By Mikayla Ray
Oggis: This place is a
great local hangout,
great for pizza, and
especially for a large
group. Food is fantastic.
The staff is super
attentive and food comes
out hot which is a pretty
big pet peeve when it
doesn't. Good food for
the price and good local
Poway Sushi Lounge:
Awesome happy hour
sushi specials! They
have a huge selection of
items for half price
during happy hour. You
can practically get an
entire dinner for under
$8. Be sure to get there
early as the line usually
goes out the door during
happy hour and they cut
off the special right on
the dot.
MAY 2014
How to Make Strawberry
Bubble Tea
By Celline Kim
Bubble tea is an Asian-inspired drink that is
made from tapioca pearls. Bubble tea, or boba,
as it is sometimes called, can be made in a
number of variations, some of which do not
JUNE 16 : First day of
JUNE 12 : Visit
from the Helen
Woodward Animal
actually contain any tea. Strawberry bubble tea
is a fruity drink made from fresh or frozen
strawberries, tapioca pearls and simple syrup.
This strawberry boba drink recipe makes one 16
oz. serving.
1 cup strawberries
1/2 cup milk or brewed tea
We are excited to visit
the good people of the
Helen Woodward
Animal Center. The
HWAC was formed in
1972 and has become
one of the largest
animal homes in San
Diego County. They are
an incredible place for
finding proper homes
for uncared animals. In
2013, they adopted out
3,000 cats and dogs.
2 tbsp. half and half or cream
1 tbsp. bubble tea sugar syrup
1 cup ice Blender
4 tbsp. cooked tapioca pearls
1. Place 1 cup of strawberries and 1/2 cup of
either milk or tea into a blender. If you choose
to use tea instead of milk, also add 2 tbsp. of
half and half or light cream to make the
strawberry bubble tea creamy.
2. Add 1 tbsp. of bubble tea sugar syrup to the
strawberries and liquid mixture. Bubble tea
sugar syrup is a type of simple syrup made by
boiling equal parts sugar and water together.
Use a combination of brown and white sugars
(equal parts of each) for a rich syrup.
3. Pour 1 cup of ice--cubed or crushed is fine--in
the blender. Blend all ingredients together until
the drink is the consistency of a smoothie or a
4. Spoon 4 tbsp. of cooked tapioca pearls--the
base of a bubble tea drink--into a large, 16 oz.
5. Pour the strawberry mixture over the tapioca
pearls and stir.
By Logan Perrin
This week, I got a chance to interview the wrestling
team. According
gay was difficult but
constructive, with heavy conditioning and running, led
by Coach Brandon and Coach Ismay. Players recalled
their meet against rival school Twin Peaks as one of the
biggest challenges they have faced this season, and they
made sure to highlight Joel Ambrezewicz win against
Twin Peaks as one of the highlights of that meet and the
season as a whole, as well as star player Brenden
Schaeffer, currently ranked number 2 in the league. They
are currently practicing hard and doing their homework
for their battle against Bernardo Heights, taking place at
our campus on Thursday, May 8th.
Congratulations to MBMS ASES
Wrestling for winning District
Issues at Meadowbrook: Phones
Bennett Harvey
Let me tell you something that is a big problem for everyone at Meadowbrook Middle
School; phones. It is a problem for all teachers, students, and parents. Let me explain why. It
distracts other students from doing their work; it distracts the user of the phone and encourages
him/her to always do it and never to do his/her classwork. It also distracts the teacher from
teaching the lesson. No matter which way you put it, or who you are in the situation, it’s
always a lose-lose-lose situation. Nobody wins. Here are some reasons why students shouldn’t
use their phones.
The first reason: Listening to music. Lots of people secretly hide a set of ear buds behind their
hair, around a headband, or in a hood of a jacket. They hide it so it gives them a better chance
to get away with it, which breaks 5 of the 6 Character Counts pillars: Trustworthiness,
Responsibility, Caring, Respect, and Citizenship.
The second reason: Playing games. Playing games like Clash of Clans, Minecraft, and etcetera
is unnecessary, and breaks the same Character Counts pillars. Playing games is pointless, and
when you do it, you are pretty much just skating on thin ice. Make it a great day or not, the
choice is yours. Do the right thing Meadowbrook, it’s the best decision.
It’s the 21st century and now students deserve to use the technology that we have available to
us. Our smartphones and tablets that we’re provided with are powerful resources that can help
guide students through the years of school that they face. It wouldn’t be a distraction because
teachers are great supervisors who can make sure consequences are given to anyone who is
getting distracted by the use of these devices. Cell phones are good resources. A lot of help can
be found online through various websites. I hope that in as we go towards the future our school
can embrace the times and these amazing tools that we have.