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MARCH 2015
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South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
South Carolina
Southh Carolina
MARCH 2015
A Closer Look
Kathy Heustess
A Woman You Want
to Meet
Terri LaPorta
A Closer Look
Kim Williams
A Closer Look
Diane DeVaughn Stokes
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10 The First Step to Managing your Money is to Take the First Step
18 Style Wise: Totally Wearable Spring Trends
20 Get to know….Jen Lashley, a new face -and facet- of
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M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
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27 The Time Is “Now”
29 Mindless Snacking and Grazing Can Make It Hard to Lose Weight
31 Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Surgery
33 Foot Facts: True or False
36 Breast Cancer Awareness
41 Making Weight Loss More Convenient
44 March is National Sauce Month
60 100-Year-Old Recipe a Delicious Reminder
23 Mortgage Tips for Home Buyers
34 Buyer Beware: A Lesson in Consumer Protection Law
42 How To Make A House Into A Home
58 Ask the Organizer
12 That’s Wright
What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?
28 Life’s Balance Wheel
Things Aren’t Always What They Seem
38 Giving You More In (Social) Media
How To Keep Your Online Financial Transactions Safe
40 Smiles Are Forever
Framing The Smile
56 No Prissy Shoes
The Kindness Refrain
62 Holistic Mom
Technology Today: A Modern Mother’s Balancing Act
A Closer Look with...
Kathy Heustess
Tell us a little bit about yourself…
I am a life long resident of South
Carolina. I was born in Horry County in
the Green Sea community on a tobacco
farm. I currently live in Florence, am
married and have two grown sons.
When I am not working, beach is still
my favorite place to be – I guess it’s my
Horry County roots! I feel so fortunate
to have a “vacation destination” so close
How long have you been with your
current employer?
I have been with ArborOne since
1989! It’s amazing to me to realize that I
have been here for almost 26 years. I
think it’s a testament to the company. I
love what I do and I feel privileged to
serve the farmers of the Pee Dee region.
They work so hard and have an independent and entrepreneurial spirit.
How did you get started in your
I started my career in a CPA firm with
my goal to become a CPA. After being
with the firm for a few years, an opportunity came up in private industry so I
made the move. In 1989, I learned of an
opportunity at Farm Credit as the controller. I came to Farm Credit as controller but still attained my CPA goal in
the meantime. I am a firm believer getting and using your education as a
means to attain personal financial security. Through the years I have worked in
various positions, including chief financial officer and chief operating officer.
Three years ago, when my predecessor
retired, I became the CEO. It has been a
very rewarding experience. The staff
and our board of directors are wonderful to work with—just a good, hardworking bunch of people, to whom I
owe my success.
Tell us about your education…
I have a BS in Business
Administration from Francis Marion
Share with us the highlights of your
professional career….
I have enjoyed my career at Farm
Credit for an array of reasons. First and
foremost, it’s very rewarding to work in
the agricultural industry to provide agricultural financing to such dedicated customers – our SC farmers. As a child who
grew up working on a tobacco farm, I
understand the mindset of farmers and
the stressful circumstances that they face
year after year, from commodity prices,
equipment purchases and repairs (and
breakdowns) to the weather. My favorite
days in my professional life are those
spent out in the field, visiting with our
customers. Of course, over the almost
26 years at Farm Credit, I have seen a lot
of changes. Being a farmer today is a lot
harder, riskier, more political than it was
“back in the day”! I think that is why
there are fewer farmers who have to
manage larger operations in order to be
efficient and still provide the safest and
least expensive food in the world.
What are some of the things you’ve
learned in your current position….
I have learned that people skills and
sheer tenacity are more important than
technical skills. My technical skills got
me hired. However, it is my drive that
helped me to reach the CEO position. I
consider myself to have business savvy
and the ability to relate to people. I hope
the legacy that I will leave at ArborOne
Farm Credit will be that of a strong culture of employees who want to work to
provide solutions which will make our
customers’ lives more successful.
What would you have done differently
if you could do it over again, professionally and/or personally?
I believe that everything happens for
a reason. I try to live with no regrets. I
think I have gotten the “big things”
right. My two greatest treasures in life
are my two sons. I know of no greater
joy than the time I have spent just being
their “mom”.
Now, tell us what you like to do in
your “off” time…..
In my off time, I like to see my boys,
go to the beach, have a good meal…and
just unwind. I used to like to do “projects” like refinishing furniture or making something crafty such as painting or
crocheting. I think I get that from my
mom, who always has a project or four
going on! I hope that when I retire that I
will be able to pick up some of those
hobbies again.
Please share with us some things
you’re passionate about…..
I know it sounds cliché but I am passionate about my work, family and
friends. I believe that you get back what
you give.
Any financial tips to offer women in
Women need to be independent. What
I mean is, be financially and emotionally
able to take care of yourself. If you are
married, be involved in and understand
your family’s finances, because circumstances can and do change for a vast
variety of reasons. If finance is not your
forte, get a trusted advisor, who can
guide you. In the long run, you will be
better off, and better protected.
Name: Kathy Heustess
CEO, ArborOne Farm Credit
Location: Florence, SC
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
“Woman to Woman”
I love March, I love the thoughts of spring and
new life, I love the start of daylight savings time, I
love a new season. March is always my start-over
for anything I haven’t started from the first of the
year. This usually involves spring cleaning and
Recently in a Bible Study I attended, the leader
made a lot of us realize we have too much stuff.
Too many clothes we don’t wear, too many knick
knacks we don’t need, too much food in our pantry
that we let go to waste. So, that’s been my mission,
lately. Getting ruthless with clothes I haven’t worn,
giving knick knacks that are packed up to the
Salvation Army, donating foods we aren’t using to
Churches Assisting People (CAP).
Let me encourage you to go through your house
and clean out. Get rid of the clutter and let it help
others…lighten the load this spring!
From the Publisher
Diane Dale
If you’re ready for Spring…raise your hand. What
a rollercoaster ride it’s been with the temperatures.
Once day it’s 43, the next day it’s 73…what’s up
with that?
I hope you have a wonderful start to the Spring
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them in South Carolina Woman Magazine…this
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South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
The First Step to Managing your Money
is to Take the First Step
By Maura Utley
VP/Director of Marketing, Coastal Carolina National Bank
common mistake is not discussing your
omen have tremendous spending
financial situation with your significant
power in America today.
other. Although necessary, discussing
According to Nielsen market
finances and how to divvy expenses can
estimates, women’s purchasing power
be challenging. “Money is such an emovaries ranging anywhere from $5 trillion to
tionally loaded topic that few couples
$15 trillion annually. Women make up half
discuss it openly,” claims psychotheraof all workers in the United States with
pist Olivia Mellan in an article pubnearly four in ten homes having a mom
lished in Psychology Today. “Most people
that is also a working mother. Although
relate to money much as they relate to a
women make over 85% percent of all conperson in an ongoing and complex way
sumer buying decisions, and account for
that taps deep-seated emotions. When
30% of all privately held firms in the U.S.,
two individuals form an enduring relawe often fall short when it comes to our
tionship with each other, money is
own fiscal health.
always a partner too.” Often times, the
According to the National Center for
non-financial partner of the household
Women, 80-90% of women will be solely
entrusts financial decisions to the other
responsible for their finances at some point
partner, and this often leads to resentin their lives - partly due to divorce, partly
ment, and misunderstandings. CCNB’s
due to the fact that (on average) women
Kinard suggests, “Regardless of who
outlive men by seven years, and partly due
oversees finances, there should be a routo women living more independently.
However, only one in ten women feel that
Two top executives from CCNB – Coastal Carolina tine discussion between partners regardthey are properly “prepared” to make wise National Bank. Dawn Kinard, (shown left) is the compa- ing the financial position of the housefinancial decisions on their own.
ny’s SVP/CFO, and has been with CCNB for nearly hold. Open communication leads to a
“Generally, women live longer than men
five years and has seventeen years experience in com- healthier relationship between partners
so they will need more retirement savmunity banking. Chris McElhinny, SVP/Commercial and, very often, smarter financial deciings,” says Dawn Kinard, Senior Vice
Banking Manager (shown right) has twenty-four years sions.”
One of the biggest mistakes anyone
President and Chief Financial Officer of
in banking and has been with
make is not putting enough money
Coastal Carolina National Bank in Myrtle
Coastal Carolina National Bank for over three years.
into savings. Generally, a fifth of your
Beach. “On average, women have shorter
income should go towards financial pricareer spans and earn less wages than men which add to the
orities including, debt payments, retirement contributions and
financial challenges women face.” According to the Bureau of
savings. Financial institutions like Coastal Carolina National
Labor Statistics, women earn 80% of what men earn on average.
When it comes to finances, it’s important to know that several Bank offer several saving account options, including IRAs and
CDs. For individuals under 18 years of age, we offer savings
financial tools exist to help you manage your money. There are
accounts with no minimum requirement. As parents, it’s never
several apps and websites that interface well with your existing
too early to educate your child on the importance of saving
bank accounts. “Coastal Carolina National Bank provides its
money and preparing them for the future. CFO, Dawn Kinard
customers with a useful home budgeting tool free of charge as
says, “Education is key to savings. There are more opportunities
part of our online banking package. We believe that a bank
to save than you might think. Visiting with a financial advisor is
should do more for its customers than just process transactions.
an effective way to begin educating yourself on the many
Building financial literacy and aptitude are ways CCNB gives
options available.”
back to our customers and our community. We want to empowFiscal responsibility extends far beyond the home. According
er our customers to feel confident with their financial decito Forbes, the number of women-owned businesses increased by
sions,” says Kinard.
59% between 1997 and 2013 (one and a half times the rate of
“An individual needs to take ownership for their financial
U.S. businesses overall). Over the past 16 years, employment by
position regardless of gender. The first step to managing your
companies owned by female entrepreneurs was up by 10% and
money is to take the first step. Get started by taking a close look
their revenues grew by 63%.
at where your money is being spent. Once you analyze your
“The increase in women-owned businesses has soared nationspending, you can determine essential spending (e.g., mortgage
wide, as well as locally, over my career in banking” says Chris
payment, utilities, food, gas) from discretionary spending, and
McElhinny, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking
then make any necessary adjustments” says Kinard. Another
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
Manager responsible for business development and commercial lending for Coastal Carolina National Bank. “With the
divorce rate at an all time high compounded by the rising cost
of living, women are getting creative and using their talents in
very productive ways to start new businesses. Women bring a
unique perspective to owning and managing a business, and
often times excel because of their innate ability to understand
what motivates the consumers’ buying decision. Women in
key senior management positions are also on the uptick for
similar reasons,” says McElhinny.
“A common mistake female business owners are making is
their failure to seek out a multitude of programs and grants
available locally, statewide, and even on a federal level for
women-owned businesses. The common criterion is that 51%
of the business be owned by a woman. This does not mean in
just ownership alone; the primary decision maker of the business has to be a woman. As a consumer-focused community
banker, I help customers by guiding them through these
nuances, and by indentifying which programs are available. I
help them gain access to these special programs, and look for
ways to meet the necessary requirements. On a federal level,
the Small Business Administration (SBA) has numerous
minority programs where the government will guarantee a
portion of a bank’s loan encouraging the financial institution
to grant approval. For female-owned businesses, this guarantee is higher than the standard SBA programs thus incentivizing women-owned businesses even further. State, federal and
local grants should also be researched for start-up and
expanding businesses. The availability of grants can be
obtained through your county’s local small business development office, usually housed within a local college or chamber
of commerce. Many grants are never disbursed simply due to
the lack of awareness that they exist. In addition, several communities offer free business services, such as the formulation
of business plans, industry and competitor research and banking advice to help women and everyone in the community
learn how to better position businesses for financing. Such
groups include, but are not limited to, the Small Business
Development Center and SCORE, which is a non-profit organization that is mainly comprised of retired volunteers from a
cross-section of industries. SCORE has assisted more than 10
million small businesses since their inception,” says CCNB’s
Chris McElhinny.
It is estimated that women will control two-thirds of the
consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next decade and be the
beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history—compelling insight for anyone curious about
who’s keeping the U.S. economy going these days.
According to CCNB’s Dawn Kinard, “Whether we’re examining our finances or other aspects of our lives, the only limitations we have as women are the limitations we create for
ourselves, usually by comparing ourselves to others. The statistics regarding women often being the financial managers of
households and influencing the majority of purchases made in
the U.S., accentuates that financially, women are more
empowered than they think.”
Coastal Carolina National Bank is a five-star rated community
bank that combines local market experience with a “We Can Do
That” attitude. This March, CCNB will open its third branch in
North Myrtle Beach, adding to its other locations in Myrtle Beach
and Garden City. For more information, visit
Member FDIC. Equal housing lender.
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
That’s Wright
What is My Personal Injury
Case Worth
By Jill Wright
This is by far the number one question posed to me by clients and potential clients. I have handled personal
injury cases for almost 16 years now.
My answer is a typical lawyer answer,
“it depends.” I can see you rolling
your eyes but let me explain.
ALL personal injury cases, no matter the type, require proof of 3 things:
1). A negligent act or wrongful conduct on the part of a person, 2). that
causes injury to another person, 3).
that results in damages suffered by
the injured party. Civil cases are about
collecting money. Causation is an element that must be proven by the
injured person before they are entitled
to receive any money damages. This
should make sense to you as it would
not be proper to expect a negligent
wrongdoer to pay for injuries that he
or she did not cause. However, I
reserve the topic of causation for
another article. This article, I want to
focus on damages as damages is how
we measure the worth of a personal
injury case.
Because we cannot turn back the
hands of time to undo the negligent
act or wrongful conduct, the only
remedy available to the injured party
is money damages. The court system
is designed to determine how best to
make the injured party as “whole” as
can be expected after they have been
injured. As long as all three of the elements listed above are able to be
proven in a court of law, the system
should work to restore the injured
party as much as possible. So, when
we talk about “damages,” we are talking about what the injured party is
entitled to receive as a matter of law
with regard to their injuries.
South Carolina Law provides that
persons injured due to another persons’ negligence or wrongful act are
entitled to receive a laundry list of
money damages, including but not
limited to, payment of their medical
bills, pain and suffering, reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, prescriptions paid, lost wages recovered
and a “catch all” category that
lawyers refer to as “loss of enjoyment
of life.” In addition, if the injured
party’s injuries are considered permanent, they may be entitled to money
compensation for the disability caused
by their permanent injury.
Items such as medical bills, prescription costs, out of pocket expenses
and lost wages are relatively less difficult to ascertain. You just add up the
bills and receipts. The medical bills
are totaled. The prescription costs are
totaled. The out of pocket expenses
are totaled and …viola, you have a
number. But the case is often worth
more than just this number. The challenge comes when determining “how
much is pain and suffering worth?” or
“what do you mean by loss of enjoyment of life?” Unfortunately, the law
does not provide a neat mathematical
equation for responding to these questions. Lawyers are often resigned to
using their own knowledge and experience in dealing with past cases when
estimating these damage amounts.
My past experience and shared stories with colleagues is what I use to
determine the ultimate value of a
client’s case. The amount of money
the client should expect to receive
depends on what we believe a jury
would provide at trial. If you are a
personal injury client, and you do not
like what the insurance company is
offering you by way of settlement,
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
you can file a lawsuit. If you think the
insurance company is not paying you
enough for your expenses or for pain
and suffering or for some other aspect
of your damages, then you can file a
lawsuit. By filing a lawsuit, you are
literally gambling that a jury will
award you more than the insurance
company’s offer at the end of the trial.
It is very similar to a poker player
raising his bet because he is gambling
that he has the best hand at the table. I
use the analogy of gambling because
by electing to go to a jury trial, no
party or lawyer in the case knows
what kind of jury they will end up
with. In some respects, we all go into
trial a bit “blind.”
By responding to your lawsuit, the
insurance company is betting that a
jury would not award you more
money than their top settlement offer.
Again, I use the word “betting” purposefully as jury trials are always a
gamble for both sides of a lawsuit.
The only way to force an insurance
company to pay you for your injuries
is to obtain a jury verdict, and subsequently a court order, in your favor.
Both sides of a lawsuit have the right
to present their case to the jury but
neither side can be sure of what the
jury will decide.
I had the honor and privilege of
working as a law clerk to then-Circuit
Court Judge, Honorable Paula H.
Thomas, right out of law school. I
loved how she explained things to the
jury. She said, when both parties walk
into a courtroom, the scales of justice
are equal. Once all of the evidence is
presented, the scales will tip either in
favor of the injured party, the plaintiff,
or in favor of the defendant. “It will
be up to you as a jury to use your col-
lective experiences, knowledge and
common sense to determine which
way and by how much the scales tip,”
she would say.
The point I am making is this.
Please do not expect insurance companies to be concerned with making
things right for you if you have been
injured, or being fair to you, or showing compassion for your situation.
They are in the business of keeping
their money. They will never pay a
penny more than what they think
they will be ordered to pay by a court.
So, how do I answer the question
when clients ask me how much their
case is worth? I explain to them that
there are a number of variables that
factor into my answer. For example,
pre-existing conditions, severity of the
injury, permanency of the injury, how
my client would present as a witness
to the jury, etc.
For years, I have heard lawyers
throw around a general answer that
an injured person should accept any
settlement offer that falls between
“two to three times their medical
bills.” This answer came from the fact
that juries back in the old days generally awarded two to three times your
medical bills. Nowadays, juries are
not so generous. This is especially true
in our jurisdiction of Horry County.
More common than not, juries will
award the medical bills or an amount
just over the medical bills. This may
seem neither fair nor reasonable but
this changing dynamic of jury verdicts
is what drives lower settlement offers
from insurance companies.
If you cannot get a “good” settlement offer from an insurance company, it is not necessarily because you
have a bad lawyer. It is just a sign of
the times. Having said that, now more
than ever is the time to hire an attorney for any personal injury case suffered by you or a family member.
Because the process varies so much
from case to case, because there are
multiple variables that affect the value
of a personal injury case, and because
of the changing dynamic of jury verdicts, it is never advisable to proceed
on your own with an insurance com-
pany. Not hiring an attorney is one
sure way to deprive yourself of anything close to a fair and reasonable
offer, let alone jury verdict.
Jill Wright is an attorney with
Mike Kelly Law Group. She can be
reached by telephone at (843)946-7550, by
email at [email protected] or by
mail at 816 Broadway St.,
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.
Financial Tip
Don't rely on someone
else, like a husband or
boyfriend, for your
financial security.
Educate yourself
about money
management and
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brown & black
above skin
A=Asymmetry • B=Border • C=Color • D=Diameter • E=Elevation
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
A Woman You Want To Meet
Terri LaPorta
Lowes Foods Floral Designer
Say it with Flowers from Lowes Foods
Given as a gift, floral arrangements
are an outward expression of love and
care for the people in our lives. Be it
romance, celebration or memorial, flowers say, “You are special to me.” But, just
like the infinite range of human expression, there are many ways to assemble a
floral arrangement to capture that
expression. Getting it just right is an art
and, like any other art form, there are
few that have the creative flair and eye
for color to accomplish it (though we all
like to think we do). Terri LaPorta, lead
floral designer at your local Lowes
Foods at Grande Dunes, is one of these
For twenty-two years, Terri and her
husband ran his family’s florist business
in Pennsylvania. It was there that she
honed her skills and developed her creative talent. “I was a school teacher
before, so of course I took some classes,”
Terri reflected, “but it was really the
hands-on creation that really sparked
my passion for floral design.”
When the right business opportunity
arose, combined with a strong desire to
move south, Terri and her husband sold
the flower shop and moved to Myrtle
Beach. “I didn’t want to give up what I
love to do,” Terri explained, “but I wanted it to be different.” The lead floral
designer position at Lowes Foods was
exactly what she meant by “different”.
No more constantly ringing phone, no
more complicated delivery coordination.
“Here at Lowes Foods, it’s all about presentation because almost all of our customers are on foot,” she continued.
“When people see a stunning arrangement it attracts their attention.”
From unique creative arrangements,
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
like Terri’s signature floral birthday
cake, to exotic and seasonal plants or
personally customized arrangements,
the floral department at Lowes Foods
can offer exactly what you need for any
occasion at a price you can afford. Terri
agreed, “My shop could never have
competed with these prices.”
Interestingly, a recent study by The
Society of American Florists revealed
that a much higher percentage of consumers stated they typically purchase
flowers at supermarkets versus a local
florist shop, citing lower price and the
convenience factor. This statistic is even
higher among the younger generations.
These days we are all juggling a lot of
responsibilities. Throw in a holiday,
wedding or another special occasion and
getting the details done can seem impossible. Take Terri’s advice, “Come on in
and order your flowers, pick up a cake
and buy the champagne all at one place.
“ So the next time you need flowers for
a prom or a party, are looking for the
right romantic gesture, or just want to
brighten up your home, come by and
see Terri LaPorta at Lowes Foods,
Grande Dunes, or visit the floral section
at any local Lowes Foods.
Lowes Foods, LLC is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Alex Lee, Inc. Founded in
1954, Lowes Food Stores, LLC employs
nearly 9,000 people and operates over
100 stores in North Carolina, South
Carolina and Virginia. The company is
committed to offering fabulous fresh
foods and delivering personal attention
to each of its customers. Locally owned
and operated Lowes Food, LLC is committed to buying local products and
supporting local suppliers. They offer
programs such as Lowes Foods To Go, a
personal shopping service as well an
online meal planner that focuses on saving people time and money. Information
about these programs and other services
offered by the company may be found or by following
Lowes Foods on Facebook or Twitter.
Spring and Summer:
Seasons of Injury
By Richard Owens,
PT, MS, OCS, Cert. SHT, CWcHP, Cert. DN
As we head
away from the
chilly embrace
of winter (I
know a good
SC winter is
brutal), for
many people
it means one
thing - time to
get off of the
couch and
enjoy the sunshine. Many of us like to spend that
time actively, whether hitting the beach
for a game of volleyball, lacing up the
running shoes for a jog, or cleats for a
game of softball. We love to humble
ourselves on one of our many golf
courses, or challenge a friend in a tennis match for bragging rights. Whether
it’s running a marathon, or just getting
out for a walk, this inherent calling to
get outdoors also results in a predictable upswing in sports injuries,
often caused by doing too much, too
Stress fractures, shin splints, patellar
and Achilles tendonitis, ITB syndrome,
and rotator cuff tendonitis all seem to
meteorically rise during the warmer
months. These are common overuse
injuries that tend to “pop-up” as we
attempt to feed our recreational hunger.
Sprains and strains of the ligaments
and tendons of the ankle and knee,
wrist and elbow are also very common
sports injuries as we attempt to relive
our youth and leave it all out on the
Over-the-counter or a medically prescribed anti-inflammatory may help
some conditions while some, more
involved, conditions may occasionally
need an injection such as cortisone to
effectively resolve. As with any treatment there is a risk of adverse reactions
and even rupture in some tendons.
Other conditions may respond to
braces or straps to decrease tendon
load and allow the body to heal on its
own. Physical therapy may be ordered
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
by your physician to assist the healing
process for your return to the court or
streets. While strengthening and
stretching appropriately have their benefit and can play a part in the healing
process, the often quoted mantra of “no
pain, no gain” does not always help
with these conditions and can actually
worsen the condition if you play
through the pain. Stress fractures need
rest, typically 6 weeks to recover, possibly wearing a boot for protection. If not
it could turn into a more serious issue
that requires surgery.
Tennis elbow is another common
summer injury. Patients feel pain on the
outside of the elbow, in the muscles
that extend the wrist. The counterpart
to this is commonly referred to as
Golfer’s elbow and affects the muscles
that flex the wrist and is felt along the
inside of the elbow. These can plague
those who participate in any of the
racket sports, golf and/or weight lifting. Both conditions are the result of
overuse and cumulative micro-trauma
from repetitive wrist extension and
flexion with more forceful activities.
Shoulders suffer in the summer, too.
People are out throwing balls, both true
athletes and middle-aged dads playing
with their kids. Rotator cuff tendonitis
and tears are common in the warmer
months. Tendonitis usually responds
well to anti-inflammatories and/or cortisone injections and physical therapy,
while tears are usually treated by surgical repair.
Regardless of the injury, the best
treatment is prevention. You can reduce
the frequency of injuries by maintaining some degree of health and gradually building yourself up to 100 percent
over time. For example pitchers, both
young and old, should watch their
pitch counts and let their arms rest sufficiently between outings. Fatigue
leaves you more susceptible to lazy
mechanics and increased risk of injury
whereas hydration and good nutrition
is key for performance and proper
recovery from activities.
Runners should give their tissues
enough time to recover and closely
monitor their shoes for wear. Some
experts recommend replacing shoes
two to four times per year (depending
on factors like mileage and surface),
and complementing their regimen with
running on soft surfaces and/or crosstraining with non-impact activities, like
the elliptical machine, biking and
To some degree, injuries are an
unavoidable by-product of an active
lifestyle, but the advantages of being
healthy and active far outweigh the
risk and incidence of injury. The pull of
outside sports in the spring and summer sun will always draw a crowd, as
it has for generations before us and is
likely to continue generations beyond.
We will continue to test our metal with
those around us even at the expense of
nursing a sore shoulder or knee for a
few weeks thereafter. Professional
Rehabilitations Services will be there to
assist your recovery and get you back
in the game. Our therapist will assist
you with injury prevention and efficient recovery so you can get back out
there and enjoy your lives.
At Professional Rehabilitation Services,
we treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal
conditions using the latest in evidence
based therapies provided by highly credentialed physical therapists. In addition to
being licensed physical therapists, our
providers have additional specialty certifications in orthopedics, manual therapy,
sports, and vestibular treatment.
Professional Rehabilitation Services now
has five locations, with the newest office
located in Conway. For further information
on physical therapy in general or on specific sports related injuries, you can contact
Richard A. Owens, PT, MS, OCS, Cert.
SMT, CWcHP, Cert DN (Surfside)
(843)831-0163) or Conway (843)733-3031,
Dr. Richard DeFalco, DPT, OCS, CSCS,
CWcHP, Cert. DN t (Myrtle Beach) (843)
839-1300, Dr. Brian P. Kinmartin, PT,
DN, Dr. Nathan Watts PT, DPT, CSCS
(Pawleys Island) (843) 235-0200, Dr. Jill
Phelan PT, DPT (Surfside) (843) 831-0163
or (Conway) (843) 733-3031, Dr. Kristen
Lies PT, DPT (Murrell’s Inlet) (843) 3143224. You can also visit our website at Call and
schedule a free 15 minute consultation
Professional Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
The Outpatient Physical Therapy Specialists
Serving the
since 2004
Call for a FREE
15 minute consultation
We specialize in treating,
Sports-related injuries,
Orthopedic injuries,
Neurological problems,
Balance problems,
Back & neck pain,
Joint-related disorders,
Repetitive strain injuries,
Post-surgical recovery,
Golf injuries
Are You Suffering from
Pain or an Injury?
Don’t let pain or injury
compromise your competitive edge.
We offer a full range of
physical therapy and
rehabilitation services to
get you back on track.
Pawleys Island
Murrells Inlet
Surfside Beach
Myrtle Beach
38 Business Center Dr.
Pawleys Island, SC 29585
4731 Hwy. 17 Bypass
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
(843) 235-0200
(843) 314-3224
3076 Dick Pond Road
(Hwy 544)
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
1301 48th Ave N, Suite D
(Intersection of Hwy. 17 Bypass
& 48th Ave., N)
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 831-0163
(843) 839-1300
2676 Church St Unit D-2
Conway, SC 29526
(843) 733-3031
Dr. Brian P. Kinmartin. PT, DPT, PCS, STC, CWcHP. • Richard A. Owens, Jr., PT, MS, OCS, Cert. SMT, CwcHP. • Dr. Richard DeFalco, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CWcHP.
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Totally Wearable Spring Trends
by Sara Wise
Last month we discussed spring’s
color palette of beautiful pastels and
earthy anchors. This month we’re talking about the new season’s trends! I
know, it feels kind of cruel to show you
what we have to look forward to while
we remain in perpetual winter. But
indulge me! Grab a cup of chili or
chowder and a toboggan, and let’s
gleefully fantasize about warm weather
The Trend: Gingham
Does gingham ever really go out of style in the south?
Heavens no. This
season it’s back in
a big way after
cooling itself in
the shade since
2012. The scale is
fun too. This
spring designers
are mixing large
and small-scale
gingham together
in monochromatic
palettes for a very
chic look. If you
want to mix colors
of gingham, like
the blue DVF two
piece with black purse, keep the size of the pattern consistent.
Gingham’s picnic pattern can visually add to your frame, so
be mindful to wear it in places that you enjoy emphasizing.
The smaller the check, the more figure flattering, so if your
aim is to minimize hips, go with a tinier check on bottom.
Want to give the illusion of a fuller bust? Pick a bigger check
like the coat seen here.
The Trend: Shirtdresses
The shirtdress is the epitome of crisp, timeless, one-piece
dressing. What’s not to love about that? With just a change of
shoes, this look goes from office to beach. Options include
traditional shirttail hems and level hems, plus every sleeve
imaginable from sleeveless to epaulet shoulder to three-quarter length. While the early spring feels cool, layer your shirtdress of choice over leggings or crisp cigarette pants (you can
even layer a basic long sleeve tee or thermal if the weather
keeps being frosty). Patterned or plain, you’ll find these styles
in denim, gauzy voile, and anti-wrinkle blends. Mediumwidth obi belts are also dotting spring runways. Tie one on
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
and show off your
The Trend:
Culottes made
the most wearable
trends list, but I’m
personally leaving
it off. Culottes
require a thin
ankle and long leg
line, and without
both, who can
afford to wear a
cropped and wide
combo? Pass.
The Trend: Blue and White
This soothing
combo has been on
the scene for a few
seasons and continues to live on
into this spring.
Navy and white is
a crisp combo and
always looks sleek,
whether in stripes
or polka dots. Mix
in some baby blue
for added dimension and a nod to
the tranquility of
days spent by the
sea. One of my
favorite pieces is
this spaghetti strap
beaded tank from
J. Crew because of
its versatility as a
layering piece that
can go from casual
events to smart
spring soirees.
The Trend: Yellow
Whether it’s custard or mustard,
yellow is the perfect hue for spring.
Every complexion can wear a shade of yellow. Redheads do
well in mustard and canary shades while brunettes look best
in saffron. Blondes can usually wear yellow in butter and
lemon, depending on the undertones of their skin. If you
don’t feel comfortable wearing yellow near your face, pick
out a great tote bag or skirt in this sunny shade. I also spied
yellow playing opposite of indigo in the latest Pottery Barn
catalog so feel free to dabble with yellow in home décor as
well. My favorite piece is the chunky interlocking necklace
from Anthropologie, pictured. An excellent finish to your yellow look is a swipe of cherry lipstick.
The Trend: One Shoulder
I’ve always
loved one shoulder styles. The
diagonal this
neckline cuts
across a woman is
striking, flattering,
and in my opinion, conveys confidence without
being too revealing. This spring’s
version of the
style includes
neck ties and side
cut-outs beneath
the lone shoulder
and spans a mix of patterns and fabrics from sheer to satiny.
Three-quarter length skirts and pants are the perfect proportion to pair with a one shoulder top, but some designers
dared to bare, combining high-waist short-shorts with the
open neckline.
The Trend: Comfort Shoes
Who isn’t
thrilled that comfortable shoes are
here to stay? My
arches and
Achilles sure are
elated! The common denominator
in footwear this
season is width,
giving our toes
plenty of room to
wiggle. Footbeds
are thick and
plush or ultrathin
this spring, and if
you can only get
one new pair of shoes this season, a minimalist white sandal
is the way to go. Classically styled athletic shoes are also big
this season, falling in with the continuing athleisure trend.
Birkenstocks have also crept their way back into popularity. I
tossed mine out in college but will happily invest in a new
pair of silver ‘stocks.
The Trend: White Out
Let me dispel
the fashion myth:
wearing all white
does not make you
look heavier.
Yippee! In fact,
wearing head to
toe of any one
color will give the
illusion of a leaner
look because the
line of your body
is not broken up
into various colors
or patterns. So
relax and let’s
embrace this look
that suggests we’re super models who just got back from St.
Tropez or recently shot a commercial for feminine products.
I’m willing to give all white a try, even though, like many
of you, I am pretty clumsy and prone to stains of the ink, coffee, red wine variety. A word of advice? Never pay full price
for white. Even well-made pieces can show age and need to
be replaced often, so buy white when it’s on sale.
When it comes to wearing white, remember that skin-toned
underpinnings are the way to go, not white undergarments,
as many of our mamas taught us. And let us not wear our
white too tight. Think body-skimming versus sausage casing
and never buy unlined white unless it’s denim. Or sleepwear.
The Trend: Army
So last month
we talked about
Pantone’s spring
palette, which
included both
woodbine and
treetop. Both play
into the army
green theme of
spring. Woodbine
is a lighter version
of army green,
making it a pitch
perfect neutral for
spring (gray, feel
free to sit this one
out). I love this
dusty green shade paired with peach or lavender or even
metallics. Some designers went literal with the military trend,
incorporating military-inspired jackets into their runway
shows, and so can you, but think outside the ration box and
try this sturdy color in a flowing dress or relaxed joggers.
Sara Wise is a wedding planner, style guru,
career coach,
distance runner, wife and
Christian. Contact her at
[email protected]
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Get to know….Jen Lashley, a New
Face -and Facet- of Travel Connection
By Anjana Duff, Travel Consultant
Travel Connection
I am excited to introduce you
to my new associate, Jen
Lashley. Jen has a passion for
travel which inspires and connects you to your soul. She is
now using her passion to offer
clients soul-touching journeys
through her own niche business, Travel ConnectionAdventures and Retreats. This
new facet of our agency will be
incorporated into our boutique
services and will offer clients
something unique in travel. Jen
will focus on South America,
Southeast Asia and the South
Pacific for clients who desire a
yoga retreat, a hiking adventure, or an intimate village
immersion in a far away land.
Many of these excursions
include sustainable, environmentally conscious retreats and voluntourism opportunities.
I couldn’t be more pleased to have Jen
working with me. Her passion for art,
music, yoga, and, of course, travel keeps
her inspired to work with her clients in
an authentic and dedicated manner.
Get to know Jen in her in her own words:
“Originally from Durham, North
Carolina, I have always had a thirst for
travel. From family trips to the west
coast into Mexico, road trips up the east
coast into Canada, south to Florida or to
the Midwest, the travel bug bit me early
on. It did not take long for me to find my
way to Europe, where I had a rail pass
and a backpack and discovered the
world. There I was enthralled by the art,
culture, history, architecture and the
many different styles of food!! It was as
though I had awakened from a slumber
and taken my first breath. Immersing
myself into the diverse cultures of this
world and celebrating the humanity
among strangers has always brought me
such joy. It is with this passion that I find
myself assisting clients in fulfilling their
March 2015
Anjana Duff and Jen Lashley
“bucket lists,” creating life-long memories and discovering themselves by
uncovering new lands. Whether your
next excursion is soul-o, couple, or
group, whether it includes snorkeling,
yoga or zip-lining, I will work with you
to design the perfect vacation. Wishing
you love and light! ~Jen”
Destination Spotlight by Jen:
Travel Connection - Adventures &
Retreats will focus on destinations which
center around reconnecting you to your
soul, to nature and to replenishing your
body. Whether you prefer to escape by
going mountain climbing or doing yoga,
the perfect destination awaits you. While
Indonesia and Southeast Asia have long
been recognized as “the destination for
spiritual renewal,” you don’t have to go
that far. However, keep those on the
bucket list! They are worth it!
Costa Rica’s rural mountain
AmaTierra Retreat and Wellness Center
is an eco-lodge that is focused on organic
living and Hatha yoga. With many different packages including yoga, massage, nutritional consultations and energy balancing, you are sure to feel com-
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
pletely restored. In addition, the
Center also offers eco-tourism/voluntourism to promote environmental education, recycling and an
organic farming initiative to assist
their local village. This enables you
to build a relationship with the local
village and make an impact in their
life and livelihood, and leave you
feeling full of bliss and gratitude.
Samasati Retreat and Rainforest
Sanctuary is located in one of the
last Private Biological Reserves in
Costa Rica. This retreat includes
massage, daily yoga, your choice of
a treehouse casita, beach house or
bungalow, as well as a private beach
surrounded by rainforest. In addition, there are many activities to
choose from to fill your day, if you
choose: horseback riding, jungle
tour with zip-line, waterfall tours,
chocolate tours, surfing lessons, white
water rafting, sea and river kayaking.
This environmentally focused resort was
built without cutting trees or clearing
land, using reclaimed, local wood and
preserves the local surroundings. You
can feel fabulous about your decision to
stay in such an environmentally mindful
These are just a couple to stimulate
your imagination. It is so important to
get back to nature and find that pure
sense of joy and wonder we all knew as
children. Give that time and love to
yourself. You are sure to come back
renewed! Caution:
There may be monkeys!! ;)
Safe travels and bon voyage!
Anjana Duff is the owner of Travel
Connection, a boutique travel agency
specializing in tropical escapes and worldly
adventures. She creates customized luxury
vacation packages for individuals and
small groups.
[email protected]
(843) 455-4478
A Heartfelt
Hearing by Design
My how time flies! Unbelievable but it’s been a year
already! We have learned so much in this last year and
wanted to take this opportunity to express how thankful
we are and to tell you all how much we appreciate your
support, we are so grateful! We have been busy attending
expos, festivals and other community events in the hopes
of offering our services to as many people as we can.
Opening our own business was challenging and difficult
at times but we have had an incredible experience so far
and we hope to continue serving our community for many
years to come. It is a fact that hearing loss is something so
many people struggle with, so if you or anyone you know
is having hearing difficulties, please give us a call. We
would be happy to do our very best to help in any way we
can. Thank you again for making our first year so amazing!
Proud recipients of the ~
2014 Grand Strand SCORE Start-up Business of the Year!
Jennifer Reed and Kayla Bracey
Hearing by Design
802-A 13th Avenue, South
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
What’s Better, Baseball or Allergies?
By Mark Schecker, M.D.
Coastal Carolina Allergy and Asthma Associates
With the first
scents of spring in
the air and
warmer weather
many individuals’
thoughts turn to
baseball. And, of
course, baseball is
better than allergies, but unfortunately for some, the return of the “grand
old game” coincides with the return of
their not-so-grand old spring misery. At
about the time the first pitch is thrown
in spring training, pollen begins to
appear in the air from pine, oak, elm,
sycamore, and walnut trees. Because of
its larger size and visibility the Pine
pollen usually takes the rap for all of the
grief, but it’s because of these factors
that Pine pollen is not a major allergen.
The other hardwood trees mentioned
above produce pollens that are microscopic and light; floating in the surrounding air where they are able to
impact noses and eyes and do their allergy damage. In addition they can travel
on the wind 50-100miles from their
source making it difficult to hide from
their effects. In the latter innings of the
spring grass pollens are the offending
culprits. Like tree pollens, grass pollens
are also microscopic airborne particles
responsible for the sneezing fits, runny
and stuffy noses, and itchy, watery eyes
typical of a seasonal allergy. The most
unfortunate allergy sufferers can have
Asthma, which is like getting hit by a
fastball to the chest. Here shortness of
breath, wheezing, cough and chest tightness are the typical signs.
Suffering, fortunately is not mandatory. A bullpen full of relief for allergy sufferers is available in many different
forms. Of course, avoidance of the allergen is always most desirable; however,
this is rarely easy or practical. Some
helpful tips include staying indoors on
high pollen days and avoiding outdoor
activities in the early morning hours
when pollen counts are at their highest.
Also stay in air-conditioned environments because these units are excellent
filters of airborne pollens, so keep your
windows closed in your home and cars
for clearer days. When avoidance is suboptimal, alternative treatment in the
form of medications designed to control
symptoms and allergy immunotherapy
like shots can be used. Newer medications are much improved and many are
now also available over the counter, but
free of many of the debilitating side
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
effects of their older over-the-counter
Allergy immunotherapy like allergy
shots is like getting vaccinated against
allergies. This is the only allergy treatment that treats the underlying cause of
allergy rather than just trying to control
symptoms. Slowly, over time, symptoms
disappear, freeing the patient from misery, serious complications and the need
for frequent medication and their potential side effects. Eventually Allergy
Immunotherapy can be discontinued
and for many no further allergy treatment is required again.
So don’t be a wimp this year and
spend this season warming the bench,
shut up in the dugout; get an allergist to
help coach you to become a power hitting star and get you to the playoffs and
series, allergy free.
Dr. Schecker, a Board Certified Allergist, is
the founder of Coastal Carolina Allergy &
Asthma Associates. He is a Certified Take
Shape For Life Health Coach, a COPE
Certified Health Coach, the co-founder of the
Myrtle Beach Marathon and the founder of
Camp Airwaves (a camp for children with
asthma). Dr. Schecker has been recognized as
the “Allergist of the Year” by the
Myrtle Beach Herald (2005-2014).
Tips for
Home Buyers
By Kimberly Dahlin, Realtor
Mortgage rates
are staying incredibly low in 2015 and
expectations are
that the trend will
continue through
the Spring.
Borrowers who
want to refinance or
buy a home have
the best chance to
get the lowest rate by knowing more, not
less, about the mortgage game. Your
Realtor, Lender, Home Inspector and
Closing Attorney are all on your team.
Use them for their expertise to guide you
through a successful closing!
Get Prepared to Purchase With A PreApproval
Not only do sellers often prefer buyers
who come preapproved by a lender, making their offers more attractive, but a
preapproved mortgage also can help you
avoid any hiccups down the line. “Find a
Lender who wants to see you succeed and
will help you through each step. Early
approval gives the home buyer the advantage when it comes to negotiation by
showing their responsibility and intent to
complete the purchase”, says Donna Case
of Everbank Home Mortgage. With a real
pre-approval, a mortgage broker or bank
loan officer will pull your credit report
and submit supporting documentation to
their automated underwriting system.
This allows the bank to give you more
accurate terms based on your actual credit
score, debt obligations and income,
instead of relying on your estimates. It
also puts you ahead of the process when
you finally go into contract and could
help you close faster.
Know and Maintain Your Credit Profile
In the months leading to your home
purchase, avoid changing your credit
obligations, especially between a preapproval and the closing of your mortgage.
It could hurt your credit score in a way
that would raise the rate and fees related
to your loan or, at worst, keep you from
qualifying altogether.
Don’t close or open any credit cards.
Keep balances on your credit cards within
normal range so it won’t mess with your
debt-to-income ratio, a key factor in determining mortgage rates. And don’t buy a
new ride. The car company doesn’t care if
you have a house, but your mortgage
lender cares if you have a big car payment.
Don’t Move Money Around
In the months leading up to your home
purchase, keep your hands off your
finances. That includes moving money
from a savings account into a certificate of
deposit, or CD. It also means no cashing
in investments from stocks, retirement
accounts or CDs. Otherwise, you will create a huge headache for yourself as you
try to show the bank the paper trail of
where that money came from.
Prepare To Write Letters.
Lenders these days scrutinize every corner of your financial life, and if something
looks funny, even just a little bit, they will
want to know why. That means you will
have to write letters explaining the oddity.
Don’t fight it. Write ‘em, send ‘em and
move on.
For more information call Kimberly Dahlin,
Realtor 843-602-6023
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine M a r c h 2 0 1 5
Youthful Looks That Last
Submitted by DermaVogue
Dr. James E. Turek, Medical Director
What is the
Natural look.
offers a new
level of filler
rejuvenation. In addition to immediately adding volume to smooth away
facial wrinkles, also known as smile
lines, Bellafill helps your skin re-create
its own firm structure for beautiful,
younger looking skin and lasting
results. Also, Bellafill has just
received FDA approval for the
improvement of Acne Scars.
Bellafill’s microsphere-enhanced collagen support works to correct wrinkles for long lasting results. Temporary
wrinkle fillers have always been
known as just that, temporary. The
body eventually absorbs them thus
forcing patients to receive frequent
repeat injections to maintain the results
they love. Bellafill’s microspheres,
which the body does not absorb, creates the long lasting results that you
have been searching for.
Bellafill injections provide the support your skin needs for long lasting
results that look and feel completely
natural. The results are economical and
extremely convenient because it
requires fewer injections, thus saving
you time and money. Why struggle
with the hassles of frequent repeat
injections when the solution is clear?
Don’t rent your filler, own it—Bellafill!
Say goodbye to the injectable wrinkle fillers of the past and hello to the
ease of bellafill.
Bellafill injections provide you with
a long lasting solution that will only
improve over several months and without a doubt stand the test of time. This
safe, minimally invasive, treatment is
done using a simple in-office procedure. You will not only notice immediate results but you can continue with
your normal daily activity without any
down time.
How do bellafill Injections help combat aging?
Gravity, sun and environmental
damage, and volume loss are all factors
affecting our appearance as we age.
These factors all play a major role in
the appearance of fine or deep lines in
our face during the aging process.
There are two types of injectables
that are available for diminishing the
appearance of lines and wrinkles, neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Toxins
reduce the appearance of wrinkles by
temporarily paralyzing the muscles
that are contracting to form the wrinkle
in that area. Over time, the decreased
contracting of the muscle reduces the
appearance of the fine or deep lines.
Injectable wrinkle fillers on the other
hand, are injected below the skin’s surface to help create smoother more supple looking skin. Dermal fillers are
used to combat the signs of aging by
delivering volume, which plumps up
the skin, thus smoothing out the wrinkle or fold, and since they do not paralyze any muscles the results are always
natural looking.
Why should I choose bellafill?
Understanding Dermal Fillers
When creating dermal fillers there
are several types of materials used such
as collagen with polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), calcium hydroxylapatite,
hyaluronic acid (HA), and poly-L-lactic
acid (PLLA). With the exception of
PMMA, over time all of these fillers
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
will completely degrade and will be
absorbed into your body.
PMMA microspheres do not degrade
and are not absorbed. This allows for
long lasting wrinkle correction. Bellafill
uses these microspheres to aid in collagen production thus creating the natural volume and smoothness of younger
looking skin.
What should I expect with a
bellafill Filler treatment?
The Bellafill Injection treatment is a
safe, in-office procedure that only takes
a few minutes. Before receiving a treatment patients come in for a collagen
skin test and are advised to make an
appointment in four weeks for treatment. This is done to gauge sensitivity
to the treatment. If no reaction to the
skin test occurs, treatment with Bellafill
may be administered that day. Many
patients receive more than one treatment to reach the level of correction
that they are looking for. A follow-up
appointment is made four to six weeks
later. At this visit you and your doctor
will decide if you would like further
treatments to enhance your results.
Along with Bellafill’s collagen supporting microspheres, it also contains a
numbing medication, lidocaine, to
lessen any possible discomfort from the
treatment. Many patients report that
Bellafill cannot be felt after treatment.
Patients see immediate results in wrinkle correction or areas of acne scarring,
and can return to normal daily activities immediately following the procedure.
Is a bellafill Injection safe?
Yes, Bellafill Filler has been proven
as a safe and effective dermal filler. The
U.S. FDA approved it in October of
2006 after thorough clinical testing.
Until now, Bellafill has been marketed
and sold under the name of Artefill,
primarily for wrinkles due to aging.
ment. However, anyone who has a positive reaction to the
Bellafill skin test or has a history of severe allergies, hypersensitivity, or anaphylaxis, and those prone to thick scar formation are highly advised against receiving treatment.
Patients with skin outbreaks, including cysts, pimples, rashes, hives, or infection near the injection site are also advised
to postpone treatment until they have cleared. Speak to your
doctor about any and all concerns regarding treatment.
As with any injectable wrinkle filler, patients may experience mild swelling and redness at the injection site.
Although these side effects are common among dermal
fillers they are typically temporary. Rarely, mild bruising
that generally disappears in three to seven days can also
occur. Other, less common, side effects include rash and/or
itching more than 48 hours following treatment; persistent
swelling or redness, and increased sensitivity at some or all
injection sites. Extremely rare but potential side effects of all
dermal fillers also include lumps and granulomas, both of
which can be treated by your physician.
Since its release in February of 2007, more than 25,000
patients have undergone treatment using Bellafill. Patient
satisfaction is high and most people are candidates for treat-
Of course, we’ll be glad to answer your Bellafill questions,
so don’t hesitate to call DermaVogue at
(843) 357-2444 for our
Garden City location or
(843) 272-4071.
You can also find us online at
We offer free in office consultations.
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Life's Balance Wheel
Things Aren’t Always
What They Seem
By Donna Tyson
There is a
story of two
angels who
were traveling together
on a trip. As
night fell,
they stopped
to secure a
room at the
home of a wealthy family. The family
was rude and selfish, and they made
the angels feel quite unwelcome by
offering them very little food and giving them cots in the basement instead
of a guest room. As the angels prepared
for bed, one angel noticed a hole in the
wall and proceeded to
repair it. The younger
angel questioned
him as to why he
was making that
kind gesture,
and the older
angel simply
“Things aren’t
always what
they seem”.
The next
night, the
angels stopped
at the meager
home of a very poor
family. The kind family
welcomed the angels with open arms,
sharing their food and giving them the
couple’s very own bed to make sure
they had a good night’s sleep. As they
prepared for bed, the youngest child
came crying that the cherished family
dog had suddenly died.The younger
angel turned in frustration and questioned the older angel as to why he
allowed this tragedy to happen to this
kind family, especially since he had just
taken time to help the selfish rich family. The older angel simply shook his
head and replied “Things aren’t always
what they seem”.
As they began their travels the next
morning, the younger angel again
questioned the older angel on his confusing actions and responses. The angel
paused and looked at his younger travel companion and said “Things aren’t
always what they seem”. He went on
to explain that when he had looked
inside the hole in the basement wall of
the rich family, he saw that there was a
hidden treasure behind the wall. He
had sealed the hole so that the greedy
owner would not find the treasure,
knowing that he would never have
shared it or used it to make a difference
in the lives of others. He then explained
that last night the angel of death had
come for the poor man’s beloved wife
and the angel had given him the family
dog instead. “Things aren’t always the
way they seem”.
Such a powerful story. Indeed, things
are not always what they seem. Again
and again in my life, I found that the
very thing that I thought was a crisis
turned out to be part of a bigger blessing. Lost jobs opened the door for new
opportunities. Relationships that ended
left me free to meet new interesting
people. Illness slowed me down and
gave me time to reprioritize my health
and my commitments. Even the deaths
of loved ones brought a renewed
appreciation for the gift of each new
day and the circle of life.
I have learned not to let the circumstances define my life as “good” or
“bad”. Circumstances are temporary
events and do not reveal the bigger picture. I know that every weaving
requires both light and dark threads to
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
create something of beauty. My trials
develop my character, my courage, my
strength, my knowledge, and my
appreciation for life.
I am reminded of the story in the
Bible about Abraham walking up the
mountain in obedience to God with the
intent to sacrifice his son. That has
always been a really hard story for me
to understand as I could not fathom
that type of trust and faith. I am afraid
my response might have been….”anything but my son, Lord.” Yet the big
picture revealed that unbeknownst to
Abraham, a sacrificial lamb was steadily walking up the other side of the
mountain at the same time. With every
step of faith Abraham took, God was
preparing the way for something better
to be offered.
When you are faced with a difficult
situation or a crisis, try to remember
that “Things aren’t always what they
seem”. Be confident that God is in the
details. Pause for a moment and think
about the things that have preceded
this event and prepared you for this
exact moment in time.
Just this morning I sat and prayed
with a distraught friend who had just
found out that her dad’s cancer has
returned. I reminded her that it was no
accident that she has recently started
attending church again and that she
has been a sounding board for me as I
began Infusion, the new spiritual support group I just started for encouraging cancer patients and caregivers. As
we discussed the many ways God has
been working in both her life and her
father’s life to prepare them for this difficult chapter, she nodded in agreement
that indeed God is in the smallest of
details. Her dad’s new faith will be
used as a testimony for many others as
he faces cancer this time, and she is not
walking this journey alone. Things are
not always what they seem.
There is a beautiful bigger picture
being painted as we speak. May that
thought bring you peace as you journey through difficult times. Know that
God is still in control, and He loves you
deeply. He has promised that all things
work together for good for those who
love the Lord, so if it isn’t good, then
God isn’t finished yet! Hold on. The
darkest hour is right before the dawn.
The Time Is “Now”
By Diane DeVaughn Stokes
His name is Phil. He
told me that he was
three days away from
knee surgery when
friends from the
Amish country told
him about their incredible success with
CuraLase Laser
Therapy for pain.
They said they came
to Myrtle Beach, made
a vacation out of it, and went home brand new.
Phil said he was “a big chicken” about
surgery. He injured his knee baling hay and had
orthoscopic surgery about four years ago.
However, the pain was back worse than ever. It
took him ten minutes every morning when he
got out of bed to be able to walk, stretching out
the muscles to face the chores of the day.
Why not head to Myrtle Beach—a place he
and his wife already loved—and try CuraLase
before going under the knife with months of
physical therapy and painkillers that can sometimes become addictive? He had nothing to
lose. If it did not work, they would at least have
a great get-away!
You guessed it. Phil is now one of the thousands who will tell you how wonderful and
amazing this treatment is. After six weeks of
laser therapy, Phil returned to Ohio without
pain and found himself jumping out of bed
without the stiffness and achiness he had
“It sounds too good to be true, but I tell
everyone to give CuraLase a try,” Phil said.
Friends, if you are in pain, do as Phil did.
Give CuraLase a chance to get you well and out
of pain. You live here and will not have to
spend six weeks on accommodations as others
are who are flying in from all over the country.
CuraLase is just around the corner next to
South Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach
off 17 Bypass South. They offer a free consultation to see their doctor, and you do not need to
bring your former x-rays or MRIs. You can also
attend a free dinner seminar to see the laser
demonstrated and ask questions in a relaxed
dinner setting.
Call 843-294-5273 and make your dinner
reservation for one of the following upcoming
Monday, March 2, 5:00 p.m.
at Ryan’s, 3607 Highway 17, North
Myrtle Beach
Monday, March 9, 5:00 p.m.
at Wahoo’s, 3993 U.S. 17 Business,
Murrells Inlet
Monday, March 16, 5:00 p.m.
at Rossi’s, 9636 N. Kings Highway,
Myrtle Beach
Monday, March 23, 5:00 p.m.
at Ryan’s, 8671 Highway 17 Bypass S.,
Surfside Beach
Monday, March 30, 5:00 p.m.
at Ryan’s, 3607 Highway 17,
North Myrtle Beach
What on earth is stopping you from getting
out of pain? With all their successes, why hesitate to seek this treatment? CuraLase Laser
Therapy keeps working long after the sessions
are over as the body continues to heal.
If what you have been doing to get out of
pain is not working, take matters into your own
hands. Call CuraLase and get out of pain. The
time is NOW!
Diane DeVaughn Stokes
President of Stages Video Productions
Host and Producer of
“Diane At Six”on EASY Radio
And “Inside Out”
on HTC channel 4.
Come listen to classic Dr. Suess tales, play fun
Dr. Suess games, and create Dr, Suess crafts
to celebrate the life and love
of all things Suess!
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
General Admission: $5
Members Free
2204 North Oak St.| Myrtle Beach SC 29577
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Secure Your Future Now ...
Before It’s Too Late!
By Patrick Munro
Like most of you reading this publication you have worked a lifetime and are
either hoping to retire in comfort or you
are completely in retirement and living
off the fruits of your labor.
My question to you is simple. What
started off small is now a sizeable IRA or
401k balance, in any case it is all you
have, so WHY would you risk losing a
large portion of your account if and
when this Bull market stops and the Bear
I see hundreds of new clients from my
seminars, radio and TV shows and it is
shocking to me how many of them are
“sitting ducks” for when the market cor-
rects - standing to lose 30-40% of their
portfolio, just like in past corrections
such as the Dot-Com bubble and of
course the Great Recession of 2007 and
onward. Shame on the broker or banker
that has close to 100% of a retiree’s
money exposed to full on Market Risk!
This is not suitable and can only result in
pain for the client (not the broker)
Perhaps your IRA is in the Bank in a
Certificate of Disappointment! Really,
earning less than 1% on your funds is no
way to Retire Right!
Sure the market is up... artificially
stimulated by the Federal Reserve not
because we have solved the jobless prob-
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
lem in our country or a myriad of other
fundamental problems! Add to that the
fact that OBamaCare is now law and will
create havoc with its” buy or face a
penalty” mandate crashing down on an
already burdened middle class and small
business community.
Yes, the time to rollover to SAFETY
and PERFORMANCE is before the perfect financial storm arrives....
Imagine protecting your retirement
accounts from loss in a fee-free environment, allowing you to profit when the
market goes up but take NO LOSSES
when the market goes down or WAY
DOWN as in the case of a crash!
Additionally, when you become our
client you will have an expert team of
financial professionals to meet with
regarding issues on your will or trust,
long- term care, health and life insurance, taxation, mortgage and much
Americans is outliving their retirement
money. Therefore pick up the phone
today and contact the number in this ad
to start the process of evaluation on your
current IRA, 401k or 403b for unneeded
risk and sight your retirement compass
to The NorthStar!
Consider setting a new direction in your life
and contact Northstar Financial at
(843)-448-7305 or go to to secure a confident Retirement future tomorrow. You will
be thankful you did! Patrick Munro,
Northstar Financial Advisors
Mindless Snacking and Grazing Can
Make It Hard to Lose Weight
By Star Sade
When you
your eating
habits you
have more
control over
your diet.
Snacking and
grazing can increase your calories significantly, interfering in weight loss.
Transitioning into eating less might be
a pain to get your body used to it, at
the start, but so worth a little uncomfortableness.
Why you should consider snacking less...
1) Snacking less means more time to
focus on your exercise and your daily life
2) Snacking less makes tracking what
you’re eating easier
3) Snacking less meals actually makes
you more productive throughout the day
4) Snacking less will help to maintain
your weight
15 ways to stop snacking and start
losing weight fast
1. When you feel like snacking drop to
the floor and do crunches.
2. Jump naked in front of a mirror.
3. ONLY drink water: When you feel
hungry between meals drink 3 glasses
of water, as you may just be dehydrated. – Drink 4 liters (1 gal) per day...
4. Eat 4 -6 cups of vegetables daily
with lunch and dinner
5. ONLY eat in front of others
6. Throw away all breads
7. Throw away all junk food coupons
8. Throw away all fast food delivery
9. Clean out all the junk from your
cupboards and refrigerator
10. Buy a nice piece of clothing that’s
a little too small. Make it a goal to fit
in this in a month or less
11. Do not pick at meals while preparing food
12. Brush your teeth or use strong
mouth wash when you feel the urge
to snack
13. Write yourself a letter about why
you want to lose weight
14. Drink herbal tea to curb cravings
15. Make sure you get in enough protein to fill you up
Metabolic Medical Center will create
you a meal plan that will keep you
satisfied and help you to lose the
weight fast - the healthy way.
Call 843-357-2851
4 Convenient Locations
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
A Closer Look with...
Kim Williams
Tell us a little bit about what
you do….
My field of work is interesting,
challenging and exciting! As General
Manager of the Long Bay Symphony, I
work behind the scenes to bring
incredible music to our community.
I love the variety that comes with a
job in arts administration. Every day
is different. On days leading up to a
concert, I focus on logistics such as
coordinating a piano delivery, writing
press releases, and preparing contracts
for guest artists. Other days, you
might find me speaking at an
Optimist Club or meeting with sponsors.
Some elements of symphony management are what would be typical of
any business—handling payroll and
preparing financial reports—but the
part that I find most rewarding is
engaging with our patrons. I enjoy
meeting people when they come to
our office to purchase tickets and
speaking with them at concerts.
What are some of the things
you’ve learned at your job….
I learn things every day. This job is
teaching me the value of listening and
working with community stake-holders. The LBS has a fantastic Board of
Directors with diverse work experiences and backgrounds. Each person
brings a unique and valuable perspective to the table.
Now, tell us what you like to do
in your “off” time…..
I have a 1 year old daughter who
consumes most of my “off” time.
Being a career mom has its challenges
and I am learning the importance of
spending time with her and also taking care of myself. When I am able to
get away I like to read and hike. My
family moved to Myrtle Beach in
October, just as the weather was
changing, so I am also looking forward to spending time at the beach
this spring.
Please share with us some things
you’re passionate about…..
I chose this profession because I
believe in the power of music to
enhance and transform lives. I come
from a musical family and cannot
imagine life without it.
Name: Kim Williams
Occupation: General Manager of the
Long Bay Symphony
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
Frequently Asked Questions
about Plastic Surgery
Topic: Tummy Tuck
Part III of III
By Steven K. White Sr., M.D.
Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa
Deciding to have plastic
gaining in popularity and the
surgery isn’t a big decision; it’s a
advantages of having the proHUGE decision. What we reccedure are numerous. One of
ommend is that you do a lot of
the most obvious reasons is to
research before you seek out a
fit into your clothes better,
surgeon for a consultation. There
especially jeans. If you have a
are several things you need to be
topic or drooping butt this prolooking for:
cedure will often lift that area
• A Board Certified Surgeon
to some degree. That is always
• A Surgeon with good
a nice outcome. This procedure
reviews and hospital privileges
is also a permanent change to
• The facility where the surgyour body. Since your own fat
eries take place should also be certified
is used there are no implants to worry about,
• Consider how long the Surgeon has
thus preventing complications later on.
been in practice and what kind of experiQuestion: What happens during the proceence they have in the procedures that you
are considering
Answer: The surgery is performed by tak• Talk to people you know who have been ing you into a certified surgery center where
to the Surgeon you are interested in
you will be photographed extensively before
• Review pictures of their work
going into surgery. This procedure can be
Once you have settled on a Plastic Surgeon performed under general or local anesthesia
and you have scheduled your consultation,
with sedation. The fat is harvested from variyou should be considering many different
ous parts of the body such as the flanks, bra
questions to ask. Questions should vary based strap fat area, abdomen, medial thighs, lateral
on what procedure you would like to get. Be
thighs, arms, etc. In doing so the whole body
sure to research your procedure before your
is basically contoured in addition to creating
consultation so that you can ask as many
beautifully curvaceous buttocks.
questions as possible. So let’s talk about
In the right hands, that being a board certisome of the more popular body surgeries.
fied plastic surgeon, approximately 70-80%
The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that is of the fat harvested should “take”. The proce-
dure can take anywhere from 2-5 hours
depending on where the fat is harvested. In
addition, later lipolysis is used to tighten the
skin in the donor sites to give a more satisfactory result. The patient is watched closely in
the certified surgery center but the procedure
is always an outpatient procedure and the
patient will go home the same day. Patients
are placed in a specially designed buttocks
augmentation girdle.
Question: What is the recovery like?
Answer: The recovery from a Brazilian
butt lift requires minimal exercise for at least
three weeks. Because it is a fat grafting procedure the buttocks will be sore. The fat is
actually placed into the muscle of the buttocks. No sit-ups or lunges should be done
for at least three weeks. The final result will
be fully appreciated at six weeks. There are
several forms of buttocks that need to be
treated. There’s the triangular, reverse triangular, square, flat, and hourglass buttocks. All
of these can be shaped into what is known as
the Brazilian butt.
Question: What makes it a Brazilian butt?
Answer: The Brazilian butt is firm, round
and is well isolated from the rest of the body.
If you want your jeans to fit perfectly and
accentuate that area, this may be the best procedure for you!
If you’re considering a surgery, make sure
you have a good consultation with your surgeon and ask questions.
Until next time… remember
Steven K. White, SR., M.D.
Certified by the American Board of Plastic
Surgery and The American Board of Surgery,
Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery
& Medical Spa
1275 21st Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC
Spring into the SUMMER Mode!
NEW! Breast Augmentation
Silicone: Only $5250 | Saline: Only $4750
This offer is only good for the month of March
so call now for your consultation.
Your dream bathing suit awaits!
Steven K. White, SR., M.D.
Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
& The American Board of Surgery
1275 21st Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
DAR Community
Service Award
to Renee Hembree
This month marks the 57th anniversary of Theodosia Burr Chapter.
October 11 will be the 125th anniversary of the National Society of
the Daughters of the American Revolution. This is a year to celebrate
milestones, but it is also a year to recognize service.
Eugenia Wasington, one of the four women who founded the DAR
said, “We want a society founded upon Service.” Ronald Regan said
some years later, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help
Both of those quotations are ones by which we should live.
In DAR we are all expected to take our talents and apply them as we
can in service for others. Our committees give us opportunities to
serve Veterans, support historical preservation, encourage school chil-
Snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing
has been linked to:
-Sexual Dysfunction
-Family Discord
-Alzheimer's/Cognitive Disorders
-Increased Mobility
-Cardiovascular Disease
-Ischemic Stroke
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
dren as they study American History… the list goes on and on.
Our Celebrate American effort under President General Lynn
Young has re-energized our dedication to community service and our
members have responded with over 3 million volunteer service hours
during each of the past two years that we have counted these aggregate hours.
DAR provides us a way to recognize outstanding Community
Today we are recognizing one of our own who has performed an
amazing feat by creating a new community service organization born
of her own astonishment that she was living in a community where
high school students were homeless. The face of homelessness came
to Renee Hembree in a moment when she realized that there were students at North Myrtle Beach High School who had little in the way of
the normal support that most children take for granted: regular meals,
appropriate clothing, health care, a home…a bed … parents who
could provide the necessities for them.
In her own words, she started out 5 years ago with a dream to provide Christmas for a few students. Today that dream has flourished
into a community service called Teen Angel, that takes care of the
immediate needs of high school students identified by the counselors
at North Myrtle Beach High School as living in challenged situations.
Sometimes the student needs shoes, sometimes they need a haircut,
sometimes they need a place to live, or the utilities in their temporary
home need to be paid. Sometimes they need to visit a dentist. The
needs are everything that any family must have to be safe, warm, and
healthy. The needs are everything that a student must have to get their
homework done, to develop a strong self image, to pass those standard tests and get a high school diploma. Some dream of college, and
that can happen only if the basics are provided by others when parents cannot do so.
Renee’s love of these students is obvious as she goes through her
day ever mindful of the needs of these students and encouraging those
civic organizations and individuals who want to help and who will
help by supporting Teen Angel.
According to Trevor Strawderman, Principal of North Myrtle
Beach High School: “over the past 5 years 41 seniors have graduated
successfully and several have gone on to college thanks to the help
provided by Teel Angel. Renee Hembree is very deserving of any
recognition that can be bestowed on her for her work with Teen
Angle. Renee is truly the “Angel” in Teen Angel.
We are pleased to present the DAR Community Service Award to
Renee Robertson Hembree. We are so proud of you!
Foot Facts:
True or
Submitted by Coastal Podiatry
How much do you know about
your feet? Try this short true false test
to see just how much you know.
The foot is a complex structure of
bones and joints containing nearly a
quarter of the body’s bones.
This is true. Each foot and ankle contains 26 bones and 33 joints.
As long as my feet are not in pain,
I can ignore them.
This is false. Your feet are important
to your overall health. It is important
to inspect them as you wash and consider any kind of pain you feel. A
podiatrist should address pain or concerns lasting longer than two weeks.
I generally take about 1,000 steps
per day going from home to school
or work.
This is false! The average person takes
anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 steps
in a typical day.
It’s ok to share shoes with my
friends or family.
This is false; sharing shoes is not a
good idea. This is one of the best
ways to get a fungus like athlete’s
It is best to wear high heels for
only a few hours a day and avoid
walking long distances.
This is true. High heels are extremely hard on your feet. Wearing them
often and for long periods may cause
long-term damage like bunions and
I should just paint over my toenails since they are yellow and gross.
This is false. Discolored toenails
generally mean they are infected with
a fungus. Using nail polish can trap in
the fungus and make it worse.
My feet sweat and smell terrible,
but there is nothing to fix it.
This is false. Using foot powder,
changing socks throughout the day,
and letting shoes air out for at least 24
hours will help combat sweaty, stinky
My feet are incredibly complex
part of my body and a podiatrist
knows them best.
This is true! The podiatrists at
Coastal Podiatry Associates are uniquely
qualified among the medical professionals
to treat the foot and ankle. Dr. Hamilton,
Dr. Menn and Dr. Werter continually
receive specialized education on how to
best treat the foot and ankle. Their offices
are located in Myrtle Beach, Conway,
Surfside, and Little River.
T h e 1 0 + Ye a r w r i n k l e f i l l e r
Why use bellafill as your wrinkle and volume filler?
Bellafill is distinctive and shows immediate results.
Over time, the biocompatible microspheres in bellafill
develop a “matrix” to support your own collagen and
strengthen the layers that support your skin.
Before Bellafill
After Bellafill
Why rent your filler when you can own it?
Medical Skin Rejuvenation
Call for your free consultation 843-357-2444 •
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Buyer Beware: A
Lesson in Consumer
Protection Law
By Ted Cligrow, Carolina Home Exteriors
I’ve written several
articles for
this magazine. By
now, many
of you probably recognize my face
from my
photo, and
associate it
with my
name and business, Carolina Home
Exteriors. However, when I first
bought my company a couple of years
ago, little did I know how hard I’d
have to fight to protect its name and
Shortly after I purchased the business, I discovered a key employee
was stealing from the company.
Instead of firing him on the spot and
having him escorted off the premises,
I made the mistake of scheduling a
meeting to discuss the transgression—
giving him the benefit of doubt
because he had been an important
part of the team.
Basically, between the time of my
discovery and the scheduled meeting,
he stole the company identity: intellectual property, marketing materials
and key files that essentially allowed
him to open his own company on the
goodwill of the company I had purchased.
On a basic level, it was identity
theft. He started a company by impersonating my company. He named his
company a name very similar to my
company name. He wrapped his vehicles in a style almost identical to
mine. All his marketing materials
looked just like my company’s materials. The purpose, of course, was to
create confusion in the mind of the
consumers. He wanted my customers
to think his company was my company.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only
victim of this scam. Unhappy customers who used his services thinking
they were dealing with Carolina
Home Exteriors also suffered at the
hands on this bad actor.
The good news is a jury finally put
a stop to his actions. After two long
years of litigation, we had our day in
court, and a jury of 12 found him
guilty of violating the South Carolina
Unfair Trade Practice Act (SCUTPA).
This law essentially states an individual who willfully and repeatedly
takes action to deceive the public
shall be found guilty of the SCUTPA.
He now has to pay damages and
attorney fees and is legally prohibited
from using a name similar to our
company name, so he won’t be able to
continue deceiving the public by trading on the reputation our company
has worked so hard to establish.
Of course, I’ve learned many
lessons from this experience. First and
foremost, the next time I suspect an
issue with an employee, I’ll act swiftly
to protect my business and my customers.
From now on, I’m also making it
my mission to educate consumers.
My hope is, if we all work together,
we can rid our community of these
types of bad actors, people who like
to take advantage of the trusting
nature of others. To that end, I offer
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
this advice to consumers who may be
considering hiring a contractor.
When you are approached by a
contractor to work on your home,
besides the usual best practices of asking for proof that they are licensed,
bonded and insured (which you
should always do, and asking for references (make sure you actually contact the references and ask good questions), I recommend you also do the
1. Contact the Better Business
Bureau and your local home builders
association to check the company’s
status. The Better Business Bureau
(BBB) is an independent organization
that sets standards for ethical business
behavior and keeps check on businesses to see if they meet those standards. The BBB helps consumers
identify trustworthy businesses.
Accredited members of the BBB have
agreed to follow a Code of Business
Practices and a Code of Advertising.
Companies adhering to these codes
agree to 1. Build Trust, 2. Advertise
Honestly, 3. Tell the Truth, 4. Be
Transparent, 5. Honor Promises, 6. Be
Responsible, 7. Safeguard Privacy,
and 8. Embody Integrity. Carolina
Home Exteriors has been an
Accredited Member of the Better
Business Bureau of Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina since 2003, and we
have an A+ rating. The company
impersonating our company attempting to apply to the BBB but was
unsuccessful in doing so because he
did not meet these standards. He is
no longer listed as a member of the
local home builders association due to
the judgment against him. For more
details on the BBB codes of ethics and
to look up any business you are considering hiring, visit their website at
Information about The Horry
Georgetown Home Builders
Association, their Code of Ethics and
members, can be found online at
or by calling (843) 438-4124.
2. Look for ‘social proof.’ No longer
do you need to rely only on the references a contractor gives you. Now,
you can conduct your own independent research simply by typing their
company name into your computer.
“Google” them. You may be surprised
what you will find. If the company is
reputable, you should find proof that
they are who they say they are, and
plenty of testimonials from satisfied
customers. Maybe you’ll find a review
or two from unsatisfied customers
because nobody is perfect. The key is
to consider how the company
responds to unsatisfactory reviews if
there are any. Look for reviews on
Google, Yelp and Angie’s List. If you
are not familiar with Angie’s List, it is
an independent online rating service.
It is a fairly nominal fee to join and
could be well worth it if you plan on
hiring any type of contractor or service provider to work on your home.
A few minutes spent poking around
on the computer could save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of
headaches down the line.
3. Get two more estimates. Of
course we want you to do business
with us, but any reputable company
will not be concerned if you want to
get additional estimates—in fact,
they’ll encourage it. Why? Because it
demonstrates that you are a savvy,
educated consumer. The more educated you are about what you want, the
easier it is for us to service your
needs. At the end of the day, we want
you to get exactly what you want. The
more you know, the more accurately
you can articulate your needs and
desires, and the more accurately we
can prepare our quote to meet those
needs. At Carolina Home Exteriors,
we may not sell the least expensive
product, but we are confident we provide good value and service for your
investment. Our mission is to transform your outdoor space into an
extension of your home so you and
your family can enjoy it for years to
These are just a few tips to consider
when hiring a contractor. For more
tips, visit
and download our free checklist: How
to Hire the Right Contractor.
If you are considering adding a
sunroom, screen room, patio enclo-
sure, lanai, pool enclosure, pergola,
windows or doors, patio or deck, hot
tub or spa or any other custom home
improvements to your home, we’d
love the opportunity to meet with you
to discuss your options.
Call us today at
(843) 651-6514 to schedule
a free in-home consultation, or stop by
our showroom at 11730 Hwy 17 Bypass,
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576. Carolina Home
Exteriors is proud to have been serving
Horry, Brunswick and Georgetown counties since 1980 with over
7,000 satisfied customers.
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Breast Cancer Awareness
By Randal Croshaw, M.D.
How did
the subject of
breast cancer
– once the disease that no
one discussed
openly –
become the
cancer that
people are
most knowledgeable of
and feel most
empowered against?
Breast cancer is one of the earliest
recognized forms of cancer. People have
known about it and attempted treatment of it since early Egyptian times. It
was recognized in ancient times
because it is a relatively common form
of cancer and, if not treated early, can
become quite visible as an ulcerated
and bleeding mass. Other than skin
cancers, most other forms of cancer are
internal and hidden from view. The
treatment of breast cancer during that
time is believed to have been directed
at controlling symptoms by cauterization and removal of dead and abnormal
tissue. No cure existed and this strictly
palliative approach to treatment persisted until the mid-1700s.
At that time a breast amputation may
have been performed for a breast mass
that was limited in size, but not much
more would have been possible. The
ability to achieve a cure would have
been extremely limited. In 1846 anesthesia was introduced and greatly
advanced the field of surgery. With
anesthesia much more complex operations could be performed. Many operations that are performed today are
based upon procedures developed in
the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. The
radical mastectomy was introduced in
the 1890s by Dr. William Halsted and
was widely accepted as the standard
treatment for breast cancer for the next
80 years. With this procedure came the
first evidence of a possible cure for
breast cancer as long term survival
rates improved from 10% to 50%.
The radical mastectomy removed the
skin, breast tissue, muscles of the chest,
and all of the lymph nodes from under
the arm. The wound was typically covered with a skin graft. This procedure
has many long-term complications
including (but not limited to) arm
swelling, wound healing problems, and
impaired shoulder function. This procedure was common until the 1970s. It is
terribly disfiguring by today’s standards which only served to further
demoralize those women affected by
breast cancer. They were already stigmatized by the fact that the average
person did not understand what caused
cancer and had for centuries attributed
it to infection, sin or other various causes. These were the times when one did
not talk about cancer, nor did polite
people even mention the female breast.
Many more advancements were
made against breast cancer in the 1900s.
The American Cancer Society was
formed in 1913 and began a campaign
of awareness, support and research.
Mammography was introduced as a
means to detect a cancer too small to be
detected by physical exam. The use of
mammography came into widespread
use by the 1970s. Finding cancer at a
smaller size and earlier stage meant
that breast cancer could be potentially
cured surgically if it was excised before
it had a chance to spread. The ability to
find these cancers earlier also coincided
with a transition away from the radical
mastectomy to limited mastectomies
and even lumpectomies without a
reduction in survival. These procedures
offered better cosmetic outcomes with
less side effects. The use of hormonal
therapy, chemotherapy and newer targeted drug therapy further improved
survival. Newer chemotherapy drugs
and protocols have lessened the associ-
Updos & Makeup
Spray Tanning
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Waxing, Facials & Massages
Open 6 days a week!
Tanning & Waxing Hot Deal
Ask about our bundling
and group discounts on
multiple services
1117 48th Ave. N. #123 • Myrtle Beach | 843.839.1716 |
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
ated side effects
making it much
more tolerable
for those that
need it. In order
to address the
that can result
from breast cancer treatment
breast reconstruction was
developed to
help a woman
maintain her
body image.
Having a
diagnosis of
breast cancer
was no longer
thought of as a
death sentence.
And the treatment was no
longer almost as
bad as the disease. Education and advocacy that started with
the American Cancer Society and support as offered by
Reach to Recovery blossomed with the women’s liberation
movement of the 1960s and 1970s. It was now OK to talk
about it and a woman no longer had to feel as if she was facing this alone. Increased awareness translated to women
understanding the importance of mammograms for early
detection. It also meant that more women were seeking help
for masses or other concerns rather being afraid to come forward and hiding it; which unfortunately still happens even
today. More money is being raised for research and assistance programs that help with screening, treatment and support. Legislation has been passed which provides funding for
growth and education in areas ranging from research, screening, treatment and reconstruction to genetic testing.
It is now more common to see physicians dedicating their
practice entirely to the treatment of breast cancer and breast
disease like myself. By choosing to place my focus in one
area, I am able to spend more time with the patient and their
families explaining what treatment options are available and
addressing their concerns. This has become necessary
because there are so many treatment options available today
that must be tailored to each individual. Every case is different and it is our duty to determine what care plan will work
best for each person rather than the one size fits all approach
of days past.
It is encouraging to me that many patients come into my
office having some level of understanding about breast cancer that would have been unheard of at the time of Dr.
Halsted. I don’t want someone to feel like they are doing
something just because I said so. They should understand
why. Unfortunately seeking knowledge in this age of internet
and social media is not without its problems. A Google
search for the term breast cancer will get you at least 109 million results in 0.32 seconds which is far more than any other
cancer type, yet somehow, not nearly as many results as
Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian. The sheer volume of information can be overwhelming even if you manage to find a
reliable, balanced, evidence-based site. The odds of this are
against you as many are selling something, are biased, or
offer anecdotal or very weak “evidence” for their opinions
and recommendations. My advice is to not be afraid to ask as
I or the other nurses and doctors devoted to your care can
typically not only provide information, but also explain how
this pertains to you and guide you toward sources of more
information as needed.
Dr. Croshaw is a fellowship-trained Surgical Breast Oncologist
Coastal Comprehensive Women’s Center
199 Village Center Blvd. Suite 100
Telephone (843) 236-4330
Financial Tip!
Don't take on your partner’s or
spouse’s debt when you marry. Wait
until you're both out of debt before
tying the knot, or protect yourself with a
pre-nuptial agreement.
They're not only for the rich.
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
How To Keep Your Online
Financial Transactions Safe
By Dorien Morin-van Dam
This day and age, everyone seems to be
online. Whether you bank online, order a
movie ticket ahead of time and pay for it
online, or register for a conference, your
financials are needed to complete these
online transactions. Each time you do use
your credit card online, you need to be
aware and alert to prevent credit card fraud,
phishing and identity theft, just to name a
few things that can go wrong.
For most of us, the convenience of being
to pay bills and shop online, far outweighs
the risks associated with online financials. If you are a smart consumer and a smart shopper, make sure you are also smart about
where, how and when to use your credit card online.
Reasons to use online transaction vs. offline transactions are plentiful and include
• Convenience
• Time-saving
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
• Money-saving
• Greater selection
• Better products
• Fast
• Reliable
• Instant
just to name a few.
Why do you shop and bank online?
On the Grand Strand, many Snowbirds use online banking and
shopping because of the convenience of being able to access their
bank remotely while away from their primary home and because
online shopping saves on trips to the store.
Many parents use online shopping to find better price deals than
local stores can provide on things like children’s clothing, toys and
electronics. Parents also use online shopping to buy products currently
not available in our geographical area.
Caution Ahead
As stated before, if you are going to use the convenience of online
shopping and banking, you need to familiarize yourself with best
I’ve put some of these best practices together and have created two
neat little categories of what to do and what not to do with regards to
online financial transactions.
In order to keep your online transactions safe, do
• Change your passwords to your online accounts often.
• Choose a strong password filled with numbers, symbols, and lowercase/uppercase letters.
• Keep your passwords safe in a non-digital place.
• Use optional security questions.
• Register for a two-step verification process where it is offered.
• Do your shopping at home, from your own computer. Don’t use
public WiFi when performing online transactions.
• Secure your at-home network! Add a password to protect it.
• Check each website to make sure it is secure before typing in your
credit card information. All online transactions should take place on a
website whose address begins with: https://. The “s” means the site is
secure. If you don’t see the “s,” don’t trust the vendor.
• Always log out after accessing your shopping or banking accounts,
then close your browser.
• Scan your computer frequently with current, up-to-date antivirus
• Keep your firewall turned on.
• Check your credit report.
At the same time, in order to keep your online financial transactions
safe, don’t
• Click on links sent to your email (phishing attempts)
• Use the same username and password for all your online accounts.
• Share you credit card information with friends and family.
• Forget to log out after accessing your shopping or banking
accounts (always close your browser).
• Allow your computer to store your usernames and passwords for
shopping and banking sites.
• Give out your social security number.
• Continue a transaction if it looks suspicious. Click out of the site,
get offline and turn off your computer.
Keeping to these best practices will prevent many cases of identity
theft, credit card fraud and phishing.
Keep yourself, your loved ones and your financial safe!
Dorien Morin-van Dam
More In Media
Social Media Consultant
[email protected]
Tips from the
By Kevin Kaminski
Waggin’ Tails-Pet Supplies
& Grooming
Regular grooming makes your
pet look good and has many health
benefits as well. A clean fourlegged friend is an important step
to sustaining a pet’s skin, hair,
and fur and helps in preventing
other illnesses as well. As an
owner, you can better inspect your
pet’s skin when it is properly maintained. After a
bath and a full groom, it is much easier to see any bites, skin
irritations, bumps, etc. Timely examination of your pet will
alert you to follow up with your veterinarian if needed.
Keeping your pets ears clean is very important and very
easy to do. A reputable groomer will always clean the ears
when grooming your pet. It is also a very simple task that
can be done at home with an ear wash sold at any pet store.
This will help prevent ear infections and your pet will be
Getting your pet used to regular nail clipping is a good
habit to get into and if they’re not accustomed to it, it then
becomes a very difficult task. Overgrown nails are challenging not just for your pet but also for the owner. Long nails
not only can get caught in objects and be pulled out, but they
can scratch people and damage furniture and floors in the
house. Keeping the nails trimmed will eliminate most
chances of them getting snared on anything.
Hair mats are both unsightly and problematic as being not
good for pets’ health. Your pet’s hair bunches together, tangles and exerts a constant pressure which pulls on the skin.
This is very uncomfortable for your pet and, if not
addressed, more than a nuisance. Mats can range from small
and easily resolved to large and severe requiring much effort
and even shaving. Large mats can sometimes spread right to
the skin level and are very difficult, if not impossible, to
brush out. You may see additional scratching and biting
which can lead to further skin inflammation or other issues.
Mats and long hair and fur can hide bumps and swelling
which can be potential health problems if left undetected. A
regular bathing and grooming schedule is important to your
pet’s wellbeing.
A well trained groomer can also detect some health problems on your pets during the grooming process. Your
groomer should be able to see various skin problems and
possible ear infections during the grooming procedure and
bring them to your attention. If you were not previously
aware of areas of tenderness or skin irritations, or a possible
ear infection this will allow you to follow up with your veterinarian. It can help you maintain your pet’s overall health.
If your pet has dry, itchy, or flaky skin, having them
bathed with a specialized skin shampoo, oatmeal shampoo,
or a hypoallergenic shampoo will offer benefits for your pet’s
skin and coat over the long term. You can get veterinarian
prescribed shampoos or buy over the counter shampoos
depending on what you require for your situation. You
should always consult your veterinarian on skin
issues to determine the best treatment. There are
many options. A good groomer will be flexible
enough to allow you to bring your own shampoo
from home and make special accommodations for
your pet’s needs.
Remember a regular grooming is beneficial to
both dogs and cats. They will be happier and
healthier in the long run. Please remember to Keep
grooming in mind when thinking about your pts
long term health and keep up with grooming in
between your visits so that your pet will get used to
being groomed.
Kevin Kaminski
Waggin’ Tails-Pet Supplies & Grooming
4017 Hwy 17S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Framing The
By Jeffrey W. Horowitz, DMD, FAGD
As many of you already know, the
possibilities are endless for smile
enhancement with porcelain laminate
veneers. What many people do not
know is that just like a beautiful painting, the smile must be framed. Simply
adjusting or changing the frame can
make a decent smile stunning. So what
constitutes the frame for a smile? As
you may have guessed, the gums and
lips surrounding the teeth finish the smile. This is usually the
point where I pull the stack of Cosmopolitan or Vogue magazines out to prove my point. I’ll ask my patients what they like
about the smiles they see, and together we usually discover
that it is more than just the teeth.
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
Let’s talk
about the gums.
One of the most common problems we see is the gummy smile.
The usual complaint is either “My teeth are too short” or “My
gums are too big”. In fact, most of the time, both statements are
correct. Gummy smiles can make the teeth look short and poorly proportioned. Even the most expensive veneer from the most
prestigious ceramic laboratory cannot overcome a tooth that is
wider than it is tall. For most, the ideal way to re-proportion the
tooth is to increase the actual length. Sometimes a small amount
can be added to the incisal (tip) edge, however for most gummy
smiles the length must be gained by gum sculpting. Modern
lasers have allowed this procedure to be accomplished in a
short time, under only local anesthetic with little to no bleeding,
and only minor discomfort afterwards.
Taking this one step further, the gums are framed by the lips.
If patient “A” and Patient “B” have identical tooth and gum
anatomy but patient “A” has a short upper lip, while patient
“B” has a long upper lip, patient “A” will have a more gummy
smile. Subsequently, this patient would be treatment planned
differently than the patient with the long upper lip. Patient “ A”
might require gum sculpting or possibly Botox for the overly
mobile lip, while patient “B” might just need more lip support
from the veneers to keep the lip from coming so far over the
With more and more patients seeking cosmetic dentistry, it
becomes important for the consumer to know that there is
much more to aesthetics than just fixing the teeth. ALL dental
cosmetic procedures must include a comprehensive evaluation
of not just the teeth, but all of the surrounding structures. There
is an answer to almost every dental problem, as long as all of
the diagnostic cues are addressed. A well-trained cosmetic dentist should be able to answer your questions about framing the
smile, so don’t be afraid to ask.
Dr Horowitz is a 1991 graduate of The Medical University of South
Carolina, College of Dental Medicine and completed a general practice
residency at the Mountainside Hospital In Montclair, N.J. He is a
Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry as well as a member of
the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American
Orthodontic Society, The American Equilibration Society, The
American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and The American Academy
of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is in private practice at, and is the
founder of The Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry / Advanced
Sleep and Breathing Centers at 1515 9th Ave., Conway, S.C. He can
be contacted at (843) 248-3843 or via the Web at
Making Weight
Loss More
By Dr Kevin Sattele
For years we have offered weight loss
on a large scale in our Florence location.
This began with our Rapid Weight Loss
Program in January 2008. It wasn’t
long before we had a large number of
beach patients driving to Florence on a
regular basis. In January 2010, we
opened our North Myrtle Beach location and this quickly became just as
busy as the Florence location. Since
then we have had many requests from the patients along the
Strand for us to open a location on the south end of the beach as
well. We have searched long and hard over the past few years
for the perfect location and it gives us great pleasure to
announce the opening of our Murrells Inlet location in March
2015. The office is located at 11883 Plaza Drive along the bypass
just north of the Inlet Square Mall and should offer a great deal
of convenience for our south end patients and anyone in the
area interested in weight loss, body shaping or any of our
esthetic services such as Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, hair removal or laser skin resurfacing.
There is plenty of medical literature regarding obesity as a
major cause of morbidity and mortality in this country. Obesity
is now the number one cause of liver disease and the number
two cause of preventable death (just behind smoking) in the US.
It is a major risk factor for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease
and multiple cancers including breast and colon cancer. Obesity
complications also kill more people in this country each year
than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined. It is a growing
problem not only in adults but in our pediatric population as
If you are overweight or obese, even just a little weight loss
can help you feel so much better. Just 10 pounds of weight loss
has been shown to reduce blood pressure by 10 to 30 points.
This small amount of weight loss can also reduce reflux, sleep
apnea and diabetes as well as joint pain such as knee and back
pain. Every 10 pounds of weight you lose takes 40 pounds of
pressure off your knees. Imagine how much better you will feel
after losing 30, 50 or 100 pounds. Even the simplest things such
as getting dressed and getting in and out of the car become so
much easier. You also sleep better and have so much more energy. Not to mention being healthier while eliminating diabetes
and high blood pressure.
With our programs, we use a combination of medications and
B12/lipotropic fat-burning injections along with proper diet and
exercise to help you lose the weight quickly and safely regardless of whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 200. Our program
will work in every person, every time and we perform bioelectric impedance testing to show your body composition so that
we know exactly how much fat you lose each month and we
know how many calories you are eating per day. This way we
know that you are losing your weight correctly and safely and
all of this is with real food that can be obtained at any restaurant
or grocery store. There is no liquid diet or meal replacement
necessary to complete our program successfully. We
also have the EZ-Diet Planner and Fitness Tracker
online to plan your meals and track your carbs, calories and exercise for you. We have nearly 60 low carb
recipes online for you to use also if you like.
Basically, our Rapid Weight Loss Program
takes the guess-work out of the equation for
you and makes your weight loss very easy.
Most patients say they have tried everything and that our program is the easiest
thing they have done to lose weight. And now
we are making weight loss even more convenient
for you with the opening of our new Murrells
Inlet location in addition to our Florence and
North Myrtle Beach offices. Weight loss has never
been so easy!
If you or someone you know needs to lose weight quickly
and safely, simply call our office to set up a free, no-obligation
consultation at 843-491-4811. We have a program for everyone,
regardless of the amount of weight you need to lose.
Rapid Weight Loss & Esthetics Centers
North Myrtle Beach – Florence – Hartsville
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Comprehensive Dental Care For Everyone!
Call 235-7580 Today!
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Furniture Scale
Old fashioned homes did not have ten foot sofas that were
forty inches deep. Furnishings were smaller and more mobile
in the old days. They were more human in scale, so you didn’t have to be seven feet tall not to have your feet sticking out
like Edith Ann when you sat. And there was more flexibility –
since a smaller chair is as comfortable in a bedroom as a living room, pieces would be reused as people moved from
house to house. In addition to saving your budget, old pieces
grow even more charming when you choose from the thousands of fabrics available for recovering, rather than picking
from the manufacturers’ bland choices. Consider unusual fabrics such as scenic designs, cotton ticking, or animal spots
next time you recover, to give your home a unique air. For a
modern, casual home I recommend slipcovering for a wash-
able, cozy look, and I prefer sofas and chairs of a normal
scale. Have a designer measure before you buy – nothing
looks very big in a large showroom. In the condo living room
above, we chose a medium sized sofa and small scale, movable chairs for maximum seating.
Even if you live in a large home with huge rooms, you gain
nothing by using a ten foot sofa that only two people will sit
upon. Divide large rooms into two or more cozy seating
areas; make sure that people sitting in these areas are no more
than about eight feet apart, so they can chat comfortably.
Delineate the areas further by mixing area rugs, and denote
uses for the areas, like putting bookshelves for reading, or a
games table. Remember, really big rooms are still inhabited
by regular size people; and the nicest times are often spent
with different activities happening in the same room.
Practical Concerns
Make sure your seating areas have adequate lighting.
Ceiling lights are not meant to light people, they are for artwork, pathways and task areas. Each chair and sofa should
have a large lamp – at least 28 inches tall, with a 3 way bulb.
The light should be over your shoulder for reading, so choose
a high enough end table. If you don’t read, keep in mind that
most civilized people do! Make sure there are enough soft pillows, preferably feather filled since you can scrunch them up
just so, flop on them, and fluff them up again. We recommend
making at least some throw pillows washable, so you can
really use them. Don’t put too many – one per chair, three to
four on a sofa is plenty,
since you want to see
the seat cushions if you
expect people to sit
down. Pairs of chairs
should be angled
slightly inward for conversation, not lined up
straight. Tables should
be plentiful – each seat
must have a spot to put
a book or drink. Think
outside the box – side
tables can be anything
from a 40 inches round
skirted table to a
Chinese garden seat or
small carved stool. At
least one large table,
deep in a corner or
behind a sofa, can offer
a large surface for piles
of books and a potted
geranium, or an interesting display of travel finds. A small stool beside a club chair
is perfect for a glass of wine and remote control, and is easily
moved when there’s a crowd. And don’t forget someplace to
put your feet up!
This library show off the homeowners antiques and fine
rug; a comfortable sofa is slipcovered in rose printed linen.
This custom library we created (above) provides a home
for the owner’s books and antiques; small stands and
ottomans can move as needed, and comfortable pillows help
create the perfect spot to curl up and read.
How To Make A
House Into A Home
by Kerry Ann Dame
WE ALL KNOW that a home is
more than four walls; we want a
comfortable, relaxed environment
that is inviting to friends and
expresses who we are. But to have
the kind of home that offers even
more, the kind of place where memories permeate the air, we must pay
attention to more than just matching
colors and hanging pictures. Just
what sets apart such wonderful
places? Some of the good design
principles below, combined with personal touches and collections, make all the difference when creating a home.
A condo living room with plenty of seating, thanks to small
scale furniture selections.
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
I often wonder
who people really
are when I visit
their home and
there no mementos of trips, no
original art, and
few books. Nearly
everyone is interesting in some
way, and here is
where a professional designer
can really help.
Check your closets
for heirloom art
pieces that can be
re-framed or rematted to personalize your house.
Bring your collections out of hiding
– hang plates on
walls, fill bookshelves with trophies from childhood, make that funny old Chinese statue into a lamp. A professional eye can help sort out the really valuable things and
make good use of them.
Stay away from the mass-produced poster art sold in furniture stores – no matter how fancy the frame, it’s still just a
poster! Why have a $400 picture of a watercolor painting
when for about the same price, you can have the real thing?
Check art fairs for talented unknown artists, find something
you really like, and start building a collection of real one-of-akind art at great prices. You’ll have pieces with a story to tell,
and if an artist becomes famous, you’ll have something of real
value one day. Antiques shops are another great source for
the works of unknown “Sunday artists”. It can be fun to work
around a theme – some people collect dog paintings, or rose
pictures, or still lifes, or botanical prints.
Our design for the Bel Air living room below includes
antique lacquer boxes, French chairs, and 19th century oil
paintings, combined freely with vintage textiles to create an
air of intellectual glamour. A backdrop of taupe silk curtain
panels and walls calms the mix.
Bel-Air living room
Control clutter by gathering pieces into collections and
using a hutch, bookshelves, or large tabletop for tidy display.
Set your things off with a strong paint color for an inexpensive change with dramatic impact. Remember, when you
leave the furniture store with your new living room suite, you
are not finished with the room. Really great rooms move way
beyond the three fabric combination of retail. Mix in several
other fabrics, varying pattern scale and texture, adding fringe
to pillows. This is another area where design help can make
all the difference. Look at the really fabulous rooms in national magazines and count how many different fabrics populate
the sofas, chairs, ottomans, pillows and curtains in a beautifully finished room.
Speaking of Curtains
The loveliest homes are usually replete with some sort of
window treatments. Custom treatments can be a significant
project, but are necessary for large and odd-shaped windows.
For a quick solution, our new Ready-Made Drapery Panels
give a polished finish to a room at a great price. Draperies
control light, soften corners, hide poor architecture, quiet
echoes, and create a human scale in high-ceilinged rooms.
They also add pattern and color – in our business, we believe
that not having curtains is wasting an opportunity for colorful excitement, or for a soothing cocoon of calm. You could
spend a fortune on accesssories and not have nearly the
impact of finely made window treatments and a pretty paint
Palladian window
We used yards of linen to give a relaxed air to this
Lowcountry bedroom (above). Slipcovers keep the wing
chairs from looking too serious for sitting, and the simple curtains allow the beautiful Palladian window and view to take
Get Help
I’ve encountered many homes cluttered with tchotchkes
and too much furniture. Often people make one impulse purchase after another as they try to find the one thing that will
make their home fabulous. One couple I worked with had
five sofas, all bought within three years. Every time they
wanted to perk up the house, they went to the furniture store!
With professional help, after a couple of years of disciplined
decorating, their home was a comfortable, charming and elegant showplace, with pretty curtains, oriental rugs, and slipcovered chairs. And when they moved, they had learned so
much they didn’t need my help at all to make the new home
just as attractive. As I tell my clients, if you add up all of the
$50 impulse purchases we make in a year – the lamp that was
too short, the picture that doesn’t match, the rug that was too
big for the bathroom – and apply those funds instead to interior design, you may have enough in the budget for a nice
window treatment or a slipcover. Combine that with some
good professional advice and your own pieces, your collections, and good quality sofas and chairs, and you’ll soon have
a home ready for creating even more wonderful memories.
Kerry Ann Dame is an interior designer, owner of Posh Living at Kerry Ann can be reached at (843) 238-0078,
or by email at [email protected]
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
March is
National Sauce
Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce
Serves: 4 (1 breast with 3 tablespoons cream sauce)
4 (5 oz) boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp salt and pepper, to taste
1/2 cup low-sodium chicken broth
1 cup half and half
3-4 Tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp dried tarragon or oregano
Preheat oven to 350 F.
Add olive oil to a large skillet and preheat over medium-high heat.
Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper. Add chicken to skillet and sauté until golden, about 3-4 minutes per
side, turning once; transfer to a baking dish and cover
with foil. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until cooked through.
Pour chicken broth into hot skillet. Whisk in the half
and half, mustard, and tarragon or oregano. Whisk for 4-6
minutes over medium heat until thickened. Pour sauce
over chicken and serve hot.
Chicken Enchiladas with Sour
Cream White sauce
10 small soft flour tortillas (you can use corn but I like
flour with chicken)
3 tablespoons flour
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup sour cream
2 1/2 cups shredded and cooked chicken (we like to use
rotisserie chicken)
3 cups Monterey Jack cheese – shredded
3 tablespoons butter
4oz can diced green chillies (I like medium – they are not
spicy at all)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Combine shredded chicken and 1 cup of cheese
Fill tortillas with the mixture above and roll each one then
place in a greased 9x13 pan
Melt butter in a pan over medium heat
Stir flour into butter and whisk for 1 minute over heat.
Add broth and whisk together. Cook over heat until it’s
thick and bubbles up
Take off heat and add in sour cream and chilies. (be careful it’s not too hot or the sour cream will curdle)
Pour mixture over enchiladas and add remaining cheese to
Bake in oven for 20-23 minutes then you will want to
broil for 3 minutes to brown the cheese.
You can freeze leftovers and serve later!
Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha
Cream Sauce
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar, packed
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
2 tablespoons honey
2 salmon filets
For the Sriracha Cream Sauce
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2-3 tablespoons Sriracha*
1 1/2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
To make the Sriracha cream sauce, whisk together mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons Sriracha and condensed milk in a
small bowl; set aside.
In a small bowl, whisk together cornstarch and 1/4 cup
water; set aside.
In a small saucepan over medium heat, add soy sauce,
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
brown sugar, ginger, garlic powder, honey and 1 cup
water; bring to a simmer. Stir in cornstarch mixture until
thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon, about 2 minutes; let cool to room temperature.
In a gallon size Ziploc bag or large bowl, combine teriyaki marinade and salmon filets; marinate for at least 30 minutes to overnight, turning the bag occasionally.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly coat an 8x8 baking
dish with nonstick spray.
Place salmon filets along with the marinade onto prepared baking dish and bake until the fish flakes easily with
a fork, about 20 minutes.
Serve salmon immediately with Sriracha cream sauce.
Craft & Antique MALL
Gift Baskets
Sun. 1-5 Mon-Fri 9-6
Crab Cake with Tangy Sauce
1/4 cup real mayo
1 egg
1 teaspoon Worchestershire sauce
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning
2 teaspoons freshed parsley, chopped fine
1/3 cup plain bread crumbs
1 pound (16 oz.) lump crab meat
1/2 cup plain bread crumbs or Panko for coating
1/2 cup oil (I use Canola)
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
Mix together the mayo, egg, Worchestershire, Dijon, Old
Bay and parsley in a large bowl. Stir in the 1/3 cup of
bread crumbs. Mixture will be like a paste.
Gently fold in the lump crab meat being careful not to
break it up too much. You want to large chunks of crab to
Pour the 1/2 cup bread crumbs or Panko into a pie
plate. Form 4 crab cakes with your hands. They should be
about 4 inches in diameter and about an inch thick. Press
the cakes into the bread crumbs coating both sides.
Lay the crab cakes on a cutting board or plate and cover
with plastic wrap. Refrigerate at least 20 minutes to help
keep them from falling apart when cooking. While the
cakes are being refrigerated, make the crab cake sauce
recipe below.
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Melt the butter in the oil. When the oil is hot, carefully
place the cooled crab cakes in the oil and saute until lightly
browned, about 3 minutes per side. Move them to a baking
sheet and bake 10 minutes in the oven.
Crab Cake Tangy Sauce
1/4 cup real mayo (not reduced fat)
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons milk
1/2 teaspoon Worchestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon A1 steak sauce
1/4 teaspoon salt
Combine all ingredients and chill until ready to serve.
May be doubled..
114-A Hwy 17 N.
Surfside Beach
Sat. 10-5
Potato Free
Chicken Free - Grain Free
Natural Miracle
Natural Balance
Now offering dogs and cats
grooming six days a week
in a safe, clean, and caring
atmosphere to please our
pets. We have great prices
on a large selection of pet
supplies for all your feathered, fluffy, finned and four
legged friends. So stop by
Waggin’ Tails and see what
all the buzz is about!!
4017 Hwy 17 S. North Myrtle Beach
(843) 663-1620
Located in the shopping center behind Jersey Mike’s in Windy Hill
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
A Closer Look with …
Diane DeVaughn Stokes
With the news of Diane’s new
book, we decided to catch-up
with her and have her share a
little bit about her background
and how she got into broadcasting...
I was born in New Jersey
but moved to Florence, SC and
became a Southern Belle when
I was fourteen.
I always wanted to be a
writer- cause from the time I
could read, I started writing
poetry and essays winning
several contests during my
school years. My teachers were
also encouraging.
I was always on the newspaper and yearbook staff in
high school and college, and
while in high school I even
had my own column in the
weekly newspaper paper in
BUT I never planned on writing a book.
However, as I went out to
speak to civic clubs, garden
clubs, book clubs, etc- the
audience would laugh at my
TV and radio stories and urge me to document them in a
book. Three years ago- I decided to do just that.
As for broadcasting- I was always a ham…certainly the
first to volunteer in class to stand up and do my book
I was never afraid. However, I never set out to be in
broadcasting because when I was growing up that not an
option for women. Gosh, that makes me sound like a
dinosaur!!! However, I got tons of experience in high school
as President of the Florence Youth Council as I was constantly being interviewed by the local media.
Then, I was the student spokesperson to the media while
attending the University of South Carolina -Florence campus
which became Francis Marion. It was awesome being a part
of a new college helping to write the student by-laws,
designing a new school ring, organizing a new student government.
And when the media came to the campus to ask what was
going on, President Walter D.
Smith chose me to represent the
student body. It was great experience.
While in high school, I met
my mentor and best friend,
Doug Williams, who I dedicated the book to.
He was in radio at WOLS in
Florence and told me I had a
gift and needed to be in broadcasting. He asked me to be his
co-host on his daily live radio
show as soon as I finished college. “The Holiday Show”
paid $15 a week- for an hour
and half every weekday morning, but working with Doug
was truly an education. He
even took me to WBTW and
taught me how to record voiceovers for TV commercials,
finally becoming an official
spokesperson on camera.
At that time, I also continued
writing for a local tourism
magazine and became the
Director of Sales for two
Holiday Inns in Florence,
which paid the bills.
In 1974, I asked Joe Foster the Gen. Manager of WBTW if
he would consider letting me host a TV talk show and he
said, “Miss DeVaughn, we do not want women in television!”
That’s right. At that time they did not even have female
So even though I hosted every telethon with Doug for
WBTW from 1973 to 1981, and appeared in hundreds of TV
commercials, I did not get my own TV Talk show until
WPDE went on the air in 1981.
It was hard to leave Doug and the “Holiday Show” but
Doug knew I had to follow my heart.
The show was “Pee Dee People” and it ran until 1984
when I was being forced to anchor the news by the station
manager, but refused to do so. I knew news was not up my
alley. I loved “Talk”.
It was at WPDE, however that I met the love of my life.
Chuck and I felt that the cancellation of my show was the
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
impetus we needed to make the move to Myrtle Beach since
we knew TV was going to be bigger there than it ever was in
Thank goodness we were right.
In 1985, I hosted “Grand Strand Gazette” for WBTW,
“Southern Style” for Cox Cable, and “Studebaker’s Live”- a
local dance show for Cox Cable. Three wonderful shows!
Chuck became the production manager for WBTW’s first
MB office and remained there until 1989 when we opened
Stages Video Productions so that we would finally be in
charge of our own destiny- the best decision we ever made.
“Southern Style” lasted for 23 years until Time Warner
closed the studio.
Currently I host “Diane at Six” on EASY Radio and love
my new hour-length TV show, “Inside Out” on HTC channel 4 which runs 40 times a month.
I’m so proud to be a part of HTC as no other company is
more dedicated to this community.
Thank goodness, I am still “Floating On Air”.
There are over 130 stories in my book- eighty celebrity
interviews, the rest local.
After 42 years- and still going strong- it’s hard to name
just one favorite.
Astronaut Ronald McNair from Lake City was one of the
most inspirational interviews,
Mickey Spillane was the most fun, Dizzy Gillespie’s was
out of control as Dizzy started asking me questions about
the area, and Jimmy Carter announcing his presidency on
the air years before anyone knew who he was, is simply the
highlight interview of my career.
And it’s all in the book.
“Floating On Air- A
Broadcasting Love Affair”
Diane DeVaughn Stokes has written a book entitled
“Floating On Air…A Broadcasting Love Affair”, featuring
four decades of TV and Radio stories that will make you
laugh, while others will touch your heart.
Celebrity interviews include Dolly Parton, Jimmy Carter,
Dizzy Gillespie, Jerry Lewis, Nancy Kerrigan, Charles
Kuralt, Jerry Falwell, Robert Duvall, Mickey Spillane, Bobby
Richardson, Amanda Blake and seventy more.
Local treasures like Jimmy DeAngelo, Marge Stonebrook,
Billy Roberts, Harry Love, Merlin Bellamy, Jack Thompson
and the Waccattee Zoo to name a few.
Also hilarious live bloopers that are too priceless and daring
to not share.
Diane is the owner of Stages Video Productions with her
husband Chuck. She is the Host and Producer for “Inside
Out” as seen on HTC Channel 4, the Host and Producer of
“Diane At Six” on EASY Radio and a free-lance writer for
local magazines.
She has appeared in hundreds of TV commercials
throughout the southeast.
She began her career at WOLS Radio in Florence, South
Carolina in 1973, was a free-lance commercial talent and
telethon host for WBTW-TV 13 from 1973 to 1981, Hosted
and Produced “Pee Dee People” and telethon host for
WPDE-TV 15 from 1981- 1984 before moving to Myrtle
Diane hosted several shows for WBTW in Myrtle Beach
including the first area real estate show, “The Coastal Real
Estate Video Guide”, and “Grand Strand Gazette” in the
mid eighties.
Diane served as Host and Producer in 1985 for “Southern
Style” on Cox Cable/Time Warner Cable, which ran for
twenty-three years.
She also Hosted and Produced a local dance show,
“Studebaker’s Live” for seven years.
Diane formed the first chapter of the March of Dimes of
Horry and Georgetown Counties serving as their first
Executive Director for seven years, served on the board for
the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Theatre of the
Republic in Conway performing in dozens of shows, is very
involved with First Presbyterian Church and is the
Chairman of the city of Myrtle Beach Cultural Arts Advisory
Committee. Diane calls herself the “Emcee Queen” because
she has emceed more non-profit events than anyone in the
community, including the National Shag Dance
Championships for twenty-seven years.
The book published by Prose Press is available on and Barnes and
Diane can be reached at 843-902-0843
Or [email protected]
We believe the patient always comes first!
Tracy D. Nelson, M.D.
Karyn C. Markley, M.D.
Helena P. Kirkpatrick, M.D.
Tracey A. Golden, M.D.
Jessica Brown, MD
Erin Smith, MD
Norah Nutter, MSN, WHNP
Karen Thompson, DNP
8203 Nigels Dr. (Ste 100) • Myrtle Beach, SC
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Design Your Life by
Reaching Your Goals
Make Your Goal a Reality
You have written down your goal as
a positive statement. You have made
sure that it is a Specific Measurable
Attainable Realistic and Timely goal
(or a SMART goal). Now, what do you
do? How do you stay motivated and
not get side tracked or derailed? You
have to make a plan, anticipate obstacles and stay motivated.
Developing a Goal Action Plan:
Once you have clarity around your
goal, develop a plan that will get you
where you want to go. Decide what
resources you will need and what
steps you have to take. What do you
have in place already that might move
you forward? What are your strengths,
motivations, and weaknesses? How
can you make the journey fun and
successful so that you will stick with
Take Inventory of Resources:
Maybe your goal is to lose 20
pounds in the next 6 months. What do
you already have in place that you can
use? Do you have a kitchen scale so
you can weigh your food portions? Do
you already have a blender so you can
eat smoothies or nutritious shakes for
meals? Make a list of resources you
already have in place.
What resources are not readily
available? Where will you exercise?
Do you need a gym membership or a
trainer? Do you already have an exercise routine that you can stick to and
kick up a notch? Do some research to
figure out how many calories you can
eat or have to burn off each day. Will
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
you implement some other kind of
strategy, such as low fat, low carbs, or
incorporate organic fruits and vegetables? Hiring a nutritionist might even
be a good idea.
Break It Up and Stay Flexible:
What will you need to stay motivated? Are you someone who is motivated by deadlines, competition or
rewards? Structure your plan to help
you stay the course and make weekly
or monthly milestones to track your
progress. Make sure that you have a
support system in place. Find someone else who is working toward a goal
and support each other along the way.
As you develop your plan, organize
it into smaller attainable steps. Build
in review breaks along the way to help
you determine whether or not you are
making the progress you anticipated.
Flexibility is also important. Life still
happens, so make sure that you schedule in some “Plan B” alternatives. For
instance, if the weather is bad, how
will you get in your exercise?
Have Fun and Be Realistic:
Above all, make sure that you have
some enjoyable steps mixed into the
plan. Do you love to go shopping?
Then make sure you include shopping
for the proper clothes, shoes, etc. Also,
are you a night owl? Then, try not to
schedule yourself for a 5 am run right
away. Make sure you keep in mind the
best way for you to be successful.
Anticipate Obstacles:
Once you have created your plan
and visualized how you will reach
your goal, figure out where you might
encounter some obstacles or challenges. If you have a group of friends
who likes to stay out late, and you
have to start getting up early to fit
exercise into your schedule, decide
how you will handle that situation
before it arises. Maybe there is a friend
you go to brunch with on Sundays. Make sure that you
schedule your Sunday run afterward. If you travel a lot,
figure out how you will eat properly on the road. Make
sure that you are ready for anything that might take you
off your course.
List your obstacles and next to each one, list a solution.
This exercise will help you be prepared so you don’t get
off track. What happens when you can’t anticipate a situation that might come up out of the blue? Don’t let decisions overwhelm you. You will have many decisions to
make during your journey. Think about a situation you
were in before where you had to make a similar decision.
How did you make that decision? What worked for you?
What would you have done differently? We are all
human, so if you do get off track, just get back on as soon
as possible.
Be Your Biggest Fan:
This may be the most important rule of all. Be nice to
yourself! Check the negative self-talk at the door. We all
know that our limiting beliefs and self-sabotage techniques can stop us dead in our tracks. When you start
doubting yourself, take a step back, and think about how
deserving you are for great things in life. Also, think
about all of your strengths. I like to call these mind tricks
internal obstacles.
Make a list of 20 reasons why you deserve success. Here
are some examples:
1. I care about people?
2. I am strong-willed?
3. I am authentic
4. I volunteer to help child and animal charities
5. ...
You probably found that exercise easier than you
thought it would be. Save this list, pull it out and read it
anytime you feel undeserving of success. Find affirmations you can say to yourself. See yourself through the
eyes of others. Many times our opinion of ourselves isn’t
as high as others might see us.
Talk to yourself the encouraging way you would talk
to someone else. It is often said that if we spoke to others
the way we speak to ourselves, we wouldn’t have any
friends! As ridiculous as that sounds, I believe it to be
pretty accurate.
If you would like a free copy of the eBook, Design the
Life You Were Meant to Have, then email [email protected] Or feel free to call me @ 202-294-1080 with
any questions or comments you may have.
Kim Fowler, founder of Fowler Life Coaching
(, specializes in transitional coaching
for those who are ready to make a big change in their lives.
She has her training and certification from the Fowler
Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching
and the International Association of Coaches. She holds her
Masters of Business Administration from George Mason
University, and lives in Surfside Beach with her husband,
Rich, their three cats and Sam the parakeet.
We will be hosting our
Easter Baby Talkers group on
March 30th at 6:30 at
Young Talkers Speech Therapy
Clinic in Surfside Beach
This is a group for children ages birth to 3 years and
their parents/family members. We are going to have a
theme of Easter for this group. There will be lots of fun
songs, crafts, activities, and baby sign! We will have an
Easter egg hunt so if you want to bring your child’s
Easter basket, please feel free to do so. There is no fee
for this group as it is provided as a service to the community. There will be a limitation of 15 children for the
group to allow it to be as fun and productive as possible. If you would like to attend, please send an email to
[email protected] by March 9th. You can visit
the Young Talkers Facebook page to see pictures of
past Baby Talkers group and the activities that we did
in these groups. We look forward to seeing you and
your little one(s) there!
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
A Product
We Love
11 Tips to Help
You Improve Your
Connecting Skills
Cushies (
By Dr Nancy D. O’Reilly
Cushies, the newest
indoor footwear creation from the Nufoot
Company, are a comfortably padded and
soft slipper-shaped
footwear, but which is
also nearly weightless,
amazingly flexible and
has a breathable mesh
top. They are also
antimicrobial and both water and skid resistant. Its sturdy
neoprene construction makes it durable and comfortable
on any indoor surface. Comes in a variety of colors in
sizes for both men and women. $19.99,
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
The Women-Helping-Women
Movement Is All
About Connecting.
Here Are 11 Ways to Do It
Making meaningful connections with other women can
change your life (not to mention the world). Problem is,
many of us don’t know how—
or where—to do it.
Competing with other
women is out. Connecting with other women to share
ideas, work together on projects, and offer support is in.
The changes brought about by the global economy have
made collaboration and innovation “must-have” skills,
and the great news is that women tend to be naturals at
them. And that, says clinical psychologist Dr. Nancy D.
O’Reilly, is why the women-helping-women movement
is really picking up steam.
“We’re making a shift to what I call ‘Connecting 2.0,’”
says O’Reilly, who along with 19 other women, cowrote
the new book Leading Women: 20 Influential Women
Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life
(Adams Media, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-440-58417-6, $16.99, “It’s more meaningful than
the ‘mile-wide and inch-deep’ type of connecting we
associate with social media. It’s based on sharing and cocreating, not self-interest. It’s authentic, it feels good, and
it works.”
This deeper approach to connecting works so well, in
fact, that we are creating an ever-expanding network of
resources offering expertise and support to women in
business, government, education, philanthropy, and
other fields. The idea is not just to advance our careers
and make money, but to make life itself richer, more
exciting, and more creative.
“This is more than a trend; it’s a movement—and
women are loving it,” says O’Reilly. “More and more
smart, amazing women are connecting to help their ‘sisters’ live their very best lives. These likeminded women
are passionate about making the world a better place—
so they are finding one another and building strong,
supportive communities.”
The women-helping-women movement is nothing like
the phony, self-serving, let’s-exchange-cards-and-move-on
networking that most of us hate. Sure, connecting with
other women does pay off in amazing ways, but the
rewards flow organically from our “feminine strengths”
and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of
You may be wondering, Where do I sign up? The
answer is “everywhere.” This is not some exclusive club—
it’s open to all women with passion, enthusiasm, and a
yearning to live a richer, more fulfilling life and maybe
even change the world. But O’Reilly knows you may not
be used to thinking this way. That’s why she offers the following tips:
• First things first: Aim for a good mix of online and
face-to-face connecting. It’s easy to send an email message, and it’s really easy to like, to share, to follow in the
world of social media. That’s why so many women do it.
(It’s easy to push a key or click a mouse after all.) And
while there is nothing wrong with social media, it’s also
no substitute for real-world human interaction. The
women-helping-women movement depends on both
types of connecting: virtual and face-to-face.
“If you’re burning up social media, consider taking an
online contact offline,” she advises. “Tell her you’d love to
meet her for lunch the next time she’s in town.
Conversely, if you’re proudly ‘old school’ and are neglecting your social media presence, dive in. You really need a
foot in both worlds.”
• Join a new group that interests you and really attend
the meetings. Make them a priority. It doesn’t matter what
activity it’s based on. This may be a book circle or a
kayaking club or a community cause. What’s important is
that you’re getting together with other women who share
a common interest—and that you go to meetings and
events often enough to let these strong connections develop.
“It’s the shared passion for the activity that generates
the connections,” notes O’Reilly. “And those connections
take on a life of their own. You may end up forging
alliances, finding jobs, winning clients—even though
that’s not the ‘purpose’ for the group.”
• Get on a different team at work. We tend to stick to
our comfort zone. But shaking things up from time to time
keeps you sharp and puts you in the path of exciting new
people. When you work with women you don’t know on
projects you’re unfamiliar with, you will learn, grow, and
often discover vital new talents and interests.
• Get involved in a philanthropic cause that speaks to
your heart. Women who care enough about others to volunteer their time, talents, and treasure are the kinds of
women you want to meet. They tend to be “other-oriented” and want to make new connections, too. So whether
your “cause” is homeless animals, kids with cancer, adult
literacy, or clean oceans, get involved.
“I actually met the 19 women who cowrote the book
Bring your friends and favorite beverage for a relaxed, social experience
with instruction from our artist who will guide you, step-by-step,
through your painting. At the end of the event you'll leave
with your own piece of fun art.
Private parties for adults and children available too.
March Special $20 Tuesday
All Tuesday painting events
will only be $20
Kids PAINT CLUB Passes
5 for $100 or 10 for $185
(Regular class cost $25)
Adult Regular Class Passes
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Located 121-A Gateway Rd. Carolina Forest
(843) 353-1711
Consignment &
Vendors Handmade
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Furniture and
Sea Salt
4683 Dick Pond Rd, Hwy 544, Unit B
Myrtle Beach, SC
[email protected]
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Let's do this
• Lose Weight and Keep it Off
(proven results for 15 years)
• Gain Energy
(regain youthful energy)
• Reduce Health Care Costs
(lower chance of diabetes, high
blood pressure and heart disease)
• Support and Guidance
(you’re never in this alone)
• Affordable Programs
(something for all budgets)
• Physician’s Speciality Care
(weight loss is all we do)
Medical Center
Look Great. Feel Great.
Summer is Right
Around the Corner!
4017 Hwy. 17 Bypass • Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach 843.357.2851
Call today for your appointment!
Dr. Pamela Benbow
Doctor of Audiology
5913 N Kings Hwy
1415 Third Ave, Ste 103
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
through my Women Connect4Good, Inc., foundation,”
she adds. “In fact, the book is living proof of the kind of
collaboration that happens when women make connections based on their desire to serve.”
• Think about what you need to learn. Seek out mentors who can help you learn it. Let’s say you have a small
catering company specializing in weddings, parties, and
family reunions. You’d like to expand into the healthcare
conference arena but know nothing about the field. You
might reach out to someone who plans such conferences
and offer to trade services—perhaps cater an upcoming
event for free or for a greatly reduced price—in exchange
for the chance to learn and get a foot in the door.
“You’re not asking for something for free,” notes
O’Reilly. “You’re also bringing something to the table.
Who knows: Her clients may love your fresh approach,
and it could result in the two of you starting a whole new
• Likewise, give back to women who need your expertise. In other words, don’t just seek out mentors. Be a
mentor to women who can benefit from your knowledge
and experience. It’s “good karma” and it can pay off in
unexpected ways.
• Take a class. (And don’t just sit there; talk to your
neighbor.) Whether it’s continuing education for your job,
a creative writing class at the local community college, or
even a martial arts training session, actively pursue new
knowledge and skills. This will bring new and interesting
women into your life—women who, just by being there,
show that they have a zest for life and learning.
• Volunteer your speaking services. Yes, yes, you hate
public speaking. Many women do. But taking to the podium is a powerful way to get your voice heard, to build up
your confidence, and of course to make new connections
with those who hear you speak. And there are many civic
and service organizations—like the Chamber of
Commerce and Rotary Club—that need speakers.
• Handpick five to ten powerful women in your community and ask them to participate in an event. This
might be a roundtable discussion that takes place at an
industry conference or a community fundraiser, for example. And don’t think that busy, important women won’t
have time for you, says O’Reilly.
“Remember, women love sharing stories, best practices,
and ideas,” she says. “You might be surprised by how
many will say yes.”
• If you’re invited, go. When someone invites you to an
event or gathering—whether it’s an industry trade show,
a party, or a hiking trip—go if you can. Yes, even if you’re
tired, out-of-sorts, and feeling blah.
“Say yes if it’s remotely possible,” advises O’Reilly.
“There are always reasons to say no and some of them are
good reasons. But overall, life rewards action. Life
rewards yes. The more times you say yes, the more connections you will make. The more connections you make,
the richer and more creative your life will be.”
• Set a goal to meet “X” new
women per month. Insert your own
number, depending on your circumstances and personality. Hold yourself
to this number (it will help greatly to
keep track in a journal or calendar). If
you take this metric seriously, you’ll
figure out how to make it happen.
And while meeting isn’t the same as
connecting, it’s the essential first step.
“Let’s say your goal is to meet five
new women this month, and it’s the
last day of the month and you have
two to go,” says O’Reilly. “You can
always pop into the spin class at your
gym, or maybe go to an open house
or political rally. While you’re there,
of course, strike up conversations
with at least two women and introduce yourself.” Voilà! You’ve met
your goal!
While women are naturally good at
connecting, it doesn’t happen automatically, notes O’Reilly. We really do
have to make an effort.
“Most of us are so busy and overwhelmed that we just don’t make it a
priority to connect with other
women,” she says. “We really do have
to be deliberately purposeful about it.
The benefits of connecting with other
women are incredible, so we owe it to
ourselves—and each other—to make
it happen.”
Nancy D. O’Reilly, PsyD, is an
author of Leading Women: 20
Influential Women Share Their Secrets
to Leadership, Business, and Life and
urges women to connect to help each
other create a better world. She is a
clinical psychologist, motivational
speaker, and women-empowerment
expert who devotes her energies to
helping women achieve the lives they
want. O’Reilly is the founder of
Women Connect4Good, Inc., and for
seven years she has interviewed
inspiring women for online podcasts
available on her website.
For more information, please visit and follow
the author on Facebook and Twitter.
About the Book: Leading Women:
20 Influential Women Share Their
Secrets to Leadership, Business, and
Life (Adams Media, 2015, ISBN: 9781-440-58417-6, $16.99, is available at bookstores
nationwide and from online booksellers.
Does your child have
speech, feeding, or
reading difficulties?
Please call us to schedule
an evaluation.
Our new reading
programs can help your
child become a
better reader
8703 Hwy 17 Bypass S., Suite I
Myrtle Beach
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Do You Know How Old Your Cat Really Is?
When Is Senior Care Necessary?
By Kim Hurley
Owner, Cats Meow Veterinary Hospital
The commonly held belief
that a “cat year” is worth 7
“human years” is not entirely
accurate. In reality, a 1 year old
cat is similar to a 16-17 year
old human, and a 2 year old
cat is like a person of 21-23
years. For every year after,
each “cat year” is worth about
4 to 5 human years. Using this
formula, an 8-10 year old cat is
similar age wise to a 53-60
year-old person, an 11-13 year
old cat to a 66-70 year old person, and a 15 year old cat to a
person of 74. There are many
more senior cats than kittens.
While they are kittens for only
up to one year, they are seniors
for many more years.
Seniors make up the majority of the pet population, yet
experts now estimate that less than 10 percent of these elderly patients get the recommended health screens. If you
think about it, we humans are told “you need to get your
cholesterol, blood pressure, mammograms, prostate check,
and other blood work etc., etc.” at certain ages, and then
every year after that. What is the difference between early
detection for us versus our feline companions? NONE!!
Too many times people will say “Oh she/he looks good
for an old kitty”. They will chalk up laziness to just being
older. Cats may slow down a little just like --us humans, but
there could be a lot more going on. It is important to set up
a good “Senior Care Program” with your veterinarian.
A lot of people tend to bring their cats in only when there
is a visible problem. It is hard to wrap your mind around
paying for exams and tests when your cat seems perfectly
healthy. As good as veterinarians are, they can’t see inside
your cat, nor can your cat tell you exactly how they feel. The
tests will give us an inside look at your cat’s overall health,
which can greatly improve their quality of life expectancy.
We are not necessarily looking for something wrong, but
rather starting a baseline. These give us normal ranges so we
have something to compare for future tests. Diseases can
develop rapidly in seniors. You should have them rechecked
once a year and the older they get, every six months. Early
detection can make a huge difference in the outcome of your
cat’s health. Kidney disease, which is prevalent in older cats,
can be delayed and controlled if found early. By the time we
see changes in their blood chemistry, 75 to 85 percent of the
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
cat’s kidneys could be gone.
Like people, they need 50% to
function. A simple change in
diet can add years to your
cat’s life if we find the disease
early through blood tests and
It may not be necessary to
overload your senior cats with
many of the different vaccines. Talk to your veterinarian about what your cat needs.
It can be too much stress on
their older bodies to use some
of the yearly vaccines they
may have needed in their earlier years. There are new vaccine protocols, and your vet
can help determine the risk
factors for your cat. In their older years, health screens are
much more important.
Below are some things for you as the owner to look for to
help your vet manage the aging process of your cat.
• Dehydration. Is your cat drinking more water than
usual - hovering over the water bowl? Is the size of their
urine outlet in the litter box a lot larger? This could be a sign
of kidney problems or diabetes, just to mention two.
• Excessive meowing, wandering, some disorientation. As
in humans, aging changes in the brain contribute to loss of
memory and personality changes. We can say that they can
become “senile” too.
• Hearing loss and changes in vision for various reasons
can be noticed.
• Dental disease is extremely common. You can lift the
side of your cat’s cheeks to look at their back teeth for tarter.
If they have bad breath, this is a really good sign of a problem. Most people do feel more comfortable having their vet
deal with a cat’s teeth. Some of them look pretty sharp! Ha
• Arthritis is also very common. Watch their movements.
Make sure they can still jump up on things as they used to.
You can always give them a little stool for a boost.
Sometimes they may have trouble getting in and out of their
litter box if the sides are too high. There are many good supplements, many the same as we take, for their aging bones
and joints.
• Hyperthyroidism is yet another problem common in
older cats. Are they always hungry, eating all the time, but
remain slim? Are they hyperactive to a point? Do the throw
up often? Watch for these signs.
• Feel of their body often for lumps and bumps. These
could be tumors and/or lead to a problem with cancer.
• Watch for changes in the appetite. Monitor their weight.
Losses or gains in weight are significant. Proper diet is
• Are their bowel movements normal? Older cats can
often get constipated, or irritable bowel syndrome is common if you see diarrhea with possible blood.
This is a very small list of things to look for. Again, the
best way to help your cat is a checkup with your veterinarian and report anything you notice different. The smallest
thing may help detect a potential problem early.
What about an older cat and grooming? As well as veterinary care, an older cat may need help keeping its coat
• The skin of an older cat is thinner and loses its elasticity.
They have reduced circulation also, which is why older cats
love warm places to sleep.
• Older cats are not as good at grooming themselves.
Their hair may begin matting. They may not be able to
reach certain areas as they are not as flexible as they used to
• Their claws are often overgrown and thick. They can
grow into their paw pads and should be trimmed on a regular basis.
A good groomer that is familiar with cats should be consulted. Even older cats can get a bath with the right
groomer. It makes them feel so much better. The buildup of
oils in their coats and matting can cause skin infections.
Heaven forbid if they have fleas! It may not be as easy for
them to scratch themselves.
Luckily, Cat’s Meow Veterinary Hospital is an exclusive
cat’s only facility. We can help you keep your seniors
healthy with caring veterinarians and skilled grooming. We
also offer luxury boarding facilities. If you have to travel, we
feel better watching the older kitties in oversized palaces. It
is better to see them for 8 - 10 hours a day versus someone
just checking in on them at your home daily. We can notice
any changes sooner.
Last but not least, remember that there are many senior
cats out there for adoption. They may have lost their owners
for many reasons and would be so grateful for a second
chance on the rest of their life. Many are still spunky and
play. Or you may want a lap cat. If you could have met
“One-Eyed Sally” at Cat’s Meow, she was a perfect example
of how much love an older cat has to give. After losing Sally
to cancer, we still have old man “Oscar” who likes to climb
on people’s shoulders for attention. Oh, and believe it or
not, we have a male cat named “Romeo” that is following in
Sally’s footsteps with only one eye and old girl “Sammi”
that can hardly see at all. Both will fight for a spot on the
couch for you to pet them. It is our privilege to have them
spend their senior years with us.
Kim Hurley, owner
Cat’s Meow Veterinary Hospital
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March 2015
would lead me to write after
I’m not good at giving up
my treatments were finished.
things for Lent. You wouldn’t
And as always, His perspecwant to live with me if I
No P
tive was right. How about
couldn’t eat chocolate for
forty days. My non-traditionPreoccupation with self
al alternative is to take on
seems to be a common malasomething new instead of
dy. Guess it always has been.
giving up something old.
Me, my and mine. How often
This year, I am reading a new
do our thoughts dwell on
Christian book on prayer
By Linda G
those dear-to-our-heart subwith a girlfriend, but that’s
jects? Sadly, we slip into that
not all. For only the second
self-absorbed tendency far
time I can remember in recent
too easily. I do anyway.
years, a secular book has also
That’s when circumstances and human interactions, thankgrabbed my attention and securely wrapped itself around
fully, remind us that lives lived only for ourselves are lonely,
my heart. Its message is actually a refrain which keeps
sad existences.
replaying in my life lest I forget it. Let me give you the
So let me tell you about this book which has made such
an impact on me. It is called an INVISIBLE THREAD, and I
Over eight years ago, when I was diagnosed with fairly
was so privileged to hear and meet the author, Laura
advanced breast cancer, a friend said something which has
Schroff at this year’s Women in Philanthropy and
had more impact on my life than she would ever believe.
Leadership Conference a few weeks ago. I immediately
When I told her of my diagnosis, she responded with these
related to her because she had her speech totally written out
words, “It’s not all about you, Linda.” I was a little shocked
on the podium, and she very humbly told us so. The previbut in hindsight I can see how accurate those words were. I
ous speaker had given a perfectly polished, no-notes-at-all
was thinking about chemo, my sickness, my hair
talk. I couldn’t fathom doing that. I have very extensive
loss. God was also thinking and caring about me, but in
addition, He was thinking about the other 2,200 women who notes when I speak. Or maybe I felt a heart-to-heart connecare diagnosed each day with cancer, and how they might be tion with her because we were both unexpected authors.
(But that is where the literary similarities end, because she is
encouraged and comforted by No Prissy Shoes, the book He
now a NYTimes #1 Bestselling author.) Her heart-warming
yet convicting story
was about some
simple gestures
which made an
incredible difference
to both the receiver
and the giver. Laura
befriended a hungry
eleven year old boy
in New York City
nearly three decades
ago. She had actually walked past the
little boy who was
begging, refusing his plea for money. She was very accustomed to those pleas. But thankfully, something made her
turn around. Neither of their lives have been the same since.
This kindness refrain had also reverberated through
another bestselling book called Praying for Strangers. This
author, River Jordan, was a guest on the Grand Strand a few
years ago at a Moveable Feast, and I had the distinct joy of
sitting at her table. Interesting how each of these books writVisit our showroom at
ten about the power of kindness quickly shot to the top of
11730 Hwy 17 Bypass
the most-read list! Maybe we are happy to find yet another
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
reminder to step out of those self-imposed hamster wheels
we are prone to spin on day after day. We all need eyes to
see, to even notice that a person is having an upside down
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
Family of Motorcycle Legend Working to
Make A Difference
Jean Davidson, an internationally known author and
speaker, comes from an amazing line of motorcycle
legends. She is the granddaughter of Walter
Davidson, one of the founders and first president of
the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company. Her father,
Gordon Davidson, was the vice president of manufacturing and for many years and she and her husband, John,
owned the largest Harley-Davidson® dealership in Wisconsin.
She also serves as the Davidson family historian and has written
numerous books on the family history. Since her first book published in 2002, Jean has been traveling all over the U.S. and the
world as a public speaker in conjunction with her book tours. She
recently published her 6th book, Harley-Davidson® Family
Memories, which she co-authored with her son Jon Davidson
From growing up immersed in the motorcycle culture to being
invited to speak at H-D® dealerships across the globe including
Sweden, Hungary and England to being the special guest at the
largest motorcycle rally in Europe, she’s certainly covered a lot of
ground in the biker world. Yet her passion in life took her outside
of the dealerships. Prior to becoming an author and international
speaker, Jean was a teacher who specialized in children with spe-
day or looking a little blue. What a difference a smile, a
kind word, or a cup of coffee can do for someone feeling
totally disheveled. A lot of good with very little effort on
our part. Aesop was right. “No act of kindness, no matter
how small, is ever wasted.” One of my favorite birthday
presents last year was a plaque with this saying: “Every
time you smile at someone else, it is an action of love, a gift
to that person, a beautiful thing.” The speaker was Mother
Teresa, whose life exemplified the power of kindness.
You may choose to do small gestures of kindness for
many people like River Jordan did as she prayed for
strangers... every day, wherever she went. Or you may prefer to do larger acts for one individual, like Laura Schroff.
Either way, the world is a little less lonely and a little more
connected because you looked beyond yourself and cared
enough to reach out to someone else.
By the time this SCWoman magazine hits the stands,
there will be five weeks of Lent remaining. Plenty of time to
add either one of these books to your pre-Easter discipline.
I promise, you’ll be happy that you did. But even if you
don’t buy the books, embrace kindness a little more tightly.
Enrich and enhance your own life by reaching out to others,
whether in big ways or small. “Never underestimate the
power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an
honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of
which have the potential to turn a life around.” Leo
Visit Linda at
cial needs. In 2006, a tragic water accident involving her
four year old grandson, Ryder, led her to develop a
children’s safety program known as, Yell and Tell.
She now uses her Harley-Davidson® book tours as
a platform to spread the word on this lifesaving program that is gaining worldwide attention.
Jean will be making her first appearance along the
Grand Strand this March at Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson®. She
will be onsite for a book signing, Sunday March 29th from 11am3pm during the dealership’s 5th Annual Biker Bluegrass Festival.
Jean will be signing her newest book, Harley-Davidson® Family
Memories. In this book, she and her son, Jon Davidson Oeflein,
share a very personal glimpse behind the scenes of the great
Harley-Davidson® Motor Company, that includes little-known stories and over 250 photographs collected from numerous sources
including family members, personal collectors, rare magazines,
long-time H-D® employees and dealers, and the Harley-Davidson®
Motor Company Archives.
For more information on this event visit For more information about
Jean go to and please visit to help save the lives of our children.
For more information please visit
South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
March 2015
Ask the Organizer
Being Organized Will Save Your Money!
Diana Aversano, Organizing Made Simple
The average
spends 55
minutes per
day looking
for things
they’ve misplaced.
A quarter of
don’t park in
their garage due to their garage being
“too full” of stuff. 43% of adults claim
they have paid a bill late because they
lost it. 23% of them admit this happens regularly.
Here are some ways to keep track of
those things and get that time back!
Saving Time = Saving Money
• Organize your time for the early
morning rush hour at your house, the
night before. Set those things out so
your morning and day will go
• Gift Cards ~ Keep them in one
envelope or container unique enough
to not be overlooked, then put them
in a place where you see them often,
like a dresser drawer.
• Physical Mail ~ Have one container and one container only to hold
incoming mail. Then keep it near your
entry door. Without fail, place all
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
incoming mail there, until you can
properly go through it.
• Bills ~ Don’t get stuck with late
fees and credit card interest. Set aside
a holder to keep all your bills together
in, as soon as they come in. Consider
paying them on the same day of the
week or the same day of the month.
Research some apps that will remind
you of the dates they need to be paid
• Rebates ~ The minute you bring
home a purchase that requires you to
send in a rebate, tape the original
receipt to the box near the barcode.
That box will be harder to ignore than
a receipt in a pile somewhere! Then
send it in asap.
• Receipts ~ Place store receipts,
important or not, in one holder. When
you need one later on, it will be a
relief to find it right there instead of
ransacking the house for it. Other
receipts for tax purposes can be
housed together in different folders so
tax time will be easier to navigate.
• Returns ~ Hang a “reuseable bag”
near your entry door. As soon as you
know that something needs to be
returned, place it there in its own bag
complete with the receipt. When the
time comes to return it, it will be there
ready to pick up and go.
Tidy Places = Tidy Savings
• Eliminate buying duplicates! In
your pantry, your clothes closet, and
on your workbench arrange items so
they can all be seen. It is a constant
reminder of exactly what you have. It
will not only suppress the urge to buy
more, it will show you at a glance just
what you need to buy. How many
pairs of scissors have you bought
because you couldn’t find the ones
you thought you had?
If you have a cluttered area, take
everything out. You’ll probably be surprised by the
duplicates there, for example, under your sinks. How
many different types of cleaning products do we seriously need, don’t a few do it all?
• Clean out your storage unit, or at least par it down to
a smaller size. The things that are stored away, out of
sight, typically aren’t needed and decisions ought to be
made about them.
• Freezer labels ~ Freezers are tight places and things
get lost in there in a hurry. Keep a magic marker nearby
to write the contents on bags as you slip them into the
freezer. For easy retrieval, keep like-foods happily together in a very large storage bag, and odds and ends like
A Place Just for Cats at
Very Affordable Prices!
shredded cheeses all together in another.
Be Aware = Be Richer
• Close out any subscriptions, paid memberships or
accounts you don’t need. Temporarily suspend your
magazine subscriptions until you’ve read all the ones you
have in that pile near your chair.
• Make a budget which is simply a plan for your
money. Even if you don’t follow it strictly, you’ll become
aware of expenses in your near future, and you’ll see
how those little daily expenditures effect your bottom
• Call service providers, internet services, and car
insurance companies to negotiate better terms every year
or sooner.
Be Organized to save your money!
Maintaining an organized home will reduce stress in all areas
of your life. It will also result in less spending!
Attend to the little things as often as you can, and the
savings will add up to a lot of money.
Organizing Made Simple 843-385-1204
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100--Yeear--Olld Recipee a
Deelicious Reminnder
By Angela Shelf Medearis and Gina Harlow
March is National Women’s History Month, and we’d
like to name some honorees of our own — wonderful
women who’ve made significant and lasting contributions
to the world of food in our country.
When we think of people who influenced our cooking,
we think of our mothers, grandmothers or aunts. It’s our
families that give us our history, and food is very much a
part of that. But when women stepped outside the home to
become cooks and professional chefs, they made history
for all women. They proved that in a world where few
females had gone before, they not only achieved success,
they changed the industry.
One of the most inspiring stories about the triumphant
female chefs is the biography of Edna Lewis, the granddaughter of an emancipated slave. In 1949, she opened a
successful and high-profile restaurant in Manhattan at a
time when few women, especially black women, owned
businesses. She cooked for luminaries such as William
Faulkner, Truman Capote and Gloria Vanderbilt.
One of Edna’s favorites was a Lane Cake, also called an
Amalgamation Cake. The cake was created after the Civil
War. “Amalgamation” means “combining or uniting,” and
the cake’s name may have symbolized the union of race
and culture marked by the freeing of blacks from slavery.
The history behind the Lane Cake and the
Amalgamation Cake is varied, but somewhere their paths
cross. Today, both cakes are white cakes with a filling of
raisins, nuts and coconut. Some recipes also use bourbon,
dark rum or brandy.
This recipe was passed down from contributor Gina
Harlow’s husband’s grandmother. She was given the
recipe by her mother-in-law, which makes it more than 100
years old! No matter which name you choose for this historic recipe, it’s a delicious reminder of the contributions
that women have made to the culinary industry.
For the cake:
2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter, room temperature, plus
more for the pans
3 cups all-purpose flour, more for the pans
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups granulated sugar
1 cup whole milk, room temperature
5 egg whites, room temperature
For the fruit filling:
5 egg yolks, room temperature
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter
1 cup raisins
M a r c h 2 0 1 5 South Carolina Wo m a n Magazine
1 cup sweetened grated coconut
1 cup chopped pecans
For the boiled white frosting:
2 cups granulated sugar
3/4 cup water
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
2 egg whites, room temperature
For the sugared pecans (optional):
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 egg white
1 tablespoon water
2 cups pecans
1/2 cup granulated sugar
For the cake:
1. Heat oven to 350 F. Butter and flour two 9-by-2-inch
cake pans. Set aside.
2. Sift together 3 cups flour, baking powder and salt. Set
3. Place butter in bowl of electric mixer. Cream on medium-low speed and gradually add sugar. Continue mixing
until pale yellow. Alternating between dry and wet ingredients, starting and ending with dry, add the flour mixture
and milk to the butter mixture. Set aside. (The batter will
be very stiff and thick.)
4. In a clean second bowl of an electric mixer fitted with
the whisk attachment, beat the egg whites to stiff peaks, 3
to 5 minutes. Take a cup or so of beaten whites and whisk
into batter. Fold in remaining beaten whites. Divide batter
between prepared pans.
5. Bake until the tops are pale golden and a toothpick
inserted into the center comes clean, 35 to 40 minutes.
Remove to rack to cool slightly. Invert the cake layers onto
a rack to cool completely.
F. Pour syrup in a steady stream down the side (to avoid
splattering) of the bowl containing the egg white mixture,
with the mixer on medium-low speed. Beat frosting on
medium speed until cool, 5 to 10 minutes. The frosting
should be thick and shiny.
To assemble the cake:
Place one of the cooled cake layers on a cardboard cake
round. Spread with half the fruit filling. Top with the second layer, bottom side up, and top with remaining fruit
filling. Ice the sides of the cake with the reserved boiled
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For the filling:
Combine yolks, sugar and butter in a medium, heavy
saucepan over medium heat. Cook, stirring constantly,
until the sugar is completely dissolved and the mixture is
thick and candylike, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat
and add raisins, coconut and pecans. Set aside and keep
For the frosting:
1. In a small, heavy saucepan, combine sugar, water and
cream of tartar. Heat over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar has dissolved. Increase heat to a boil. Do
not stir anymore. Boil, washing down sides of pan with a
pastry brush dipped in cold water from time to time to
prevent sugar from crystallizing, until a candy thermometer registers 240 F, about 5 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, in bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the
whisk attachment, whisk the egg whites on medium speed
until soft peaks form, about 2 1/2 minutes.
3. Remove syrup from heat when temperature reaches 240
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3822 Palmetto Dr. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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Today: A
Balancing Act
By Meaghan Grettano
Lately I’ve
been seeing
posts and articles buzzing
around on
social media
depicting what
life was like
growing up as
children in the
70s and 80s.
This makes me
very reminiscent of my own childhood
because I, a child born in the 70s, can
remember with fond memories what these
posts recall. The photo of a dozen bikes
sprawled across someone’s front lawn with a
caption about how THIS is how we found
our friends. Very different than today where
we often find our friends on Facebook. We
know where they are and what they are
doing through their check-in’s and status
updates. Or the articles reminiscing about
how we spent our days outside until the
street lights came on, with no plan other
than to use our own imaginations, exploring
the familiar turf of our own neighborhood.
A Saturday afternoon today looks very different for many kids who would rather
explore the new worlds and levels on their
latest app.
My point here is that times have changed.
As a mom in today’s modern world, I’m not
sure how I feel about all of this yet. I’m torn
between wanting to tell my kids to unplug
and go outside and play with sticks or just
letting them do their thing on the tablets.
And when I think about this internal
struggle, here’s the thing I often
ponder…we are the first generation of
moms to face the challenge of balancing
technology with our kids. Yes, there have
been home games systems around for some
time but the portable technology, fully
loaded with games, like the smartphones
and tablets are pretty new and are around
everywhere we look. Kids are holding them
at the store in shopping carts. They are
watching movies at a table in a restaurant.
While riding in strollers. On a car ride. And
often plugged in at home. This is a new
advancement in the world of technology and
us moms today are the pioneers when it
comes to exposing our children to it.
How much is too much? Is it ok to let
them sit in all day on a Saturday and play
games? At what age is it acceptable to buy
them their own device? And the biggest concerns which often leave me worrying…is
having a device on their laps connected to
wi-fi emitting radiation even safe for their
small growing bodies? And, how does all of
this screen time affect their growing brains?
Then I go back to the reminiscent days of
playing outside until the street lights came
on and making a day out of playing with
sticks and rocks in the backyard. I know this
still does happen, but let’s face it…today
technology often wins. Kids would rather
play an app on the phone or tablet and I can
honestly say that my kids are no exception
to this.
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So I’m left wondering, as a modern mother, how do we balance this? While I have no
answer to this and feel on most days that I’m
floundering through it, I remind myself that
like it or not, this is the way of the world
today. They learn on iPads at school now for
goodness sakes! The reading assignments
that often come home from school are on
This is their childhood. It’s all they know.
When I reminisce to them about how it was
when I was a child, I probably sound ancient
to them. I do want what is best for them. I
want them to be healthy, happy, well-rounded
children. So what I do is parent the very best
I can, knowing that no parent that has come
before me has faced these challenges. The
struggles and challenges of parenthood are
real, all of them. But, that’s just parenting,
right? Whether we’re talking about screen
time, potty training, or sleep issues, it’s all
very real. All we can do is love our kids,
embrace the modern times, and simply do
our best, remembering that a screen-free day
every so often will do a family good!
Meaghan is a holistically-minded mom raising her two children in Wilmington, NC. You
can read more from Meaghan on her website or on Facebook
and Instagram @meaghangrettano
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