aroundNorth - Armagh Observatory

March 2015 Performances
Please Note:
All events are outside and people are encouraged to wrap up warm!
For more information, contact Robert Jarvis
[E: [email protected]; T: 017 9553 1715] or use event contact details below
THU 12
SAT 14
Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island, Craigavon, BT66 6NJ
FREE 7pm – 9pm
Sandra Currie [E: [email protected]; T: 028 3831 1678]
Divis & the Black Mountain, Divis Road, Hannahstown, Belfast, BT17 0NG
FREE 6.30pm – 9pm (NB: Approx 20 minute walk to installation area)
Sal Brennan [E: [email protected]; T: 028 9023 6984]
TUE 17
Armagh Observatory
FREE 2.30pm – 4pm
Mark Bailey [E: [email protected]; T: 028 3752 2928]
WED 18
Colin Allotments, Upper Colin Glen Rd, Belfast, BT17 0LR
FREE 7pm – 9pm
Michael George [E: [email protected]; T: 028 9062 3813]
THU 19
Armagh Observatory
FREE 2.30pm – 4pm
Mark Bailey [E: [email protected]; T: 028 3752 2928]
*** FRI 20 8.30 to 11:00am Solar Eclipse Observing at Armagh Observatory and St Cecilia's College, Derry ***
FRI 20
St Cecilia's College Sports Ground, Fanad Drive, Derry BT48 9QE
FREE 7pm – 9pm
Martine Mulhern [E: [email protected]; T: 028 7128 1800]
SAT 21
Beaghmore Stones, Blackrock Road, Cookstown, BT80 9PB
FREE 6pm – 9pm (NB: Visitors required to walk over rough ground; bring suitable footwear)
Mary McKeown [E: [email protected]; T: 028 8676 9949]
aroundNorth is a multi-speaker sound composition provides listeners with a novel aural experience of
the movement of the stars across the night sky. As the Earth rotates and the stars appear to slowly
move around Polaris, the North Star, the installation tracks their movements and interprets them as an
evocative musical score. Stars passing virtual lines in the sky trigger musical notes whose qualities
represent their brightness, size, temperature and distance from Earth, creating a mesmerising sound
map of the universe as viewed from our turning planet. By mapping their stellar parameters through
the medium of sound Robert has unlocked the heavens and provides us with this phenomenon in real
time. aroundNorth humanises the astronomical, giving us an emotional key to help us relate to our
stellar neighbours in a completely unique way. With echoes of a Neolithic monument of ancient myth,
the installation introduces us to a universe full of interest, encouraging us to think differently about
the cosmos and our place in it. aroundNorth will be of special value in bringing “the sky” down to
Earth for people who live under cloudy or light-polluted skies, or who may have a visual impairment.