My recipes by Albert Roux

Bridor in partnership with Albert Roux
My recipes by Albert Roux
“j’aurais tellement aimé l’inventer !...”
I first encountered Bridor many years ago when the quality
and consistency of their Viennoiserie and Breads was
revolutionising the art of baking.
I discovered their newest range of breads, the Arc En Ciel
collection – ‘Rainbow’ in French – at SIRHA in Lyon: it was
love at first sight, and I knew then that I wanted to work in
partnership with Bridor to develop ways in which to use
these fantastic breads.
Andre Dang interviews Chef Albert Roux and
Erwan Inizan, Bridor UK Sales Director
Andre Dang: Bridor is known in the UK for its ranges of high-quality viennese pastries,
breads and pâtisseries. How does Arc en Ciel fit within these ranges?
Erwan Inizan: The current Bridor ranges are outstanding products suitable for any
establishment looking to offer high-quality stone-baked products and all butter pastries. But
Arc en Ciel is different from all of these.
The modern, coloured breads in the Arc en Ciel collection have two applications: firstly, for a chef
to see a bread as an ingredient in a meal is very new for me - something I haven’t seen before.
As M. Roux has said you can use it as breadcrumbs, but you can also use it for buffet,
Afternoon Tea and as a premium sandwich base. We’ve even trialled it as a base for the
premium burgers, which are very trendy at the moment, so there are many applications.
Andre Dang: Bridor have announced a working partnership with Chef Albert Roux. What does
The different flavours allow chefs a new freedom to express their creativity.
this mean for Bridor?
Andre Dang: Chef Roux, could you describe the recipes you have created with the Arc en Ciel
Erwan Inizan: Albert Roux has been a supporter of Bridor for many years, using our breads
and pastries in his restaurants. After discovering the Arc En Ciel breads at SIRHA, he came to
Chef Roux: To launch my partnership with Bridor and Arc En Ciel, not only have I developed a
Bridor with his own recipes for using them, and so a natural association between Bridor and
Chef Roux was formed.
collection of Afternoon Tea sandwiches, but I have chosen to make coloured, modern, appetizing
recipes. We’ve started with classical recipes, taking inspiration from Spain and Italy, as well as
Bridor has a strong presence in the UK market so we are also proud partners of the Roux
France, which will enhance the flavour of the main component that goes into it. It’s a product
Scholarship in the UK. We are also passionate about Chefs; we are passionate about gastronomy;
made for ‘Cuisine du Soleil’.
and we are passionate about the Roux family:
Andre Dang: Chef Roux, what appeals to you in this partnership?
Chef Roux: I love coloured cuisine from England as much as from abroad and these coloured
and flavoured breads allow you to express how you feel about food. The basic product is
wonderful: it’s pure, and the flavours that emanate from each style is absolutely fantastic,
allowing me to create original finger-foods, snacks and creative dishes using flavoured
breadcrumbs – as served at Le Gavroche – or simple, stylish and colourful sandwiches for
afternoon tea, which we serve very successfully at our hotels in Scotland.
The greatest compliment I can pay to the beauty of the Arc en Ciel is that I look at it; I taste
it; and I say why should I spend my time or my people’s time trying to produce something as
good as this when I have it right here?
Not just the cost of labour but finding somebody in my kitchen to give me that product,
that quality, that same bread every morning. Arc En Ciel bread doesn’t ask me if it can go on
holiday, it doesn’t have a wife, kids, It’s never sick, it’s there!
Lemon and Thyme
An harmonious mix of thyme with
the freshness of crystallised lemon.
Ref: 32983
60 pieces/case
Ref: 32989
25 pieces/case
Mint and Garlic
The flavour of pickle jus made from
cider, garlic, mint, vegetable stock and
spinach, gives this bread a mild, pleasant acidity.
Ref: 32979
60 pieces/case
Ref: 32985
25 pieces/case
Natural, elegant and beautifully coloured, Arc en Ciel breads
extend the Bridor range of bakery products available to
restaurants, caterers and event organisers.
In keeping with modern trends, the Arc en Ciel range is
original, tasty and natural in a wide range of colours and
flavours: Nori – savoury with a tangy taste reminiscent of
the sea; Curry – exotically spicy; Mint and Garlic – cool and
pungent ; Tomato confit – simply Mediterranean; and Pickled
Lemon with Thyme – sun-drenched and fragrant.
Red seaweed, dried, milled into
a powder and then mixed into the
dough during kneading, to give the crumb
a slightly salty taste reminiscent of the sea.
Ref: 32982
60 pieces/case
Ref: 32988
25 pieces/case
Island Curry
Made with our own unique spice mix
inspired by the Spice Islands: coriander
for heat, fenugreek for a hint of spicy celery,
ginger for a lively note of lemon and pepper, and turmeric
for a hint of warmth and a naturally intense yellow colour.
Ref: 32981
60 pieces/case
Ref: 32987
25 pieces/case
Arc en Ciel provides you with the means to create original
finger-food ideas, luxury snacks, creative dishes, or simple and
stylish colourful sandwiches. By cutting Arc en Ciel breads
to different shapes and matching them with the flavours of
different ingredients, you can create endless possibilities.
The bread is delicate and light in texture and is made
with traditional, 100% natural French flour with no added
colouring. Available as 35g individual rolls and 80g loaves.
Simply bake in a preheated oven for 5 minutes at 165°C and
you’re ready to go!
Tomato confit
Oven dried tomato macerated
in olive oil, coriander and a
Herbes de Provences marinade.
Ref: 32984
60 pieces/case
Ref: 32990
25 pieces/case
Our base bread (from which all the
other flavours stem), is a ciabatta style
loaf, with an open texture, made with
2% First Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Ref: 32980
60 pieces/case
Ref: 32986
25 pieces/case.
Whether for sandwiches, cocktails, or Afternoon Tea, the days of
ordinary sandwiches made with just white and brown bread are
now over. Arc en Ciel can really become part of our daily life:
I have created the following recipes not just to highlight how
Arc En Ciel breads can be used, but to illustrate some of the ways
that my team and I already use these versatile breads, both at
Le Gavroche and in our Chez Roux restaurants.
I hope that you are inspired to experiment and use these wonderful
breads: the possibilities are endless.
Arc en Ciel
Plated dishes
By experimenting with flavoured breadcrumbs using the various breads from Arc En Ciel we have
discovered that, the purity of every flavour truly enhances the final dish.
Serves 6
Simply remove the bread from the freezer and
bake in a preheated oven for 5 minutes at 165°C
and leave to cool.
3 racks of lamb, bones removed
500g shelled green peas
200g baby onions
500g shelled broad beans
A few leaves of fresh mint
18 cherry tomatoes blanched,
with skins split and peeled back
18 baby carrots blanched
300ml lamb jus
Salt and pepper
Mint crust:
80g Arc En Ciel Mint bread
180g butter
180g breadcrumb
6 leaves of mint roughly chopped
Salt and pepper
Trim the lamb loins, removing all fat and skin and
dividing in half to give six portions. Set aside, then
prepare the vegetables.
Blanch and peel the broad beans and peas, then
peel and glaze the baby onions. Set to one side.
To prepare the mint crust, slice the mint bread
into cubes and place into a food processor. Add
the butter, chopped mint, salt and pepper to taste,
then pulse briefly until all ingredients are just
mixed into a ball. Do not over work.
Roll the mixture between 2 sheets of greaseproof
paper and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Cut
into a rectangular shape big enough to cover the
surface of each of the lamb loins.
To serve:
Season the meat and in a hot oiled pan, seal the
meat on all sides. Place in a preheated oven at
200°C and roast to your liking (we prefer pink,
so we suggest 25 minutes). Remove from heat
and leave to rest.
Meanwhile, heat up the baby onions in the lamb
jus. Add the carrots, peas and broad beans, and
stir in a teaspoon of butter. Just before plating, add
the tomato and chiffonade of mint.
Trim the edges of each loin and place a rectangle
of crust over each one. Place under the grill for
a few minutes to brown slightly. Finish the dish
by spooning the vegetables and sauce onto the
plates and placing the loins on top.
Chef’s advice: Do not over bake the crust to keep a vibrant colour.
Albert Roux’s tip for beverage pairing: A glass of Morgenhof Estate premiere selection.
This recipe was inspired by my travels in Asia. The spice markets were of particular inspiration to me, and here,
I’ve used a Sri Lankan black curry powder, which is a base for many of that county’s curries. This particular recipe
is from the menu at Le Gavroche.
Serves 6
For the breadcrumb
and croutes:
80g Arc En Ciel
yellow Curry bread
1 small pinch dried
1 small pinch dried
seaweed powder
Olive oil
For the prawn
8 Tiger prawns
(shelled and deveined)
10 basil leaves
Salt and pepper
2 egg yolks
1 tbsp plain flour
100g raw chorizo
Arc En Ciel Curry
bread crumbs
Smoked paprika
For the scallops:
12 scallops
80g butter
1 tbsp black curry
40ml olive oil
Pinch salt
For the basmati
100g basmati rice
500ml water
500ml shellfish stock
3cm piece of peeled
fresh ginger
1 fresh lemon
Extra virgin olive oil
100g unsalted butter
For the dressing:
250ml Minus 8 vinegar
(or white wine vinegar
if not available)
250ml clear honey
1 red chilli, split
1 tbsp liquid glucose
1 fresh ginger
4 stalks of coriander
For the parsley
beurre blanc:
1 bunch fresh parsley
(washed, picked off
stems and refreshed
in ice water)
100g shallot
500g unsalted butter
240ml white wine
120ml white wine
200ml fresh cream
For the garnish:
Fresh beansprouts
The Curry bread is going to be used two ways
and should be prepared the day before you
serve the dish. Taking the loaf from frozen,
slice the bread into 3 paper-thin slices. Sprinkle
these with salt, olive oil, dried oregano and
dried seaweed and bake pressed between two
baking trays at 180°C for 7 minutes. Store in an
airtight tin until required.
Cut the remaining bread into cubes and blitz
them in a food processor until they form
coarse breadcrumbs. Leave these to dry at
40°C for 12 hours, then blitz again until you
achieve a more fine-grained flat breadcrumb.
Keep these in an airtight tin until required.
For the croquette: finely dice the prawns,
chorizo and basil. Mix with the egg, salt and
pepper, and a pinch of smoked paprika until
combined. Divide the mix into 40g portions,
and lay them on small squares of cling film.
Wrap around each portion and use the cling
film to form the mix into balls. Freeze for
about 3 hours.
For the rice puree: bring the water and
basmati rice to the boil in a saucepan,, then
simmer for 7 minutes before draining. Finish
cooking by adding shellfish stock and fresh
ginger and simmer.
Cook for 20 minutes, then add the cream
and saffron and continue cooking for another
5 minutes. Remove the ginger then pour the
mix into a blender with the remaining stock,
lemon juice, salt and pepper and blend on
high speed. The consistency should not be too
dense. Set aside and keep warm.
For the dressing: reduce the minus 8 vinegar
to half, add the honey, ginger, and glucose and
boil. Remove the saucepan from the heat
and add 1 chilli and coriander. Cover with
cling film and leave to infuse for 30 minutes.
Strain and cool.
For the parsley beurre blanc: peel and slice
the shallots. In a large saucepan, melt a knob of
butter and cook the shallots until translucent,
but without colouring. Add the white wine
and vinegar. Simmer gently and reduce by half.
Add the cream and reduce by half again. With
the remaining butter, slowly whisk in a cube
at a time. Be careful not to increase the heat
otherwise it will split. Season to taste, then
blend one third of the sauce with the parsley.
Add the rest then pass through a fine sieve.
Season to taste.
Prepare the garnishes: blanch the
beansprouts in boiling salted water for a few
minutes. Cool and season with extra virgin
olive oil, salt and oregano.
Construct the dish: prepare a beurre
noisette, then add the reserved Curry
breadcrumbs with a pinch of salt, pepper
and dry seaweed. Keep to one side. This will
be the base on which the scallops will sit.
Sprinkle a griddle pan with oil and once hot,
sear the scallops and cook for a few minutes
on each side until a golden colour. Add the
butter and black curry powder, frosting
each scallop until just cooked. Remove the
croquettes from the freezer. Unwrap from
the cling film then drop each ball first into
flour, then in beaten egg and lastly in the curry
bread crumbs. Fry at 160°C and be careful
not to increase the temperature, otherwise
you will lose the lovely colour of the bread
and it will become dark and slightly bitter.
Sprinkle when still hot with smoked paprika.
To present the dish, spoon three circles of
beurre noisette breadcrumbs on to the dish,
then place a curried scallop on top of each
one. Place a croquette on the plate, then dot
the basmati puree and parsley beurre blanc
around the dish, finishing with the asparagus
and beansprouts.
Chef’s advice: Slice the bread as thin as you can to form laced curry tuile, do not over bake to keep the colour vibrant.
Albert Roux’s tip for beverage pairing: A glass of German Riesling.
Serves 6
For the bread:
35g Arc En Ciel Lemon
and Thyme bread
Coriander oil
For the chicken
tandoori first
2 chicken breast
1 tsp ginger paste
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp salt
1 tsp red chilli powder
For second
1 tbsp onion paste
1 tbsp Greek yoghurt
1/2 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp vegetable oil
For aubergine
4 aubergines
1 tbsp tajna paste
2 tbsp Greek yogurt
5 tbsp olive oil
For coriander oil:
1 bunch fresh
1/2 lt olive oil
For cumin cooler:
50g mint leaves
1 lt water
1 tbsp cumin seeds
1 1/2 tbsp fennel seeds
4 lemons
1 tsp ground black
2 tbsp salt
6 tbsp sugar
For cucumber yogurt:
1 medium cucumber
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
4 tbsp Greek yogurt
Mint leaves chopped
Baby cucumber with
For root vegetables:
4 okra
2 black radish
2 large turnip
2 carrot
1 red onion
2 pandan leaves
Micro coriander
For the bread: dice the bread into
5 cm square pieces and toast in the
oven with cumin seeds coriander oil,
garlic and salt.
For the chicken: trim the supreme
without the bone and season with salt,
rubbing over with the mix of the first
tandoori marination. Organize the
supreme in a sous vide vac-pac bag
and leave to marinate for 20 minutes.
Heat the oil in a frying pan and sear
on each side. Remove from the heat.
Mix all the ingredients together for the
second marination, spread over the
breast and transfer to an oven preheated to 200°C for 5 to 8 minutes.
For the coriander oil: pick, wash and
blanche the coriander leaf. Infuse the
leaves with olive oil in a sauce pot.
Bring to 60°C, cover with cling film
and leave to one side for 2 hours.
Blitz in thermomix. Pass through a fine
chinoise and cloth.
For aubergine compote: wash the
aubergines and place them on a really
hot grill. Leave them to grill on each
side until the skin is almost burned.
When cooked all the way through,
place them in a container and cover
with cling film, for at least an hour.
At this stage take the skin off, squeeze
the pulp until you eliminate all
the excess water. Blitz the pulp in
thermomix with tajna, salt and oil until
really smooth. Pass through a fine
chinoise if necessary. Finally, add the
Greek yogurt to the mix and chill.
For cumin cooler: add the mint leaves
to the water and chill for 30 minutes.
Remove the mint and keeping 15-20
small leaves for garnish, muddle the
rest to a fine paste using a mortar.
Return them to the water then strain
through a fine sieve. Add the rest of
the ingredients to the water and stir
well. Check the seasoning, the flavour
should be quite intense from the mint
and the cumin. Fill the short glasses
with a third of crushed ice, garnish with
For cucumber yogurt: toast the
cumin seeds and when cold, add the
Greek yogurt, the chopped mint and
the diced cucumber. (option is to add
pomegranate or red onion). Finally, add
the chopped mint.
For the root vegetables: wash and
dice all the vegetables, and blanche in
boiling water. Add chopped garlic and
anice seeds to the vegetables. Drop
them on the block of salt when really
hot, this helps season the vegetables
on the cooking block without adding
any extra salt. Garnish with micro
coriander, and keep the vegetables
crunchy from the start, as they will
continue to cook as you serve on the
block. Add diced bread to the
vegetables. Keep one bread cube
slightly larger to quenelle the aubergine
compote and the Greek yogurt.
Chef’s advice: Keep the colour of the vegetable nice and vibrant and
not overcook, al dente, and to put the bread as last element on the block.
Albert Roux’s tip for beverage pairing: A crisp Pinot Grigio.
Traditionally, a Calzone is a crescent shaped filled pizza. Here, I’ve come up with a deconstructed version,
using ingredients that suit the sunny flavours of the bread.
Serves 8
8 Sundried Tomato
bread toasts (from
1 x 80g Arc En Ciel
Tomato loaf)
350g middle cut of
tuna loin
10g dry seaweed
200g feta cheese
Dried oregano
Olive oil
Green olives
4 Sponzali or
Grelot onions
150g ricotta cheese
Micro Greek basil
1 head of Castelfranco
Baby rocket leaf
Bonito flakes
2 heirloom tomatoes
4 baby cucumber
Purple sorrel
2 baby fennel
Black salt
30ml white balsamic
Simply remove from the freezer, and
bake in a preheated oven for 5 minutes
at 165°C. Then, cut off the top, spread
with oil and black salt and toast in the
oven until crunchy.
For the tuna: trim the tuna into a
rectangular loin, season then sear the
sides on a plancha grill. Serve cold.
Spread with dry seaweed.
For the cheese: dice the feta and season
with dried oregano, pepper and olive oil.
Leave to marinate for 1 hour. Put the
ricotta in a thermomix, and blend in olive
oil, salt and pepper. Set aside.
For the vegetables: wash and shave the
vegetables, keep them with the salad in
ice water for at least 1 hour until they
become really crunchy. Season them with
olive oil, basil and white balsamic vinegar.
Blanch the tomato and cut lengthwise,
removing the seeds. Use as a base to
place the remainder of the vegetables
and cheese.
Construct the dish: slice the olives.
Spread the ricotta on the bread, top with
the sliced tuna and a slice of tomato.
Place all the shaved vegetables and the
feta cheese on top, and finish with light
sprinkling of bonito flakes. Serve warm.
Chef’s advice: Do not over cook the tuna, keep the vegetables in ice water, before dressing,
remove the middle part of the bread so the fish can sit into it.
Albert Roux’s tip for beverage pairing: A Pinot Grigio.
This was a well known dish in the Victorian era, and is mentioned in Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management.
I’ve updated it by using the Arc En Ciel lemon thyme bread, which lifts the traditional anchovy.
Serves 6
Simply remove from the freezer, and bake in a
preheated oven for 5 minutes at 165°C.
6 x 35g Arc En Ciel Lemon
and Thyme bread
24 marinated anchovy fillets
100g butter
3 tbsp double cream
12 eggs beaten
Salt and pepper
1 tsp of chopped chives
Slice each bread into 2 thick slices lengthways
and toast.
Set 2 anchovy fillets on each slice and brush the
top with soft butter and place under the grill for a
few minutes.
Melt the butter in a pan, add the beaten egg and
season, stir with a wooden spoon until scrambled,
remove from heat and add the cream to stop the
cooking process.
Spoon the scrambled egg equally on each toast
and sprinkle with chives.
Chef’s advice: Do not slice the bread too thinly.
Toast over a high heat to keep it moist in the centre.
Albert Roux’s tip for beverage pairing: A Touraine Sauvignon Blanc.
Arc en Ciel
Afternoon Tea
These Sushi style rolled sandwiches are served for Afternoon Tea at all six of our Chez Roux Scottish hotels.
These are a complete departure from the conventional tea sandwich and my colleagues wondered if they
would be too different, but the customers loved them. So, Arc en Ciel won the day.
Serves 6
Simply remove from the freezer, and bake in
a preheated oven for 5 minutes at 165°C.
6 loaves of Arc En Ciel
Tomato Bread (80g size)
1 aubergine, sliced lengthways
and grilled
2 courgettes, sliced lengthways
and grilled
2 red peppers, roasted, skinned
and deseeded
4 tbsp basil pesto
4 tbsp tomato chutney
2 Mozzarella balls, thinly sliced
When the bread has cooled, slice each loaf
lengthways, creating a thinner ‘lid’ and a thicker
bottom section. Using a knife, remove a little
bread from the centre of this bottom section to
create a shallow ‘boat’.
Spread the tomato on the cut side of the lid, and
the pesto on the base. On the bottom section,
layer the vegetables and mozzarella along the
entire length of the bread, starting with the slices
of grilled aubergine, roasted pepper, mozzarella
and finish with the courgettes.
Close the lid to cover the filling, then transfer
to a sheet of cling film big enough to roll the
sandwich up tightly like a Swiss roll, leaving the
ends free to twist up like a boiled sweet. Place
in a fridge for a few hours.
To serve: slice each roll into 6, with the cling film
still wrapped around, then remove from each slice
and present on a platter.
These sandwiches can be kept refrigerated and
wrapped for up to 2 days before serving.
Chef’s advice: Remove a little bread from centre for more filling.
Secure with cling film for better shell life and slicing.
Albert Roux’s tip for beverage pairing: A Pinot Grigio.
By far the most popular sandwich served at Afternoon Tea. The secret is using a good quality smoked
salmon that is not too fatty on the palate. The wasabi cream cheese when paired with the Nori bread
gives a freshness and piquancy.
Serves 6
Simply remove from the freezer, and bake in a
preheated oven for 5 minutes at 165°C.
6 loaves of Arc En Ciel
Nori Bread (80g size)
350g sliced smoked salmon
250g cream cheese
1 tbsp wasabi paste
2 avocados
1 lemon, juiced
Once cooled, slice each loaf lengthways, creating a
thinner ‘lid’ and a thicker bottom section. Using a
knife, remove a little bread from the centre of this
bottom section to create a shallow ‘boat’.
Stir the wasabi paste into the cream cheese and
check the seasoning: if you require a little more
heat, add a little more wasabi.
Peel and slice the avocados, seasoning with lemon
juice and salt to taste.
Spread the cream cheese on both cut sides of the
bread. Arrange the slices of smoked salmon to
cover the whole length of the bread, then finish
with a layer of avocado slices.
Close the lid to cover the filling, then transfer to a
sheet of cling film big enough to roll the sandwich
up tightly like a Swiss roll, leaving the ends free to
twist up like a boiled sweet. Place in a fridge for
a few hours.
To serve: slice each roll into 6, with the cling film
still wrapped around, then remove from each slice
and present on a platter.
These sandwiches can be kept refrigerated and
wrapped for up to 2 days before serving.
Chef’s advice: Remove a little bread from centre for more filling.
Secure with cling film for better shelf life and slicing.
Albert Roux’s tip for beverage pairing: A glass of Bourgone Aligote.
Arc en Ciel
Serves 6
For the cocoa bread:
1 Plain Arc En Ciel
loaf (80g)
100g olive oil
100g simple syrup
50g icing sugar
50g cocoa powder
For bubble tea:
50g water
50g English breakfast
250g sugar
200g yuzu juice
10g soy lecithin
3g citric acid
For the pomelo
1lt water
75g honey bush tea
1g saffron threads
250g pomelo juice
250g sugar
250g glucose
1 pomelo
For the Bread
150g Plain Arc En Ciel
bread, crusts removed.
and cubed
625ml double cream
125g sugar
2g salt
Seeds from 4 vanilla
125g unsalted butter
cut into cubes
For the chocolate
400g chocolate
(72% cocoa)
400g cocoa butter
For yuzu sorbet:
200ml water
180g caster sugar
35ml liquid glucose
8 fresh yuzu
For lemon chiboust:
6 egg yolks
80g sugar
40g flour
350ml milk
1/2 vanilla pod
50ml lemon juice
+ zest
For Italian meringue:
80ml water
360g sugar
30g glucose
6 egg whites
For shiso sugar:
100g sugar
8 shiso leaf
3g ascorbic acid
Edible flower
Bronze powder
For chocolate
6 chocolate spheres
80ml water
100g sugar
500ml double cream
50g salted butter
Chef’s advice: Don’t let the bread plaque defrost
completely, toast your bread at 60°C without any
brown colour, keep it crispy but white.
Albert Roux’s tip for beverage pairing:
A chilled Tokaj.
For the chocolate spray: Pour the chocolate mixture
into a whipped cream bottle. Tighten the screw cap
and shake the siphon. Remove the gas cartridge
holder. Put a new pressure cartridge into the white
holder. Tighten the cartridge holder completely and
quickly onto the siphon and wait until the hissing
sound stops. Repeat with another cartridge. Remove
the cartridge holder and replace it with the small cap.
Shake the siphon firmly a couple of times then press
the lever to pipe into a container. Place the container
in a Vac-pac machine and pump the air out. Stop the
machine in the middle of the process and leave for
the chocolate to set (about 20 minutes).
For the cocoa bread: from frozen, cut the bread
into 1” x 6” pieces. Using a meat slicer, slice pieces
2mm thick. Place the bread slices on concertinaed
parchment paper. Pour the oil and simple syrup into
a mister bottle, and spray the bread all over. Mix the
sugar and cocoa powder in a small bowl. Sift this
mixture evenly over the bread. Let the bread dry in
a warm place for about 3 hours, then place the bread
on a rack and spray an even coating of chocolate
spray. Place in freezer for 30 minutes and repeat the
spray process.
For bubble tea: using a small saucepan, bring the
water to the boil and remove from the heat. Add
the tea and steep for 10 minutes. Strain through a
sieve. Add the sugar, yuzu juice, lecithin, and citric acid
to a blender and blend until thoroughly mixed.
Strain through a muslin and sieve. Cover and leave
in the fridge.
For pomelo confit: bring the water to the boil.
Remove from the heat, then add the saffron and tea
and steep for 10 minutes. Pass through a sieve. To the
drained liquid, add the pomelo juice, sugar and liquid
glucose and bring to the boil. Using a peeler, peel the
pomelo from top to bottom in 1 continuous strip.
Remove the white pith and put into a pan with the
liquid base. Simmer over a medium heat for 2 hours.
Remove the zest from the liquid and cut into fine
shreds. Return to the pan and cook for another
15 to 30 minutes, until tender. Remove the shreds,
and reduce the remaining liquid to a thick syrup.
For the bread plaque: warm the bread, cream, sugar,
salt and vanilla seeds in a saucepan over a medium
heat, stirring to prevent the bread from scorching.
When the mix comes to the boil, remove from the
heat and transfer to a blender and blend until smooth.
Reduce the speed and add the butter in cubes, 2 to 3
at a time to form an emulsion, strain through a sieve,
then pour over scrunched up parchment paper and
freeze overnight. The next day, break into pieces.
For lemon chiboust: place the egg yolk and about
one third of the sugar in a bowl and whisk until pale
and a light ribbon forms. Sift in the flour and mix
well. Combine the milk and remaining sugar with the
vanilla seeds and bring to the boil. Pour one third
onto the egg mix, stirring. Continue heating the mix,
boiling for 2 minutes. Transfer into a bowl to cool.
Leave until tepid, then using a whisk, stir in one third
of the meringue. Using a spatula, gently fold in the
remainder until completely smooth, and freeze.
For yuzu sorbet: put the sugar, liquid glucose and
water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Cut the
yuzu in half and squeeze out the juice. Strain through
a sieve, then add into the syrup and stir. Turn the ice
cream machine on and pour the sorbet mixture into
it. Turn for about 15/20 minutes.
For the Italian meringue: in a saucepan, combine the
water, sugar and glucose. Simmer to allow sugar to
dissolve (do not stir), then bring to the boil, making
sure the liquid reaches soft boil stage (112°C). In the
meantime, in a mixer, beat the egg whites until soft
peaks form. With the mixer running, slowly pour the
hot sugar syrup in a thin stream over the egg whites.
Beat until the egg whites are stiff and glossy. Set aside
for the lemon chiboust.
For shiso sugar: combine the sugar, shiso leaves
and ascorbic acid into a blender and blend for about
1 minute at high speed. Keep refrigerated.
For the salted caramel spheres: in a saucepan, add
the water and sugar. Cook the sugar without stirring
until it turns a lovely deep amber. Take the pan off the
heat and immediately beat in the cream, stirring with
a whisk. Put the pan back on the heat and cook for
2 to 3 minutes. Add 2 egg yolks and salted butter to
make the sauce thicker. Fill the chocolate sphere with
caramel mixture and brush with the bronze powder.
Construct the dish: on a large round plate, place
pieces of the bread plaque. On this, sprinkle the shiso
sugar and lemon chiboust. Dot the chocolate spheres
around the plate and balance the chocolate bread
wafers on top. Finally finish with a quenelle of
yuzu sorbet.
Cooking, Cutting and Presenting Tips
for Arc En Ciel Breads.
Arc En Ciel breads come frozen, and are available either as
35g or 80g loaf. To prepare the bread, simply remove from
the freezer, and bake in a preheated oven for 5 minutes at
165°C. Leave to cool, then use as desired.
Regardless of flavour the bread can be used either frozen
or baked, depending on the application:
Small slices
Using an 80g loaf, thin slices can be created for canapés
and open sandwiches by making straight vertical cuts down
the loaf.
Large slices
Using an 80g loaf, large slices can be created either by slicing
along the entire loaf horizontally, or carving long thin slices
along the entire vertical length. Even thinner slices, can be
created by slicing the bread from frozen, then baking the
slices in the oven flattened between two baking trays.
Decorative shapes
Your creativity is only restricted by the cutters you have
available! Shapes are best cut using sliced frozen bread and
metal cutters. Ideas could include leaves, hearts and fluted
rounds – all of which can be used for canapés or garnishes.
Taking an 80g loaf, slice in half on a slant, creating two equal
pieces with a slanted top. Usie a long handled apple corer to
remove the centre of the bread, creating an unusual basket
for fillings.
Shallow boats
Take an 80g loaf, slice in half horizontally. and using a sharp
knife, carve out a U shaped channel, which can then be filled
with products, such as a whole fillet of smoked salmon.
Our products
Bridor offers a range of over 30 gourmet recipes, crafted by
Bridor offers a wide range of generous, flavoursome
master bakers from the Lenôtre school in Paris.
pre-baked recipes (baguettes, bread, catering breads and
As a supplier to bakers, hotels and restaurants, we provide
top-quality products marketed under six brands: Une Recette
Lenôtre Professionnel, Éclat du Terroir, Pure Bio Organic,
Les Gourmandiz and Arc en Ciel, by Frédéric Lalos.
All Bridor de France products are manufactured in France –
and inspired by the traditional knowhow of French artisans.
As a supplier to bakers, hotels and restaurants, Bridor aims
for excellence, providing clients with top-quality products.
sandwich breads). We supply bakers, hotels and restaurants
with a wide variety of pastries and ‘pains gourmands’ for
all tastes – Éclat du Terroir pastries, Une Recette Lenôtre
Professionnel bread and the Gourmandiz range of pastries.
In addition to its role as a pastry provider, Bridor also lays
on training and vocational initiatives on a regular basis.
These courses are designed to perfect trainees’ skills for
every stage of preparation, from traying to presentation, via
proofing and baking.
True to its values of prestige and excellence, Bridor offers
only hydrogenated fat-free, all-butter products. The vanilla
used to make pains au chocolat comes from real vanilla
pods, rather than artificial flavouring.
Bridor pastries use recipes inspired by traditional French
baking. These involve a long fermentation process, adding
a wealth of flavours to our pastries.
In a constant quest for innovation, pastry provider Bridor
is expanding its various brands to include new ranges
of generous, gourmet products. Our croissants, pains
au chocolat and pains aux raisins will delight your
tastebuds drawing their inspiration from the sources of
Meanwhile the Gourmandiz range will transport your
senses with its gourmet pastries, and Mini Fruit Baskets offer
a self-indulgent gourmet treat.
Pastry provider Bridor’s products are quick and easy to
use – making them ideal for hotel and catering use. For
instance, our pre-proofed, pre-egg washed, ready-to-bake
pastries can be baked directly in bakers’ and catering ovens.
There’s no need for a fermentation room or qualified
In order to bring you a full service offering, to cover
natural shine, thin crust, creamy texture, and a more subtle
from breakfast right through to after dinner petits fours,
sweetness, as a direct result of producing our own marzipan
Bridor presents Pâtisserie Bridor – in association with
from pure ground Valencia almonds, which are beaten into
Maison Lenôtre Paris.
the egg whites until stiff, and then whipping in the sugar.
Bridor offers 50 varieties of different breads. They are all
Bridor takes the greatest care in selecting its flour – this
natural, made using French traditional flour, slowly kneaded
must be of at least T 65 category – to ensure high-quality
The collections come in a range that mixes both classic
and fermented for hours to produce enhanced flavours.
deep-frozen bread, made as traditionally as possible using
and all-new flavours:
All are pre-baked on baking stones for extra crust and flavour.
natural, French flour, and guaranteed additive-free. Bridor,
and supplied deep-frozen for easy baking (15 – 20 minutes).
a supplier of bread and pastries, is constantly engaged in
Bridor offers a wide selection of crispy golden baguettes
and stone-baked loaves and rolls, destined for hotel and
research, devising products that are a skillful blend of health
Bite sized selections of delicate patisseries, including mini
and wellbeing.
fruit tartlets with crisp pastry and flavours inspired by nature,
crafted by master bakers from the Lenôtre School in Paris.
Bridor recipes are varied, easy to use and economical –
and will satisfy all tastes! Bridor part-baked breads ensures
They help make Bridor a renowned provider of bread and
guaranteed freshness and quality. Deep freezing does not
pastries to delight the tastebuds of even the most discerning
affect product flavour in any way.
catering professionals. The range includes prestigious recipes
such as pear and verbena , all chocolate selection and mixed
petits fours, which use Grand Cru couverture chocolate
Flavours include raspberry, lemon, pistachio, salt caramel,
vanilla and chocolate.
Inspired by the traditional Paris Brest, but taking in flavours
of the world, this new collection consists of flavoured light
butter mousse inside a puff pastry shell with a colourful
crumble topping.
(72% cocoa) blending cocoa beans from Tanzania, Sao Tomé
Six flavours are ready to take you on a sensory journey:
and the Ivory Coast to give a lingering taste with fruity notes.
BREST has a hazelnut-almond praline, NEW YORK with
its cream cheese and caramelised macadamia nut pieces,
gourmets.The recent launch of a range of large Bridor loaves
“Signé Frédéric Lalos” has been a resounding success. These
The prestigious French “macaronage” method gives Lenôtre
outstanding products are suitable for any establishment
ZANZIBAR made with Passy Cacao Barry chocolate mousse
macaroons their unequalled beauty, elegance and unique
looking to offer high-quality stone-baked products.
and finally DEAUVILLE with its salted butter caramel.
flavour. Each macaroon has a beautiful rounded form,
MONTREAL with its cranberries, TOKYO with its Yuzu juice,
Bridor in partnership with Albert Roux
My recipes by Albert Roux