Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Norfolk School News
2 March 2015
Newsletter No. 5
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
School Focus:
To understand the class and school routines
including: Being prepared for the start of the school
day; Swimming routines; Being sunsmart.
Next week there will be a new focus based around
students currently learning goals in writing and
mathematics. Parents should take the time to talk to
their child/children about these goals. The aim is that
students take ownership for knowing their goals,
proving they are working on their goals and being
able to consider what their next goals might be.
New Website:
Our new website should be up and running over the
next few days. The address will remain the same,
which is The intention of the
new website is to develop a closer link between home
and school. Just like learning, the website will evolve
as new information is added over time. If parents and
caregivers have any ideas about what should be
added to the site, please feel free to send ideas to
[email protected]
Norfolk Swim Squad:
Mr Lewis has been working with a group of students
who have been selected for additional swimming
training. This is in preparation for the Country
Swimming Sports which will be held on Thursday 19
Question: How is the Country Swimming Squad
Selected? Norfolk is allocated 2 places for each
event. Due to the size of our school we are
sometimes allocated an additional place. Students
race in age groups, and are split into boys and girls.
At Norfolk School, students race during class
swimming and the enrichment programme to
determine who competes in which events. The 8 and
under age group is always a challenge. To be selected
students must be able to swim 25m (without
stopping) in two major swimming strokes.
Norfolk Legends:
Well done to the following students who have been
demonstrating our community values.
Week 4 – Term 1:
Sunshine Room: Kash Lindsay
Lion Pride (Room 1): Liam Brooker
Rocket Room (Room 2): Elliotte Hitchcock
Totara Room (Room 3): Mardi Vermeulen
Moa Hut (Room 4): Reuben Halliday
Summit Room (Room 5): Jayden Dravitzki
Urgent - Please Help: Mountain to Surf Marathon
The Taranaki Mountain to Surf Marathon is on
Saturday 7 March this year. Norfolk School will be
manning a drinks station at the 14.5km mark and
would like to hear from any volunteers who are keen
to help out. Everything needed is provided and
volunteers will just need to fill the cups and pass
them out to the thirsty runners! Please contact either
Paula in the Norfolk Office or Miss Carter if you are
available to help out.
School Closed on Friday 6 March
A reminder that school will be closed on Friday 6
March. This will provide families the chance to have
a longer weekend. The teaching staff will be heading
to Palmerston North to view two schools that have
been developing a future focused curriculum. School
will resume on Tuesday 10 March.
School Dates – Term 1 2015:
Friday 6 March
School closed
Monday 9 March
Taranaki Anniversary Day
Tuesday 10 March
Home & School AGM
Thursday 19 March
Country Swimming Sports
Thursday 2 April
Last day of Term 1
Thursday 3 April
Good Friday
Kind Regards,
Jason Elder – Principal
Home & School News:
Canterbury Clothing Fundraiser:
Reminder: orders and money need to be back by
Thursday 19 March. Please make cheques payable
to Norfolk Fundraiser. Thank you for your support.
Any enquiries please phone Claire Gower –
A.G.M: This will be held on Tuesday 10 March at
Norfolk School. Time: 7.00pm. If you are interested
in joining the Home & School feel free to come
along. We would love to see some new faces.
Kind Regards,
Tia Huta - Chairperson
Community Notices:
See the school website for these community
• Zoonotics Evening
• Stratford AFC Football Club Registration
• Inglewood Junior Rugby Registrations
Norfolk School News
2 March 2015
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Newsletter No. 5
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