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Euphoria’s All-In-One Premium Bubble Tea Mix
Flavor Profile
The quick & easy way to make bubble tea. Complete All-In-One mix: just add ice & water!
Especially formulated for use in the blender, but also great as a shaken drink. Our bubble teas
can be served both hot or cold.
Euphoria Bubble Tea Mix Flavors:
A refreshing swirl of tropical Pineapple & Coconut
The tang of Raspberry in a cool blue color
A delicious Mango, Banana & a hint of Coconut
Great flavor! Makes taste buds tingle!
Great flavor! Makes taste buds tingle!
Great flavor! Makes taste buds tingle!
Made with real ceremonial Japanese Macha Green Tea Powder.
Great flavor! Makes taste buds tingle!
Great flavor! Makes taste buds tingle!
Great flavor! Makes taste buds tingle!
No-cook texture component fun cube shapes colors: green, red, purple great with any flavor
Traditional texture component cooking required.
Euphoria Bubble Tea
All-In-One Mix
(Any Flavor Listed Below)
Mango, Honey Dew, Pina Colada,
Coconut, Jack Fruit, Taro, Green
Tea, Cool Blue Razmataz,
Papaya, Green Apple
1 Lb. (454 g) Foil Bag – Minimum order is
12 bags (mix any flavors)
US $10.80
Each bag yields approx. 9 bubble tea servings of
16 oz. Your bubble tea mix cost per serving of 16
oz. is US $1.20 per serving plus $0.25 for
Tapioca or Cool Cubes)
Minimum Suggested Retail Price is $4.25
(including Tapioca or Cool Cubes)
We are driven by high standards of quality,
superior value, and product excellence.
Euphoria’s All-In-One Bubble Tea mixes make making bubble tea a simple
process! They already contain the Flavor Component, Tea Component and
Sweetener Component. One only needs to add the Liquid Component. Of course,
they should be served with the Texture Component of your choice for example
Euphoria Cool Cubes, Tapioca or Boba Pearls etc.
Always Serve Cold Bubble Tea With A Fat Straw
Euphoria Bubble Tea Recipe – 16 oz.
The recipe below will make a 16 oz. Bubble Tea. Please ask the customer if they
prefer their Bubble Tea “Shaken” or “Blended”. At Euphoria we serve “Blended”
by default and make “Shaken” only upon request. Our customers prefer the
“Blended” bubble tea as the texture of a blended bubble tea makes it like a
“Bubble Tea Smoothie” and your customers will love it!
4 oz. 2 Percent Milk (Regular Milk, Skim Milk or Soy Milk can be substituted)
4 oz. Water
4 Tablespoons (or Two Euphoria Standard Steel Scoops)
10 to 14 oz. Ice
Pour all ingredients into a blender jar and blend for approximately 30 seconds
until ice is well crushed OR if a customer requests “shaken”, pour all ingredients
into a “Shaker” cup and shake until well mixed.
Now you need to get the Texture Component (Tapioca pearls or Euphoria Cool
Cubes) of the Bubble Tea ready. Add 4 Table Spoons of Tapioca (please see the
instructions below on how to prepare Tapioca Pearls) to the bottom of a 16 oz.
cup and pour bubble tea on top. Cover with a dome lid and serve with a fat straw.
Additional Notes: Up-sell the customer for adding Bubble Tea infusions such as
Rose Petal, Lychee syrup etc. Cold Bubble Tea is the most popular form of
bubble tea however few of your customers may request hot bubble tea (specially
during winter months). Following is the recipe for Hot Bubble Tea.
Euphoria Hot Bubble Tea Recipe – 12 oz.
Please note that there is NO “Texture Component” i.e. Tapioca or Cool Cube for
the Hot Bubble Tea.
4 Table Spoons (or Two Euphoria’s Standard Steel Scoops)
Pour hot water and the bubble tea mix in a drink mixer. Mix for about 15 seconds.
Serve it in a 12 oz cup suited for hot beverage. To make a 16 oz. Hot Bubble Tea,
simply increase the hot water from 10 oz. to 14 oz. and use 6 Table Spoons or Three
Euphoria Standard Scoops.
Texture Component: Cool Cubes
Colorful cubes in various colors. Neutral vanilla flavor - great for any-flavored
Ready to serve. Simply scoop Cool Cubes into your bubble tea and enjoy!
Texture Component: Tapioca Pearls
1 cup Premium Grade Tapioca Pearls
7 cups Water
(Use at least 7 parts of water for every 1 part of tapioca pearls. The more water
there is, the better.)
Boil the water in a large stockpot or rice cooker. The larger the stockpot, the better.
Add pearls to the boiling water. Boil for 30 to 45 minutes, stirring occasionally to
prevent sticking, until they are soft and give no resistance when chewed.
Turn off stove or the rice cooker.
Let the tapioca pearls sit for 30 minutes with the cooking lid on. Then, drain the
pearls and rinse with cold water until the water runs clear.
Place pearls into desired container. Add sugar syrup solution to cover the tapioca
pearls. (See Sugar Syrup recipe below.) The solution prevents the pearls from
sticking to each other. Alternatively, honey can be used instead of sugar syrup. Wait
a few minutes for the pearls to absorb the sweetness of the sugar solution.
Your tapioca pearls are now ready to serve. Add them to your bubble tea and enjoy!
Traditional Bubble Tea: Sugar Syrup
2 cups White Sugar
2 cups Brown Sugar
4 cups Water
In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil. Add the sugars. Reduce heat and heat until
the sugar crystals are fully dissolved. Remove from heat.