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Seller Lead Follow Up
Brief notes from the BoldLeads webinar
Sample script for initial call: Agent: Thanks for stopping by my site! I'm working on a home
valuation for you.
Prospect: Oh, I thought it was an automatic computerized value.
Agent: Oh no, this is much more accurate. I’m familiar with your area
and can provide you with an actual valuation range.
I just need to find out: Have you made any improvements that would
affect your home's value? (let them talk about their home)
Are you thinking of moving in the next few months?
If prospect say yes: The best way to get an accurate value is for me to
visit the property to see the condition and upgrades. Is Monday at 2 or
Wednesday at 10 better for you?
If prospect says no: I will send you the value shortly. Would it be ok if I
send you quarterly updates on your home's value so that you can
keep up with the changing values?
Sample voicemail script: Hey [FIRST NAME], this is [YOUR NAME] with XYZ Realty. You had hit our site and requested the value of your home, and I have
some GREAT NEWS! Give me a call back at 123-456-7890 and I’d love to share that with
The “great news” can be: • That they qualify for your Guaranteed Sale program
• You have xx amount of buyers looking in their area
• Inventory in their neighborhood is really low, and it’s a seller’s market!
Follow-up tips from top performing agents:
1. Call/text immediately. (6x over 48 hrs) Get them on the phone!
2. Leave a voicemail either after the first call or the last call.
3. Send them a handwritten note. (optional)
4. Set them up on new listing/sale alerts.
5. Enable email drip campaigns and setup CloudCMA to send out a
CMA either monthly or quarterly. 6. Add to your just listed & just sold print campaigns.
7. Patience and consistency!
8. Use a follow-up process that fits your style and personality.
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