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Coming Soon... New Council Homes in Beeston & Holbeck
The following properties will be advertised in the next month
Each property benefits from:
• Solar panels • Double glazing throughout
• Front & rear garden with boundary fencing
• Ground floor WC & upstairs bathroom with WC
• Gas central heating • Thermostatic shower
• Gas & electric cooker points • Data points
Number & Property Type Weekly Rent
10 x 2 bedroom houses
3 x 3 bedroom houses
3 x 4 bedroom houses
Maitland Place LS11 8NZ 3 x 3 bedroom houses
St Luke’s Road LS11 8PE
St Luke’s Road LS11 8PF
We will let 75% of these new homes to Leeds City Council tenants who live in the Beeston Hill & Holbeck or City & Hunslet council wards.
We will shortlist in order of date of registration.
The other 25% of the homes will be let to people in order of priority band, with a local connection to the ward and; who are in
employment; or training as keyworker; or living in high rise flats with children; or overcrowded; or if you or your partner are a member, or
former member, of the armed forces.
We will only let these new homes to people who have an excellent tenancy record - including a good rent payment history.
You must have an application registered on the Leeds Homes Register and bid for the property when advertised by Leeds Homes. If you
have applied to Leeds Homes you can check that your application is still active.
If you are being considered, we will need to visit you at home and carry out an inspection of your property - both inside and outside.
A reference from your landlord will be requested.
Leeds City Council building new council housing in your community