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A monthly newsletter of St. John’s United Methodist
Volume 13, Issue 3
Tuesday, March 7
Cub Scouts
Pinewood Derby &
Blue & Gold Banquet
Sunday, March 8
Daylight Savings Time
Spring Forward!
Children’s Council Meeting
March 13 & 14
Youth Trip White Oak
Tuesday,March 17
St. Patrick’s Day
Red Cross Blood Drive
Sunday, March 29
Finance Committee Meeting
March 2015
A Lenten Discipline
Throughout my ministry, I have had several occasions when people have told me that they rarely pray
because they feel they do not know how. I am not sure if some people think you have to speak in a
holy language to be able to communicate with God. It is as easy to talk to God as it is to talk to a
friend; the hard part is the listening component. For most of us when we start talking, we forget we
have a responsibility to listen as well. During the season of lent, one aspect that the community of
faith is called upon for is to be in a season of prayer. We are to pray for ourselves, our communities
and the world to receive wholeness, healing and forgiveness.
Recently, one thing that I have talked about with our children at Children’s Moments at St. John’s is
to encourage them to pray in the morning before their feet hit the floor. This prayer can be simply
thanking God for watching over them as they slept or to bless their family and friends. Another
wonderful time to pray is before meal times. Everyday (several times a day) I hear the children in
W.E.E. School singing a blessing before sharing a snack or before lunch time.
God our Father, God Our Father,
We thank you, We thank you,
For our many blessings,
For our many blessings,
Amen Amen
Still some of our youth prefer God is great, God is good. Let us thank you for our food.
By his hands we all are fed; give us our daily bread.
I remember a blessing I learned when I was a camper at Asbury Hills, at that time it was called The
S.C. United Methodist Camp (SCUM Camp). Good idea to change the name.
Be present at our table Lord.
Be here and everywhere adored.
These mercies bless and grant that
We may feast in paradise with thee. Amen
John Wesley
Then recently, I heard this blessing and thought it was a good starting point for all of us during the
season of Lent.
Lord, give bread to those who are hungry and hunger for you to those who have bread.
May we all join for a season of prayer. May our prayers that begin at the table take us
to our knees as we bow before the Lord who is always more willing to listen than we
are to pray.
Shalom, Karen
Thank You St. John’s
Dear Church Family,
You have been so kind to us as my
journey of recuperating has continued.
We are so very grateful for all of your
support through your prayers, cards,
phone calls, and visits. Each of your
deeds of love has been so uplifting.
We have been overwhelmed by your
“caring spirit”. We are blessed to have
such a caring church family. Thank you !
In Christian Love,
David Rowland
Dear Friends,
Thank you for having me with you to talk about
Haiti. There is so much to be done and I could talk
all night. I thank you for contributing to support
our friends in the Central Plateau of Haiti.
With Much Love,
Jane Chalker
Highlands, NC
Dear St. John’s United Methodist Church,
Thank you for generously donating to support the Adult
Enrichment Centers. Your gift helps the Adult
Enrichment Centers to continue to offer our clients the
warm and loving care and experiences that they so richly
deserve. Thank you again for your generosity.
Russell Rhodes
Business Manager
Adult Enrichment Centers
The Fort Mill Care Center would like to
Thank You for the much needed support
over the years. February 2015 Donations
amounted to 68 pounds!
Thank you St. John’s!
Family Ministries Calendar:
March 15th
Church Luncheon following the 11 o'clock
service. Please bring a dish or dessert
to share. We will provide fried chicken
March 29th
Fifth Sunday Fellowship during the
hospitality and Sunday School hours
We will hear testimony from members
and enjoy breakfast. Please watch for
details on this new ministry opportunity!
As we all prepare to worship during
Lent and move forward to Easter, if you are
like I am, you may have searched several
sources in order to find out just what the
season should mean to us. Robert Webber
states: "Lenten worship is a season for personal and corporate spiritual renewal. It is
a time for intense study of God's Word, for
meditation, for prayer, and for
self-examination." Of course for me, music
is an awesome way to worship God in all
seasons! The adult choir is working on
many songs to help us grow
spiritually during the Lenten season and to
help us as we triumph on Easter Sunday!
My wish for each of you is that you will
grow spiritually and be renewed in the
resurrection of our Lord and Savior! I also
pray that as you listen to the music the
choir offers to you and to God during this
season, that it will help you in your growth.
May God bless each and every one of you!
Pam Johnson
Choir Director
This year one resident had a special plan up her sleeve.
Heather quietly brought a brand new Gamecock cap with her to the stadium for dinner. When dinner was over and
the team and children began to mingle, she slowly worked her way around the room asking players and coaches to
autograph the cap. As she went around the room, the cap quickly filled with signatures. Then she boarded the bus
and came back to Epworth without saying a word about the cap.
Over the years, it was not uncommon for Epworth children to collect autographs at the event but her cottage parents
were surprised to see Heather gathering signatures. The 13-year-old girl had never showed an interest in football
before. She loved the arts and excelled in music, but athletics never seemed to catch her attention. It seemed a
little odd, but no one felt a need to question her. Soon everyone in the cottage forgot about the autographed cap.
Then over Christmas break, Heather’s teacher at school stopped Mr. Parker, the Epworth Director of Activities, at the
local grocery. “Mr. Parker, did you know Heather was going to do that?” her teacher asked. Mr. Parker was puzzled,
“Do what?” The teacher explained, “Heather came to me on the last day of school before Christmas and handed me
a present. It was an autographed cap from the Gamecock football team, every signature addressed with my name
on it.”
It turns out that Heather knew that her teacher was a huge football fan and wanted to give him something special to
thank him for helping her at school. Weeks ahead of Christmas she devised her plan to purchase the cap with
incentive money she had earned from her good grades on her report card and then have the team autograph it at
Thanksgiving. Her plan worked perfectly and her teacher was in awe of her selfless act of giving and thanks.
In a season when so many people focused on receiving gifts, Heather chose to embrace the season as an
opportunity for giving. Heather’s gift is an example of how Epworth works with residents to teach them life lessons,
like the importance of giving and expressing gratitude for those who provide help along life’s journey.
Abigail Talley,
Epworth Representative
[email protected]
AARP Tax-Aide Program
Free Federal and State Income Tax Preparation
This is a no-charge and confidential tax prep service by IRS certified personnel.
Limited appointments can be scheduled at:
WHEN: Every Tuesday and Thursday, February 3 – April 14 - 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
WHERE: Fort Mill Library in Baxter Village, Second Floor
If you have questions contact [email protected]
March Worship Assistants
March 01
March 08
March 15
March 22
March 29
March 01
March 08
March 15
March 22
March 29
Nelson Odom (head)
Don Littlejohn
Mary Ellen Rothert
James Kimbrell
Grady Ervin (head)
Chip Heemsoth
Colton Clyburn
Margaret Ervin
Melanie Edwards
Jane McGee
Jane McGee
Sandra Wallace
Fellowship Center
Cori & Bryan Mitchell
Claire & Paige Moore
Melissa & Mike McGady
Stephanie & Michael Corn
Julie & Ricky Williams
Education Building
Liz Harris
Ellie Davies
Don Whelchel
Terri Sessions
Frieda Price
First Time Visitors:
March 01
Matt Geesey
March 08
David & Frieda Price
March 15
Matt Geesey
March 22
Bill Davies
March 29
Matt Geesey
March 01
March 08
March 15
March 22
March 29
Joyce & Benny Patterson
James & Michelle Messer
Altar Guild
Altar Guild for the month:
Bonnie Meche & Matt Geesey
Children’s Church
March 01
March 08
March 15
March 22
March 29
Leader 1
Lauren Rabb
Leigh Ann Edmondson
Jennifer Mayes
Sarah Robertson
Kristi Vandergriff
Rebekah Conant
In Loving Memory
W.E.E. School Registration 2015-2016
W.E.E. School registration for the 20152016 school is open. There are spots still
available. For more information please
contact Beth Meador at (803)547-7538 or
[email protected]
To the family of Rev. Ed Davidson who
Passed away on February. 26, 2015.
To the family of Abby Craven who lost
Her grandmother Polly Drigger
on February. 21, 2015.
W.E.E. School Summer Camp
To the family of Connie Gunsch who lost her sister
Anna Peterson and her nephew Artie Peterson.
The W.E.E School will be offering a summer
program for children 3 years old (by Sept 1)
thru children entering Kindergarten in the Fall
2015. Each week will have a theme and we
will have fun with crafts, music, science,
cooking and games. If you are interested in
registering for our summer program or would
like more information, contact Beth Meador
(803)547-7538 or [email protected],
or drop by and see us!
To the family of Beeler Mason who lost his brother
Miles Mason on January 31, 2015.
To the family of Betty B. Ervin who lost her sister
Dorothy Mullis on February 05, 2015.
J.C. & Veola Green
J.L. and E.C Green
Mark you calendars for the Children’s Spring
and Summer Consignment Sale, April 9-11.
Look for more information in early March
regarding consigning and/or volunteering!
Mattie McDonald
Thelma Hord
Anna & Artie Peterson
New Wesley Fellowship Class
Dot Mullis
Polly Collins
The W.E.E. School receives a portion of your
purchases as a rebate from Harris Teeter. Please
help us out by linking your card to our school.
Our Harris Teeter number is 6893. Visit http:// to link your card today.
Thank you!!
Beth Meador
WEE School Director
St. John’s Church
Womans Club of Fort Mill
Fred & Paige Moore
Matthew Carswell III
The United Methodist Women would like to thank each and every one of you who supported our recent Chicken
Pot Pie Sale. We sold all 60 pies prepared by our group of dedicated ladies willing to give up their Saturday
morning to prepare them. The fellowship we share and the knowledge of knowing the destination of the funds we
collect will go to many of the missions we support is gratification in itself. The annual Call to Prayer and
Self-Denial was held at Pleasant Hill UMC on the 22nd of February. St. John’s Clara Phillips Circle presented
the program highlighting the importance of being a welcoming body for Christ. The ladies of Philadelphia UMW
were also in attendance. The donations collected will be given in support for retired deaconess and missionaries.
We are next looking forward to our 70+ Luncheon to be held on Sunday, April 19th. Be looking for the
announcement in the church bulletin and newsletter.
Bless His Name!
Judy Tilly, UMW President
We have the new Beth Moore title: A Heart Like His.
Mike Huckabee’s new book, God, Guns, Grits and Gravy is very different from
Jim Grassi’s Guts, Grace and Glory: A Football Devotional.
The Patmos Deception is a thriller by Davis Bunn set on the island where the
Apostle John had his vision about the Apocolypse.
We have also added another copy of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis, which
the church book club will be reading in March.
2015 brings so much potential for our committee at St. John’s to expand our vision and our calling!
Hopefully this column will bring new insight into our different ministries.
WALK ACROSS THE ROOM ministry -Think, opportunity to meet/greet first time visitors,
offer information on the myriad of Sunday school classes, nursery/children ministries, youth,
UMW, UMM, home visitation and so much
St. John’s is a most wonderful church to call home.
What if we only had one chance to convey that?
WE CARE ministry- Think, reaching out to our members who may be house bound, in a nursing home
or other accomodations. Members visit, call, send hand written cards and stay connected to
HEARTS ON FIRE ministry-Think, members committed to praying for our Church,
communicating our needs, lending ideas/lifting up our VISION,
promoting our name and …. (stay tuned for more)
***The Evangelism team would like to acknowledge and send a SHOUT OUT to the chair of
this most dedicated and well run ministry…..Mrs. Gwen Rhinehardt!!!
Gwen, you are St. John’s Evangelism team’s ROCK STAR OF THE MONTH.
Rediscover our purpose with the Evangelism team. Be active and curious and prayerful.
Why care?
Isaiah 51:15-17
“For I am the Lord your God, who stirs up the sea so that its waves ROAR.
The Lord of hosts is my name. I have put my words in your mouth, and
hidden you in the shadow of my hand, stretching out the heavens and laying
the foundations of the earth, and saying to Zion,
Pamella Saladino
[email protected]
Evangelism Chair
March Birthdays & Anniversaries
James Easterling
Michelle Meenaghan
Merrick Richardson
Lois Thomas
Anne Ervin
Mickey Somers
Karla Vereen
Eleana Wright
David Shaw
Amy Parham
Wayne Bouldin
Anna McAteer
Bryan Decker
Thelma Hammond
Kristen Harrill
Teresa Perry
Andrew Roberts
Nathan Cox
Doris Massey
Kelsey Pettus
Jay Short
Meg Williams
Logan Howerton
Preston Reddeck
Keegan Conrad
Isabella Proctor
Cori Mitchell
Kaitlyn Pittman
Casey Deal
Betty Hosage
Josh Anderson
Kaitlyn Marakoff
Don Whelchel
Lindsay Hord
Christian Jones
Corry Carr
Mary Ann Sherry
Nancy Stark
Jessie Lewis
Greg Bonéy
Jennifer Mayes
Johnny Myers
Steve Barnes
Patrick Johnson
Betty Campbell
Tyler Jacob Edwards
Alex McFadden
Charles Sides
Colton Clyburn
Jason Deal
Carolyn Short
Danny Jones
Christa Franse
Emily McQuay
Brianna Messer
Graham Wallace
Mandee Hudson
Abbey Thoden
Ryan Kontzen
Henderson Rowe
Bryan Rowe
Ruth Orwig
Chip Heemsoth
Kay Surles
Tracy Olinger
John Pettus
Ken Somers
Holly Dunn
David Hord
Joy Patterson
Diane Turner
Jennifer Ham
Phyllis Helms
Faye Hill
Andrew Kontzen
Ashley Sullins
Beth Anderson
James Dean
Don Dooley (Happy 61st!)
Emerson Shelton
Becky Terry
Campbell Rhodes
Matthew Sides
6 Jeffery and Stacey Rhinehardt
10 Joe and Carolyn Griffin
Wayne and Linda Helms
11 Steve and Minda Siebert
18 Marc and Charlotte Kinley
20 Zeke and Jan Patterson
Lee and Becky Thompson
22 Benny and Joyce Patterson
26 Tim and Leesa Kane
31 Travis and Melanie Deal
Please contact those listed on
their special day to let them
know you care!
Jennifer Mayes, Director of Children’s Ministries
We had a very successful 1st Parents Night Out! Thank you to everyone that
volunteered and all the parents that brought their children. We all had a wonderful time!
The Easter egg hunt is quickly approaching, Saturday April 4th from 3-5pm. This is a
community outreach effort and we need the church’s support to show our community
that we work together to make things happen. Please see the sign-up sheets outside
the Wee School office to see what area you can help, the list is itemized according to
the task you would be doing. You do not have to commit to the entire 2 hours.
Vacation Bible School is coming this summer!
Date: June 15 – 19th, 2015
Time: 9 am – 12pm
We need to form a decorating committee!
This is an important committee that plays a big part in helping the theme come to life! Please
email Jennifer at [email protected] to sign up to help.
We need at least 5 people to commit.
Children’s Ministries is selling T-shirts for children and adults. The cost is $10
for children and $15 for adult. Inventory is limited so please see me for
sizes and availability.
Children’s Ministry Needs:
What: Sunday School Teacher 2nd/3rd grade
When: Sunday Mornings at 10am
Curriculum is provided by the church and I would be willing to open this up to 2-3 teachers to rotate Sundays so you can still attend your adult Sunday School class. There are usually 6-8 children in the class and they are a great group!
Please give prayerful consideration to this ministry!
Children's Church 2015
The Four Friends
Leader 1
Leader 2
March 1st
Lauren Rabb
Sarah Robertson
March 8th
Leigh Ann Edmondson
Kristi Vandergriff
March 15th
Rebekah Conant
Jennifer Mayes
Brandon Galbraith, Youth Director
[email protected]
Sunday, 3/1
SALT/ The Zone-3:30pm
Sunday, 3/1
Youth Meeting/ The Zone-4pm
Sunday, 3/8
Youth Meeting/ The Zone-4pm
Friday-Sunday, 3/13-3/15 White Oak Retreat
Sunday, 3/22
THANK you, White Oak, Summer Plans
Thank you to all who came out to support the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner. I know that working in
bad weather can be difficult but the youth appreciates those who moved their schedules around to help
support the Salkehatchie Summer Mission.
WHITE OAK will be held this month on the 13th-15th. We will spend all day Saturday working on a building
project. Both middle and high school youth who attend will be allowed to help give back to the
community of Winnsboro. The youth will be getting a permission slip and agenda on the 1 st of the month.
Summer will be different for the youth. We will not have weekly UMYF but I will be working with SALT to
create a calendar of events that will allow the youth to meet throughout the summer. Also, I am working
on gathering information about summer camps sponsored by the Methodist church. I also encourage any
of the youth to volunteer with the children’s Vacation Bible School. I will get a list together of jobs that
the youth can help with during this busy week.
SALT (Student Advisory and Leader Team)- On the first Sunday of each month, any youth is invited to
meet to discuss short range plans and activities. This group includes Middle and High School Students.
We will meet 3:30-4:00 at the beginning of the month when we have a scheduled youth group meeting
that day. This is a great way for your young people to have a voice in the group's activities and goals.
Peace in the Week- Our youth deal with craziness in their weeks. Between school, friends, families,
sports, and their own ways of maturing, there is a lot to take in during the week. Starting in February,
every Wednesday we will meet after youth choir is over for 45 minutes. This time will be spent on talking
about their week and prayer in efforts to provide them a stress free environment to relax and share in
fellowship. There will be a separate meeting area for middle and high school youth. If anyone would like
to volunteer to help get this group underway, please let me know.
Thank you to all that have given time, gifts, or service in support of the youth. I am truly blessed to
have the support of members as we continue to provide leadership to our maturing youth and their
growth as Christians.
3:30 Youth (SALT)
4:00 UMYF
4:00 Jesus in the Gospels
7:00 PM Book Club
6:30 PM SPRC Meeting in the Loft
6:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir
Scripture Snacks
12:15 Children’s Council Meeting
4:00 UMYF
4:00 Kidz Rock
4:00 Jesus in the Gospels
12:00 Fam. Ministries Luncheon
4:00 Jesus in the Gospels
UMYF White Oak Retreat
11:00 AM Morning Glory Circle (FC)
6:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir
7:00 PM Book Club (Library)
6:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir
2:00 - 6:30 - Blood Drive
22 Care Center Sunday
4:00 Kidz Rock
4:00 Jesus in the Gospels
9:45 Fam. Ministry breakfast
2:30 Finance Meeting
4:00 Jesus in the Gospels
4:00 UMYF
6:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir
7:00 PM Church Council Meeting
6:30 PM Adult Handbell Choir
5:30 PM Children’s Choir.
5:30 PM Children’s Handbell Choir
6:00 PM Wed. Night Supper
6:30 PM Youth Choir Rehearsal
6:45 PM Youth (Zone)
7:00 PM Adult Choir.
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (Zone).
9:00 AM Cub Scouts
Pinewood Derby.
12:00 PM Cub Scouts
Blue & Gold
5:30 PM Children’s Choir.
5:30 PM Children’s Handbell Choir
6:00 PM Wed. Night Supper
6:30 PM Youth Choir Rehearsal
6:45 PM Youth (Zone)
7:00 PM Adult Choir.
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (Zone).
7:00 PM Cub Scouts (FC)
12:00 PM-2:00 PM
Family Ministries (FC)
UMYF White Oak Retreat
UMYF White Oak Retreat
5:30 PM Children’s Choir.
5:30 PM Children’s Handbell Choir
6:00 PM Wed. Night Supper
6:30 PM Youth Choir Rehearsal
6:45 PM Youth (Zone)
7:00 PM Adult Choir.
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (Zone).
5:30 PM Children’s Choir.
5:30 PM Children’s Handbell Choir
6:00 PM Wed. Night Supper
6:30 PM Youth Choir Rehearsal
6:45 PM Youth (Zone)
7:00 PM Adult Choir.
7:00 PM Boy Scouts (Zone).
7:00 PM Cub Scouts (FC)
The vision of St. John’s UMC is to make
disciples of Jesus Christ by reaching out
to God’s community through worship,
witness, nurture, and service.
Monday Night Worship: An Invitation to a Changed Life
When is it?
Monday Nights at 6:30PM
(Hospitality Time 6:00)
What is it?
An alternative time for worship that reaches out to our community and
A worship experience for those who work or miss Sunday services.
A casual environment for praise and worship.
130 Tom Hall Street
P.O. Box 1298
Fort Mill, SC 29716-1298
Phone: 803-547-7538 Fax: 803-547-7539
Email: [email protected]
Rev. Karen H. Radcliffe, Pastor
864-313-9348 (Cell )
[email protected]
Sonja Bell…………….…………………...…. Secretary
Cindy “C.J.” Foster….…..…..Church Administrator
Jim Harris ……………………………….….Accounting
Bill Cummings….… Monday Night Worship Leader
Pamela Johnson…….…………..……..Choir Director
Jim Lowery…………..………………Church Organist
Beth Meador…..….……..…Director of WEE School
Jennifer Mayes... Director of Children’s Ministries
Brandon Galbraith.….Director of Youth Ministries
Jeannine Hillhouse………………………...Custodian
When Using the Facility for functions, please
respect the classrooms and most of all,
the Sanctuary.
Members and non-members need to be sure that children are
not running through the Sanctuary or education building
classrooms. W.E.E. School classrooms usually have projects
out drying or in progress of being completed. Also, Please do
not leave a child in a room unattended, and if you are using a
room to entertain your child, please clean up and leave the
room as you found it. These rooms are usually already
cleaned and prepped for the following day. We are having
instances where the whiteboards have things written on them,
things left out of place, and trash/crumbs left on tables and
floors. Please be respectful of the Your Church Property and
clean up after yourself.
Deadline for the newsletter is the 15th of each month.