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MARCH 2015
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Sun Senior News
5098 Foothills Blvd., #3-405
Roseville, CA 95747
Patrick and Cheryl Coonen: From Presley to Poetry
Step into the Coonen’s home in Lincoln
Hills and you will step back in time. “We’re
stuck in the 1950s,” Patrick openly admits
when he welcomes visitors to what he calls
his ‘museum’.
To say Patrick is an avid collector is an
understatement. You can tell he has been hard
at work for decades gathering the assortment
that salutes a youthful time of innocence and
the 1950s-era he loves. Both may be gone, but
not forgotten. From floor to ceiling and wall
to wall are artifacts in all shapes, forms and
colors --- framed photos, posters, autographs,
toys, signs, placards, and vinyl records – both
33 1/2 and 45 rpm (remember them?).
There are two dedicated rooms in the
house -- a replica of a ‘50s diner and a “Jailhouse
Rock” bathroom decorated in ‘early Elvis’ chic.
(Just use your imagination!)
If it has anything to do with the culture
and lifestyle, or recording stars and movie icons
of the day like Fats Domino, Marilyn Monroe,
Roy Orbison and of course, the king himself
– Elvis Presley, you’ll find it at the Coonen’s.
The Lincoln Hills
Foundation Sponsors CPR
Classes for Residents
As a Community Service, the Lincoln Hills
Foundation is again sponsoring CPR classes in
2015 for Sun City Lincoln Hills residents. With
aging, heart issues become more prevalent,
and your training and knowledge could be
instrumental in saving the life of a relative,
friend or neighbor. Immediate intervention
and appropriate action is often the difference
between a positive and negative outcome.
Newly seated LHF Board Member Ralph
Ziegler is living proof of the value of proper
CPR technique. While on a cruise in 2013 he
suffered a heart attack. Only good fortune and
quick action by a nearby cardiac nurse restored
his pulse and led to a full recovery. Visit with
Ralph and learn the rest of the story at one of
the CPR classes listed below:
Thursday, April 9, Thursday June 4,
Thursday July 23, Thursday, August 27 and
Friday, October 23.
Courses offered with a certified instructor
CPR/AED w/certification & manual: $10
CPR/AED and first aid training with a
certificate and manual: $20
CPR/AED and first aid training without
a certificate and manual: $10
Classes are limited to 20 participants ordered
by date of application. For information and
application call Connie Burdick at 916-543-7157
or visit our website lincolnhillsfoundation.org.
Cheryl and Patrick Coonen
Reserve the date of Wednesday, March
18 for fun and fellowship in the ballroom
of the Orchard Creek lodge, 965 Orchard
Creek Lane, for a rousing afternoon of Bingo
presented by the Lincoln Hills Foundation.
Cash and door prizes will be given away.
Meridians lunch special at 11:30. Doors open
at 12:30 PM. The fun starts at 1:00 PM. Get 7
or more of your friends and neighbors together
at one table by calling Ed Sullivan at408-1480.
Or visit our website at lincolnhillsfoundation.
org for a special bingo promotion.
That’s not all. What would any collection
be without wheels? Tucked away in the garage
are two meticulously maintained vehicles which
Patrick and his wife Cheryl, often display at
the annual Downtown Lincoln Classic Car
Show each summer -- a 1949 custom Mercury
and a 1957 Chevy Belair, each adorned with
authentic drive-in movie speakers.
One thing you will not find at the Connen’s
home is a computer. Forget on-line shopping –
the bulk of these pieces were found locally at
flea markets, garage sales and antique shows.
Married for four years, Patrick and Cheryl
first met in 2001 in Auburn, Calif. when they
were neighbors. Prior to that time, Patrick,
who grew up San Francisco, had spent 22 years
in Lake of the Pines and then in the Bay Area
before returning to the foothills of the Sierra
Nevada Mountains. It was his daughter that
encouraged him to move to Sun City Lincoln
Cheryl, born and raised in Batavia,
NY, is not only supportive, but also a proud
collaborator of Patrick’s vast collection. She
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Players — The Ballad of
Gopher Gap... Or Sticky
Fingers Won’t Wash
The set is in place and the actors are
rehearsed. The lights, the sound and every
tiny detail is under control and ready for
an audience. The Ballad of Gopher Gap...Or
Sticky Fingers Won’t Wash is a campy, not to be
missed melodrama. Come prepared for zany,
ridiculous, and unbelievable entertainment.
Gopher Gap’s evening performances only
Danielle Bergmooster
will have VIP Table Seating which includes
appetizers served 6:45 - 7:00, and cash bar
service, $25 — Premium Seating, $19 —
General Seating, $14. The matinée show will
not include appetizers. For the matinée show,
both VIP Table Seating and Premium Seating
(cont’ on page 5)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
+'%) ')$ ',))*#&+*)$#-#&!.#+"+""$$&!*' %%')0$'**2,
+'$1"#%)*')'+") ')%*' %&+#2*'.,&)*+&+"*(#$#1)+"0
&,) ',*#*'&+"$+*+*#&+"+*,!!*+**'#$#1+#'&#+&("0*#$
Call 916-772-6500 to schedule a tour
Call 916-772-6500 today to schedule a tour or to RSVP
or RSVP to our special event.
for one of our fabulous upcoming events:
Starting the New Year off Right!
Taking care of yourself as a caregiver
Celebrating Special Moments
Caregiver Support
with Your
Loved One
February 5th,
2013 at 10am
1st Thursday of Every Month
January 9th, 2013 at 10am
Continental breakfast will be served
110 Sterling Court
Roseville, CA 95661
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
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State Farm ® has reduced
auto rates in
Placer County has a new
important agency called the
plan in place to eliminate its
Governmental Accounting
unfunded liabilities for retiree
Standards Board noted that
medical, dental and vision
relatively few governments
benefits within 15 years.
have set aside any assets to fund
I want to talk about the plan
future OPEB costs.
this month because it illustrates
Fortunately, Placer County
our commitment to prudent,
began taking steps to get
conservative budget policies Robert M. Weygandt unfunded OPEB liabilities
that have proven so successful
under control years ago. For
in preserving the county’s fiscal health
example, we placed $25 million in general
over the years.
fund revenue into a trust account over
Our approach helped Placer County
three budget cycles, reduced long-term
weather the recession more easily than
liabilities by entering into agreements with
most cities and counties in California
employee groups to share health insurance
while allowing us to be more proactive
costs and committed to fund the annual
in reducing unfunded liabilities related
required contribution into the California
to retiree health care costs.
Employer’s Retiree Benefit Trust Program
Medical, dental and vision benefits
operated by CalPERS.
for retirees are known collectively as other
Our efforts already are paying big
post-employment benefits, or OPEB for
dividends. The County has reduced its
unfunded OPEB liability by almost 40
OPEB obligations have historically
percent over the last five years: from $212
been funded by governments on an annual
million in 2009 to $129 million today.
pay-as-you-go basis, but local governments
The new plan approved by the Board
are now required to recognize the value
of Supervisors Jan. 6 to fully fund OPEB
of outstanding liabilities in annual
liabilities within 15 years may ultimately
financial statements, exposing the full
free up as much as $16 million in annual
value of future fiscal obligations. OPEB
operating funds for other priorities.
obligations include both the prospective
Most importantly, it will guarantee
and future costs associated with applicable
the county can honor its long-term
commitment to employees.
Last year, a little-known, but
SOS: Help Us Save Community Christian School! After 20 years as the only Christian
school located in the City of Lincoln, we are facing the largest fiscal crisis in our history.
How can you help?
1. Donate by sending a check made payable to Community Christian Schools, 1545
First Street, Lincoln, CA 95648, donate on-line at www.CCSLincoln.com, or contact the
school directly at (916) 645-6280. Our school is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Tax ID
# 68-0419684), and all donations made will receive a tax deductible receipt.
2. Donate to our e-waste recycling program by going on-line to schedule a direct pickup from your home or business: www.ewaste4good.com - Enter Community Christian
Schools as the beneficiary.
3. Donate your collection of BOX TOPS to our school. Please check the expiration
4. Donate your bags of clean plastic bottles and aluminum cans to our school for
5. Donate items we can sell in our community garage sale coming up on Saturday,
March 7, 2015.
We thank you in advance for you prayers and support. Please continue to follow our
progress and see what God does for our school! — Julie Bline, Principal
Offering our clients experienced professional services
with convenient access to their attorney.
Julie Bowen, Agent
Lic. #OB98828
1328 Blue Oaks Blvd, Ste 190
NE Corner-Foothills & Blue Oaks
Roseville, CA 95678
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (not in
NJ), State Farm Indemnity Company (NJ) Bloomington, IL
• Insurance and discounts subject to qualifications.
(916) 772-2522
Get a free car insurance
quote - save up to 35%
Call my office 24/7.
From Your Placer County Supervisor
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• Living Trusts • Wills
• Powers of Attorney • Health Care Directive
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Phone: (916) 772-2522 • Email: [email protected]
Website: www.JSH-legal.com
Member: California State Bar, Placer County Bar Association, AARP Legal Network Attorney
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
SolarCity lets you generate your own clean, more affordable solar energy. You can
lock in low, predictable energy cost that are less than you currently pay.. This can
be done with zero out of pocket costs. Its that simple.
In an effort to give back, I have teamed with The Lincoln Theatre Company to raise
funds. Every installed unit will result in a dona on to The Lincoln Theatre Company
of $250 to help restore the Lincoln Civic Auditorium. For the dona on to be possible
you must contact Heather at the number below. So here’s a chance to save money,
do good locally and do good globally.
Your system, Your energy
$0 due upfront
30% Federal Tax Credit maybe claimed the
year a er installa on
Locked in lower rates than you pay now
Produc on Guarantee
Roo op warranty
Monitoring and repairs at no addi onal
Avoid u lity rate hikes
CA LIC#888104
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Players Group
(cont’ from page 1)
will be $19 — General Seating, $14.
Love Is In The Air...Or Is It? was the
Reader’s Theater February performance. As
promised, funny bones were tickled and hearts
were warmed. And as always the production
was FREE. This is one of the ways that the
Players can convey their appreciation to a
community that has unfailingly shown it’s
Leslie Hanover
During the Player’s February meeting,
director, actor and Players member Judith
Jessness took to the Kilaga Presentation Hall
stage for an entertaining and informative
demonstration on how to audition. There was
much laughter throughout while members
learned things they didn’t know they needed
to learn! Thank you Judith.
Before Barbara Greenfield became the
Lincoln Hills Players President she promised
to provide exciting guests to entertain and
educate the members of the Players and those
who are curious about our club. Once again,
she has come through. Kudos to Barbara.
Players meetings are held the second
Monday of the month in the Kilaga Presentation
Hall. If you have a hankering to act, or perhaps
build a set, or if you’re merely curious about
the many creative things we do, you’re welcome
to join us to see what we’re all about.
For further information, contact Barbara
Greenfield – Phone: 916-408-5017 — Email:
[email protected]
Talent Search is
City Lincoln Hills
Vaudeville Variety
Troope was founded
in 2008 by Marina
Vaudeville Steering Committee: JoAnn Dennis, Ellie Hoekenga,
Eugenios. After
Jacki Wilson, Yvonne Krause-Schenck and Pat Howle.
producing and
Love” with this timeless music.
wonderful shows each year, she turned the
Tickets are now on sale for our three
reins over to Yvonne Krause-Schenck in 2014.
Ballroom performances on April 26-28. Check
A Steering Committee has been formed to
the Compass or www.suncity-lincolnhills.org/
help the Vaudeville Troupe move forward.
residents for details.
Serving on the committee, along with Yvonne,
Our concert is titled Melodies of Love.
are Jackie Wilson, Ellie Hoekenga, JoAnne
“Isn’t It Romantic?”
Dennis, and Pat Howle.
Do you have any hidden talents that you
would like to share with others? If so, The
Ballroom Dance Group
Vaudeville Golden Review Show is just the
place for you! A search is on for new talent.
Do you sing in the shower? Yodel? Love to
Ah, time “marches” on. Each month our
tell jokes and stories? Dance in the kitchen?
club focuses on a different dance style. March
Play a musical instrument or know slight of
is Foxtrot month. Foxtrot is a slower, smooth,
hand tricks? Then this is the venue for you.
progressive dance. Foxtrot can be done with
No previous stage experience is needed to join
many big band songs, easy-listening selections,
this fun loving group. Our next show will be
and many newer songs. One of the first songs
in July and we will be having try-outs in April.
that really defined Foxtrot was a song called
Watch for dates and times in next month’s
“The Memphis Blues” by W.C. Handy and later
issue. In the meantime, dust off those dance
performed by Louis Armstrong. In 1914, the
shoes, exercise the vocal chords, and practice
reigning king and queen of Ballroom Dance,
those special talents.
Vernon and Irene Castle, wanted a slower
Questions? Please contact Yvonne at
dance that they could perform after showcasing
408-2040 and she will be happy to answer them.
their famous “Castle Walk”, which was a fast
“one-step”. They had a slow version of “The
Memphis Blues” played, and voile, the perfect
LH Community Chorus
tempo Foxtrot music was born. Another
historical fact about Foxtrot came about a
Even if you “Don’t
Get Around Much
Anymore,” you won’t
want to miss this Duke
Ellington classic and
other Great American
Songbook standards at
our spring concert.
We’ll bring you a
marvelous selection of
“My Favorite Things”
by some of our greatest
songwriters, including
Hoagy Carmichael,
George Gershwin, Johnny
Mercer, Richard Rodgers,
Modeling our Chorus shirts: Barry Mackintosh, Virginia Haradon,
and Harry Warren. You
Mary Albertazzi, Joe Stewart
“Can’t Help Falling in
few years after the Castles popularized the
dance. Arthur Murray also helped promote
the dance, and started on his own road to
fame and fortune, by printing the basic step
of the Foxtrot and selling it for 10 cents each.
This was the first time anyone had printed
dance steps and sold them by mail-order.
Enough about past history. The Foxtrot is an
extremely popular dance style for weddings
and anniversaries. Why not learn it now, or
brush up, so that you can feel comfortable
about dancing for those special events, and
create your own history? The SCLH Ballroom
Dance Group can help. Our group meets at
Kilaga Springs on Tuesdays from 2:00pm to
5:00pm. Beginning lessons are from 2:00 to
3:00pm. All lessons are in a group format,
taught by competent, experienced, and very
patient instructors on a spacious dance floor.
Open dancing follows from 3:00 to 4:00pm.
Get some extra help with the lesson during
this time, practice, or just socialize and enjoy
the music. Many different musical styles are
Robert Ho and Patricia Catron.
played during the open dance hour. From 4:00
to 5:00pm a more advanced level of the Foxtrot
will be taught. We have an extra bonus during
March. The last Tuesday of the month, we
will diverge from Foxtrot and focus on Waltz
Technique during the 2:00pm hour, and Latin
Technique used for Rumba and ChaCha during
the 4:00pm hour. Techniques will include body
motion, arm styling, frame, and footwork. Both
hours will be appropriate for beginners and
more advanced students. Club membership
dues continue to be $7.00, and that includes
all the lessons that you wish to attend during
the year, for FREE! So, don’t let time “march
on” without enjoying dancing! Just by learning
a couple of basic steps, you could be on your
way to creating some wonderful memories.
Contacts: Sal Algeri 408-4752, Chris
Geist 543-0176.
(more Club News cont’ on page 6)
Affordable Computer Help
xRemove Viruses
xFix Spyware
xWireless Setup
xCustomized Training
xMemory Upgrades
xAll your Computer
Help Needs
x15% Senior Discount
xDSL setup
xSpeed up your PC
xFriendly Personal
Service, E-Mail Help
xNew PC Setup &
Transfer Files
Your Fulltime Computer Specialist
Jerry Shores 663-4500
PO Box 981, Lincoln, CA 95648. Reg No. 85117
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
LH Tap Company
If it’s March, it means that the Tap
Company’s production of “Rockin’ the Hills” is
right around the corner. Months of rehearsals
will end on March 26, 27 and 28, when the
musical hits the OC Ballroom stage. Tickets
have been selling briskly, so now’s the time to
get yours. Don’t risk missing this toe-tapping
This, of course, is a Tap Company
production, so our lovely tappers
provide the foundation for the
show. The Eight of Diamonds
group (Donna Bonomini, Gloria
Gibbons, Celeste Martella,
Becky Nicholson, Carol Rose,
Josie Scriven, Janice Strong,
Linda Wilson) provides its own
interpretation of “Viva Las Vegas,”
while the Swingers (Marilyn
Cachopo, Kathy Fernandes,
Tommy and Dave discuss Jack’s troubles.
Natalie Grossner, Judi Koepke,
Jennifer Lauchner, Muriel Menig,
Rose Ransdell, Diane Savoia,
Jackie Shupe) discover the
rhythm underlying the golf swing
in “If It Ain’t Got that Swing.”
Not to be outdone, the Sassy
Red Hats (Fran Farrell, Sandra
Mandolfo, Nancy McDonald,
Madelyn Merola, Jean Parry,
The kick-off celebration is a huge success.
Jan Roeser, Judy Rosenthal, Molly Seamons,
Louise Seidenverg, Frima Stewart) bring color
to the show’s Valentine’s dance with “The Red
Hat.” And, many of the tappers collaborate on
the show’s tribute to the Diamond’s and the
opening “Dance Fever” production number.
But, the show is much, much more than
entertaining, energetic dancing and singing.
At its core, it touches on the romantic lives
of its characters here at Lincoln Hills, while
featuring veteran performers as well as talented
newcomers. For example, Jim Walker, whose
velvet voice has graced Vaudeville, Players, and
Tap Company productions, plays DJ Fred – who
oversees the stories intersecting at Meridians.
Jim Jones, fresh from his performance as
Prince Charming in “Cinderella,” portrays
Tommy, a softball-playing romantic who “Can’t
Help Falling in Love” with Linda, played by
Ellie Hoekenga, a Vaudeville, Players, and
Tap Company veteran. She naturally adores
Tommy, because “He’s A Rebel.”
Madelyn Merola, a Chorus member and
tapper, debuts as a singer and actor playing
Irene, a woman harassed at Meridian’s by a
wolf (Bob “Dancing Bob” Parker). Fortunately,
her boyfriend, Don, returns in the nick of
time and she can tell the cad “My Boyfriend’s
Back”, as Don (David Rosenthal – a newcomer
to the stage) chases him away. And, Johnny
and Amy, played by seasoned performers Ken
Reiss and Barbara Swerdlow, have their own
romantic crisis. Will they break up because
Johnny briefly left with Judy at Amy’s birthday
party? Did Amy over react by bawling? Or,
was she right to claim “It’s My Party and I’ll
Cry If I Want to?” Will Johnny’s heartfelt plea
that “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” keep them
together? And, will Dave (Jerry Mandolfo)
connect with that mysterious woman in the red
dress (Janet Strong), who calls him on his cell
phone (“Chantilly Lace”)?
Meanwhile, poor Jack (Steve Garavito)
is distraught because he’s found possible
romance with Mary (Joanie Adams) but she
won’t get romantically involved with anyone
who can’t dance. As he struggles to win her,
Jack gets advice on confidence from Sam (John
Baarts) – “The In Crowd” – on determination
from Ingrid (Lynn Sotir) – “Climb Every
Mountain” – and on love with a Latin flavor
from Julio (Hugo Solano) – “Amor, Amor,
Amor.” Jack also learns from Lola (Isobel
Hersch) that “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola
Gets.” And, what about Roger (Paul Krow)?
He’s rich, and he’s also after Mary. But, does
he have a secret agenda?
Add the Out of Line Dancers (“Cupid
Shuffle”), the Hula Wahines (“Hawaiian
Sunset/Hawaii 5-0”), the All That Jazz Dancers
(“Billie Jean”), the Back Porch Cloggers
(“Everybody Dance Now”), and Dolly’s
Dancers (“Vogue”), and you’ve got the recipe
for toe-tapping, hand-clapping entertainment.
“Rockin’ the Hills” will hit the OC Ballroom
stage on March 26, 27 and 28. There will be
evening performances on each of those nights
and a matinee performance on Saturday,
March 28th. Tap Company productions
historically sell out early, and this show will be
no exception. Get your tickets today!
(more Club News cont’ on page 7)
2015 Club
Car Carryall
510 LSV
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and Sell Del Webb
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Square Foot?
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Get the performance of a full-size truck combined with the economy and
nimbleness that only a Club Car can deliver. The Carryall 510 LSV adapts to any
situation, with street-legal power and one of the shortest turning radius in its
class – making this the perfect vehicle for
traveling downtown.
Carryall’s are built on Club Car’s exclusive
lightweight, rustproof, aircraft aluminum
frame designed to be stronger than steel.
With a 1250 lbs. total payload capacity and
Paula Nelson
850 lbs. bed load, it’s tough and reliable, an ideal
solution for those who need the capabilities of a
truck with the versatility to navigate tight spaces.
[email protected]
BRE lic. # 01156846
Why use a fuel-guzzler just to pick up a part from the home improvement store,
shop in town or run errands when a street-legal Carryall 510 LSV is so much
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25 MPH!
Each office independently
owned and operated.
Carryall LSV’s come with all the
required safety equipment.
Lease option available.
Golf Cars
4325 Dominguez Rd, Unit B Rocklin, CA
Call Toll-Free
(877) 666-5864
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Country Couples
Phyllis and Ralph Svetich and Rich and Donna Pick.
Really? It’s March
already? Country Couples
have been so busy enjoying
dances the past few
months, including a Winter
Wonderland and the lavish
Mardi Gras, that it’s now
time to consider dance
themes for springtime.
Fortunately, the newly
formed dance committee
headed by Sandy Manildi,
has taken control of all
the various details that
go into making a well
organized, smoothly run
dance while Phyllis Svetich
has assumed the responsibilities for the
decorating, along with some very artistically
talented members. The creations that graced
each table to reflect the Winter Wonderland
Line Dance Group
theme of our January dance were absolutely
beautiful. Definitely a job well done! You
won’t believe what they’ve done for the Mardi
Gras dance, but those details will have to wait
until next month.
Country Couples
traveled to Sun City
Roseville to enjoy an
afternoon luncheon
prior to dancing to our
favorite country songs
and it turned out to be
a welcomed change for
a Sunday afternoon. We
are Country Couples, but
every social function has
dances that can be done
without a partner (like
when your significant
Lauri and Warren English and April and Carroll Cederburg
other needs a timeout
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Extensive List of Satisfied Customers in SunCity Lincoln Hills
“Last year, our December PG&E electric
bill was $124.79 & this year it was $11.63.
A monthly comparative savings, to us, of
$113.16 or 90.7%, with solar.”
- Dan & Carol Larsen, Sun City Lincoln Hills
CCL# 817001
to catch his breath.) Based on the turnout
and the great time everyone had, seeing more
afternoon events in the future looks quite
It is heart warming to see the growth of
Country Couples over the years and regardless
of the level, whether its beginner, intermediate
or advanced, there is something for everyone
from learning a dance to making new and
lasting friendships. Hope to see you on the
dance floor!
For Country Couples information contact:
Kathy Lopez: 434-5617
Margo Zamba: 662-1628
You are all invited to visit the group’s
station and display at the Annual Club and
Community Expo event, “It’s a Lifestyle,”on
March 12 from 10am to 2pm at Orchard Creek
Lodge. When you do, you will hear first hand
from line dance enthusiasts about how to get
started in a class, the variety of dances you learn,
music styles, and the many health benefits.
Line dancing is a unique fun form of
exercise to music that provides the hearthealthy benefits of an aerobic work-out
while also allowing you to engage in a social
activity. According to an article in Linedancer
Magazine , the British Heart Association
recommends this activity for the health
advantages. “Line dancing improves stamina,
muscle tone and coordination, is a great stress
buster and energy booster, invigorates all the
major organs from the brain right down to the
toes,” to a list a few. “Line dancers can cover
around five miles of ground in one evening,”
the magazine reports.
This type of activity has been found to be
(cont’ on page 8)
Join us for Line-dance!
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Michele McEwen e-mailed: “A lunch
buddy and I ate at the new Rum Thai Bistro
, 880 Sterling Parkway #20 (in the Raley’s
parking lot). We were greeted at the door with
friendly faces and seated by Pon (owner/host)
who told us the restaurant (served) authentic
Thai food. We were immediately offered a
beverage while we perused the menu. There
is quite an extensive menu, and beer and wine
are offered. My friend and I settled on the
luncheon green chicken curry with rice. We
were brought a wonderful salad with lettuce
and a delicious peanut sauce. Our meals came
quite fast and we were both surprised at the
amount of food.
“Everything was fresh and crunchy, with
vegetables ranging from fresh green beans,
zucchini, eggplant, fresh basil, bamboo shoots
and several others. The sauce was very good
and Pon explained that it could be made from
mild to hot-hot-hot. We ate every bit of our
lunch and then were presented with a lovely
dessert of tapioca, coconut cream and mango.
The whole experience was a positive one and
we would highly recommend it. All of the above
is $7.95. Be sure and ask for the 15% discount
and free refill when you order a Thai iced tea.
The restaurant is closed on Sundays and the
phone # is 543-7300. Be sure and ask for Pon.
Thanks so much for writing your articles and
know we always look forward to reading about
new places to eat.”
Always glad to get a report on an eating
place in the Lincoln area. In January, I began
to review some notable restaurants of
the past year. Some readers may recall
that Sacramento once had a good Greek
restaurant named (no surprise) Zorba’s.
Zorba’s is long gone but one of our readers
discovered a Greek place called Opa! Opa!
at 5644 J Street, close to Sacramento State.
It has many of the traditional Greek dishes--spanakopita, dolmathes, falafel and a variety
of kabobs---also gyros and pitas. The phone
number is 451-4000. Closer, we do have
what’s kind of a fast food Greek eating place,
Daphne’s, which Beverly and I like, either to
eat there when we’re shopping in the area or
to take out. We usually get their kabob plate,
beef or chicken, which comes with rice, salad
and pita bread. Daphne’s also offers one of
our favorite desserts, baklava. It’s at 10357
Fairway Drive. The phone number is 772-3997.
We have a number of Italian restaurants
in our area. We had a report on one a little
farther away, Fabian’s, at 11755 Fair Oaks
Boulevard. Fabian’s has all of the traditional
Italian dishes. The phone number is 536-9891.
One Italian restaurant that Beverly and I have
been to several times, but have neglected lately,
is Il Fornaio, in the Galleria. Jim Costello,
who discovered the ASR Restaurant and
Lounge reviewed last month and who knows
restaurants, now tells me that he thinks Il
Fornaio is the best Italian place we have. Il
Fornaio is known for its authentic Italian dishes
and, in keeping with this, the menu is in Italian;
fortunately, the dishes are described in English.
The menu is extensive and seems to include
entrees not served in other Italian restaurants.
I was struck, for example, by their Scallopini Al
Carciofi Limone, which is thinly-pounded veal
with sliced fresh artichoke hearts and lemon,
Yukon Gold potatoes and vegetables. When
Beverly and I go there again, that’s what I’ll
order. As those who read last month’s column
know, Jim’s taste tends to high-scale (and
higher-priced) eating places, and Il Fornaio,
like ASR, falls into that category.
In my rundown of breakfast places I didn’t
mention is Denny’s at 5181 Foothill Boulevard.
Beverly and I were just there (we had a coupon)
and as usual had breakfast although it was at
lunchtime. Of interest to seniors, Denny’s has
a 55+ menu and gives 15% off for AARP card
holders. Denny’s of course is open 24 hours a
day and their dinner fare includes an item even
Il Fournaio doesn’t have, Brooklyn spaghetti
and meatballs. In keeping with today’s health
awareness, they offer a number of “Fit Fare
Selections.” At the other end of the spectrum,
they have milk shakes, sundaes and banana
splits. Kids eat free there on Tuesdays and
Saturdays, 4-10 PM. The phone number is
771-3658. I did mention the Waffle Barn at
Roseville Boulevard and Pleasant Grove. On
a recent visit we discovered Waffle Barn is
offering a free dessert with their lunch items,
which doesn’t include waffles.
Our Let’s Eat Out (LEO) group recently
went to the lunch buffet at the Thunder Valley
casino. While the buffet is not up to Las Vegas
standards I’d say it’s good value for the price,
which is under $10, less with a senior discount.
Beverly usually has their turkey, with stuffing
and other fixings, and likes their bread pudding.
I get their hush puppies, which I haven’t found
elsewhere, and their cheesecake to go with my
coffee. Warnings: (1) although the casino has
smoke filters people sensitive to smoke may be
bothered; and (2) you play their slot machines
at your own risk.
Share your favorite restaurants, e-mail
me at: [email protected]
Line Dance Group
(cont’ from page 7)
especially stimulating to the mind. You may
have heard about the New England Journal of
Medicine report on the effects of recreational
activities on mental sharpness in aging. In
the study, participants over the age of 75
who engaged in reading, dancing and playing
musical instruments and board games once a
week had a 7 percent lower risk of dementia
compared to those who did not. Those who
engaged in these activities at least 11 days a
month had a 63 percent lower risk! Physical
activities like playing tennis or golf, swimming,
bicycling, dancing, walking for exercise and
doing housework were also studied. One of the
surprises of the study was that the only physical
activity to offer protection against dementia
was frequent dancing which lowered the risk
by a dramatic 76 percent.
Why dancing? Of all the physical activities
studied, dancing involved the most mental
effort. This activity simultaneously involves
body movement and awareness, reasoning,
musical and emotional processes. The study
says, “This complex activity is a triple benefit
for the brain.” It’s not just purely physical.
Not only does the physical aspect of dancing
increase blood flow to the brain, but also the
social aspect of the activity leads to less stress,
and lifts the spirits. Further, it requires learning
and recalling new steps and patterns which
provides mental challenges that are crucial
for brain health.
In simple terms: Learn something new—
take a line dance class. Dance often. And
remember, more is better!
(more Club News cont’ on page 9)
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James D. Kersey
CLU, CHFC, RHU, REBC, President
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Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
LH Painters Club
Our February Fine Arts Show was a
great success. We applaud the efforts of our
artists and their support system and thank the
community for paying us the honor of visiting
our annual event and for purchasing pieces of
fine art for their homes, families, and friends.
Our March Painters Club meeting is scheduled
for Monday, March 16, from 2:00 to 3:30 at
our new venue, the Presentation Hall at Kilaga.
Guests are welcome to join us in order to learn
more about the club, and perhaps, consider
becoming a member. Our presenter will be
Club member, Barbara Vance, who will honor
us with a watercolor demonstration. Our April
20th meeting will be a Swap Meet/Auction.
Member donated art supplies will be auctioned
to those present and the proceeds will be used
to benefit Painters Club needs, such as books
or CDs regarding art for our library. Our art
challenge for May is “City of Lincoln”. Artists
are encouraged to begin scouting the area for
a scene, building, area feature, or other item of
interest which strikes their fancy and inspires
them to paint a piece representing our city.
Those present at our February membership
meeting enjoyed Andrew Cook, Manager of
the Sacramento Dick Blick Art Supply Store,
for his discussion of art supplies available
there and for the Acrylic demonstration with
which he honored us. Our club has always
found that we learn many practical things
when Andrew shares at one of our meetings.
Thanks, Andrew! Contacts: President, Joyce
Bisbee, [email protected] Membership, Jack
Cook, [email protected] Plein Air Paint-Outs, Jim
Brunk, [email protected], 434-6317
Website, http//lhpainters.org
Needle Arts — Threads of
everyone laughing.
Fresh from her latest cruise where she
taught her trade, Anelie told how she first
became interested in sewing as a very young
girl and after a time she had decided to make
Well, Thoroughly Modern Dresden, Anelie
her mother a quilt for Christmas. It took
Belde, may also be tagged Thoroughly Modern
many years instead of the few months she
Entertaining. Even the
had thought it would
non-quilters will agree
take, but her mother
her presentation at
loved it and even
the general meeting
buried her dog in it
in February was a
one day!! Since Anelie
hoot! Anelie not only
has since purchased
brought her trunk
the house where the
show complete with
dog is buried it does
outstanding gorgeous
not hurt as much I
quilts, books, patterns
suppose, and after all
and gadgets, she also
is said and done, when
brought along her
you give a gift, it is no
sense of humor in a
longer yours. Much
few wild tales that had
Community service thank you letters.
to the delight of the
crowd, she went on
to display a garment
she made while in the
process of designing her
unique quilts, a very fancy
bra if you please.
Back to serious after
a few more stories, Anelie
presented her many unique
quilts that are in the book
she has written. Many of
them have been featured in
Quiltmaker Magazine. She
gave each of the ladies who
had volunteered to hold up
each individual quilt one of
these patterns and had more
she sold along with her book.
Amelie Belden with Dresden quilt.
Before the presentation,
Specializing in the
Western Placer Area
Let Me Help You Find
Your New Home!
Clareen Bolton and Bev Johnson, leaders of
the group, read thank you letters sent to the
Community Service Group for the multitude
of quilts they had made and donated last year.
This group is so active. There were a total of
197 quilts donated in 2014, so you can imagine
how much joy was brought to many. If you
have an interest in joining this group I am sure
either Clareen or Bev would love to hear from
you. Our Community Service group is so very
active. They not only sew away making many
quilts throughout the year, they also organize
the yearly program that makes sure several
needy families have gifts for their children
at Christmas. They bring joy to countless
Some of the recipients were: Kids First,
Kainonia, Adopt a Child (through St. Vincent
DePaul), Rotary Club, Kiawanas, Loomis
Basin Christmas Baskets Program, Love
Olivia, Patriots Honor, and Hearts Apart.
Hearts Apart supports the families of deployed
military personnel at Beale Air Force Base.
Some of the many quilts went to children being
placed in foster care as well as teens being aged
out of foster care. What a feeling it must be
to know you are a part of this loving group.
They donate so much of their lives to helping
others less fortunate. The thank you letters
make you tear up and feel good all over that
you live in the same community.
On the same note, I must mention the
numerous ladies who have been knitting
away on scarves and hats for our homeless
veterans. I thank you from the bottom of my
heart. While we do not hear from the vets
themselves, I have received a very nice note
from a lady in Marysville who coordinates
(cont’ on page 11)
Try us in Lincoln...a place
You Can Trust for
your car repairs and maintenance.
We have 17
25 Years
of Honesty & Integrity behind us.
“Duncan’s Automotive
fixed a problem that I had
been to 3 different places
over the course of 2 years”.
-P. Buntiny
-Citrus Heights
Winter Service Special $89
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Donna Judah
27 point safety
Citrus Heights
Citrus Heights
Roseville Locations
Roseville Locations
Good at:
Not Valid with any other offer. Expires 12/15/03.
Not Valid with any other offer. Expires 12/15/03.
A place where
your car is
done when
185 Flocchini Circle, Lincoln
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Santa Clara
Santa Barbara
San Mateo
El Dorado
Orchard Crest
Santa Cruz
Echo Ridge
Quail Cove
Pine Hill
NOTE: The statistics above do not reflect any consideration in value for model options nor location.
[email protected]
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5. '3&&property evaluations for Estate
BRE# 00456442 & 01243980
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Needle Arts
(cont’ from page 9)
the distribution. She tells me they are much
appreciated and needed.
Coming sooner than you think is the next
general meeting where you will see a number
of lovely hand bags and find out how to make
them yourself. Mark your calendar for March
10th at 1:00, Presentation Hall at Kilaga. Guests
are welcome of course, and you may always
join. Just contact Kris Volker at 916-543-9668.
It is only $15 a year and you get in cheaper at
the lunches and teas!!
Contact person: Carol Matthews 916543-7863.
Antiques Appreciation Club
Steve Abbott presented a program about
the Gold Rush in Northern California in
February. Do you know about the different
kinds of lithographs? Steve explained the
history of this form of printing, which enhanced
our appreciation of his collection of stone
lithographs made during the Gold Rush.
He told about why they were made, how he
procured each article (always of interest to
antique collectors) and the area it depicted.
Most were from the area around Sacramento.
Once again we were delighted to have Steve
share his collection, knowledge and humor
with us!
In March, one of our long-standing
members will share her collection of Asian
miniatures with examples of vases, bronze,
enamel, wood and porcelain items for the
first half of our program. For the second half,
members are invited to bring one of their
favorite Asian antiques. As a reminder, if you
have not done so, membership dues of $5.00/
year will continue to be collected at the meeting.
Check payable to Antiques Appreciation Club
The Club’s annual Spring Party, “Just
Desserts & Auction,” will be held at Kilaga
on Friday, May 29th. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
Program starts at 6:00 p.m. Come to the March
meeting to hear about our plans or watch for
more information via e-mail.
We meet on the first Monday of each
month at 10:00 AM in the breakout rooms
of the Ballroom, Heights and Gables. If you
collect or just appreciate antiques, we’d love
to have you join us!
Contacts: Rose Marie Wildsmith 4090644; Barbara Engquist 434-1415; Appraisals
SCLH Genealogy Club
OC Book Group
Name changes
and tracking those
name changes is the
topic at our Genealogy
Club general meeting
on March 16 at Kilaga
Springs Presentation
Hall and, as usual, the
time is 6:30 pm.
Kathryn Marshall
The guest speaker
is Kathryn Marshall and her presentation is:
Re-Branded Lives-Tracking Name changes.
Understand the many reasons our ancestors
may have changed their name, by choice or
someone else’s action. Discover the many
ways to uncover these ancestors even with
the name changes. Learn about some of the
most likely mis-spellings, typos or transcription
errors. Learn creative strategies to find your
“re-named” ancestors. Find our about obscure
records where your ancestor may be hiding!
Kathryn Marshall holds a Ph.D in
Psychology from the University of California
at Berkeley where she taught for many years.
Dr. Marshall is currently the Director of the
Lodi California Family History Center, serving
there for the past fifteen years. Dr. Marshall
is also a member of the Advisory Board for
the California Pioneer Heritage Foundation,
which builds monuments, provides living
history re-enactors at state parks and special
events, and preserves historical sites in
The prize drawing for the general meeting
is an Epson AIO Printer and you must be a
member to participate in this drawing. And,
don’t forget...the social gathering across
the hall immediately following the general
A reminder! March 2 is the date for
the first meeting for those that have been
successfully enrolled in the Genealogy Club’s
popular “Genealogy Boot Camp”...check the
website and/or email, for more details!
2015 Sun City Lincoln Hills officers for
2015 were elected at our January 19th general
meeting. The elected officers are: President,
Bob Ringo; Vice-President, Arlene Rond;
Treasurer, Lodge Carlton; Secretary, Marlene
Former members, who may have not
paid their dues for 2015, you may do so prior
to the general meeting at the “sign-in” table.
The annual dues are still only $20. The value
of the monthly prize drawings far exceed that
amount! How lucky can you get!
Contacts: Maureen Sausen 5438594 or Arlene Rond 408-3641, Website:
Please join us on Thursday, March 19th
from 1:00 to 2:30 in the multipurpose room at
Orchard Creek as we discuss The Sandcastle
Girls by Chris Bohjalian. Alternating between
Aleppo, Syria, in 1915 and Bronxville, New
York, in 2012, the author calls upon his
Armenian heritage to create this historical
love story highlighting the atrocities endured
by the Armenian people during the early part
of the 20th century in the Middle East.
Newcomers are always welcome.
Schedule for remainder of 2015:
April 16: The Invention of Wings by Sue
May 21: My Beloved World by Sonia
June 18: The Daring Ladies of Lowell by
Kate Alcott
July 16: The Maze Runner by James
August 20: The Innocents Abroad by
Mark Twain
September 17: The Boys in the Boat by
Daniel James Brown
October 15: Sycamore Row by John
November 19: Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline
December 17: Holiday Luncheon
Website: http://lhocbookgroup.blogspot.
Wiki: http://ocbookgroup.pbwiki.com/
Contacts: Contacts: Darlis Beale 4080269, Penny Pearl 409-0510, Dale Nater
SCLH Writers Group
O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be
far behind? – Percy Bysshe Shelley
Spring is just around the corner. That
means it’s time to let your creativity bloom.
Come to a SCLH Writers Group meeting to
meet fellow writers, share your writing, and
gain support and inspiration. The group is a
perfect place to hone your craft and improve
your writing skills. Recently, several new people
have stopped by either to observe our meetings
or join the group.
Short stories, personal essays, poetry,
fiction, humor and Op Ed pieces – these are
just some of the genres or types of writing
which members of the Writers Group bring
to the table each month. Our topics are as
diverse as each of us. Everyone has a story to
tell. Put your pen to paper or fingers to the
computer keyboard and join us.
Stop by our Writers Group table at the
upcoming “It’s the Lifestyle” event Thursday,
March 12, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Orchard
Creek Lodge and meet the writers in your
The Writers Group meets on the second,
fourth and fifth Mondays of each month at
6:30 PM in the Ceramics Room at Orchard
Creek Lodge. Bring 14-16 copies of your work
to share (maximum 1,500 words). We read
aloud our writing and then are critiqued by
our peers. All SCLH writers or those striving
to be writers are welcome.
Contacts: Bev Brannon, [email protected]
com, Jim Fulcomer, [email protected],
Linda Lucchetti, [email protected]
Square & Compass Club
It was a “full house” with 15 brothers
and sisters at the Waffle Farm in Lincoln on
Lincoln’s Birthday as we celebrated Valentine’s
Day. Thanks to Joan Schabillion for the
delicious Valentine candies she brought for
all. Everyone enjoyed the hearty and delicious
fare served and the camaraderie while breaking
bread with dear friends.
On Valentine’s Day, February 14, Roseville
Lodge hosted their annual “Sweethearts”
luncheon to honor the widows of Master
Masons. All in attendance enjoyed the
delicious salad, homemade vegetable soup
and ambrosia dessert. Following the luncheon,
David Blood, Manager of Masonic Assistance,
gave a very informative talk on the many and
varied services available to the widows, mothers
and families of Master Masons in California.
If you are interested in further information,
call David Blood at (888) 466-3642.
Bill Hovey has been under the weather
following another mild stroke but he is home
again after a short stint in the hospital. He is
looking forward to being with us next month.
Betty Stanphill has undergone back surgery
and is at home recuperating.
It was a pleasure to welcome Stan and
Janee Thompson, Carol and Jesse Thompson,
and Dick Kulhavy at the luncheon, all of whom
have been laid up with various health-related
problems and have not able to be with us for
a while.
In March we will meet on the 12th to
celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Mark your calendar
and plan on joining us that day.
If you have a background or interest in
Masonry and/or Eastern Star, we invite you
to join us at our monthly get-togethers. To
be advised of upcoming luncheons and other
Bette Ahrens: 408-5325, [email protected]
(cont’ on page 12)
Sterling Pointe Family Dentistry
Low-Dose Digital Xrays
Implant Restorations
Laser Gum Therapy & Surgery
Oral Surgery - Including Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Pediatric Dentistry
Senior or Veteran Discounts May Apply
General & Cosmetic Dentistry
Dentures, Partials, Repairs
Friendly, Caring Staff
Most Insurance Plans Accepted
Emergency Care
Crowns & Bridges
Over 30 Years Experience in General Dentistry
Dr. Kris Martinson (Congratulations on your retirement Dr. Martinson!)
Call Us Today
(Next to Raley’s)
Dr. Feroz M. Nawabi
800 Sterling Parkway, Suite 20, Lincoln, Ca 95648
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
SCLH Writers Group
Specializing in
Lincoln Hills Home Sales
since 1999
As a former New Home Sales Associate in Lincoln
Hills, I specialize in the sales of homes in the two
Sun City communities. My clients find tremendous
value in my knowledge of the communities, the
lifestyle and the floor plans.
When you list your home with me, I provide:
• Strategy for getting the highest price for your
home, including photography and staging
• Excellent exposure for your home on my
website which is dedicated to your Lincoln Hills
community, as well as on national real estate
websites such as Zillow and Trulia.
• Referrals to trusted tradesmen and oversight to
make your move easy
• 30 years of Real Estate Experience working on
your behalf
Call me for a free home evaluation today.
(cont’ from page 11)
An Irish Blessing. “May the road rise up
to meet you. May the wind be always in your
back. May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until
we meet again, may God hold you in the palm
of His hand”.
LH Veterans Group
Marine Corps veteran James A.
Kennimore will be the speaker at the general
meeting 1:00pm, March 19, 2015 at the Kilaga
Springs Presentation Hall. Jim was forced to
cancel his November veterans group speaking
engagement due to heart surgery. He has
recovered and will be speaking about his
father, who received the Medal of Honor for
his action in Korea during the fighting at the
Chosin Reservoir.
Make your reservations for the St.
Patrick’s Day Luncheon, Saturday, March 14,
2015, 1:00pm in the Orchard Creek Ballroom.
Menu includes: Mixed Green Salad, Corn Beef
and Cabbage with Potatoes, Rolls and Butter,
Apple Strudel Desert, Ice Tea and Coffee.
No-Host Open Bar is available at 12:00pm
and Lunch is served at 1:00pm. The cost is
$22.00 send your checks payable to the Lincoln
Hills Veterans Group to Chuck Peterson, 2919
Eagles Peak Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648. Mark
your calendar for the rest of this year’s Social
Events: June 13, Flag day BBQ; August 15,
Ice Cream Social; October 10, Columbus Day
Italian Luncheon and December 10, Christmas
In Memoriam: Donald Lucchesi, US
Dynamic Singles
If you haven’t paid your dues for 2015,
you’ve already missed two months of fun. But
not to worry, there are ten fun-filled months
left, but don’t delay. Already you missed the
Pre-SuperBowl party. We had tail-gate food!
No football but we did play games. And at
our General Meeting, we had a sweet time
playing Valentine Bingo. No counting calories
that night!
As usual, we start off our month with a
Birthday Celebration in the Sports Bar on the
March 1st. That is a rousing good way to start
a month! We are a noisy bunch, so golfers
beware! Sometimes they stay and sometimes
they skittle out!
Later in the week, we will meet up at
the Yardhouse at the Fountains for Cocktail
time. No reservations required. Just show up
at 4:30. If you don’t see anyone you know,
introduce yourself to the nearest person. Could
be interesting!
We do lots of things on Thursdays. The
General Meeting takes place in the OC
Ballroom on March 12. Doors open at 6PM.
The meeting starts at 6:30. Polish up your music
skills because afterwards, we will play “Name
That Tune”. Don’t worry there’s no singing
involved (unless you want to, of course).
The next event is Second Saturday
Breakfast in the Sports Bar at the Meridians.
It starts at 9AM and is a terrific way to make
friends in a small gathering. Just drop in and
(cont’ on page 13)
Comp-Solve Computers
In Home Computer Service
- Upgrades
Don’t Want a
- Wireless
Senior Special
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Computer Tech is
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Service Call
- Virus
Windows 7 Computers
(Usually $89/hour)
- Malware
- Repairs
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- In Home Training
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- Data Transfer
Mailing Address- New Computer Setup
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6518 Lonetree
* Customer
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Testimonials visit: www.Comp-Solve.com
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Blvd. #18, Rocklin,
CA 95765
#1 Active Adult Community Specialist
at Lyon Real Estate
$2 Off
Notary Services
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Dynamic Singles
(cont’ from page 12)
pay $8.00 for a buffet breakfast. Yum!
We do like to eat! Call Darlene at 4346472 to make reservations for Dining Out at
a fine restaurant in the local area. She needs
to tell the restaurant how many are coming
and she also arranges for separate checks.
This month the date is Thursday, March 19
at Lucille’s in Rocklin. Can’t you smell that
BBQ! Call Darlene today!!
The last event of the month is a social on
March 26. There is a change of venue. This
month’s will be at Kilaga Springs. Richard
Fuller will guide us through history with a
program called “What’s My Line”. He said
when he’s done it before it was a lot of fun.
Be prepared for a lot of laughs. Doors open
at 6PM and the program starts at 6:30PM.
There are some activities I haven’t
mentioned. Drop in at 5PM for Let’s Dance at
the Meridians on Tuesdays. The DJ plays some
very dance-able tunes, a tempo for everyone.
(This dance is for the whole community not
just the Singles.)
Every Wednesday at 3PM, a bunch plays
Bocce Ball at the Sports Park. You never know
who’ll be there. Some are regulars and some
just come once in a while. Some are good and
some are (ahem) not so good! Doesn’t matter,
just come on by! Dennis Beldon is kind enough
to pick up the locker key for the equipment.
For the more athletic, there’s hiking. We
meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the KS
parking lot and carpool to a hiking spot. The
hikes are around 3 miles and and sometimes
have lunch afterwards. Richard Garland makes
these arrangements. Call him at 408-5376 to
get on the list and he’ll email you to tell you
New York. After writing these short interviews
for the last six months, I’ve been asked to turn
the lens toward myself.
My name is Kate. After retiring from a
career in education, I moved up to Lincoln
Hills almost two years ago to be near family.
I love the rural small town setting, the friendly
community, and the proximity to Sierra College
where I take photography, LGBTQ studies,
and philosophy courses. When I was teaching,
I was a member of the National Writing
Project with a particular interest in biography.
Everyone has a story, and I love to interview
people and write these stories. Recently I’ve
been asked to help set up a major project at
Sierra to interview and preserve the stories of
the LGBTIQ community in print and film, so
will soon turn my focus there.
Although I enjoy traveling, living two years
as a teacher within the Inuit and Yupik Eskimo
cultures was my most treasured life experience.
Living as an outsider within another culture
taught me that what we have in common is
far more important than what divides us.
Character is key, and sexual orientation has
zero impact on character. I like the sense of
family in SCLH and am captivated by the depth
of talent and experience in this community.
Every life is fascinating; you just have to ask
the right questions.
Upcoming events include
Breakfast 3/2, PFLAG 3/9, Game
Night 3/21, Movie & Dinner
3/24, Potluck 4/4. Check http://
www.lavenderfriends.com/ for
additional social opportunities.
Contacts: Jacquie Hilton 5439349, [email protected]
net, John 408-2576, and Sheila
Kate McCarthy
where we are going.
Finally a Friday event! The golfers meet
at various courses throughout the area. Call
Bill at 253-7551 for tee-times. He will fill you
in on the details.
There are many members of the Singles
Club that contribute a bunch of time to plan and
implement the activities of the meetings and
events. Some of the members are mentioned
above, but there are others that spend a lot of
their time on club business, too. These people
deserve a medal (and some time off). If you
belong to the Singles Club and if your name
is not mentioned anywhere in this article or
on the flyer, consider looking for ways you can
help. Start in the shallow end, no need to dive
in head first. Offer to help, not Chair (yet)!
We are looking for YOU and your IDEAS!
Look for the Dynamic Singles Flyer
around the corner from the OC Activities
Desk. All of these activities are listed along
with the contact person’s name and number.
You should look on the Resident Website,
under Clubs, for updated information, too.
For general information, call President, Judie
Leimer at 408-4308 or Vice President, Jim
Raber at 408-7598.
Lavender Friends
Lavender Friends is a social
organization serving the Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual
community and those in friendship
in Sun City Lincoln Hills. In the
spirit of getting to know one
another, I have been interviewing
members with questions inspired
by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of
The Healthy Eating Club
At our Healthy Eating Club general
meeting February 23rd, Mr. Glenn Destatte,
President of The Sacramento Vegetarian
Society gave a well-attended and interesting
presentation on the case for including more
meatless meals into your lifestyle. Researchers
around the world have observed that persons
on plant-based diets have fewer incidents of
heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and
other debilitating chronic diseases than those
on modern meat-based diets. It has also been
observed that intensive and strict vegetarian
diets under proper medical care can actually
reverse or improve upon some kinds of chronic
Plant foods are rich in antioxidants and
fiber plus a wide assortment of vitamins,
minerals and other healthful nutrients. By
contrast, animal foods provide no antioxidants,
no fiber and very little vitamins, minerals
and other healthful nutrients. And the myth
that only a meat-based diet can provide the
protein and calcium the human body needs has
long been proven wrong. Plants can provide
all of the nutrients (with the exception of
Vitamin B12) that the body needs and without
the harmful aspects of a meat-based diet.
Researchers have reported that the typical
American meat-based diet provides as much
as 5 or 6 times the amount of protein we need,
thereby overworking the liver and kidneys and
possibly facilitating ailments related to these
vital organs.
The case for including more meatless
meals in your lifestyle is easy to make when you
consider all the scientific research that supports
(cont’ on page 15)
A New Fitness and Wellness Center Coming to
Rocklin and Surrounding Areas in February!
programs in:
Formula F.I.T.T.
Strength & Conditioning
and Pilates Apparatus Studio
Milestone Physical
Pain Management
MA Barker Bookkeeping & Tax Service
Need your 2014 taxes prepared?
Call 916 408-8690 for professional help!
Mary Ann Barker, CMA, EA
Bookkeeping and Notary services
“Your place or mine, I’ll get the job done!”
15% discount with this coupon
A Family Tradition Since 1934
400 Douglas Blvd. • Roseville
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
B. Jowers Painting
Licensed Contractor # 781292
Why not call someone that
lives and works in your own
“Making a Lasting
Contribution To
Our Clients,
To Our Community and
To Our Profession”
Jennifer M. Jensen, CPA
Master in Taxation
• Two coats of highest quality
paint for all interior.
Lisette L Hutchens, CPA
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i Partnership
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• For exterior spray and back
roll body.
• Prime and two coats on all trim
with paint.
All work guaranteed!
References from people in your own
community proudly provided.
Be aware of statements such
as “As needed”.
661 5th Street, Suite 101 ™ Lincoln, CA
Phone (916) 434-1662
We are very fortunate to have represented so many
Buyers and/or Sellers this past year. As two of the Top
Listing Agents in Sun City Lincoln Hills, we helped over
50 new clients achieve their goal of either selling their
home or finding their dream home.
If you are thinking of selling or buying a home here in
Lincoln Hills, give us a call and let us put our expertise
to work for you.
Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page. There isn’t a better way to stay on top of
today’s real estate market. Facebook.com/SunCityLincolnHillsRealEstate
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BRE 01821982
Thank You...
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Springs Lodge. Call to learn who
our guest speaker will be. Guests
are always welcome at our general
The Healthy Eating Club
(cont’ from page 13)
a plant-based diet. Even if meatless
meals are only a small but growing
percentage of your meals, you’ve taken
an important step towards improving
your health – and you can take some
comfort in the knowledge that you are
doing the right thing. As with all dietary
changes, one should always consult
first with credible medical or dietary
sources before making such changes.
There are countless plant-based foods
out there just waiting for you to indulge in
them, along with interesting and varied ways to
prepare them. Vegetarian groups – and their
stricter cousins, the vegans - have sprouted up
all over the country and they are eager to help
you take an important step toward a healthier
lifestyle through more meatless meals. The
essentials of “vegetarian-ism” are discussed
in the website www.vegetariantimes.com .
The stricter vegan diet eliminates all meat,
fish, dairy, eggs, processed oils (vegetable oils,
too) and some other non-dietary items from
general use. The essentials of “vegan-ism”
are discussed in the website www.vegan.com.
We hope 2015 will be the year you resolve
to start a new lifestyle that will devote more
time and serious thought to your healthy food
selection and its preparation - to improve your
relationship with food while learning about
the importance of healthy eating. Join with
us in our search for healthy and enjoyable
foods and for new and better methods of
food preparation. Let us share our healthy
food experiences with you. Learn with us
to remake decades old recipes into much
healthier ones so we will never have to give
Bosom Buddies
up these precious favorite dishes just because
they’re not healthy – and also so we can pass
them along to others. Partner up with other
club members to pursue a particular food
interest you’ve been curious about. Become
a regular attendee at our small gatherings
we call “workshops,” where we prepare a
particular healthy dish with volunteer help, or
put together your own shared-cost workshop
project with club help. We have a list of over
40 food topics and activities for you to pursue.
But most of all, we hope you enjoy yourself in
your new lifestyle!
At our monthly general meetings we
feature guest speakers and we discuss such
diverse topics as upcoming site tours of foodrelated businesses, local farmers’ market
schedules and food-related topics currently
in the news. Contact Don Rickgauer, Club
Chairperson, at 253-3984 for information on
our Club, or email at [email protected]
gmail.com. 2015 club dues of $20 for a
household membership are now due. Our
monthly general meetings are on the 4th
Monday of each month (Mar 23rd this month)
at 2:00 pm in Presentation Hall at Kilaga
Our February meeting was
delightful with Jeanine Robertson
reciting her poems. Some are so
to the point and funny. I could
definitely relate to the one about
the Kleenex in the wash! Jeanine
is wonderful in the way she brings
Cindy Redhair, Jeanine Robertson and Lori Redhair.
her poetry to life. She had us in stitches with
some of her poems from her new book and we
loved it. Thanks so much Jeanine and please
hurry back to delight us again.
And as a surprise, Lori Redhair, daughter
of Cindy Redhair, sang some wonderful oldies
for us. What a lovely voice she has and we
are very privileged to have her. Come visit us
any time, Lori!! Kay, Cindy, and Lori made a
valentine gift for us. So cute!!!
There will NOT be a Bosom Buddies
meeting in March as the
Club Expo is on March
12th, the day of our
In the past years,
when the Expo was on
the same day as our
meeting, the attendance
was not good. Please let
Cindy know if you can
volunteer to man our
booth for an hour. I will be there but it would
be great to have some new faces in our booth.
We wear our shirts, put up our banner and
our pictures and make quite a show. I have
found it most interesting and fun meeting all
the people coming by.
Also, start thinking about the Relay! The
newsletter will have further details!!!
We meet at Orchard Creek Lodge on the
(cont’ on page 17)
In 2015,
Let Don Help
You List & Sell
Your Home!
Don Gerring
Resident Realtor®
1185 Fairway Valley Lane, Lincoln
Each office independently owned & operated • Lic# 00631339
[email protected]
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
to dance?
Glamour. Enchantment. Thrilling dancing.
It’s all part of the incredible entertainment
on every Holland America Line cruise.*
On every cruise* guests will have
the opportunity to:
Participate in complimentary dance
classes to learn the basics or new steps.
Compete in the Dancing with the Stars:
At Sea competition, where finalists will
take the main stage with the ship’s dance
professionals to vie for Cruise Champion.
Enjoy these exciting onboard activities,
including a chance to meet the dancers,
ask questions, take photos and win
a cruise. The highest-scoring Cruise
Champion from each ship, based on the
highest combined point total from our
panel of three judges, as well as audience
participation, will be invited to compete on
the Champion Cruise in January 2016.
Featured on select theme cruises:
In addition to the classes and competition,
select cruise dates will also feature
“Dancing with the Stars”celebrities
and dance professionals**. Previous
Theme Cruises featured Derek Hough,
Mark Ballas, Carson Kressley and
Shawn Johnson.
Professionals and celebrities vary by cruise.**
Call for Details:
Lillian Nawman (916) 408-2814
Select Sailings; Savings & Amenities
Vacation Discounters
Ships’ Registry: the Netherlands
* Please see eligible cruise dates and complete terms
and conditions at hollandamerica.com/DWTSrules
** Professionals and celebrities are subject to change.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Bosom Buddies
(cont’ from page 15)
second Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm.
If you have any questions regarding
Bosom Buddies, please contact: Marianne
Smith (408-1818) or Patty McCuen (408-4185).
If you wish to go to lunch at the Meridians
before the meeting, please call Marilyn Poole
(434-8902) and she will make the reservation.
We end each meeting by holding hands
and saying: “Together We Are Strong. Together
We Will Make A Difference. Together We
Will Survive.
And, we will, hopefully with a little fun…
Caregiver’s Support Group
At our 1:00 PM meeting on Wednesday,
March 25th, we return to a discussion format
under the leadership of Stefani Wilson, our
facilitator from Del Oro Caregiver Resource
Center. In the support group, caregivers learn
how to care for a loved one without getting
overwhelmed and without doing it all yourself.
Techniques for dealing with challenging
situations are shared and support is received
from other caregivers who truly understand.
In addition to our group discussion led
by our facilitator, where practical information
is exchanged, on alternate months we have
presentations by speakers who bring us
special up-to-date information relating to
legal matters, Advanced Directives, as well
as experts speaking about the Importance of
a diagnosis, communication issues and many
more topics.
With the stress of care-giving, one may
feel that there is no time for a support group.
The Alzheimer’s Association encourages
participation in support groups as a way of
connecting with other caregivers who truly
understand what you are experiencing. We
hope that we can offer the support you need.
We meet the 4th Wednesday of each month
at 1:00 PM in OC Lodge.
For more information call: Judy 434-7864,
Cathy 409-9332 or Maria 409-0349.
Eye Contact
On Thursday March 12th, the Eye Contact
Low Vision Support Group will be participating
in the group expo Lifestyle event in the Orchard
Creek Ballroom from 10:00 until 1:00. Please
stop by our display table for information about
our group and its mission.
General Meeting —
At 2:00 PM on the same day, 3/12, we
will be holding our general meeting at 2:00
PM in KS Presentation Hall. Two of our
members will discuss and answer questions
about their participation in clinical trials.
Then, two other members will talk about their
affiliation with pharmaceutical companies
by relating their personal experiences with
macular degeneration.
Living Skills Workshop, Thursday,
2/26/15, 10:30 AM, Multi-media Room,
Orchard Creek Lodge
The topic for this session will be “The 3
R’s: Rights, Resources and Responsibilities.”
Our facilitator, Patti Locke, will be explaining
our rights as citizens with disabilities, resources
available to us, and our responsibility to access
these resources.
Eye Contact meetings are open to all
SCLH residents and are especially helpful to
those with low vision and those who support
Group Contacts: Cathy McGriff 408-0169
or Margie Campbell 408-0713.
The Travel Group
Please check our web page for trips offered
through the Group. www.lh-travelgroup.com.
There are 4 major tour companies we
work with: Collette Travel, Grand Circle/
OAT Travel, Alamo World Travel & Tours
and Premier World Travel. The committee
members are not travel agents and work with
the tour companies directly. The Travel Group
has taken members all over the world. Tours
range from a few days to a month.
Our next meeting will be on Thursday,
March 19, 2015 at the Kilaga Presentation Hall.
You need not be a member to attend our
monthly meetings. The March meeting
will be all about packing. Our expert
presenter is Janis Jacox. You will learn to pack
for 3 weeks in a 20-inch bag plus learn other
tips on packing that we all can use. We hope
you will join us for the demonstration. We will
also talk about upcoming trips.
Following are the trips that we are offering
for 2015, 2016.
Grand Circle Cruise: Paris to Normandy
(Apr 17-30, 2015) (Closed)
Cruise 13 days on the Seine River (Louise
Magnificent Cities of Central & Eastern
Europe (May 9-23, 2015)
Prague, Czech Republic, Krakow,
Warsaw, Berlin (Judy Peck 543-0990)
Danube River Cruise: Pre & Post in
Istanbul & Vienna (May 13-27, 2015)
Free excursions, Wi-Fi, wine/beer/soft
drinks aboard (Teena Fowler 543-3349)
Canadian Rockies by Train (Jul 18-26,
Vancouver, VIA Rail, Jasper, Lake
Louise, Banff, Calgary (Louise 408-0554)
Grand Circle OAT: Amazon River Cruise
& Rain Forest (Aug 18-29, 2015)
Lima, Iquitos, cruise Amazon. Option:
Machu Picchu & Cuzco (Judy 543-0990)
Collette Custom Trip: England, Scotland
& Ireland (Sep 5-19, 2015) wait list only
Stonehenge, castle stay, St. Andrews,
Hadrian’s Wall, Dublin (Teena 543-3349)
The Riviera’s: France, Italy & the Isles
(Sep 10-25, 2015)
Small Ship Cruise Tour – Cannes to
Florence (Louise 408-0554)
Crystal Symphony Cruise NYC to
Montreal (Sep 12-20, 2015)
All inclusive (except shore excursions)
(Linda Frazier 434-8266)
Collette Heritage of America (Oct 1626, 2015)
Highlights: NYC, Philadelphia, Amish,
Gettysburg, Williamsburg, & DC) (Judy
Red Rock Pickleball & Canyonlands Tour
Nov 11-17 2015
Highlights: Las Vegas, St George, Play
Pickleball in Zion, Bryce Canyon, Monument
Valley Sheron 434-9504
Music Cities Christmas Dec 7 2015
Highlights: Branson, Little Rock,
Memphis, Nashville. Sheron 434-9504
Princess New Year’s Cruise (Dec 30,
2015-Jan 9, 2016)
No Flying! Round Trip San Francisco,
Mexico Ports, Special Pricing (Teena 543-3349)
Great Trains & Grand Canyons 2016
Highlights: Sedona, Grand Canyon,
Jerome, Verde Canyon Train Ride,
ScottsdaleJudy Peck 543-0990
Nova Scotia & the Canadian Maritimes
Highlights: Halifax, Charlottetown,
Prince Edward Island, Bay of Fundy
Louise 408-0554
Great Lakes Adventure: 2016
Highlights: Chicago, Grand Rapids
(Holland Tulips) Mackinac Island Green Bay,
Madison Louise 408-0554
Southern Charm (Apr 2-8, 2016)
Featuring Charleston, Savannah & Jekyll
Island (Judy 543-0990
AmsterdamTulip River Cruise 7 nite(April
13, 2016
Highlights: Volendam, Ghent, Bruges,
Keukenhof Gardens, Aalsmee Flower Auction
I will cover the earth before the earth
covers me.
Italian Club
It’s a mystery! The Italian Club will host
dinner and a murder (make-believe of course!)
at a “Casual Black and White Murder Mystery
Affair” on March 22 at Catta Verdera Country
Club in Lincoln. Wear anything that’s black
and white – black pants, skirts, white blouses
or shirts - no gowns or tuxedos required.) The
price is $35 per person. No host cocktails
from 5– 6 p.m., dinner at 6 p.m., followed by
Marie Berlenghi, Dottie Kaufman and
Carol Glaush at LHIC Crab Feed.
dancing. See the flier on the LHIC Webpage.
For questions, contact Lilly LaPira at [email protected]
gmail.com. (Sign up by March 12.)
Mark your calendars. Just how Italian
are you? Find out at a pasta dinner paired
with an interesting “How Italian Are You”
quiz scheduled for Friday, April 24 from 6-9
p.m. at Kilaga Springs’ Placer Room (more
information to come).
Coming soon – “Bocce Ball and BBQ”
on Sunday, May 31, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at
the Lincoln Hills Sports Pavilion. For sign-up
and information, see the flier on the LHIC
Purchase your official LHIC name badge.
Orders are placed the first of each month. The
cost is $6.50 each. Go to the club’s Website at
www.lhitalianclub.org for more info.
Are you a Sun City Lincoln Hills resident
of Italian heritage? Don’t miss out on the fun
and friendship. Club info and future events:
www.lhitalianclub.org or Virginia Halstenrud,
membership chair, at 543-3293.
LH Astronomy Group
The January trip to the Chabot Space and
Science Center was a big hit. Approximately
50 people enjoyed the day. The exhibits were
very well done and many were interactive. The
video presentations, hands-on exhibits and
visual presentations were all excellent. The
“Don’t Pay Big Companies Overhead!”
“Savings from $500 up to $2450 on New System Installs”
Dr. Mike Bradaric, Pastor
We have over 200 happy, installed customers in Sun City already! “Our quality and pricing can’t be beat.”
“Active Seniors -Dreaming Dreams
Bigger Than Ourselves”
(cont’ on page 19)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Open Daily 9am to 5pm and after hours by appointment.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
LH Astronomy Group
(cont’ from page 17)
trip was definitely worthwhile.
The February general meeting for the
Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group (LHAG)
was held Wednesday, February 4. Ron Olson
hosted the “What’s New in Astronomy”
segment and shared information about the
New Horizons Mission that will do a flyby of
Pluto and Kuiper Belt objects. This piano-sized
object was launched in 2006, is just getting to
Pluto now and will find out what the surface and
neighborhood is like before moving on to the
much further Kuiper Belt. The pictures should
be great as the cameras on board are more
powerful than any of the telescopes on earth.
After Ron, attendees watched a MAVEN
(Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution
Program) project video from the 2014
American Geophysical Union Conference.
“Exploring Mars Climate History” covered
early findings from the MAVEN mission.
Interestingly enough, two unexpected events,
the close proximity of the travels of comet
Siding Spring and the complication of coronal
mass ejections (CME) from the sun are
providing scientists excellent opportunities to
observe what effects these may have on Mars
Our March program will be, “NASA’s
Kepler Mission: 1,000 Exoplanets and
Counting”. This program will take us on a
tour of exoplanet discoveries made by NASA’s
Kepler Mission. The mission has been very
successful in its discoveries and in telling us
more about our own Milky Way Galaxy. Edna
DeVore, Director of Education and Outreach
at the SETI Institute will be our presenter. The
SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Institute is a not-for-profit organization whose
mission is to explore, understand and explain
the origin and nature of any life in our Galaxy
and therefore perhaps in the universe. The
program will be in the Presentation Hall at the
Kilaga Springs Lodge on Wednesday, March
4, at 6:45 p.m.
Placer County will host its Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math Expo
(STEM) at William Jessup University on
Saturday, March 7. The Expo gives students
a place to exhibit their work alongside
entertainment and learning opportunities for
the whole family. LHAG will be represented
with our own lunar goddess, Nina Mazzo, and
John Combes will lecture.
The Cosmology Interest Group (CIG)
will have its regular meeting on Monday,
March 16, at 6:45 pm in the Fine Arts room at
the Orchard Creek Lodge. The videos to be
shown from the “Cosmology - the History and
Nature of Our Universe” series will be Lecture
21, “Giant Black Holes - Construction and
Carnage”, and Lecture 22, “The Galaxy Web A Relic of Primordial Sound”. Contact Morey
Lewis at 408-4469 or [email protected] for
more information. Weather permitting, on
Thursday, March 26, the LHAG group will
host a sky viewing night at Rossi Lane. The
waxing moon will be at 42%. Jupiter and the
Andromeda, Bode’s and Pinwheel galaxies
will be viewable. Sunset is at 7:23 pm and the
viewing will begin around 7:30. Members are
invited to bring their telescopes and we will
have 4 or 5 telescopes available for public views.
Wednesday, April 1, at 6:45 pm in the
Presentation Hall at Kilaga Springs, SETI
researcher Robert French will be our featured
speaker. “Saturn’s F Ring: What Do We
Know and How Do We Know It?” will be
the topic.
Saturn’s rings have fascinated
mankind since their discovery by Galileo in
1610. However, the most dynamic of these,
the F ring, was not seen until the Pioneer 11
flyby in 1979. Come and find out what we have
learned in the past 35 years and how we have
learned it. Many of the results will be hot off
the press, having been published by the speaker
as recently as 2014.
RV Group
Some of the group members are looking
forward to their next rally, April 16-20 at
Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff. Wagon
masters Ed and Ricki Montoya have planned
a golf outing, catered dinners, an olive oil
tasting tour and of course, the highlight of the
trip, a chance to see the Red Bluff Roundup,
an exciting rodeo.
After returning from their rally in
Desert Hot Springs late in January, wagon
masters Dave and Julie Africa, last-minute
replacements for Rosie and Bill Eads, called
the year’s first trip a huge success, despite a
little desert rain on the first day.
It was a four-day rally at the Sands RV
and Golf Resort and seven rigs made the trip.
The RVers had fun with golf, a barbecue and
pot luck, and enjoyed individual trips th the
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the top of
Mount San Jacinto and a tour to nearby Joshua
National Park. And they’re still talking about
a great dinner they had at the Capri Italian
Steak House.
The RV Group will be active at the Club
Expo March 12. Dean and Betty Schumacher
and Julie and Dave Africa will be the
representatives to greet people at the RV
booth. Hours are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Group monthly meetings are held on
second Thursdays, 4 p.m., in the Kilaga Springs
Social Kitchen room. All Lincoln Hills RV
owners are invited.
Contact Rosie Eads, 408-0129. E-mail
RoadRunners Motorcycle Club
Once again the Road Runners are jumping
the schedule with an impromptu ride at the first
sign of good weather. Thanks to our new VP/
Head Road Captain John Marin, who threw
together a great ride with a nice lunch stop.
The formal riding schedule begins this
month with the Third Memorial Ride honoring
our departed longtime friend and member,
David Fernandes.
Planned rides for the season include a
Delta ride, a Sonora Covered Bridge tour, a
Chester/Lake Almanor tour, a Dinner ride to
Winters and a Plymouth/Wine Country tour.
After our monthly club meetings, we
usually get together for a snack/dinner at a
local restaurant. This is an important and fun
way to get to know our fellow members better.
A volunteer takes responsibility for selecting
and making reservations at a restaurant that
can accommodate group gatherings. This is just
one of the additional social aspects of our club.
Motorcycle riding enthusiasts who enjoy
scenic outings and back roads touring, and who
have a roadworthy motorcycle are invited to
check us out. We meet the fourth Thursday
of each month at 6:00 pm in the multipurpose
room in OC Lodge
“Ride Safe, Ride with Friends!”
Contact: Patrick Chaves, 916-408-1223,
email: [email protected]
LH Sports Car Group
Winter is our least active season for good
reason. Our car tours can be done in rainy
weather but getting into and out of highly
Welcome to Valentine Party.
bolstered seats with wet clothes and dripping
hair is not a pretty sight for dignified seniors.
The tour to Sonoma Raceway was cancelled
due to rain and may be done later this year.
The Hooked on Driving organization
sponsors a Car and Coffee gathering for sports
car clubs at major raceways several times each
year. It’s fun to visit the track facility and do
some parade laps in your own car to get to
know the track better. Parade laps are done
behind a pace car driving at slow speeds to
control those who might become throttle happy
and start squealing tires. We senior gentlemen
would never get throttle happy!
Valentine’s Day was celebrated by having
a wonderful social and dinner at Bounarroti
Restaurante downtown Lincoln. The hors
d’oeures and dinner were outstanding. The
service was exceptional. Women got a long stem
red rose to match their beauty and men got a
long stem white rose to match their virtuosity.
Rods & Relics Car Club
After our Car Club breakfast on Tuesday,
February 10, many of us visited
the garages of three of our
members who are building
new cars. At our first stop,
we saw a beautiful 1955
Chevy pickup truck under
construction. At the next
stop, we saw a stretched all
steel 1929 Ford Pickup truck.
Then we ventured out into
the country north of Lincoln
to a cabinet maker’s facility
where work is in progress on
a member’s 1929 Ford Woody.
Everyone on the tour really
enjoyed the trip and is looking
Valentine Forever. Number 1 goes with the couple handing out roses.
(cont’ on page 21)
Caring, In-Home Assistance...
helping you or a loved one remain at home
Serving Placer, Nevada &
Sacramento Counties
r a no-cost,
Call today fo
in-home asses 6
ail to
Or send an em
[email protected]
Services Provided
• Meal preparation
• Light housekeeping
• Dementia care
• Medication reminders
• Bathing & dressing assistance
• Errands & shopping
• Transportation to doctor appointments
• Laundry, folding & ironing
• Caring companionship, and more!
Our caregivers are carefully screened, trained, bonded, insured, and background checked
through the DMV, Department of Justice and FBI.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
FOR 2014 !
SOLD IN 2014*
Once Again The Sacramento
Business Journal in their Recent
Book of Lists has acknowledged
Coldwell Banker Sun Ridge as
one of the Top 10 Selling Offices
in the Four County Area
(Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo).
* Top Ten Real Estate Offices. 1-1-14 thru 12-31-14. These Sales Figures Were Provided By Metrolist Services Inc.
Jim Berry
Donna Judah
Loree Risi
Gail Cirata
Tish Leo
Lisa Snapp
Andra Cowles
Michelle Cowles
Pamela Everett
Jill Mallory
Paula Nelson
Wendy Olsen
Gay Sprague
Holly Stryker
Each office is independently owned and operated
Tara Pinder
Don Gerring
Jo Ann Gillis
Maria Herrera
Gail Hubbard
Michael Renyer
Bill & Jan Rexrode
Peggy Poole
Karl & Margaret
Doreen Traxel
Ann Renyer
Tangi Walker
Tony Williams
Sharon Worman
Lic. # 01441035
1500 Del Webb Blvd. Suite 101, Lincoln, CA 95648
Visit our Website at www.CBSunRidge.com for current listings
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Rods & Relics Car Club
SUN SENIOR PROFILES Getting to know you...
(cont’ from page 19)
Patrick and Cheryl Coonen
(cont’ from page 1)
says it didn’t take her long before she got
interested in the memorabilia, as well as the
man. In addition, she enjoys a few solitary
pastimes like reading and crossword puzzles.
Patrick is happy to be ‘lost’ in the 1950s,
but he would rather be known for writing poetry
that he started at the age of 45.
After penning his first poems, he received a
Winfrey and Kathie Lee Gifford.
Former San Francisco Mayor Willie
Brown once nominated Patrick for Poet
Laureate of his city. Although he was not
chosen, he was invited to a performance of
“Phantom of the Opera,” after which he met
the cast and presented them with a special
poem he wrote about the play.
Patrick Coonen with his latest
self-published poetry book.
Cheryl and Patrick Coonen with some of their collections.
positive critique that still inspires him: “You’re
a natural,” someone once told him. In the early
days, he gave poetry readings in neighborhood
spots – coffee houses and churches, and won
several local poetry contests. Since then,
Patrick has self-published three books of
poetry – “Butterflies in the Rain”, “Best
Selected Works”, and his latest, “Compilation
of Thoughts” whose dedication reads: To my
wife Cheryl - my muse. “She’s the best thing
that ever happened to me,” he says eagerly,
smiling. “She is my ‘partner in crime’ as well
as in poetry.” Cheryl not only reviews Patrick’s
poems, but also is his best critic.
During the course of his poetic journey,
Patrick has received recognition from several
prominent figures and celebrities, including
thank you notes for his poems sent to such
notables as former California Governor Pete
Wilson, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Oprah
Sherri & Sam
Former President Bill Clinton sent him
a note of thanks for his poem written for
the families of the Oklahoma City bombing
incident. And, his poem “USS Arizona” about
the attack on Pearl Harbor has been on display
at the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii, the
U.S. Navy Museum in Washington, D.C. and
in the National Navy History Magazine.
“I write from my heart,” he talks about
his talent which he believes is a gift. “Art may
imitate life, but poetry explains it.”
Patrick regularly participates in Voices of
Lincoln, an annual poetry contest, and last year
served as a judge. He also attends the monthly
open mic for poets. Proceeds from his latest
work, “Compilation of Thoughts” go to his
favorite charity – “Make-a-Wish Foundation”.
You can contact Patrick for more information
about his poetry and books.
Just as he received encouragement to
2015 Has Arrived & Prices are 83
We still price the BEST
@ BELOW 2009 prices!
QUALITY remains the SAME!
Frame & Lens Pkg.
Still Only $179.*
*select frames,CR39,edged frame,rest.Rx
421 A Street, Ste. 500, Lincoln
continue composing poetry, Patrick hopes to
pass on the same kind of support to young
people. In fact, a 12-year-old girl who had
heard him read from his collection “Butterflies
in the Rain” told him that he inspired her to
pursue writing.
The Coonens have much to keep them
busy, including their children. Patrick has two
daughters, and two grandsons who especially
like to visit and get candy out of the oldfashioned vending machine, and Cheryl has
one son.
An unusual thing happened the day of
their backyard wedding. One of the guests
found a rattlesnake near the couple’s front
door. Although this occurrence could be
viewed as a sign of danger, someone told the
Coonens it was a good omen. That must be
the case, because for Patrick and Cheryl, life
together couldn’t be better.
forward to our next tour where we will check
out the progress that several other members
are making on their projects.
The Sacramento Autorama was held at
the State Fairgrounds over the Presidents’ Day
Weekend. Two of our members entered their
cars in the Butch Gardner Clubhouse and had
their cars on display. A number of our members
went to the show to see the beautiful hot rods
and custom cars and to check out the vendors.
Mark your calendars for the two Rods &
Relics Car Shows that are scheduled in June on
Friday, the 5th at the Thunder Valley Casino
Resort and on Saturday, the 6th when the
Downtown Lincoln Classic Car Show is held
on the tree-lined streets of historic Downtown
Lincoln. All Car Show proceeds will go to
these three local charities: The Lighthouse
Counseling & Family Resource Center, Ride
To Walk, and the Down Syndrome Coalition.
If you have a 1972 or older Americanmade or American-powered vehicle and
enjoy getting together with other people with
similar interests, check out our web site www.
rodsnrelics.net for more information regarding
our club and our activities. You are welcome
to come to our meetings listed below.
Upcoming Events:
March 10 & 24:Breakfast at the Waffle
Farm in the Twelve Bridges Shopping Center.
Members start arriving at 8:00 a.m. Join us
for a tasty breakfast and to catch up on the
latest Car Club-related news.
Everyone is
March 19: The General Business Meeting
is held at Strikes Unlimited at 5681 Lone Tree
Blvd. in Rocklin. Dinner is available from 5:00
p.m. on and may be followed by a speaker
at 6:00 p.m. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.
Everyone is welcome!
Contacts: Ray Geiger - President 5430464; Norm Penrice - Membership Director
Website: www.rodsnrelics.net
Investor Study Group
Know a neighbor who should be
Well, just let us know!
Call us at 727-6383 or e-mail us
at [email protected]!
Candice Tse of Goldman Sachs will visit
with us on the first Thursday of the month,
March 5th at Kilaga Springs Lodge. Emerging
Markets is her area of expertise and she will
review what has been going on in 2014 and
what she expects to happen in 2015. This will
be her third visit with us over the last several
years and she always receives a warm welcome
(cont’ on page 22)
The Placer Superior Court is seeking
applications from Placer County
citizens interested in an opportunity
to serve on the 2015-2016 Grand Jury.
Additional details, including dates and
times for informational sessions, and
applications are available by contacting
(916) 408-6186, or by visiting the Court’s website at
Applications are due May 15, 2015 at 3PM.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Investor Study Group
which when combined, make your
devices very powerful indeed. KS
(cont’ from page 21)
Presentation Hall
Clinic March 13 03:30PM
The topic is Cheat Sheets,
and lots of good questions.
Android 5.0 “Lollipop” is the
those notes we used to hide, and
Due: We will continue to collect dues
latest version of the Android
try and use during our school days.
this month. If you haven’t paid, please bring
mobile operating system developed
Well, we now live in an “open book”
a check for $15 made out to SCLHISG. We’ll
by Google. One of the most
environment, and Cheat Sheets are
collect cash dues after the meeting so as to
prominent changes in the Lollipop
a very valuable commodity to the
avoid long lines prior to the meeting.
release is a redesigned user
computer user.
Refreshments: Join us for refreshments
interface built around a design
For the Mac user, one of the
after the meeting with the opportunity to
Terry Rooney
language referred to as “material
most valuable is the Keyboard
meet the speaker (unless her travel schedule is
design”. Other changes include improvements
Shortcut list. Included are instructions to
pressing) as well as visit with fellow members.
to the notifications, which can be accessed
quickly Find, Hide, Cut, Copy, Paste, and a
Active Investors Sub-group continues to
from the lock-screen and displayed within
wide variety of shortcuts to make using your
meet at 3:00 pm on the second Monday of the
applications as top-of-the-screen banners.
Mac much easier. Many of these make great
month in the Multimedia Room in Orchard
Terry Rooney will help us understand if this
use of the Command, Shift, Option & Control
Creek Lodge. All members interested are
is a big deal or just an upgrade bump in the
keys, singly or in combination. Also used are the
road. KS Presentation Hall
top row of Function keys. It is mind-boggling
Walk-In-Workshop: March 17, 1:00PM to realize how easy it is to accomplish various
3:00PM in the Computer Lab at Orchard Creek.
LH Computer Club
tasks this way. You just need to sort them out.
Our more experienced computer
The easiest way to obtain these is to
members will provide assistance
“mac cheat sheet”, which will bring
Main Meeting March 11,
to any of our Club members who
you to a list of downloadable information.
06:30PM “Making Microsoft
would like hands-on help in utilizing
Among them are links to Dummies; Cnet; and
Windows, and Google Android
computer hardware components,
Lifehacker. This Google page also provides
work together for you.” Whether
the Windows operating systems,
images of several cheat sheets which you should
you own a Windows PC, an
or application programs.
Android Tablet, or an Android
Ask The Tech. March 27, 10:00
SmartPhone, making these devices
AM Our regular monthly meeting
work together can make your
where all members can come to
computing experience a delight.
get solutions to their technical
By using the combined services
and non-technical WINDOWS
offered by Microsoft and Google,
you can keep your Calendar,
ANDROID TABLET problems. O.C. Multi
Email, Files, Books, Music and much more
Purpose Room
all synchronized so you have everything at
Contact: SCLHCC
your fingertips…. literally. At this seminar
[email protected]
Len Carniato will discuss the services and
Website: www.sclhcc.org (more info)
tools offered by both Microsoft and Google,
x Resident Since 2004
x Top Producing Realtor
Every Year Since 2005
¾ (xperience
¾ &ompetence
¾ ,ntegrity
¾ )ollow-Through
be able to work with.
On a different subject, there are 7
meetings, seminars and labs scheduled for
March: Calendar Seminar on Thursday, March
5; iWorks Overview and General Meeting on
Tuesday, March 10; iPhone & iPad Key Settings
Seminar on Wednesday, March 18; and Social
Media Seminar on Thursday, March 26. All of
these are in the Kilaga Springs Presentation
Hall at 7, with Q&A at 6:30.
There is a Calendar Lab on Wednesday,
March 11 at 12:30; and an Open Lab on March
25 at 4. Both of these are in the Media Room
at Orchard Creek.
Please Note: March 15 is the deadline
to renew your MUG Membership. Just $15
annually per household. Such a deal!!
LH Garden Group
Save these dates for a busy spring season!
March 26/27-Spring Flower Show (KS,
March 26-General Meeting (KS, 2-4pm)
March 27-Bonsai Class (KS-2-4pm)
March 30-Topiary Class (KS, 9-11am)
April 16-Bonsai Class (KS,
April 23- Home Garden
Tour (Lincoln Hills, 10am-2pm)
April 25/26-Rose Show
(OC, 9am)
May 2/3-Bonsai Show (OC
“Citrus - From Selection
to Harvest” will be the topic of
the March 26 General Meeting,
(cont’ on page 23)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
LH Garden Group
(cont’ from page 22)
Kilaga Springs, 2-4pm. Guest speaker
Nicole Harrison (arborist) has
knowledge and experience working
on forestry related jobs in the Sierra
Nevada. Currently she works with
ABACUS as a field technician and a
consulting arborist. ABACUS is a firm
located in Northern California in the
Citrus belt of Placer County and they
specialize in preserving and evaluating
established trees. Trees can add value
and beauty to your home. They help
cool your home and neighborhood,
break the cold winds to lower your
heating costs, and provide food for wildlife.
They also can spell trouble if they aren’t
properly maintained. Dead or dying trees aren’t
just unsightly; they pose safety hazards and
can cause liability issues. Their website (http://
Nicole Harrison
Spring Flower Show
www.abacus-tree.com/) has more information.
Nicole is a member of the Western Chapter of
the International Society of Arboriculture and
has been a certified arborist since 2002 and is
a University of California Master Gardener.
As an aspiring landscape designer, Nicole is
familiar with many native and specialty plants,
native and non-native trees and shrubs for the
High Sierras, California Sierra Foothills, and
Central Sacramento Valley Region.
Door Prize tickets (Home Depot plants)
will be given out to members who are seated by
2pm. You have the opportunity of getting two
more tickets if you participate in the Spring
Flower Show!
Spring Flower Show - March 26/27 at
the Kilaga Springs Foyer. Members are
encouraged to bring a single specimen flower
or a bunch of flowers (from your garden to
share with the community) between 1- 1:45
pm (before the General Meeting). Please
bring them in a disposable container (or vase
that you plan to pick up the next day by 4pm).
Why NOT Save $$
When Selling Your Home?
Full Service Less Cost‚
I List for 1.5%
Original Model Home no MLS Sold $515,000
Fairway Vly -Seller Saved $5,150*
Santa Barbara Sold $785,000!
Overland Ln - Seller Saved $7,850*
Tehema Sold $420,000! Pending in One Day!
Violet Ln - Seller Saved $4,200*
*Based on My Listing Commission of 1.5% of Sale Price. An additional Commission is Paid to the Buyer’s Agency.
If I Represent Seller & Buyer, Total Commission is 4%.
Cindy Collis
Independent Real Estate
Broker & SCLH Resident
[email protected]
Action Realty BRE # 01195871
Client Testimonials Available!
Participants will receive a ticket for the door
prizes given out at the general meeting. You
can receive an additional ticket if you wish
to bring a floral display of your flowers- a
decorative arrangement of flowers and greens
in a vase, basket, etc. (Two tickets maximum,
but you may still bring lots of flowers to share!)
Contact: Arden Bendorf, 408-4882.
Members from last year, who have
not yet renewed, will be dropped from the
Membership and Email lists as of March 15.
You still have time by going on the webpage
(www.lhgardengroup.org) and printing out
and sending a membership application or
contacting: Marjie Anderson 408-7685.
Bonsai Group - Meet March 19 at Kilaga
Springs, Terra Cotta Room (2-4pm) for a
workshop on pruning Junipers, Conifers and
Deciduous Trees. Bring bonsai and equipment
to prune.
March 27th - Cork Oak planting
workshop. You must register and prepay $50
by March 20th. Price includes instruction, pot,
soil, and plant.
Newcomers are welcome! Contact: Larry
Clark, 409-5214.
Bird Topiary Class - March 30. This is a
prepaid class ($10) which includes instructions,
the plant, and wire. Please bring pruning shears,
gloves, and scissors to Kilaga Springs, terra
Cotta room from 9-11am. Contact: Madelynn
Mossar, 434-6153.
SCOOP’s February 3, 2015 meeting was
held at Orchard Creek with members and
guests filling the room! Our guest speaker
was Dr. Ann from Sterling Point Veterinary
Hospital in Lincoln and her focus was primarily
on senior dogs. Dr. Ann informed us that
statistics show geriatric issues in large dogs
begin around age four, and it is usually much
longer before smaller breeds show these issues.
She detailed some of the diseases our pets
face when aging such as renal disease. The
first action, when diagnosed, is to change the
dog’s food to a “renal protective” diet, where
all phosphorous is removed. She said that some
breeds are more prone for this than others.
Another issue for older dogs is cataracts,
causing “blurring” of the eyes. Dr. Ann
informed us that certain breeds, such as
Poodles, are more prone to this and she
stressed that early treatment is necessary to
prevent Cushings Disease, which is difficult
to treat. She also discussed heart disease,
also common to our older pets, and said if
caught early, it can be successfully treated.
Dogs do give warning, according to Dr. Ann,
by coughing and “gurgling” at night, and not
wanting to exercise.
If you are looking for healthy treats,
that your dogs will love, Dr. Ann highly
recommends raw vegetables such as carrots,
broccoli (especially the stems) and sweet
potatoes. Remember: the veggies must be
raw. She also recommended supplementing
your dog’s diet with a spoonful or two of canned
(emphasis on canned) green beans, as it helps
to fill up their tummies with no effect on their
weight. Examples of treats we should not give
our dogs, these were on her list: onions, garlic,
parsnips, and no treats at all containing grain.
Dr. Ann also addressed the difficult
subject of end of life issues with our pets and
how her hospital and staff handle them with
(cont’ on page 25)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Earn 100 slot points or equivalent
in table games play to get
Monday - Friday
DAILY • 11AM - 8PM
HWY 50 @ Red Hawk Parkway • 888-573-3495 • redhawkcasino.com
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
(cont’ from page 23)
their clients.
Her overall theme was to have your dog
checked if there is anything unusual going
on such as not eating, being very thirsty, not
exercising, etc. Remember, if caught early,
most diseases can be treated successfully!
Our next meeting will be April 7, 2015 at
11 AM featuring Walter Helm, from Canine
Elections will be coming up this year for
our officers and if you are interested in serving
as President, Treasurer, Secretary, please let
us know. We need your help!
Don’t forget – 2015 dues are only $12
annually and are due now!
Questions, suggestions? Please let our
Committee members know @ either [email protected]
sclh-scoop.com or check out our website: www.
sclh-scoop.com Your input is always welcome.
Bird Group
March really starts the move from winter
birding, with its emphasis on migrant birds, to
spring birding with nesting birds.
Late January and early February brought
our annual raptor trip to the foothills above
Linden on January 23 and a walk along Ferrari
Pond on Feb. 6. Neither trip brought us the
sunshine and balmy weather we might have
desired. Twenty birders carpooled down to
Linden, with a lot more fog than we desired.
Our normal route is to work our way into the
foothills, stopping along the way, but the fog
density suggested we go high first, then work
our way down when the sun might have cleared
things up. While it turned out there was little
improvement in the lowlands, this route let
us really look at birds on the northern half
of our loop.
As mentioned, this trip usually focuses on
the wide variety of raptors found here, but this
time we had a real surprise. We stopped to view
some ducks in a farm pond along the road, but
noticed an uncommon bird skipping among the
treetops. Phainopepla. Phainopepla are most
commonly found in desert regions such as the
Mojave or Nevada, although they are found in
small numbers in our foothills. Our sighting of
6-8 birds would be uncommon in this region.
The Phainopepla is similar to our Steller’s Jay
or a cardinal with a head crest, but it is a solid
black. Raptors were less prevalent than usual,
but we did get Prairie Falcon, Bald Eagle,
Ferruginous Hawk, and American Kestrel. We
also spotted Lewis’s Woodpecker, Loggerhead
by John Garfein
Again, the birding trips leave from the
Wave parking lot at 8:00 AM, on March 6 for
Bobelaine Refuge, March 27 for the walk in 12
Bridges, and April 3 for our Spring trip to Vic
Fazio. Weather may influence the schedule on
these trips, so check your email for updates.
Contact: Kathi or Larry Ridley, 253-7086.
[email protected]
LH Shooting Group
Shrike, and multiple species of sparrows to
challenge our identifications.
Our Ferrari Pond walk is usually very
pleasant and well-attended. This time, with the
series of storms moving in fast, only 6 intrepid
birds appeared. As even mallards and Canada
Geese were scarce, we were pleased to at least
spot Buffleheads, American Widgeon, and a
March trips include the Bobelaine Refuge
on March 6. This Audubon refuge is in the
bottomland of the Feather River just north of
the 99 bridge west of Lincoln. It is a walking
trip, starting along the levee viewing sloughs
with waterfowl, then descending to the heavily
wooded flood lands along the river. These
woods can be filled with woodland birds small
and large. The second walk is through the 12
Bridges development just south of Lincoln
Hills. Due to limited parking, we carpool
down there, walk the nature walk along
the waterways, then are ferried back to the
parking lot. April 3 will bring our springtime
trip to Vic Fazio on the Davis side of the
Yolo causeway. This will be a last look at the
migrating waterfowl, with a likely sighting of
Yellow-headed Blackbirds.
Our programs are held in KS Presentation
Hall at 1:30 PM on the second Monday of the
month. Our February 9 program featured
Heath Wakelee, speaking on Bluebirds and
Raptor Identification. Heath again delivered
a freshened presentation on bluebird life, and
how to attract bluebirds and other beneficial
birds to our yards, and how to house them and
help them raise families. He also talked about
ways to recognize different raptors we can see
in the region. Thanks to the large crowd who
attended the talk. Our March 9 program is
not yet finalized. It will be either a live bird
exhibition and talk by Gold Country Wildlife
Rescue, or a presentation on bird identification
The purpose of the Shooting Group is
to meet neighbors and make friends among
the Sun City Lincoln Hills residents who are
interested in shooting or reloading and to
give these folks an opportunity to participate
together in shooting sports activities. People
interested in Shotgun, rifle or pistol shooting
can contact each other through the Group and
get together at local or nearby shooting ranges.
The Group has a very active skeet and
trap program. We meet every Tuesday morning
at 8:00 AM, during the warmer Spring and
Summer months and at 9:00 AM, during the
cooler Fall and Winter months, to shoot Trap,
International Trap and Sporting Clays. We
meet again on Thursday morning at using the
above times to shoot Skeet and 5 Stand. These
shoots are held at the Coon Creek Trap and
Skeet range. This is a local public range. Please
contact us for directions and to determine the
hours we are shooting. Skeet shooters can
participate in a weekly handicapped event.
Participants shoot two rounds of skeet. The
scores are then adjusted with handicap points.
This allows shooters of all different abilities to
shoot in the same round and still have a chance
to win the event. After scored shooting the
range is available for Skeet, Trap, Sporting
Clays and 5 Stand practice.
Local ranges offer competitive trap
shooting programs sponsored by the American
Trapshooting Association (ATA) and the
Pacific International Trap Association (PITA).
As our skills and experience improve some of
our members are competing in these events.
These competitions are held at the Coon Creek
range and other public ranges in the area.
If you are interested in shooting please
join. People who used to shoot or reload
regularly, but have been out of these sports
for years, are welcome and encouraged to
take it up again.
Each month we also gather at a different
members home for hors d’ oeuvres and drinks.
This gives us an opportunity to enjoy each
others company and meet the member’s
spouses. If you are interested in joining us,
contact John Kightlinger at 916-408-3928 for
details of our next get together.
Membership is free. Our group has no
Residents interested in trap or skeet
shooting can contact: John Kightlinger 916408-3928 [email protected]
Residents interested in rifle or pistol
shooting can contact Jim Trifilo at 916-4346341 or [email protected]
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Now, I’m just asking: Have any of you out
there ever climbed to the top of Half Dome
in Yosemite Park and stood on your head
after reaching the top? Maybe you thought
about it when you were 20 or 30 years old but
dismissed it as unattainable. Well, our February
speaker, Bryce Jessup did just that. Yep, he
climbed to the top of El Capitan and stood on
his head, not on his 30th, but his 70th birthday.
He did it because his father pulled the same
stunt on his 70th as did Bryce’s brother on his
Bryce Jessup
70th. Now Bryce plans to accomplish the feat
again on his 80th birthday that is coming up
in a few months.
But there’s a lot more to Bryce Jessup than
performing death defying escapades that most
wouldn’t even consider. A lot more. He’s
the former president and son of the founder
of Wm. Jessup University in Rocklin. He
has also been a Dean of Students, a Senior
pastor, a youth pastor, an accomplished author/
publisher of several books and articles, and a
list of achievements and awards that would fill
this column and more.
(cont’ on page 26)
Contact Audrey Cohen Resident of Sun City Lincoln Hills
at (916) 253-9816
to set up appointment today.
Door to door service
If you are unable to come to me,
I will come to you.
10% Discount to all Residents
20 years experience in Tax Preparation;
IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer;
and State of California &7(&&HUWLÀHGDQG%RQGHG
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
(cont’ from page 25)
Bryce is currently serving as President
Emeritus at Wm. Jessup and keeps a rigorous
schedule of speeches and sermons.
He also was an outstanding athlete in high
school and college and was good enough in
baseball to be offered a chance with the major
league St. Louis Browns (Baltimore Orioles).
He chose the life as a pastor/teacher, spiritual
leader over his love of baseball.
But there’s more to Bryce Jessup than his
considerable pastoral, educational, and athletic
achievements. Much more.
Past the age when most of us have given
up work for the leisurely, albeit sometimes fast
paced life, of retirement, Mr. Jessup continues
to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak.
In front of 100 members of the Lincoln
Hills FCA group, Bryce spoke of two concepts,
One: Stay in Shape - Both physically and
He is an excellent example of both. Still
trim and appearing he could out run men half
his age he demonstrates his physical shape
by still playing softball in a senior league in
Roseville. He also manages the team as well
as being one of it’s star players.
As far as his spiritual shape Bryce still is
active as a preacher, teacher, counselor, and
leader at Christian based Jessup University.
Often using Bible examples, he quoted the
Apostle Paul who commanded us to “lay aside
the things that prevent you from running well”.
Not just Bible references but earthy
examples as well, Bryce used the story of the
Eagle and the Hippo, both of which reside in
us all. The eagle wants to soar in the heavens
while the hippo prefers to wallow in the mud.
And the one that you feed is the one that thrives.
He also talked of the importance of
running with the team saying that you can
run fast alone but you can run far as a team.
In other words, we all need the fellowship of
other Christians in a congregational setting in
order to keep the flame going.
The second concept, Stay in the Game not in the Grandstand:
Retirement has nothing to do with age.
Further he says, where does it state that when
you reach a certain age you must get out of
the race. Sure, you may not work at a job
anymore but you should never retire from
serving God and your fellow man. There are
so many opportunities to stay connected and
engaged in the church and community. Bryce
reminded us that Jesus Christ is the author and
finisher of our faith. He will comfort us and
encourage us in our race. We’re all in the race
and it’s how far you run and how you influence
others that count when it’s all said and done.
Bryce also brought us up to date on the
many new projects going on at the University.
Besides an ever expanding academic program
and building new dorms on campus, Jessup U. is
currently launching it’s new baseball program.
The team will play it’s inaugural season away
from home while the new playing facilities are
under construction.
Admitting that baseball is in his DNA
you can bet that Bryce will be active in helping
to build the program. Already they’ve hired
former major league player/manager and
Sacramento native Jerry Manuel to coach the
team. Manuel, a devout Christian, has his own
development program in the area encouraging
African American youth to embrace the game
of baseball after many years of declining
participation by young men of color.
Winding up his talk by admonishing all to
stay engaged, be sharp and energetic, Bryce is
a great example of what he says. The race isn’t
finished until you cross the finish line. Don’t
Quit! Stay engaged!
This writer and Bryce Jessup have a 30year connection with each other through our
kids. I can tell you without equivocation that
he is everything he appears to be. He is part of
a Christian legacy made up of his grandfather,
his father, his children and now his grandkids
that should be, and is, envied and respected
by all who know him. We, in Placer County
are proud to have Bryce and the university that
bears his family name as part of our community.
Recently, the local Sacramento daily
newspaper was all agog that Placer County may
be getting closer to having a “major” university
when it reported that a British school would
be expanding to our area.
Well, I don’t know what they think
qualifies as a major university but it’s my
opinion, like many others, that Wm. Jessup
University might just be in that category. With
the curriculum and character displayed there,
we think it’s a pretty big deal.
Sun City Lincoln Hills Fellowship of
Christian Athletes meet the second Friday of
the month at Turkey Creek Golf Club. 8:00
a.m. All are welcome.
LH Cyclists
Don’t Work So Hard — I’d like to take
a minute to comment on the very fine article
written by Tom Frady that appeared in the
February issue of Sun City Senior News. As
you may, or may not know, Tom and I submit
articles on alternate months and It was his turn
in February. In my opinion, it was one of the
best articles in the series and if you missed it, I
strongly suggest you dig up a copy and read it.
As a long-time member of Lincoln Hills
Cyclists, I have heard many comments from
other riders about how difficult it is to keep up
with their group and the attendant frustration
this causes. I freely admit I have experienced
the same feelings on many occasions. A while
back, after a particularly arduous ride, an
experienced fellow rider took me off to the
side and gave me some advice for which I
am eternally grateful. Basically, he said I
was working too hard and he had several
suggestions as to how to conserve energy while
cycling. I know this information will be old hat
to some riders, but hopefully, others will be
able to use it to make their cycling experience
more enjoyable.
It helps to ride near the front of the group,
especially in a relatively large group. Groups
tend to develop an accordion effect and riders
in the back are forced to accelerate repeatedly
in order to keep up. Every time you speed up,
you burn fuel and energy that won’t be there
later in the ride. The pace is usually steadier
near the front of the group. Notice that I said
to ride near the front of the group, not in the
lead position. The lead rider sets the pace and
also serves as the wind-breaker. If your position
is a couple of riders back of the lead, the wind
will have less effect on you and you will still
benefit from the steady pace. Realistically
speaking, there may be times when you can’t
maintain the pace even while riding at the
front of the group. If that happens, you need
to let the other riders pass, even if it means
falling behind the group. Remember, cycling
(cont’ on page 27)
Monthly Events at Sierra Pointe
Hospice 101: The “Ten Great Myths About Hospice” Dubunked
Saturday, March 14th • 1:30 p.m.
Presented by: Green Valley Hospice
Springtime Tea and Vintage Fashion Show
Friday, March 20th • 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
All Reserved Seating. RSVP by March 13th.
Assisting Aging Parents:
Life Goes On and the Journey Continues
Wednesday, March 25th • 6:00 p.m.
A seminar for people who have a loved one living in an
Assisted Living or Retirement Community. A picnic-style dinner
will be provided for each attendee.
RSVP by March 20th.
All programs are free. (916) 780-3330
5161 Foothills Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95747
License# 315002050
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
LH Cyclists
(cont’ from page 26)
is supposed to be an enjoyable activity and the
group will wait for you at the next break stop.
Concentrate on not pedaling so much.
Although the bike won’t move without pedal
strokes, you don’t have to actually pedal all the
time. There are times when you can coast and
you should take advantage of those situations.
Some riders pedal constantly and that is fine if
it works for them. However, when you are on a
down grade or even sometimes on the flats, you
will find you can take a welcome break from
pedaling, even if only for a few pedal strokes.
Pedaling takes energy, and any energy you
save will be a welcome asset later in the ride.
Try riding in a bigger gear. Sometimes
you will find a relatively big gear is all that
is necessary to hold your position within the
group. Rather than spin at 120 rpm, try shifting
to a bigger gear and bring your cadence down
to 60-70 rpm. You will find that when you
are at speed you are virtually coasting and
pedaling with just enough force to keep from
decelerating. Your heart rate will decrease,
your breathing will slow down, and you will
burn fewer calories. This tactic takes some
practice and requires that you pay attention to
changing conditions. When you are pedaling at
a low rpm, it is more difficult to respond to an
increase in speed than if you were in a smaller
gear. Similarly, if you hit a hill unexpectedly,
you will lose momentum and have to pedal
harder. It is very important to look ahead and
anticipate changes in conditions.
Although these three techniques will
eventually make you a more efficient rider, I
want to emphasize that there is no substitute
for riding regularly and putting some degree
of physical demand on your body. The old
adage no pain, no gain is certainly applicable
but the pain you experience should not bring
you to the brink of exhaustion. As I said in an
earlier article, “listen to your body.”
If, after giving it some time, you still
find it difficult to keep up with your current
group, there is nothing wrong with switching to
another group that better meets your personal
cycling needs. Cycling is supposed to be an
enjoyable way to participate in low-impact
physical activity. If it becomes a source of
frustration and utter exhaustion, you need to
stop working so hard.
See you on the road.
Residential Painting
Why should you choose Quality Residential Painting?
Quality Work that Speaks for Itself
25 Years Experience
Interior AND Exterior Painting
Cabinet Painting and Refinishing
Exceptional, Meticulous Attention to Detail
Reliable and Trustworthy, References Available
No job is finished until the customer is completely satisfied!
Chuck Niemeyer
Twelve Bridges Hike. Photo by Susan Malloy
Sun City Hiking Group
Well, well, well, we finally got some rain!
And, even better yet, it didn’t cause us to
cancel a hike. Thank you Mother Nature, we
need more. I hear that the warm weather we
have been having has broken many weather
records, especially in our Sierras. Recently we
had about 30 join us for the Twelve Bridges
walk led by Gail and Jim Cutler. Fabulous day!
Driving around Sun City, I can see that
spring has already started to bloom. The
lack of rain and many sunny days has really
fooled our trees and flowers into bloom a
little earlier than usual this year. Take a look
at the upcoming March hikes that will take
advantage of the beautiful wild flowers and
excellent sunny days.
The SCLH Hiking Group plans two
“getaways” each year. While “getaways” are
not carved in stone or mandatory they are
planned for areas that are not typically good
for a day trip. You do have to be a member
Owner and Operator
License # 882509
“ Call Chuck, he is the only painter you will want to call! “
See recent projects completed at: www.qrp-painting.com
of SCLH Hikers. Many hikes are planned for
all hiking abilities and there are activities for
non-hikers too. The two for 2015 are a spring
trip to the Cambria area along the coast on
Hwy 1 and in the fall the Gold Lake area just
outside of Sierra City off Hwy. 49.
Cambria – April 20-24. Wilma and Dan
Cortinovis are the hike leaders. Everyone
will arrange their own lodging and meals.
Many lodging suggestions can be found on
the website. Hikes scheduled include an 8
mile hike to Leffingwell Landing picnic area,
the 3.5 mile San Simeon Creek Trail with the
afternoon free to watch the seals or arrange
to take a tour of Hearst Castle, on the last
day of the getaway hike the 6 mile Montana
de Oro hike, rated Strenuous with a 1500 foot
gain. If that’s too much for you, do some site
seeing in Los Osos, Morro Bay and Cayucos.
Graeagle/Lake Basin, August 31 – Sept.
3rd - Stephanie and Phil Huntingdale are the
hike leaders. An hour north of Truckee, the
Lakes Basin is a tranquil escape full of beautiful
lakes and hiking opportunities. You’ll have
hike options for each day, for all abilities;
easy, moderate, and one strenuous hike to Mt.
Elwell. ALL meals will be provided for you and
at the end of the day’s hike you can truly relax
at Gray Eagle’s Firewood Restaurant, with a
full bar. There is a game room for pool, ping
pong, games, puzzles and reading material.
Outside, play volleyball, bocce ball, ride a bike,
(cont’ on page 31)
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Thoughts From Jack—
Stamp Out The Post Office
Runway of Women’s
History through Fashion
We’ve all heard in recent years how the
Post Office has managed to get itself a billion
dollars in debt. And yet every year they
introduce a whole gamut of new stamps, an
extremely expensive process. And one thing
we can do without are new stamps; the old ones
are just fine. Let me give you a good example
of how they function.
In 1994, they printed a special series of
stamps called Legends of the West, including
one that honored a cowboy and rodeo star, Bill
Pickett. When the Postal Service was made
aware the stamp portrayed Bill’s brother Ben,
they had to recall all the stamps from every
post office across the country, at a cost of $1.1
million. Brilliance with a capital S.
It’s not just the Post Office. How ‘bout
our trash pickup system? Designed, for some
reason, to have been changed on February
2nd. Now, think about this for just a minute.
Our GREEN waste is being picked up in a
TAN can on a day designated in YELLOW.
Our household waste is being picked up in a
GREEN can on a day designated in BLUE
and YELLOW. Would it have been difficult
to pick up GREEN waste in a GREEN can
on a day designated in GREEN?
I guess I’m forgetting the fact that people
graduating in this day and age have a degree in
Complexity. What ever happened to Simplicity
and Logic? Oh, I forgot, we live in a highly
technical generation.
AAUW Roseville South-Placer Branch
is celebrating Women’s History Month with
a unique presentation of the roles of women
through the decades starting with the 1920’s
fashions. This entertaining and educational
event for all ages is sure to spark our fascination
with the women’s lives who preceded us.
Bring friends, neighbors, daughters and
grand-daughters to this eye-opening affair!
Runway of Women’s History through
Beginning in the 1920s when women
gained the right to vote!
Date: Saturday March 28, 2015
Time: 2 - 4 PM
Place: Granite Springs Church, 1170 East
Joiner Parkway, Lincoln
Open to the public
Admission: $20
Admission fees will go to our branch
philanthropies - local area scholarships
AAUW Roseville South Placer Branch is
a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization
For questions and/or additional
information, call Barbara at 315-9036.
Reservation and payment must be
received by Tuesday, March 24th.
For further Information: Maria: [email protected]
sbcglobal.net, 434-7309 or
Sue: [email protected], 409-2552
Tree Care – Planting- Irrigation- Fertilization
* Thinning/ Pruning of all plants
shrubs and trees
* Tree Training/ Maintenance
* Weed Abatement
* Planter Beds
* Pathways/ Walkways/ Walls
* Boulders/ Stream Beds
* Bark Installation
Writing for Fun and Profit
Bud Gardner, Sun City Roseville resident
and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Writers
Soul, part of the New York Times best-selling
series, is offering a workshop, “Writing for Fun
and Profit,” on Saturday, March 7th at Sierra
College in Rocklin from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
A successful writing coach who has
inspired his students to earn more than ten
million dollars by selling their writing, Gardner
stated, “If you’ve ever wanted to get into print
and earn money with your writing, this seminar
is for you.”
Students will learn to: see writing as a
process, make money writing short articles,
sell poetry for five dollars per word, create
humorous fillers that sell, write and sell the
Chicken Soup for the Soul story, write an
effective query letter, make multiple sales
from one idea, use the ten clear writing tips
and much more.
The cost for the workshop is $59. There
is a $20 materials fee at the class. Preregistration is required. Contact the Sierra
College Community Education office at 916781-6280 or go online at www.sccommed.org.
The class will be held at the Rocklin main
campus, Rm. C-5.
24 Hour Personal Care
[email protected]
The March BOOK SALE at the Twelve
Bridges Public Library in Lincoln will take
place in conjunction with a unique QUILT
DISPLAY featuring both full size as well as
miniature quilts.
Books about quilting, stitchery, design and
other crafts will also be available for sale reports
Shirley Russell, FOLL Book sale chairperson.
She adds there are hundreds of books offered
for sale: fiction and non-fiction, hardback as
well as paperback.
Prices begin at 25 cents for paperback.
Collectable books are also offered in the
Vintage area.
Proceeds are used for library programs
funded by the Friends such as Mother Goose
on the Loose, the Homework Center, free
Movie nights and many more.
Come to the library at 485 Twelve Bridges
Drive to view the quilts and buy a book or
2 anytime from noon to 4 pm on Saturday,
March 14.
Moving Life Forward
Vehicle Lifts and Seating Systems
Accessible Van Conversions
Sales — Rentals — Service
Toll Free 888-852-6981
6550 Freeport Blvd. Ste A
Sacramento, CA 95822
Funding Now
• In Stock New/Used
• Scooters/Wheelchairs/Modular
Ramps/Stair Lifts
• Cutting Edge Assistive Technology
& Mobility Consultants
Helping Hands
Books With Quilts
Family Owned and Operated Since 1966
Commercial and Residential
Del Webb SPECIAL Pricing
2 Rooms 49.95
3 Rooms 74.95
4 Rooms 99.95
Tile/Grout Cleaning .50 a sq ft
Homes up to 2200 sq ft
All carpets and all windows (cleaned inside/out)
Homes over 2200 sq ft are $15.00
an additional 100 sq ft
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Multiple Sclerosis Meeting
Shalom Group
Mood and Cognition in Multiple
Sclerosis - “What you can do” is the important
topic planned for the Tuesday, March 3 MS
Meeting, 1:00 o’clock at Kilaga Springs
Lodge, Sierra Room.
A video will be shown and workbook
given for your personal assessment.
Also, time to catch up with what’s on your
mind and plan for another Award winning
MS Walk in Folsom, April 26!
Contact Marilyn Sharp, 434-6898, for
further details.
We are Sun City Residents that get
together and enjoy each other’s company
with friendship and the appreciation of
Jewish traditions. There are no restrictions
on membership other than living in Sun
City. We get together for things like a “Bagel
Brunch”, game night, and Passover Seder.
We offer something for everyone. For more
information call; Vida Morrison 984-1043 or
Sandy Klein 408-2020.
Glaucoma Support Group
Are you spiritual but not religious? Do
you search for wisdom from many spiritual
paths, and often ponder life’s big questions?
Join us for open, honest discussion and
sharing of ideas. We meet the second
Sunday of each month, in the Multipurpose
Room at OC., from 2-4 pm. For more info.
- [email protected]
The Glaucoma Support Group will meet
on March 11, 2015 at 4:00 in the Multimedia
Room at Orchard Creek Lodge. You are
invited to join us as we share information and
ideas about living with glaucoma. For more
information, please contact Bonnie Dale at
543-2133 or [email protected]
Lincoln Democratic Club
The Lincoln Democratic Club is pleased
to have Jack Ohman, political cartoonist and
writer for the Sacramento Bee, as the guest
speaker at the March 17 meeting of the club.
Mr. Ohman is the president of the Association
of American Editorial Cartoonists and a
Pulitzer Prize finalist. His blogs and cartoons
are distributed nationwide and he is widely
recognized as one of the most influential
political cartoonists in the country. His
wit and insight will make for an enjoyable,
memorable evening. The public is invited
to attend this special presentation. The
presentation is March 17, seating opens at
6:30 pm in Presentation Hall in the Kilaga
Springs Lodge, 1167 Sun City Blvd., Lincoln.
For questions, contact a club representative
at [email protected] or call June
Paquette at 408-2263.
Doodle Owners
Doodle owners (ie, labradoodles,
goldendoodles, etc.) in SCLH let’s get
together and form a group! Contact Cathy
at 916-295-1957.
Womens Wisdom Workshops
Women exploring inner wisdom,
spiritual discussion, and meditation. Meetings
Thursday, 3:15-5:15. [email protected]
com, 916-203-1370.
aving ime
ing T
ht Sav
Daylig on Sunda
begins 8, 2015,
March e moved
clocks one hour
am to
Spiritual Discussion Group
Semper Fi Association
Breakfast: Every 1st Monday, 9:00am,
at Legends Sports Bar & Grill in Roseville
(5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.).
All USMC personnel and Naval
Corpsmen are welcome. Contact Rich
Ruef for information at 645-5446, e-mail
[email protected]
Grupo De Conversacion
Nos reunimos para practicar y mejorar
nuestro español. We meet every Tuesday at
4:00 pm in the “Living Room” area of Kilarga
Springs Lodge, 434-6898.
LH Parkinson’s Support Group
The Parkinsons Support Group meets
every 3rd Tuesday in the Lincoln Raley’s
Conference Room. Newcomers are always
welcome. For more information call Brenda
at 916-253-7537.
Caregiver Support Group
Caregiver Support Group meets the
third Thursday of each month at the Lincoln
Library from 9:00-10:30. Caregivers for any
person, any ailment are welcome to attend.
For more information call Brenda at 916253-7537.
Sons in Retirement Branch 98
The Rocklin/Rosevile Branch of SIR
meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday in
the ball room of the Timbers at Sun City
Roseville beginning at 10:30a.m. Join retirees
for fellowship, lunch, golf, fishing, cards, and
even bocce ball… many other activities also
available. Call Tom Werth at 782-3536 for
more information.
Lincoln Kiwanis Club Meeting
We e k l y b r e a k f a s t m e e t i n g s a t
Buonarroti’s Restaurant, 460 Lincoln Ave.,
in Lincoln every Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00
a.m. Guests are welcome. For information
regarding the Lincoln Kiwanis Club, please
call President Ted Widing at 408-661-6435 or
visit our website at www.lincolnkiwanis.org.
Rotary Club of Lincoln
We have weekly meetings Thursday noon
(12-1:30) at the Lincoln Woman’s Club 5th
and E Street and sunset meetings are on the
first and third Thursdays of each month at
Buonarotti’s from 5:30 to 6:30PM. Interesting
speakers and service to the community. For
information visit www.LincolnCaRotary.org
or call us at 916-844-2582.
Senior Peer Counseling
Senior Peer Counseling provides free, inhome counseling to Placer County residents
age 55 and above who are experiencing
depression, anxiety, substance abuse, family
conflict and financial stress. Contact Melinda
Lacey, MSCC 530-886-3413.
Family Mental Illness
Support Group
This group is for SCLH residents
who have immediate family members who
experience serious mental illnesses such as
bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder,
schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive
disorder, clinical depression, etc.
We meet on the second Friday of the
month at 2pm. For more information: Dede
Ranahan at 408-4541 or [email protected]
Solo Travel Network
If you are a Single traveller looking for
someone to travel with come visit the Solo
Travel Network (STN). We meet monthly
to socialize and plan new trips both locally,
nationwide and internationally. Bring your
ideas and dreams to find someone who may
like to join you. If interested find out about
our next meeting. Call 916-408-0968.
LH Airport Co-Op
The Lincoln Hills Airport Co-Op is open
to Lincoln Hills residents to share rides to and
from the Sacramento International Airport.
The cooperative works on a point system.
Drivers earn points taking travelers to and
from the airport while travelers spend points
to receive rides. Membership is $15 per year
(Jan-Dec) per household.
To join, visit our website www.lhairportco-op.org click the membership tab,
download the application, fill it out on your
computer screen and print; mail, along with
required documentation to the address on
the application.
Questions? Email: [email protected]
LH Lions Club Meeting
Essential Tremor Support Group
The Lincoln Hills Lions Club meets the
1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at noon at
the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Hall, 541 5th
Street. We brown bag it so bring your lunch
and a drink and come join a group of service
minded men and woman who are interested
in improving our community while having
fun. Call Sue and Bob Olin for information
Essential Tremor Support meets on the
1st Saturday of each month with the exception
of July and December. The meetings are open
to all and are held at the Kaiser Hospital on
Douglas in Roseville. We meet at 10AM in
Building D, 3rd fl., Conference room 2-3.
For more information, please contact
Judy Doughty at 916-543-4882 in SCLH.
Art League of Lincoln
March 11 through April 11, 2015 the Art
League of Lincoln is sponsoring an exhibit
showcasing the “Artistry of Jewelry” at the Art
Center of Lincoln located at 580 Sixth Street
in Lincoln, CA. The exhibit is a “celebration
of artisan work” in any discipline of jewelry
craftsmanship. Pieces will reflect the high
art achievable in any medium of jewelry
making: stringing, weaving, lampworking,
enameling, kumihimo, crocheting, mixed
media and leather.
The Art Center is open Wednesday
through Saturday 11am to 3pm. There will
be an artist’s reception March 14, 2015 from
For more information call 916-209-3499
or our website all4art.net
Winds of Faith to Present
a Concert at Lincoln Hills
Community Church
Winds of Faith to Present a Concert at
Lincoln Hills Community Church, March 15
at 5 PM, 950 E. Joiner Parkway.
Winds of Faith will perform a free
concert with a variety of familiar sacred and
secular music built around the theme “This
is My Country”, “Stars & Stripes Forever”
and many other pieces. The ensemble is
composed of 40+ musicians from nearby
communities, ranging in age from 16 to 70+.
Come join your neighbors in what promises
to be a great concert!
The Lincoln Women’s Club
The Lincoln Women’s Club will be
holding a Vintage Fashion Show on Saturday,
March 28th at 2:00pm at the Granite Springs
Church located at 1170 E. Joiner Pkwy,
Lincoln CA. There are still openings for a
few more models for these superb fashions.
If you are interested please call 916-408-0528
for further information.
Loomis Quilt and Fiber
Guild’s Upcoming Quilt Show
2015 Quilt Show: April 18- & 19, 2015
from 10am to 4pm at the Blue Goose Event
Center located at 3550 Taylor Road, Loomis.
Admission $7; children 12 and under
admitted free.
For more information contact: Guild
President, Phyllis Smith at 916-791-3569 or
[email protected]
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Now is the
time for a fiscal
No more excuses for not knowing how your finances and
investments line up with your life goals and retirement
Call today for a free consultation, and we’ll explore investment
strategies designed to help you protect yourself today, tomorrow
and into the future.
Steven Hudgins
First Vice President
Branch Manager
Rob Brunst, CFP®
Senior Vice President - Investments
Frank Geremia, CFP®
First Vice President-Investments
Robert Burton, CFP®
First Vice President-Investments
945 Orchard Creek Lane
Suite 100
Lincoln, CA 95648
Eric Schott
Associate Vice President-Investments
Mark Motell
Financial Advisor
Walter J Gallo, Jr.
Financial Advisor
Investment and Insurance Products: X NOT FDIC Insured X NO Bank Guarantee X MAY Lose Value
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Member SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and a separate non-bankaffiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.
©2012 Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. All rights reserved. 0414-04628
James Stagg
Vice President-Investments
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Sun City Hiking Group
Look at that ready position! Jane and Jack Buffington giving it their all.
(cont’ from page 27)
or rent a kayak. After dinner enjoy the bonfire
with S’more’s. Wi-Fi is available in the Lodge.
Hikes are still being planned; however there
will be two options each day. Some easy, some
moderate or strenuous. Currently we have
one cabin available. After that there will be
a waiting list.
These getaways take extra planning and
are put together for your hiking enjoyment
beyond our local trails. Consider them minivacations to rejuvenate your sprit! There is
still space available and it’s time to consider if
you can attend. Go to the website and contact
the hike leaders or make your reservations.
Complete details can be found on the website
www.lincolnhillshikers.org under “Special
Upcoming Easy Hikes: March 5th, Miners
Ravine/Roseville; March 17th, Buttermilk
Wild Flower Trail/Bridgeport.
Upcoming Moderate Hikes: April 2nd,
Napa Valley State Park (Calistoga); April 7th,
Spenceville Wildlife Area (Camp Far West);
April 16th, Malakoff Diggins (Nevada City).
Upcoming Strenuous Hikes: March 10th,
Pioneer Trail via Ruck-a-Chuky (Auburn),
April 28th, Sugar Pine Loop (Meadow Vista).
Check out the information on the website,
www.lincolnhillshikers.org under Upcoming
Hikes. It is very important for you to check
the website on the morning of the hike as rain
and mud usually means the hike is canceled.
Hiking-Walking Group Website: http://
Call Denny Fisher, Hiking Group
President, 434-5526 or Sue Geisler, Vice
President, 408-1010, with questions about the
Hiking Group.
Call Louis Bobrowsky, Walking Group
Coordinator, 434-5932, with questions about
the Walking Group.
Tennis Group
Tournament Director Bob Sanguinet
keeping his volunteers, Jim DeDeo and
Jimmie Walker in line.
Anke Mechelke with new members
John Kirkwood and Jim Kiley and his partner Carol Rodwick.
Still smiling participants Bob Belknap and
Patti Kingston with Janey Shafer and Ron Schuler.
LHTG Valentine’s Day MXD Tournament Results:
6.0 Category
1st place = Linette and Jerry Ingram
2nd place = Pam and David Rogers
Consolation = Linda McDermott and Les Van Pelt
6.5 Category
1st place = Jan Nobert and Oscar Alvarez
2nd place = Doris DeRoss and Bob Zielinski
Consolation = Janey and Steve Shafer
7.0 Category
1st place = Pietrina Magna and Bob Owen
2nd place = Janis and Carl Braganza
Consolation = Sue Favela and Peter Schor
7.5 Category
1st place = Polly and Russ Smith
2nd place = Linda and Greg Burke
Warm and wonderful – that’s how
to describe the VALENTINES DAY
TOURNAMENT on February 14th! Winners
took home a gift card to one of the local
Sporting goods shops, second place a bottle
of red and white wine, consolation winner a
bag of – what else - Valentine candies! The
lucky drawing winner of a $75 gift certificate to
Meridians was Jim Bowden. Congratulations
to all!
Our Social committee co-chairs, Linda
McDermott and Linda Mateer once again
did a marvelous job of decorating in the
spirit of Valentines Day
and had plenty of food for all. Bob
Championship – so start thinking
Sanguinet, Tournament Director
about a partner now!
for a second year, had everything
Being a member of the
so well organized, practice makes
LHTG means you have a say!
perfect! Players mostly wearing
So, if you have not already
red or pink seemed to have a
joined, applications are online at
fabulous time. Thank you to the
http://sclhtg.com or at the Tennis
many volunteers who help make
Pavilion. We have so many players
our tournaments so successful –
who support us year after year – a
Speaking of ready
you know who you are – please
position – Linette
pat yourself on the back!
Just sign the book… DropNext up - LHTG is going
Ingram has it down!
ins are held Wednesday &
Saturday from 9-11am. It is open
DAY MXD Fun Tournament,
to all Lincoln Hills residents.
Tuesday - March 17th. Then on April 16th we
LHTG Contacts: Greg Burke, President
- Ph: 316-3054, Email: [email protected]
Linda Burke, Communications - Ph: 2093463, Email: [email protected]
Always a great crowd to cheer on the players.
(more Club News cont’ on page 33)
Ca ll No w
Spring is coming.. Sp rin g
Tu ne -U p
Be prepared!
$ 6 9 50
Three Generations Strong
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
What people are saying
about Whisper Hearing...
“ I am very happy with my aids and the special service you
provide. Thank you!”
–James A Meucci, M.D.
“I have recommended Whisper to friends, family and went to
the office in Lincoln, Ca and found them great... I can now have
conversations with family. It is indeed a wonderful life now.”
–Dorothy Alexander
Glad to have switched to Whisper. Will always recommend them.”
-Judi Cordova
“My hearing devices changed my life for the better. The association
is not only most professional but personable.”
–Wini Dick
“The staff at Whisper Hearing Center was very helpful and friendly.
The insurance billing process was painless and my son’s hearing
aids are a great help to him.”
–Karla and Matthew Metcalf
The day I got my hearing aids I apologized to my husband for the many times I asked him
to repeat something he’d said and for the loud T.V. - Now I think he has the TV too loud.
- Caroline Ghinassi
Talk with an Audiologist
at Whisper Hearing
When it comes to quality, expertise and
value - Whisper can’t be beat!
• complete hearing exams by Doctors of Audiology
• personalized convenient service
• breakthrough hearing technology
• astonishingly reasonable prices
Charles Sanders AuD, Doctor of Audiology
Carol Trussell AuD, Doctor of Audiology
Tracy Volkman M.S., Audiologist
6633 Coyle Ave., Suite 1
Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 961-2154
TJ Maxx Shopping Center
1850 Douglas Blvd., Suite 992
Roseville, CA 95661
Raley’s Shopping Center
905 State Hwy 65, Suite 30
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 784-3500
(916) 434-1110
Free Hearing Screenings
2nd Monday, Every Month
8:30 - 11 am, the lodge
at Sun City Roseville
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Table Tennis
The year is two months old. We are
looking forward to another great year of
competitive but social play. There are
beginners, intermediate and advanced players.
Many intermediate players are moving into
advanced play. February 17th was the start of
a trial program that has two tables dedicated
to challenge play—either singles or doubles.
Our president George Porzio and table tennis
board are attempting to incorporate ideas
generated from the questionnaire many
players completed earlier this year. In addition
Tim Frank has volunteered to take charge
of competitive ladder play. As a reminder
please provide your email or other contact
information. Occasionally the facility is closed
to play and contact information is used to
advise of those dates.
Play is on Sundays 12:30 - 4:30pm;
Tuesdays 6:00 – 9:00pm; and Fridays 8:00 –
11:00am at Kilaga. You can arrive anytime
within those hours. Equipment is provided.
Please join us.
Contact: Ed. Rocknich 434-1958
[email protected]
Mad Hatters Bocce Group
Twenty-four people playing Bocce on a
Thursday morning in early February has got to
be some kind of record. Usually this time of
year we’re down to six or eight people showing
up at best. Everyone wanted to leave early
because it was too warm! The association
can’t get the blue awnings up early enough.
A suggestion was made to move our start
time to 8:00 AM earlier than our usual May
1 date. We won’t make that decision now, but
stay tuned to this space. We’ll see how things
work out in March.
We’d like to welcome Joanie, Rosemary
and Dede to the Group. They picked up on
the essentials of the game quickly. If you’d like
to learn the basics of Bocce please feel free to
join us every Thursday morning. We currently
start our Thursday sessions at 10:00 AM.
Contact: Paul Mac Garvey, 543-2067,
[email protected]; Bob Vincent, 543-0543
LH Water Volleyball
The temperatures are warming up.
Consider getting a jump on summer and break
out that swimsuit. What have you got to lose?
We have a great group of players and new
members are always welcome.
Water volleyball is open to all Sun City
residents of any skill level. It’s good exercise
and a lot of fun, yet it’s not too strenuous for
aging joints and muscles. Come try it out up to
three times without joining. Water volleyball
is available five days a week!
Everyone can play at least four days a
week (Mon., Tues., Wed., Sat.) if they wish,
and rated players can play up to seven times
a week, so there are plenty of opportunities to
play. The best days for new players are Monday
and Wednesday nights at 5:20 and Saturday
morning at 8:50 (see the full schedule below).
Here is a little history about our club.
We started playing unofficially ten years ago
and became an official club two years later
with thirty-four members. We now have just
under one hundred members and growing.
We are making plans for many social events
later this year, so stay tuned. Included in these
events are a potluck, outdoor volleyball on
three different dates, and of course the annual
Christmas party.
Meanwhile, come join us anytime at the
indoor heated Kilaga pool. It’s a great way to
meet new people and get a low stress workout.
So come join the fun. See you in the pool!
Games are played at the following days
and times:
Mon: Open Play (All Levels) 5:20-6:40pm
Competitive Play for rated players 6:458:05pm
Tues: Open Play (All Levels) 6:20-8:05pm
Wed: Open play 5:20-6:40pm
Competitive Play for rated players 6:458:05pm
Thurs: Competitive Play for rated players
Sat: Open Play (All Levels)
For further information, contact our
director, Jim Puthuff at [email protected]
net, or at 768-3936. You can also check out
our website at http://www.lhwatervolleyball.
com or our web page on the Sun City Lincoln
Hills website.
LH Lincsters
The moderate weather has given many
Lincsters the opportunity to play golf during
January. On January 21, play was on the front
nine of the Hills course. Shirley Malick, Kate
Gold and Sharon Duley shared the winnings
for flight A. In flight B Pat Shafer took first, Pat
Dangerfield took second, and Marie Bossert,
May Lyau and Suzanne Lundberg shared third
place. In flight C Carmen Farrington took first,
Kay Howard took second and Ann Diddy took
third. In flight D Ruth Pennington was first,
Carole Cain and Kristi Love shared second.
On January 28 Flight A was won by
Darlynne Giorgi with three pars and a chip in.
Second place was won by Barbara Korenthal ,
and third place was won by Sue Pharis. Flight B
winners were Pat Shafer, first; Pat Dangerfield,
second; Jeannine Wusching, May Lyau and
Marie Bossert, third. In Flight C Kay Howard,
who was celebrating her birthday, had a Birdie,
a Chip-in, a par, and kept her putts down to only
thirteen; she took first place. Marilyn Britton
took second, and Kathy Linder took third.
Flight D winners were Carole Cain, first; Kristi
Love and Marge Crisp shared second place.
February 4, another nice afternoon for
golf, brought out many Lincsters. Flight A
was won by Sue Pharis. Joan Frame placed
second, and third place was shared by Jan Varin,
Brenda D’Andre and Darlynne Giorgi. Flight B
winners were Kathy Linder taking first, Cindy
Atkinson and Jeannine Wuschnig sharing
second. Flight C was won by Jean Benson, with
Carmen Farrington taking second, and Fran
Rivera, Joyce Bauer, Kay Howard and Angie
Roy sharing third. Flight D was won by Carole
Cain; Barbara Conger took second, and Kristi
Love took third.
On March 11, the Lincsters will attend a
Rules Seminar presented by PWGA, followed
by lunch and afternoon golf.
Welcome to new members Merrilee
Davidson and Pat Dobner. Pat Shafer was
Golfer of the Month for January.
New contact person for the Lincster Nine
Hole Golf Group is Pat Shafer, 408-7174.
LH Ladies Golf XVIII
Congratulations to Dell Parker earning
Most Improved Golfer for 2014. And the
frosting on the cake? Dell had a hole-in-one
February 5. Also, congratulations to Donna
McDonald for her EAGLE on the Hill’s #4.
That’s right! Her second shot on that par 4
went into the cup. If you reside in Sun City
Lincoln Hills you can join our merry band. For
information call Membership Chair Donna
Sosko 434-5437.
Winter Bocce
(more Club News cont’ on page 35)
Fiddyment Rd to Village Green,
Village Green to Bob Doyle,
Rt on Bob Doyle to Westpark,
Left on Westpark to Phillip Rd
Detour, Follow Detour to 5480
Phillip Rd.
New directions due to construction detours:
Dog & Cat Boarding
Obedience & Field Training
24 Hour On-Site
24 yrs exp. / Lincoln Resident / Licensed
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Luxury Senior Living
Assisted Living • Memory Care
Dress Rehearsal
The alarm clock buzzed announcing my
“Dress Rehearsal” to face the challenges of
another day. Interacting with a diverse cast
of characters had become a large part of my
life, and I needed to embrace the appropriate
dialogue to get my points across.
The curtain rose and there I stood looking
at an audience of my mind’s creation, and I
readied myself to rehearse. Script in head, I
began to speak the flowing lines of the character
I tried to be. Unsure and feeling insecure, I
stumbled through the dialogue I’d scripted.
Although I practiced for what seemed an
eternity, a polished act did not unfold.
How do I face a real audience and
convince them I am who I am and this is who
I want to be?
How do I let the crowd know the words
I speak are sincere and come from the heart?
Seems to me I’ve been rehearsing my lines
most of my life in one way or another.
Sometimes they spewed forth as planned,
while, at other times, the flow hit a mental dam
from which I had trouble recovering. Anxiety
wells up inside me when ideas are plentiful,
but, no matter how hard I try, I can’t find the
words to express them.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to make
myself believe my audience will be receptive
to the role I play and accept how I portray it.
Yet the public does not always react in the
way expected and I’ve found I must retreat
to past ways.
Therefore, at the beginning of each day, I
rehearse my mind’s script and select costumes
and props to present myself, as I’d like to be
seen by my audience. By doing so, I hope I am
poised to again perform on life’s stage.
Alan Lowe is a members of the SCLH Writer’s Club.
Help our community grow strong —
support our advertisers and
community organizations!
Join us for afternoon tea. Enjoy delicate tasty treats
and learn what’s new at Oakmont of Roseville.
Dave Cryderman
John Garcia
Shari McGrail
Cal BRE# 01199609
[email protected]
Cal BRE# 01140448
[email protected]
Cal BRE# 01436301
[email protected]
The following dates are available for reservation:
March 25th and 26th
2:00pm ~ 3:30pm
Kindly RSVP to 916-297-4512 by March 20th,
as space is limited
Thinking About Selling?
There’s no time like the Present!
Inventory is low, so competition for buyers is at its best right now. We are
approaching the traditionally high season for listings and sales, so jump in
quickly and be ahead of the action.
1101 Secret Ravine Pkwy
Roseville, CA 95661
(adjacent to Sutter Medical Center)
Let us help you prepare your home to show well. Put our experience to
work for you!
Call Dave, John, or Shari.
RCFE #317005187
Tours Available Today!
Each office independently owned and operated.
3300 Douglas Blvd., Suite 280, Roseville CA 95661
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
LH Pickleball Club
Rescheduled... Our Court Challenge
Mixer is now set for Saturday, March 14, 8:3012:00 noon due to rain we had in early February.
The Mixer is open to all club members who’ve
paid 2015 dues (it’s not too late to pay your dues
now), for all skill levels and includes snacks &
raffle prizes. No advance sign-up necessary.
Just show up and have fun!
The 2015 Super Seniors Tournament will
be March 25-26 and open to all club members
in good standing who will be 70 or older in 2015.
Detailed info is available at lhpickleball.com
using the tournaments link. Register on the
website before March 15, 5:00PM.
Looking ahead, 2015 Club Championships
will be in mid-May, Summer Mixers return on
Wednesday evenings for June & July, with
the President’s Cup Tournament set for early
August. Details for each event will be emailed
to club members then posted on the bulletin
board at the courts.
A reminder that ladder play is open to
all club members who’ve paid 2015 club dues.
Go to the website for specifics of ladder play
and ladder sign-up form. There’s a ladder
for each level of play (A, B, C, & D) as well
as 2 women’s ladder. It’s fun, provides some
competition and by far the best way for LH
players to meet others close their own skill
level. Come give it a try!
LH was well represented recently when 10
of 19 LH pickleballers who traveled to the Palm
Desert Senior Games brought home 16 medals
total. Sharon Klotz, Andrea Mayorga, Roger
Lopossa, Richard Norman, Charles Hooper,
Bec Cannistraci, Lynn & Craig Fraser, Barb
& Tom Bartley all played well to earn medals.
Special congratulations to Sharon Klotz for
winning a medal in each of her 3 events!
Speaking of out-of-the-area tournaments,
the 2015 Huntsman World Senior Games are
in St. George, UT this October.
Player registration opens March 1.
Based on last year’s pickleball participation,
registration will fill-up quickly, so don’t delay.
Go to seniorgames.net for info. Check other
out-of-the-area tournament info at usapa.org.
A big THANKS to those players who’ve
voluntarily taken home wet towels from the
courts after they’ve been used to mop up
moisture. Washing & drying the towels, then
returning them promptly to be used again, is
greatly appreciated. When you leave the courts
at day’s end and notice towels left out, please
help by taking them home or place in the
cabinet with the white boards. When leaving
also check to see that both courtside heaters
are turned off.
Our next General Membership meeting is
March 9 at 10:00 AM in Presentation Hall (KS).
Pickleball Club website: www.lhpickleball.
Contact: President Marty Rubin 4083494, [email protected]
B Ladder players are all smiles
SCLH Duplicate Bridge Club
The club calendar for March indicates
that the Spring Swiss Teams game is scheduled
for Sat., Mar. 21st. In order to make the
competition as fair as possible, Jim McElfresh
has indicated that he will attempt to organize
this event such that each of three stratifications
will be run as a separate section. In this way,
teams will only compete with other teams that
have approximately the same level of bridge
proficiency and experience. For this plan to be
successful, it will require teams to get organized
and register with Jim as soon as possible.
The Almond Blossom Sectional
Tournament will be held in Chico from Mar.
27-29. Then in April another Sectional will
be held in Redding from April 10-12. Both
of these venues will have games for 299er
pairs, and offer chances for developing players
to win Silver MPs. Additional tournament
information can be found on the ACBL website
So far this year our games have been
filled to near capacity with enthusiastic bridge
players. I’ve also noticed some new faces
among the old familiar ones, and have met
some of those new players. With new people
continuing to move into SCLH, we all need
to make a continuing effort to insure that
newcomers feel welcome at our games. For
the long-time members that means wearing
your name tag to our games, and introducing
yourself when you see an unfamiliar face.
For newer residents of SCLH, our club
has duplicate bridge games three times a week,
and all games are played in the Kilaga Springs
Lodge. On Wednesdays the game begins at
(cont’ on page 37)
CA BRE#01229917
Pam Cabezas
Larry Pearson
CA BRE#01922151
CA BRE#01938527
4011 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. Roseville, Ca 95747
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Medicine by the ABMSP
Now Offers
MLS® Laser
BeneÀWVRI0/S Laser Therapy
Non-Surgical Treatment
No Negative Side EIIHFWV
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MLS Laser Therapy Treats
Arthritis & Bursitis Pain
Sports InjurieV‡6prains & Strains
Repetitive Motion Injuries
Post-Surgical Swelling
Heel PaiQ‡Tendonitis
963 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Ste. 130
Roseville, CA 95678
Seventh Day
(Now Holding English
Speaking Services)
Saturday Mornings
Bible Study 9:15 am
Don’t Let Pain Slow You Down.
Call Family Chiropractic Today!
“The Smile Makers”
Worship Service 10:45 am
Pastor: Rob Kearbey
Join us at
My staff and I look forward to adding you to our family of patients. Our normal
business hours are Monday thru Thursday, 8:00am to 12 noon and 1pm - 5pm.
Also, I will be happy to take care of your emergency needs after hours.
600 McBean Park Drive
Roseville Toyota & Scion
Dept. O eek
7 Days
— Fleet Department Retail Program —
Let us show you the quick
and easy no hassle way of
buying your next vehicle!!
Call Our Fleet Managers....
you Get
pric r flee
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Deal Directly With Fleet Managers
Buy Directly From Fleet Managers at Fleet Prices
Choose from the Largest Inventory of New
& Certified Vehicles in Northern California!
Email us at [email protected]
Check Our Inventory On-line at: www.RosevilleToyota.com
700 Automall Dr., Roseville
Inside the Roseville AutoMall
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
SCLH Duplicate Bridge Club
(cont’ from page 35)
12:30 PM and includes open sections as well
as a “199er” section that is limited to players
who have accumulated less than 200 Master
Points. A bridge lesson usually precedes the
Wednesday game beginning at 11:45 AM. For
more information, lesson topics and presenters
are listed on the club website (www.bridgewebs.
com/lincolnhills). The games on Fridays begin
at 5:00 PM and usually consist of a single open
section. The games on Saturdays start at 12:30
PM and always include a “299er” section for
players with less than 300 MPs. Game fees
are $2.00 for club members and $5.00 for
their non-resident guests. Non-member SCLH
residents may also play for $2.00 in their first
three games, after which they will be requested
to join the club ($5.00 per person annual dues)
to continue playing at that rate. If you do not
have a partner for one of these games, don’t
let that stop you from playing bridge. Instead
call Barbara Dorf (434-8234), Squeak Conner
(645-9085), or Lynne White (253-9882). For a
partner in either of the limited games call Nancy
Rice (543-5275). For additional information,
visit the club web site: www.bridgewebs.com/
lincolnhills, or call club president, Sharon Neff
at 543-8897.
Cribbage Club
Cribbage club plays 8:00 AM through
12:00 PM, Tuesdays at the Card Room (Orchard
Creek). A six-game mini-tournament starts at
9:00 AM. We play four-handed partner games,
adding a two handed or three-handed game
when necessary, or a sit-out, when required
by the number of players. We use a rotation
system to mix players. We generally have 16
or more players and we always welcome more
to come and join the fun.
Contact: Larry O’Donnell 406.672.6493
Ken Von Deylen 916.599.6530
SSN Gardening Corner —
My Favorite Plants
As you might suspect, I get a lot of
questions from people about what plant
or plants I would use in different – usually
difficult – situations.
Our climate, here, is hostile to plants when
you remember that summer temperatures
climb into the 110-degree range, fierce winds
are no stranger, and winter frosts play havoc
with some of our favorite plants. In addition,
our soil in most locations is very hard which
creates a challenge for all plants that require
good drainage. Despite these realities, my
favorite plants, below, generally look good
all year; those that bloom are good at it; and
even if they require some maintenance – are
clearly worth it. Every Rose you can think of
requires maintenance, but all of them from
the Carpet Roses to the Hybrid Teas are worth
the effort here.
Favorite Ground Covers:
Ajuga. Ideal in heavy soils where drainage
is slow because they LOVE water.
Emerald Carpet Manzanita. Prefers dry
conditions but needs occasional water when
Miniature Ice Plant. Also drought
tolerant but needs blankets on cold winter
Creeping Junipers. ‘Wiltoni’ is a nice blue
one and ‘Prince of Wales’ is a good green one.
Needle Nose Ivy. Easier to control than
the larger ivy plants that I don’t recommend.
Candytuft. We use this ground cover on
both sides of the walkway leading to our house.
Favorite Small Shrubs:
Peter Pan (Dwarf) Agapanthus. This
one blooms in summer when most plants are
California Poppy. This guy is a master
at throwing its seeds everywhere. So, beware
of this!
Radicans (Dwarf) Gardenia. These are
pretty hardy once established and always
look good.
Creeping Rosemary. Lots of winter blue
blossoms that bees adore. Almost care free.
Nandina. Our two favorites in this family
are ‘Fire Power’ and ‘Gulf Stream’. Forget
the others.
Euonymus Fortunei. “Emerald Gaiety’
is green & white. ‘Emerald ‘n’ Gold’ is green
& yellow.
Favorite Larger Shrubs:
Camellia. I’ve never known a plant with
so many options when it comes to blossoms!
Escallonia Fredesi. Blooms are
Authorized Dealer
Houk Investments, Inc Est. 1999
We specialize in converting your
ideas into distinctive, attractive
and yet economical Cabinetry
Please contact us at:
solutions for your home
or business.
Fax: 530-745-2530
Š–>‹’\Ñ°>ÓӋJˆ ޑV>L‹›iÓȵV –ÑUÑåååµÑˆ ޑV>L‹›iÓȵV –
understated but this is one of the best
foundation plants.
Rhaphiolepis – Indian Hawthorn. Enjoy
a sea of pink blossoms each Spring.
Sun Azalea. The large flowers are a joy
in Spring and are often prolific.
Pyracantha. Beautiful Spring white
flowers and bright red berries in Winter. Wow!
Golden Euonymus. This handsome shrub
in sun produces lots of yellow foliage.
Oleander. This ‘freeway plant’ is easy
to maintain. The white ‘Sister Agnes’ is the
Black Stem Pittosporum. This handsome
plant gets very large – makes a great screen.
Favorite Small Trees:
Improved Meyer Lemon. Prolific
perennial that tolerates most frost and yields
great fruit!
Japanese Maple. High Hand Nursery in
Loomis is a display arboretum for these trees.
Crape Myrtle. This is really a shrub that
is shaped to be a tree. Lots of color choices.
Dogwood. This beautiful tree can be
grown here, not just in Georgia. It’s worth
it, too!
Arbutus Marina. This evergreen provides
year around interest - plus a red trunk.
Chinese Pistache. Compound leaves and
beautiful fall foliage are key features here.
Gingko Biloba. This tree has the best
yellow fall color. It can eventually get very tall.
Favorite Larger Trees:
We’ve had Redwoods – 12 of them in fact
– and all are now removed! We enjoyed an
October Glory Red Maple which is now gone,
also. We removed these large trees because
they were too thirsty – stealing water from the
plants around them. They, and many others,
like the Oaks, are fine plants – but they need
room and they need water and they come
with certain hazards such as blowing over in a
storm. So, my list of Favorite Larger Trees is
‘empty’. Do yourself a favor and avoid them
unless your property is very large.
George Porter directed the landscaping and
landscape maintenance work for over 20-years at the
Northgate Property Owners Association in Walnut
Creek, CA before moving to Sun City Roseville
(SCR) in 1999. At SCR, he has worked with various
staff specialists to provide the landscape designs and
upgrades to the Common Areas as well as a number
of Golf Course locations. At his SCR home, he grows
almost all of the plants used in his designs. His home
and garden have been featured on a number of local
home/garden tours.
Transportation Needs/
Medical and Dental Appointments
Dial-a-Ride 916-745-7560
Weekdays, Reserve 1-14 days in advance
Links to Placer County Transit
Health Express 916-745-7560
Weekdays, Reserve 3-5 days in advance
Seniors First Door to Door 1-800-878-9222x202
Weekdays, Reserve 3 days in advance
Road to Recovery 1-800-227-2345
American Cancer Society, cancer related only
Dial-a-Ride 916-745-7560
Weekdays, Reserve 1-14 days in advance
Seniors First Door to Door 1-800-878-9222x202
Weekdays, Reserve 3 days in advance
Personal Grooming
Dial-a-Ride 916-745-7560
Weekdays, Reserve 1-14 days in advance
Seniors First Door to Door 1-800-878-9222x202
Weekdays, Reserve 3 days in advance
Social Events
Dial-a-Ride 916-745-7560
Weekdays, Reserve 1-14 days in advance
Links to Placer County Transit
Seniors First Door to Door 1-800-878-9222x202
Weekdays, Reserve 3 days in advance
Dial-a-Ride 916-745-7560
Weekdays, Reserve 1-14 days in advance
Links to Placer County Transit
Seniors First Door to Door 1-800-878-9222x202
Weekdays, Reserve 3 days in advance
Classes and Meetings
Dial-a-Ride 916-745-7560
Weekdays, Reserve 1-14 days in advance
Links to Placer County Transit
Seniors First Door to Door 1-800-878-9222x202
Weekdays, Reserve 3 days in advance
Private Drivers for all needs
Neighbors Indeed for Referrals 916-223-2763
Information compiled Eye Contact
SCLH Low Vision Support Group
Phone: 916-209-8471
Cell: 916-798-7347
[email protected]
Resources for Care Options:
Home Care, Assisted Living
“VA Aid & Attendance
“Sun City Lincoln Hills Resident”
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Observations on California
Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, I believe
that California represented a dream for us
snowbound Easterners. As a kid growing up
in the Bronx (New York), I religiously watched
the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. There, it
was always sunny and warm (the spectators
were in shirtsleeves), the sky was always a
clear blue, everyone looked happy. Outside of
our Bronx tenement, the streets were likely to
be covered with snow or slush, the sky was a
gloomy gray, it was cold. So California was a
distant land where it was always warm, oranges
were everywhere, palm trees swayed in a gentle
breeze, waves lapped up on sandy beaches.
Still, when I returned home to New York
from the Army (Korea) I planned to live my life
there. After all, wasn’t it the world’s greatest
city? It wasn’t until after three years that I’d
become disillusioned with the word’s greatest
city. I was still living with my parents in the
Bronx, my meager salary at the ad agency
where I’d gotten a job and the high price of
apartments in Manhattan combining to block
my idea of having a place of my own. I rode
the subway to work, trying in vain to read the
New York Times while holding onto a strap
in a crowded car which had no air. Aside from
my low salary, I didn’t especially like my job.
I’d met someone in the Army, a Cal Berkeley
graduate, who now lived in San Francisco and
he was always writing about how great that
city was. I was ready to make a move. I did
something I’ve since always warned my sons
not to do, I quit my job. I wrote to my friend
that I was coming out. I headed West.
The 1950’s were a good time to be young
in San Francisco. Rents were lower than in New
York. I found a job and an apartment I could
afford and what’s more I could walk from the
apartment to where I worked downtown. No
more subways for me. I bought a car, something
unheard of back in New York. Through my
old Army friend, I met people, went to parties
and explored the city. I bought a book which
told you about all the good but inexpensive
restaurants in San Francisco. At that time you
could actually drive almost anywhere and find
a place to park. Since I had a car, I was able to
go across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito
and Tiburon and eventually up to Lake Tahoe.
On the way to Tahoe I might stop for gas and
a bite to eat in Sacramento and note how hot
it was and wonder how people could live there
in the summer.
Needless to say, all of that has changed
now. San Francisco has become so expensive
that I wonder if it still attracts young people
other than those who can work in Silicone
Valley type jobs. It’s long since become difficult
to drive there and in many areas almost
impossible to park. If you want to be a tourist
and visit Fisherman’s Wharf it costs a king’s
ransom to park in one of the garages there.
I’m sure there are still many good restaurants
but I doubt if they’d be called inexpensive.
California itself has become one of the
most expensive states to live in. Home prices
in the Bay Area and in Silicone Valley are out
of sight (leading many retirees to come to Sun
City). Taxes are high. Gas prices are higher than
almost anywhere else. The infrastructure is
deteriorating, if not crumbling, despite the high
taxes. Businesses won’t locate in California
because of its many regulations. Tuition at
our colleges has gone to affordable to not that
affordable. Our legislature is known for its
many crooks. And there’s always the chance
of another major earthquake. If I were a young
person now, I’m not sure if I’d want to come
out to California even to get away from all of
that snow and ice back East this winter.
Still and all, California remains a pretty
good place to live and if I might not move here
again I wouldn’t move to some other state now
that I am here. For one thing, there’s all that
snow and ice in the East, hurricanes in Florida,
tornados all over. We’ve had a number of nice
days this winter, and while that’s done nothing
to relieve the drought, it feels good to be out in
the sun. California also retains its many scenic
attractions. There’s San Francisco Bay. There’s
Lake Tahoe. There’s the Sierras. There’s
Bodega Bay. There’s Carmel and Monterey.
There’s Yosemite. In Southern California,
there are still the palm trees and beaches and
of course Disneyland and Hollywood.
So, all in all, California does retain
something of its old allure. I’m glad I was
young in San Francisco. I’m glad Beverly and
I moved to Sacramento. As everyone told us,
it was a good place in which to raise a family.
Despite the heat, I managed to play tennis three
or four times a week over a span of almost 40
years. It is (mostly) cool in the early mornings
and in the late evenings. And finally it’s not
bad to be retired and in Sun City.
Friday Senior No-Tap
Weekly Bowling
My friend, Judy, and I spend our Friday
mornings together with a cup of coffee,
a bowling ball and friends! Our Friday
Senior No-Tap Drop-In League at Strikes
Unlimited (5681 Lonetree Blvd., Rocklin)
is a bowl-and-socialize league tailored to
those who love to bowl but are looking for a
relaxed social atmosphere without a weekly
league commitment and just a light touch
of competition. 9-pins earn a strike and
sometimes some money, but always a good
Currently we have a small group of
regulars who arrive Fridays between 9 and
9:40 am to check in with their $10 entry fee for
three 9-pin no-tap games of bowling. Fifteen
minutes of practice begins at 10am. We’re open
to all seniors (age 55 years or older) and no
USBC membership is required. We pay cash
prizes for high handicapped series in each
division (two women’s, two men’s). You’ll
also have your name entered for a Strike Ball
Challenge where a natural strike wins the pot
(currently $40) OR a 9-pin strike earns half the
pot. Please don’t be shy -- even a gutter ball
earns $5! The fun begins when you get here.
For more information, contact
• Judy Skaggs ([email protected]
net or 916-209-9870) or
• Pat Fisk ([email protected] or 916434-0747).
Or just drop by on Friday between 9 and
St. John’s Episcopal Church
2351 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Roseville
welcomes YOU
“to come experience the love of JESUS CHRIST”
CA LIC. #0620650
Serving Sacramento
Valley Seniors and
Adult Living Communities
8 a.m. Traditional Eucharist
10:30 a.m. Contemporary Worship
praise music/ Sunday school /youth group
The Reverend Cliff Haggenjos, Rector
Whether your style is manicured or rustic, for
privacy or entertainment, we are dedicated to
maintaining your outdoor spaces.
For Quotes or Questions - Call Brian Santa Maria
(916) 488-4426
[email protected]
Website: www.nyberglawns.com
Email: [email protected]
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Seniors Need to Know!
How Does the Aging Service Network Work for You?
BY KARLA GUSTAFSON - Adjunct Professor
Gerontology Department American River College
and Sacramento City College
In 1965, Congress enacted the Older
Americans Act, establishing a federal agency
and state agencies to address the social services
needs of the aging population. The mission of
the Older Americans Act is broad: to help older
people maintain maximum independence in
their homes and communities and to promote
a continuum of care for the vulnerable elderly.
In successive amendments, the Act created area
agencies on aging and a host of service programs.
The “aging services network,” broadly described,
refers to the agencies, programs, and activities
that are sponsored by the Older Americans Act.
Receivement of Funds: Funding for the
services required under the OAA is provided by
Congress yearly. The funds are then distributed to
states, territories, the District of Columbia, Indian
tribes and native Hawaiians on a formula basis
which provides minimum funding levels to small
population groups and sparsely populated states
and proportional funding levels based on state
elderly populations of the majority of the other
states. Because of its large elderly population, as
an example, California receives almost 10% of
the money. And because of its high proportion of
older people, Florida is next. Ten states receive
52% of the money.
States receive federal grants based on the
number of residents over the age of 60. The
federal money is divided up proportionately
among states and territories. Small population
states and US territories under this formula
might not get enough money to operate their
programs, so the Administration on Aging
provides a minimum funding floor for these aging
units. Federal grants provide specific amounts of
funding to the states for each of the seven service
categories listed below.
1. Supportive Services
2. Congregate (community served) Meals
3. Home Delivered Meals
4. Preventive Health
5. National Family Caregiver’s Support Program
6. Elder Abuse Prevention
7. Ombudsman
The state has some discretion to put
money where it will target people in most need.
Funding also depends on making sure that local
area agencies are securing the federal matching
requirements under the Older Americans Act.
• Supportive services require a 15% match
in money or in-kind services or assets.
• The national family caregivers support
program requires a 25% matching requirement.
There are numerous and complicated rules
for moving money around between categories,
for administrative costs and in meeting matching
requirements. Here are a few of these.
• The state must use at least $150,000 but
not more than 4% of supportive services money
for outreach programs.
• Not more than 85% of supportive
services money can be used for a combination of
supportive services, senior centers and nutrition
• State may transfer up to 40% of funds in
the two meal programs between congregate meals
and home delivered meals as it sees fit.
Dispersement Funds:
In California, the Department of Aging
(CDA), www.aging.ca.gov is the starting point
for dispersement of funds to the end users. The
CDA administers not only the allocation of
funds under the Older Americans Act but also
the funds from the Older Californians Act and
the Medi-Cal program. The CDA takes all the
funding and allocates the monies among the 33
different Area Agencies on Aging which cover
all of California.
Management of Funds:
The networks of the 33 California Agencies
on Aging directly manage the array of federal and
state-funded services. Placer County is serviced
by Area 4 Agency on Aging http://www.a4aa.
Area 4 Agency on Aging oversees seven counties
of Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sierra, Sutter,
Yolo and Yuba which provides for the sharing
of ideas and programs between counties. They
advocate for local senior issues and funding.
Provision of Services:
The actual services within in each county
are contracted and operated by local providers.
Each service provider is examined and regulated
by the Agencies on Aging with community
representatives and county board supervisors.
In Placer County, our representative on Area 4
Agency on Aging, also serve on the county Older
Adults Advisory Commission http://www.placer.
ca.gov/departments. Every county offers an array
of different services. In Placer County, services
are offered by:
Caregiver Respite
Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center
Caregiver Support & Respite
Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center
Health Insurance Counseling
HICAP - Health Insurance Counseling and
Advocacy Program
Health Promotion
•Placer Independent Resources Services
(PIRS) 530-885-6100
•Home Health Care Management, Inc.
Information & Assistance
Seniors First, Inc.
Seniors First, Inc. publishes a comprehensive
resource guide of services that are available in
the county. Any services funded by the Older
Americans Act are available to all seniors
regardless of income.
They are the main
information and referral service for all residents
of Placer County.
In-Home Assistance
ResCare HomeCare
Job Readiness Program
A4AA Mature Edge Job Readiness Program
Kinship Care Services
Legal Services of Northern California
Legal Services
Legal Services of Northern California
Nutrition - Congregate & Home Delivered Meals
• Meals on Wheels by ACC
• Seniors First, Inc.
530- 889-9500
• Sierra Senior Services
Ombudsman Services
Ombudsman Services of Northern California
Personal Care
ResCare HomeCare
916- 484-7701
Residential Repairs / Modifications
Placer Independent Resource Services (PIRS)
Transportation Services
• Seniors First, Inc.
• Tahoe Transportation District
The views expressed here are those of Karla
Gustafson and do not necessarily represent those of
the Commission or individual members.
Southern Comfort
Call Now For
expires 3/31/201
sMost Dental Services Performed in Our Office
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945 Orchard Creek Lane, Suite 200, Lincoln, CA 95648 | (916) 408-5557
New expanded hours: 7am to 7pm
Prompt Response to Your Needs.
Free Estimates & Second Opinions.
We Send Technicians NOT Salesmen.
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
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LINCOLN, CA • 877-468-8777
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
Neighborhood Watch
Spring has sprung early this year, or
so it appears, but that has not slowed down
the scoundrels who continue to prey upon
our mailboxes. In February, there were
more break-ins on Wagon Wheel, Sawmill,
Timberland Court, Violet, Cherry Blossom and
Tiger Lily. If you have any information on any
of these incidents, please notify Rita Perada
the Postal Inspector at 916-263-7243. There
is a $10,000 reward for information leading to
the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.
Residents should report any suspicious
activity in the neighborhood to the Police. If
you see a crime in progress, call 9-1-1. If it is
a non-emergency, use the 645-4040 number.
Pick up your incoming mail as soon as
possible and consider putting your outgoing
mail into a secure box. You can share taking
the mail to one of the designated boxes with
your neighbors. The secure boxes and their
pick up times are as follows:
Lincoln Market on Del Webb across from
Orchard Creek
Monday through Saturday pickup at
3:00 p.m.
Orchard Creek parking lot
Monday through Saturday pickup at
10:30 a.m.
Raley’s Store on Lincoln Boulevard
Monday through Friday pickup at 5:00
p.m. and Saturday at 3:00 p.m.
USPS Post Office on Gateway in Lincoln
Monday through Friday pickup at 5:00
p.m. and Saturday at 3:15 p.m.
Recent Alerts —
At the end of January, a resident spotted
a vehicle driving through Village 14 at 2:30
a.m. with no lights. He was able to get a
partial license plate number (another reason
we have street lights) and described the car
as “very dirty, a black two-door coupe with a
low spoiler on the trunk.” The partial plate
was “3780P.” Call the police non-emergency
number if you see the car.
The Better Business Bureau warns that
a cruel “phishing” scam has surfaced locally.
Residents have received an email notice
that claims a “registered child-offender has
moved into your area.” It then offers to take
you to the Better Business Bureau website
“Kids Live Safe” that sells localized reports
on sex offenders. This is a bogus scam that
is looking for your identity, passwords and
financial information. Do not click on the
website which contains malware and searches
for your details. The BBB site also offers the
following good tips:
• If the mail is unsolicited, don’t open it
• Check out the “from” field to see if it
makes sense.
• Look for typos, bizarre phrasing, poor
grammar, all of which are red flags
• Hover your cursor over the URL to
reveal the real destination. Does hyperlinked
text say one thing but the link points elsewhere?
Wildlife sightings: At the end of January,
a resident spied a Mountain Lion in the 1700
block of Stone House Lane around noon. The
lion was running south in the open space near
the walking trail which leads to Villages 19A
and B, 21, and 22A. If you spot a lion, the
California Fish and Wildlife Department would
like to know about it. You can reach them at
358-2900. Barry Johnson, our Neighborhood
Watch Public Safety Liaison, would also like
the information. His number is 434-6538.
A Coyote was spotted walking in Village
Betty D’Amico being presented with the
Director’s Recognition award from Pat Sladky
for Service as a Mail Box Captain from May,
2009 to January 2015.
Village 10 and adopted MS 17; Christine
Uebele, Village 12; Robin Yount, Village 15.
March Events —
Put March 16th on the calendar for
“It’s the Lifestyle!” (formerly “Expo”) in the
Ballroom at Orchard Creek from 10:00 a.m.
until 1:00 p.m. Check out all the activities
available here in SCLH and take advantage
of asking questions about any club or group
that interests you. Be sure and drop in at the
Neighborhood Watch table!
March 23rd is the next New Residents’
Orientation in the Solarium in Orchard Creek.
If you are new to the neighborhood, be sure
and check it out and learn about this wonderful
community. Great information is shared by
members of the association staff.
Neighborhood Watch Workshop Session:
March 27th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at
Orchard Creek in the Fine Arts Room. Come
and ask any questions you have. Call Pauline
Watson to reserve a spot at 543-8436.
Lincoln United Methodist
Church – Free Seminar
on Reverse Mortgages
On January 29, Gary Crets, Village 10
Co-Coordinator, presented Peggy Lunsford a
Recognition Award for her service as Mail Box
Captain from March 2008 to December 2015.
18 at the north end of Fairway Valley Lane and
into the golf course parking lot heading for Del
Webb Boulevard on January 30 about 9:00 p.m.
Be cautious walking with your small animals.
Residents in El Dorado County are
experiencing a cyber scam involving callers
posing as computer technicians. Victims
receive a phone call from someone purporting
to be a home computer tech working for a
reputable company, such as Dell. They claim to
be certified to work on Microsoft products and
that they had received warning messages from
the victim’s company that his/her computer is
vulnerable, but they are willing to make the
repairs. This is a scam. Neither Microsoft nor
any of its partners makes unsolicited calls about
a computer’s security or software.
Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) has
recently announced that it has been hacked
by cyber scammers who have stolen personal
information of 80,000,000 current or former
members. Now there are “phishing” emails
circulating that look like an Anthem message
offering “right to free credit monitoring” or
“restoration services.” If you respond, you are
giving the criminals more of your information
or downloading malware. Do not open any
emails that appear to be from Anthem, and
if you have questions of your own, go directly
to Anthem.com for the answers.
The Lincoln Police Department has also
listed the following recent calls by SCLH
residents: license plates stolen from car on
Yosemite Court; attempted burglary in 100
block of Dogwood Loop; check stolen and
cashed on Dogwood Loop.
Generous Offer For Pet Owners By
Resident —
Thanks to a grant from SCLH resident
Marlene Stoner, pet owners can get FREE
microchips implanted for their dogs and
cats. The clinic is funded by Ms. Stoner and
sponsored by Neighborhood Watch Lost Pet
Alert Program. It will occur on
Wednesday, March 18 at 11:00 a.m. until
3:00 p.m. at the Orchard Creek Back Parking
Lot near the Wave. The microchips will be
FREE to the first 150 cats and dogs and $15.
thereafter. To reserve a space, please contact
Pearl Chang at [email protected]net or
Nancy Whitaker presenting Chey LeRoy of Village 37 with an Executive Directors Recognition Award for being a Village Coordinator from
March 2007 to Jan 2015.
Please have your dogs on a leash and
cats in carriers. This service is available only
to residents of SCLH who must show proof
of address. Your pet’s information will be
entered into a nationwide database, and if
your lost pet is found, a veterinarian or shelter
can scan the chip and contact the microchip
manufacturer. A microchip can help your pet
find its way home!
Mission Of Neighborhood Watch
-----to strengthen neighborhood ties
-----to increase personal safety and
security awareness
-----to be the “eyes and ears” of the Lincoln
Police and Fire Departments
-----to encourage emergency preparedness
Neighborhood Watch is grateful to the
following residents who have stepped up to
join the team. Art Deardorff, who is already
a Coordinator for Village 32B, has agreed to
adopt Village 32A, as well. Also, Don Heyde
has offered to become a new Coordinator for
Village 39. Welcome to the group! Karen
Allen, a Coordinator for Village 16C, has taken
over that position for Village 8B. Roy Howe of
Village 20 has agreed to be Coordinator there,
and Mike Epling, also a Captain for Village
16B, serves as Coordinator for his village. You
will be reading some of their bios in April.
We still need Coordinators for the
following villages: 8A, 14, 19B, 22A, 24C, 24D,
26C, 30C, 34A, 37 and 38C.
We also welcome the following residents
who have chosen to be Mail Station Captains:
Lenore Barnes, Village 38D; Steve
Benson, Village 10; James Brunk, Village 16B;
Joyce Crowley, Village 39; Mike Epling,
Village 16B; Rochelle Fordin, Village 10 and
adopted MS 14; Steve Gillis, Village 10; Leslie
Hanover, Village 15; John Kirkwood, Village
1AB; Judy Klawson, Village 16B and adopted
MS 8; Janet Maher, Village 10, and adopted
MS 13; Marcia Perez, Village 16B; Barbara
Puntillo, Village 1AB; Pet Santos, Village 16B;
Peggy Schmidt, Village 34A; Sue Stephenson,
Join us on Thursday, March 26, for a
free seminar on “Reverse Mortgages: The
Good and The Bad.” Our presenter is David
Brown, a retired loan officer who worked with
reverse mortgages at Wells Fargo Bank. Hear
an unbiased opinion from an experienced loan
professional about this type of financing, which
is quite different from any other mortgages.
Dave will discuss the pros and cons of these
complex and confusing loans. Learn the facts
to determine whether reverse mortgages may
or may not be right for you.
This free one-hour seminar starts at
10:00am in the Social Hall at Lincoln United
Methodist Church at 629 I Street in Lincoln.
Seating is limited, so please RSVP to the church
office at 916-645-3588. Light refreshments will
be available beforehand.
This seminar is the first in a series of six
informative seminars for seniors that will be
presented in 2015. These free seminars are
sponsored by the Older Adult Ministry at
Lincoln United Methodist Church. They are
funded by a grant from the Beulah Foundation
of the United Methodist Women. Future topics
may include: Alzheimer’s and dementia; fraud
and scams; aging in place; wills and trusts; and
After the presentation, you are welcome
to stay for a hot and nutritious lunch beginning
at 11:30am in the Social Hall. The lunch is
sponsored by Seniors First of Placer County
for a suggested $5.00 donation. Reservations
are required. Call 916-316-1422 (Senior Café)
by Wednesday, March 18, to RSVP for the
lunch. Please join us for lunch: good friends,
good food, and good health!
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
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916-955-3302. #40 person minimum.
THIS CLEAN HOUSE by Andrea, 916792-0595. Licensed and Bonded, 10 years
experience, Lincoln resident.
Whether your style is manicured or rustic, for
privacy or entertainment, we are dedicated
to maintaining your outdoor spaces.
916-865-6487, www.nyberglawns.com,
[email protected]
Sun City Resident. 916-205-0404.
for a 10’x12’ room. Over 50 colors.
Good references. Randy 916-847-4357.
WOMEN: Take a one hour massage
vacation in your home. I bring the
massage to you! Jill 916-337-8576. www.
onehourvacation.massagetherapy.com .
Bark/Rock, Pressure Washing, Cleaning,
Yard Maintenance, Gutters. [email protected]
estatequalityservices.com or 916-251-7760.
and Insured General Contractor providing
maintenance, repairs and upgrades including
kitchen and bath remodeling. License
#590616. Call GREG 916-879-1995.
Sacramento $75, Bay Area $295. Oakland,
SFO, SF Cruiseport. License TCP25881P,
Insured. Apex Transportation, 916-344-3690.
Email: [email protected] .
Excellent quality and reliable service –
SCLH Specialist. Call 916-295-4320.
Quality work, reasonable rates: Electrical,
gardening, fence repair, power washing,
window cleaning, gutter cleaning, hauling,
& more. Please call 916-225-2551.
HEALTHY FEET PLUS: RN specializing
in in-home foot care and health coaching
for diabetics and those with problem feet,
difficult nails and calluses. Call Debbie at
NEED A RIDE to doctor’s appointment,
airport or shopping? Call your SCLH
neighbor, Dianne! 916-434-8961. SAC Int’l
$50. Lic#106453.
Our Family Means Business
We Have Been Serving Lincoln Hills Since 1999
Integrity - Exceptional Service - Outstanding Results
Together We Serve You Better
CA BRE # 01272617
computer service with a personal touch.
Senior Citizen Discounts! Free pick up,
delivery. Your personal A+ certified
computer tech is Steve. www.comp-solve.
com. 916-435-4293.
869624. Valves replaced, drip systems
checked, timers, broken pipes. 916223-3706.
help make it fun and easy with tutoring at
your home. Internet, email, digital pictures,
Word, Excel, etc. Call Kendra 543-0618.
HOME. LH Resident/RE Broker will list
your home for only 1.5%! Full service, less
cost! DRE#01195871. SELL n SAVE w/
Cindy. Action Realty: 916-543-3050. www.
Computer help in your Home. 15%
Computer! Viruses, Bugs, Spyware,
Malware, Adware, Tracking Cookies,
Trojans & Internet Popups removed. New
PC setup, Wireless, High Speed Internet,
Tune-ups, Upgrades, System Restores,
New installation, Customized PC Training
in your HOME, or general PC HELP. PO
Box 981, Lincoln, CA 95648. Reg #85117.
Call Jerry at 916-663-4500.
Courtney Carolan Arnold
Property Manager
CA BRE # 01471287
VtÜÉÄtÇ cÜÉÑxÜà|xá
CA BRE # 01468489
Megan Carolan
CA BRE # 01937273
Penny Carolan
Broker Associate
Broker, Top Selling Agent 2012 & 2013
CA BRE # 01053722
Full Service On-Site
Property Management
945 Orchard Creek Lane, Suite 300, Lincoln, CA 95648
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
morning service. Contact Lincoln United
Methodist Church, 916-645-3588 for
resident buying WWII military aviation
jackets, uniforms, wings, patches, photos;
WWI, WWII + Korean War military
souvenirs; Air Force patches and photo
albums – Vietnam War or earlier. Call Rick
at 708-743-5650 or [email protected]
WANTED: Records. 1950’s and 60’s: jazz,
blues, rock, classical, etc. Buying small and
large collections: LP’s, 45’s and 78’s. Also
looking for reel-to-reel tapes (all types)
and music memorabilia. Call 530-273-8490.
cash, free appraisals, discreet, I pay more!
Private collector, SC resident. Call Jerry
Double Barrel Shotguns. Damascus OK.
SCLH collector. Call John 916-408-4442.
SUV. Always higher $ than CarMax. 13 years
SCLH resident. Les Van Plet. 916-837-7659.
more than CarMax. LH resident. Montie
Boatwright 434-5089.
MAUI & TAHOE Condos 2BR/2BA from
$170/nt. By SCLH owner Gil
Van Valkenburg. 800-733-3603.
Maui, Ocean - www.homeaway.com/368171.
Maui, Wailea - www.homeaway.com/368174.
FOR SALE: Luggie, collapsible 4-wheel,
scooter, fits in most trunks, red, 50 pounds,
like new. $1,000. or b/o. 916-434-1874.
FOR SALE: Dog Door for patio door, $70.
Jewel tea bowls & pitcher, $50. 916-580-4305.
FOR SALE: 2 Folding tables 30” w x 72”
L. Like new. 916-409-5958.
FOR SALE: 2003 Mustang Cobra
Convertible. Super-charged. Like new.
Asking $19,000. 434-5089.
FOR SALE: 1970 Kenwood Stereo
amplifier #5600 with AM/FM radio, etc.
Best offer. 916-408-1548.
FOR SALE: Electric Lawn Mower and
Weed-wacker. Excellent condition. $139.
FOR SALE: Black & Decker cordless 12in.
weed-wacker, with extra reel and 22in.
cordless hedge clippers w/3 18 volt batteries.
Like new. $75. 916-408-3616.
FOR SALE: Massage chair (not just a
vibrator) 140 programs. MSLP $3400, now
$170. 916-543-3358.
FOR SALE: Two heavy duty banquet tables,
$25ea. 18 new, white storage cubes $3ea.
FOR SALE: New framers for oil paintings.
8x10 to 20x32. $15 to $24. 916-645-9435.
FOR SALE: Childs’ standing art/paint easle
$25. Childs’ wooden slanted bookcase 36x30.
$35. 916-295-8883.
FOR SALE: 2 glass front niches @
East Lawn Sacramento. Call Conner
916-408-1968 or Parham 916-732-2000.
Classified ads are not taken over the phone. Submit by mail only. Ads must be received
by the 15th of the month to appear in the following issue.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT illegible ads, incomplete forms, and ads not accompanied by
payment. Please make checks or money orders to Sun Senior News.
EGnews Inc./SUN SENIOR NEWS reserves the right to refuse any ads they deem
unsuitable. ERRORS can be compensated only if the negligence is ours, and we are
notified within the first week of the insertion, and insofar as the error, in our judgement,
materially affects the content and advertising value of the ad. Compensation will be in
the form of additional advertising space or credit, and will not exceed the value of the
ad. Your canceled check is your receipt.
FOR SALE: Brand new Fondue Pot set
$18, 1 black coat $45, 1 ivory colored jacket
$25, call 916 434-7304.
GARAGE SALE: Sat. 3/14, 10am. 1209
Longhorn, SCLH. Pictures, figurines,
clothes, dishware, etc. 916-408-1722.
furniture household items, old glass and gift
items. 985 & 990 Yosemite Lane. March 20
& 21, 9-3pm.
“VOLUNTEERS” Stand up for your
community! Help survivors of domestic
& sexual violence. 530-823-6224 or
[email protected]
at Thunder Valley Casino. First Monday
1000 hours. Join us and show your support.
Gunner Joe at yahoo.com. We will buy your
first breakfast.
fostering, admin, medical assist, blood
draws, cleaners, socializers. Kitten Central
of Placer County (916) 645-2217 or [email protected]
KITTEN CENTRAL a local non-profit for
abandoned/sick kittens is accepting gently
used items for our annual Yard Sale in
May. Appliances, furniture, household etc.
Contact Rebecca at (916) 652-7229 or email
[email protected]
YARD SALE – HUGE 50+ Tables. Fri, Sat
& Sun., May 1-3 at Kitten Central of Placer
County 5130 Fruitvale Rd, Newcastle,
CA 95658. Fri/Sat 7-7, Sun 8-3 Accepting
E-waste those 3 days also!
Sun Senior News has a distribution of 7,500 copies, which go directly to
residents in Sun City the first week of each month.
Write your ad on the form provided and mail to:
Sun Senior News - Mailing Address:
5098 Foothills Blvd., #3 PMB 405
Roseville, CA 95747
FOR SALE: Sofa moss green, beautiful.
Like new. $499/obo. 916-408-7037.
FOR SALE: Refinished antique Victorian
settee needs your choice fabric seat and
back. $150. 916-253-3948.
FOR SALE: Takamine Acoustic guitar
from Waldon Pond fundraiser singed by
the Eagles Don Henley, Glen Frey, Joe
Walsh, Timothy Schmit. Mint condition.
$2,500. 916-253-3696.
FOR SALE: German twin bed spreads,
white-on-white embossed. $20. New
Hawaiian dresses, size 14, $10. 916-408-4899.
FOR SALE: Electronic Piano, Yamaha
Clavinova CLP170, Rosewood, 38 voices,
PC interface, advanced keyboard. $1,000.
FOR SALE: Betty Boop collection. New
condition in original boxes. 21 items. Make
FOR SALE: Delsey carry-on suitcase,
expandable, ballistic nylon, lined, with suiter,
wet sack, tote clip. 916-521-7847.
FOR SALE: 2008 Tomberlin “Emerge”
golf cart. New batteries. New, clear window
curtains. New brakes. Rear facing seat.
Excellent condition. $5,500. 916-543-7225.
FOR SALE: Red Hutch. hand made in
North Carolina 55” L, 12” D, 78” T. Like
new. $300. 916-838-4432.
FOR SALE: Malibu 6 lights and
transformer. New. $90. 916-408-1614.
FOR SALE: Glass & marble dining table
w/6 chairs. Cost $2,000. Asking $350 OBO.
Call 916-209-3247.
First 15 words are FREE (for Sun City LH residents only), additional words $1 each
Any Real Estate or Business Ads NOT INCLUDED!
Lost and found items/pets. Notices of meetings or events by local non-profit groups.
Anything of a commercial nature, including pet sitting,
real estate, rentals, timeshare/condos, etc.
15 words for $35. Additional words $1 each.
$90 for three months, same ad!
Classified ads must be received by the 15th of the month.
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( Service ) ( Wanted Lost / Found ) ( For Sale ) ( Announcement)
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Number of months ad is to run: ____________ Total enclosed: _______________
Name: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
City: _________ Zip: _____________ Daytime Phone: _____________________
Sun Senior News • LINCOLN HILLS • MARCH 2015
For Sale
Don’t Trust Computer
Generated Home
Value Estimates
Call us for an
Expert Home Price Evaluation
Since 1991
George Brown
Recent Sales in Lincoln Hills
1397 Sweet Juliet Lane
1638 Sq. Ft.
1577 Summerhill Lane
756 Canyon Oak Lane
859 Cottonwood Court
1185 Fairway Valley Lane
Recent Listings in Lincoln Hills
109 Hay Wagon Court
400 Huntsman Court
Pine Hill
Santa Cruz
Santa Barbara
962 Wagon Wheel Lane
328 Lilac Lane
1223 Truchard Lane
These are just a few of the most recent transactions
in Sun City Lincoln Hills.
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