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4 March 2015
community update
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council meetings
Council has received applications for the
proposed developments shown below. You
can inspect plans and documents relating to
the proposed developments by visiting our
Customer Services Counter, located on Level 1
of our Administration Centre, between 8.30am
and 4.30pm on weekdays, except public
If you consider that you may be affected by the
proposal, you can make a written submission.
If you object to the proposed development,
you’ll need to explain the grounds of the
objection in your submission.
6.30pm Tuesday 17 March 2015
Notice is hereby given in accordance with the
Environmental Planning & Assessment Act,
1979, as amended, of the following approvals
granted by Council:
DA 522/2014
Two Townhouses with Garages and Torrens
Title Subdivision (Dual Occupancy) at Lot 2932,
DP 1181803, 4 Foster Road, Flinders
For your information under the Government
Information (Public Access) Act 2009 we are
required to publicly release any correspondence
or information we have on this matter. If you
choose to make a submission, it may be viewed
as part of the information contained with the
DA, which means your personal information
may not be confidential. It will not however be
displayed on Council’s website.
Oak Flats
Any written submission must indicate whether
or not a ‘reportable political donation’ or ‘gift’ has
been made in the past two years to a Councillor
or Council employee. If yes, the submission
must be accompanied by a Political Donations
and Gifts Disclosure Statement. Political
Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement
forms will be kept in a public register held at
Council’s Administration Building and will also
be available on our website.
DA 25/2015
Two Storey Dwelling with Garage at Lot 7412,
DP 1126990, 20 Hinchinbrook Drive, Shell
The relevant form and explanatory information
can be obtained from Council’s Administration
Centre or Council’s website.
Written submissions must be received by
Council no later than 4.30pm of the day the
exhibition period concludes. Correspondence
can be made by emailing, faxing or by mail.
Details are provided at the bottom of this page.
DA NO: 193/2009 (Part 2)
APPLICANT: Todays Prestige Interiors Pty Ltd
DESCRIPTION: Amend Condition D19 to
Allow Fence to be Erected on Boundary and
Enclose the Mezzanine Levels of Both Units
LOCATION: Lot 11, DP 244040, 15 Miall Way,
Albion Park Rail
EXHIBITION PERIOD: 5 March 2015 – 25
March 2015
DA NO: 57/2015
APPLICANT: Pecorp Design
DESCRIPTION: Two Townhouses with Garages
and Torrens Title Subdivision (Dual Occupancy)
LOCATION: Lot 6552, DP 1191537, 7 Pine
Valley Place, Shell Cove
EXHIBITION PERIOD: 5 March 2015 – 25
March 2015
DA NO: 60/2015
Required - Authorisation under s100B under
Rural Fires Act 1997
Approval Body for the Bushfire Authority –
Rural Fire Service (RFS)
APPLICANT: Plannex Environmental Planning
DESCRIPTION: 14 Lot Torrens Title Residential
LOCATION: Lot 1028, DP 1052706, 21 Lyrebird
Close, Blackbutt
EXHIBITION PERIOD: 5 March 2015 – 25
March 2015
All correspondence address to:
The General Manager
Locked Bag 155
Shellharbour City Centre
NSW 2529
DA 26/2015
Demolition of Existing Caretakers Dwelling and
Ancillary Structures and Extension of Existing
Car Park at Lot 18, DP 243846, 109 Industrial
Road, Oak Flats
Shell Cove
DA 28/2015
Two Storey Dwelling with Garage at Lot 5105,
DP 1047358, 2 Bribie Avenue, Shell Cove
DA 424/2013 (Part 3)
Amendment to Dwelling Houses, Semi
Detached and Attached Dwellings, Torrens and
Community Title Subdivision (24 Dwellings in
Total) at Lot 9041, DP 1172320 (Proposed Lot
1275 in an approved plan of subdivision being
part of Lot 8422, DP 1169822) Shallows Drive,
Shell Cove
The next Ordinary meeting of Shellharbour
City Council will be held on Tuesday 17 March
2015, in the Council Chambers at Council’s
Administration Centre, Ground Floor, Lamerton
House, Lamerton Crescent, Shellharbour City
Centre (behind Stockland Shellharbour).
Business Papers for the Council Meeting will be
available to inspect on Friday 13 March 2015:
Boonerah Point,
Mt Warrigal
Online at Council’s website,
Friday 27 March 2015
At Council’s Administration Building,
Level 2,
Lamerton House, Lamerton Crescent,
Shellharbour City Centre;
4.30 - 5.30pm Lantern Workshops
At Council Libraries
Launch of the Art Trail
Movies under the Stars
Persons wishing to address Council on Items in
the agenda may register to do so by telephone
on 4221 6111 or in person at Council’s
Administration Centre from Friday 13 March
2015 until 10.00am on the day of the Council
6.00 - 7.00pm Lantern Workshops
Guidelines for registration to address Council at
the Council Meeting are available at the above
It should be noted that Council records and
webcasts its Council Meetings live to enhance
the accessibility of Council Meetings to the
broader Shellharbour City Community.
Council Meetings can now be viewed live via
webcast, downloaded from Council’s website
for later viewing, or purchased from Council for
viewing on a computer.
The development consents are available for
inspection free of charge on Level 1 of Council’s
Administration Building, Lamerton House,
Lamerton Crescent, Shellharbour City Centre.
public notices
15-21 March 2015
Women’s Health and
Wellness Expo
Thursday 12th March
Bella Portofino
115 Junction Road,
10am – 2pm
Come along to receive support and
guidance on your wellness journey
from a large variety of local health
and wellness businesses and service
Administration Centre
Lamerton House,
Lamerton Crescent
Shellharbour City Centre
NSW 2529
Shellharbour City Council in
partnership with Barnardo’s,
Killalea State Park, SACYA,
Grand Pacific Health and the
Decision Making is hosting a
Close the Gap (CTG) day.
Join us for workshops, stalls,
entertainment and a special
screening of ‘Uncle Jimmy Little
Memorial Tribute’
For more information, see our
Contact us
p. 02 4221 6111
f. 02 4221 6016
e. [email protected]
L !
Programs are
available on the
website, from the
libraries or calling
4257 9036