MCCORMICK NEWS McCormick Hosts Dinner with Provost Chris Kaiser October 2012

Issue 2 – October 2012
McCormick Hosts Dinner with
Provost Chris Kaiser
October 2012
4th Annual Apple Baking
Event a success!
Presidential Debate Viewing
On Thursday, October 11th,
ten McCormick residents had the
opportunity to have candid
conversations over dinner with
new Provost, Chris Kaiser.
The dinner provided a
framework to increase
knowledge of residence hall
cultures, experiences at MIT and
hear student perspectives.
We look forward to having
Provost Kaiser return in
December for a second round of
Pictured above right to left: Provost
Kaiser, Paola Ruiz, Tami Forrester,
Ishwarya Ananthabhotla, Catherine Fox,
Michelle Chen, Chacha Durzo, Hope
Flaxman, Majodlene Khweis, Stephanie
Ihezie and Camille Wasden
McCormick Resident Spotlights
Fall Formal Recap
and November reminders
Have you heard?
The MedLinks Program shines
within the residence halls. Let’s
meet the McC representatives
Upcoming McCormick Events
Are classes and P-sets stressing you out?
Come stop by the Wellness Fair and take a
break from the daily grind.
Learn about healthy eating and sleeping
habits, get a massage, play with a puppy and
speak to people from offices and departments
that are here to help you.
Issue 2 – October 2012
The 4th annual McCormick Apple Baking Event
On Sunday, October 7th Graduate Resident
Tutor (GRT) Bridget Wall; with the help of GRT
Melinda Hale, hosted the 4th annual Apple
Baking Event for the residents of McCormick.
Residents were asked to submit the apple
recipes ahead of time and Bridget assembled all
the ingredients, apples, cookware and recipes
for each pairing.
Recipes included: apple pie, apple
buttermilk muffins and apple cake.
Between apple peelers and the smell
of cinnamon, the residents were in
good spirits, enjoying the baking
stations and their yummy apple
Seniors, Audra Podany and Elizabeth Phillips work together to
make Apple Buttermilk Muffins
The Presidential Debate: viewing from the Housemaster Suite
To wrap up the Presidential
Debates, the third and final
debate viewing will be held at
8:45pm on Monday, October
22nd – Housemaster suite.
Snacks and great company
McCormick residents watching the 1st debate on 10.03.12
Issue 2 -- October 2012
Getting to know the McCormick Community
Three McCormick residents were asked to speak on behalf of their experience at MIT, living in
McCormick and classes that have been interesting. Check out their insight and responses below!
Name: Hannah Pang, First Year Hometown: San Diego, California MIT has been such a whirlwind of activity so far, but I'm so excited to be meeting lots of great people, exploring new things, and learning about myself too. I really loved all the orientation events like movie night and craft night when everyone gathered together; looking forward to more McCormick activities! I have lots of fun in Reading Poetry; I love talking about poems and discovering new ones to love. Name: Deeni Fatiha, Senior Hometown: Chittagong, Bangladesh I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted, but MIT helped me rediscover and rebuild myself. Dining with my friends has been and still is what I look forward to every day in McCormick. Name: Emma Nelson, Sophomore Hometown: Chicago area One Sentence to describe my experience at MIT: I constantly learn something interest everyday whether it's academics, living life, or about people. Favorite experience at McCormick: Working at the front desk, having the opportunity to meet and see everyone in the building! Interesting class I'm taking: Chinese 3
Issue 2 – October 2012
McCormick and Next Fall Formal
On Monday, October 10th, 200+ MIT students from
both McCormick and Next House boarded the Spirit
of Boston to enjoy a night on the Boston Harbor.
In the know for
The month of November has several
dates to keep in mind:
Monday, November 12
Veterans Day – Holiday
Wednesday, November 21
This event was a collaborative effort between Hall Government
Social Chairs, Joanna So (McC) and Jordan Marks (Next).
The night consisted of music, dancing, food, fun and special
ordered travel mugs to commemorate the night!
Last day to cancel subjects from
Last day to change a subject from
Credit to Listener.
Last day to add a time-arranged
subject that started after beginning
of the term.
Last day to add half-term subjects
offered in second half of term.
Last day to Petition for December
Advanced Standing Exam (given
during Final Exam Period).
Thursday 22 & Friday 23rd
Thanksgiving Vacation
Issue 2 -- October 2012
The MedLinks program is comprised of students like you. We serve as liaisons between undergraduate students and MIT Medical. We support the health and well being of MIT students—both in their living groups and within the wider MIT community—one-­‐on-­‐one and through larger campus events. The MedLinks program is sponsored and supported by Community Wellness at MIT Medical. For more information, visit us online:
Name: Maiko Kitaoka , First Year Location: 3 East (336) Why I became a MedLink: I decided to become a MedLink because I love helping people out in any way, no matter how small a difference I make. If they need me, people can usually email m e, call, text or you can just pop by my room (I'm usually in there with the door open, or I will be up on 6E). I just completed MedLinks training and I am really excited to help out the McC community! The best part of being a MedLink is the opportunity to make a difference to somebody in some way, and watching your efforts help make people feel better. Name: Angela Zhang, Sophomore Location: 6 West (601) Why I became a MedLink: I wanted to help the MIT community by being of service to them in a health-­‐related field. I wanted to be someone that people felt comfortable going to for medical help, and someone people are able to confide in and trust :) To get in contact with me: Come to my room; or email me ([email protected]) Best part about being a MedLink: Helping those in my living community! If you have any concerns, feel free to come by and we can talk about it. I can provide you medical advice, refer you to any outside resources, or just be a listening ear. Let’s meet some of the
McCormick MedLinks!
Name: Erica Trent, Sophomore Location: 5 West (514) Why I became a MedLink: I decided to become a MedLink this year because I'd like to become a close and easily accessible source of support for m y friends and dorm-­‐mates -­‐ whether it's handing out an ibuprofen tablet or just lending a listening ear. Best part about being a MedLink: is knowing about all the amazing health resources MIT offers. Before our training, for example, I didn't know that MIT Medical's webpage has downloadable audio clips that can help you sleep better! I hope MedLinks can help let more students know about these great (but maybe hidden) resources. People can reach me at [email protected], or just by knocking on m y door! Name: Flora Cheng, Junior Location: 2 West (234) Why I became a MedLink: I wanted to become a resource to other students in MIT, and the best part of being a MedLink is definitely the interactions with students because I am able to help those in need. I can be contacted via email [email protected] if you need anything!
Issue 2 – October 2012
Hall Government Dorm-Wide Photo & Meeting
Saturday, October 20th 1:00pm-2:00pm
Green Living Room
Halloween Study Break!
Saturday, October 20th 3:30pm-4:30pm
East Penthouse
Hiking the Fells
Sunday, October 21st
Contact GRT Shireen Warnock:
[email protected]
Presidential Debate #3
Housemaster suite, 2 West
Monday, October 22nd 9:00pm
Trip to Wrentham Outlets
Saturday, October 27th
contact GRT Becky Asher:
rjashe[email protected]
Resident Associate Advisors host:
November Stress & Wellness event
featuring McCormick MedLinks, games, resources and snacks
Tuesday, November 6th 5:00pm
Location: further details to come
If you would like to promote your next upcoming event in McCormick,
send event information to McCormick Area Director Lauren at [email protected]