Tournament Form - Lil` Dragons After School Program

 The Lil’ Dragons After School Program ‘Open’ Kickboxing Tournament! Saturday March 28th 2015
Competition starts at 3pm!
Located @ The ‘Airdrie Martial Arts Centre’ and
Home of the Lil’Dragon’s
212 Edmonton Trail S. Airdrie
For more information: 403­888­3765
[email protected] Hosted By: Vanessa Bellegarde & Luis Cofre’
Taking Pre­ Registrations Now! $30.00 Pre­ registration or $40 day of Tournament The Lil’ Dragon’s After School Program 212 Edmonton TR S Airdrie AB Registrations starts & Doors open at ​
Competition Starts at ​
3:00pm Tournament Rules 1x 1 1/2 minute rounds in round robin to determine all places (every child will have at least 2 matches) st​
2 x 1 minute rounds with a 45 second rest in finals (1​
& 2​
place matches only) Controlled contact​
, no knockouts or knockout power – 1st warning received if going st​
too hard, after 1​
warning of going too hard, and continuing a result in a disqualification​
from match No spinning back fists or elbow strikes No knees No strikes to the back of the head, spine, groin or into the joints Athletes should provide their own ​
gloves, shin guards, groin cup, mouth guard and head gear JR. Division must provide their own ​
gloves Children competitors in the ​
4­5 years​
division wear ​
6oz gloves Disciplines Kickboxing­ Punches to the body and head. Kicks to the legs, body and head. Divisions To give all athletes an opportunity to compete fairly there will be separated and categorized into to two groups A & B. Also they will be categorized by size, experience & age. st​
A GROUP (children training under 6 months only or 1​
Tournament) B GROUP (children training more than 6 months) Children’s Kickboxing 1. 4­5 year olds boys & girls 2. 6­8 year old boys & girls 3. 9­10 year old boys & girls Junior Divisions ​
(must have 10oz gloves) 4. 11­13 year old boys & girls *We reserve the right to merge or eliminate division* Competitor Information Name:____________________________________
Dojo or Gym
Rank or #months/years
Age: ________________ Weight: _____________
Waiver I, the undersigned, do hereby voluntarily submit my application for attendance and participation and do hereby assume full responsibility for any and all damages, injuries that I may sustain or incur, if any, while attending or participating in the mentioned event. I hereby waive all claims against the promoters or sponsors of said tournament, individually or otherwise, for any damages, injuries or losses that I may sustain or incur. I fully understand that any medical treatment given to me will be of the first aid type only. I consent that any pictures furnished by me or any pictures taken of me on connection with the said tournament can be used for publicity, promotion, television showing, or web sites, now or in the future, and I waive compensation in regards thereto. I have read and fully understand the above waiver. (If under age of 18, this form must be signed by a parent or guardian.) Parent/Guardian:_______________________________ Date:__________________