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March 2015
No. 3
From the Pastor
"The Backstory"
Maundy Thursday, April 2
We will celebrate communion with
Montgomery United Methodist
Churches at 8 pm. There is a fellowship time at
7 pm in P-W Hall.
Good Friday, April 3
There is a candlelight service at 8 pm.
We will share the service with
Darnestown Presbyterian. There is a
fellowship time at 7 pm in P-W Hall.
Bench Building, April 4
We will build benches on Sugarloaf
Mountain. Meet at the foot of the
mountain at the barn at 8:15 am;
bring hammers, gloves, trucks; nails provided!
Easter Sunday, April 5
6:15 am at the East View, Sugarloaf Mountain
9:30 am Family Service, no Sunday school
11:00 am Traditional Service, choir sings
Although Boyds is a Presbyterian Church, I
know that some of us come from faith
traditions outside of the PCUSA. I thought I
would provide my best "unofficial overview" of
Holy Week and some of the common liturgical
practices in our denomination.
“Hosanna in the highest heaven!”
(Matthew 21:9)
Palm Sunday falls on the Sunday before Easter
and marks the beginning of Holy Week in the
Christian church. The day commemorates
Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem--an event
mentioned in all four Gospels. It is called Palm
Sunday, or Branch Sunday, because the people
put down palm branches to 'pave' the road for
Jesus according to the Scriptures. The people
cried, "HOSANNA" (Hebrew for save!) while
waving branches in the air. Palm Sunday
worship services often focus on the "triumphal
entry" in Scripture--when Jesus' followers were
hopeful that their promised messiah had finally
come to SAVE them from their Roman
oppressors; however, as the story unfolds
during Holy Week, we see that Jesus SAVES
them from more than the Roman Empire, but
from death itself through His resurrection.
"My command is this:
Love each other as I have
loved you."
"He isn’t here!"
(Matthew 28:6)
Easter Sunday is also known as Resurrection
Sunday. The name Easter is not a biblical word,
but its origin is connected to spring
time. Easter as we know it became popular in
America following the civil war; however, the
essence of Easter is best understood in the
context of the Passover meal and celebrating
Jesus' final victory over, and our final
deliverance from, death (sin). Preachers and
church choirs proclaim God's mighty power
behind the empty tomb and Jesus' resurrection
from the dead. Easter falls on the first Sunday
after the first full moon after the equinox--so the
dates of Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost
(50 days after Easter) are not the same from
year to year. In some Christian traditions, the
word Hallelujah or Alleluia (literally "Praise to
the Lord" in Hebrew) are omitted from worship
liturgy during Lent, but are introduced again
on Easter morning. The Hallelujah Chorus
from Handel's Messiah was written as an Easter
tribute, but portions of the work are often sung
at Christmas as well because the work outlines
the whole life and ministry of Jesus!
(John 15:17)
Maundy Thursday gets its name from the word
mandatum (Latin) or mandate (English),
referring to the firm direction Jesus gives his
disciples at the last supper to love one another
(John 15:12). In John 13, Jesus shows the
disciples God's self-emptying heart by picking
up a pitcher, putting on a towel, and washing
their feet. The Last Supper was the night the
disciples celebrated the Passover with
Jesus. Passover refers to the epic event when
God delivered His people from Egyptian
oppression and led them through the red
sea. Then and always, God's presence was
'with them' which is the name given to Jesus at
birth: Emmanuel. Jesus' name (Joshua/Hosea)
also means deliverance (or literally "God
Saves"). The Resurrection is the ultimate
Passover, or deliverance, for all of humanity.
"It is finished."
(John 19:30)
Good Friday is thought to be named for God's
Friday. It is usually an evening worship that
memorializes the crucifixion of Jesus. Church
crosses are often shrouded in black and
sometimes the seven last words of Christ are
used for meditation and guided prayer. A
Tenebrae service is a 'service of darkness'--a way
of reflecting on these seven verses while a
verse. Worshipers leave the sanctuary in
darkness and silence, waiting for Easter
promises to be fulfilled.
Bad Weather Action Plan
In the event of heavy weather this winter, please
call the church office to listen to any worship
schedule changes; Pastor Eyde will update the
voicemail message between 7 and 7:30 am on
Sunday morning with any special alerts.
Envelopes for the Easter Altar
Arrangement in memory of loved
ones will be available March 15th,
22nd, & 29th and are $10 per
memorial. Deadline is March 29th.
Families, individuals, or groups are
needed to host the fellowship time
during the first three or four weeks
of each month. The last Sunday of
each month is designated as “Pot Luck.” The
sign-up sheet is in Pollock-Williams Hall.
Saturday, March 7th:
Set your clocks AHEAD one
hour (spring forward, fall back).
Also, this is a good time to
check or change the batteries in your smoke and
CO2 detectors.
The 2015 Sanctuary Cleaning
schedule is on the bulletin board in
the church vestibule. Individuals
or families are needed to sign up
for one month of weekly cleaning.
The Mission and Merriment group
will meet Tuesdays, March 3rd and
17th at 11 am in P-W Hall. Come
help with the mission projects. For more
information, contact Susan Blackman at
301-279-7320 or [email protected]
Bring the family to
School’s production
of Tarzan, with music
by Phil Collins!
The Lunch Bunch meets the
second Tuesday of each month at
various restaurants. The next
gathering is March 10th at
12 noon at Outback in Germantown. For
reservations, contact Nancy Daugherty at 301349-5207 or [email protected] by
Monday, March 9th.
March 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th at 7 pm and a
matinee on March 21st at 1 pm. Discounts for
Scouting troops are available at the March 21st
matinee. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for
The Men’s Fellowship meets the
second Saturday of each month
at Bob Evans in Germantown.
Their next meeting is Saturday,
March 14 at 8 am. For information, contact
Rowland New at 301-882-7151.
The Boyds Crocheters meet
the second Saturday of each
month in P-W Hall. Their next
meeting is Saturday, March 14th
The Lenten Study group meets Thursday
evenings at 7:30 pm in P-W Hall. The study is
titled My Heart, Christ’s Home by Robert Munger.
Please join Pastor Eyde at 6:30 pm for a light
dinner. Contact Pastor Eyde at 360-620-3326 for
more information or material.
at 9:30 am.
Spring Clean-Up is scheduled
for Sat., March 21st, from 9 am 12 noon. Grab your gloves and
rakes and join in the fun as we get ready for
Spring! Bad-weather date is March 28th.
The New Member class, Part 2 will meet
Sunday, March 1st at 12:30 pm in P-W Hall.
Lunch will be provided.
We make a living by what we get --We make a life by what we give!
~Winston Churchhill
Coming soon: VBS 2015!
Appreciation and gratitude: to all
who contributed to the Souper Bowl
of Caring; to Doug & Lisa Fiedler
and Tom & Melane Hoffmann for hosting one of
the February fellowships; to Kay Curtis for
cleaning the church during the month of
February; to Steve Gibson for shoveling snow
from the sidewalks.
What is the REAL reason Vacation Bible School is
so Great?
Calling all High
This year marks the sixty-sixth
anniversary of the first One Great
Hour of Sharing. Over the years,
thanks to Presbyterians’ generosity
(about $7 million annually) this
offering has made a tremendous difference to
people around the world experiencing need. The
OGH offering will be gathered on Palm Sunday,
March 29th. Please tape your fish boxes shut and
place your name on the box for credit.
Volunteer guides and crews needed:
Science leaders, Bible Story leaders, Video
Discussion leaders, Preschool leaders, Skit
participants, Snack helpers, Music assistants,
Photographer assistant, Recreation assistants,
Preschool assistants, Leader assistants, Set
Construction team, Decorator team.
At Everest vacation Bible school, kids experience
God’s Word in surprising and unforgettable
ways! Each day, leaders reinforce one simple Bible
truth –
God has the POWER
to Provide, to Comfort, to Heal, to Forgive,
to Love
Embark on an icy expedition with us where kids
overcome obstacles with God’s awesome power!
This winter sermon series is based on the classic
devotional written by Robert Munger, My Heart,
Christ's Home, and will take us up to and through
the season of Lent.
As we continue to ask God to give us his "heart
to love" in 2015, this sermon series will challenge
each of us to see our heart as a home. As we
move through the different rooms of our heart in
each Sunday's sermon, we will be encouraged to
surrender the contents of each room--no matter
how messy--to the Lordship of Jesus.
of Deacons and Trustees. In coming months, all
members will be invited to participate.
What can you do in the meantime? There are
many tasks that need to be accomplished in the
next few months. Consider pairing up with
another family to host fellowship. The church
sanctuary needs volunteers to clean it each
month. The Board of Trustees will be
announcing the Spring Yard Clean-Up day
soon. We will need your help mulching,
weeding and getting ready for Spring. Consider
volunteering to be a visiting grandparent to a
Sunday School class once a month. Vacation
Bible School will be coming up in mid-June.
Men’s Fellowship, Mission and Merriment, The
Lunch Bunch and The Boyds Crochet Group are
all ways to get involved and stay involved.
There are many ways to contribute your time
and talent. If you have an interest, please call
the church office and let us know!
Next mtg: Monday, March 2nd at 7 pm in P-W
The sermon series will begin on Sunday,
February 8, and conclude on Sunday, March 22.
Palm Sunday is March 29.
The Session met on February 2nd.
From The Session: The most common
question members of Session get is, “When is
the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) going
to be named.” The answer remains the same.
We have a lot of groundwork to do before that
can occur and Presbytery has to approve our
work before a PNC can be named. Rest assured,
members will be notified when the opportunity
to be a part of the process comes.
While we aren’t ready to start a PNC, the
Session has started the transition plan for
finding our next called pastor. We have started
comparing our way of doing business to the
way prescribed by Presbyterian Church USA.
Think of this as a sort of tune-up for your car –
a way to get ready to accept a new pastor. We
want to be “ready for company” when the time
comes. We expect to have a Town Hall meeting
for members in the next few months where we
will be available to answer questions and
describe where we are in the process and tell
everyone what’s next.
One requirement in the process involves
surveying the congregation on what we do well
and what could be improved. Session has
contracted with a church consulting group that
administers a web-based survey. The Session
has started the survey process with the Boards
The Board of Deacons met on February 9th.
Reviewed 2015 usher schedule and communion
dates. Discussed ways to promote youth SSL
participation. Discussed the new Cabin Branch
development and impact to area. Discussed
new pastor search process with Pastor Eyde.
Next mtg: Monday, March 9th at 7 pm in P-W
The Board of Trustees met February 17th.
Part of meeting was spent with Ken Beal, our
new Treasurer; received $26,680 from Edward L.
Byrd trust and $500 from Irma Byrd estate.
Discussed Cemetery audit; Trustees to prepare
operating manual, lot purchasers to receive copy
of cemetery by-laws, deeds to be signed at
meetings so they can be recorded in minutes.
Approved one space request.
Next mtg: Tuesday, March 17th at 7 pm in P-W
Younkin; Mary Younkins. Pray for those
recovering from their war wounds. Pray for
communities and nations recovering from
natural disasters; for victims of violence and war
throughout the world.
If your email address has
[email protected]
For the ninth year, the youth of
the church sponsored the
hunger mission project called
the “Souper Bowl of Caring.”
They presented their witness on Sunday, Feb. 1st
during the worship services. They raised $1,806
which was sent to Germantown’s Meals-OnWheels. They also collected non-perishable food
items for WUMOC HELP.
2007 --2009 --2011 --2013 ---
$ 676.60
An Irish Blessing
Always remember to forget
the things that made you sad.
But never forget to remember
the things that made you glad.
Always remember to forget the
friends that proved untrue.
But never forget to remember
those that have stuck by you.
Always remember to forget
the troubles that passed away.
But never forget to remember
the blessings that come each day.
2008 --- $ 716.30
2010 --- $1,542.29
2012 --- $1,796.70
2014 --- $1,600.00
Prayer List
Pray for those who grieve:
Family of Terry Harner:
Chuck Harner’s brother, who died February 4.
Family of Kevin Staley:
Grace Turner’s grandson and Sharon Catron’s
cousin, who died February 10.
Pray for healing: Gerri Bartee; Stephen Breen;
Nelle Brewer; Billy & Michael Broschart; Reese
Burdette; Will Canas; Lucy & Elizabeth Cannon;
Teresa Deavours; Carrie Donat; Elaine Dorman;
Billy Dorsey; Edith Dove; Annette Hale; Ruth
Hoyt; Julie King, John’s mother; William Knott;
Karen Kozel; Drew Landriau, Ellen’s son; Karen
Lightman; Katie McWilliams; Bob Mongold; John
Morgan; Rex Reed; Edna Reffit; Norman Roskin;
Sandy Sermon; Lindsay Slettin; Michael Slinkard;
Rupert & Nancy Spring; Carol Wagner; Phyllis
Ward; Wendy Wood; Gene & Marylynn
Worship Attendance
February Adults Child Teens 2015 2014
no services due to snow 86
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