisa Kittel. This three day all-inclusive clinic
focuses on developing Ranch skills including
roping and working cattle.
Each guest will be partnered with their own horse for the
weekend based on their riding ability and personality. Small
group exercises are complemented with one-on-one guidance
from clinicians. The clinic is limited to ten participants. This
experience allows equestrians of all disciplines to gain an
introduction to Western horsemanship and cowboy culture.
Advanced riders can hone their roping, cutting and reining
Guests are invited to wrangle horses, move a herd of longhorn
cattle and rope steers in our arena. This clinic welcomes all
skill levels and equine disciplines but guests must be able
to walk, trot and lope comfortably in order to participate.
A basic understanding of horsemanship is required.
Communication and ground work, reining, developing feel
and timing, how to select the right equipment.
Focus on cutting, sorting, penning, reading body language,
working as a group vs. individual.
R O P I N G : B E G I N N E R - TO - A DVA N C E D
Roping exercises start on the ground and progress to the saddle.
Learn how to position your horse, refine your swing, perfect your
delivery and handling.
Trail obstacles, gates, crossing water, riding on steep terrain.
Guests have the opportunity to wrangle our horse herd in the
morning and turn the herd out in the evening. Small clinic size
ensures personalized instruction.
a l l - i n c lu s i v e r at e : $1,100 per person /per night
4-night minimum stay required, limited to Granite Lodge rooms or Canvas Cabins.
Standard RC inclusions. Rate is exclusive of 20% ranch fee. Not combinable with other
promotions. Valid on new reservations only during select dates. Non -commissionable.
f o r r e s e rvat i o n s : 8 7 7 . 7 8 6 . 1 5 4 5 | w e l c o m e @ t h e r a n c h at r o c kc r e e k . c o m | w w w. t h e R a n c h A t R o c k C r e e k . c o m | p h i l i p s b u r g , m o n ta n a
ranch horsemanship
clinic itinerary
W e d n e s d ay , M ay 13
T h u r s d ay , M ay 14
F r i d ay , M ay 15
S at u r d ay , M ay 16
S u n d ay , M ay 17
a rrival d ay
ra nch rei ni ng
cowb oy s k il l s
ro pin g & r id ing
d e part u re
Guests arriving before
4:00pm may head directly
to the barn to meet their
equine partner for the weekend. Each horse is paired
with a guest based on skill
level and personality.
Meet & Greet with Lisa
and Scott in the Silver
Dollar Saloon
7:30 a m
7:30 a m
7:30 a m
Optional: Bring the horses
into the corrals with our
9:30 a m
Catch and saddle
Selecting the right tack
Groundwork basics
Intro to Ranch Reining
Catch and saddle
Split into two groups:
Group 1 - Working Cattle
Group 2 - Ranch Obstacles
12:30 p m
Ranch Reining con’t
Late afternoon trail ride
Social Hour
Enjoy cowboy poetry by
some local favorites and an
acoustic musical performance by Scott Whinfrey
2:00 p m
Switch groups in afternoon
6:00 p m
Social Hour
7:30 p m
Chef ’s Tasting Menu
9:30 a m
Intro to Roping: Begin on the
ground and transition into
the saddle, advanced ropers
start in the arena
Optional: Bring the horses
into the corrals with our
11:00 a m
Check-out time.
Depending on departure
time, guests may have the
option to enjoy a morning
trail ride.
12:30 p m
2:00 p m
Special cowboy activity to be
determined based on group
ability level
- or Opportunity to work on
individual requests
5:00 p m
Optional: Turn horses out
into evening pasture
6:30 p m
Social Hour
7:30 p m
f o r r e s e rvat i o n s : 8 7 7 . 7 8 6 . 1 5 4 5 | w e l c o m e @ t h e r a n c h at r o c kc r e e k . c o m | w w w. t h e R a n c h A t R o c k C r e e k . c o m | p h i l i p s b u r g , m o n ta n a
ranch horsemanship
about our program
Montana is made for horses and The Ranch at
comfort level. All equestrian activities are guided.
Rock Creek is made for riders. Wide-open skies,
Our horse herd is comprised mostly of American
sagebrush hillsides and alpine peaks are best seen
Quarter Horses for their all-around performance
on horseback. Part of our Relais & Chateaux and
ability, speed and strength, calm disposition and
Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star luxury experience is
innate cow-sense. The American Quarter Horse
having everything for a Western-style equestrian
is the ideal choice for ranch riding. Our equine
adventure at your fingertips. Our Rod & Gun
program welcomes all riding disciplines and skill
Club outfits guests with cowboy hats, boots and
riding helmets as needed. Our wranglers match
guests with horses based on the rider’s ability and
meet your clinicians
Scott Whinfrey is an
He has also done every job
accomplished horseman who has
imaginable on a ranch. During
trained horses and cowboyed all
spring he usually splits his time
over the United States as well
between the show pen and the
as Australia, Chile, Argentina,
branding pen. When not astride
and Mexico. A colt starter and
a horse, Scott is a singer of
performance horse trainer, Scott
cowboy songs, a guitar picker,
competes in Reined Cowhorse
a craftsmen of fine leather tack,
shows and Ranch Horse
a farrier, a clinician, and a cook
competitions and regularly earns
of all foods, from curries to
money in the NRCHA, NCHA,
campfire Dutch Oven dishes.
and the NSHA.
Lisa Kittel has worked for
in the horse industry from the
Reined Cowhorse trainers, Cut-
lowliest stall cleaning job to
ting trainers, Cow/Calf ranching
training and helping sell high-end
operations, and in a feedlot. Lisa
horses for the public. She likes
has competed and earned money
to rope in the branding pen as
in Ranch Horse competitions as
well as in the arena. Lisa is also
well as in the NRCHA. She is a
an avid gardener and seamstress,
colt starter and enjoys putting a
tans her own leather, and raises
foundation on young horses that
will allow them to excel in any
equine job. She has competed in
blacksmith competitions as a professional farrier and has worked
Above: Scott Whinfrey training a young
horse to track a cow. Left: Lisa Kittel on a
cattle drive near Kadoka, South Dakota
where she worked for a NRCHA trainer for
three years.
f o r r e s e rvat i o n s : 8 7 7 . 7 8 6 . 1 5 4 5 | w e l c o m e @ t h e r a n c h at r o c kc r e e k . c o m | w w w. t h e R a n c h A t R o c k C r e e k . c o m | p h i l i p s b u r g , m o n ta n a
equestrian program
f r e q u e n t ly a s k e d q u e s t i o n s
How many horses do you have?
What is Natural Horsemanship?
What type of roping will we learn?
We have a horse herd of seventy five. Our
This term applies to a style of training that
We will focus on ranch roping and team
herd is primarily comprised of Quarter
utilizes the horse’s own form of commu-
roping. Beginners will learn the basics of
Horses. Acclaimed for their all-around per-
nication to gain cooperation and respect
throwing a rope around a dummy on the
formance ability, speed and strength, calm
between horse and rider. It is ‘natural’ be-
ground. Depending on the confidence
disposition and innate cow-sense, the
cause it uses the horse’s unique psychology
level of the guest, there will be opportuni-
American Quarter Horse is the ideal choice
as a training tool.
ties to practice from horseback. Beginners
for ranch riding. We choose horses based
on guest’s experience level.
will start roping in the saddle using an
What is Groundwork?
This term applies to horse training from
What are your age restrictions?
the ground. Before sliding into the saddle,
automatic steer called a Heel-o-Matic.
Advanced ropers can practice ranch roping
or team roping on steers.
Due to the intense instruction of our
riders can establish respect, communi-
clinic, we recommend that participants
cation, trust and understanding through
What does it mean to wrangle in the
be over the age of fourteen. Generally
various exercises. Most of these exercises
morning and turn-out in the evening?
at The Ranch, children under the age of
focus on establishing your leadership posi-
Every evening, our horse herd is turned out
eight are recommended to join the Little
tion by moving your horse’s feet. It builds
into pastures to graze. In the morning, two
Grizzlies Kids Club to experience our
confidence for both horse and rider. Riders
to three wranglers ride out into the pasture
equine program. Exceptions are made for
can see how a horse thinks and moves his
and push the horses into the corrals near
advanced-intermediate young riders. The
feet in response to a cue. This will translate
the barn for the day’s work. Wrangling
Little Grizzlies Kids Club offers pony rides
later into saddle exercises where under-
horses is only offered to clinic participants.
for children ages three and up.
standing your horses hoof placement is
Can I bring my own horse?
What does NRCHA mean?
This acronym stands for National Reined
We do not allow guests to bring their own
What type of cattle will we work with?
Cow Horse Association. This association
horse to our ranch. We believe that riding
The Ranch has a herd of about forty
holds competitive events for working cow
on vacation is an opportunity to experience
Corriente cattle, commonly, but incorrect-
horses where riders must perform two to
new and different equine personalities.
ly referred to as Longhorns. The Corriente
three different tasks in the arena. The first
is a Spanish-derived breed of cattle similar
is a reining pattern. Next, a cow is released
in appearance to a Longhorn but smaller in
into the arena. Horse and rider perform
stature. Their smaller size, hardy disposi-
a cutting maneuver known as ‘boxing’
tion and medium sized horns make them
followed by fence work. Scores are awarded
ideal livestock for rodeo events where
to horse and rider based on equitation and
roping is required. They are not raised for
how much control the rider exhibits over
the cow.
Do you offer English riding?
We encourage all riders to experience
Western riding traditions while in Montana. Therefore, we do not offer English
riding. However, many of our wranglers
are familiar with English disciplines and
excel at helping English riders transition to
a Western riding style.
f o r r e s e rvat i o n s : 8 7 7 . 7 8 6 . 1 5 4 5 | w e l c o m e @ t h e r a n c h at r o c kc r e e k . c o m | w w w. t h e R a n c h A t R o c k C r e e k . c o m | p h i l i p s b u r g , m o n ta n a
F O R R E S E RVAT I O N S : 8 7 7 . 7 8 6 . 1 5 4 5
7 9 C A R R I A G E H O U S E L A N E | P H I L I P S B U RG , M O N TA N A 5 9 8 5 8
W E L C O M E @ T H E R A N C H AT RO C KC R E E K . C O M