KRB News 03 (6 March 2015).

KRB News
EDITION 03 – 6 MARCH 2015
A P erson a l a n d A c t i v e F a i t h i n G od
HSC High Achievers
Dear Parents, Students and Staff,
Last Friday, 27 February, parents, students
from Years 5 to 12 and staff gathered to
celebrate and honour the achievements
of the KRB class of 2014. Our students
from the Class of 2014 undertook many
challenges throughout their years at KRB
and certainly took every opportunity inside
and outside the classroom. We really
celebrate this at KRB.
Last week I spoke to Senior School
students about the importance of facing
challenges. I challenged each one of them
to try and take on something outside of
their comfort zone. We know that women
have a tendency to stay in their comfort
zone. The possibilities for our students
could be trying a new sport, joining the
choir or debating team or taking the
opportunity to do a social justice activity in
the community.
A number of our senior students
have recently taken on international
challenging opportunities. They shared
their experiences at the Assembly. Our
international exchange students faced the
challenges of new countries, new schools
and new families and very unfamiliar
weather. They consider their experiences
life changing. Another group spoke of
their recent Antipodeans trip to India and
what they experienced and how this has
made a profound impact on their lives.
These opportunities build confidence and
resilience in our students.
Confidence is a life enabler- intellectually,
socially, physically and professionally. It is
developed through taking on a challenge
and working at it and succeeding or even
failing. Mastering one thing gives you the
confidence to master others. At the end
of the year we want to celebrate the many
achievements of our students as they grow
in confidence.
Lucy Miller, Carrie Wang, Madison
Mooney and Georgina Ringler all spoke
to students, parents and staff about their
advice for getting through the HSC as well
as what their plans are for the future.
Lucy ( who achieved an ATAR of 99.85)
told students “One of the most vital things
I can pass on to those who, like me, tend
to have a competitive streak is to remove
the concept of competition from the HSC.
Your hard work should be motivated by
the pursuit to prove to yourself that you
can get where you want to be, as opposed
to beating someone else to it.”
Lucy has commenced her combined
degree of Bachelor of Arts
Communications and Bachelor of Laws
at the University of Technology in Sydney.
Lucy was awarded a prestigious ViceChancellor’s Scholarship at UTS.
Carrie Wang, who was named as Joint
Dux of the Class of 2014 with Lucy
Miller, said of her approach to studying
for the HSC, “Balance is key. It is very
important to focus not only on academic
study, but also on maintaining a healthy
body, participating in school events,
developing friendship and embracing all
kinds of opportunities to broaden your
From the Principal
Teaching & Learning
Students in Action
Global Connections
@KRBSports • Feb 27
is our cry
at Year 7
horizons, such as volunteering work.” Carrie
will undertake a double degree in Secondary
Education and Science at UNSW.
Madison Mooney enlightened students on
recognising their limits and to always ask
for help, especially when it all may seem a
bit overwhelming. Madison was accepted
into Peterhouse College, Cambridge but has
decided to study a degree in philosophy at
Melbourne University.
KRB’s Head Girl for 2013-14, Georgina
Ringler’s words of advice on life after Year
12 were, “You do actually have to keep
on working hard after the HSC. “Georgie
showed the assembly audience what an ATAR
looks like – a green piece of paper with a
number on it. Georgie also spoke about the
importance of confidence, “Everyone needs
a little confidence boost throughout the HSC
and it really makes a difference. Confidence
shows everyone that you know what you
talking about, even if you don’t really
understand it.” Georgie is using 2015 as a
year to challenge herself by working in two
cafes and volunteering at a Sudanese refugee
centre. She will then travel to Europe and New
York for an internship. She will study a joint
degree of International Relations majoring in
International Security and Medical Science at
ANU, commencing in 2016.
Senior Swimming Carnival
At last week’s assembly we acknowledged the
achievements of our swimmers who competed
at the Senior School Swimming carnival held
at Homebush on 24 February. It was evident
that many really challenged themselves as 11
school records were broken with outstanding
performances from students. These are listed
on page 7.
Alessandra Gazal, Rhiannon Carr and Ellie
O’Donoghue were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd
respectively in the Open Invitational 50M
Freestyle. It was a very exciting race to watch.
Alessandra was awarded overall Champion at
the assembly.
2 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 6 MARCH 2015
Congratulations to our overall Inter-house
winner – Kungala, and the Spirit cup
Winner, Tangara. The leadership of our
House Captains, Antonia McGrath and
Kate Filippelis (Arakoola), Ainsley Zammit
and Rosie Carnegie (Kungala), Francesca
Gazal and Maddisen Gazal (Murramai) and
Francesca Daniel and Alice Nowlan (Tangara)
was outstanding and contributed to the
fantastic participation from our students as
well as great spirit on the day.
The Junior School did extremely well at
the 2015 IPSHA swimming championships
and qualified for the NSW CIS (Combined
Independent Schools). Congratulations to
Michaela Sorrenti winning the 50m Butterfly
and Coco Remond in 2nd place. As well the
KRB 4x50 Freestyle Relay team of Imogen
Davis-Irons, Amelia Smith, Coco Remond and
Michaela Sorrenti qualified for the NSW CIS.
Our Senior Swimming Team will be
competing at the IGSSA Swimming Carnival
at Homebush next Friday, and I wish them the
very best of luck and hope they continue to
challenge themselves.
Year 5 Camp
Year 5 students challenged themselves on
their recent camping trip to Coolendel on 25
to 27 February.
They took part in a range of experiences that
enabled them to face and meet personal
challenges and to learn wonderful teamwork
skills in a fun filled environment. This was a
great opportunity for personal growth as well
preparing Year 5 for their role as the student
leaders of Barat Burn.
“Really enjoyed going upside down on the
Sugar Glider.” – Scarlett Blanch
Community Events
It was wonderful to welcome over 300 of
our parents to the 2015 school year at the
recent P&F Welcome Cocktail Party, held
on 21 February in the Edwina Taylor Clark
Auditorium. Many new parents attended,
along with a number of boarding parents.
I thank Hugh Windsor (Molly, Year 12), Tanya
Perilli (Marc, K and Ava, ELC), Rachel Shiels
(Jackson, K; Kate, Year 2 and Emma, Year 4)
and the other members of the P&F Executive
for their wonderful organisation of this event.
Celebrating International Women’s
We are delighted that Alice Forrest of the
Class of 2005 will be guest speaker at the
International Women’s Day Lunch on Monday
9 March in the MTC. The theme of IWD is
Make it Happen. Alice is a conservationist
who has travelled all over the world
researching, exploring and challenging many
countries in their treatment of animals and the
environment. She is certainly an example of
a KRB student who has taken on challenging
opportunities and has tried to transform her
world. I invite our parents to attend what
should be an interesting lunch at 1.30pm.
I look forward to meeting new parents in the
Edwina Taylor Clark Auditorium at the first
Principal’s Welcome Dinner next Tuesday in
the Performing Arts Centre. These events are
an opportunity for new parents to meet with
other new parents, hear about the school and
meet with other Senior staff and the Board
With Regards,
Hilary Johnston-Croke
On Thursday 26 February, Year 2 stepped back in time with an
informative excursion to the School House Museum at North Ryde.
Excited by the opportunity to wear clothing from the Victorian times, the
children participated in lessons in the 1870s classroom sitting at ‘long
toms’. They were challenged to recite their multiplication tables, write
in cursive using quills and they had the opportunity to use slate boards.
The children imagined what it would be like in winter, with lessons being
taught by candlelight and using lanterns and only a fireplace heating
the room. They were surprised to learn that six different grades were
taught simultaneously. Next the children went to the 1910s classroom
where they did hands on activities, which included playing jacks with
knuckle bones, using ink stamp pads to create maps of Australia and
looking at the contents of Globite school bags. To conclude the visit,
the children did exercises with sticks, danced around the maypole and
played quoits, hoops and ‘fly’. Year 2 had an exciting and enjoyable
day, and were relieved to escape the cane!
KRB acknowledged and
celebrated the achievements of
the HSC Class of 2014 at the
High Achievers Assembly on
Friday 27 February. Twenty-eight
students from the HSC Class
of 2014 were invited to this
ceremony and were presented
with certificates by the Principal
Mrs Hilary Johnston-Croke,
acknowledging their outstanding
achievements in the HSC 2014.
The Distinction in Studies Award
was presented to our joint Dux,
Lucy Miller and Zhenyi (Carrie)
Wang, who achieved an ATAR of
All Round Achievers Awards for
achieving in the highest band for
ten units were presented to:
yy Madeleine Clunies-Ross
yy Eloise Gibbs
yy Lucy Miller
yy Madison Mooney
yy Zoe Sigalla
yy Zhenyi (Carrie) Wang
High Achievers Certificates
for achieving an ATAR of
over 90 were presented to:
yy Leah Boyle
yy Lauran Clifton
yy Madeleine Clunies-Ross
yy Lucy Cowper
yy Claire Dunworth Possati
yy Sarah Gardiner
yy Eloise Gibbs
yy Christina Han
yy Nastasya Innes-Brown
yy Yang Yang Li
yy Amelia McGuire
yy Ashleigh McMahon
yy Mia McNeill
yy Maryanne McRedmond
yy Lucy Miller
yy Madison Mooney
yy Claudia Nolan
yy Sarah O’Sullivan
yy Alexandra Powell
yy Georgina Ringler
yy Gina Welsh
yy Nicola Ryan
Rank in Course awards
were presented to:
yy Angela Stevens
Zhenyi Wang – 1st in ESL
yy Zoe Sigalla
yy Tamara Verus
yy Dalena Vo
Performing Arts award was
presented to:
yy Zhenyi Wang
Claudia Nolan OnStage
yy Bronte Wilson
yy Gina Welsh
6 MARCH 2015 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 3
On Wednesday, Year 11 Visual Arts girls ventured into the city
and visited both Art Express 2015 and Chuck Close’s exhibition
at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Art Express, at the Art
Gallery of NSW, was the first destination and featured a great
selection of some of student works from the HSC graduates of
2014. The exhibition acquits itself admirably representing many
of the most popular and accessible contemporary mediums, from
painting, drawing and sculpture through to video, photography
and printmaking. The exhibition proved an inspiring opportunity
for the girls to begin to think about their future studies of Art and
ideas in relation to the upcoming creation of their own Body
of Works. Additionally, the Year 11 girls had the opportunity
to visit the exhibition of Chuck Close’s work at the Museum of
Contemporary Art. Chuck Close is a renowned artist, noted for his
highly innovative ways of painting and depicting the human face
in portraiture. The exhibition emphasised Close’s varied forms and
processes of printmaking including etching, lithography, silkscreen
and traditional Japanese woodcut. Overall, the excursion was a
valuable opportunity to see both the work of an extremely talented
professional artists and also the work of students just like ourselves
and catch a glimpse at the ultimate goal of the Visual Arts HSC
By Lara Parmenter, Year 11
Stage 1 students have been busy during the first half
of the term. Here is a look at how our students who
have a good grasp of mathematical concepts are
being stretched to think further during Mathematics
Kindergarten – Whilst learning how to count
and write numbers, some students have also been
investigating how to partition two digit numbers.
We have represented this using MAB blocks.
Our enrichment students have loved this number
Year 1 – In Year One this term we have been
practising our addition facts. Some of the students
have been adding two digit numbers together and
finding patterns with “doubles” or “square numbers”.
We showed this through unifix cubes and then we
recorded the rest in our Maths books. We love Maths!
Year 2 – Our budding Mathematicians have been
learning the compensation strategy in Maths. We use
that strategy when we add a number that ends in 7,
8 or 9. It makes adding easier and quicker! Top job
Year 2!
4 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 6 MARCH 2015
YEAR 11 & 12
Senior Drama students
attended their first Belvoir
Theatre performance for 2015,
the new Australian work Kill
the Messenger by Nakkiah
Lui. Described as “a refreshing
addition to an important
national conversation about
why we persist in bingeing
on stories of Indigenous
suffering, but do nothing” the
play proved to be thoughtprovoking, and challenged the
students to make connections
between it and the other
contemporary Australian plays
studied throughout the HSC
On Thursday 5 March, two Year
7 Boarders, Matilda King from
Gunnedah and Sophie Noonan
from Nevertire, joined the Elective
Music students for the 1st concert in
the 2015 Meet the Music Concert
The concert featured James
Morrison who performed music
from the various Jazz ages with the
Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
Both girls have long family
connections with KRB with Matilda
being 5th generation. Matilda’s
mother, Sophie Heathcote, class
of 1993, was taught by the same
Music teacher who is currently
teaching her daughter! Sophie’s
elder sisters and her great-aunt
were educated at KRB.
Sarah’s favourite work on the
program was the Jazz classic
“Chameleon”. She also enjoyed
seeing the entire orchestra, her
favourite instrument being the
Concert Harp. Matilda’s favourite
piece was “Honeysuckle Rose”
with singer Hetty Kate and James
Morrison’s multiphonics on the
The actual experience of going to
a concert at the Opera House for
the first time and seeing the lights
on Sydney Harbour, illuminating
the Bridge and Luna Park made the
whole experience a very exciting
one for both students.
On 2 March, 10 girls from Year 11 travelled
to Loreto Normanhurst for the first Ignation
Interschool Forum of 2015. Attending the event
were Year 11 students from Loreto Normanhurst,
Loreto Kirribilli, St Aloysius and Riverview. The
forum was a chance for us to share our ideas on
topics such as asylum seekers, capital punishment,
politics and education in the future. It was
interesting to see the varying opinions that came
from different students and in some cases, heated
debate about particular issues. The forum was
also an opportunity to meet other students from
schools and create connections. It was a really
great experience and we are all very excited for
the second forum in May.
Saskia Riedel, Year 11
Antoinette Radford, Year 11
Over the Christmas holiday break, I went on a language exchange to
“Lycee de la Perverie” in Nantes, France. A huge change was waking
up to go to school in pitch black, and -6 degrees, but school was such
a rewarding experience, the students so welcoming and kind to me as
an exchange student. My family took me skiing, out around the local
area and I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas and New Year in
a completely different culture, which was amazing. Overall, the time
I spent in France was unimaginable and I could not have asked for a
better experience.
Madeleine Maganas, Year 11
Over the spring holidays I was lucky enough to have the opportunity
to participate on a student exchange to San Francisco. Of course, my
exchange sister Bella took me to see all the sights like the Golden Gate
Bridge, Alcatraz and a Giants baseball game - but she did more than
just that. She welcomed me into her life and her school, making me
feel like a part of a broader community. At the school, I recognised
the familiar sense of community which comes with being in a Sacred
Heart school, and going to a foreign place knowing all but one
person, that sense of familiarity and the nature of Sacred Heart girls is
one I am grateful for. I also noticed the differences of being in a new
country - although many may think America does not have a distinct
culture I can counter that through my experience of homecoming. This
week was filled with spirit and support in the lead up to major school
sporting events and was an amazing event to be part of. In my three
weeks in San Francisco I have made friendships which I hope will last
a lifetime and gained so much confidence and independence from the
6 MARCH 2015 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 5
Jade Laidlaw
In the December holidays I was fortunate enough to go on exchange
to the Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York and it was by far the
most amazing experience of my life. My host family were extremely
warm and welcoming ensuring that I got the best experience while
in New York, taking me on weekend trips to the Poconos for snow
tubing and Washington DC, as well as ensuring I saw all the iconic
tourist destinations such as Times Square, The Empire State Building,
museums, art galleries and many more. Exchange was a unique
experience for me as I was able to see how New Yorkers live and
participate in their day to day activities, going to their church, and
eating iconic American foods. Going to The Convent of the Sacred
Heart NY, was also a highlight of my trip as I was welcomed with
the warm Sacred Heart spirit that I had heard much about! I would
highly recommend exchange to everyone, as it was such a rewarding
experience that I will never forget.
Tara Ritchie
During January I was given the opportunity to visit Sacred Heart
Schools in Atherton and had the most amazing time. The school
community in Atherton, especially Ms Farrington, the exchange
coordinator, were so welcoming and organised many trips for the
group of 8 exchange students who were there at the time. While I
was at school I got to participate in many interesting classes, like
Dance, Prayer and Meditation and Resistance Training. The school was
extremely different to our school as it was co-ed, had no uniform and
was a more college style of teaching. It was also huge and even had a
farm where I had the opportunity to help out by mucking out the pens. I
also had the opportunity to visit two of the Sacred Heart Schools in the
city while I was there, Stuart Hall (the all-boys school) and Convent of
the Sacred Heart (the all-girls school). On my last day, my year had a
community service day where we all visited a rehabilitation centre for
women struggling with drug addiction. The stories we heard were really
touching and made me appreciate all the opportunities we are given
growing up at Kincoppal – Rose Bay. The school was beautiful and I
felt right at home in the Sacred Heart community. My exchange family
were also really welcoming and made sure I had the best possible
trip, taking me on many weekend trips into San Francisco. I got to
see amazing sights such as The Golden Gate Bridge, the sea lions at
Pier 39, and even got to eat some famous Ghirardelli chocolate in
Ghirardelli Square. I had the best experience and it will be something
I will remember for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend to
anyone who was interested.
6 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 6 MARCH 2015
Alex Appleyard
74th 9yrs 50m Freestyle
Last Tuesday 24 February, all students
in Year 7–12 and select students in Year
3 –6 participated in the 2015 School
Swimming Championships at Homebush.
The Year 3-6 children competed in
championship races selected form the
Year 3 – 6 Swimming Carnival at KRB
earlier in February, Congratulations to
the following children who received their
awards at assembly last Monday:
Ella Bourke
12th Jnr 4 x50m relay, 58th 10yrs 50m Freestyle
Kent Churcher
10th 9yrs 50m Freestyle, 32nd 8-10yrs 50m Backstroke
Imogen Davis-Irons
3rd Snr 4x 50m relay, 24th 12yrs 50m Freestyle
Massimo English
62nd 10yrs 50m Freestyle
Junior School Age Champions
8 Years Girls Age Champion Poppy
Runner Up Georgina Maxwell
Alexandra Field12th Jnr 4 x50m relay, 7th Jnr 200m I.M, 31st 10yrs 50m Freestyle, 18th
8-10yrs Backstroke, 25th 8-10yrs 50m Breaststroke, 6th 8-10yrs 50m
Coco Fishlock8th 11yrs 50m Freestyle, 15th 11yrs 50m Backstroke, 15th 11yrs 50m
Thomas Hudson
25th 8yrs 50m Freestyle
Hugo Levy13th 10yrs 50m Freestyle, 14th 8-10yrs 50m Backstroke, 15th 50m
Breaststroke, 12th 8-10yrs 50m Butterfly
8 Years Boys Age Champion William
Chiara Marchi
38th 9yrs 50m Freestyle
Poppy Mayo
29th 8yrs 50m Freestyle,
Runner Up Thomas Hudson
Lilli Meikle
41st 9yrs 50m Freestyle
Joint 9 Years Girls Age Champion Manon Spinola
Anastacia Metzl
43rd 10yrs 50m Freestyle
Joint 9 Years Girls Age Champion Matilda Waugh
Will Pickthall
11th 8yrs 50m Freestyle
Natalia Pruszynska
30th 11yrs 50m Freestyle, 16th 11yrs 50m Breaststroke
9 Years Boys Age Champion Kent
Runner Up Alexander Appleyard
10 Years Girls Age Champion Alexandra Field
Runner Up Alexandra Smeallie
10 Years Boys Age Champion Hugo
Runner Up Teophile Schmidt
11 Years Girls Age Champion Coco
Coco Remond3rd Snr 4x 50m relay, 4th Snr 200m I.M, 11th 12yrs 50m Freestyle, 5th
12yrs 50m Backstroke, 6th 12yrs 50m Breaststroke, 13th Open 100m
Freestyle, 2nd 12yrs 50m Butterfly
Teo Schmidt
67th 10yrs 50m Freestyle,
Alex Smeallie12th Jnr 4 x50m relay, 37th 10yrs 50m Freestyle, 28th 8-10yrs 50m
Amelia Smith
3rd Snr 4x 50m relay, 22nd 12yrs 50m Freestyle, 14th 12yrs 50m
Michaela Sorrenti3rd Snr 4x 50m relay, 9th Snr 200m I.M, 8th 12yrs 50m Freestyle, 3rd
50m 12yrs 50m Backstroke, 6th Open 100m Freestyle, 1st 12yrs 50m
Manon Spinola
12th Jnr 4 x 50m relay, 23rd 9yrs 50m Freestyle
Runner Up Eva Smith
Max Stoddard
73rd 10yrs 50m Freestyle
11 Years Boys Age Champion Patrick
Isobel Thomson
49th 11yrs 50m Freestyle
12 Years Girls Age Champion
Michaela Sorrenti
Matilda Waugh28th 9yrs 50m Freestyle, 26th 8-10yrs 50m Breaststroke, 34th 8-10yrs
50m Butterfly
Runner Up Coco Remond
Eva Smith19th 11yrs 50m Freestyle, 17th 11yrs 50m Backstroke, 14th 11yrs 50m
12 Years Boys Age Champion Hector
Juliette Carr
Girls Open Invitation 100 m
Michaela Sorrenti
Boys Open Invitational 100m Hugo
A team of children was then selected
to represent KRB at the IPSHA
Swimming Carnival on Wednesday at
Homebush, their results are as follows:
Congratulations to all Swimmers!
28th 11yrs 50m Breaststroke
Patrick Mir64th 11yrs 50m Freestyle, 44th 11yrs 50m Backstroke, 41st 11yrs 50m
The following students have qualified for the NSW CIS Swimming Carnival on Thursday 19 March:
Senior 5 x 50m relay team: Coco Remond, Imogen Davis-Irons, Amelia Smith, Michaela Sorrenti,
Coco Fishlock
Coco Remond: 12yrs 50m Butterfly, 50m Backstroke
Michaela Sorrenti: 12yrs 50m Butterfly, 50m Backstroke
Congratulations on making CIS and we wish you the best of luck at this event.
6 MARCH 2015 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 7
The Year 7-12 Swimming events were
held after the Junior School swimming
Championships. Congratulations to the
following students who received awards
presented at Assembly last week:
Year 7-12 Age Champions
12 Years Age Champion Natasha Wong
Runner Up Matilda Metcalfe
We had a record number of Swimming
Records broken at this carnival. The new
record holders are as follows:
yy 60th overall / 34th C.I.S Georgie Aroney
(swim), Gabrielle James Bennett (bike),
Harriet Beavis (run)
New 2015 Swimming Records
yy 88th overall / 52nd C.I.S Isabella Donald
(swim), Josephine Harris (bike), Ainsley
Zammit (run)
yy William Picktall – 8&U 50 Freestyle 48.66
& 8&U 50 Backstroke 59.27
yy Rhiannon Carr – 15 16 100 Freestyle
59.64 & 15 16 200 IM 2.30.83
Joint 13 Years Age Champion Charlotte
yy Laura Wotherspoon – 18 Years 50m
Freestyle 28.82, 18 Years 50m Backstroke
35.38 & 18 Years 50m Breaststroke 39.61
Joint 13 Years Age Champion Alice
yy Alessandra Gazal – 16 Years 50m Freestyle
27.54 & 16 Years 50m Butterfly 29.33
14 Years Age Champion Valentina
yy Natasha Wong – 12 Years 50m Butterfly
Runner Up Amber Anderson
yy Elly O’Donoghue – 15 Years 50m
Breaststroke 35.61
15 Years Age Champion Elly O’Donoghue
Runner Up Georgia Strain
16 Years Age Champion Alessandra Gazal
Runner Up Rhiannon Carr
17 Years Age Champion Phoebe McGeoch
Joint Runner up Lucy Edwards
Joint Runner up Georgina Aroney
18 Years Age Champion Laura
Runner Up Molly Windsor
Junior Champion Valentina Colombini
Intermediate Champion Alessandra Gazal
Senior Champion Laura Wotherspoon
Open Invitation 50m Alessandra Gazal
Spirit House Winners Kungala
Overall Point score winners Tangara
Thank you to all Heads of House for your
leadership leading up the Swimming Carnival.
Congratulations to Kungala and Tangara
students on winning the Spirit Cup and
Overall pointscore respectively.
8 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 6 MARCH 2015
KRB has a very competitive team now going to
the IGSSA Swimming Carnival next Friday 13
March at Homebush. We wish our swimmers
the best of luck at this event.
On February 27 KRB entered 10 teams into
the NSW ALL Schools Triathlon. All teams
performed to a very high standard with some
excellent results.
The highlight performances were:
Senior race: 600m Swim, 15km bike,
4km run
yy 7th overall / 3rd C.I.S Quintessa
Butcherine (swim), Ruby Harrison (bike),
Phoebe McGeoch (run)
yy 9th overall / 5th C.I.S Jessica Gardiner
(swim), Grace Harrison (bike), Lucy
Edwards (run)
yy 34th overall / 21st C.I.S Tyla Comino
(swim), Bella Lamaro (bike), Eliza McCristal
yy 48th overall / 30th C.I.S Grace Gerathy
(swim), Emily Thompson (bike), Abbey
Hegyi (run)
Intermediate: 600m Swim, 15km
bike, 4km run
yy 16th overall / 10th C.I.S Georgia Strain
(swim), Annabelle Lowe (bike), Antonia
McCristal (run)
yy 45th overall / 29th C.I.S Georgia Hinds
(swim), Sophie Shiell (bike), Charlotte
McGuire (run)
Junior: 400m Swim, 10km bike, 3km
yy 48th overall / 19th C.I.S Matilda King
(swim), Charlotte Nesbitt (bike), Sarah
Noonan (run)
yy 68th overall / 31st C.I.S Natasha Wong
(swim), Lilli Black (bike), Amelia Stynes (run)
Congratulations to Lauren Whiting on making
the NSWCIS Tennis team. Lauren was selected
to represent IPSHA at the recent NSWCIS
Tennis competition. Due to her excellent
achievements at this competition she has been
selected to represent NSWCIS at the State
Tennis competition on the 27 March, we wish
her the best of luck.
All parents and friends of KRB are invited to attend a lunchtime
presentation for International Women’s Day in the Maureen
Tudehope Centre on Monday 9 March at 1.30pm.
Guest Speaker: Alice Forrest (KRB 2005)
Alice is a drifter and animal lover turned conservationist and
mermaid. She’s obsessed with the ocean – whether that’s sliding
over the top or bubbling along underneath. After graduating from
Kincoppal – Rose Bay in 2005, she set off on what would become
five years of backpacking, with not much idea of that she wanted
to do with her life.
While volunteering with sea turtles in Greece, her
eyes were opened to how her lifestyle choices were
impacting our oceans. She returned to university and
graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity &
Conservation) in 2013. Since then she has
yy travelled to Japan to be a voice for the dolphins of
The Cove,
yy sailed across the Indian Ocean studying blue
yy explored deserted islands researching seabird
colonies, and
yy worked with schools in Fiji to protect our oceans
from plastic pollution.
Alice believes in leaving a better planet for our
children, and as well as better children for our planet.
RSVP by Friday 6 March
[email protected]
The first Principal’s Welcome Dinner for families new to KRB will be held on Tuesday 10 March. This is an
opportunity to meet the Principal, the Chair of the School Board, members of the School Leadership Team
and other families over an informal dinner. We look forward to welcoming our new families at the diner. The
second dinner will be held on Monday 11 May.
Past Parents’ function for past parents whose daughters left KRB between 2010 and 2014 - 20 March
Year 5 and 7 Grandparents’ and Special Friends Morning – Tuesday 24 March
Year 7 Mothers’ Morning Tea – Friday 27 March
Mary Cook
Director of Development
9388 6024
[email protected]
6 MARCH 2015 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 9
Fernon Family Fields | Vaucluse Road, Rose Bay
Come to the Spirituality Evening at
Kincoppal – Rose Bay School
Thursday, 12 March 6.30pm – 8pm
Hear Patty Fawkner Good Samaritan Sister with
a wide experience of Church, Alison Healey
of The Grail also with a wide experience of
Church and Emily Shaw, senior student of the
school speak on The Significance of Women’s
Spiritual Leadership for the Church Today.
RSVP 9388 6000 (Ext 1) or email
10 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 6 MARCH 2015
KRB is planning a tour of sites of historical significance and relevance for students in Year
9 – 11 who are studying Modern or Ancient History, or are enthusiastic about History!
For more information contact Paul Mogan, Head of History on [email protected]
The “spirit of Anzac” is in the DNA of every Aussie and
Kiwi. It is the one thing that unites Australians and New
Zealanders from all walks of life and cultures, rich or
poor, young or old.
KRB History Department invites all students and families
to Camp Gallipoli 2015
24 – 25 April at Centennial Park, Sydney
Camp overnight in Centennial Park
Contact Paul Mogan if you are interested in coming
along [email protected]
Or visit
6 MARCH 2015 | KRB NEWS ISSUE 3 | 11
Maureen Tudehope Centre
Thursday 26 – Friday 27 March
Tickets on sale 11 March
from 7pm Online